Bible Believers' Newsletter #072

"We focus on the PRESENT Truth -- what Jesus is doing NOW . . ."

We greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and appreciate your fellowship. This newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

In another name and under a different occupation the deadly Serpent and its colonial troops have bombed innocent civilians, creating a wave of 700,000 refugees it is planting in the (once) Christian West where they can never assimilate. They will, however, be a source of income as host countries will borrow at interest from the Serpent in order to provide for the refugees. And as these innocent pawns in their game are Muslims, they are an important element in their end-game, which is to provoke war between the Muslims and Political Zionists (or once Christian West).

God is building His Kingdom according to His plan, Satan also has long-term plan. War is not accidental but meticulously pre-planned -- generally by a party not associated with either side yet profiting from both. The aggression against Serbia, and "collateral damage" like the killing of civilians of other nations and the bombing of the Chinese Embassy are deliberate "accidents" intended to provoke a profitable escalation of the conflict.

You must realize that all of those physically involved in hostilities are innocent, ignorant, dispensable pawns -- in the game of an elite in the Serpent's Master race. To him they are "goyim" or "human cattle". He is the rancher, culling the herd.

Oh, beloved of the Lord, don't miss the Millennium!

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony . . .

Non-bloody Revolution in America
-- and the World

Our text is John 8:32, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". Now that's a promise, and it's our strength.

This week the Wayside Chapel, located in Sydney's notorious King's Cross, and a member of the Uniting Church, ran the gauntlet of the Law, opening a "Shooting Gallery" where drug addicts could step in, turn on and switch off! So much for rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. In this case, obedience to the law.

Whilst it's true, the Law is an ass, it should be designed for the benefit of the majority and applied equally to all. This so-called church prerecorded their lawlessness for TV promotion, and despite heavy coverage in the print media, interviews and discussions on talk back radio, police waited about two days before they set foot in the door. And all they did then was to video the "joint".

The pastor claimed the ancient right of sanctuary. So it seems our criminal law does not apply to a certain minority (as our taxation law does not apply to foreign companies who in 1996-1997 paid $9.9 billion while Australians paid the balance of the $124.6 billion total tax revenue). The Law traps the poor as a spider's web traps flies, and provides a way the super rich can walk. As a friend put it, the Law is like capital punishment. If you've got the capital you won't get the punishment. But God can't be bought. And he's no respecter of persons.

The Uniting Church is a hybrid of denominations impersonating the Sardis and Philadelphian Church Ages, which ended in 1750 and 1906 respectively. Their union is contrary to the Word which says, "how can two walk together except they be agreed on the Word?" Their blind leaders include women preachers, even homosexuals. One more sign of the times. Jesus foretold, the denominations of this day would be "naked of Calvary's blood, spiritually bankrupt, wretched, miserable and blind, and know it not" (Revelation 17).

We must recognize what the Bible prophesied for OUR day and become written epistles of THAT part of the Word. This shameful episode is a reproach to the very Name of Christ, whose true Church walks by faith and not by sight. We won't get to heaven by good works, however well-intentioned.

That church and its denomination are NOT walking in the Light Christ is manifesting TODAY. Either they know nothing about It or they've rejected It because It condemns their man-made religion of works. They have no right to call themselves a "church" -- which means the "called-out ones" who have separated themselves from the world and the things of the world to the Word of God by faith.

Jesus gave us a ministry of reconciling people out of the world to the Word, by faith, NOT by works (II Corinthians 5:19). The people in this denomination are yet carnal and not reconciled themselves. They still suppose God is a trinity. Were they born-again they'd be out of that denomination like a shot (Matthew 25:6; Revelation 18:4). Before they can separate the addict from his addiction they must find the One Thing needful, and impart THAT desire by faith.

Jesus said He would send us as His Father sent Him. Jesus was sent full of the Spirit. This church, full of carnal reasoning and good intentions was not sent anywhere by God. They're so misguided they are trying to redeem the bodies of the addicts. Their spokesperson protest that lives are being lost through overdosing on drugs. The body is not yet redeemed and in the normal passage of time it must perish. The ministry of Christ's Church is to the soul.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. We fight the good fight by the sword of faith, a clear understanding of the revealed Word of God. Faith is the mind of Christ in you.

Jesus told His Church to "preach the Gospel," which He would confirm with Signs following, and to "baptize in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ." The denominations do neither and to justify their taxation privileges, and maintain their power and influence in THIS world, they build hospitals, kindergartens, schools, creches, universities and retirement homes to control their followers from the cradle to the grave. They have employment and counselling services, alcohol and drug centres, opportunity shops, sheltered workshops. You name it, and the denominations are involved.

All of this may be good work for Christians, but it is NOT Church business. God never commissioned His Church to manage practical works programs like these. His Will is His Word and He can't bless something that isn't His Word. Denominational ministers are trying to do God a service without it being His will.

Before we can solve a problem we must first find the cause of that problem. This church is trying to solve the problem by applying more of the cause, and I don't mean more heroin or whatever it is. I mean more carnality. The cause of the problem is a lack of faith at the pulpit! Ministers have a certificate from some anti-Christ Bible School, it's their mark of the beast, NOT the Seal of God, and they are NOT born-again. They are not Christians.

The CAUSE of this problem is WORKS without faith. Works are faith expressed. This is works without faith, and it's death. To start with, the five-fold ministry was NEVER sent to the world, it's to edify those who are already born-again, to keep them sanctified by washing them by faith, bringing them to maturity in the faith to live the Life, shining their Light to the world, imparting that Life to all with ears to hear.

Over the years the ministers have let down the bars and today the churches are full of goats. Men can't preach God's unchanging Word and the PRESENT Truth, because they don't own It themselves. They manufacture something VISIBLE like this "shooting gallery" which is WITHOUT faith (James 2:17).

Had the churches preached faith through the years, there'd be NO drugs problem today. Today our whole government is corrupt because generations of ministers preached LIES or compromised the truth to be popular, and fill the pews with their sin-loving congregations. Our businessmen are corrupt because their ministers failed God and loved the world more than they loved His Word. Like our treasonous politicians, they serve the denominations rather than the God they claimed to represent. And politicians serve the foreign-controlled political parties rather than citizens whose wills they are under oath to re-present.

There is only ONE way to cure the drugs problem. Jesus said, "You shall know the truth, and the TRUTH shall make you free" (John 8:32). But "How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?" (Romans 10:14) One filled with the Spirit, and preaching the PRESENT truth!

But where can you hear the Truth? Where can you preach It? Ungodly politicians have OUTLAWED the preaching of the full Gospel. They'd have you up before the "thought police" quick smart if you exposed the Pharisees of the City of London, their Mont Pelerin Society, the banks, casinos, media and foundations behind the drug business in this country and throughout the world.

If you want to read a good book, get "Dope, Inc." (by the Editors of US Senator Lyndon LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review), or the Australian edition of "The New Citizen" June/July/August, 1997 and August/September, 1998.

Check out the Drug Advisory Councils, Australian Drug Foundation, Reserve Bank, and so-on. See who comprise their Boards -- many were born enemies of Christianity, others have never heard the faith, just the DEAD LETTER! Read their policies and programs and you'll see they are AGAINST the Word and in favor of legalization. Learn which Australians were among 500 prominent people who signed the advertisement posted in the NY Times last June by Rothschild's Mr. George Soros' Lindesmith Center, promoting drug legalization.

Only TRUTH can set individuals and the nations of the world free. The Pharisees have been working their plot for totalitarian world government since the times of the Gentiles began in 586BC with the captivity of Judea. Their conspiracy matured in Babylon and is codified in the Babylonian Talmud that was completed about 500AD. And Babylon remained the center of Jewish scholarship for the next 1,626 years. Every Christian should acquaint themselves with this puerile book and contemplate with what long, baseless hatred their enemies despise them, and their own Messiah.

Before we can declare TRUTH we must first possess faith or a clear understanding of the revealed Word of God. TRUTH would expose the works of the Devil and close down the drug industry overnight. But the war on drugs has not begun, and it will NOT begin, because the deadly shots must be fired in king's palaces and the boardrooms of the largest banks and multinational corporations - the very people who fund the political parties that control government. Criminals put forward libel and defamation laws that don't consider truth as a defense, and control education, entertainment, print, television and radio. At this moment they are working to suppress information and freedom of speech on the Internet. Just last week this Church made a submission to the Senate Select Committee.

Only TRUTH from the pulpit, and the mouths and lives of Christians can help those addicted to this world, who seek to fill the hunger of their soul by torturing their flesh and spirit with sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, under the influence of unseen demonic power.

We can't help these people by providing "shooting galleries". We can help them by exposing the real criminals: our leading citizens and business people who run the drug business, and by applying the rattan immediately without delay, appeal or get-rich-quick-schemes for lawyers. Filling courts, prisons and hospitals is contrary to God's Word.

Government-prescribed methadone treatment is counter productive.

Society needs to re-learn and apply the old-fashioned word "no". And after the rattan, incarcerate addicts where they can surrender their habit "cold turkey", if it means chaining them to a bench to preserve life. Then put them to hard, productive labor, until they know with no shadow of doubt they will never take another "fix".

That, friends is Christian love. Love for the unfortunate addict, and love for civilization. What the Wayside Chapel is doing is not love, but a trap of the Devil.

Certainly many will die. But they would have lived for only a few miserable crime-filled drug-dependent years. Firm action would end the problem quickly, saving thousands more lives. But governments are beholden to drug barons financing their New World Order, and "privateering" (a pirate term) assets world-wide with profits from narcotics.

We come to this earth to OVERCOME by the Word of God and prayer -- faith, NOT to be overcome by the world. What is this world we live in? It's our mortal flesh and spirit. We have to master our senses so that when the body says, "I want a beer" or "I want some dope", the soul rules the spirit, and the spirit says "No"!

We live in that brief time span after the end of the characterless Laodicean Church Age (1906-1963) before the close of the Gentile dispensation. Our purpose of being here on earth is to put on the character of Christ by overcoming in the trials and temptations of life. Drugs, laziness or whatever, you had better start overcoming that weakness TODAY, because the powers-that-be have determined to introduce their New World Order in the year 2000. I believe world conditions will become so horrendous following the earthquake that ends our dispensation, and the outlook for the NWO planned by the Pharisees so grim, the world will rush into the arms of the Pope, and into the ditch (Proverbs 23:27; Revelation 17:1; Luke 6:39).

READ, read, read. PROVE what the Bible foretold. Let it become a reality in you. And if you want to know what's happening in the world, DON'T believe the Media which only projects an impression the powers-that-be want you to believe. Instead of encouraging you to THINK for yourself someone has done the thinking for you and is entertaining you, while programming your mind with their thoughts.

Hosea 4:6 said, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you. . ."

The battleground is mind, where Satan tries to get you to reason with God's Word. If you have Christ in your soul you'll put Satan out of your mind.

See how Satan tricked the weak-minded non-Christian politicians in America and Australia to bring-in thousands of Albanian refugees. This is not humanitarian relief, but an ego-trip by characterless blind leaders of the blind, wanting a pat on the back from the Pharisees who run the UN. NATO, America and Australia are errand boys, doing the bidding of the black nobility and their hofjeuden.

The number of homeless Australians now equals about half the total number of refugees who have fled NATO aggression in Kosovo. Their misery is just as acute. And the pavement is just as cold to sleep on in Melbourne as it is in Macedonia.

As the Assyrians transferred and mingled the races with those they had defeated in order to break their power, innocent Albanians are being transported to divide defeated America and Australia, where for years our colonial master has worked to thwart God's will that the races be separated (Genesis 3:16). Multi-racial policy is not Christian, the Bible condemns it. This movement of Albanians is mischievous wickedness beneficial neither for Albanians nor for the citizens of the Jewish Colonies of Australia and the USA.

These poor Muslims are pawns in a rich man's war that has nothing to do with NATO, Australia or America. These Muslim refugees are a creation of NATO aggression and can NEVER assimilate with us. This is their value to the powers-that-be. These pawns will constitute an immense financial burden that will be funded at interest from the enemy-owned banks. They represent a deadly weapon, financed by nominally Christian taxpayers, and able to be fired in a moment by the enemy igniting a little judicious religious hatred. Of course, under another name and in a different occupation.

In order to recognize the enemy, we must understand his tactics. Hegelian Dialectics: intellectual guerrilla warfare, is his game. First he establishes his goal, second he employs a third party to creates a false cause (thesis) that will be supported by a section of the community unrelated to himself. Third he employs another party to create an opposing false cause (antithesis) that will be popular with another group in the community unrelated to himself. Then, under another name and in a different occupation, he brings them together in controlled conflict which he has orchestrated and financed, so the outcome of this conflict is a step toward his own predetermined goal (synthesis).

In World War II, Communism was the thesis and Nazism was the antithesis -- both established and financed by the self-styled Jew. The synthesis is their anti-Christian United Nations, a giant step towards realizing the goal: totalitarian Marxist world government.

If you can see this, you will recognize the hidden hand behind all governments. How they have manipulated the weaknesses of kings and emperors, treating citizens as cannon fodder. You will understand European history of the past 2,000 years, knowing most wars were to enrich and empower this hidden hand.

One function of the aggression against Iraq (whom the US provoked into attacking Kuwait), Somalia, and now against Serbia, with the transportation of Muslim enclaves into Australia and the US, is to build a Hegelian stage for conflict between Muslims and Political Zionists (nominal Christians). The (once) Christian West is being set up by the hidden hand, and at taxpayer expense.

In his book THE STRUGGLE FOR WORLD POWER, Russian historian George Knupffer concluded, "the main point was that this revolution (of 1917) was supported first and foremost by certain circles to whom national boundaries were a matter of no importance and who thought and acted internationally at all times."

In the AMERICAN ISRAELITE, editor Phyllis Singer wrote, "'We must see to it' says Senator Howard Metzenbaum, 'that we will not permit the religious right to take over this country . . . Do not let the forces of evil take over to make this a Christian America."' Coincidentally, Metzenbaum is a multimillionaire who is reported to have belonged to several communist-front organizations in the past.

This irrational belief that committed Christians are the "forces of evil," is also the cornerstone of the communist philosophy which Julius Hammer helped to install in Russia and tried to establish in the United States. The ultimate goal of the communist conspiracy is to destroy Christianity. (Read the Talmud). Noted columnist and former presidential speech writer, Pat Buchanan put it succinctly in his book RIGHT FROM THE START, "The war between West and East is not between the economic systems of capitalism and Marxism; it is a religious war for control of the soul and destiny of mankind, the outcome of which cannot be arbitrated or negotiated."

The following was discovered by the Reece Committee (investigating the tax-exempt foundations), in the Minutes of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:

The minutes revealed that in 1910, the Carnegie trustees asked themselves this question: "Is there any way known to man more effective than war, to so alter the life of an entire people?"

For a year the trustees sought an effective "peaceful" method to "alter the life of an entire people"; but ultimately, they concluded that WAR was the most effective way to change people.

Consequently, the trustees of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace next asked themselves: "How do we involve the United States in a war?"

And they answered, "We must control the diplomatic machinery of the United States," by first gaining "control of the State Department."

Director of Investigations, Norman Dodd, said that the trustees' minutes reinforced what the Reece Committee had uncovered elsewhere about the Carnegie Endowment, that "it had already become a powerful policy-making force inside the State Department."

During those early years of the Carnegie Endowment, war clouds were already forming over Europe and the opportunity for the enactment of their plan was drawing near.

History proved that World War I did indeed have an enormous impact on the American people. For the first time in our history, large numbers of wives and mothers had to leave the home to work in war factories, thus effectively eroding woman's historic role as the "heart" of the family. The sanctity of the family itself was placed in jeopardy. Life in America was so thoroughly changed that, according to Norman Dodd, "the trustees had the brashness to congratulate themselves on the wisdom and validity of their original decision." They sent a confidential message to President Wilson, insisting that the war not be ended too quickly. Carnegie trustee Cleveland H. Dodge, one of Wilson's financial supporters, had direct access to the President, as did Elihu Root, (Endowment president from 1910 to 1925).

Brother Branham often expounded how the wars had been employed to destroy the family and blur the roles of men and women. Certainly from Woodrow Wilson on, most American Presidents, including the present incumbent, have been communists. Not Party Members, but in policy, philosophy and administration they have been communist and their financiers and controllers have been those who financed and controlled Russia from the 1917 Revolution to the present day, Hitler's rise to power from 1919 to 1933, and Nazi Germany through the war to 1945.

After the War, the Carnegie Endowment trustees reasoned that if they could get control of education in the United States, they would be able to prevent a return to the way of life as it had been prior to the war; and they recruited the Rockefeller Foundation to assist in such a monumental task.

According to Dodd, "They divided the task in parts, giving to the Foundation the responsibility of altering education as it pertains to domestic subjects, but Carnegie retained the task of altering our education in foreign affairs and about international relations." The foundations decided that the most effective method of achieving this goal would be by altering American History, so they awarded grants, fellowships and scholarships to those professors and historians who would rewrite American history and promote one-worldism, humanism and socialism. By the early '30s, the well-laid plans of the foundation trustees had reached fruition and a Reece Committee staff report concluded:

(1) that there had indeed been a non-bloody revolution in America between 1933 and 1936;

(2) that a certain few foundations had funded efforts to change the beliefs of the American people through education and propaganda; and

(3) that these revolutionary changes had been accepted without resistance.

(Please read the summary of Lines of Credit: Ropes of Bondage. Its easy to read and provides important historical information).

The late Rabbi Stephen Wise, of New York -- publicly stated that "Communism is Judaism". Communism is Talmudism in action. Whereas communist tactics are political and deceptive, Talmudism inspires and is the dynamic of these tactics.

Compare the infiltration of Communism and other religions with the revelation of Christianity. Whereas Christianity acknowledges that everyone has free will to receive and obey or to reject the faith, other religions, including Communism, use deception or even force.

As avowed atheists, communists deny the existence of God and yet they emphatically declare their hatred of God. According to the late J. Edgar Hoover, Marx "called for war against religion, a war that was to become the cornerstone of communist philosophy."

Whether they are self-proclaimed atheists or agnostics posing as Christians they suffer from a blind ideological weakness. In their firm conviction that they, and they only, know what is best for the masses, they act out a deep desire to play God.

The late Whittaker Chambers after his long agonizing search for truth, finally realized that man's ultimate happiness could be found only in Christianity, not in communism. He wrote that the humanistic-communist conspiracy "is not new. It is, in fact, man's second oldest religion. Its promise was whispered in the first days of the Creation under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: 'Ye shall be as Gods'."

The blasphemies against God, the desecration of churches, the massacre of clergy, the rape of nuns, the beheading of innocent persons solely because of their class, the pillaging of private property, the burning of libraries, and the destruction of the Christian monarchy -- all of these violent cruelties first took place on a grand scale during the French Revolution and the subsequent "Reign of Terror." Robespierre, revolutionary leader and disciple of Weishaupt and Rousseau, introduced the tactic of class warfare during the French Revolution.

The French Revolution set the pattern for future communist revolutions and it bequeathed its godlessness to Karl Marx who, by 1838, at the age of 20 had become an atheist. In 1843 he moved to Paris where he immersed himself in a study of the French communists and their revolution against Christian civilization. On the subject of the French revolutionaries, George Sand, member of the French Grand Orient Lodge, wrote, "It [the conspiracy] was maturing in the minds of believers to the point of fanaticism, in the form of a dream of universal revolution . . ."

Just such a reign of terror Mr. Clinton's masters are preparing for US in the (once) Christian West. Serbia is practice to "blood" the City of London's US "Colonial troops" who have not killed, and to ensure YOU knuckle under to their planned totalitarian Marxist state. I'm told North Korea is next on their list for destruction, and by nuclear bomb, then Burma (Myanmar). We shall soon see. The powers-that-be seem quite determined that they will have their New World Order for Christmas.

Laurence Eagleberger from Kissinger Associates is the "minder" for Serbia's Mr. Milosovic. This has not yet come out in the news. When the first bombs fell in Iraq Eagleberger was with Saddam, and gave him a cheque for $4 billion. Its in the Congressional Record.

According to the IMF, Australia is by far the wealthiest nation in the world. No nation can approach our wealth of mineral resources, let alone our potential to produce food. The continent floats on a sea of natural gas and oil. Australians have been deceived by Oil companies who have capped wells throughout the land and in Sydney.

I expect Indonesian troops could be used by the global financial cabal to take over the Northern half of Australia, and the riches of the North West Continental Shelf, which has a treasure-trove of minerals in addition to its immense oil and natural gas deposits.

The cabal covertly set-up and then killed a London-based communist insurgency in the archipelago, wresting the colony from the Dutch, and establishing dictatorship in Indonesia. Messrs Rockefeller and Rothschild have a lien on the country, and are taking control of its oil and mineral wealth. Hence riots, looting, rape and pillage by foreign-armed and organized thugs, devastation of the currency by Rothschild agent, George Soros, and the sell-off of industry.

Indonesia, with the support of China, has laid claim in the UN to the whole of Northern Australia. Our treasonous politicians in the meantime have melted-down or given-away much of our defense system to Indonesia. We no longer manufacture military ammunition, that is manufactured in Indonesia. Our population has been disarmed and America, our "great and powerful friend", is the enforcer for the global cabal, and Indonesia's main ally. Little wonder the Darwin University no longer has an English faculty.

Only the "TRUTH will make us free". Outside a few tiny Churches, is the Truth known and preached? Soon cometh the earthquake.

STOP PRESS: "Western Leaders Opened the Door Wider for World Government at Their Recent Meeting in Washington, D.C."

NATO formally proclaimed its role as the standing army of the United Nations with a mission to patrol the world during its 50th anniversary summit in Washington. The 19 NATO nations agreed that it will now have a "key role in crisis situations beyond our borders under the appropriate legal basis," said NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana.

"Appropriate legal basis" was defined by French President Jacques Chirac: "NATO cannot and will not be able to act without the authorization [of the UN Security Council]. The primary responsibility [of the Security Council is] for the maintenance of international peace and security." "The Security Council has powers to impose solutions even against the will of a sovereign state," said French Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine. American and European leaders were enthusiastic about formally making NATO the UN's global army.

The definition of NATO's future is not a "geographic issue," said President Clinton (BB/CFR/RS/TC). He pointed out that the attack on the sovereign state of Yugoslavia had set the precedent. The first time NATO went to war, it violated its own previously-defined role as a defensive alliance.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair visited the Chicago Economic Club to proclaim NATO's right to intervene in sovereign countries, because stopping genocide "can never be a purely internal matter." "Relations between nations can no longer be founded on respect for sovereignty-they must be founded on respect for human rights," said Polish Foreign Minister Bronislaw Geremek. "Kosovo is yet another reminder that the greatest challenges ...emanate from beyond NATO's territory," said U.S. National Security Adviser Samuel Berger (BB/CFR) at a White House briefing. Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott (CFR/RS/TC) (CEIP Director) hailed this "vision of the future." He had earlier predicted the end of "nationhood as we know it" and the emergence of "a single, global authority."

They must now deal with "areas of intense Western concern: The Arab-Israeli conflict, Iraq and Iran, Afghanistan, the Caspian Sea and Transcaucasus,"said Robert Hunter (BB/CFR) (socialist book writer), U.S. ambassador to NATO from 1993 to 1998.

Inside their meetings, behind closed doors, NATO leaders were equally emphatic in denouncing national sovereignty and calling for the alliance to become the UN's world army. "NATO 2000...will also provide us with new political and military options for conflict prevention and crisis management...the possibilities of preventive military deployments," said Solana.

"The potentially aggressive states in both North Africa and the Middle East-Libya, Iraq and Syria-have obligated NATO to missions of extended duration and commitment," said Gen. Wesley (Kanne) Clark (CFR), who is the supreme allied commander. NATO will move from a "fixed, positional defense to a more flexible, mobile" organization "operating outside alliance territory," said U.S. Secretary of Defense William (Sebastian) Cohen (CFR/TC). (Spotlight Email Newsletter #22 May 5, 1999 with known "Elite" affiliations Added). nl072.htm

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Brother Anthony Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister. He has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in various countries. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to minister in your church.

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