Chapter 5.


To produce a social philosophy that would deceive the thinkers and educators, the elite had to produce a new philosophic base.

We see that the social views now being promoted among us are NOT views that originate with those who promote them, and are NOT views that result from common community pressures. The elitist families plant the ideas they want to grow just as the family gardener plants seed in his garden. Ideas are planted in the soil of the academic mind. They are watered, fertilized, sprayed for control of those pests that might do them harm, and generally nurtured and nourished so as to produce the required fruit. To the elite the mind of the misinformed common man is just a soil for fruitful production.

Acceptance of that simple reality can (within human limits) give us mastery of our fate. We need not remain tools in the service of a degenerate master.

If we DO NOT take advantage of our opportunities to understand life and the world we live in then we are no better than the Pol Pot, the SS of National Socialism or the members of any terrorist group. We have no right to charge others with war crimes while we remain equally irresponsible in our choice of beliefs.

They Re-built their Old Religion.

The elite had the seemingly impossible task of changing the way man thinks about himself, life and origins. But this goal was achieved within one hundred years by control of education and by instilling belief in 'the theory of creation by chance evolution'.

Industrial democracy had its foundation in the competitive justice of Christian revelation. It accepted that life was created by intelligence and that we all have a responsibility for our actions and the human future.

The new materialist religion is the old paganism dressed in modern clothes. It is made credible by promotion of the theory that life was created by chance.

The two religions are completely opposed and incompatible.

If life was created by intelligence then it has purpose; it is not confined to the life and death of the individual animal body.

If life is a physical mechanism that came into being by chance then it has no purpose or meaning; it is separate to each animal body and will end when the body dies. Each such life has no meaning beyond its own physical limits and desires; it has no responsibility for a future in which it will not exist. To this concept of life 'social truth' and 'social evil' have no meaning because life has no meaning.

Christianity demands personal responsibility. As part of a larger life we are involved with the future of life as a whole. There is a distinct separation between behaviour that is good for life and behaviour that is bad for life.

The elite needed to promote a religion that would change people's attitude to life and force us to return to a selfish shallow outlook that involved itself mostly with the present. They needed to install a religion that restrained the citizen to materialism and physical satisfactions. In short they needed to return the common people to mental ignorance and the despair of futility.

But to return the plebs to pagan beliefs they had to have an explanation for our creation that would support pagan attitudes and values. An explanation that had an appearance of science and looked convincing, i.e. An outer worship, effective but imperfect . . .

Having long since infiltrated Christian religion and made it a mockery of the Christian Revelation (which religion could not properly explain) meant that the new substitute did not need to be either very attractive or very sound. Large numbers of people would accept almost anything to escape the oppressive yoke represented by paganized Christianity.

To provide a creation base for full development of paganism they promoted 'evolution'. Freud provided the bridge between creative evolution and human behaviour. 'Socialism', provided an idealistic social incentive. Each a total misrepresentation of reality but quite logical if related to an evolution base.

Evolution eliminates the idea of good and evil. The only good is the pleasure that one may obtain from a short and futile existence. The only reason for being kind to others is self defence; it is O.K. to rob or to hurt in any kind of way so long as this is not exposed—exposure leads to retaliation. Laws are to benefit the clever who do not get caught, and to punish the foolish who do get caught. In evolution, honesty is stupid and dangerous, and truth is just what you want it to be. The 'Situation Ethics' now being taught in our schools teach that morals are a personal decision, there is no social truth—NO EVIL, and new 'Human Rights' laws discriminate against human rights.

If we allow the formation of a socialist 'One World Government', those gaining the power of life or death over us will feel no moral responsibility.

The common name of modern pagan religion is 'Humanism' and while humanist literature denies inherent brutishness and presents itself in an image of rational, caring behaviour, the behaviour it inspires is not in keeping with its literature. They perform their confidence trick by promoting the remains of Christian morality to trick people into thinking nothing really bad is happening.

The effects of paganism are very visible in the world today. Any depravity or deformed outlook now seems right and proper to educators and opinion makers as they carelessly pave the way for convenient disposal of population.

The elite may pretend otherwise, but the beliefs they promote provide no logical support for truthfulness. Nor do they provide support for a conscience that would prevent the use of a biological weapon to clear a continent such as Australia of human life if this was necessary to remove a possible environmental or physical threat to a nature-worshiping pagan elite.

That the terminated will include socialists will not concern the elite; socialism is only a trap for fools. Socialism has no base in human nature and is not, and was never intended to be, a solution to any human problem.

Egocentric 'people leaders' are proud to become Fabian Socialists (and members of like organizations) in the belief that they have been honoured by entry to the inner circle of social engineers. If they stopped to think they might realize that an organization of power and secrecy will have many levels and the one that deals directly with the general public is the outer circle. This level is as disposable as the people they mislead.

Truth, justice and mercy can not be admitted to a system were good is a personal choice. Nor is there place for fools and traitors once the deceit has achieved its end.

Simple people trust leaders but thinking people look to logic as the safe way to understand world events.

Read the newspapers and we see people constantly complaining about stupid government and stupid bureaucracy. But what those people do is not stupid to them. Their behaviour is a logical result of their beliefs. Can we not see that the social beliefs taught through professional education have been carefully and deliberately designed to create social havoc. Our culture is being aborted. So long as we believe government stupidity is innocent our efforts are futile.

Point of Debate.

Confusion is common, but natural logic is naturally absolute. Protest will not alter reality, nor will wishful or confused thinking. The person who trusts in human nature does not understand human nature and, in an elitist world, makes a pointless sacrifice. The elitist will not respect you for a kind gesture if it means betraying his belief in survival of the fittest (the Law of Rational Response prevails).

There is little to be gained by debate of opposed social philosophies when both are based in good logic on different creation beliefs. There is only one level at which debate can be decisive—CREATION BELIEF.

To Make Best Use of Our Lives We Need to Know the TRUTH.

What we are conditioned to believe is irrelevant to fact and so is deadly to life. Why should any clever person waste time with social problems if the evidence supports evolution? If evolution IS true then the smart thing is to grab what one can from life. For proof that this is increasingly the attitude of people conditioned to believe in evolution, look at our world. But if evolution is NOT true then those living in that belief totally waste their lives.

Evolution is the official educated belief but we still learn elements of Christian morality. Confused beliefs and attitudes aid manipulation.

The stakes are high. Those who create and promote artificially contrived religion do it to gain possession of the world.

The reported murder of about one third of the people of Kampuchea by their socialist brothers was only possible because people trusted in passive ignorance. The Kampuchean people suffer progressive and deliberate genocide—by beliefs.

The Aztecs used to conduct wars, not for territory or trade or control, but for amusement and to see which State had the best and bravest army. The remains of the defeated army were taken by the victors for sacrifice.

The attitude of the ultimate leaders has not changed. They play nations like chess pieces; individuals under their control they see only as animals.

But do not believe me, consider the importance of this and put your own intelligence to work. Consider the evidence, and the rationality of world events when seen in this context. Give fair value to all evidence because your life depends on seeing what is true, not what you prefer. Ask yourself: who pays and who benefits?

We tend to imagine that we cannot lose knowledge; that we cannot lose understanding of our culture. But the very base of social structure, the family, the result of 6,000 years of hard won human experience, has, in the last ten years been unceremoniously dumped. The family today is already legally irrelevant. Who says it can't be done?

To add to the above there are, in various parts of the world, ruins and signs of past civilizations, and the descendants of those cultures today know nothing of their past meaning.

Today the tricks of manipulation work as predicted. To reduce our ability to think logically we are conditioned to believe in opposites; we then accept conflicting political policies without murmur. Words are used in reverse meaning and the fearful effectiveness of information control is such that no army is needed to direct people to the will of the masters. Once blindfolded to the truth we have to trust those who lead us—we obey willingly.

In the long human struggle for living standards women and children escaped factory and mine. Now people clamour for work fulfillment in the name of Women's Liberation and actually believe that economic slavery is liberation—because they are told it is so!

Our social problems; our deforming education; our growing crime and corruption of government, are no chance plague. That evolution theory can (without reference to religion) be so easily demonstrated as scientific hog-wash, proves deliberate mis-education.

If the patriot is executed he knows his crime was that he did something. If the majority are terminated will they know their crime was that they did nothing? avoid5.htm

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