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BRAIN-WASH was first published in January 1992
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Enlarged and re-published June 1992
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ISBN 0 9588651 7 5

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The most common excuse given for not being willing to study the evidence of what is going on around us is: "I don't have time!" This is an unconscious self-insult; we have time to eat and sleep, don't we? If we have time to live then we have time to look at the dangers that threaten our living. People are today committing suicide just because they didn't take time to see what was going on around them.

In other words, if life is worth living it is worth protecting. But then perhaps you do not think life is worth living! Well don't worry, if you finish this book and face that you thought wrong.


Last verse of "Dover Beach" by Matthew Arnold, 1867.

Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.


These despairing words of Arnold's "Dover Beach"
How well they speak of our own plight today;
But fear not for the darking ignorance brings.
The failure of a world! The tyrant flays!
Tomorrow yet will open doors to light
And light of truth reveal the promise stays.

Comment verse by Alan Gourley 1991.


Unfortunately the great majority of people today are not well-practiced readers; TV has seen to that. Because of this it is desirable that we set out some of the basics of convention and personal style used in this book. Writing, like speaking, uses a range of devices to try to hold attention and to clarify the message.

Quotations: in this book quotations are important. It is the practice of this author to set quotes in italics and at the end of each will be EQ for End Quote and perhaps EA to indicate Emphasis Added. It is unethical to change quotations, or use them out of context. However irrelevant parts can be cut, indicated by ... and clarifications and comments added within a quote are in [square brackets].

"Quotations marks" may be used for short quotes.

This writer prefers underline to the more common bold for emphasis because it is more obvious.

Italics are also used to indicate names of publications or organizations.

Single quotation marks may be used as 'put downs'; example: The PM made a 'brilliant' speech; no one believed a word of it. May also be used to indicate 'figure of speech' or simply to attract 'attention'.

These are guidelines, indicators may mean different things in different situations, the 'sense' of the sentence usually reveals what the author intends.

I hope I have made the difficult subject of this book more comfortable for both readers and non-readers.

Thank you for your attention.


An essay on the manipulation of the public mind for private power or profit.


Over the years of this work I have tried to make these books both readable and reliable. As this book is expected to be the keystone of the series it seems appropriate that I issue a personal challenge to readers.

The challenge: I offer $10,000 to the first person who can disprove (or show to be in serious error) my thesis that there is an elite of "Mafia style families", whose activities can be reasonably described as criminal, actively exploiting humanity and planning dictatorial world government.


A) Argument or evidence must be presented in writing.

B) Both sides must have equal display in a substantial public (not special interest) publication.

C) The decision will be by the freely expressed judgment of those members of the general public who follow the discussion and decide to submit their judgment.

My offer closes the day the New World Order installs a world monetary system as this will mean the approaching end of private ownership and prove beyond question my point.

This essay demonstrates in a very real way the modern power of pride, prejudice and self to overcome scientific attitude in the nation's universities. It is a real-life example of that old fairy tale about the Emperor with no clothes and desires public discussion.

Part 1. International Corruption

Chapter 1


WELCOME to your chance of survival!

At first that may seem an extreme statement but, as the kind of reader likely to be interested in this subject, you will, for your own benefit, put prejudice aside.

There is an old saying in our community, "A fool and his money are soon parted". Actually the correct way of it is, "A fool and his wealth are soon parted".

The wealth of man is something we are born with, it is our ability to know life and profit from it rather than be, as a dumb animal, the plaything of fate - or manipulation. The brainwasher is no more to blame for robbing you of your life than you are of allowing it, but our chances do not necessarily end with our first mistake.

People who read through to the end of this small book and profit by it, will return here to read it again, for few have such a perfect memory that they can retain and relate well enough to make the many connections immediately. Minimum length is to encourage a wide readership, not because of lack of material; should our culture survive references will become encyclopaedic.

The manipulation of public opinion is not new in the world. There is no reason to doubt that it goes back to the beginning of civilization and beyond. Manipulation extends from the smallest family to the largest community and we tend to take it for granted.

However, the means of manipulation have advanced greatly in recent decades and this, along with the scientific study of human behaviour, has created a system of power, exploitation and injustice that is truly new and a danger not just to the human community but to civilization and the future of life on earth.

The 1914-18 war demonstrated the potential for scientific public manipulation. This potential was then promoted by a man called Bernays who became the recognized expert and advocate of a new development of mass persuasion called Public Relations or PR for short.

Public Relations is, of course, the friendly public face of what Bernays himself liked to call "propaganda", now often called "social engineering". However, to the general public it is all just common "brainwashing".

Brainwashing, in military terms, is a physically forced program of indoctrination and the crime is not so much brainwashing as assault. That is not the kind of brainwashing we are concerned with here. What we here call brainwashing is something that causes us to act in ways beneficial to others and detrimental to our own interests without being aware we are used.

The word brainwashing is a deceit in itself. It does not mean washing to make clean. Rather it means washing to make dirty - to change the purity of brain logic by adding contamination. This brainwashing could be called confidence trickery, but may, in the computer age, be best explained as adding 'virus'.

Our bodies suffer at times from virus attack but it is only in the computer age that we have come to see virus as a destroyer of logic. This makes it easier to conceive of false information as an active agent in the mind to sabotage its logical workings.

So brainwashing comes in many guises but they do not disguise its essentially obnoxious nature.

The brainwashed find that their decisions - personal, family, business - do not work out and they lose confidence in themselves. They find they have to trust 'authorities' - financial consultants, the news media, politicians, educators - but they know that these people lie to them and take advantage of them and, though some live happily with this abuse, a growing number secretly despise themselves for their incompetence but see it as a personal problem leaving no choice.

Community brainwashing must be achieved in ways subtle because to be noticed is to fail. In fact, community brainwashing is so pervasive, it will likely be claimed by those brainwashed that what we are calling brainwashing is not brainwashing at all but merely a misunderstanding of legitimate commercial persuasion.

In reply to that claim, I expect to show that any opinion-forming that is pursued by deliberate deceit or misrepresentation is a highly immoral activity that will damage the ability of the mind to make rational decisions.

How does manipulation affect our lives? Let us have an example:- If you want to swap items with another person there is no reason you should pay an onlooker for that privilege. If you choose to use money to make your swapping more convenient there is still no reason why you should pay any outsider.

If we are told we are to be taxed on every transaction we make we are annoyed and depressed but this is exactly what has been happening for years, and not as a government tax but for the benefit of a private group of people.

The cost of providing money for convenience use is so small that it can be a function of government with no significant cost to government. To borrow money from a community-owned bank can be estimated to cost no more than 1% or 2% where we have a 'free of brainwashing, non-inflationary, non-manipulated economy'. The difference between that and what you are paying today on your Bankcard or other loan (or the addition to cost of goods because of high loans cost to business) is a cost of brainwashing. It is, in fact, a (goods and services) tax imposed on the world by the international bankers.

Unfortunately that is only a small part of the price! The full price of institutionalized irrational behaviour includes the greater part of all ill-health, road accidents, crimes, massacres and bad government generally. These things are all largely the result of community confusion, muddled thinking, misunderstandings, induced desires and frustrations caused by the implanting of virus persuasions in the community mind.

Another example: When George Orwell wanted to tell the world what was planned for it, he cloaked his message in fiction because he feared no one would believe the truth. Professor Quigley, an establishment man, wrote his 1,300 page, Tragedy & Hope in praise of the New World Order and the people who planned it; few people believed him any more than Orwell.

When people, over more recent years, have tried to explain about the New World Order they have been laughed at, sneered at and abused as foolish 'conspiracy theorists'. We do not want to believe that our leaders are bandits even though the great majority of us are well aware that we are constantly deceived, used and abused. We are desperate to believe that "Big Brother" is OUR 'family' not mafia 'family' - that our leaders sacrifice themselves to our welfare.

Then came the so-called "Gulf War" and Big Brother made the New World Order official. We then had to admit that warnings of world government were true to that extent, so we adjusted to the idea that world government, born to the sword, was 'a good thing'.

Reliable estimates are that over 100,000 'enemy' soldiers died of this United Nations sanctioned mission.

In addition it is estimated that 100,000 children and babies have died of disease and malnutrition. Certainly a lot of 'peace' has entered innocent households.

We do not excuse Iraq but there are many countries with leadership and policies as bad or worse and we must ask if it is a worse crime for Hussein to kill 10,000 rebels, few of whom are guilty of any crime, than for the United Nations to kill 100,000 rebels, few of whom are guilty of any crime?

Well, if we have no care for truth, justice, humanity, or social environment; if our social conscience is no more than that of the puppet obeying the strings as they are pulled; if we have no concern for family, race or humankind, then let us feel good about the slow erosion of our humanity, no doubt we get what we deserve. If that is how YOU see it then feel free to treat this book as fiction, no doubt you will find it entertaining.

As I recall from my school-days, it was an American woman who said, "Laugh, if you will, at this old gray head, but spare your country's flag." Well, patriotism today is an object of scorn (except in the sports arena where loyalty knows no limits). Past heroes, their sacrifice for us - their courage - are objects of popular ridicule and civilization is now a pretended concern for 'Human Rights', 'Rights of anti-Discrimination'. Our world is as honest as the shadows in 'the box' are solid.

Today we live lives of puppets but desperately obey the strings lest we have even that pretended humanity removed from us. We fear to know that when the 'spoiled child mind' of despotism tires of the game, millions of silly puppets will be destroyed to make way for some other New World Order playground.

We have seen leaders of social change such as Darwin, Germaine Greer, Dr Spock, Dr Mead, renounce popular positions without change to public education or mass media attitude. We see political, business, family and religious corruption - bank fraud of the community - TV-encouraged robbery, violence and massacre in our streets; even politically correct war. Is it not time we took a look at ourselves before both conscience and human soul die of shame?

Yes, we do need a new world order but an order of social conscience where 'order' is not a dictator's choice and 'peace' does mean the death of all who do not accept the tyrant's decree.

How has this social degeneration come about? Is it too late for conscience regeneration? That is the subject of this book.

The Public Relations industry is presented as legitimate persuasion and the generation of goodwill between people. Is it so?

After many years of literary research and general observation it became my considered opinion that all, or almost all, social immorality is directed from the top levels of society. Now, after many more years, I can see that political manipulation (ideological manipulation if you like) is the real force behind the academic study called Public Relations.

PR is a study, tightly attached to studies of human behaviour and psychiatry, whose ultimate purpose is political manipulation of the mass community for private power.

PR, instead of being 'harmless commercial persuasion' is, in fact, a political enterprise with commercial PR merely a facade to allow the academic study of community behaviour and control without the objections that would result from exposure of its real purpose.

All manipulation of community mind results in confusion, ineptitude and misapplication of effort. Commercial manipulation masks, and aids, the political intrusion. Brainwashing, at today's level, gives many in our community the appearance of mental incompetence and generates feelings of futility. As a result of this political manipulation is made easy.

Deceit has been with us for a long time but this kind of '1984' 'big brother' program has rapidly increased over the last hundred years and massively over the last fifty years.

Brainwashing is a serious subject but I do not want to frighten people into thinking that all is lost; the "what can I do" cringe is far too widespread already.

So before we begin the evidence I would just like to remind readers that housewives, farmers and office workers have, on occasion, taken on the establishment forces, the money institutions and governments, with some small successes whenever they have refused to accept the idea of their own insignificance.

There are also failures, but the reason for the failures is only that too few people are prepared to study problems and stand behind their own intelligence.

Jacques Cousteau, who most of us know because of his well publicized oceanographic adventures, once said that the only chance the world has is an educated people. He proposed that there should be a world "Supreme Court of Science and Technology" but saw that only an informed people could safely be given the position of judge in this court.

Few today see that only the people can be safely left to make decisions about those everyday matters that affect them.

Propaganda against common democracy is now pandemic. There is a public relations campaign to discredit the power and authority of the people even to the extent of discrediting the jury system of justice.

If people are to be sufficiently well informed to regain control of their lives, we will need to return to "Constitutional Democratic Government".

True democracy is an ideal only possible if people are allowed to know the scientific and political truths. To be sure that we are honestly informed we, the people, must take control of our parliaments - we have to learn true democracy and not just accept that we have democracy because we are told we have it, or because democracy is what our Constitution provides for. True democracy means people-chosen representatives in control of parliaments.

Without truly people-chosen (not political party-chosen) representation in government to ensure honest information in our education and mass media, our best efforts - our green and environmental movements - our citizens referendums - will always be directed by planned misinformation and manipulation.

So let's stop feeling sorry for ourselves and realize that it is we, the people, who have both the NEED and the ABILITY to solve our problems. To do this we need to make a 'quantum leap' in goodwill to the service of future generations.

Let us think not just "what I can do for me" but "what I can do for future generations". Let us take on a true human generosity.

It may well be too late for us (who will make decisions in this century) to be wise in many things, but we can be wise in one thing: we can be wise in having the generosity to provide following generations with a platform for true enlightenment and justice.

Corruption spreads down from the top. To return to a more just - more human - society, we have to reverse the process. A true regeneration of conscience must come from the grass-roots level of society to spread out and permeate upwards.

We are a multitude, they are few! We have the power, they the illusion! Yes, you may read this book as fiction. If that is what you want, read on - while you can! But perhaps, when you have read it and understand a little better how the illusion was created and maintained you will feel a stirring of human conscience, an awareness of your human privilege and a concern for the human future on this earth.

One more thing before we go on; my severe criticism of certain groups does not mean that I think all people in such groups are criminal. There are good and bad in all walks of life and both good and bad can be misled. People like Bernays and fanatical ideologues seldom knowingly support despotism, they behave as they do because of beliefs and attitudes absorbed from their educational environment. brain1.htm

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