World Depopulation and Slavery - Part V

My purpose tonight is definitely not to encourage any one of you to hope for revival in the church, because the Bible promises the deepening of apostasy. Nor would I encourage any of you to hope for reform in your local, state or national governments, or relief from the unscriptural UN, because all governments not only belong to Satan, they are now in his control. Britain, Europe, Australia, America and the other nations of what was once called Christendom are the evidence for this statement and prove the hopelessness of this wicked and adulterous world.

I want you to see that God has send us a prophet in these last days with the only way of escape. I want to admonish you to seek, find and take that Word in both hands, such that your whole heart and mind and being becomes one with that Word, which is Christ.

It's not an easy thing having to tell someone they've been conned into believing they are free. Yet this is the case with the vast majority of those who imagine they dwell in the liberty of the Gospel and have the Message of God's end-time prophet in Word but not in Spirit, who in fact live in bondage to man-made traditions that make the Word of God of none effect and forever shut heaven's gate to themselves.

Brother Branham called these people, "Souls That are Imprisoned NOW." And isn't this how Jesus described them when he indicted the last Church Age who testify, "I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing?" When He said, "Yes, you have all those material things and know not that you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked (of the blood)." Their souls are captured and bound by Satan's lie, and like the widow (church) who lives in pleasure, they are soul-dead whilst their body is alive (I Timothy 5:6; Revelation 3:17; 18:7).

Brother Branham identified these with two groups in history who were likewise deceived. He quoted Jude condemning ungodly Jews who came out of Israel in the second exodus and infiltrated the early Church; warning them they would be eternally lost like their forefathers who left Egypt in the first exodus, but were destroyed because of their unbelief. Jude also likened them to those of Noah's day who knew his Message but abode not in its truth. And he went on to give other examples.

Jude 5-6, "I will therefore remind you, though you once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not. And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day."

Brother Branham quoted two more Scriptures in support of his case, II Peter 2:4-5, "For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment; And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;"

And I Peter 3:18-22, "For Christ also has once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: By which also He went and preached unto the SPIRITS IN PRISON; who sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water. The like figure whereunto even baptism does also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God), by the resurrection of Jesus Christ: Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto Him."

Our scripture tonight is Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have REJECTED knowledge, I will also reject you, that you shall be no priest to Me: seeing you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children."

When the Word of God is revealed to us as it was preached to those who heard Noah's end-time ministry, to the Israelites who came out of Egypt by Moses' ministry, and to Jews who came out of Israel by the ministry of Peter and the early Church, should we reject It as they rejected It, our name is removed from the Book of Life whilst we're living as was theirs. We become souls imprisoned now with no hope for a successful appeal at the White Throne Judgment, because we'll have committed the unpardonable sin.

Ignorance is forgivable. Christ was a Mediator throughout the Seven Church Ages on account of the saints' IGNORANCE of the Word, because the Bible was sealed with Seven Seals unto the end-time. Ignorance may be forgiven, but to reject the revealed Word when It is presented is to reject the Holy Spirit and will not be forgiven in this world or the next (Matthew 12:32).

The "end-times" or "time of the end" commenced in March 1963 when Christ fulfilled Revelation 4, 5 and 10:1-7, broke the Seven Seals, opened the Book and revealed their mystery through His Prophet. Daniel said that "at that time many shall travel and that knowledge would increase."

Knowledge is increasing faster than we can assimilate it, and "the mystery of God is finished" (Revelation 10:7). But education is poorer than it was two hundred years ago. Instead of gaining UNDERSTANDING and learning absolute truths and the principles of life and the world, we are told that after 6,000 years, man has no standards, established no precedents for each situation is a brand new experience and we are an island unto ourselves answerable only to the State.

This is situational ethics, it is communism, it is pantheistic Babylonian Talmudism, and it is death. Today's education isn't a patch on the education of two hundred years ago. We have far more knowledge but infinitely less understanding. We have learned to learn, but we have forgotten how to think. We have been taught not to think but to accept what so-called "experts" have decided we should believe. We have been brainwashed world-wide.

Recently we mentioned Rothschild's "franchise" on finance and said that the Rockefellers have a franchise on education (propaganda and programming). These people have been dumbing-down the world, preparing us psychologically for one world government and a return to serfdom. Consider the years of incomplete teaching concerning our history and the denial of its lessons. We are perishing through lack of knowledge.

In Wormer's book on Foundations, his first appendix gives the history of the Cox and Reece Committee investigations. On April 1, 1951 he refers to a speech (CR A-5046) by Congressman E.E. Cox (Dem-Georgia). Cox said that in the field of social reform and international relations, many foundations "have brought down on themselves harsh and just condemnation." He singled out the names Langston Hughes, Hans Eisler, Louis Adamic and Owen Lattimore. The first foundation he mentioned was the Rockefeller Foundation. Cox asserted that its funds "have been used to finance individuals and organizations whose business it has been to get communism into the private and public schools of the country, to talk down America and play up Russia . . ."

He then mentions the Guggenheim Foundation whose money "was used to spread radicalism throughout the country to an extent not excelled by any other foundation." The Carnegie Corporation and Rosenwald Fund were next mentioned. Cox further said that "at least a few of the foundations have permitted themselves to be infiltrated by men and women who are disloyal to our American way of life." As in religion, where most of the emphasis I have seen is on a debate over nuances rather than fundamentals, it may be very appropriate in 1999 to ask, what is "the American way of life?" And what was it in 1951, before Elvis and the Beatles?

The result of brain washing and propaganda is that what was once truth is no longer taught. And the result of education is knowing what should not be taught but is. A focused stream of information has been poured forth from the Foundations that has given us only the collectivist view of the internationalists that cannot be criticized because only "they" (by degrees) know what they are talking about . . .

Despite an abundance of official documentation and hundreds of millions of corpses, most people go into denial when they hear the truth proclaimed, whether that truth be of the faith, on history, medicine, business, or government. Those in denial bind themselves to ignorance rather than think and develop a personal assessment. They cannot concede that the authorities could wrong them. But why do their rational faculties freeze at this point? It's because the education system has been so masterfully designed by Rockefeller's men. The behavior of a century has been artificially conditioned.

By the grace of Almighty God, myself and all Christians have been de-programing since the opening of the Seven Seals.

I was programmed to believe God is a Trinity, I now have the mind of Christ, and like Moses and Jesus and Paul, I know the Trinity is Babylonian paganism, and the mark of the beast.

Because my parents were programmed, I was baptized or sprinkled as a baby, in the Titles Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I now know that is unscriptural nonsense and I've been rebaptized by immersion in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I was programmed to believe Sir Winston Churchill was a hero. I now know he was a blood-thirsty Jew like Roosevelt, and a traitor to his country, like Roosevelt. I know it was Churchill who began the Second World War and that America determined in 1937 to go to war with Germany.

For most of my life I was programmed to believe the Jews were sons of Abraham, the covenants and the Land of Palestine. I now know they are a NON-Semitic, ANTI-Semitic largely serpent-seed people from Turkestan (China) who established themselves in the Caucasus and converted as a nation to the ungodly pagan religion of the Babylonian Talmud in AD740. According to the Talmud, Jewish Encyclopedias and histories a lesser branch are mainly Edomites and Canaanites (Malachi 1:4; Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. IV 1905 p3; Arthur Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe, Random House).

These unscriptural lies which have no basis in fact have been put into our minds by a well-organized and well-financed international pressure group. To illustrate, did you know that the present pronunciation and spelling of the word "Jew" in English was a new pronunciation acquired after the 18th century? It was unknown in the original King James Bible of 1604-1611 and wasn't introduced until the 18th century revised editions.

The meanings of words change over time. God confused men's tongues at the Tower of Babel to separate the nations. Sometimes the change is intentional and evil, with intent to subterfuge and confusion. The powers-that-be have encouraged a corruption of language among our youth for several generations, to separate them from their elders.

The true and original meaning of the word "Jews" has nothing to do with Hebrews, Israelites or the people of the Law. It had a purely GEOGRAPHICAL connotation and referred to all of the inhabitants of Judea regardless of religion or race. According to their published statistics, less than five percent of "Jews" are Hebrews related to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by blood, and very few of these follow the Law and the Prophets. Most "Jews" serve the Talmud. It is a pantheistic cult that makes Moses and the Prophets of none effect, rejecting the most elementary standards of decency, honesty and morality (Matthew 15:1-9).

I was programmed to believe that Jews were Semites, Israelites, Hebrews and followers of the Law and the Prophets. I now know that the opposite is the general rule.

From 1942 the world was programmed to believe six million Jews were killed in Nazi "death camps." However from 1979 the world was re-programmed to believe that only 4 million Jews had been killed. And in 1988 the world was again re-programmed to believe that 1.1-1.5 million Jews had been killed in Nazi "death camps." Yet until 1984, the International Red Cross had established the total deaths of all races, genders and ages from all causes in all of German internment camps totaled 282,077 -- about the normal civilian death rate in Europe at the time.

All of the foregoing was said to establish that the world is being systematically deceived according to a long-term plan. And as the deception is universal, not local or national, it is clearly an organized and systemic assault upon Truth by a centralized Satanic power or powers. We know from the Bible and historical research these ancient powers came from Nimrod's Babylon and flourished through myriad secret societies, royal dynasties and priesthoods, Judaism, Catholicism, banking and money-power, and political tools like Communism, Nazism and the pseudo-democracy of controlled Party Politics of the elected dictatorships of the United States, Australia and the rest of the Western (once) Christian world.

I mentioned these deceptions because each of us can identify with the fact that at some time in our life, those lies have paralyzed our ability to make intelligent decisions. But, Praise God, His Truth has set us free. Now I want to take you one step further. We'll go back into the history of the past in order that we may understand what is happening behind the scenes in the present, and recognize Bible prophecies that will effect us in the immediate future.

I'll be reading excerpts from the research of American, James Montgomery. His findings present much the same conclusion for Americans with their defunct duplicitous Constitution, as Joe Bryant and Tony Pitt have found Australians own in our downtrodden Constitution, and as Britons have discovered since signing the Maastricht Treaty which dissolved British sovereignty.

You should be familiar with what I am going to read because it was contained in the document linked to last week's teaching sermon. I asked you to acquaint yourselves with its contents. Let's see how many of us are souls in Debtor's Prison.

I'll quote excerpts from Brother Montgomery's work:

"You have to be made to understand that the United States is a corporation, which is a continuation of the corporate Charters created by the king of England. And that the states upon ratifying their individual State constitutions, became sub corporations under and subordinate to the United States. The counties and municipalities became sub corporations under the State Charters. It is my duty to report further evidence concerning the claims I made in "The United States is Still a British Colony, part 1. . ."

"I have always used a copy of the North Carolina Constitution provided by the State, I should have known better than to take this as the final authority. To my knowledge the following quote has not been in the Constitution the State hands out or those used in the schools. The 1776 North Carolina Constitution created a new corporate Charter, and declared our individual freedoms. However, the same corporate Charter, reserved the king's title to the land, which restored, and did not diminish, his grants that were made in his early Charters. If you remember, I made the claim that legally we are still subject to the king. In the quote below you will see that the king declares our taxation will be forever, and that a fourth of all gold and silver will be returned to him.

"YIELDlNG AND PAYING yearly, to us, our heirs and Successors, for the same, the yearly Rent of Twenty Marks of Lawful money of England, at the Feast of All Saints (November 1), yearly, forever, The First payment thereof to begin and be made on the Feast of All Saints which shall be in the year of Our Lord One thousand six hundred Sixty and five; AND also, the fourth part of all Gold and Silver Ore which, with the limits aforesaid, shall, from time to time, happen to be found." The Carolina Charter, 1663. (Footnote #5).

I know Patriots will have a hard time with this, because as I said earlier, they would have to deny what they have been taught from an early age. You must continue to go back in historical documents to see if what you were taught is correct. The following quote is from section 25 of the 1776 North Carolina Constitution, Declaration of Rights.

"And provided further, that nothing herein contained shall affect the titles or possessions of individuals holding or claiming under the laws heretofore in force, or grants heretofore made by the late King George II, or his predecessors, or the late lords proprietors, or any of them" Declaration of Rights 1776, North Carolina Constitution. (Footnote #8)

Can it be any plainer? Nobody reads, they take what is taught to them by their schools and government as gospel, and never look any further. Yet they are quick to attack anyone that does because it threatens their way of life, rocks the boat in other words. . ."

"After the Civil War, the CONQUEST of America, you see those that were allowed to be Council of State, were elected officials. Under the 1776 North Carolina Constitution, it was unlawful for these elected officials to be Council of State. Why? Because, the king could not trust the common man to obey him, now that they thought they were free. After the Civil War the Council of State was no longer needed to fulfill the public policy of the king, the Council of State still exists today, but in a reduced capacity as far as the king goes. Now he had the 14TH AMENDMENT, his LAWYERS in the government, his BANKERS in control of the government's money, and above all GREED that causes most in office to continue the status quo. . ."

". . . Who wrote the Federal Reserve Act, and put it in place in this country? Bankers from the Bank of England with their counter-part in New York!"

Those who control the world's money supplies are at the helm of global destiny; determining who owes what to whom, which nations prosper, which nations endure crippling interest rates, which nations can be bribed, which continents can be controlled by monetary intervention and which regimes will fall because of economic hardships.

Now its Britain's turn. The Bank of England may be controlled, but it is no longer owned by the Rothschilds. And the establishment of a Central European Bank will absorb all the UK's national assets, including North Sea oil and vast gold reserves, even 600 billion pounds set aside for her future pension liabilities. Britain is no longer free but enslaved by the money-power.

Maastricht is the home of a shrine to Mary. Since 1400 it has been at the center of Dutch religious struggles between Roman Catholics and Reformers. It is the town where the Gunpowder Plot was hatched by a group of Roman Catholics, who attempted to destroy the Protestant throne of James I. Interestingly, in 1550, there also originated in Maastricht a pageant in which the central figure was a giant with two figures in his pouch -- a bishop and a king. A Dutch pamphlet explains that the Maastricht merchants were opposed to the centralizing regime of the Habsburg Emperor Charles V, and invented the savage giant to symbolize the fact that the financial leaders of the city had the Bishop of Liege and the Emperor Charles in their sack. The Maastricht message was straightforward: economic forces are more powerful than Church or State; Mammon overrules both spiritual and political principles. Considering that the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 was the treaty by which the European single currency became the driving force of European integration, the spiritual ruling powers of Maastricht seem to be stirring once again" (Adrian Hilton, The Principality and Power of Europe, Dorchester House, p139).

Pictured here in the PRESENT is the ancient rivalry between the Throne (or Black Nobility), the Altar (Vatican Rome) and the money-power of the international Jews (who are ultimately Communism).

I think you will discover that Christianity was planted in England around the time Junius and Andronicus took It to Rome (in about AD 36), and it prospered. The Roman Catholic church was organized at the First Nicea Council and Augustine of Canterbury (not Hippo), who died in 604, brought Catholicism to England. When Rome finally gained a foothold on the island, and when they felt the time was opportune, they killed over 100,000 Irish Christians who had over the years grown out of the original group that had come to the Lord under St Patrick, who died in 461,and was never a Roman Catholic but withstood the pope.

Its said that the Hebrews traded with Cornwall for tin from the days of Solomon. After the Edomites married into Israel, that mamser race migrated to England. They participated in usury and trading until they were expelled in 1290 and did not return until 1497. Always working in a different name and under a different occupation in their quest for power and money, they hid behind the colors of Protestantism, waging war against Rome for influence at Court. This is typical of how the secret powers, working behind the scenes, create conditions for which other people are blamed.

The great wars and insurrections since the days of Nebuchadnezzar which began the "times of the Gentiles" have always been between "Jews" under a Gentile front and the dominant Gentile empire of the time. For the past 2,000 years, that has been the empire of Rome. The Black Nobility (who are Khazar Jews), Vatican Rome and the international Jews have been competing for world rule throughout modern history.

Let's take a peek at some of the historical bases for the powers of the Monarch of Great Britain and the power of the Pope of Rome. We'll go to Encyclopedia Britannica and look at Sources of British History, and "King John's Concession of England and Ireland to the Pope."

In the matter of the election and installation of Stephen Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury, King John, in the words of Pope Innocent III, had by "impious persecution", tried to "enslave" the entire English Church. As a result, the pope laid on England an interdict (1208-14) wherein all religious service was withdrawn. When this didn't work, the king was excommunicated. Submitting under that pressure, John wrote a letter of concession to the pope (1213) which, in effect, made England a fiefdom of Rome and the satisfied pope lifted the interdict and the excommunication from the people of England and their king.

But the power returned to the Jews by the Bill of Rights, 1689, "an Act Declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Settling the Succession of the Crown" when the commoner and Khazar, William Stradholder of Orange, was proclaimed king of England by Jewish intrigue.

Probably not one Orangeman in ten thousand realizes that all the wars and rebellions fought from 1640-1689 were fomented by the international money-lenders for the purpose of putting themselves in position to control British politics and economy. Their first objective was to obtain permission to institute a Bank of England and consolidate and secure the debts Britain owed them for loans made to fight the wars they had instigated .

No sooner was the Dutch General sitting upon the throne of England than he persuaded the British Treasury to borrow 1,250,000 pounds from the Jewish bankers who put him there. In order to maintain complete secrecy the negotiations regarding the terms of the loan were conducted in a church. In the days of Christ, money-lenders used the temple. In the days of William of Orange, they desecrated a church. Their terms were in part:

  1. That the names of those who made the loan remain secret: and that they be granted a Charter to establish a Bank of England. (The MacMillan Committee appointed in 1929 was unable to discover who owned the bank at that time).
  2. That the directors of the Bank of England be granted the legal right to establish the Gold Standard for currency by which :-
  3. They could make loans to the value of ten pounds for every one pound value of gold they had on deposit in their vaults. (The old Babylonian, Venetian, Genoese fractional reserve banking trick).
  4. That they be permitted to consolidate the national debt; and secure payment of amounts due as principal and interest by direct taxation upon the people.

Thus for the sum of 1,250,000 pounds King William sold the people of England into economic bondage as President Woodrow Wilson would do to America under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. By the time of the French Revolution (1815), the National Debt of Britain was 885 million pounds. By 1945 it had reached 22,503,532,372 pounds and the annual carrying charges alone amounted to 445,446,241 pounds that year. As an Irish economist remarked, "Only a Jewish- controlled organization would insist on the odd pound" (William Guy Carr, Pawns in the Game, p24).

Returning to Brother Montgomery:

"What else does the Exchequer (or Treasury) do? The government (Congress) puts up bonds (bills of credit) on the international market, then the Federal Reserve (Exchequer) prints fiat money, for which the government (Congress) is the guarantor, read the following quote from Bouvier's Law Dictionary 1914 ed.:

"Exchequer Bills: Bills of credit issued by authority of Parliament. They constitute the medium of transaction of business between the bank of England and the government. The Exchequer bills contain a guarantee from government which secures the holders against loss by fluctuation."

Also re-read "A Country DEFEATED in Victory". Who do you think the national debt is owed to? If that's not bad enough the bond indebtedness allowed the king to foreclose on his colony when it was time for the one World government, the king/bankers caused us to reorganize under bankruptcy. The Bank of England allowed the United States to use you and I (our labor) for collateral and all the property in America, read the following quote:

Congressman Lemke: ". . . This nation is bankrupt; every State in this Union is bankrupt; the people of the United States, as a whole, are bankrupt. The public and private debts of this Nation, which are evidenced by bonds, mortgages, notes, or other written instruments amount to about $250,000,000,000, and it is estimated that there is about $50,000,000,000 of which there is no record, making in all about $300,000,000,000 of public and private debts. The total physical cash value of all the property in the United States is now estimated at about $70,000,000,000. That is more than it would bring if sold at public auction. In this we do not include debts or the evidence of debts, such as bonds, mortgages, and so fourth. These are not physical property. They will have to be paid out of the physical property. How are we going to pay $300,000,000,000 with only $70,000,000,000?" Congressional Record, March 3, 1934. (Footnote#10)

This debt was more than could be paid as of 1934, this caused the declared bankruptcy by President Roosevelt. Now, in 1997, the national debt is over 12,000,000,000,000. The government only tells you about 5,000,000,000,000, they don't tell you about the corporate debt, which America is also guarantor for. Add to that the personal debt; you know credit cards and home loans, and it approaches 20,000,000,000,000, that's trillion for those of you that miss-read the number of zero's. Mix this with a super inflated stock market (10,000 points from a base of 100) and a huge trade deficit.

What could possibly be the purpose of the international bankers allowing our nation to over extend so badly and not cut us off? When back in 1934 they could have legally seized the whole country. We are being used for the purpose of the international bankers which is loaning money to third world countries, to enslave them as we are, to colonize the world for Britain, and to use our military machine to control unruly countries and to collect the king's debt. There will soon be a United Nations personal income tax for the whole world. The end purpose of the international bankers, is a one world government, with England as the center of government and the international bankers calling the shots. . ."

Footnote # 11

Congressman McFadden: "I hope that is the case, but I may say to the gentleman that during the sessions of this Economic Conference in London there is another meeting taking place in London. We were advised by reports from London last Sunday of the arrival of George L. Harrison, Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and we were advised that accompanying him was Mr. Crane, the Deputy Governor, and James P. Warburg, of the Kuhn-Loeb banking family, of New York and Hamburg, Germany, and also Mr. O. M. W. Sprague, recently in the pay of Great Britain as chief economic and financial adviser of Mr. Norman, Governor of the Bank of England, and now supposed to represent our Treasury. These men landed in England and rushed to the Bank of England for a private conference, taking their luggage with them, before even going to their hotel. We know this conference has been taking place for the past 3 days behind closed doors in the Bank of England with these gentlemen meeting with heads of the Bank of England and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), of Basel, Switzerland, and the head of the Bank France, Mr. Maret. They are discussing war debts; they are discussing stabilization of exchanges and the Federal Reserve System, I may say to the Members of the House.

The Federal Reserve System, headed by George L. Harrison, as our premier, who is dealing with debts behind the closed doors of the Bank of England; and the United States Treasury is there, represented by O. M. W. Sprague, who until the last 10 days was the representative of the Bank of England, and by Mr. James P. Warburg, who is the son of the principal author of the Federal Reserve Act. Many things are being settled behind the closed doors of the Bank of England by this group. No doubt this group were pleased to hear that yesterday the Congress passed amendments to the Federal Reserve Act and that the President signed the bill which turns over to the Federal Reserve System the complete total financial resources of money and credit in the United States. Apparently the DOMINATION and CONTROL of the international banking group is being strengthened....

We are being led by the international Jews operating through Great Britain and the Bank of England, and it is the purpose of those who are directing and cooperating that debts be reduced to 10 percent or canceled entirely....

Then there is James P. Warburg, who was called in by the President and who has sat in on all of the conferences here in Washington participated in by the foreign representatives recently, and he is the financial adviser at the Economic Conference and at the conferences in the Bank of England to which I have referred. Mr. Warburg, you undoubtedly know, is the head of the international Jewish financial group who were largely responsible for the loaning abroad of the vast billions of dollars by the people of the United States and which loans are now frozen. We must not overlook the fact, however, that J. P. Morgan & Co. were close seconds in these transactions, and in connection with this I wish to point out that George L. Harrison, Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is closely identified with the Morgan House in all of the undertakings internationally in which the Federal Reserve banks participated. Congressional Record, June 14, 1934.

At that time a man named Jacob Schiff came to this country as the agent of certain foreign money lenders. His mission was to get control of American railroads. This man was a Jew. He was the son of a rabbi. He was born in one of the Rothschilds's houses in Frankfort, Germany. He was a small fellow with a pleasant face and, if I remember correctly, his eyes were blue. At an early age he set out from Frankfort to seek his fortune and went to Hamburg, Germany. At Hamburg he entered the Warburg banking establishment. The Warburgs of Hamburg are bankers of long standing, with branches in Amsterdam and Sweden.....

Sometime before Schiff's arrival there was a firm of Jewish peddlers or merchants in Lafayette, Ind., by the name of Kuhn & Loeb. I think they were there about 1850. Probably they made money out of the new settlers who passed through Indiana on their way to the Northwest. This firm of Jews had finally moved to New York and had set themselves up as private bankers and had grown rich. Jacob Schiff married Teresa Loeb and became the head of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Schiff made a great deal of money here for himself and for the Jewish money lenders of London. He began to give orders to Presidents almost as a matter of course. He appears to have been a man who would stop at nothing to gain his own ends. I do not blame him for being a Jew. I blame him for being a trouble maker.

Russia had a powerful enemy in this man, Jacob Schiff. The people of the United States were to believe that this enmity of his was caused by wrongs done to Russian Jews. I look ELSEWHERE for the motives which animated him.

In the 1890's Schiff was the agent in this country of Ernest Cassell and other London money lenders. These money lenders were looking forward to a war between England and Russia and were making preparations for propaganda designed to support England in the United States. This country was then a debtor nation, paying a high yearly tribute to Schiff and his principals. Schiff accordingly took it upon himself to create a prejudice in the United States against Russia. He did this by presenting the supposed wrongs of the Russian Jews to the American public. Unpleasant tales began to appear in print. School children in this country were told the Jewish children were crippled for life by Russian soldiers wielding the knout. By unfair means a wedge was driven between Russia and the United States."

(Hard to believe that we goiim could be so stupid as to fall for these deceptions again in the Jew's Russian Revolution, their First and Second World Wars, Chinese Revolution, Cold War, Drug War, holocaust, "stolen generation" of Australian, Aboriginal children and so-on, ad nauseum. Back to the Congressional Record).

"One of Schiff's schemes was a sort of wholesale importation of Russian Jews into the United States. He drew up divers and sundry regulations for the temporary transplantation of these Jewish emigrants. He would not, he said, have them enter this country through the port of New York, because they might like New York too well to leave it for the outposts he had selected for them. He said it would be best to have them come in at New Orleans and to have them stay there 2 weeks, "so that they could pick up a few words of English and get a little money" before setting off for what he called the "American hinterland." How they were to get the money he did not say.

Aided by Schiff and his associates, many Russian Jews came to this country about that time and were naturalized here. A number of these naturalized Jews then returned to Russia. Upon their return to that country, they immediately claimed exemption there from the regulations of domicile imposed on Jews; that is, they claimed the right to live on purely Russian soil because they were American citizens, or "Yankee" Jews. Disorders occurred and were exploited in the American press. Riots and bombings and assassinations, for which SOMEBODY furnished money, took place. The perpetrators of these outrages appear to have been shielded by powerful financial interests. While this was going on in Russia, a shameless campaign of LYING was conducted here, and large sums of money were spent to make the general American public believe that the Jews in Russia were a simple and guileless folk ground down by the Russians and needing the protection of the great benefactor, of all the world -- Uncle Sam. In other words, we were DECEIVED. We were so DECEIVED that we allowed them to come in here and to take the bread out of the mouths of our own American citizens.

I now come to the time when war was declared between Russia and Japan. This was bought about by a skillful use of Japan so that England would not have to fight Russia in India. It was cheaper and more convenient for England to have Japan fight Russia than to do it herself. As was to be expected, Schiff and his London associates FINANCED Japan. They drew immense quantities of money out of the United States for that purpose. The background for the loans they floated in this country had been skillfully prepared. The "sob stuff", of which Schiff was a master, had sunk into the hearts of sympathetic Americans. The loans were a great success. Millions of American dollars were sent to Japan by Schiff and his London associates. England's stranglehold on India was made secure. Russia was prevented from entering the Khyber Pass and falling on India from the northwest. Japan at the same time was built up and became a great world power, and as such is now facing us in the Pacific. All this was accomplished by control of the organs of American publicity, releases to the effect that Russian Jews and "Yankee" Jews were being persecuted in Russia, and by the selling of Japanese war bonds to American citizens.

While the Russo-Japanese War was in progress President Theodore Roosevelt offered to act as peacemaker, and a conference between representatives of the belligerents was arranged to take place at Portsmouth, N.H.

When the Portsmouth Conference took place, Jacob Schiff attended it and used such influence as he had with Theodore Roosevelt to win favors for Japan at the expense of Russia. His main object, then as always, was HUMILIATION of Russians, whose only crime was that they were Russians and NOT Jews. He endeavored to humiliate the Russians, but Count Witte, the Russian plenipotentiary, did not allow him to succeed in this attempt. Schiff's power and the power of his organized propaganda were well understood by Count Witte, however. Consequently he was not surprised when President Roosevelt, who was often deceived, (and also a Jew) twice asked him to have Russia treat Russian Jews who had become naturalized in the United States and who had thereafter returned to live in Russia with special consideration; that is, not as Jews but as Americans. Witte carried home a letter from Roosevelt embodying this plea.

Mr. Speaker, the restrictions upon Jews in Russia at that time may or may not have been onerous. But onerous or not, before the Russians had time to change them, Schiff had the 80-year-old-treaty of friendship and good will between Russia and the United States denounced. Speaking of this matter, Count Witte says in his autobiography: "The Russians lost the friendship of the American people."

Mr. Speaker, I cannot believe that those people -- the REAL Russians -- ever lost the true friendship of the American people. They were done away with to suit the ambitions of those who intend to be the financial masters of the world, and some of us were deceived into thinking that in some mysterious way they, themselves, were to blame. The chasm that suddenly opened between ourselves and our old friends and well-wishers in Russia was a chasm created by Schiff the vindictive in HIS inhuman greed and he created it in the NAME of the Jewish religion....

Mr. Speaker, the people of the United States should not permit financial interests or any other special interests to dictate the foreign policy of the United States Government. But in this connection history is now REPEATING itself. You have heard, no doubt, of the SO-CALLED persecutions of Jews in Germany.

Mr. Speaker, there is no REAL persecution of Jews in Germany. Hitler and the Warburgs, the Mendelssohns and the Rothschilds, appear to be on the best of terms. There is no real persecution of the Jews in Germany, but there has been a PRETENDED persecution of them because there are 200,000 unwanted COMMUNISTIC Jews in Germany, largely Galician Jews (Ashkenazim or Khazars) who entered Germany after World War I, and Germany is very anxious to get rid of those particular Communistic Jews. The Germans wish to preserve the purity of their own blond racial stock. They are willing to keep rich Jews like Max Warburg and Franz Mendelssohn, whose families have lived in Germany so long that they have acquired some German national characteristics. But the Germans are not willing to keep the Galician Jews, the Upstarts. So a great show is put on, largely by German Jews THEMSELVES, in the hope that Uncle Sam will prove himself to be as FOOLISH as he was before and that we will allow those Galician and Communistic Jews to come in here. That is why Miss Perking has been PLACED in charge of the Department of Labor. She is there to LOWER the immigration bars. It is thought that, being a woman, she may disarm criticism. She is and old hand with the international Jewish bankers. If she were not, she would not be here in a JEWISH-CONTROLLED administration. (And in 1999 America STILL has a "Jewish-controlled Administration").

When the so-called "anti-Semitic campaign" DESIGNED for American consumption was launched in Germany, France was alarmed because she feared the Galician Jews might be dumped on French soil. French newspapers published articles concerning the MENACE, but now that France has been shown that the PURPOSE of the anti-Semitic campaign is to dump the 200,000 communistic Jews on the UNITED STATES she is worried no longer. "Ah", she says, "Oncle Sam, he is to be the goat. Very good."

Mr. Speaker, I regard it as a pity that there are Americans who love to fawn upon the MONEY Jews and to flatter them. Some of these UNFORTUNATES are under obligations to Jewish money changers and DARE not cross them....

You have witnessed the UNLAWFUL seizure by Franklin D. Roosevelt of gold reserves and other values belonging to the people of the United States, the destruction of banks, the attempted whitewashing of the Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve banks, the CORRUPTION of which he ADMITTED in his campaign harangues; and you may have noticed that what was confiscated is NOT in the hands of the present constitutional Government but in the hands of the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS who are the NUCLEUS of the new government Roosevelt is seeking to establish here. Roosevelt's actions are NOT in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. They are in accordance with the plans of the Third International.

At one time Trotsky was a favorite with Jacob Schiff. During the war Trotsky edited "Novy Mir" and conducted mass meetings in New York. When he left the United States to return to Russia, he is said upon good authority to have traveled on Schiff's money and under Schiff's protection. He was captured by the British at Halifax and immediately, on advice from a highly placed personage, set free. Shortly after his arrival in Russia he was informed that he had credit in Sweden at the Swedish branch of the bank owned by Max Warburg, of Hamburg. This credit helped to finance the SEIZURE of the Russian revolution by the international Jewish bankers. It assisted them in SUBVERTING it to their own ends. At the present time the Soviet Union is in DEBT.

From the date of Trotsky's return to Russia the course of Russian history has, indeed, been greatly affected by the operations of international bankers. They have acted through German and English institutions and have kept Russia in BONDAGE to themselves. Their relatives in Germany have drawn immense sums of money FROM the United States and have in turn FINANCED their agents in Russia at a handsome profit.

The Soviet Government has been given United States Treasury funds by the Federal Reserve banks acting through the Chase Bank and the Guaranty Trust Co. and other banks in New York City. England, no less than Germany, has drawn money from us through the Federal Reserve banks and has re-lent it at high rates of interest to the Soviet Government or has used it to finance her sales to Soviet Russia and her engineering works within the Russian boundaries. The Dnieperstroy Dam was built with funds UNLAWFULLY taken from the United States Treasury by the corrupt and dishonest Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks....

Mr. Speaker, an immense amount of United States money has been used abroad in preparations for WAR and in the acquisition and the manufacture of WAR supplies. Germany is said to be part owner of a large poison-gas factory at Troitsk on Russian soil. China is almost completely Sovietized, and in the Asiatic interior huge stocks of munitions are said to be stored awaiting the day when the WAR LORDS of the United States will ship United States troops to Asia.

Mr. Speaker, the United States should look before it leaps into another war, especially a war in Asia. It should decide whether it is worth while to join hands with Russia and China in a war against Japan. For myself, I say and I have said it often that the United States should remember George Washington's advice. It should mind its own business and stay home. It should not permit the Jewish international bankers to drive it into another war so that they and their Gentile FRONTS and SYCOPHANTS by way of Louis McHenry Howe, the GRAFTMASTER, may reap rich profits on everything an army needs from toilet kits to airplanes, submarines, tanks, gas masks, poison gas, ammunition, bayonets, guns, and other paraphernalia and instruments of destruction." Congressional Record, June 15, 1934.

Congressman McFadden: "The Congress of the United States must immediately throw the searchlight of investigation into this dark corner, or we are going to be swamped with political influences that are manufactured in foreign countries and that will lead us to the surrender of our heritage of living, just as has been done on former occasions. Just as we did, for example, when we entered into the Jay Treaty with England, which was ratified on June 24, 1795, whereby we needlessly surrendered our right to the freedom of the seas. We fought the War of 1812 to regain this right, but the same political influences prevented even a discussion of this subject at the treaty which terminated that war. President Wilson vowed to regain the freedom of the seas at the Treaty of Versailles; but did we regain it? Is the Jay Treaty still in force?"....

"I stand here and say to you that I have studied these records, and not only did we adopt this monetary policy WITHOUT DEBATE, not only did we adopt it WITHOUT CONSIDERATION but we adopted it without even KNOWLEDGE of what we were doing! It was a piece of legislative TRICKERY; it was a piece of work in the committee that was silent and secretive. Even MEMBERS of the committee did NOT KNOW what was being done, according to their own declarations. The President and Members of the House did not know they were acting on such a measure. But, as I have said before, the shadow of the hand of England rests over this enactment" Congressional Record, January 8, 1934.

Congressman Young: "Old Hickory was a great soldier. His victory at New Orleans is one of the most remarkable battles in history. The English army outnumbered Jackson's forces. The American losses were 13. In half an hour the English had lost 2,600 men, including their commander, Sir Edward Pakenham, a brother-in-law of the Duke of Wellington" Congressional Record, January 8, 1934.

Congressman Fiesinger: "You will recall the gentleman spoke about Professor Sprague, who was in the Treasury Department as adviser to the Treasury after he came as adviser for the Bank of England. He was also monetary adviser to the Economic Conference in London.".....

Congressman Fiesinger: "I was just going to remark that very thing, that the power to "coin and fix the value of money" is solely within the power of the Congress of the United States and it cannot be delegated to anybody else in the world."

Congressman McFadden: "Will the gentleman yield further?"

Congressman Fiesinger: "I do."

Congressman McFadden: "What does the gentleman say in regard to the delegation of that power to the Federal Reserve System?"....

Congressman Fiesinger: "I say it is ILLEGAL. I say it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, as far as it affects the value of basic money. Power to control credits may be in a different class."

Congressman McFadden: "The gentleman recognizes that that was done, does he not?"

Congressman Fiesinger: "Well, I think I recognize that fact; but it may be that Congress intended to delegate banking and credit control and not the control of the basic money values."

Congressman McFadden: "The Federal Reserve System has the power to issue Federal Reserve notes, which circulate as money?"

Congressman Fiesinger: "It has. Of course, they are promises to pay. They are credits or I O U's of the bank."

Congressman McFadden: "And that power was delegated by Congress in the Federal Reserve Act."

Congressman Fiesinger: "Yes, sir; with the intent to regulate the volume of credit."

Congressman McFadden: "And is being pursued by them, which gives the Federal Reserve System CONTROL over the money and credit in the United States."....

Congressman Mott: "What does the gentleman say about the delegation by Congress to the President to fix the value of money, under the farm bill?"

Congressman Fiesinger: "I think it was ILLEGAL, and the President did not want it. It was forced upon him. He never asked to have the amendment attached to the Farm Bill. It was forced upon him, and he is exercising the power because he was forced to exercise it; a power that he never wanted, and I say it is all illegal and unconstitutional."....

Congressman McFadden: "If the gentleman has been familiar with the activities of Dr. Sprague over the history of the Federal Reserve System, he well knows that Dr. Sprague has been in ALL of the conferences, practically, between the Bank of England, officers of the Federal Reserve bank in New York and other central banks, which have had for their purpose the dealing with national and international price levels. That was one of the functions that he was exercising as expert adviser of the Bank of England."

Congressman Fiesinger: " Now, I understand that Dr. Sprague at the London conference was willing to peg the dollar to the British pound at $3.50, and, if he had done that, the price levels in America would have been in the control of the Bank of England, and it would have been so low it would have wrecked our national economy."

Congressman Lamneck: "Will the gentleman please insert at this point what Dr. Sprague said about who should control the price level?"

Congressman Fiesinger: "I may say, I did not expect to answer that question, but Dr. Sprague, in a conference he had, stated he believed that the value of gold should be CONTROLLED by the British, because they were more competent, from banking experience, so to do" Congressional Record, January 8, 1934.

Congressman McFadden: "Why should the United States be buying gold and paying $35 and ounce for it? Why Should the United States be making Great Britain a present of $14.33 and ounce on the hundreds of millions of dollars of British gold that is being shipped to the United States through this process by favoring four London gold brokers? Why should the United States set a price of $35 and pay Great Britain an increase of $14.33 on every ounce of gold? This is interesting when you consider that three fourths of all the gold produced in the world is produced in the British Empire. Did we do this because Great Britain demanded it? Is it possible that this $14.33 profit to Great Britain on every ounce of gold shipped into the United States is for settlement of a DEBT that the United States owes to Great Britain? Congressional Record, February 20, 1934.

Congressman McFadden: "I am quoting from the President's message to Congress on this very measure. I quote: "That the title of all gold be in the Government. The total stock will serve as a permanent and fixed metallic reserve which will change in amount only as far as necessary for the settlement of international balances or as may be required by future agreement among nations of the world for a redistribution of the world stock of monetary gold."....

Congressman McFadden: "I say again what I have repeatedly said, that there is a DEFINITE PLAN for the redistribution of the gold of THIS country and of the WORLD'S gold. The plan has been known ever since the establishment of the Bank for International Settlements that through that medium, or one similar to it, eventually the redistribution of gold would take place" Congressional Record, January 20, 1934.

Congressman McFadden: "The gentleman, of course, is aware of the fact that the Council of the Federation of Churches of Christ is an offshoot of the Carnegie Foundation which is operating in this country as a British-PROPAGANDA organization, tied up with all of the other subversive organizations which are trying to hold down proper preparedness in the United States. [Applause] Congressional Record, January 30, 1934.

(Brother Branham said the one word missing from the name of this Jewish Communist FALSE church is "Anti-").

Congressman Weideman: "So the paramount issue of today is this: Shall the Government of the United States be run for the benefit of the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS, or shall the CITIZENS of the United States be given the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"? Shall we replace the Statue of Liberty with the golden statue erected to the god of GREED? Shall we forget that the only time our Savior used force was when he drove the money changers from the temple? Let us reestablish the principle that we all believe in: That all men are entitled to a right to work, to own their own homes, to reap a just reward for their labors, and to enjoy nature's sunshine as God intended. We owe it to our children that we shall not depart and leave them in a condition of bondage and slavery to organized greed and gold. . ." Congressional Record, March 3, 1934.

Congressman Patman: "....A Federal Reserve bank has a great privilege. It has the right to issue a blanket mortgage on all the property of all the people of this country. It is called a Federal Reserve note. For that privilege section 16 of the Act provides that when the Government prints a Federal Reserve note and guarantees to pay that note and delivers it to a Federal Reserve bank, that Federal Reserve bank shall pay -- it seems to be mandatory -- the rate of interest that is set by the Federal Reserve Board. THE LAW HAS NEVER BEEN PUT INTO EFFECT. The Federal Reserve Board sets the ZERO rate. Instead of CHARGING an interest rate which the law says they shall charge, they set NO rate at all. Therefore, for the use of this great Government credit --

These blanket mortgages that are issued against all the PROPERTY of all the people of this Nation and against the INCOMES of all the people of this Nation, they do not pay one penny. NOT ONE PENNY OF THE STACK OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS IS OWNED BY THE GOVERNMENT OR THE PEOPLE -- IT IS OWNED BY PRIVATE BANKS EXCLUSIVELY.

They do not pay one penny for the use of that great privilege, to the people OR to the Government" Congressional Record, April 9, 1934.

Congressman McFadden: "....Whereas the lobbying activities of the said British Ambassador, Sir Ronald Lindsay, carried on in the halls of the Capitol, at the British Embassy, in the houses of citizens of the United States, in the offices of PREDATORY international bankers, on shipboard, on the trains, and elsewhere, have for their purpose the taking from the United States Treasury of assets which it is the sworn duty of this Government to protect by every means within its power, not stopping short of war, if need be; and whereas the said Lindsay's lobbying activities likewise have for their purpose the defeat of measures enacted into law by the Government of the United States to insure the repayment of moneys advanced to Great Britain on her written promise to repay them; and whereas the lobbying activities of Sir Ronald Lindsay likewise have for their object the overthrow of the Government of the United States and its reorganization as a part of the British Empire:.... Congressional Record, June 14, 1934.

Now I'll read "The United States is Still A British Colony Part 3"

" . . . are not all States divided into military Districts? At first glance you may not think so. However, look at your District Courts, in your State. They are the enforcement arm of the admiralty law/kings law and legislation passed on a daily basis. As I said before, the voting Districts are also left over from the Reconstruction Acts. In every court room a military flag is flown, a war flag not the Title 4, flag of peace. Are you not required to obtain a license from the de facto government for every aspect of commerce, and the use of their military script/fiat money? Americans are taxed and controlled in the following ways, to name a few:

  1. Social Security number -- license to work.
  2. Drivers license -- permission to conduct commerce and travel on the military roads.
  3. Occupational license -- permission to perform a God given right.
  4. State and local privilege license -- license to work in the State, county or city.
  5. Marriage license -- permission for a right granted by God Almighty.
  6. Hunting and Fishing license -- government taxing property of God Almighty, etc.etc.etc.

Every license or permit is a use tax and is financial slavery, you are controlled in every aspect of your life. All licenses came about after the Fourteenth Amendment and the military occupation, which we are now under. The reason all this has taken place in America is, to colonize the world for Britain. The United States has been the enforcement arm/cannon-fodder for Britain since the Civil War."

(Anyone familiar with Senator Lyndon LaRouche will now understand what he MEANS. The Black Nobility and the international banksters by the aid of the lawyers whom Jesus constantly rebuked, have always controlled the USA. And because of material blessings, the citizens let down the bars, just like the churches. Lucifer's servants and devotees have the US imprisoned NOW. There is only one (1) way out, and that is through the Word that came through the mouth of God's end-time Prophet to the Gentiles -- Acts 3:23.

Democracy in America ended over 100 years ago at the very latest. The Fourteenth Amendment was ratified in a criminal way in 1868. Americans should read it, it is your Bill of Sale into slavery.

You Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists and Pentecostals! Have you read the Articles, so-called Apostle's Creeds, Catechisms and so-forth that your church claims you must believe in order to have eternal Life? Have you PROVEN what you believe in God's unchanging Word? Are you FREEMEN in the glorious Liberty of Christ or are you denominational pawns in Satan's game and souls imprisoned NOW?)

Back to Brother James Montgomery's research:

"Now, this leads us up to 1933. Our country was recovering from a depression and now was declared bankrupt. I know you are saying. So What, the American people were never told about this? Public policy and National Security overruled the public right to know. Read the following Congressional quote:

Congressman Dies: "My investigation convinced me that during the last quarter of a century the average production of gold has been falling off considerably. The gold mines of the world are practically exhausted. There is only about $11,000,000,000 in gold in the world, with the United States owning a little more than four billions. We have more than $100,000,000,000 in debts payable in gold of the present weight and fineness....As a practical proposition these contracts cannot be collected in gold for the obvious reason that the gold supply of the entire world is not sufficient to make payment." Congressional Record, March 15, 1933.

Before 1933 all contracts with the government were payable in gold. Now I ask you? Who in their right mind would enter into contracts totaling One Hundred billion dollars in gold, when there was only eleven billion in gold in the whole world? We had about four billion. To keep from being hung by the American public they obeyed the banksters demands and turned over our country to them. They never came out and said we were in bankruptcy but, the fact remains, we are. In 1933 the gold of the whole country had to be turned in to the banksters, and all government contracts in gold were canceled. This is bankruptcy.

Congressman Traficant: "Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. government" Congressional Redord, March 17, 1993.

The wealth of the nation including our land was turned over to the banksters. In return, the nations 100 billion dollar debt was forgiven.

Remember, Jesus said "money is the root of all evil" The Congress of 1933 sold every American into slavery. Read the following Congressional quotes:

Congressman Patman: "I want to show you where the people are being imposed upon by reason of the delegation of this tremendous power. I invite your attention to the fact that section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act provides that whenever the Government of the United States issues and delivers money, Federal Reserve notes, which are based on the credit of the Nation -- they represent a mortgage upon your home and my home, and upon all the property of all the people of the Nation -- to the Federal Reserve agent, an interest charge shall be collected for the Government" Congressional Record, March 13, 1933.

Congressman Long: "That is the equity of what we are about to do. Yes; you are going to close us down. Yes; you have already closed us down, and have been doing it long before this year. Our President says that for 3 years we have been on the way to bankruptcy. We have been on the way to bankruptcy longer than 3 years. We have been on the way to bankruptcy ever since we began to allow the financial mastery of this country gradually to get into the hands of a little clique that has held it right up until they would send us to the grave" Congressional Record, March 11, 1933.

What did Roosevelt do? Sealed our fate and our children's fate, but worst of all, he declared War on the American People, remember the War Powers Act, the Trading With the Enemy Act. He declared emergency powers with his authority being the War Powers Act, the Trading With the Enemy Act. The problem is he REDEFINED who the enemy was, read the following: (remember what I said about the Social Security Number being a license to work)?

"The declared National Emergency of March 9, 1933 amended the War Powers Act to include the American PEOPLE as enemies:

"In Title 1, Section 1 it says: The actions, regulations, rules, licenses, orders and proclamations heretofore or hereafter taken, promulgated, made, or issued by the President of the United States or the Secretary of the Treasury since March 4, 1933, pursuant to the authority conferred by subdivision (b) of section 5 of the Act of October 6, 1917, as amended, are hereby approved and confirmed."

"Section 2. Subdivision (b) of section 5 of the Act of October 6, 1917, (40 Stat. L. 411), as amended, is hereby amended to read as follows: emergency declared by the President, the President may, through any agency that he may designate, or otherwise, investigate, regulate, or prohibit, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, by means of licenses or otherwise, any transactions in foreign exchange, transfers of credit between or payments by banking institutions as defined by the President, and export, hoarding, melting, or earmarking of gold or silver coin or bullion or currency, BY ANY PERSON WITHIN THE UNITED STATES OR ANY PLACE SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF."

Here is the legal phrase "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" but at law this refers to alien enemy and also applies to Fourteenth Amendment citizens:"

Now, what do you think of this?

The Department of Motor Vehicles was put under the direction and control of the Revenue Department by the Act of 1933, chapter 214 - S.B 238, thereby the primary concern is that of being revenue collectors.


We'll leave it here with the admonition to study to show ourselves approved of God by rightly dividing the Word of Truth. Multitudes of professing Christians will one day be ashamed because they have been slothful or sought to please man. Remember, Godly knowledge is the power unto salvation, whereas multitudes who believe they are God's people "are destroyed for lack of knowledge." bb990317.htm