Chapter 4.


It is not difficult to show that some of the most important ideas promoted in our culture are false; that will be demonstrated.

From the first chapters we begin to see that we are manipulated. Before going further we need think about the goals of the manipulators.

If the pagan elitists do not want our present culture to continue (and we see a bus determining of proven values and the economy, to bring about social and economic disintegration) then it must be because they see present culture becoming dangerous to them. Clearly our own leaders do not understand the purpose of this human betrayal, it is the 'internationalists' who are the ones who know what they are about and who mislead our leaders and institutions.

They achieve this by first instilling misleading beliefs in the education system. That is followed by the establishment of an administrative centre whose purpose is to first enlist and then control, national governments. Today that administrative centre is the United Nations organization.


The reason behind the changing of our belief system is introduced early to this book because people still think beliefs are personal or academic; we do not see beliefs as threatening.

It is very difficult to gain a realistic impression of something of which we have no direct knowledge. It may help if we consider any ancient or modern culture and realize that the lifestyle and limitations of that culture grew from the seed which is/was their beliefs.

Some ancient cultures had a science and information now unknown, but still failed. Things we now know make it possible for a vast population to enjoy a standard of living the equal of, or in many ways better than that previously enjoyed only by the elite, yet this culture is now being undermined.

The consequences of manipulation are so critical that whether you or I, or any member of our families, still live at the end of this century may well depend on how many people learn to understand the importance of beliefs.

As pointed out German National-Socialism is only cosmetically different from communist socialism. They may fight to the death over who is to be boss but their foundation beliefs and end goals are the same. It is the IDEA on which the culture is formed that dictates the form of the culture.

If a new idea is basic to the meaning of life then different cultures will begin by adapting to it in individual ways. Each will look different to begin, but as they work toward completely logical social response, the cultures will converge toward the point where all behaviour would be in complete logical accord with their revised beliefs. This is because all intelligence is based on logic; 1 + 1 = 2 everywhere.

If a healthy community gets its sums wrong then what its people build falls down. But a community basing its reasonings on false ideas will fail regardless because, although 1 + 1 = 2, if the basic information is wrong then the result will be wrong (perhaps more so) if the reasoning is correct.

Our once reasonably healthy society is now failing because its true science is being directed more and more by false fundamentals. Like sheep we are driven by beliefs designed for us by a super ego stagnant in its own crude fixations for thousands of years.

What We Believe Matters.

Our educators are more and more teaching the idea that there is no social truth. They teach little children that it does not matter what they believe, that, in fact, what the individual desires to believe is sacred and does not have to conform with any concept of right or wrong. The idiot nature of this reasoning is easy to demonstrate; it is logically imbecile for anyone to say, 'There is no truth, believe me.' How can you believe he is telling the truth when he says there is no truth? People who peddle this philosophy do not live by it, they cannot, not outside of an asylum.

Whether you have money in the bank is a matter of fact, not belief; where you live is a matter of fact, not belief; if there is a car coming when you step off the footpath that is a matter of fact, not belief. People are physical objects, life forms exist in the same physical dimension as all known existence. If you jump from a high window you will suffer the consequences of the fall and, by the same token, if you do things that damage others emotionally, they will be hurt.

Death Trap! The consequences of irrational belief.

In our democracies today, thousands march and chant their simplistic slogans. They follow an emotional lead trusting in the easy logic that atomic bombs are deadly and that no human cause justifies their use in a war that may not only end all wars, but also may end all mankind.

Unfortunately the question is not that simple; the pick-pocket bumps roughly to distract the victim from the light touch at the pocket. It may be wise to ask ourselves why more secretive and deadly weapons are so seldom mentioned.

The protesters fail themselves by not asking themselves this question: 'Given that I surrender my nationality and my defences and join the socialist One World Government Empire, what then is the value of my life?'

Has any community ever survived because it was defenceless?

We do not need to look far to realize that human life has no value to the socialist in power other than the ability of that life to provide some useful service for the elite. The Prime Minister of Grenada allowed Cuban communists to establish a base on the island and when they were established they had him shot. We note that he was not just killed as a human but was given the insult of pulverization by bullets until unrecognizable.


It's quite simple. When people who live in free democracies support socialism they really believe socialism to be genuinely for the benefit of people. You can see how rebellious they could become when they find they have been duped, tricked and used. Obviously these people must be terminated as soon as their usefulness ends.

Let us consider a few relevant facts about our situation:

Fact 1. The present population of the world is divided amongst nations. Historically each nation has had advantage from increasing population; advantage of power, defence, wealth and prestige. Until the age of technology, almost all production above workforce essentials was converted to wealth for the ruling class. Only since the advent of technology has the workforce been able to produce luxuries for the general population.

Technology has made possible such massive surplus of wealth that almost the entire production now serves the pleasures of the general population and only a small part is useful to the elite. Defence now depends on technology and a large wealthy population, but that is true only so long as the world is divided between competing nations. Given One World Government there is no need for defence, and, with automation for production of goods, also no need for large populations.

Today there is increasing unemployment, growing automation and a short working day. Many workers make little effort, in fact some are counter-productive and about 50% of people occupy non-productive or make-work situations.

Fact 2. Population is now consuming natural resources at a frightening rate. This endangers some resources and is creating pollution problems.

Fact 3. Given present population and technology, a world governing elite could be threatened by dissident or terrorist groups. Nuclear bombs are not the most dangerous weapons a modern dissident group could use.

The elite rationale is simple: by eliminating national governments the need for the greater part of world population is also eliminated. This solves all the above problems and much of the world can then be returned to nature.


Frightening? Given that the great bulk of production now goes to weapons and to serve the population itself, the One World Government will have no more use for massive world population than Adam and Eve would have for a million milking goats.

The Australian situation is not unique. Why are the elite so concerned about damage to the environment? Why are they so concerned to give aborigines separate living space? Why are they allowing dissidents to delay of major developments? One reason is to help destroy our economic viability, but they have our economy on its knees so perhaps an equally important reason is to save the remains of the ancient environment for when they return Australia to its original status in their pagan concept - a nature reserve. Is there a use for the unwanted nuisance of millions of potentially dangerous people?

We have to face reality. The intelligent observer no longer argues about what is happening but about what it means. The pagan elite have shown, over and over, that they have no respect for human life. They worship nature and may even see us as a form of sacrifice to their gods.

The lives of millions are at stake. It is NOT unrealistic to suggest that a few years after World Government is established you and I and every Australian not pure-blood tribal aboriginal, will be quietly exterminated by use of a chemical or biological agent. It must be worth our while to put aside prejudices and preferences because what we are enticed to believe is most certainly fatal.

How could population be reduced? The most convenient way is by use of a biological weapon. There is no means by which we could know if AIDS was artificially contrived by genetic engineering once the media is totally controlled. We do not know very much about it except that at first it was passed off as related to homosexuals. NOTE: Since the first edition of this book the evidence has become massive that AIDS was deliberately created and deliberately spread.

When AIDS first became common news I wrote a 'Letter to the Editor' pointing out that with a two year incubation period every promiscuous person could be infected before the first symptom was known and that people should be warned. The letter was unpublished. Why are people not warned of dangers posed by biological weapons?

We now know that the danger to all sections of the community is grave and the possibility of it being a genetic weapon increases. The incubation period is now expected to be as long as 15 years and the chance of control by medical means virtually nil.

This disease only became a potential disaster because our culture was seduced into promiscuity and sexual deviance. Why have the normal means of disease control been withheld?

Control of social belief is directed through education so we can expect to find heavy elitist influence in universities. Compulsory education permeates every segment of society and, as Antonio Gramsci (Marxist theoretician) argues, there is no need for violence. By taking over universities, publishing-houses, churches and trade unions, socialists can work their way into every position of influence and propaganda in the community. By simple subversion it is possible to control and then take over the democratic nations. But please understand, that would not be possible unless beliefs prepared the way. Unless there exists a philosophic base there is no way of establishing a radical philosophy.

We must keep in mind that the only way the elite can achieve total control of world population is through world government. Nations and populations have to be tricked (or forced) into disarming and giving themselves over to a central authority.

"If you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival." Churchill 1939. avoid4.htm

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