Chapter 1.


Warning: Material exposed in this report is of a degrading nature.

In Defence of the Feminine Woman

The natural feminine woman—mother and homemaker—is under bitter attack. The nature of this attack is so outrageous in its dishonesty that normal people do not take it seriously. That is our mistake. There are many men and women (innocent of the ways of the world) who have unthinkingly and trustingly accepted the claim made by the Political Feminists that they fight for women's rights.

It only needs a little knowledge of the male/female role, and a little reasoning, to know that if Political Feminists have their way woman-kind will lose not only the benefits gained over the last hundred years but the benefits gained since the beginning of civilized living.

Any observant person can see that shemen fight against normal femininity; their own statements betray them. In unguarded moments their arrogant destructiveness shows unmistakably. Feminist material relating to pedophilia that is reproduced in this chapter is clearly aimed at degrading the child/parent relationship to create a situation that will allow the state, more and more, to take over the children. It must amaze and concern all normal people that material so crude in expression and imbecile in philosophy, is distributed by feminists and educators.

The political feminist likes to pretend that she is a modern suffragette fighting for female rights—her attitude shows that she is nothing of the sort. Among her own kind she calls the married woman a prostitute, and in her language children become 'social functions', meaning that children are not family. (The shemen hate family). To the feminists, children are social obligations to be produced as required to keep the system functioning—social functions.

In the feminist view, children should not be raised at home where they may become mentally deformed into accepting family life. To prevent this they should be raised in state institutions where they can be programmed unemotionally to give blind obedient service to the State and the Masters.

Since 1985 they push the line that child abuse is a product of home/family environment. What they never mention is that the promotion of promiscuity and deviant sexual behaviour is the cause of broken families and sexual abuse. Especially the massive recent upsurge in pedophilia and child abuse. If a child is at some risk in the family situation there is no reason to suspect that it would be at less risk if children were allotted to the care of strangers. The opposite in fact obviously applies.

The great danger posed by shemen comes neither from their numbers or their irrationality; it comes from the fact that they are the unwitting pawns of the men who manipulate governments. They are used to promote situations too sick to be promoted by government itself.

To avoid the difficulty of government becoming vulnerable to critical attack on ridiculous positions the more outrageously destructive ideas are promoted by stooge organizations.

The Promotion of Political Feminism.

An earlier chapter revealed United Nations plans for genocide being aided by our own governments. This SPECIAL REPORT should convince the skeptics, non-believers and unimaginative, of the depth of denigration planned to prepare us for the kill. Political Feminism is not just anti-feminine it is anti-human. In presenting this report we hope the following points will be considered:

1. The leaflets copied were obtained from The Feminist Bookshop in Lilyfield, N.S.W.

2. The existence of the bookshop was discovered through a promotional pamphlet displayed with a dazzling array of feminist propaganda at the Education Department's Non-Sexist Unit in North Sydney. (Non-sexist is feminist double-talk disguising a vicious sexual bias to political feminism and against normal behaviour).

3. As well as being directly promoted by a government department the bookshop is also promoted through literature available at government funded organizations such as the Leichhardt Women's Community Health Centre, Sydney Rape Crisis Centre, Liverpool Women's Health Centre, Women's Electoral Lobby, and many, many more.

4. The Feminist Bookshop distributes government 'non-sexist' publications alongside a variety of deviant material from anarchism through to lesbianism and pedophilia, (pedophilia: adult-infant sexual activity).

5. The political feminists (as distinct from normal women) do not have family interests at heart. In fact their words and deeds show they want to destroy the family and robotise children through social engineering in State Schools. Yet they have been given, (with the blessing of the U.N. and our own governments) a dominant role in organizations that affect the daily lives of all Australians. Amongst these organizations are the Anti-Discrimination Board and the Human Rights Commission, both of which claim power to bypass common law and engage in tribunals reminiscent of the Inquisition. Such organizations, despite their humanitarian names, can be seen to be part of the vast plan to sabotage our culture.

6. Political feminists have been given extremely powerful influence in education and public entertainment. They also dominate women's health, child care, abortion, family planning and rape crisis centres; etc. With backing and support of the U.N. Human Rights Conventions and Australia's humanists, they can create circumstances enabling the sickness of pedophilia to become accepted just as they did with INDUCED homosexuality, ENCOURAGED drug dependency, CRIMINAL permissiveness, DISCRIMINATORY anti-discrimination, and SEXIST non-sexism.

7. It has been reported in the media that the police raided what was claimed to be the largest group of child exploiters in Australia—the Australian Pedophile Support Group. Political feminists praise pedophiles and raise money for their defence. They call media reporting of the incident 'gutter press'. They have no presentable answer to the charges and can only abuse those who expose their sick activities. Radicals led the advance from 'free love' to pedophilia. What comes next—incest and bestiality?

Corruption cannot enter until belief paves the way.

We are educated to believe in chance evolution!

Many people now have confused morality, but belief in evolution leaves us nothing other than the gratification of our senses to look forward to—once common sense insists that SELF gratification is the only value we have nowhere else to go. Behaviour follows belief.

Since World War 2, attempts to resist degeneracy in our culture have proven futile. Socialism has advanced, and socialist plans to demoralize and destabilize our community have been carried out (to all appearance) without setback.

Resistance to social misdirection has not addressed itself to the root cause of problems but has been content to attack effects. Even the form of our resistance is manipulated.

If we do not stir ourselves then you know where our people are going. Legalized jungle law—decadence—murder and corruption.

Going on a motoring holiday we do not ask an imaginative six year old to draw our road map. But we seem quite content to follow a childish diagram on our journey through life. The only difference between our life map and childish imagination is that our life map is so consistent in misdirection that it must have been drawn to deliberately mislead.

Poison is fed into the mind-stream of our culture to make us sick and helpless. The examples to follow cannot be dismissed as back lane filth, the items reproduced are similar to items published in the Sydney Feminist magazine "Girls Own" which is on public sale from selected newsagencies and organizations which include the Sydney University Co-op Bookshop, Teachers' Federation and Women's Liberation House.

I must apologize for the two articles* reproduced but you will not believe without examples. The material speaks for itself in the gutter language that suits it so well. *(Those who wish to read the two articles may purchase the unabridged book by sending $10.00 to: C.H.P.S. PO Box Q381, Sydney 2000 AUSTRALIA ). avoid14.htm

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