Chapter 7.

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

MANY matters have been considered in these pages and no doubt there will be people unable to accept the evidence or logic presented. However the bulk of the material was read by some hundreds of interested people before publication with invitation to comment, and nothing was disputed. No alternative was found.

The arrogant ignorant, of course, will not like the challenge, but that is not new; they indicate why they remain ignorant by ignoring the evidence and hurling abuse. It is saddening that some prefer to follow blindly those who manipulate them rather than face the challenge of finding that the 'new' enlightenment is a package of deadly lies. The brainwashing, and the sedative effect of 'entertainment' and drugs, leaves growing numbers unable to do without the crutch of humanistic religion. They cannot face the obvious, that the threat comes from deceit not from truth.

The lives we now live are not our own. So long as we follow blindly we will never know our true identity and manipulators will use us to their will.

There can be no more convincing evidence of manipulation than is provided by the fact that the seeming irrationality of what is going on in our world fits a logical pattern when seen from the viewpoint of the needs of an evil empire.

Can Our Culture be Saved?

If our nation is to be saved there is one item of deceit that stands above all others: the chance creation myth.

If there is one message every Australian needs understand it is that nothing done will permanently alter our situation UNLESS the BELIEF that makes our cultural distortions APPEAR logical IS EXPOSED as the deception it is. So long as this belief is allowed to poison our attitude to life, all effort to fight against the disaster overtaking us is futile. To say otherwise is to say that intelligence is irrational.

The battle for control of humanity is a battle between truth and lies—our understanding of this was lost with the betrayal of education.

We are educated to believe we are living in a scientific age free of myth and religion. No doubt the people of ancient civilizations were told the same thing. While being told this we are indoctrinated into paganism, impossible social expectations, economic chaos and unworkable law.

In a de-populated world the elitists will enjoy the true wealth of science while workers (the few retained) will live in controlled ignorance. To see the inescapable logic of that, you have only to put yourself in the elitist position with their morals. How stupid it would be to devote your life to manipulation of vast hordes of zombie people. People whom you despise. It would be about as interesting as moving rocks around a circle.

Our religions, our media and politicians, are educated by our enemies. The 'old world technology' required population, the 'new world technology' does not. Many people are disturbed and worried about specific social problems but still do not really see that massive and indiscriminate population destruction is the inevitable and only logical end to present events.

We do not see how a nation can be taken over by subversion. The following quotation from an item in The Australian (17/1/1984), by Jeremy Hodges may help people accept both the fact and nature of national takeover:

Marxists 'taking over university faculties'

"Marxist infiltration into universities is to blame for any growth of "crimethink", "doublethink" and "duckspeak" in society.

"This claim by Professor John Frodsham helped ensure a controversial start to the summer school on George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four now in progress at the University of Western Australia.

"He said Marxism had spread through western universities in the past 30 years to the extent where entire faculties had been taken over. ..."

".. in many universities the free play of intellectual debate has given way to an attempt to stifle controversy in the name of Marxist dogma."

"From our universities Marxist doctrine has been systematically exported into every profession and calling that employs university graduates," he said.

"It has spread the virus through our schools, our trade unions, our political parties, our bureaucracy, our publishing houses and media."

"The result was a willingness to overlook the behaviour of totalitarian regimes.

"He cited as an example the attitude of one of his colleagues who had tried to justify the murders committed on the order of the former Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin.

"His remark to me: 'The trouble with you bourgeois liberals is that you are sentimentalists, incapable of understanding the historic necessity of killing," said Professor Frodsham."

But is this enough to activate people? By itself, obviously not! If it were we would be marching on federal parliament and demanding action.

One more indication of the lies promoted in our culture and for which we, through government funding of the U.N., help pay; here is part of a quotation printed in the book, The Fearful Master, by G.Edward Griffin:

"The Soviet Union is a brotherhood of free and equal peoples comprising 15 sovereign Soviet republics in voluntary association on a footing of complete equality. Under the constitution of the USSR, each of these republics retains the right to secede from the union. Each of them embodies the collective will of its people and can decide its own future in entire freedom."

Indeed! One can ALMOST imagine any Soviet state leaving the Union without a fight to the death. They do have the free choice of going to war with their masters or doing exactly what they are told. Why do 'our' governments pay for U.N. communist propaganda?

The UNESCO Confidence Trick.

That the U.S.A. (1984) should pull out of UNESCO for the very reason of communist domination and interference in the affairs of member nations, is revealing. Viewed in the context of a continual U.N. subversion of national governments we may wonder at this belated resistance to communist pressure. On the other hand no doubt the very idea of a U.N. organization acting as a socialist agency came as a great surprise to 90% of Australians.

Was the U.S. move an attempt to quieten the growing clamour of people beginning to see that they are being sold out to socialist World Government by their own politicians?

The Prize and the Price.

Do you appreciate the value of owning your own world?

At one time people actually believed life was created by spontaneous combustion and that minerals 'grew' in the earth. Science (experience with the laws of creation) has quite disproved those adolescent ideas.

It also long known that the human race cannot go on irresponsibly multiplying. In more recent years that fact has been dramatically highlighted, not just in massive starvation, poverty and the failure of the 'green revolution', but also in raw statistics. Science, mathematics and population records, show that it took from the beginning until 1830 for world population to reach its first billion. Only another 100 years to reach 2 billion and a mere 45 years to double again to 4 billion. No matter what we do in the way of education for birth control it seems inevitable that, in about another 30 years, the population will double again to 8 billion.

World population has already outstripped the ability of world organization and resources to provide the great starving masses with a human standard of living. We may have faith in science or in God to provide for us, but there is obviously a point at which the laws of nature say, 'NO!'

If all the people in the world had the standard of living we in Australia enjoy (or complain about) we would already have run out of oil as a common commodity, and, if we were substituting coal, then we would be approaching the point where the survival of life on earth would be threatened by pollution.

Years ago I tried to point out that the green revolution would be a failure because, farm born, I understood that increased farm production required more than better plants and fertilizer; it also needs more fresh water. But fresh water is another commodity already in world shortage. Productive land too, is in decreasing supply because of soil erosion and expanding human living needs.

The green revolution and the introduction of lifesaving medicines to overpopulated nations made matters worse, and no doubt was intended so to do. In the mid 1980s the starvation in Ethiopia became big news. But media do not remind us that it is only a few years since the 'do gooders' were begging for money to increase the survival rate of babies in under-developed countries and ignoring the question, "Who is going to feed all these additional mouths?"

They tell us that we should abort inconvenient babies in our prosperous culture but demand that we pay for, and go to great lengths to save, the unwanted babies of primitive and often undernourished people.

Today we read that from 50% to 60% of deaths in South East Asia and Africa are of people under 15 years of age. Would they be grateful for those few years of living hell? Will those socialist/humanists ever learn that they have no right to interfere in the lives of others when they are incompetent to run their own lives?

The correct ways of dealing with problems are human, not humanist. The fact, as any schoolchild may appreciate, is that primitive cultures expand to consume the available sustenance. If do-gooders increase population then the resources must become overused. To solve this problem they bring in bulldozers to clear the forests for food production. Ignorant mass de-forestation, as is now well demonstrated, may upset the balance of nature. Rainfall may decline and the productive ecology turn into desert ecology capable of supporting even fewer people than the original population.

Drought is not necessarily an act of God or a chance event, it may come about by overgrazing and inappropriate agriculture. There is reason to believe that this is the chief cause of the African famines and we have no reason to believe that it was not deliberate.

If we aid this socialist/humanist manipulation, then the number of starving people will increase until such time as it becomes physically impossible to feed them. Is it humane to create a situation where ten starve rather than one? Humanist dogma is no substitute for living intelligently with natural law.

The real reason for the misdirection of human emotion is shown in the result. As long as the overpopulated regions are kept overpopulated and regulated by starvation, the people can gain no power to threaten the elite.

Socialist power lives on deceit, violence, poverty and death. Wherever socialists achieve power or influence they create violence, poverty and death.

Likewise, many people are taken in by newspaper stories of an oil glut, but do people on payday say "I am rich" and rush out and spend it all? No! They know that having more than enough today does not serve tomorrow. The world could produce double the amount of oil it is presently using. The problem is not the present but the future - what is used cannot be replaced.

The rise to a reasonable price, in terms of value for energy, resulted in reduced use. These savings were possible because, having previously been undervalued, oil had been wasted. World recession, plus the numerous small finds resulting from the higher price, explain the temporary glut. We probably have less than a forty year reserve and discovery is already falling behind use. Recent figures show that the great increase in drilling in the U.S.A. has, over the last four years, found much less new oil than has been used and the overall effort has not proved profitable even at present prices.

During the next few years these finds will trickle away. Meanwhile, the next generation of people, and the time needed for readjustment, are both being sacrificed by the destruction of the only new technology which could be used for their healthy survival, the masters have other ideas for changing the balance..

The sabotage of clean safe nuclear energy by humanist action has been cried out just as deliberately and successfully as if the mines and power stations had been bombed.

Other Factors also Motivate the Elitists.

Another factor relevant to the elitist program is the exponential growth of the computer/robot combination. It will, in a few years, create a situation where human workers will be seen to be on the verge of total, or almost total, redundancy.

From the information relayed by these pages it is clear the elitists, for some years, have taken the view that the human worker is already little more than an outdated consumer of resources and polluter of the environment.

In a future elitist world it is probable that the few human workers needed for jobs unsuited (probably too menial) for computer robots, will be handed at birth to robots for recognition, implantation of locating and punishment devices, and training.

These few de-humanized slaves will have no possible escape other than death at the end of their useful service.

Will the earth then be devoid of human population except for that 1% or so of people we call the elitists? Oh no! The elite will select pure strains of each race and give them occupancy (as primitive semi-nomadic tribes) of those vast areas of earth returned to nature. These caretaker people will be deprived of all technology and all understanding of technology. The purpose of saving them will be to save the human genetic reserve.

The final extent of world population under ownership of the elite will be well below one tenth of present population, supposing, of course, that they are successful in proceeding to the logical conclusion of their present endeavours.

Do We Have Other Options?

There are options other than human sacrifice but the price of liberty is to live within the law.

Yes, we can have faith in science and in God, but remember that neither has fed, or uplifted, the poverty stricken millions who for years have been a large part of world population.

If we do not accept Satan's advice of leaving it to God there are three distinct possibilities for our future.

(1) We can free our lives of control by manipulators and begin to order our community in a responsible manner with respect for both God and natural law.

(2) We can continue as we are until we have the world confined to limit by starvation as a result of population and pollution wrecking our environment.

(3) We can accept slavery to the Pagan Empire. Their philosophy and ambitions do not require them to face poverty or accept the loss of power required by option Nos.1. & 2.

Would They Really Do It?

Often told are stories of escape from a doomed world where an elite build a spaceship to fly off to a new planet. But have you ever seen portrayed the real situation where the world is ideal except for a looming human disaster? In the real situation the elite would and could not flee and leave the population to perish, but would accept the far simpler and more practical course of sacrificing population and saving the earth as a paradise for itself.

You think that incredible? Who would do such a thing?

Given the choice, everyone who believes in evolution would, under pressure, choose life and riches for himself—this is the meaning of 'survival of the fittest'. In fact, to a materialist elite, the vision of a small scientific community with unrestrained use of the world is so appealing that, once having gained secure World Government, massive de-population would be carried out regardless of any urgent (life or death) need.

If we look, without bias, at what is happening in our world today and see the huge spending on de-education and the way children are being led to immorality, drugs and mindless irresponsibility, is there a better explanation than that our culture is being made incapable of either understanding or resisting?

If we consider, without bias, the destruction of the economic viability of nations through massive mismanagement; the destruction of social and moral responsibility through teaching of false concepts and media brainwashing to false values; the destruction of national unity by the forced mixing of races, then there is only one, fully integrated, rational explanation. That explanation is that the whole process is deliberately designed to prepare the way for indiscriminate human destruction.

If we examine, without bias, some known problems—population, water, oil, spreading deserts—we may wonder why these are not given the kind of publicity given rain forests, animal liberation, sports, heart transplants, etc.

Why do basic problems attract only the occasional special report which, without follow-up, is soon forgotten? There is one sound logical reason. The elitists want the attention of people directed to activity that advances elitist plans and not to problems for which they, to their own satisfaction, have a solution.

The prize for the materialist elite is unshared ownership of planet earth and unshared use of its resources. The earth itself, you must see, is the ultimate in earthly possessions. It is a prize vastly more valuable than all the money ever printed! It is a prize worthy of great sacrifice! The elite cannot help but see that the lives of the unthinking de-humanized people are a cheap price for them to pay. avoid22.htm

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