Everyone's introduction to the secret society
(I mean, the one in which we live)

By Alan Gourley

First published in 1985. Reprinted 1985 and 1986. Total 3,000 copies.
Second (Retail) Edition Printed 1987 by Veritas Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd. Total 2,000 copies.
Third Edition (2nd Campaign Edition) 1988
First & Last Christian Publishing, Copyright 1985 Alan Gourley

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        Part 1. First Know Your Enemy
        Chapter  1; Enemies have many ways to confuse and mislead us......16
        Chapter  2; Refined slavery.......................................20
        Chapter  3; What is War...........................................24
        Chapter  4; Our belief structure is being changed.................28
        Chapter  5; We cannot be forced to self destruct..................33
        Chapter  6; Treason...............................................37
        Chapter  7; The war against women & children + Satanic orgies.....42
        Chapter  8; The newspeak and doublethink generation...............46
        Chapter  9; Manufactured insults..................................50
        Chapter 10; United Nations comment................................55
        Chapter 11; Secrets of deceit.....................................59
        Chapter 12; Know thyself..........................................63
        Part 2. Evidence Galore
        Chapter  1; Special report—pedophilia...........................74
        Chapter  2; The U.N.O. v The people (Parts 1 & 2).................82
        Chapter  3; The U.N.O. v The people (Part 3)......................98
        Chapter  4; The U.N.O. v The people (Parts 4 & 5)................104
        Chapter  5; Evolution—a decisive proof of manipulation.........119
        Chapter  6; Is religion all there is to Christianity?............127
        Chapter  7; Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!...........................135
        Part 3. What We Can Do
        Chapter  1; Choose your friends wisely...........................147
        Chapter  2; People power.........................................151
        Chapter  3; Fellow Australians + Challenge.......................156
        Chapter. 4; Is this the last chapter?............................159

Includes $10,000 challenge to authorities.


This work is dedicated to all who labour to understand the true nature of humanity and also to all who are sincere enough in their regard for humanity that they will profit from the understanding gathered.

Those who have successfully gained even a little of this understanding know that the beauty of reality is beyond that of dreams and that those who go through life devoted to lesser causes die without ever having known what it is like to live.

* * *

Although this book is covered by copyright people who wish to reproduce and distribute the complete work without profit are hereby given permission so to do.

It is quite practical for any person or small group who have photocopy or printing facilities to make a hundred or more copies should official copies, for any reason, become unobtainable.

Now that a distribution of over four thousand copies is spread among those intelligent people who care enough to want to live in a just and truthful society it is no longer possible for 'authorities' to suppress the information, except by consent of the victims.


My sincere thanks to the many people, the great majority of whom I have never met, who recommended the original First & Last Discussion Papers to such effect that for about twelve months I was able to do lit more than update, reprint and handle mailing to new readers. Also of course I do not forget the many clippings, articles, group journals, tapes and all forms of information so generously supplied.

I am also conscious of the fact that the evident support will continue with the distribution and recommendation of the finished product. For me to thank you seems vaguely impertinent as I know that you do not do this for my sake any more than I do it for myself; we work for the cause of free humanity. Whether we succeed or fail we will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that we gave something of ourselves for the welfare of all.


My name is Alan Gourley. I am writing this book on behalf of various known and unknown people who have made a study into the true nature of humanity and those who have made sincere study of the cause of human social problems. My own background is practical; I have successfully worked in trades, agriculture, small business, and stockmarket investment. I have experience as employer and employee. Not having had wealthy parents I am largely self-educated and have known both poverty and plenty. My religion is my personal 'search for truth', and a lifelong interest has been to understand the true nature of man. I am not and have never been a member of any political movement or organized religion.

These main features of my life I mention so that you will know that I am no fanatic or ivory tower dreamer. The $10,000 challenge mentioned is made on my responsibility alone.

Signed Date. 19/1/1985

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Our problems do not depend on physical barriers so much as on the mental barriers imposed by a false frame of reference. To see things as they are we have to break out of the present frame and seek one that is true to life.

We have to apply our intelligence to the logic of even and not be distracted by people who demand we confine ourselves to forms of evidence that limit our understanding. The allocation of biased values to different forms of evidence is itself significant in the web of deception.

Knowing the defense against lies is truth, we find a need to look at life from an angle different from that at present taught and which, having been accepted, seems now so natural.

In the worlds of physics, engineering and electronics we have made great advances but in the social world we live in fear and trembling. Our educators say we have evolved by nature and are no more than advanced animals. They say that we must face reality, yet in applied sociology they refuse to accept the tools and standards of 'hard' science but prefer instead to rely on emotion and ideology. In this book it is dared to suggest that humanity is more than animal and that the road that has led us to the brink of disaster is the wrong road; that the tools of fact and reason will work just as well for social science as they do for the successful sciences.

Early in our search for social truth we notice that the party political system is incompatible with democratic government. We are misled in our easy acceptance that the party political system is by nature democratic; it is not so. Unless we look to the evidence that the political parties are vehicles for corruption, we have little chance to survive the 20th century as free people.

Governments and authorities are challenged to show cause as to why they should not be charged, as war criminals are charged, for having contributed, and for continuing to contribute, to the situation of those millions of people who die, or who are caused extreme and needless suffering, as a result of the ideological wars of this century; wars that could at any time have been avoided by exposing that the base which supports these ideologies, is false.

How to Avoid the LOOMING CATASTROPHE Part 1


'One of the great secrets of the day is to know how to take possession of popular prejudices and passions in such a way as to introduce a confusion of principles which makes impossible all understanding between those who speak the same language and have the same interests.'

N. Machiavelli (1469—1527)


Welcome! If we are to avoid the looming catastrophe there is much to do and little time to do it.

The findings revealed in this book are the result of private research which has aimed to relate reliable published information in such a manner as to properly explain current events. And, having done that, to honestly accept what the consequences of those events may be.

Being probably the first in-depth writing available to the public on the subject of the methods and aims of what will here be called a pagan Secret Empire (in later writing the 'Super mafia'), it has to be privately funded and has no political, financial or religious responsibility other than make the truth public.

To avoid the looming catastrophe we first of all need to know our enemy. Hopefully we may be able to take advantage of the last remains of our freedom to tell it as it is.

The fight against the corruption and subversion of our culture has, so far, been futile. To start winning we have to gain a new understanding of what we are fighting. This document is an introduction to social knowledge that is being hidden from our view. As the first pieces of the puzzle come together they may seem confusing, but as we put the pieces in place the picture becomes clear.

Our culture has grave ills and everyone pulling in different directions is no cure. Most honest people give a certain trust to leaders, educators, etc., and find it very difficult to accept that political parties and authorities may unite against us.

Betrayal is indeed a traumatic concept. We can be sure it is not done with understanding because when leaders accept the promises of false teaching they betray themselves and their own families just as surely as they betray the general population. We are all betrayed and enslaved by false teaching.

False teaching does not so much destroy intelligence as destroy the ability to use intelligence successfully. If reasoning is based on false concepts then the conclusions will be false. When people find that the plans they make do not produce the expected results they become frustrated and will blame their frustration on any of the many variables of life rather than see fault with their basic beliefs. Basic beliefs we usually accept as unquestionable.

As intelligence is always rational, continually frustrated people can be led to the conclusion that there is no social truth. It then becomes sensible to assume that we are free to choose whatever values appeal to us. At that point thinking becomes self-centered or incestuous and culture begins to fall apart.

Even though our enemies know enough of social mechanisms to manipulate us, they show that they do not know enough to counter their own egotism.

To provide a concise and reasonably simple explanation of why our world is suffering its present afflictions is not easy. We cannot ourselves use brainwashing otherwise we trap ourselves as our enemies trapped themselves. Readers have to use their own intelligence and, as they read, take an honest look at politics, the mass media and education.

Things our Governments indirectly support would greatly shock most people because, although items do get into the news at times, they are presented in a way that will not alert people to the danger. But the government is still legally OUR government. It is the legal duty of those elected to do what WE want, NOT what THEY want. If we do not take action while we still have the chance, in a year or two, even if we do awaken, it will be too late.

We must ask ourselves if what our leaders are doing is only the result of stupidity or does it conform to an integrated plan when viewed in relation to the aims and ambitions of a powerful elite.

We may also ask ourselves why we have not tried to understand what is happening to our culture? Do we fear the enormity of what we may find?

Should we not also ask ourselves why so many people are not able to see such simple truths as that the more we produce the more we have. Is it beyond normal understanding to appreciate that the 'rich bosses' are not the main consumers of the product of our labour?

It is the family of those who produce wealth who are the main consumers. Is it beyond normal understanding to see that the measure of communal wealth is not wages but production? If the workforce were allowed to understand only this simple truth then it would realize that 99% of strikes nowadays are self-destructive and can only serve the interests of manipulators.

We have a simple choice: we can live our lives in the service of others or take our freedom. Our greatest danger is fear to face our problems.

Orwell's Discovery

If you are concerned by the above comment just remember that Orwell's "1984" was originally to be called "1948". In 1948 that writer had discovered a secret of human manipulation.

Orwell probably thought he had discovered how socialists were getting control of people and, to avoid reprisal, revealed his finding in fiction. However he was wrong if he thought that this method of people enslavement was invented by socialists. Socialism is itself part of implanted belief.

Enslavement of people by control of belief was discovered long, long ago, at a time when life was simple and the human mind not saturated with irrelevancies and myths; a time when cause and effect could be more easily recognized.

The Chinese used to bind the feet of their girl children and this pathetic crippling was deemed beautiful—because of belief. For fashion or profit people can be induced to believe almost anything.

Orwell discovered, in part, a secret hidden from the general population for thousands of years .. the secret of enslavement by CONTROL of BELIEF.

He found that those who control the present can control the past, and those who control the past can control the future.

How is that? What a community believes life is, or is about, is the result of its historic perception. As intelligence is essentially rational, the community directs itself in relation to what it believes. People willingly (even enthusiastically) built pyramids in ancient Egypt or commit suicide in today's South American jungle, IF .. they first have the base belief that allows them to be led to accept it is to their benefit.

Those who control the past (meaning who control our understanding of the past) control the future, and those who control the present can have important segments of historic knowledge re-written and thereby control the past. This is happening today. Forget about the fictional content of the novel "1984" and realize that enslavement by control of belief is a reality that is today even more effective than it was in 1948. We are being re-programmed for massive social change.

Why are some simple distortions of historic fact contrived by people who are clever enough to know that the deception will be discovered?

It is because all people are not entirely easy to lead, some are just too 'nosy' about what may be going on behind the scenes. To prevent these people learning too much, traps are set to lead them into controllable situations. In other words they direct attention to 'dead end' lies, so as to protect more important lies. The war of the mind is planned more carefully than physical war.

You may at first think that people could not be manipulated so easily. You may at first think that there is no Secret Empire. If you are well educated you will almost certainly think this, because that is what you are educated to think. If you are not well educated then you will most likely think what the educated lead you to think. Few things in life are certain, but one thing that comes close to certain is that, whatever you may now believe about life, it is almost certainly WRONG.

We are discouraged from questioning some things, encouraged to question others. We should use our reasoning ability and not rely on the advice of people who cannot logically relate ALL the substantial evidence. Let us think for ourselves.

Is there a conspiracy? YOU KNOW that there are conspiracies going on at every level of society, from the family to the nation. Is it reasonable to think that human nature stops at international borders?

You know that there are long-lasting institutions such as the Mafia: Chinese secret societies, Humanist and other religions, International Banking, Royalty, Communism and other political movements. Do you believe human nature does not span generations? Certainly there is conspiracy but what we expose goes beyond conspiracy.

To say that social direction is not a product of belief is to say that there is no intelligence. But that itself is not intelligent. You cannot intelligently claim that there is no intelligence.

As a matter of simple logic we either do things because we expect that they will bring certain reasonably predictable results, or we walk in front of cars and get killed. Intelligence insists we live in accord with what we BELIEVE to be true. Not necessarily what is factually true, but what we believe to be true.

Our position may be likened to people living in a large room with a huge window. At some time in the past 'smart' people observed that different cultures gave value to different things and, as a result, were different in the way they behaved. Seeing this, they realized that if they created a curtain of make-believe and painted in the images they wanted people to see, and painted out the images they did not want people to see, then they could direct people to believe what they wanted people to believe and have them do what they wanted them to do.

Most of us are too lazy to learn for ourselves; we are happy to let others do the work (and take responsibility) for us. Once a few reasoning people saw this they became leaders and once the chosen educators were told what to believe the educated became servants.

But we have now a chance to consider and think for ourselves. We may see that what we accept as true may be DESIGNED to manipulate us for the benefit of others and understand that, by control of beliefs, we are led in slavery from birth to death.

So let us begin to examine a little of the grime that covers our window on the world; and let us use our intelligence. I know that what I am asking is not easy to do. People willingly die for their beliefs; people who are fanatical about peace will kill innocent people for what they believe. It is a very traumatic thing to challenge the beliefs we have learned to live with and have accepted as a foundation for our behaviour pattern.

If we can once bring ourselves to face the reality of deceit, then we may see that truth is the most important thing in life. We may be able to free ourselves of present beliefs and take a fresh look at the world and the meaning of life ... we may find reality more marvelous than we think.

Chapter 1.


Guilt is invoked to prevent open discussion. Suppression of opposing views is an admitted aim of government ministers. A refined form of censorship is used to keep vital information below the threshold of public awareness. Opposed political parties admit conspiracy to common policies that lack public approval.

Suppression of discussion and guilt without trial is not democracy. The legal duty of MPs is to do the will of the people, not the will of political parties; this has been so long hidden that few people know it.

Our country is no longer realistically democratic. Information is restricted. People do not understand that a lot of the law and legislation now being proposed and put into place undermines our civil liberties; liberties that we have come to expect as inalienable parts of our rights and privileges.

Readers may at first find betrayal incredible, but please realize that this book would not be needed if 'Orwellian' population controls were understood—there would be no dangerous situation to expose—life would be very different.

WHY are we betrayed and HOW is betrayal possible? To discover this needed many years of investigation, but once uncovered the essentials are not difficult to grasp.

A crayfish story: if you place a cray in cold water and gradually bring it to the boil, it is said the cray will exhibit no extreme distress but will be cooked just the same. Likewise we are gradually conditioned to accept that everything is cosy while our legal defences are quietly removed and information restricted.

You may recall the case of National Socialism in Germany: Hitler did not gain power unconstitutionally! Hitler was appointed by politicians who passed the 'Enabling Act' (23/3/33). Hitler ended the German federation and the states of Germany came under control of central government. It was all set up and made legal in full view and acceptance of the public.

How was this possible? It was possible because the German people WERE NOT TOLD THE TRUTH about the IMPLICATIONS of what was being done Truth was replaced with misinformation.

In Australia we saw recently our own 'States Rights' overthrown by means of a politically contrived 'legalistic' move. Our constitution was re-interpreted to give a meaning contrary to that obviously intended and contrary to the traditional and accepted meaning. We are left to believe that this was merely a device for stopping a state from building a dam.

But it was not the dam! The dam was used as a cover! It provided an 'enabling act' to allow the dismantling of our constitutional protection without awakening public understanding and protest.

The Public is the Most Powerful Force in Any Community.

If the establishment wants to make any important change that will be detrimental to public interest it has first to concoct a plan to mislead the public into thinking that what is proposed is for the public good.

It is illegal to change our Australian Constitution without referendum. The establishment got around this by the trick of legal re-interpretation. By this means political parties Federally have taken to themselves the power to overrule the states on ANY matter simply by making an agreement with ANY overseas body or group of people. It does not even have to be an agreement with an elected government and related to defence or trade; it does not have to be an agreement with a government at all; it can be an agreement with anyone about anything—an authority set up by the United Nations organization for instance. That power denies us our constitutional protection.

Worse is to come. We laughed (or cried) when some dictator his nation's written culture into the streets and burnt it. We now know that this is social engineering—a device to change a nation's culture and replace it with something else.

No! Not something else that the people understand and want, but something else that a small group want for dictatorial purpose.

We thought it ridiculous (or tragic) that a nation could be so foolish as to fall for such a trick. But on the basis of agreements with United Nations agencies our own political parties are now producing legislation that allows, and has already resulted in, the removal of many cultural books from school libraries.

They will not be so crude as to burn books in the streets as was done years ago, that is now too obvious. Nevertheless the establishment has taken to itself powers to remove and destroy the entire social literature of our culture and history. This can be ordered by petty officials in local situations and the public cannot legally prevent it.

How Can They do such Incredible Things to Us?

How can they do it without evoking screaming headlines?

How can they do it without a million protesters taking to the streets?

It is done by having a compliant press, by lulling us into a false sense of security, and by simply making laws such as that all literature depicting a traditional role for men and women may be classed as sexist and therefore illegal—that one law covers everything from Shakespeare to Donald Duck.

They trick us by taking advantage of our trust and by disguising the legislation to represent something to which people would normally not object. For instance: no discrimination on grounds of sex, colour or creed.

We do not have need for such legislation but that is irrelevant to what manipulators want. We had little discrimination before it was created by political injustice and what we now have will not be cured by laws that, in future, can be used to totally destroy our culture and civil freedom.

They force anti-discrimination laws on us yet life depends on discrimination. We discriminate when we buy food, have a hair cut, invest money. We discriminate when we employ a plumber or seek a job. Discrimination is essential to life—a basic need. And when people allow government to make wide-ranging laws that contravene basic human needs, then people forfeit their human rights.

Here is a statement from a small book, Your Will Be Done, written by a research analyst in Constitutional Law and one time M.P., Arthur Chresby. His authority has not been refuted. Quote:

"It is legally unchallengable that the party system, with its direct and indirect powers of manipulating politicians and people, has quite illegally striven to drive a wedge between the people and the final source of all their constitutional and legal powers ... as a prelude to transferring the unlimited power of that Monarchy into the hands of the controllers and manipulators of political parties .." (Emphasis added.)

Why does our media not expose these facts and bring them forcibly to public attention? Think about that.

Can you believe or have faith in what the law-makers say they have in mind when they act illegally? They re-interpreted our Constitution despite its clear intent and can re-interpret any law they themselves produce because they produce it with that intent. That they actually do so has, in fact, already been very well demonstrated in our own nation in our own lifetime.

Can such people be trusted with your life?

Our Situation is Desperate

Do you now see the need to expose what is happening to our culture?

Although it has been said that the High Court decision destroyed our constitutional protection, this is not entirely correct. The BELIEFS and knowledge of people are our only real safeguard. High Court decisions can be merely devices designed to persuade people to accept government by political party as legal.

This adjustment to the public concept of democracy will continue until such time as a dictatorship can be set up; after that, what the public believes becomes an irrelevant mythology.

Do not think that this book is an attack on socialism. Bad and all as socialism (in any form) is, it is only the means of installing a military dictatorship to disarm the democratic nations. A few years after One World Government is installed, your life and mine—no matter of what colour or creed—will be forfeit to the whims of a world dictator. We will not have the choices we now dream of because only a small part of present population has any value to a World Governing elite.

That in the course of the logical progression of events (i.e.the evidence). You will not want to believe it, but no one has produced convincing logic, common sense or evidence, to dispute what is revealed. We have only one means of defence—an awakened community.

Authorities will deny what is exposed, but will explain nothing. If they knew anything they would not aid their own demise.

Who am I? That question is irrelevant. The logic expressed through these pages is either substantially correct or substantially incorrect. No position of power, no education, no organization, guarantees truthfulness. In the end our future depends on our WILLINGNESS to search honestly and use intelligence.

It is not a difficult matter to judge. An honest society has no need to suppress lies; lies can be disproven. The honest society allows lies to be disproven but the dishonest society must suppress truth to prevent the lies being disproven.

Information IS being suppressed!

The clipping headed "Independent Press" is believed to be a local re-hash of a U.S.A. item that found its way into the trade union gazette Pipeline (April 1971). While what it says is true it is almost certainly intended to create confusion rather than reveal the true danger. This strange statement may be better understood as we see more clearly who is doing what to whom—AND WHY. These things will become evident as the book progresses.

Independent Press

John Swinton, the late editor of the New York Times, at a banquet on his retiring from office, in reply to the toast to "An Independent Press", said:

"There is no such thing as an Independent Press unless it is in the country towns, you know it and I know it.

There is not one of you who dares to write his honest opinion and if you did you know before hand that it would never appear in print.

I am paid $250 per week for keeping any honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with, others of you are paid similar salaries, for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write his honest opinions would be out in the street looking for another job.

The business of a journalist is to destroy truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, to sell his race and his country for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting, "An Independent Press". We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the Jumping Jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men." avoid1.htm

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