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There is no reference section to this book because what is mainly at issue is appreciation of current events and matters as would not be very available to reference because the most informative books are not on open public sale. The best reference is that we all take an intelligent interest in what is actually going on around us and use our reasoning ability to understand who stands to gain and the consequences for the future of the general population. An attempt to provide reference might tend to lead to procrastination rather than the immediate facing of reality now so urgently needed.

Nevertheless, since the first edition of this book I have been asked to recommend reading matter and so will attach a short list. However the recommended books were not necessarily influential in the writing of this book which is, in fact, based on current events and a lifetime of investigation.

A hopeful sign is the recent appearance of a number of interesting Australian books. This growth of awareness is encouraging. The awakening of reasoned concern is in marked contrast to our humanist. emotion dominated, sports and entertainment confined community.

I recommend the following Australian books:

Your Rights (Special ORWELL 1984 edition), by John Bennett, President Of Australian Civil Liberties Union, The Dominion Press-Hedges & Bell, 1984.
Chaos in the Classroom and The Disaster Road by J .M. Wallis, Veritas Publishing Co. 1984.
The Struggle For Power by John Grover, E.J.Dwyer Pty. Ltd. 1980.
Australia's Looming Farm Disaster! by Jeremy Lee, Institute of Economic Democracy, Ravensbourne, Q'Land.
Red over Black by Geoff McDonald—Veritas Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd. 1983, and other titles by Geoff McDonald.
The Crumbling Theory of Evolution by J.W.G. Johnson, Queensland Binding Service, 1982.
Law Light and Liberty by John Court Ph.D. published by the Lutheran Publishing House, Adelaide. (1975) deserves greater distribution.
Democracy & Treason in Australia and Assault on Childhood by Alan Gourley. Also available from First & Last as above.
Your Will Be Done also Whitlam's Republican Dream by Arthur A. Chresby of Queensland, now privately published by The Australian Constitutional Education Campaign, P.O. Box 7043, Toowoomba 4352. Small but revealing booklets about our Australian Constitution.
Without Fear or Favour by Bob Bottom, Sun Books Ply. Ltd. 1984.

This list of Australian books is certainly not complete as both space and time are limited. In addition to the above the following international titles may be found helpful. I particularly recommend that you try to read some of the first six books listed. Most should still be available from conservative organizations.

The Guernsey Experiment by Olive and Jan Grubiak—Omni Publications U.S.A., first printed 1960. A small booklet that is a must for everyone wanting to understand the money myth. Explains it by a simple factual example and is the easiest to understand of the 'money' books.
None Dare Call it CONSPIRACY and Say 'NO' to the New World Order by Gary Allen—Concord Press U.S.A. Well documented books on the close relationship between capitalism and communism, these are among the best known favourites of conservative people. Also others by the same author including Who Controls the Press?
What Are They Teaching Our Children?
by Mel and Norma Gabler—Victor Books USA.
The Fearful Master by G. Edward Griffin—Western Islands U.S.A. Documents the role of the United States as a dedicated tool of communism and its double dealing in world affairs. Get it if you can. Every person searching for confirmation of the United Nations role should read it.
The Child Seducers by John Stembacher, published by Educator Publications U.S.A. (1970) worth trying for as it is one of the few 'what is going on in the schools' books that is reasonable easy to read. Highly recommended.

In a quite different area are books such as:

The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard—Pelican
Media Sexploitation by Wilson Bryan Key—Signet
The PLUG-IN DRUG by Marie Winn-Bantam

These books give some idea (but only some idea) of the brainwashing techniques that may be used by modern advertisers or despots and reveal the potential of modern means of public manipulation as related to the market place. We all need to know something about the techniques but do not forget that even without manipulative devices the electronic media performs a great disservice to the developing mind as it operates as a barrier between the mind and reality.

Social Science as Sorcery by (Professor) Stanislav Andreski—Andre Deutsch 1972 G.B. A good sample of social science miseducation but difficult to read, you may find in a major library.
Seduction of the Innocent by Fredric Wertham, M.D.—Museum Press 1955, G.B. I would expect that most copies of this book have long been destroyed. What they were doing to children through comic books back in 1955 is mere child's play compared to what is happening today and yet what is happening today would probably be meeting much greater resistance if the parents had not been conditioned some way towards the sexual and moral fantasies distorting the intellect of the present generation.
The Dilemma of Democracy by Lord Hailsham—Collins G.B. 1978. avoid28.htm

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