"One of the great secrets of the day is to know how to take possession of popular prejudices and passions in such a way as to introduce a confusion of principles which makes impossible all understanding between those who speak the same language and have the same interests."

The above comment by Machiavelli, some 500 years ago, shows that mindwarp of the general population is neither new nor unknown. It has been practiced far into the past. So when we consider the environment of children we have also to consider the environment of parents.

Now a very modern statement, the first lines of an article by Greg Sheridan, a feature writer for The Australian newspaper (1985):

"All around the country, teachers are giving our children a diet of intellectual poison.

"Syllabuses in the social sciences and values-related areas are being taught which are deeply hostile to Australia, to the US, to capitalism, to European civilization, to industry, to Christianity. They, in fact, embody a widespread hatred for our society."

In reading the above we find that the word 'capitalism' is used when what is probably meant is 'free enterprise'. A confusion of 'double- speak' and 'new-think' is imposed on us so that words are often misunderstood and misused. Capitalism may be free enterprise, but free enterprise is not necessarily capitalism. Present teaching is promoted by, and is not hostile to, capitalism. It IS hostile to that freedom of enterprise that is NOT capitalism.

The pick-pocket is a perfect example of capitalism in that wealth is accumulated without production of wealth by dipping into the pockets of those who create wealth. Free enterprise refers to enterprise in wealth creation.

The words 'capitalism', 'free enterprise' and 'communism' are generally used in misleading ways and this is part of a miseducation that has been going on for many years. Perfect communism (a state of society where a small elite has total power) is the same as perfect capitalism.

Giant takeovers and mergers concentrate power in the hands of the few and oppose the interests of ordinary people and independent small business. This distinction is made early to warn readers that capital and government have been united in deceit over generations and that the miseducation did not begin with this generation, apart from that the quote from Greg Sheridan is spot on. The sickness revealed in these pages is not something that 'just happened'; it is not a local ulcer. Now a quotation from an American, Dr. Joseph P. Bean, M.D.

"The United Nations has one mission: to unify the world under one political mechanism, a socialist state ... All the activities of its several agencies are designed to bring this plan to fruition ... According to a recent UNESCO publication, UNESCO has envisioned a new type of man for the future. ... The United Nations would create a world order which embodies the dialectic process of Marx, and twentieth century humanism, a force which has replaced God in the West and which is the basis for 'current lawmaking', 'school curriculum', 'worship services', most forms of 'entertainment', etc." (Accent added).

That statement gives us the essential key to understanding the social environment of the children of Western nations today - lawmaking - schooling - religion - entertainment; these are the avenues of massive social mindwarp.

To understand the pure inhumanity of the methods being used to achieve this despotic world order, we need to remember that the capitalist/socialist idea of paradise (which has humanism as its visible religion) requires the total destruction of all opposition and since in their estimate humans have no soul, mercy has no meaning.

They work slowly and with care. For instance, the new education is claimed to be non-religious; however what it teaches is, as is clearly established, pagan religion. This they dare not admit.

Dr Bean claims that some 5% of our population is active in the aim of one world government, 15% is in opposition, and the balance ignorant or uninterested.

Why are we (the citizens of Christian democracy) losing? Because the 5% include the capitalist elite who control the economic system and who created the myth of communism as a way to gain the support of the working class as pawns in their plan of world possession. As a result, all important offices of power and influence - media, education and government - are in the hands of that 5%.

EDUCATION - For Child or State?

The takeover of education (as revealed in the Australian book Chaos in the Classroom by J.M.Wallis) is, as she says "..clearly spelt out in the Recommendations contained in the Interim Report of the Committee of the Victorian Enquiry into Teacher Education ..

"Throughout the report cultural pluralism, the Global concept, and the rapid rate of social change were emphasized .."

In considering United Nations inspired reports we soon come to realize that "cultural pluralism" does not value Anglo-Saxon or Christian culture, and the "rapid rate of social change" means the rapid rate of social change engineered by their own devices and has nothing to do with any innate need for social change that may, or may not, be existing in our culture.

We may also come to appreciate that despite all talk of 'human rights' or 'rights of the child', in their system no such rights or freedoms exist outside of what they, the policy enforcers, dictate.

A prime instruction right now is that the influence and values of the parent must be destroyed in order to create the new man who will be submissive to their dictates. The influence of parents is being replaced by what are called 'behavioural technologists'. These people are prepared to use any means known to behavioural science, such as brainwashing or drugs, to achieve their ends.

Psychiatry and the behavioural sciences are highly speculative. Mind- bending results can certainly be achieved but the damage in many cases is extreme. There is at present some restraint on these activities because of the fact that most children still have a viable home situation; also, the majority of people are still not totally submissive. For such reasons, laws are being enacted to enable children to be removed from the home environment.

Although people are not generally aware of it, a good deal of this power is already in the hands of Australian bureaucrats. In 1984 a N.S.W father had his daughter taken from him allegedly because he spoiled her. Parents are not recognized as having rights or equality under new, U.N. inspired, legislation.

We need also understand that 'mental illness', as seen by socialists, has a special relation to ideology or politics. If you do not teach your child the 'prescribed' socialist values you are mentally ill, and the child, if it has not accepted the prescribed values, is also mentally ill and, depending on the severity of this 'mental deformity', may require restraint, hypnosis, shock treatment, drugs or brain surgery to cure.

It may well be that the reader is already in a state of shock. Unless some study has been made in these areas you may well be saying that this cannot be happening here, it could only happen in Soviet Russia.

The Comfort of Delusion:

As you read on you will most likely continue to feel more and more incredulous. But consider this: although the incidence of illiteracy may be considered high, most people below the age of 30 still read and write; although the incidence of homosexuality may be high, most people are 'straight'; although drug taking is excessive, most people are coping; although birth deformities are distressing, most babies seem normal; and so on. The question is: at what point does a social order break down?

We might say, that if we have a society in which 75% of people can be considered completely normal and 25% entirely irresponsible, then we would be barely viable because it would take far more than 25% of the healthy to maintain, control and repair, the chaos caused by those totally irresponsible.

But of course we would never see such a clear-cut situation. What we probably have is a very small percentage of people who, for some reason, have been little influenced by the common social environment; these are followed by an increasing deviance through the remainder down to about 10% who suffer extreme disadvantage.

Now it would be difficult indeed to make any considered judgment, let alone a scientific analysis, of our present situation. What we can do, however, is view the total result. That total result indicates that at present we are not maintaining our position. Economically we are rapidly degenerating in spite of scientific advance. Equally certain it is that we are socially deteriorating. What this means is that in spite of all the advantages of science and 'modern' education, our culture is in decline and starting to disintegrate.

So while one can walk through the streets of Sydney, London, Paris or New York on a sunny day and be very hard pressed to imagine we are on the brink of an incredible disaster, appearances are no more reliable there than they are as you sit in the comfort of a jet airliner seconds before a terrorist bomb explodes. Do not be deceived by appearances or by the fact that most people seem just as normal as you are.

State Legislates Parents .. OUT!

To give reinforcement to the reality of this situation let us consider what Dan O'Donnell, former Lecturer in Education, has to say about the Education Bill put forward in Queensland in 1981/2, Queensland, it is agreed, being the most conservative state in the Commonwealth. O'Donnell claimed that The New Education Act was a denial of parental rights and massively flawed. Quote:

"Section 20: .. Under this section any person who 'willfully disturbs or interferes with any group of pupils engaged in school activities, whether on school premises or not, commits an offense against this act'.

"The penalty is a fine of $500. Rebuking school-aged louts on our buses or trains, admonishing unruly hoons attending skating rinks or other arenas on sports days, or even refusing to serve ill-mannered oafs clamouring for instant attention at the daily tuck shop, technically constitutes an offense against the act. Moreover, the act declares flatly that any person who 'upbraids, insults or abuses a teacher or teacher in training in the presence or hearing of a pupil whether on school premises or not commits an offense against the act'."

Mr. O'Donnell goes on to tell us that the act does not provide any retribution against a teacher who incites such action on the part of a parent and mentions an incident where a student teacher "swore foully at a class of five-year-olds during practice teaching". Rebuked by the Principal the student teacher then found the children in the playground and repeated the offense. Although this obnoxious behaviour may well have been harmful to the children, he was let off by the Teachers College on the ground "that any reprimand would be an affront to his civil liberties".

Did you ever imagine the day would come in Australia when the thug is untouchable on the suggestion that reprimand would be an affront to his civil liberties? The victim has apparently no such rights, especially in the eyes of the education hierarchy or bureaucracy.

Further, as O'Donnell tells us: "Under the new act, the student teacher would not only be protected but could indeed sue the Principal and class teacher for upbraiding and admonishing him even though his own behaviour should have brought about his expulsion from the teaching profession."

They want a parent removed, charged, and fined $500 for entering on to school premises without permission! So it seems that if a parent was distressed by some mistreatment or abuse of a child, then the parent could be fined $500 for objecting in the hearing of students and if hesitant about leaving when the teacher says, "OUT!" then becomes liable to another $500 fine for being on school premises without permission.

Are educators doing such a good job that they should not be subject to the scrutiny and complaint of parents? Note this item of comment from the Public Service Board in Canberra; The Australian (29/8/'85):

"The board has raised the possibility of interviewing all applicants for base-grade clerical positions because it is now too difficult and expensive to assess various state educational standards."

Heading (same page, same newspaper): "Outdated schooling 'no use to youth'". So our NEW education is now outdated! But will it be replaced by proven practice or by a more extreme stage of what we already have?

In the view of legislators and educators, parents have no rights where their children's education is concerned, and equally, the children have no rights other than as objects of experiment by ideological zealots.

The responsible citizen will be asking WHY educators NEED additional legal protection? WHAT are they now DOING? AND WHAT ARE THEY PLANNING TO DO, that they need to ban parents from contact with, and from criticism of, education?

The significance of draconian legislation of this kind will become more apparent when we look at what now actually goes on in many classrooms. We should then think of what may go on when educators are protected against interference by parents.

So when you see enacted laws of anti-discrimination or equality you should understand that such laws are not to protect your rights but to protect the oppressors of your rights. Certainly there are no equal rights for parents in the above legislation and anti-discrimination does not apply where parents and children are discriminated against by the bureaucracy. The socialist bureaucracy does not come within the meaning of the laws it makes for the common people.

And do not imagine you might take your child to a private school or set up something to suit yourself. If the school does not conform it will certainly not be approved, and if parents do not take action now it will not be long before such schools are forcibly closed and the children may be taken from the parents because of 'inability to provide a healthy home environment'. * As you will find, the Health Department works hand in glove with education as part of the capitalist/socialist plan.

NOTE: since the first edition of this book was published provision for the above restraints has been established in the N.S.W. Education and Public Instruction Bill of 1987. This Bill makes provision for forced entry, search and seizure of property, records and materials covering both church and private property upon suspicion of 'illegal teaching'. It also deprives you of your traditional legal rights and allows the minister to devise and implement an unlimited number of rules.

Perhaps the reader may still think that this is not all tied in with the supervision of Australian education by the United Nations. Here is another quotation from Chaos in the Classroom, it refers to an Australian Education Council meeting in 1982. Quote:

"It is obvious that the goal of the AEC [Australian Education Council] is the CENTRALIZATION OF EDUCATION in Australia, in keeping with the conditions of the UNESCO 'Treaty on Education and its Applications to Federal Planning of a Centralized Education Policy for Australia and States' and its 'Convention Against Discrimination in Education', signed by the Whitlam Government."

Now that we know the kind of legislation that the signing of the UNESCO Convention Against Discrimination in Education produces, we must not forget it next time a treaty or convention proposed (or already enacted) by a U.N. authority is being signed (or enforced) by 'our?' government.

We Pay the Piper, but Don't Call the Tune:

Having found out that our education is being placed under United Nations control let us go back to Greg Sheridan's article for an example of the kind of information now approved; in this instance the subject is 'peace studies':

"No single subject has ever been so fraudulent in its purposes, so shallow in its scholarship, as biased in its politics or as out of place in a worthwhile school .."

The Greg Sheridan article, which was reproduced by some conservative organizations, was a well documentated expose of subversion in our education system. The so-called peace studies are (as with many other subjects) unapologetic in their bias to a capitalist/socialist end purpose. Their main support comes from left wing unions, including the teachers' unions which have a dominant say in the formulation of the peace studies that they teach. They take the usual socialist line that, for an honest person (or nation) to offer defense against thuggery, is an act of provocation. U.S. bases in Australia are therefore blamed as increasing the risk of nuclear war.

They do not teach the alternative that weak nations invite invasion or that no nation has ever survived through being unable to defend itself. They do not remind us that an important consideration in 'New World' thinking is that the world is overpopulated and that a large workforce is now obsolete. They do not teach us that one of the most important benefits of world government (to those in power) is that it confers the ability to drastically reduce population. They do not teach a balanced or honest view of peace but teach a view useful to capitalist/socialist world-government plans.

One last comment from the Greg Sheridan article:

"Most of the social studies, environmental studies, social science, even geography, English and some science, history and economic curricula are hostile to the society they are designed to serve."

Now there is a point; is this education designed to serve our society or is it designed to destroy our society?

Dr. Robert Goodman, Queensland University Professor (retired) 1981:

"What we are witnessing is a deliberate attempt at social engineering - using the schools ... In the end this will weaken our national unity and destroy the Australian society, which apparently is what some groups have in mind."

Hon. L. Powell, Q'land Minister for Education:

"To be able to grab hold of the education system of a country and control it from one centre is MARXIST POLICY."

The two quotations above were taken from Stop Press (May 1984) which is the voice of the twin organizations STOP and CARE. This Queensland group, under the indefatigable leadership of Mrs. Joyner, has conducted what has undoubtably been Australia's most successful defense of parents' rights.

One thing is common in education today; all these 'new' programs are extremely deceitful in their reasoning and untruthful in their content. They are clearly designed to mislead rather than to enlighten. Sound reasoning would encourage conclusions other than those now being promoted.

How CAN wrong ideas be imprinted into the 'mind' of a culture?

To understand this we need to appreciate that all effective teaching relies to some extent on hypnosis.

What is hypnosis?

At the level we generally think of hypnosis, it is a means of getting the total attention of the 'subject', directed to the 'master'.

All good educators attempt to get as much of the attention of the pupil as possible because only by getting some useful part of the attention can rapid transfer of information proceed.

One credit to modern educational research is that it has designed better means of getting and holding attention. But we must be aware that improved methods of teaching do not mean that what is being taught is also improved. It is not remarkable that the new ideas well suit the transmission of the emotional ideology so beloved of educators today.

A Better Education to a Bitter End:

A few years ago I attended a series of classes by one of the traveling 'New World' type teachers who are going about promoting self- achievement. Naturally, almost the first thing he said was, Give me your full attention.

The talk continued with words to this effect: 'some of the things I will tell you may seem impossible because we have certain fixations about what is possible or impossible. So I want you to suspend judgment. Just concentrate on what I say and you will find that it works; we shall prove it works'.

He was truthful in this. Many of the fairly simple realities he impressed on us did remind us of latent powers we could use, and which successful people do use, and we were able to some extent to verify the benefits of these ideas.

I believe that I benefited from this class mainly because, being mature, I was able to distinguish where the real benefits were. However, had I followed up and become involved at a deeper level, then I would have become subject to levels of Eastern and Western mysticism, including 'guides' who would seek to use me for their own purposes.

It is apparent:

(a) Mature people are more able to resist teachings (hypnotic or otherwise) which conflict with well learned behaviour patterns.

(b) Effective indoctrination requires that the rational mind be by- passed, or itself willingly suspend judgment, so as to allow information to be placed in the subconscious.

(c) Hypnosis, or a period of heavy reinforcement, may establish ideas which overrule reality.

As you read on you will find that you, and your children, are subject to daily reinforcement of ideas and values which, in isolation, would be ignored, dismissed or overruled, by both the conscious and subconscious mind. You will find that devious means are used to condition us (when young) to accept unhealthy behaviour as normal and to encourage the young and immature to become involved in such behaviour.

For example the promotion of immoral sexual attitudes: first the 'pill', then promiscuity, homosexuality and child sex; now pedophilia, incest and bestiality. Like an incoming tide it flowed over us wave after wave of gradually increasing depth. But to what purpose?

Connect the above with the sudden appearance of new diseases spread by sexual contact. Although an important one, AIDS, is not strictly a sex disease it has become a threat only because of promiscuous sexual behaviour, while an other new disease, less known but probably more widespread, chlamydia, causes infertility in women.

Then you must add this knowledge to the great recent progress in 'genetic engineering' and 'biological warfare'.

To this add the huge and expensive promotion of fear of nuclear war, a form of war which is quite unlikely because it endangers everyone, including leaders. Then compare this with the silence about biological weapons which could be used secretly and with deadly effect. (Do you realize that if AIDS should be a highly contagious disease spread by sexual contact then it would be of little use to worry about it now; every promiscuous person in the Western democracies would already have been contaminated several times over.)

Then you must add in to your knowledge the great concern by 'world authorities' about the population explosion, environmental dangers and destruction of natural resources.

Add in the fact that automation and electronics will soon make nine out of ten workers obsolete and remind yourself how very few people will be needed to keep a power elite in all the comfort and achievement that this world can provide.

Now ask yourself just how much you are worth to a One World Government authority.

But do not stop there! Although the fact is not at all well publicized, the United Nations and world governments, both 'East' and 'West', have been working rapidly to install One World Government.

Actually this world government idea is now so well established in law and treaty that most of its supporters consider it a fact accomplished. Probably most of our politicians and all governments of consequence subscribe to it. Hundreds of agreements with United Nations agencies have been signed and these overrule the 'peoples' constitutions of all important free democracies. (Did I say FREE! Sorry, one time free.) The only thing standing between us and the dubious mercy of a pagan world authority is a general population which may soon be browbeaten to submission.

What is the reason for a world government that has to be imposed on the general population by stealth and fear?

1. Communications control: you will only be allowed to know what one single command centre, relaying by satellite to the entire world, tells you.

2. Arms control: no nation will have the power to defend itself from the 'World Army'.

3. Population disposal: any city or nation will then be able to be depopulated and other world population will have no means of knowing if the cause was a biologically contrived disease, a natural cause, or a nerve gas - nor will they dare to ask.

NOTE: In the end, the Queensland legislation referred to was watered down because of the powerful campaign conducted by citizens' groups and the sympathy of the Premier. This should encourage us in the knowledge that we citizens are not powerless. But we cannot be complacent; Bill of Rights and Australia Card type legislation will overrule States and Commonwealth law. If citizens are to maintain any power to influence government we have to do a great deal better over the next few years.

Please read carefully the following chapters ... you can only save your children if you understand the threat. aonc02.htm

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