Eternal Security

God Bless you Bible Believers. We've been given the privilege of another opportunity to meet together around His Word, so let's "redeem the time" while there is still Grace.

Turn in your Bibles to Colossians 2:2-4: "Let us press on unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgment of the MYSTERY OF GOD, and of the Father and of Christ; In Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words."

And Revelations 10:7, "But in the days of the Voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the MYSTERY OF GOD should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets."

CHRIST is the "MYSTERY OF GOD" revealed: ALL God was, the fulness of His nature and character, He "poured" into Christ; ALL Christ was He poured into His Bride, the Church. The Elect Church of all ages is the fullness of Christ - His nature and character - revealed in a many-membered Body.

God is known by faith, not knowledge. AFTER we are blessed with faith or understanding of the written Word THEN we can learn through studying the original tongues. Apprehend faith and a new birth FIRST, before trying to understand God's Word by theology, otherwise you'll wrestle It to your own destruction. Jesus said, "Except a man is FIRST born again, no matter how sincere or studious, He can NEVER understand the Word of God" (John 3:3; I Corinthians 12:3.)

Greek is a richer language with finer distinctions of meaning than English. Thus our word "poured" is an inadequate translation of the Greek "kenos." Kenos means "to pour out of itself," and is akin to "en morphe" which means "changing" from one form to another. When we say "All God was He poured into Christ," it is not like pouring water from a jug into a tumbler, but rather the jug transforming ITSELF or pouring out ITSELF into another form. In the same manner we may witness steam become water, and that water change to ice, aware they are three different "forms" of the SAME substance.

Can you see now how the Bible is the story of God POURING HIMSELF INTO HIS FAMILY or CHANGING HIS FORM from the Eternal Spirit ALONE with His thoughts to the manifestation of those thoughts in the glorified flesh of His Family? God's Family, the New Testament Church, is the CREATION OF GOD - not God's creation which is the sun and the stars, the rivers and the trees - but HIMSELF transformed into material or created Form. Jesus of Nazareth is "the BEGINNING of the creation of HIMSELF" - God, in ANOTHER Form. Not another God, not a second or third person but "the" Person of God, manifest in flesh (Matthew 1:23; I Timothy 3:16.)

Of course no man has ever seen the Eternal Spirit, Who "dwells alone between the cherubim," but in Jesus He declared or expressed His attributes, His nature, His character in It's Fulness in the Form of ONE human being. Since the Day of Pentecost when the New Testament Church began with the new birth of Peter, Mary, and the others in the "upper room," followed by about three thousand others, Jesus has been declaring Himself by expressing PORTION of His character and Nature or attributes in the Form of His MANY-MEMBERED BRIDE.

His attributes or thoughts are Eternal. Christ's Bride was foreknown as the manifestation of those attributes in their designated decreed season and time. Therefore She was always "in" God the Word, as His Thoughts for Her day. When the Logos or Word was made flesh and crucified, Christ's Bride was accounted "in" Christ on Calvary. She was justified "in" Christ when He was raised, is sinless and spotless as He is, and cannot come into condemnation because She has already paid the ultimate penalty for sin when She died "in" Her Husband. She's even NOW accounted seated in Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus, justified and perfected in the Presence of God (Ephesians 2:6; Romans 8:28-33; Revelations 4; 5.)

Eve was ALWAYS "in" Adam and subsequently separated as an extension or continuation of her husband, NOT a different creation. Adam and Eve were "joined together by God as one flesh." When Adam followed his wife from Eternity into time, he did so with the full assurance of understanding (or faith) that he was the son of God - God's attributes, which somehow MUST be redeemed and thus Eve would be saved also. The New Testament saints are the CONTINUATION of the SAME creation of God, begun in Christ LESS than 2,000 years ago. ALL of them is God, the Word, expressed in flesh. God is the Father, and Jesus is the Elder brother of ALL who are born again.

My Brother and Sister, when this revelation becomes REALITY for you, that's the tie post of your soul. By faith, NOT psychology, you can say with Jesus - "I came from God and I'm going back to God." The battle's over!

HOW does God transform Himself (from His eternal thoughts) into the FORM of His Family? Through the Spoken Word, when It is received by faith or understanding and the conscious choice by individuals to lay aside their own thoughts and be transformed by His thoughts into the manifestation of the Word. God is the Word, and His Word is the EXPRESSION of His thoughts which is Himself, so if I have faith, my life becomes the Word manifested - GOD transformed into me! IF our lives are manifesting the Word for THIS hour, we can say, "When you see me, you see the Father; I and my Father are One, (or in agreement,) and I am declaring Him in THIS day as Jesus did in His day, Paul did in his day, Luther did in his time and so-forth" (John 10:30; 14; 15; II Corinthians 5.)

Brother or Sister Bible Believer, if YOUR life is a written epistle of the Word prophesied for THIS hour, you are the Word - God, transformed into YOUR part of the Body of Christ. You are the CONTINUATION of the creation of God: God "poured" or "kenos" into you, the mystery of Christ revealed in His Bride. "God and the soul that is joined together with God through the new birth is One Spirit" (II Corinthians 6:17.)

God is still "pouring" or changing His Form from the Eternal Spirit ALONE with His thoughts into the flesh of His Family Who are the manifestation of His thoughts, the WORD, in their season. That's why it is carnal to try to serve Him by impersonating the portion of Word for the days of Luther, Wesley, or Pentecost. The ONLY way we can be born- again TODAY is to become the manifestation of the Living Body Word God is fulfilling TODAY. Can you see that? You MUST see It if you want God to accept you and your worship!

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are "three DISPENSATION CLAIMS" or Titles of the One and ONLY Person of God as He revealed or declared Himself to His people. "God above us" in the Fatherhood, established types and shadows from Adam to the birth of Christ for the instruction of His Children - Jesus Christ and the New Testament Church, who THOUSANDS of years later, would be conceived through faith in the spoken Word. As Son, He was "God with us" in the FLESH FORM of Jesus of Nazareth, Emmanuel.

God changed His Form, ("en-morphe") when He poured (or "kenos") HIMSELF, (not a second or third person,) into a new creation beginning with the second Adam, Jesus Christ. When He ascended, Jesus was taken bodily into another Dimension, and God began changing His Form into the Bride of Christ: the CONTINUATION of the creation of God through the Dispensation of the Holy Ghost, or "God IN us," His Present Office or dispensation claim.

Jesus promised ALL the faith or understanding delivered to the apostolic fathers would be restored, AND "the mystery of God should be finished" - BEFORE the Seventh Trump sounds to call the Bride Home for the Wedding Supper, and Israel to their Atonement (I Corinthians 15; I Thessalonians 4:16; Revelation 10:7.) He promised to RESTORE "the" faith through the ministry of a prophet and place two thousand years of Church history in the Scripture, so the end-time Bride could recognize HER position in the Body.

If we can see what part of the Word HAS BEEN fulfilled already, we will not be deceived by blind leaders of the blind, impersonating a part of the Body which is ALREADY COMPLETE, and plainly recognize OUR part of the Word. The revelation of the "mystery of God" hidden under the Seven Seals exposes this work of Satan, building a mighty world-wide FALSE church. So close as to almost deceive the Children of God IF it were possible, its carnal form of worship like Cain's is NOT RECEIVED OF GOD.

It is LATER than you think. The prophet HAS been, Matthew 24:24 and II Thessalonians 2:1-14 are being fulfilled NOW; so is I Thessalonians 4:13-5:5. The "shout" is the Message of God's prophet calling the wise AND foolish virgin out of man-made traditions - the denominations; the "Voice of the Archangel" is Christ, (the Holy Spirit), in the heart of His Bride, confirming the revelation of the Message in the Bible; the "trump" will be the dispensation change and the commencement of the first Resurrection signaled by a mighty upset of nature.

Let's not be children in understanding. 2,000 years from Pentecost and 500 years from the Dark Ages, God's True Church has reached maturity and is able to receive the strong meat of the Word. Remember Colossians 2:2- 4: "Press on unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the ACKNOWLEDGMENT of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; In Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. AND


Having laid this foundational faith, I wish to comment on the baptism with the Holy Ghost or new birth to loose you from grave denominational error into the glorious liberty of the sons of God. Christ would set you free from creed and dogma, by faith or understanding in the Word. He's not willing that any should perish but it's YOUR choice.

Make no mistake about it, if you're NOT in Christ, THIS sermon is YOUR Jubilee Trumpet, and if you ARE in Christ you'll say "Amen!" to every word. It's your FREE CHOICE. If you answer the Trumpet, you'll be free in Christ NOW; if you reject It, you reject the Holy Spirit and you'll never escape your denominational walled city.

Most denominational groups today teach and believe that salvation, or "being saved," as they call it, is the same as being baptized with the Holy Spirit or born again. This is FALSE teaching, multitudes of "the saved" are NEVER baptized into the Body of Christ.

Now please be patient and confirm this with the Word. Our aim should be to understand God's Word or receive faith, NOT to defend denominational teaching unsupported by the Word and contrary to It. Remember, patience, always (Hebrews 13:7.)

It is NOT possible to attend some church and be "saved". It IS possible to catch a revelation through the preaching of the Word and recognize YOU were ALWAYS saved. Notice I did NOT say everyone is saved but IF you ARE saved, you ALWAYS were saved.

Your denomination won't tell you this because faith in God's Word will free you from their tyranny of fear. If you are in Adam's race, Jesus died for you, and you were "BORN saved" from mother's womb. The Bible says, Jesus was the Lamb of God Who took away the sins of the world (John 1:29; I John 2:2.) This is an historical fact and one we should all accept by faith (understanding WHY it was necessary that ONE should die for Adam's race and HOW this substitution could restore us to God.) This statement of fact is further QUALIFIED by Scriptures.

No one HAS to receive their salvation, we are ALL on free moral agency with the surety of reward or punishment according to our choice. The Bible says obedience is better than sacrifice, and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and therefore punishable by death. Jesus did not die in vain for the LOST. In essence He died ONLY for Believers - those God foreknew would of their own free will RECEIVE His Grace.

If you are in Adam's race, you have a substitute, a kinsman redeemer. If you are in Adam's race your name is or was in the Book of Life which is the genealogy of Adam. Jesus died to redeem Adam and his kindred. But nobody is FORCED to accept their salvation, the vast majority of Adam's children place no value in salvation, or don't believe it. Multitudes of church-goers are without faith (or understanding). These are willfully deceived and will perish (Hosea 4:6; II Corinthians 4:3; Titus 3:10-11.)

God is NOT presently compiling the Book of Life. The Book of Life was written from the foundation of the world. In other words it was complete when "time" began and God started bringing His creation to manifestation (Genesis 1:1; John 1:1-5; Revelation 17:8.) Way back in eternity, before there was a moon or a star, angel, light, or darkness, God had already looked through the channels of time. Before there was an atom or molecule, God possessed the sum of ALL knowledge; he knew EVERYTHING before time. By His foreknowledge of what each of Adam's children would do with their freedom of choice, he knew who would remain in the Book of life and be "saved," and who would be removed from the Book of Life and be LOST.

Can you see that the Bible teaches us there are those whose names WERE on the Book of Life but removed? Names can be removed from the Book of Life and once they are removed, that soul has crossed the line between Mercy and Judgment and is UNSAVABLE. The Bible teaches NO name can ever be added to the Book of Life - such a suggestion would not only be unscriptural, it would deny God's omniscience.

Assuming you are in Adam's race, your name is on the Book of Life, and you are therefore BORN "saved". But it is up to you whether you receive your salvation and REMAIN on the Book. So long as your name remains on the Book of Life, YOU ARE SAVED, and will be granted into eternal Life at the great White Throne Judgment following the Millennium and general resurrection. If you were not in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world, you never will be on it and you are BORN lost: you are not savable, maybe a pretty good fellow, but just a son of Cain.

Now this sermon is not an exposition on the Book of Life and the Lamb's Book of Life which we can examine in detail at some future service, Lord willing. It behooves us to walk softly before God and check our lives by His Word for the decisions we make today determine our eternal destiny. God knows the outcome which is in our own hands.

Jesus has ALREADY died to redeem every one of Adam's children. ALL of Adam's kin are potentially saved; potentially healed, and potentially provided for in this material life - He's Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha; Jehovah Tsidkenu, Jehovah Saviour (Jesus), etc. "IT IS FINISHED!" All we have to do is take possession of the Blessings. But the only way they can become our own is if we appropriate them by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8.)

"GRACE" is what God did for us in Christ on Calvary. Justice and His Law demand "a life for a life." The punishment for sin (unbelief in the re-vealed Word of God) is spiritual death, eternal separation from the Presence of God. Bulls and goats could not atone for man as they are neither kin nor do they have a soul which can come back upon the sinner.

God made provision in His Law whereby a near kinsman who is worthy and able to meet the obligation or debt of his relative can substitute in his stead. Many might have been willing to forfeit their life for humanity but as all since Adam were "born in sin, shapen in iniquity and come into the world speaking lies," their sacrifice would have been unreceived of God. Jesus Christ met the qualifications - He was without sin, (or unbelief in the revealed Word), and in His Supernatural conception and birth there was no association with "original sin;" He didn't even have the nature of the world. Jesus paid the price with His own life freely given. God accepted this atonement as signified by the resurrection and glorification of Jesus. That was and is "GRACE."

"FAITH" is a clear understanding of the revealed Word of God and demands our obedience - we are "accounted just" or "saved" by faith in the FINISHED Work of God in Christ (Acts 13:39.) We do not "BECOME saved at that point" but by faith recognize and gratefully receive what Christ has ALREADY accomplished (PAST TENSE,) in our behalf.

Jesus said, "except a man is BORN AGAIN he will never UNDERSTAND the Bible" because the Holy Spirit is the Teacher Who guides into ALL the revealed truth. The "kingdom of God" is the Word or Bible. You will recall Jesus told His disciples before Pentecost, before they were born- again, "the kingdom of God is ALREADY within you," but wait in Jerusalem until you receive the Holy Spirit or new birth to quicken the Word to Life (Luke 17:21; 24:49; John 16:13; I Corinthians 12:3.) Justification alone, or Being "saved," is NOT the new birth but the INITIAL step of faith or "firstwork."

It is possible to be justified, or "saved" and subsequently LOST:

There is NO TRUTH in the doctrine "once saved always saved", which some denominations mistakenly term "Eternal Security." The Bible teaches us when you are born again, you are sealed into the Body of Christ to the day of your redemption, or eternally secure (Ephesians 4:30.) Eternal security is NOT being "saved," but being born again. I know that's not good Baptist doctrine, nevertheless, it's what the Bible teaches.

Let's take the "wise" and "foolish" virgin of Matthew 25:1-13. BOTH groups recognized the Voice of the Lord at the end of the Gentile dispensation. They were justified by faith and their faith proven by their works, in that they "came out of Rome and her Protestant daughter organizations" (Matthew 25:6-7; Revelation 18:4; II Thessalonians 2:1.) Jesus said, "My sheep obey My Word, a stranger they will not follow." BOTH the wise and foolish were sanctified, the Word declared them "clean and holy," for they were virgins to the Word, NOT denominational harlots. They both had lamps signifying spiritual light, or revelation, for in the absence of the S-O-N, we walk by faith, NOT by sight. Only the wise virgin had the Oil of the Holy Spirit or new birth in their soul to quicken their faith. BOTH were "saved", but only the wise were born again or eternally secure.

Let's take Judas Iscariot, whose name was on the Book of Life. Chosen and ordained by the Lord Jesus Christ as an apostle, Judas was justified by faith and baptized in water by John (Acts 1:17; John 4:1-2.) From justification, he went to sanctification (John 17:17.) Judas was "saved" but rejected his salvation, he didn't go to Pentecost for the new birth, and is LOST.

Let's consider some more witnesses:

Enoch, who was translated without death at the end of his dispensation, types the Elected or born-again who will be translated at the end of this dispensation. The eight souls "saved" when God destroyed the world were all justified by grace through faith. They type foolish virgin who miss the translation and go into the Great tribulation. Although all were "saved," three were ultimately LOST.

Abraham and Sarah who were separated from the world, received new bodies before they received the promised son and type the end-time Bride of Christ who will be renewed in the atoms, receiving new, glorified bodies before they meet the Promised Son in the air. Lot and his family were mixing with the world and type the foolish virgin. They were all "saved' but Mrs. Lot was subsequently LOST.

Paul rehearses the history of the Twelve Tribes who followed Moses by faith toward an unseen Promised Land. They were ALL justified and sanctified, yet only two of the adults who left Egypt, (a type of bondage to sin,) entered the Promised Land, (a type of Christ and the new birth.) The rest were eternally separated from God and LOST - Jesus said so (John 6:41.) These things are a warning for our instruction, "Wherefore let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall" (I Corinthians 10.)

The goal of God's Elect is NOT just to be "saved" but to become born-again "saints". The Church of God is not and never was "the saved." It is the born-again. One is not truly a Christian unless he is born again. Jesus said, "You MUST be born again!"

The Saints and the "saved" are TWO different groups. The saints will be at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb and the Millennium. Jesus and the saints shall judge the world at the White Throne Judgment following the general resurrection. As the "saints" will judge the "saved," there must be a difference between the born again saints and the "saved" believers. At this final separation the just will be granted into Eternal Life, and the unrighteous cast in the Lake of Fire and annihilated (Matthew 19:28; 25:31-46; I Corinthians 6:2; Revelation 20:11-15.)

Among the "saved" are the foolish virgin who NEVER heard the Word for their age, and could not possibly be born again, although they are justified, and sanctified (I John 1:7; Revelation 3:22.) The Fifth Seal Jews who were martyred under the orthodox faith are also saved. None of them believed Jesus was the Christ; God blinded their eyes by the FALSE preaching of their ministers in order that the Gentile Bride might be saved and in Grace made a way for them (Revelations 6:9-11.) Those who are good and kind to the Bride, and those martyred during the Great Tribulation for not serving the Beast or its image are also saved (Matthew 25; Revelation 14:9-11.)

In the new heavens and new earth God will be worshipped throughout Eternity in the Form of Jesus Christ and His Brothers and Sisters, the New Testament saints, by the "saved" who will bring the tithes of their labour to the New Jerusalem.

Don't reject this Word in preference for denominational error. That's rejecting the Holy Spirit and taking the Mark of the Beast: you'll never be forgiven for it in this world or the hereafter. Be sure to confirm this in your Bible - faith puts Life into your soul.

Remember in the end-time, which is AFTER the revelation of the Seven Seals, AFTER the Seven Church Ages are over and AFTER Christ's Mediation is over, the church is apostate. `And knoweth it not'. Like Israel, who boasted Moses and Abraham and all the prophets, the church is certain with Luther, Spurgeon, Moody, Wesley, and a so-on, that they "have It all."

The church TODAY fails to take account of the fact that these saints of LONG AGO were reformers who were NOT reforming God's Word Which is perfect, but were reforming the Roman Catholic church system. They only had PART of the Word 'cos the Bible was sealed until the time of the end. Every one of these men, and all ministers throughout ALL Seven Church Ages, taught part Truth and part error. Had they agreed with the Word of God, we'd all be together in love today, there would never have been any denominations, and Christ would not have been a Mediator.

"There is ONE Lord, ONE Faith, and ONE baptism." Paul said if we are born again we have the Holy Ghost and will all speak the SAME thing as He is not the author of confusion (Ephesians 4:5; I Corinthians 1:10; 14:33.) This is also what Jesus said in John 16:13, "When the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into ALL Truth; for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, (the revealed Word), that shall He speak: and He shall show you FUTURE things to come."

If we apply these Scriptures to the church today, NOT one denomination can meet God's criteria. NOT one has the Evidence of the Holy Spirit. Like apostate Israel in the days of Christ, they all look back into the PAST to garnish the tomb of some dead saint their fathers persecuted. Some Luther, Wesley, or Branham, claiming the man as "their own" - FAILING to understand if these men were living today they would NOT preach what they preached in their Church Age but Word relevant to the PRESENT crisis.

The Holy Spirit guides into ALL truth. Each of these men were saints of God but each preached a different part of the Word because the Body was building. They lived in different dispensations. Therefore John 16:13 tells us the Holy Spirit guides the corporeal Body of Christ into ALL truth revealed for each of the Seven dispensations or Church Ages. Each Age was predestinated to receive and manifest a different Portion of the Word. The Holy Spirit led the saints of each age into ALL Truth revealed for their day and established peace in their hearts by revealing Scriptures He would bring to pass in THEIR generation.

AFTER all Seven Church Ages have been fulfilled, and they are, the "Mystery of God would be finished" in the Message of the angel to the Seventh Church Age. John 16:13, when applied to the end-time Bride Who will not see death, takes on a different meaning. BECAUSE the Seven Seals are now revealed and the Mystery finished, the Holy Spirit guides the Bride into ALL Truth as It pertains to the Church - from Pentecost to the going away of the Bride - by revealing the symbols of the Book of Revelation.

Thus, if we can see what God's already fulfilled; what portion of faith "made-up" the Bride in each age, we can "rightly divide the Word" or the dispensation claim to see what God promised for OUR day. The ONLY way into the Body is by a clear understanding of the Word for OUR age, and a life manifesting that Word. IF we are trying to express the Word for the Lutheran, Episcopalian, Methodist, Baptist, Assemblies of God, United Pentecostal, or Four Square days, we are NOT UNDER THE BLOOD (I John 1:7.) Those parts of the Body are COMPLETE, what "made" them was faith in the Word for THEIR age. In THIS day Christ is completing the Body by fulfilling the Word for THIS hour in the lives of the saints.

"Eternal security" is the new birth. Friends, the Body of Christ is built on "Faith," not psychology. Your minister might be preaching THUS SAITH THE LORD for THIS hour, but unless you UNDERSTAND what he is preaching, and can see it clearly in your Bible - without contradiction - from Genesis to revelation, are living above the reproach of the Word, and can see God's Promises for THIS day coming to pass in your life, there's no evidence of eternal security although you may well be saved.

Remember, ALL who live godly in Christ Jesus WILL suffer persecution. Luther and the saints of his age were persecuted by those who claimed they were Christian but were in fact the enemy of God, so were Wesley, Branham and all the saints. They were God-pleasers, not men-pleasers. Forgive my words if they seem harsh. The Word of God is corrective and I speak in love to encourage everyone of you, especially my minister brothers, to press on into the PRESENT Truth which is OUR part of the Kingdom, the gospel of OUR salvation.

God bless you Bible Believers. Remember to do your part in this "quick, short Work" of God by passing this sermon on to those who can receive It. Don't waste time debating with skeptics and make-believers, Paul never did. This is ONLY for those who can receive It. Be patient, endeavoring to be on good terms with everyone. If you have faith, you'll know God has called you, and love Him with humble gratitude for the privilege of communion with Him (John 10:1-5.) bb920125.htm

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