Chapter 7


There can be left no doubt that, in any historic meaning of the word, we are faced with treason on a grand scale. A scale that would be impossible in a less technical age with a less sophisticated education and mass media. Do we still dare to call it treason?

If you still dare to call it treason then we may still have a little time in which to save our lives.

That is what we are talking about, saving first the lives of the Christian community and incidentally the lives of some three quarters of the people living, or potentially living, on earth.

What we have to face is that the gigantic swindle which has been organized by the international money-lending Super Mafia is MORE than an exercise in power grabbing. Of all the evidence that has been so painstakingly uncovered not least is the evidence of subversion by use of drugs, mis-education and moral perversion. The evidence of political misuse of health and education shows very clearly that human life has no value to the stooges of the SM.

Now already within the minds of many readers there is an imp busily switching off switches and ringing alarm bells. Most people, especially those who have come through the public education system, have implanted in the mind aversions and fears to make them blind to certain realities.

The Super Mafia want you blind so that you will have to follow where they lead and fall when pushed. To understand life we must try to gum up some of those switches and alarms.

Especially they want you to ignore all evidence of mass murder - just very unusual incidents that may never happen again and certainly .. COULD NEVER happen HERE.

You have heard of the holocaust in which six million Jews were said to have been slaughtered. This is mentioned only because it is the best known of such events rather than because we want to discuss whether it was really six million or perhaps six hundred thousand. The fear we have to learn to face is that when it comes to such events the number is not important. What the power maniac is about is DEMONSTRATING POWER.

Inhumanity extends back to the beginning of humanity. Like most drugs the delight in PERSONAL POWER may begin quite innocently, perhaps as a desire for just sufficient wealth for comfort. But success in wealth accumulation :b leads to the experience of POWER over others and some find this power so exciting that the accumulation of wealth turns to an accumulation of power which is in no way satisfied by wealth alone.

Like 'snuff' movies the power to kill becomes the ultimate turn-on, first one then several, then any mass of people for just the 'glory' of exercising POWER. Kill A community, a nation, a race = POWER.

Communists kill - an IDEOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE. It is in the nature of the ideology that people are given power of life or death over others and those who find power most irresistible will claw their way to more Power.

Although capitalism and communism are the two levers of the nut-cracker, we give far more space to communism here because, while capitalism is the economic destroyer AND EQUALLY blameworthy, communism is the people destroyer. People have far more reason to be afraid of communism than of capitalism. Do not forget - killing - an IDEOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE.

Freedom House in London is reported to have established a verifiable figure of more than 95 MILLION deaths throughout the world in the name of communism. So do not imagine (when we talk of the killing of incredible numbers of people) that it is not possible. For those who have the lust for it the greater the number the better.

We all have to die. Will we prefer to die standing and defending justice and humanity or will we prefer to die cringing and begging a few more hours by offering betrayal of family and neighbours?

Be assured, neither money nor betrayal will buy life for you or me, or any member of our families. Any deal any one of us can make is worthless because the Elitist Super Mafia have it as principle that any deal with outsiders is not morally or legally binding; :b the Fabian logo of a wolf in sheep's clothing portrays their philosophy of deceit. The Super Mafia always follows the attitude that any deceit is justified by benefit - TO THEM.

By taking action against those who want us at their mercy we do not put our lives at risk; our lives are already at risk - the action we take is defensive. Those who sell the soul for a reprieve or promise of leadership in the new society (and there are obviously quite a few) will find, when they deliver their part of the bargain that, by advancing the plans of the power-hungry, they have reduced their time.

What is at stake is ownership of the world and there exist far more people than a despotic world government needs in an age of technology.

Why MUST They Destroy Population?

To understand that we first have to ask ourselves WHY the desperate and secretive push to world government. That the plan for world ownership is of very long standing is, on the evidence, beyond logical denial, but this does not explain the fanatical post-war activity generated. What has happened during the last thirty or forty years to add urgency to the plan?

Some years ago a report showed it to require the expense of more world- based energy to produce food than was obtainable from that food. Meaning we have entered a time of diminishing resources on 'Spaceship Earth'.

To analyze the problem of using resources at a faster rate than replenishment is a technical matter, but the problem can be presented in a more meaningful way:

1) population has now come close to (or passed) maximum continual use of the easily available fresh water required for agriculture;

2) growing population is causing increasing loss of agricultural land to housing and services;

3) land over-use (or misuse) is causing more and more of the productive land to become eroded, infertile, drought-stricken and taken over by expanding deserts;

4) massive use of fossil-fuels (oil and coal) together with the destruction of forests all around the globe, is causing a change in the balance of the atmosphere;

5) careless use of pesticides and pollutants, plus over- fishing, is causing an imbalance in ocean life with the potential for considerably reducing the available supply of food from the ocean.

ITEM: Heading, Sydney Morning Herald 22/3/1986, There's no way out of Earth's Greenhouse, scientists say. Quote:

Australian scientists have confirmed that the burning of fossil fuels is almost solely responsible for alarming increases in the atmospheric concentrations of "greenhouse" gases.

ITEM: Article in WAKE UP September '85: 1000 million could die in next 15 years. Quote:

As the World Bank unveiled its annual world development report last month, an astonishing attack on the institution was made by The Ecologist magazine:

A special double issue of the British periodical consists of 13 articles which accuse the Bank and United Nations agencies of contributing to "misery, malnutrition and famine in the Third World".

. . . the magazine's publisher foresees that 1000 million people will die of starvation in the next 15 years as a result of misconceived development projects spearheaded by the Bank.

Most of these 1000 million people have been condemned to death by large- scale development projects, says Goldsmith, who also singles out the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization as a major culprit.

The above is supported by another report virtually ignored by the media. This time from an international group of doctors who claim that international aid to Ethiopia has been massively misused to round up about 750,000 starving refugees and, using famine aid trucks, transport them into barren areas. To time of report it is said that some 100,000 had died from starvation in the re-settlement areas and that people trying to escape were either shot or had their legs broken.

In our present situation we must also consider the advances of modern technology. In advanced countries at least half the population is now not needed for production and distribution. If that half were eliminated then the production and services of the remainder would be double what is required.

Items come to hand but this book does not have space to pursue matters already well documented or known to the observant public. Massive evidence combines with the vital philosophical motivators of the Super Mafia and the physical threat that would come from maintaining a uselessly large population.

The Super Mafia do not have to be correct in their interpretation of ecological events. The fact is that their record of inhumanity is historic and, so long as they BELIEVE they are threatened, they will act accordingly. Nevertheless, in this matter they do have reason for concern; it is their heartless solution that we can object to.

The Super Mafia are able to exterminate three out of every four people and still leave more than enough productive labour to serve the technological ambitions of an elitist government. For them, it would be vastly beneficial to do so.

People try to avoid facing these facts, but bury your head in the sand at your own peril because the reasons for massive extermination are quite sufficient to excuse any socialist purge the SM may demand as they concentrate power in a dictatorial World Government.

Leaders of the free democracies make deals. They are desperate to believe it is all for the best so they talk free enterprise and serve elitism; they talk opposition but play into the hands of our enemies. They run the Christian free-enterprise nations into bankruptcy to finance our enemies. THINK! d&ta08.htm

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