Chapter 6


How were we brought to this level of disaster? Who is to blame?

Obviously we are all, to some extent, to blame. We have been far too lax and too trusting. But who are they, our opponents, who engineer deception?

There are a lot of ideas about this; various people blame Communism, Capitalism, Humanism, Evolution Theory, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Political Parties, Religion, The Fabians, Satanism, the Jews, The Illuminati, to name a few.

Without trying the impossible job of allotting degrees of blame there is still something that can be said clearly and with certainty. But first a few quotes:

From a featured article by Bill Weekes (Senior lecturer in management at Deakin University) The Australian (18/12/1986):

To all intents and purposes Australia can't pay its way and is going broke. But nobody seems to care because, superficially, we still seem to enjoy a reasonable standard of living. However that standard is being propped up by money borrowed from overseas. A family of three children in Australia would now owe $30,000 in overseas debt.

All this has happened in the last five years.

According to an article in the Sunday Mail (5/10/1986) based on the National Australia Bank October review:

Australia stands to "suffer considerably" as the emergence of a global economy erodes the power of national governments, . . .

Mr. John Fletcher, Chief General Manager of the Commonwealth Development Bank:

The multinational bankers should never be underestimated in the lengths they will go and the dirty tactics they will employ in search of their profit objectives.

First-hand experience of what the international bankers did to Mexico when it was on its knees in early 1983 made me acutely aware of the dangers . . .

Just think! Australia is up to its ears in debt, so are the nations of South America. The USA, Great Britain and yes Poland and the Communist countries, all have massive debts. All the world is in debt, but to whom?

The 'International Financiers' have long had the power to influence the destiny of nations; today they have the power and position to make or break any nation on earth so long as the nations accept the rules imposed.

For the untold billions that they rake in in interest payments what do the International Financiers produce?


In what way do they benefit the nations to which they lend money?

In no way.

When I think on this subject a song, which mature-age readers will remember, runs through my mind, It's Only a Paper Moon. With apologies to whoever wrote that song here is my version:

   'It's only a paper bag,
   holding all that pie-in-the-sky
   but 'twould all be make-believe
   did we not believe it true'. 

The concept of a global economy is a confidence trick - the power of the international financiers is a confidence trick. It is a make-believe represented by magical numbers printed on pieces of paper and it is these pieces of paper that, over the years, have bribed, bought and corrupted our institutions, our religions, our mass media and our political parties.

No government needs to buy this paper; we can print our own magical numbers thank you. But over generations of conditioning we are fixed in the belief that we must take part in the world economy and trading charade. We buy these 'pie-in-the-sky' book entries, we pay interest in real wealth, and we are bled white.

Almost without exception every overseas loan is unnecessary and a disguised tax on the community; every community tax has become a weapon for weakening our resistance, and every license a payment to bureaucracy to control some right we once freely enjoyed.

Politicians and political parties, bowing to international finance, co-operate to impose a two-level system of public deceit. On one level are the highly publicized and emotional issues such as the Australian Bill of Rights which, to reluctant extent, are open to public opinion and political argument. On the other are the unpublicized items, such as The Australia Act, which are introduced without public awakening. The purpose is to give total political power to the international money lending establishment.

What name can we give these international power brokers? As they organize and behave so much like the Mafia let's call them the Super Mafia, SM for short.

To escape the 'paper bag' of economic mythology the nations only need cancel these international loans that have been sold by stand over tactics and confidence trickery, and which have been entered into without public authority.

What would happen if every country was to say to the International Financiers, "Look, we owe you $x so we propose to write you a cheque for that amount of money."

Well obviously the IFs would scream to high heaven, "We don't want your worthless paper. That would just be canceling out your debt."

And the nations would say, "Right, here is your cheque, consider our debt paid. Thank you, we each now have our own national monetary system. Have a good day."

For a year or two there would be some distress but no more overall than exists now. International trade would quickly decline to a fraction of present volume as the nations rebuilt their own independent industries.

There would remain a significant level of international trade bartered on a gold standard but each nation would run its own internal economy, print its own magical numbers and issue its own form of currency just as nations have done for most of recorded history.

The only restraint on national money production is that each dollar must be devoted to a genuine economic purpose. Whether we want to build a bridge or a home or a factory, just so long as what is produced serves a genuine economic benefit to the community, then the government can safely make the loan. Housing, farm and industrial loans of 2% to 3% would show the government and the community a profit. A Christian economy is an economy that the normally intelligent citizen can understand and appreciate. He does not want to cheat his neighbour and indeed is so well off that he has no need to do so. There is work for everyone but each person needs spend far less lifetime working.

There is no need to go into this subject in depth here. Actually the facts are so self-evident that long explanation seems pointless and confusing. So long as a nation has the workers and the materials, then a loan becomes a 'self fulfilling prophecy' to produce wealth. It is no more than a book entry. In fact it is a credit .. a credit to someone who has a plan to produce wealth and should be seen more in the nature of a permit to acquire the needed materials.

A natural economy is simple and the benefit is obvious. Many countries, including Australia, have, in the past, used internal financing with complete success, but we would be hard pressed today to find a political party, or economist, willing to admit that this option exists. d&ta07.htm

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