When one reads the recognized constitutional experts of the past, such as for instance Dr. Evatt, what we find is a great confusion of opinion about details of meaning. People like Dr. Evatt considered this a disaster; he wanted a legally precise and defined constitution (is there such a thing?). Others consider the strength of Common Law is that it is flexible, even though this very flexibility may create confusion.

However, despite this diversity of views, there is one point at which all acknowledged past authorities appear to agree; under our system ... the people are the authority.

Whenever a constitutional crisis occurs and the Crown dissolves a parliament, it is always in order to return parliament to the authority of the electorate. Parliament has only one legal duty, to serve the will of the people; the Crown has only one legal duty in its sworn commitment to ensure the parliament acts by the WILL of the people and WITHIN THE LAW.

So in the end it does not matter what the politicians say, or what a King or Queen may say, or what the Courts and lawyers may say, CONSTITUTIONALLY, it is the people who are THE ONLY authority RIGHTFULLY able to make a final decision on all matters of constitution and government.


It is well that we should make these things known within our community for we are, if ignorant, subject to grave and individual danger. We (who have been active in this matter) are neither rash nor ideological fanatics, we are not gambling our lives for some petty political end. The Common Law system, established on the will of the people, is your only legal protection. If the overthrow of the Common Law system is completed then the lives of all Australians will be in the hands of despots free to rule by despotic law.

The world has never, in national history, ever fully achieved 'government of the people by the people'. Perhaps, early this century, we came close to that ideal in Australia (as also in the U.S.A. and England) but failed because of lack of understanding and political will. The power-hungry were allowed to consolidate their control of the school-room, the church, the mass media and the political party system.

In true democracy there must be a public ability to:

1. exercise authority over individual political decisions;

2. control the money supply;

3. manage national affairs free of foreign instruction.

It was never clearly explained that we had achieved (by virtue of our Constitutional heritage) the three imperatives of democracy. No one ever told us of our need to protect this heritage. No political party ever campaigned for some mechanism whereby we might keep our servants honest.

The most effective way so far developed of keeping our servants honest, is the Swiss system of Citizen Initiated Referendum but even this may not be enough without Citizen Chosen Representatives in parliament.

The strange thing is that in order to create a technological society the power hungry had to give us a sound education beneath that overlay of ideological deceit. This has resulted in the opening of a narrow time- slot during which we may, so long as we still have the will and the courage to act, see the deception and escape.

Our future is our own responsibility. God gave us an option but it is we who have to take it up.

You may judge the tree by the fruit it bears.

As you now must surely see, the hour is late. Late indeed for those who would save family, nation, or soul.

The treason we talk of is one treason and the struggle is one struggle. The battle is for truth against lies; the battle is for justice against injustice; the battle is for good against evil.

Intelligence was given us to use.

What Can be Done?

If this book can strike a spark you can be a detonator. If the detonator fizzes rather than explodes, then the great force contained in the community population will not ignite. It is up to us.

Enough people are already reading this information to create a mighty explosion if they have the will to set in motion the chain reaction. We need to start an explosive reaction that will see sufficient of this information produced and distributed before the results of treason consolidate into a new, United Nations dictated, Australian Constitution.

We have to gain enough community enlightenment to charge the political parties with treason. The legal profession will not support us unless we have community support; lawyers will not put their heads on the block for a seeming lost cause even though their heads will come off if our cause is finally lost.

How can you spread this information? Do not go only to friends and those who already agree with you. Try your butcher, your baker, your chemist. As you buy your shoes it is not too difficult to ask, Are you concerned about the political situation? If he/she says No! all you need do is look surprised and try someone else; but if they give any positive response you can say, Well, the first thing you can do is to read this book, you can tell me what you think of it next time I'm in.

If, after reading, people respond negatively ask them to give you evidence to support their position but try not to get into an argument that will only set up an emotional blockage.

You can send a copy to your local newspaper (but don't expect too much). You can send it to any politician in whom you have some faith (are there any?), your favourite media personality or sports star. Business managers, clubs, committee members, etc. Some go from door to door or even hand them out in the street using the same approach as with your storekeeper.

Our Sword

DEMOCRACY and TREASON in AUSTRALIA is our Sword - our political weapon. Although the armour of generations of miseducation and dissipation is thick, we have to keep hacking away. More people are awakening and the more that do awake the more restless grow those still asleep. We have to get basic information to as many responsible people as possible, even repeating on political, business and media people who have been given less convincing material.

We must each become our own political campaign to get a voice in parliament.


Here are some sample approach letters:

Dear Mr. [Businessman],

You are no doubt concerned by the consistent deterioration of the Australian economy and equally consistent and progressive oppression of free enterprise through petty regulations, rip-off interest rates and crippling taxation. You may already have read similar material and found it incredible so I think you should know that almost 15,000 copies of a booklet preliminary to this were sold unchallenged over about twelve months.

This new book has so many additions and improvements that it is re-named. In view of the success of first booklet you will find this book worth reading and re-thinking. You may also give some thought to reading the supporting literature. After all, can so many prominent, successful and conservative people be wrong?

There is so much at stake and so little you need invest in time and study to check the facts.

If you take your troubles seriously you will soon see that the things that are happening are not the result of government mistakes. We no longer have representative government. What is happening is deliberate. Will you help bring these matters to public attention before it is too late?

Copies have been posted to politicians and if they have been misled they can now prove their worth.

If enough people learn the facts we CAN get our own representatives into Parliament to act on our behalf.


Sample letter to a media person:

Dear [Media person]

You will be aware of the extreme disquiet among the more alert of our community and a general dispute of what we were educated to believe. You may already be disturbed that certain 'educated' beliefs will not stand honest investigation.

You are no doubt concerned by the consistent deterioration of the Australian economy and equally consistent and progressive oppression of free enterprise through petty regulations and punitive taxation. You may already have read similar material and found it incredible so I think you should know that almost 15,000 copies of a booklet preliminary to this book were sold unchallenged over about twelve months.

This new book has so many additions and improvements that it is renamed. In view of the success of the preliminary booklet you will find this new book worth reading and re-thinking. If you follow up on the supporting literature you will soon see that the things that are happening are not the result of government mistakes. We no longer have representative government. What is happening is deliberate. Will you help bring these matters to public attention before it is too late?

I have posted the (copy enclosed) letter to my Federal and State MPs, others around Australia are doing the same. If MPs have been misled they now have a chance to prove their worth.

If enough people learn the truth we CAN get our own representatives into parliament to act on our behalf.


You can write your own version and similar formats can be used for other people. Impersonal distribution is not so good. A signed note proves a real person with real commitment.


Letter to political candidates or MPs


My [potential] representative in the electorate of ................

Dear Sir/Madam,

May I bring to your attention the enclosed book DEMOCRACY and TREASON in AUSTRALIA and mention that a preliminary booklet sold almost 15,000 copies unchallenged over about twelve months.

In view of the obvious fact that political party promises are rarely kept (a package deal never totally reflecting the desires of any group of electors and, in any event, having no constitutional relevance) I would like you to know it is my will that you study seriously the content of this book and respond to the following questions:

1. What do you believe are your duties as a MP? Who told you your duties? 2. Do you see yourself as representing your electorate, your political party, or some other authority? 3. If you represent your electorate, what have you done to ascertain the viewpoint of the electorate on any matter of consequence? 4. If you represent your electorate why did you not fully inform your electorate of the potential consequences of the Australia Act; the politically appointed Constitutional Committee, etc, and ascertain electorate response? 5. Having read this book are you now prepared to take steps to discover, and represent, the views of your electorate?


To avoid excessive duplication of effort it would be appropriate if each reader approach only one member of the Senate, your own State member and Federal member, and one media person.

Naturally the more local people you contact the better. Books should go to local R.S.L. members and any patriotic or activist people or groups as well as other responsible citizens.


"Power is the great aphrodisiac" says Henry Kissinger, and he should know. Do not imagine that power-crazed dupes who see themselves within reach of victory will be persuaded by fact or by argument; by law or by Constitution. At no time have they ever given in to reasoned public opposition unless it has suited them to do so. Treasonous people have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to the 'tar and feathers'.

Remember this, the Bill of Rights, Human Rights Commission, Equal Opportunities, The Australia Card, The Education & Public Instruction Bill of 1987 (N.S.W.), The Industrial Arbitration Amendment Bill (N.S.W.) etc, are all try-ons for the fitting of our 'New Law'. The despotic 'law of authority'. The law of force that makes of every bureaucrat an authority and within his given authority he is THE LAW.

This is the law that is replacing our Common Law system which is now in process of being illegally overthrown. Our seeming victories in slowing some of these monstrosities will be irrelevant if we allow them to write the powers they want into a new Australian Constitution.

Make good use of all additional time; it is hard bought by a few concerned people.

Ultimately the only way to regain control is to choose people you know and trust in your electorate and BEG them to stand at the next election as independents. Rally support. Do not forget that one presentable local person with an honest proposition can influence more votes than $100,000 of political propaganda. With sixty to seventy percent of people completely sick of the political parties there has never been a better chance for an honest, WELL-INFORMED, independent.

Persuasive political programs should feature promise of action on the following fundamental needs:

1. Citizen Initiated Referendums to return political power to the people as our Constitution intended;

2. exposure of the money myth (all legitimate loans needed for housing and business could be profitably loaned by the government at two or three percent interest);

3. exposure of political party treachery;

4. the return of status to the traditional family;

5. outlaw political brainwashing in schools.

These are weak points of the established political parties that crawl to the 'Internationalist Establishment'. Our weak point is public ignorance.

We have one avenue open to regain control and self-respect. Enough genuine independent MPs to gain the balance of power could be enough to save the nation.



(a) If such governments are not guilty of treason, then let them give the electorate a voice in the future of Australia. Honest political parties will not separate us from our constitutional rights by secretive conspiracy, nor will they, by deceit, force on us despotic law. No! What they will do is first explain, and then give us, the rights to which we are already entitled.

(b) If political parties are honest to the electorate they will stop the use of schools for social engineering. They will stop encouraging children to use drugs and to disregard parents. They will stop the teaching of ideological lies. They will clean up the education system and get rid of those who teach political fantasy.

(c) They will support the natural family unit.

(d) They will allow freedom of truth.

What do political parties fear? Do they fear too much public support for clean open government?

Or do they fear Internationalist masters?

* * *


(a) They will stop denigrating people who oppose socialist philosophy.

(b) If mass media truly support 'freedom of the press' then let them give equal space to the well reasoned literature of free people and not concentrate on the biased ravings of ideological captives. (First & Last literature is offered free for fair display and comment.)

What do they fear? Do they fear the truth will be too obvious?

Do they fear the great increase of circulation will be too much to handle?

Or do they fear Internationalist masters?



If big business is in service to Australia then let them spend some of the millions now spent on advertising the three S's (sex, sport and stupidity) and expose the sell-out of Australian sovereignty.

What do they fear? Do they fear too much goodwill and increased sales to a grateful public?

Or do they fear Internationalist masters?

PEOPLE, you have POWER!

Politically there are said to be three kinds of people:

Those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; and those who never know what hits them.

The challenge to you is simple - join with those who work to make things happen (The Constitutional Heritage Society). Elect a legal government to prepare legislation on your behalf.

People! You have power! But sadly you now live in a country where POWER is confiscated to a political party form of government that binds itself by treaty to the United Nations organization. You now live in a country where the bureaucracy is over-ruling your Common Law rights so as to install 'Despotic Law' (what the authority says is law, IS LAW) under this 'law' you have no right of appeal against government legislation and no authority to whom you can appeal.

Your rights will soon be no more than in any other communist country.

But! If enough people are alerted before the above situation is legalized by a new constitution we have another chance. By quick action in revealing the truth and creating political resistance, we may prevent the imposition of a new constitution and regain our freedom.

Do we still have the strength of purpose to force OUR government to sign a renewal of Magna Carta?

Do not rely on your historic concept of access to the Crown; that avenue is now effectively blocked. Your one realistic legal option is to elect your own independent political representative before that avenue too, is closed.

Do not support political parties that sign away Australia's sovereignty behind your back. Awaken your community so that treacherous people can be put on trial for treason. Do not support mass media (or those who advertise thereon) which do not expose treason. Do not support business which does not support a free and independent Australia.

Do not expect people to be easily awakened, be happy if they read and think about these things.

If we want our rights we have first to accept our responsibilities.

We must not submit to the 'One World' conspiracy.



* * *

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