First & Last Discussion Papers

------ Final Issue ------ August 1996 -------



Dear Readers,

As this is to be our last F & L, I hope that, over the years, we have advanced the cause of human welfare and have shown that gaining understanding of life is an asset of real value worthy of human effort and sacrifice.

Understanding is to the human as its hard shell is to an oyster; a long neck to a giraffe; high speed to an antelope; cunning to a fox. True understanding is our only protection when we can't run from danger; our only hope of a meal when food is beyond our reach; our only safety when we can't fight. It is, in truth, our main means of community survival and the only asset we can accumulate in life that cannot be easily lost or taken from us.

With out true understanding of life we have little control of our lives or future. To just react blindly - to act, protest or praise without understanding - is to be no more than leaves blown in the wind. The bliss of ignorance is the bliss of stupidity. Understanding of what is outside of ourselves separates the human from the animal.

Without understanding of life we are no better than animals and behave worse. We are a buyer at life's auctions who doesn't understand values; a cook who doesn't understand flavours; a musician without rhythm..Understanding brings wisdom to knowledge and is of greater value than money or possessions because these can be easily gained with understanding and easily lost without it.

It is often said that "life was not meant to be easy", if that saying is to have any useful value it has to be understood.

In fact, life WAS meant to be easy. Life becomes 'not easy' when we lack understanding of it. Without some basic understanding of life we become controlled by negatives such as greed, selfishness, feelings, pride, prejudice and influences which can be beneficial only so long as controlled by understanding. When we do not understand these influences they cause us to behave without human restraint.

Without understanding, behaviour is mindless; we create pain and trauma for ourselves and others. So, to have logical meaning, the phrase "life was not meant to be easy "has to be understood in the sense of "easy" being the easiness of irresponsible behaviour. It is very appealing to the adolescent mind to want to live without responsibility. Life was not meant to be that kind of easy.

When people understand and take responsibility for their actions, life will not only be easy but also satisfying. Knowledge without understanding can be a very dangerous thing.

However, to achieve the good life, we have to care enough about life to put truth ahead of ego, pleasure, pride, prejudice, etc., and, in conscience, search for, and help each other regain, social understanding.

The reason (as originally stated) for ending this newsletter is because the massive flow of information and comment that is produced by F & L and other newsletters is treated as if some kind of TV serial-entertainment. TV has created a world of uninvolved information junkies.

You may recall a case in the USA a few years ago where boarding house people, watching their favourite serial, were annoyed by police and ambulance attending a real-life drama taking place on the floor above. People now tend to value fantasy more than reality.

Many people have followed the exposure of cultural subversion with great concern for years, but without serious attempt at involved understanding. When we see life as a survival movie it is not so obviously important that information be true or realistic. Without involvement each new claim, credible or incredible, is just part of a new 'traumatic but exciting' episode.

When suddenly the world we accept as our own seems changed and violent we are dismayed, "How can such things happen we ask each other?" "We must change the law!" We do not see that law without understanding will not change our attitude to life.

Most crime is not the result of failure of law or because criminals are not human, but because of lack of human understanding.

If we understood that truth is the important part of kindness we would see the warning signs and understand the danger of dramatisation.

The whole literature exposing the subversion of culture is treated as was the book "1984". This book by George Orwell (an accredited left activist who saw the light) was camouflaged as fiction. But stripped of dramatisation, the story foretold quite clearly what was to happen, i.e. that lies would be promoted as truth; hate would be disguised as love and war would be promoted as enforcing peace. History would be constantly re-written to suit the plans of the criminal establishment (big brother). Children (taught false values) would "dob-in" their parents for politically incorrect behaviour and all would be continually spied on.

We now live in a world of human deprivation and ignorance because we could not be bothered to acceptor study the basic logic of life. Rational behaviour has been subverted to self-indulgence. Common sense has become a most uncommon commodity.

I have done my work conscientiously; I have helped "show the world to the world" so that at the end the world will not be able to say,"We did not know; we had no warning". Life is too valuable to waste. When your act is over, get off the stage or risk spoiling what has been achieved.

The sham of world government in Australia has been exposed. With study we can understand why and how the crime is committed - how it could have been prevented. But few are prepared to accept that a human catastrophe is being deliberately created and that 'OUR' government is involved.

What I am trying to say is that all the needed information has been collected and made readable; to keep writing comment only encourages continued 'serialisation'and escapism by those who should be studying to responsibly understand the world in which we live.


It is said that there are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen; those who watch things happen; and those who never know what's hit them. Those who cannot be bothered to try to understand events make up the last two categories and are now the great majority of the world's people.

We do not have to sacrifice ourselves to ignorance and slavery. The lights of the world have never shone brighter; night, in the cities, has been turned in today; information and technical ability floods over the world but still the shadows of despair advance ever more rapidly to cloud more and more lives.

Understanding is the only thing of real value we can accumulate.

A famous Chinese philosopher is reported to have replied to the question, "What is the first thing you would do as ruler of a new state?" by saying: "The first thing I would do would be to define the meanings of words."

This man knew the need for understanding. A clear meaning for the words we use is essential. When we allow and encourage the adaptation of words to special-group-meanings we lose social cohesion and promote social divisions.

So let's try to define the meaning of what maybe the most important word in a human society. The word: "moral".

The word moral means that kind of behaviour or activity that is socially beneficial. Moral is not (as someone or some dictionary may insist) a matter of behaving in accord with convention; or behaviour in accord with conscience; or relating to emotional rather than physical effects; it is not an arbitrary demand of law, government, parents or God; it is behaviour that (long or short term) is, in true nature, beneficial to life. If it makes demands on conscience that is coincidental.

If the true human meaning of the word "moral" were positively taught and socially promoted it is unlikely that moral decay would prosper.

"Ideology": the word ideology is also worth a mention. It means some one's idea of what they imagine would be socially ideal. It may be an idea thought up by some adolescent academic who believes that culture can be planned to suit wishful desires and in contempt of the lessons of history; or, it may be part of a brilliant plot to subvert or undermine an opposing culture.

What is being done world-wide today is simply a more refined and 'high tech' version of what was done in Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia, it is part of a plan to take advantage of the common human desire to get some thing for nothing and blame others for trouble.

The plot is to manipulate social behaviour for the benefit of dictatorial power.

When the lessons of experience, understanding and reason are replaced by deformed human desires, then confusion and frustration become the base for human behaviour and culture becomes riddled with conflicts, violence and corrupt practice.

Study of past civilizations reveal common patterns of growth and decay that end with promotion of entertainment and irresponsible pleasure. Self-indulgence replaces the cooperative attitudes that had originally made the nation great.

The Bible warns against worship of idols and in pre-Christian times idols were mainly images of wood or metal. Today we have worship of idols that may range from pop singers and sports teams to political parties and leaders. These occupy massive amounts of community thought-time as well as the dedicated efforts of many intelligent and highly motivated people.

For what? What human or social value results from the huge energy occupation and intellectual effort devoted to a very real worship of wasteful activities? Arts, sports, politics etc., fill a social need but when idolised direct social energy in opposition to human welfare.

It is often claimed that some civilization was overcome by barbarians, but this is the view of the losers. There is nothing more barbarous or primitive than the behaviour that leads to social decay. That the trappings of advancing culture may be retained (whether these trappings be exhibited in enlightened science, art, engineering, or politics) cannot change the result of a social dedication that is intent on personal gratification rather than on human advance.

The health of the social heart is measured by its morality. By the nature of moral power it may be the "barbarians" who are the moral superiors.

Even though the barbarians may be violent, crude and commit horrific atrocities these acts are of less importance than the atrocities created by a degenerate society wasting its human achievements. A crude culture, prepared to sacrifice petty self-interest to community welfare, brings a new motivation to replace degeneration. We think our culture cannot decline but cultural decay is historically common.

Today the advanced nations are effectively ruled by one dictatorial dementia. There is no large primitive culture that could destroy the cancer and inspire a fresh start. If a "moral" 'new world' can not arise out of disaster then it can only arise by an unworldly intervention.

NOTE: "Dementia: general mental enfeeblement with loss of memory [communally that means loss of history], reason, feeling, and will".


What does the near future hold. A few years ago, when I said that money would disappear, people thought me silly. "Money will always be needed for small items such as newspapers and phone calls!" they said. But in just a few years we have become used to using phone and transport cards.

Then, if it did happen, they said, "We could turn to barter, they could not stop us from trading between ourselves."

"Don't bet on it. Once the net is closed penalties can be made so severe (and betrayal so profitable) that no one will dare trade".

New "smart cards" make small change a nuisance and the location of the user will always be available. Although we are assured credit cards will not be used for spying that is only what they say now, in a few years time, when you dare not resist, when your credit can be canceled at the push of a bureaucratic button, what then? Did they not say that tax-file numbers would be secret and sacred?

Is your phone number private? Your number can be recorded with the number you call; already in use with at least some radio stations and public departments; don't let a 'friend' make politically incorrect calls from your phone unless you can prove that you were somewhere else at the time.

People say: "Well what is wrong with these developments, I am an honest person, its to the benefit of all honest people that loonies and criminals be locked up".

Of course! But who decides what is honest or socially correct when bureaucracies, holding power of life and death, must answer only to a faceless and socially criminal world government?

Do you know anything about the people who planned, or those who now direct, the policy of the, not democratically elected, United Nations?

You don't. You may have been given names, but who made up this list and how can you verify, with any degree of certainty, if these names represent instigators or stooges, or even exist.

Few admit they really believe the news media, never-the-less, we do act as though our favourite news reader would not deliberately and dangerously deceive us. Even the gun lobby invited the media to its meetings.

They also led their supporters to protest in front of Parliament House Sydney, an area well covered by surveillance cameras. Those attending can now be identified along, no doubt, with most who attend any, media covered, rebellious rally.

If the government wants to know the strength of potential opposition then it now has all the evidence it needs to suppress this opposition.

The response to the public disarmament program could not have suited the parties better had they planned it! In the manner of bargaining we ask for more than we want, but the parties did not have to trade away one single item. That, sadly, is the story of all recent moral protest. The evidence that mass media is servant to international money and that the party system serves the same establishment, is ignored.

Can we not imagine that the party system runs orchestrated elections! 'Sincere' promises are only made because "the system" can make them impossible to keep! The parties put on a show of fighting but what happens is what was actually planned.

If the war is lost, it is lost, not because we do not have the strength to win, but because we do not have the moral courage to face reality.

Had the resistance movement been willing to face that 'our' government is 'our' enemy then protesters would see the futility of their methods. The more we beg and plead for reason, the more they laugh - the more we threaten from a position of ignorance the more we earn contempt.

In times of trouble you go to your friends not your enemies. Don't tell enemies your problems!

Our reasoning and explanations should be carefully presented to those who, by nature, are our associates - the people.

Is it impossible to see that all political power is held by the people? If the people believe liars then it is useless to direct your campaign to the liars; you only tell them what they want to hear - that their lies are succeeding.

Being morally or legally right gives you no political power unless the people understand. If people were not vital then why would those who crave power go to such trouble to deceive them?

A few years ago we distributed a leaflet called "Learn to protest and win". Had our policy, (use every attack on any social group to expose the international seizure of government) been used, then, by now, no government would dare to blatantly lie and stamp on human rights.

Honestly, what DO you think public disarmament is about? After all, terrorists and rebellious people kill many more people with bombs than with guns. Surely it can be explained that when social malcontents find it easier to make a bomb than get a gun then killing becomes more terrifying and harder to stop. Banning guns will not stop social injustice! Malcontent revenge will still overcome reason! Guns must be denied to honest citizens because they are the best weapon for individual political assassination.

The continued irrelevance of reformist action is clear indication that it is time to wind-up.

Justice and truth is not enough while activists are unable to see beyond pleading with our enemies rather than enlightening our friends.

Think seriously. Reason honestly. The time is coming when you will desperately need to understand what is happening.

As a matter of interest here are some more headings used on leaflets over the years:

"Farmers, Doctors, Chemists, Families, Small Business, where are you on the hit list?"

"No Interest - a lifetime to pay"

"News Media cover up - What they lie about and why"

"Is your life a football and who is kicking it ground"

"Big Brother wants your children"

"WHY SUFFER political lies and corruption"

"Some of the treaties that will enslave you"

The leaflets produced by F & L/CHPS but ignored by protest groups tell the story. We have been a voice crying in the wilderness.


Is your news reader a REAL person?

Recent reports show that computer imagery is becoming so realistic that perhaps, even now, you could not tell the difference between a computer generated image on your TV and a real person; not even the voice will give it away. A recent report claimed that the voice of a dead singer can now be duplicated to sing, in the style and voice of that singer, songs that were not even written when the artist was alive.

So, while your present news reader may indeed be a real person, by year 2000 it almost certainly will be possible to have a computer generated image reading computer generated news. Computers will sort out the contradictions so that the news seems totally convincing. The news reader will appear to have human reactions but will have no human feelings; the pictures will look more real than movies but the events depicted might never have happened.

The trend of community belief is increasingly set by the elitist establishment to shape your world irrefutably to what they want you to believe.


Airliner crash - bomb at the Olympics. Are you confident you know the truth? Big money is not all that is involved, social control is now critical.

Who benefits? This is still a vital question! Does media seem desperate to find excuses for increasing control and surveillance. Today you may doubt you can believe some news but by the year 2000 lies may be totally convincing.

A simple sample: recent news reported rioting and violence having taken place among aborigines in Queensland the previous week. If it can be kept quiet for a week then why not forever.

When people give their power of government away, then it is only when the news contradicts itself that we may get a suspicion that some truth is being kept from us; that we are not being honestly informed or that we are being told lies. That weakness of manipulated news is ending. Will social criminals want to share the world with you?

Government has often persuaded us to die for national freedom. National defence has been the main value of population. Without enemy nations, unneeded people become the enemy of government; how long before you die for a manufactured belief? Will you take a pill to protect yourself against some disease only to die a few years later of a more deadly disease implanted in the pill? So many way to kill. Persuasion will be much more convincing when one group of people control (with technical certainty) news, politics and education.

War; plague; rebellion; natural disaster; the Bible warns of upheaval and many people take this to mean earthquakes etc.; but, in parable, grass, earth or ocean may mean general population. Earthquakes may be more correctly read as social quakes, riots, civil wars, rebellions, genocides etc., - events now increasingly common. You think it cannot happen - look and listen.


The main problem for the governing elite is a world population already in excess of a sustainable maximum - a population that is, in the nature of things, a threat rather than a defence. A threat that will double in about 35 years.

Starvation! Productive land, water and oil nearing crisis! Can we face that nations are now controlled by an immoral world government - that excessive people are their greatest threat?

Remember, they now teach that life is a meaningless evolution and that moral is situational. They claim to be caring, but who has value to people who promote dangerous anti-social ideas.

How will they reduce population? Will they do it by introducing new diseases such as A.I.D.S. (See our booklet "A.I.D.S. a politically protected disease"). We have no way of knowing the long-term deadliness of AIDS but it is unlikely to be deadly enough as even a 50% deletion, drastic as that may sound, takes only about 30 years to replace.

Anything less than a 70% reduction would, from a world government view, be frivolous.

What alternatives do they have?


We live in a world-image where everyone, from lowest to highest, plan with an assumption of continuous progress. Ten years, fifty years, a thousand - civilization will continue.

But that is a facade, what is the reality? Nothing lasts forever; why are we enticed to belief in a form of future that is physically impossible?

Something has to be done! But it can be done by honestly informed people exercising self-discipline or by a self-serving elitist dictatorship.

One way of effective population culling could be by creating a world depression! Events appear to be moving in that direction. A crash of the over-priced USA stock market at the right time could have catastrophic consequences IF combined with public manipulation and sabotage.

Consider the following:

A) A large part of the advanced world population is caught up in a belief that there is no future other than to get what you can while you can.

B) Many people have grown up relying on government hand-out as a magic "pie in the sky".

C) Most of the people who do not have these beliefs are very dissatisfied with government.

D) A high level of social division is encouraged by race, culture, government policy and, most of all, by a mass media that seems dedicated to create as much division as possible.

That is the social position, now look at what I will call the physical position.

a) Modern cities are considered to have about a week's supply of food at any one time and we may surmise that the average family would be able to manage for a further week with what's on hand.

b) The community reliance on electricity.

c) The community dependency for oil products.

Add the community mental and moral instability to the delicate balance of technological organization and we see just how essential responsible social behaviour has become to mass community.

We also see that civic disorder, combined with sabotage, could have consequences worse than a nuclear bomb. Social instability must delight, and well suit, the dictatorial elite.


Year 2000 has arrived and world government is consolidating its New World Order.

Item: It is probably essential that they have in place the cashless society; or sufficiently so that advanced nations can legislate to make cash money illegal tender. Given present progress to credit card trading this could happen as soon as the year 2000, after that:

TO ACHIEVE WORLD DE-POPULATION elitists only need give their servants a final briefing before retiring to Switzerland to pull the financial plug and start the following progression of events:

1) Economic collapse and economic panic.

2) Banks raise interest rates and tighten supply as was done in the last great depression.

3) Governments drastically cut social security payments AND restrict access to your money.

4) Use of army to suppress rioting. (This would create such anger against government that sabotage of government services and installations becomes probable.)

5) Professional saboteurs complete the job by crippling power stations and oil refineries.

What can you do without electricity? Credit cards will be useless; shops dark. Where can you go without fuel? Modern farming will stop.

Frustration and fear would lead to murder; mayhem; starvation and disease throughout cities. City people would try to go to the country, those successful would be those armed. Country people would be forced to flee further inland taking their food and fuel with them.

YES IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE! Most social disasters occur because people don't believe they can happen. I myself made a WILL last year in expectation of living another ten years. I may be an optimist but I am far more confident of living another ten years than of my "Will" having any relevance in ten years time. If something like the above has not happened by that time, new death duties (to help pay for social sedation) will leave little for inheritance.

It has been known for years that the world is living beyond its resources; science can only more efficiently use resources which are being largely wasted. If drastic change is not made by man it will be made by nature. Apart from natural consequences we have three possibilities:

1. Mass culling by a selfish elite.

2. Responsible control by an awakened people.

3. Unworldly intervention. Many seek it but will they have credits in heaven.

What can we do to protect ourselves - learn.

Understanding of life and our world is our only defence. The general public will never know what is socially true unless they choose, elect, and thereby control, their parliaments.

The only final advice that I can offer is: "Make good use of your time".

Best wishes, Alan Gourley Spare newsletters available. Send SA Envelope for two copies or with questions. F & L Discussion Papers PO Box Q381 Sydney NSW 2000 Australia ONLY THE TRUTH CAN SET YOU FREE f&l.htm