Although this little book cannot tell the whole story surely what it does tell must be enough!

Hopefully parents and citizens have been giving a good deal of thought to what they have been reading. It is not easy, no matter how one tries to make it so, to communicate a social fact to someone to whom that fact is entirely strange and unwelcome. The reason for the difficulty is not the words and grammar, although these can play a part, but in the main it is not the reading that is the difficulty but the revision of concepts that must take place in the mind of the reader.

That process can only take place by the will of the reader.

People who have been conditioned by television to some de-natured concept of reality, have to make a deliberate effort to read about and to think about, another reality.

Nevertheless it is worth making the effort, for it is only by living in the real world that we can make the decisions that will decide the value of our lives, the future of our families and the fate of the nation.

It is worth making the effort because we are the people who will decide whether we will live our last days in the shadow world of false beliefs and false emotions. We are the people who will decide our own future and the future of the children. Yes it is WE, the People, who will decide, or not decide, to save tomorrow or let it be stolen from us.

Literature not promoted or allowed publicity by the establishment reveals the faults in ideas pressed upon us.

The hour may be late but all is not yet lost. The greater the resistance the slower they progress. Had there been, over recent years, no increasing resistance, no increasing awareness of what is happening, then we would all, at best, be living in a communist state in a communist world. At worst there would be no white people left alive in Australia, South Africa or New Zealand.

If I have indicated here, or in other writing, that we may have only a year or two left, that is not meant to imply that we will all be destroyed so soon. What is meant is that we have only a very short time during which we may influence our future. Once a certain level of power is transferred to the slavemasters then our future resistance becomes futile. That time must be very close.

The proposed Bill of Rights now before parliament offers the states five years to remove any conflicting legislation, but in typical communist 'rights' manner they, in the meantime, reserve the right to overrule the states should they not proceed quickly enough in this. What this means to us is that we have two or three years to alert enough people to the truth so that those who betray us dare not enforce that Bill of Rights, Australia Card, or other secretly introduced legislation.

If we can mount enough resistance in the first two years so that they dare not enforce what they legislate, then we may alert enough people to stop this oppressive legislation forever.

We must alert people to the danger they are in but not forget the 'useful idiots'. Those people may not seem to deserve a chance but we are all in this boat together. They believe that they will become part of the elite by their work of betrayal. Force them to think! Who wants traitors, who wants bought people after they have delivered the goods. If there comes a day of real 'non-discrimination'; that will be 'termination day'.

Although we may try to show them the truth nevertheless we must accept that, in the main, the 'useful idiots' are not going to give way short of physical removal from their positions of power and the legal prohibition of the subversion they promote.

It is difficult to reason with people who have denied reason. Political force and economic force must remain our main approach.

Get an honest representative into parliament who will challenge the media to lift its censorship hiding 'One World Government' plans and dangers. Refuse to buy any product advertised by a particular TV station until they give truth a voice. Let business know that they must support "People's Rights" if they want people's custom.

Let it also be known that the amounts of money now spent by some companies promoting sport would be enough to fund a program that could well save humankind.

If enough people make a stand that will force one TV station to tell the truth you have a chance to get one city to know the truth. If you get one city you can get one state. If you get one state you will get one nation. If you get one nation you can save the world.

Today so many parents don't seem to want to know. They express horror at child molestation and child bashing, but they really don't want to know WHY it is happening. They do not want to make an effort to find out. They do not want to know that 'their' reality is a manipulated concept of reality and the cause of the conflict and horrors to which they so vehemently object. Do not let these lead you to despair; the majority of people have never exercised their right to influence the future. No more than 5% normally rule the world.

When we see beautiful young children at play and know that parents are unwittingly helping those who tear out the mind and fill the space with ideological garbage, can we weep? When we know that those mindwarped children will go on to do the same thing to their own children, (should they be allowed to live that long) then I think that even the angels are beyond weeping and perhaps even Satan may be beyond laughing.

We should all pray that God may forgive us for we must know, to some extent, what we do. And pray also that there may still live some spark of humanity in Man so that humanity may rise again and turn aside from the abomination that is the evil in which we have become enmeshed.

Recommended Reading:

Let us not use insufficient knowledge as an excuse for delaying action; we need to make good use of the precious little time left. However, along with action, there is also time for learning. Those wanting to learn more will find the following books helpful. The list has been kept short so as not to encourage procrastination. Enough is enough. Many good books are not easily obtainable but care has been taken to recommend a selection known to have been kept in print even if not sold by the local bookshop.

What are they Teaching Our Children by Mel and Norma Gabler (1985). What you can do about Humanism and Textbooks in Today's Public Schools. Victor Books USA.

The Child Seducers by John Steinbacher (1971). Should be available from some conservative organizations and conservative bookshops. Educator Publications USA.

Child Abuse in the Classroom by Phyllis Schlafly (1984). Available as above.

The Fearful Master by G.Edward Griffin (1964) (about the United Nations). Availability as above.

The Marxist Minstrels, A Handbook On Communist Subversion Of Music by David A. Noebel. Availability as above.

Say NO to the New World Order (1987) new book by Garry Allen and None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen (1971). No list of conservative literature is complete without this old favourite. Still a most convincing book for the newcomer to betrayal. Available as above.

The Disaster Road (1986) and Chaos in the Classroom by J.M.(Jean) Wallace (1984) you may find in a larger bookshop but will probably have to obtain from one of the conservative bookshops. Veritas, Australia.

The Treatment of Sex in South Australian Education by Geoffrey Partington (1985). Available from Malvern Press, P.O. Box 270, St. Marys, 5042.

The Plug-in Drug by Marie Winn (1980). Bantam Paperback, should be in bookstores.

The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard (1981). Penguin paperback, should be in bookstores.

How To Avoid The LOOMING CATASTROPHE by Alan Gourley (1985). Companion to Assault on Childhood. Should be your first target. No other available book presents so wide a view of an overall integrated picture. First book in a series specifically designed to serve an organized campaign against high level human treachery and national treason. Available from conservative organizations or from C.H.P.S. P.O. Box Q381, Sydney. 2000, where you can also obtain additional copies of Assault on Childhood.

Democracy and Treason in Australia by Alan Gourley (1987). Best seller, sold 10,000 copies in less than five months. Speaks for itself. aonc09.htm

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