Cop Bashing & Criminal Glorification



A phototograph of the (amphetamine addicted burglar) dead 'victim' smiles at you from the page, the averted (obviously distressed) face of the senior constable is placed next to it.


The article's accusation of the senior constable, centres on the knife in the hand of the burglar, stolen in a burglary earlier that month. Additional innuendo is introduced in the allegation of transference of "gunshot residue" from the hands of the police officer to the burglar's hand holding the knife.


The reporter does not concern himself with the fact that the burglar closed in on the officer, and in thus threatening the constable's life was shot in the chest, at close range. The question as to the transference of gunshot residue from the chest, to the hand of the burglar who "appeared to be clutching his chest" is ignored also. Instead the emphasis is placed on the possibility that the officer's hand "transferred gunshot residue to the burglar's hand", but ignoring that such transference would occur as the officer felt for the pulse on the wrist of the shot man.


Much is made of the fact that the house the burglar entered belonged to a "police reservist" and the "senior constable's ... sister" ... who were both away "for a two week cruise". This is somehow implied to be a "conflict of interest".

The report does not consider that the difficulty of catching an experienced burglar (of some 20 years experience) demands discretion and co-operation. The general public rarely comes forward voluntarily to assist and to discretely work with the police. The fear of retribution from criminals directed at those who assisted police (or were thought to have assisted police) in the arrest deters many citizens. Most seem content to install burglar alarms, insure the contents of their houses and to leave it at that and take their chances.

The apprehension of a burglar who had been plaguing the district for some 20 years was clearly IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST. To allude to the case as somehow tainted with a "conflict of interest" is to say the least snide. The owners of the house where the death occurred must bear the potential consequences of this tragedy.

To further suggest that the police officers should not have engaged in the operation without being issued with a "mobile telephone" and an "ASP expandable baton", is ludicrous. We know that police officers, for their own good, should receive more equipment and do a lot more field and situation exercises and range practice. Should all valuable crime prevention be halted on the grounds that a baton and a mobile phone has not been issued/available at the time? Will the taxpayers/electors of this nation ensure that policemen shall receive all the necessary equipment and training?


The implication is clear. The reporter's concern is with the burglar being shot as he attacked the police officer, while minimizing the danger the constable faced. The criminal would not have been shot if the policeman had entered the room with a torch in one hand and a baton in the other.

However consider, the burglar was armed with a torch and had a knife in his possession and launched an attack on the officer, and could have killed the policeman if he had not been armed with his revolver.

The burglar had the advantage of being verbally warned of the intention of the police officer to arrest him. The burglar did not verbally convey to the officer that he was going to resist arrest AND ATTACKED THE POLICE OFFICER WITHOUT WARNING! The burglar had a history of violence having assaulted a former girlfriend and broken the nose of a man who challenged him with stealing petrol.

Do we have to wait for violent criminals to prove they are killers?

* * *


The overly sympathetic consideration of the 'Civil Rights' of the Criminal over the Right to Self Defence of Police Officers (and civilians) is an increasingly evident feature of Main Stream Media reporting. Such propaganda must weigh heavily on the minds of police officers and seriously interfere with the execution of their duties. It will certainly add to the stress of the job and affect their capacity to act during the apprehension of potentially dangerous subjects, such as unpredictable amphetamine ("speed") addicts.

The allegation, by counsel assisting the coroner, that Senior Constable Coombs "put the knife in Lewis' hand" is indicative of the peril police officers are constantly exposed to - death and injury at the hands of criminals, and persecution in the courts for defending themselves against violent criminals. Council assisting the coroner cannot have been ignorant of the violent nature of this "speed" addicted and unpredictable criminal. The assumption that the hands of the criminal instead of being "on the gun" where held towards the gun "in a gesture of supplication", is consistent with the attitude of maudlin sentiment felt for violent and unpredictable criminals by a certain class of deluded individuals.


NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) like 'AMNESTY', will clamor for the 'Human Rights' and 'self-determination' on behalf of narco-terrorists (billed as "freedom fighters").

Narco-terrorist organized 'marches' of bonded coca growers (serfs) are disciplined by means of torture and death. At least one case is documented, in which FARC (a Colombian narco-terrorist cartel) beheaded a child in front of his parents and siblings, because of the father's opposition to joining the protest marches. FARC kindnapped 60 Colombians for use as human shields, in "peace talks" skirmishes with Colombian security forces. FARC seized one army sergeant, conducted a "trial", hung the man by his testicles and burnt him alive.(EIR 20.09.1996-35). Main Stream Media and NGOs suppress reports of such Crimes Against Humanity (forced labor, slavery, serfdom, assassination, terrorism, torture, killing of non-combatants) in order to further the interests of Drug Cartels, which are interlocked with those of the International Financial Community and work under the smoke-screen of "Human Rights Abuses" by the security forces, and that the security campaign adversely affects the "poor peasants" who grow the coca for the Narco-terrorist Drug Barons. Any peasant who abandons "the cause" is punished by torture and death. The fine sounding rhetoric of the NGOs hides a putrid excrescence of the 'New Dark Ages'.


The death of Frederick John Lewis must be laid at the door of the 'financial community' which imposes 'deregulation', i.e. the freedom to use narcotics money to prop up the 'markets' (the euphemism for the global manipulated currency and commodity casino). Proper transparency and regulation of financial transactions would soon reveal the "money trail of the the narcotics trade". Such action would effectively halt it. It would also put a stop to the bleeding of the economy by asset strippers and speculators. It would lower interest rates and return the nation to a productive economy. It would allow creative and able people to prosper and contribute to society rather than descend to 'blowing their brains' with drugs.

DOG & FOX REPORT - by David Krajca

Disposed of a total more than one thousand dogs and foxes. The records are with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Not all dogs and foxes can be caught with baits, the more wily dogs and foxes have to be shot. Dogs are fast moving targets and a semi-automatic centrefire firearm is an imperative in such a case. Our semi-automatic centrefire firearm was chosen for its reliability, the ease of taking it apart for cleaning, and its 'low' cost, being a SKS carbine. We obtained a special licence for it, for the purpose of culling rogue (hard to bait) feral dogs, and kangaroos in pest numbers which damage fences and foul paddocks.

We are lucky that feral pigs haven't spread to this area. However, we are concerned for those farmers who have to cope with these pests. Semi-automatic centrefire rifles are an absolute must in situations as described above.

Those of us, who dutifully 'crimped' our semi-automatic centrefire rifles, and went to the trouble of applying for a 'special licence', now find that we will be deprived of a 'tool' which is absolutely necessary for defending stock against the attack of rogue dogs and fences and pastures from large mobs of kangaroos.

Those firearms owners who had the foresight to perceive that the special licence was an entrapment for eventual confiscation, will continue to possess semi-automatic weapons, unless the government is prepared for the kind of measures used by authoritarian regimes.

We were reminded of this point when we were once again collared by a 'local'.

The Hon Bill McGrath MLA. This 'betrayal of trust in government', inflicted by government upon its citizens, who are by nature and nurture law abiding, strengthens the stand of what has now become, the "conscientious objector to government disarming the citizen". With narcotics entering this nation by the container load, smuggling of firearms and worse will endanger society.

The tired old saying will undergo rejuvenation: "When governments disarm their citizens only organized crime and narco-terrorists will be armed".

In the case of Australia, the Defence Forces have been so reduced that this nation is wide open for a Chiapas, or 'Shining Light' type terrorism to develop here. The Guns For Drugs Trade across the Torres Strait, has been confirmed by a report on the ABC.

A modern, developed, and technologically advanced nation which cannot use satellite data to control this trade presents an incredible spectacle of willful neglect, and perceptions of 'conspiracy in high places'.

The point that seems to have been missed completely is that with the low rate of firearms registration in Australia, the escalation of legislative measures has very serious and radical implications, if the Government is at all determined to enforce the legislation. The numbers of unregistered firearms are around 10 million, the number of now 'illegal' weapons around 3.5 million, according to the Attorney General Mr Daryl Williams.

Governments will have to begin the planning to build concentration camps to house all those firearm offenders. 3.5 million semi-automatic firearms, and 10 million firearms in private ownership mostly unregistered. Government has lost the confidence of firearm owners (and a very significant section of the electorate), by instituting legislative measures which will only take weapons from the law abiding, but cannot and seemingly will not prevent the organized criminal a ... diar0929.htm

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