Chapter 8.


In the decade of '1984' double talk is alive and well. We saw that Dr. Spock's ideas of child raising were used to pave the way for an attack on femininity and women's authority in the family. The attack on women is only a small part of the program of deceit designed to divide, confuse, and make possible a supreme world dictatorship. To the elitists, deception is the name of the game.

Other areas being attacked by use of newspeak and doublethink include education, human rights, race, culture, the flag, environment and defence.

Examples of 'Doublethink':

PEACE means WAR: the PEACE movement is a tool (money, propaganda, planning and publicity) of socialist One World Government supporters. It is part of the WAR against democracy.

HUMAN RIGHTS means SUPPRESSION of human rights: The Human Rights movement, like the Peace movement, is a promotion of the socialist One World Government program. By setting down human rights, rights are not only restricted to the letter of the law, but the law is restricted to interpretation by the bureaucracy.

Human Rights therefore means STATES Rights to control individual behaviour.

The U.S.S.R. has excellent human rights legislation but in practice people have no rights outside those considered beneficial to the State, (State: meaning those who CONTROL the State). England has no 'Bill of Rights' of the socialist kind, but people of the British Commonwealth, protected by Magna Carta and a Bill of Rights that restricts the power of government (not the rights of the people), led the way in human freedom until public understanding of public rights and responsibilities was suppressed.

To illustrate the futility of 'rights' controlled by politicians here is a quote from To What End by James Guthrie, B.Sc.

"Once the individuals of a State can be persuaded to have the main arteries of life-giving energy, spiritual, psychological and material, cut off from their local needs and activities and diverted to a single purpose, then the central government, ipso facto, has received sanction for a State of War and can logically introduce the entire apparatus of a military type of organization with absolute power at the apex and complete subservience at the base."

In other words: when your needs and freedoms are supplied by the political State, then you become a slave of those who run the State. That is the fact.

ENHANCING POTENTIAL means RESTRICTING potential: "Enabling children to achieve their full potential" is a favoured phrase of humanist educators. They say they avoid imposing social values on children and that, by encouraging them to form their own values, they are releasing them from social restraints and allowing true personality to develop.

True personality! Does that mean what they tempt us to believe?

What it actually means is that children, in innocence, are led away from the responsibilities of civilized behaviour so as to LOSE all the fascinating variety that advanced culture offers for intelligent creative self-expression. They are seduced to freely express the primitive emotions of the beast in the narrow visions of barbarity. Although full deprivation may not occur in one generation we only have to observe the streets late at night to know how effectively this program works.

Releasing children from the civilizing disciplines of history's accumulated pain and experience, releases them from the advantages civilization offers and returns them to the restraints and violent 'freedom' of primitive ignorance.

'Humanists' DO NOT give children freedom of choice but steer them away from values based on human experience and indoctrinate them into the belief that truth is a matter of individual preference.

By denying guidance in proven values and imposing the belief that all values are a matter of choice, a mental block is placed between the child and human concepts. This leaves the child unable to understand civilized behaviour which then seems, in this restricted outlook, no more than a meaningless convention.

Life without values is life without meaning and the resultant feeling of futility is probably a main reason for the great upsurge in teenage drug taking and suicide. Although teachers who carry out these programs do so 'in good religious faith', they have no real understanding of what they teach. Or at least I do not like to believe that any group, outside of the elitists, could be so deliberately vile as to knowingly deform the potential of children.

But the people who design the programs know that by divorcing children from the intellectual and moral support of accumulated human experience they make them gullible to suggestions, magic and witchcraft.

Alert readers will know other examples of the newspeak/doublethink/double talk program to 'social engineer' the democracies into moral and economic collapse, and to transform human into humanistic.

The education programs MACOS (man; a course of study) and SEMP (social education materials project) are programs designed as teacher aids in this social engineering. These programs are said to be for the purpose of producing a brave new world but are 'educating' devices produced by people who promote humanist religion. Why, if they had honest motives, were they introduced so deceitfully and never explained to adults? Why is there no research evidence to prove benefit?

If the medical profession was to insist everybody be injected with a new drug there would surely be public demand to know what it was about—demand to know the long term effects and to see the results of trials. But, unknown to most parents, political parties have conspired to use social engineering to deform the outlook of the nation's children without explanation or evidence of benefit; they (and the media) ignore or scoff at, but do not answer, protest!

Results reveal the purpose: child alienation from parent and society.

The Humanist Educator.

Some significant items uncovered by Mrs. Joyner; Stop Press (Sept.'83):

American Humanist Association President, Lloyd Morain, in Humanism As the Next Step writes:

"Whereas in most other religions and in some philosophies certain matters have been laid down, accepted on faith and held to be true for all time, this is not true in humanism. We hold in high regard the scientific method—the constant search for information and the willingness to change opinions as facts warrant."

Sounds very noble indeed, but unfortunately we find the humanist religion is fully equal with other religions in rejecting fact and information if it does not suit their act of faith. They have promoted and protected the most obnoxious and harmful of beliefs and they have done so in an age when the scientific evidence to show this is clear.

In any event how could we rely on their protestations of faith in scientific method when they teach that there are no social values? A revealing item from humanist Brock Chisholm, published in the PSYCHIATRY JOURNAL OF THE BIOLOGY AND THE PATHOLOGY OF INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS (Feb. 1946):

"The re-interpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking ..."

Isn't it crazy? If you eliminate the concept of right and wrong how can there be any intelligent and rational thought?

If there is no right and wrong (truth and untruth) then what is the humanist movement about? How can humanists believe they are right and everyone else wrong? Even a child can understand that if a person has a "high regard for scientific method" and is willing "to change opinions as facts warrant" then that person IS accepting right and wrong.

Why are humanists going to such lengths to force these twisted beliefs on the children? Obviously humanists believe that there is something that is morally RIGHT for them and make it plain that if others disagree, then they consider these others WRONG. Those who disagree, so humanists tell us, are sick or were socially deformed by their parents. These sick people must be destroyed or social engineered into accepting what (by humanist religious decree) is right.

Shouldn't we be asking just who is sick or mentally incompetent?

The philosophy of humanism is self contradictory and dangerously irrational from its foundations. It is a concoction for deceit, nothing more. It was put together by clever people to fool gullible people. The gullible then being relied on to mislead and confuse the lazy self-involved people (as most of us are) who prefer to rely on the thinking of others rather than make the effort to think for themselves.

People who concoct projects to teach children that there is no right and wrong must know that they are telling lies, so how can we ever believe them or even have any meaningful discussion with them?

A third quotation from the same Stop Press quotes Bertrand Russell's book The Impact of Science on Society:

"It may be hoped that in time anybody [humanist] will be able to persuade anybody [children] of anything, if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the state with money and equipment. This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by SCIENTISTS under a SCIENTIFIC dictatorship ...

"Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten." (E.A.)

How can parents sacrifice their children to such beliefs merely to escape responsibility for thinking. We surely must think about the purpose of this brainwashing of children with lies and twisted ideas. To regain our freedom we have to stop the scientific social engineering of children but this can only be done through political control.

Readers may already see something of the logic of events and work out that there is purpose in the double talk. Mis-education is used to make our culture uneconomic and unworkable—to leave us defenceless. By freeing children of moral restraint they make them subject to the emotional persuasions of lust and lies.

Why Elitists Attack Our Culture.

Elitists attack our culture because it no longer serves their needs; we slaves have grown too numerous for their peace of mind and too knowledgeable for their safety.

We common people have now too much power and use too much of earth's resources. We are not needed for the age of technology. The elite fear we may discover their secrets and destroy their power but have so much power over us, through use of mass media, drugs and education, that it will take a great effort if we are to escape the enormity of what they plan.

Our culture is already bound over. We have lost any control we may once have had and have only one choice left—to act on our own intelligence. There are no boats to escape in; there is no place to hide.

We cannot bargain, or communicate rationally, with people who promote the belief that there is no truth. We know, through our own rational thought processes, that they must also know that they lie. If they lie so deliberately to us, then they must see us as animals unworthy of consideration. The political arm of Humanism is called Fabianism. avoid8.html

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