Chapter 3.


Former Attorney General Senator Evans admitted wanting to give the public a one-sided view of referendum proposals. Foreign Minister Hayden boasts support of cultural genocide. These reflect typical 'political party' attitudes.

Do opposition parties expose or merely oppose?

Party politics is a wrestling match; they kick, punch, abuse and moan, but it's all for the show. They admit to common policy on vital matters which they dare not refer to public opinion.

Remember, the legal duty of M.P.s is to serve the electorate. Conspiracy to frustrate the will of the people would seem to establish the crime of treason.

To Understand the Present We Must Understand the Past

Because our education is faulty we tend to ignore the 'long term' ambitions of sectarian groups. A look at modern 'perpetuals' such as the Mafia, Communism, and various long-lasting secret societies, should convince us that the social ambitions of a sect can survive generations.

The secret manipulation of humanity may seem incredible but can be understood if we keep an open mind to gather enough information for reliable decision making. Emotional decisions are biased and misleading. Take the advice of the wise—learn first, think later.

The principles and laws that govern life and the nature of things can be simply stated and (because they are natural) seem natural, nevertheless, to properly understand them, would make us wise indeed.

Manipulation has been used to dominate humankind since the serpent seduced Eve with pagan ideas, and has allowed domination to continue, almost unbroken, ever since. The rise of the 'Christian Empire' for a while shattered the 'Pagan Empire', but paganism has now penetrated and taken over Christian religion.

Cancer, in life or culture, can exist because life has a certain flexibility, but can only exist so long as there is a law-abiding body to live on (ignored by today's social educators). Death of the host means death for the cancer.

The pagans are not really elite; we call them elitists because they think they are. Elitists have now infiltrated Christian religion and gained effective control; it is just a matter of time before they destroy us and themselves. To defend ourselves we must accept responsibility for ourselves and recognize the importance of truth to culture.

In Chapter 1, it was shown that something very unhealthy is happening in Australia. Our OWN government is making us subordinate to socialist world government as directed through the United Nations and we should not forget that German National-Socialism is only cosmetically different to Russian Communism. We see them as opposites because we are conditioned to do so. At base all socialism is: dictatorial government; world government; mind control of the general population; extermination of unwanted population. All modern socialism will have the same essential morals and ambitions because they rest on the same belief structure.

Truth is Freedom

The Australian situation is common among western democracies; how is that possible? Truth is Freedom; to be misinformed means we are not free to make decisions in our own best interests. It would not be possible to radically manipulate only one political party or religion; the irrationality would become obvious and be exposed. By the same token it is not possible to manipulate one advanced country in isolation of the others.

World culture is being subtly and deliberately re-programmed—minds re-adjusted. The idea that the community might be betrayed by its own leaders and institutions is probably the most traumatic idea civilized people need face. It is so traumatic that it is rejected by most people even though they might feel extreme discontent with those in authority.

We may abuse leaders but deep down we accept their efforts as genuine. We close our eyes to the advantages leaders may covet and to how mass betrayal might be perpetuated. Nevertheless, if we are to achieve safety, betrayal must be faced—it happens. Today there are laws being put in place which are both unnecessary to our society and very necessary to totalitarian ambitions. To assume our leaders are all half-wits and our institutions staffed by idiots, is even less credible than betrayal. We need take some note of common sense.

The difficulty of seeing manipulation is a puzzle of images. We all know of the drawings which contain hidden images. If we are not told of the hidden image we may never see it. Even when told, it may still be difficult to find. But once the hidden image is found, it becomes obvious. It is often the same with social patterns; they look 'Oh so innocent' to us trusting souls who fail to doubt the image makers.

Few realize that the worst pressures our present economy result from artificial constraints and government connivance in overseas arrangements; or that our most damaging social problems are the result of recent government policies. The introduction of laws that are potential disasters to civil liberties and our national Constitution can only be the result of planning; it CAN NOT be innocent.

We can rely only so much on trust. Beyond that is Shangri-la, a fool's paradise.

Massive betrayal is easier to accept when we realize it is betrayal through trust in beliefs. Machiavelli (16th century) understood that civilizations are based on religions. Religions are 'belief structures' and this brings us to the heart of the matter. It is belief structure that controls a civilization.

I Call it "The Law of Rational Response"

This law and its social significance is something not brought into modern education, and the reason that certain social understanding is not recognized is a direct planned result of age-old elitist policy.

In advanced ancient cultures it was accepted among the elite that true knowledge was not for the common people. A quote will illustrate the point:

From Indian Philosophy by Radhakrishnan:

"One of the leading principles of the mystics was the sacredness and secrecy of self-knowledge and the true knowledge of the gods. This wisdom was, they thought, unfit for, perhaps even dangerous to, the ordinary human mind; or in any case liable to perversion and misuse, and loss of virtue if revealed to the vulgar and unpurified spirits. Hence they favoured the existence of an outer worship effective but imperfect for the profane."

An outer worship, effective but imperfect is, you will see, what we now have.

To this day deceit remains the tool of those families who have real power in our world. Their secret only remains secret because we are educated to trust and to believe all knowledge is open.

Because our science seems invincible we (fools that we are) trust our culture. We imagine no knowledge is kept from us. Let us understand now that if the Law of Rational Response is the only understanding not properly revealed to us, then it alone is sufficient to ensure our subservience.

The Law of Rational Response insists that communities (being somewhat rational) adapt to behave in ways consistent with what they believe. That is not a difficult proposition to understand.

In thinking about this law we can be confused by the fact that individuals may act irrationally, but the law of averages causes individual irrationality to cancel out, and communal rationality (as confined by belief) prevails.


The elitists can never tell us all they know because to do so would mean giving up their power over us. This means they have to tell us lies about some important things and that certain truths have to be suppressed. From this it follows that to prove manipulation all we need do is prove that some information of social importance is suppressed.

Belief and Natural Law Govern Society.

Individuals may be erratic but the social norm will maintain a course dictated by rational response to belief. If we isolate a group or tribe of people and instill in them a religion, they will proceed to construct a culture based on that belief structure.

People, given the beliefs of the Australian Aborigine, would (in their surroundings) build a very similar culture. They would not build a culture like the Mayas or the Egyptians, but would remain hunter-gatherers and, if one of their number challenged the traditional beliefs, that person would either be forced to conform, become outcast, or be killed. A deviant would be seen as a heretic, madman or traitor.

Beliefs which confine people to primitive lifestyles are stagnant. Belief structures which produce more complex societies allow more variation; however all except the perfect belief structure have strict limits.

Advanced cultures are based on beliefs containing enough of nature's truth to allow the successful formation of advanced organization. But power corrupts, as the culture matures the original beliefs are modified to make them more agreeable to the egos and desires of leaders; this sets the cultural limits.

Corruption leads to errors that eventually overwhelm the original truth and suddenly the system falls apart. Cultures based on beliefs not entirely true will follow a growth and disintegration pattern if left to physical nature. This, I believe, relates to The Second Law of Thermodynamics which indicates physical nature as a decaying system.

Many like to pretend otherwise but the present behaviour of people is based on religious beliefs. This is so because at present NO POPULAR BODY OF SOCIAL BELIEF CAN BE SCIENTIFICALLY SUPPORTED; TO HOLD TO ANY OF THE POPULAR BELIEF SYSTEMS IS A MATTER OF RELIGIOUS FAITH.

The elitists religiously maintain their pagan heritage; they support physical nature but at the same time deform it to the advantage of the few at the expense of the many. Knowing they have not changed their cultural beliefs as a result of recent scientific advance we know that they themselves are confined by religious beliefs.

The Perfect Religion.

Those who seek the power of gods come into conflict with human truth. The elitists are misled by egoism and the corruption of power. Given correct use of modern knowledge we can break free of primitive restraints. There is a perfect religion if we have the intelligence and humility to take advantage of it. The worship of truth.

Truth requires self-sacrifice. To live in truth we have to condition the mind to accept the continual self-sacrifice that true growth demands. But what do we sacrifice? Only our ego-protected misunderstandings. These, after honest examination, have to be cast aside in order that we may advance. Although we may never know absolute truth the important thing is that the better we know truth the more in harmony our lives will be. The greater our departure from truth the more pain our decisions create. Truth is indeed a jealous God.

Today we are educated into a 'belief cage'. avoid3.htm

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