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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; it's good to see you. There is a man who can turn on the light. I am sure you'll find our main article from Craig Watson's Revised History of The 20th Century, an edifying dissolver of certain doubts if you read "between the lines".

Android PhoneSemper eadem—"ever the same"—was the motto of Queen Elizabeth I, and is a boast of Vatican City's Judaeo-Roman Church that never changes her soul-killing teachings. It applies equally to the intrigues of her co-conspirators, the sovereign city states London and Washington D.C. in their pursuit of Lucifer's totalitarian one world government. "The Secret Empire" exposes our earthly home as Satan's Eden, ruled by those "God set at enmity" with the children of the first and of the last Adam. Recognizing the actors and the motives and objectives of this six thousand year project, Christ's end-time Bride will see no hope for the world systems.

Few "good" Israelites at the first crucifixion recognized their day and its Message, and trying to do God a service without it being God's will they followed their kind old priest whose Babylonian Talmud "made the Word of God of none effect," they became spiritual Serpent's seed (Matthew 15:9). "Good" Uriah the Hittite was physical Serpent's seed without representation, a brave soldier and fool whose fealty to king David eclipsed his duty as husband. If "goodness" can substitute for faith, Jesus' vicarious death was unnecessary. The times they are a-changing: many who love the Lord Jesus know not He is no longer a Mediator, redemption is over, the Son of man has come, that their church is apostate and "crucifying the Son of God Christ afresh".

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Kim Jong-Un sacrifices One Trillion Dollars in War Reparation

June 20, 2018 — "The heinous actions committed by the US-UN forces constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity, a holocaust for which the DPRK is legally entitled to claim war reparations, which, if destruction of human lives, property, and infrastructure are calculated, should amount to at least one trillion dollars. Kim Jong Un's agreement to "put the past behind" saved Donald Trump and the US taxpayers (whose salaries funded that atrocious war), approximately one trillion dollars in war reparations. In agreeing to "forget the past" in the interest of peace, the DPRK Chairman Kim made an enormous concession up front, agreeing to forego legitimate claims for reparations" Full story:

June 15, 2018 — Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Centre for Research on Globalization gives his assessment of the meeting, and outlines the threat of a reunified Korean peninsula to US military and economic interests, comments on the coincidence of the G7 and other international summits taking place in the same week, and elaborates on the cross-cutting economic alliances which are challenging US autonomy.
Full story:

June 15, 2018 — "For Kim Jong Un, this moment is vindication. The wisdom of his nuclear policy has been confirmed: His tiny, poor, often hungry country, where hundreds of thousands have perished in concentration camps that differ little from those built by Stalin, has been treated as the equal of the United States of America" Full story:

Ex-Mossad Chief: Best Part of My Job was having 'a License to Crime'

June 17, 2018 — As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the only way to give this work its proper audience is to ask you to make up for Google's search censorship by promoting it yourselves in any way possible. This work deserves to be read widely and I hope you'll help make that happen.

Former Israeli Mossad chief (2011-2015), Tamir Pardo, spoke to Israel's foremost TV news magazine . . . Uvda about his thirty years' working for Israel's foreign spy service . . . [like] his predecessor . . . deeply disaffected from their former boss, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu . . . Being a Mossad agent offers a license to criminality on behalf of the Israeli State . . . an Israeli career-assassin . . . Iran took up 80% of the agency's operational agenda . . . he would have refused . . . to undertake what he perceived as an illegal war against Iran. Full story:

'MY Experience with the William Branham Movement 001' on YouTube

June 18, 2018 — Question: Just to ask you to have a say about what Brother Bruce Hall is saying here.

Response: I appreciate the fact you are one of a small minority who obey God's Word and "prove all things, hold fast that which is good . . . and go to the Word and the testimony" (I Thessalonians 5:21; Isaiah 8:20). Hereby you will "Make your calling and election sure" (II Peter 1:10).

It was timely and encouraging to hear of Brother Bruce Hall's experience with Chemotherapy and the true source of his wife's healing from cancer. I am in broad agreement with the things Brother Hall reports. With his email address we could explain more perfectly the revelation of the two appearances of the Cloud: once to the public over Flagstaff on February 28, 1963, and once to Brother Branham alone over Sunset Mountain on March 8, 1963. The phenomena were explained in Newsletter 752 along with two additional criticisms by the "Believe the Sign" Website.

Israel is NOT yet a nation. The Israel nation will be born-again in one day—all 144,000 of them (Isaiah 66:8). It cannot be born-again until the non-Semitic, anti-Semitic self-styled Jews are utterly defeated and run out as prophesied (Isaiah 6:9-13; 13:6-16; Joel 2:2; Zechariah 14:1-2; Revelation 16:19), enabling blood Israelites of Jacob's lineage to return to the land of their Covenant without "fear of the Jews" (John 7:13), mostly (Edomites, Canaanites and Khazars) sworn to kill the Israelites (Genesis 27:39-41).

God cannot deal with Israel outside the Land where the Covenant is of no effect and they are outside the Covenant. He can only deal with Israel unto conversion after the translation of Christ's end-time Bride. Even then Israel will NOT be re-born until after their two prophets anointed with the Spirit that endued Moses and Elijah are martyred in the second half of Daniel's Seventieth Week when the Judaeo-Roman and apostate (once) Protestant churches united with the state are forcing the mark of the beast (Trinitarianism), as Rome did through about 900 years of Dark Ages.

Brother Bruce Hall is correct when he said Brother Branham tended to exaggerate numbers. He is also correct when he stated many ministers preach the letter of "what the tapes say" without searching the Bible from Genesis to Revelation as Brother Branham admonished, to discover what the Holy Spirit and His Prophet MEANT (II Corinthians 3:6; 13:1). Our Absolute is God's written Word.

As Brother Hall stated, Matt Dillon was fictitious. However Brother Branham did not represent playwright William Conrad's Marshall Dillon as more than a fictional character "glorifying sin" in radio serials and later film (63-0120M, The Voice of God in this Last Days, p. 9:47).

I suspect our well-meaning Brother Hall, not knowing "the full story" was mistaken when he criticized Brother Branham for ordaining a divorced man as deacon in the Tabernacle (I Timothy 3:12). Recent Newsletters covered the subject marriage and divorce: I suggest the deacon had married a woman who did not confess fornication before taking her marriage vows, thereby marrying under false pretence. The marriage was void and the accused was in fact never married to the first woman. Or his wife was an adulteress, and as dead to him he is free to remarry (Leviticus 20:20; Deuteronomy 22:22; I Corinthians 7:10-15; Marriage and Divorce, p. 34:230-244, 252-258). Several years ago a Brother send me a CD recorded by the late Brother Perry Green correcting some of his own doctrinal errors. I heard it for the first time last Sunday-week. He spoke of a Brother who was condemning a minister who had committed adultery with a Sister in his Church. Brother Green came down hard against the critic, quoting what Brother Branham had told him. He would have rebuked the critic for condemning the minister for his sin, while he fellowshipped with ministers in spiritual adultery against the Word, a far more grievous infidelity against Christ's Bride. For this sin Christ has been calling His Bride OUT from every Church worldwide over fifty-five years INTO "the unity of the faith . . . for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation (Matthew 25:6; II Timothy 4:4; Revelation 3:17-20; 18:4; Romans 8:19). Men preaching the "letter" of the Prophet's Message word-for-word without and contrary to the faith leave themselves and their congregations shipwrecked.

The Principles of Bible Believers' Church and each Newsletter states "Whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible." I hope these comments set your heart at rest.

I might add that there has never been a "William Branham movement." Christians have no Book but the Bible, no law but Love, and no creed but Christ. God deals with individuals. Organized religion is not of God. From the Day of Pentecost each Church has been sovereign under its pastor. The only link between Churches is "the common faith . . . in the present Truth" (Titus 1:4; II Peter 1:12). Full story:

Why isn't anyone talking about the Israeli Military coming to Alaska?

Zionist flag

June 6, 2018 — Israel will be testing Arrow 3 weapons system from the island of Kodiak, just off the coast of Alaska. 62 shipping containers that have been renovated into sleeping quarters for the Israeli troops and have already been shipped to the Pacific Spaceport Complex-Alaska, where the missile tests will take place. Yet, we've heard nothing on mainstream media about foreign troops coming to train on American soil.

The secret behind military operations and missile launches is the pollution left behind, mainly from the toxic rocket fuel. That fuel is difficult to transport, ship, store, use, and to clean up. Kodiak is still being cleaned up from the mess made back during WW2! The Pentagon has already admitted that it cannot be cleaned up completely . . .

The reason given for Israel to begin testing their missiles (funded and developed by both Israel and America) is that the Arrow 3 interceptor is an exoatmospheric missile. The missile literally flies into space and comes back to crash on Earth's surface. Being that the Mediterranean Sea is too small an area to test such a missile, they somehow managed to squeeze their way into pristine Alaskan territory. The question then would be asked, who is Israel targeting? Why do they need missiles to go above and beyond the Mediterranean Sea? . . . Full story:

War of Annihilation: Amnesty's Investigation into the Siege of Raqqa: US, UK and France Committed War Crimes

June 5, 2018 — Only after the city was fully recaptured by SDF troops in mid October 2017 did the full horror of the American led war of annihilation come to light . . . Amnesty investigators went to Raqqa and interviewed hundreds of survivors. Their investigation has produced a very harrowing report entitled – "War of Annihilation – Devastating Toll on Civilians, Raqqa – Syria"

The war of annihilation waged by America and its allies is best described by the civilians who survived this horrific war crime. The amount of bombs and artillery shells fired into Raqqa by the US led coalition is highly reminiscent of the extermination campaigns waged by American imperialism during its war in Vietnam.

The experiences of the Badran family illustrate the living hell that civilians in Raqqa had to endure while the American led coalition pulverised the city with heavy artillery and air strikes. The SDF campaign to capture the city began in June 2017. The experiences of the Badran family illustrate the living hell that civilians in Raqqa had to endure while the American led coalition pulverised the city with heavy artillery and air strikes . . . They had lost their baby Tulip and 38 members of their family . . . Isis fighters were allowed to evacuate before civilians . . . when the buses came we realised they were for [US proxy army] Daesh . . . US commander Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend proudly declared: ". . . there has never been a more precise air campaign in the history of armed conflict" . . . Full story:

Comment: The enemy of God and man that rules Vatican City State, the City of London and Wall Street. "By 2020, NATO will deploy in Europe, 30 mechanised battalions, 30 air squadrons and 30 combat vessels, ready to use within 30 days or less against Russia . . . as requested by the US, the European allies and Canada have increased their military spending by 87 billion dollars since 2014 and are committed to increasing it even more. Germany will take it in 2019 to an average of 114 million Euros a day and plans to increase it by 80% by 2024. Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada and Italy, while they quarrel with the US at the G7 in Canada about customs taxes, in Europe are participating under US command in the Saber Strike exercise which mobilises 18,000 soldiers from 19 countries . . . 3 and 15 June in Poland and the Baltic, close to the Russian territory. The same six members of the G7, plus Japan, will be participating in the Pacific, still under US command, in Rimpac 2018, the largest naval exercise in the world, aimed at China . . . (

The Secret Empire

Tale of three cities

Genesis 3:14-15, "The Lord God said to the Serpent: Because you have done this, you are cursed above all cattle, more than any beast of the field; on your belly will you go, and dust will you eat all the days of your life: and I will put enmity between you and the woman [Christ's Church], and between your seed and her seed; He will bruise your head (Romans 16:20), and you will bruise his heel" (I Thessalonians 2:15).

Owing to pulpit delinquency and laymen in breach of I Thessalonians 5:21, ignorant of "the present Truth" and impersonating God's Word for a day gone by, our unseen Empire is a secret to almost everyone who loves the Lord Jesus Christ (II Peter 1:12; I John 1:7). The world is comfortable in Satan's Eden conceived by Vatican City State, the Empire of the City of London, and the sovereign city state of Washington D.C. Britain's Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said, "Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand." Craig Watson exposes certain of the Empire's kings, queens, bishops, knights and castles. Like Israel, Christendom has been conquered from within by Serpent's seed who are at enmity with the first and the last Adam and accursed of the God of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. You will recognize their satanic motive and objective.

By Craig Watson

"What was it you just said about the Gore family and Armand Hammer both being Empire insiders? . . . the British Empire?" Hal asked.

Craig Watson dropped his voice and leaned forward with a slightly embarrassed smile, as though he had said something he regretted . . . "no, not the British Empire; that is gone. It is something else which rules the world today, another kind of Empire . . . I call it "The Secret Empire," since it has no name, and its very existence is concealed under layer after layer of secrecy, misinformation, and deception."

"Did you know that at the end of World War II American Intelligence . . . the OSS, the predecessor of the CIA . . . had very close and friendly relationships with the Vietnamese nationalists, including with Ho chi Minh and his Viet Cong. And all the Vietnamese nationalists wanted to put Indochina under US protection. The most powerful local force at that time was the Annamite Confederation . . . which had had earlier French protection, and then Japanese support. As the war ended the Annamites wanted to keep the French out, and actually proposed to the US Government that Indochina become a US Protectorate. If that had happened, we would not have become involved in the Viet Nam War."

The US government (paralyzed by the death of FDR) allowed the British Army to restore French rule . . . under a secret agreement between the British, the French and the Dutch to restore the former European colonies in Asia to their pre-war European owners. The British invaded Indochina from India and slaughtered the forces of the Annamite Confederation, restoring French rule by force. The OSS and every American who knew anything about Southeast Asia knew the Asians would never accept the return of European colonialism . . . as the British and French must surely have realized also . . ."

". . . Then why did they do it?" asked Hal.

"Because the Secret Empire wanted it" . . . Winston Churchill, Billy Ormsby-Gore and Lord Mountbatten all pushed it, because they were playing a much bigger game, in which the little countries of Southeast Asia meant little. They were just pawns being sacrificed in order to capture the enemy's Queen . . . But if we are going to continue this, could we adjourn to your place, Jim?"

They walked the two short blocks back to Jim's apartment. Hal waited until they were seated again in arm chairs around the coffee table.

"So what was the 'bigger game' that the Secret Empire was playing in Southeast Asia?" he asked Craig.

"The objectives of the game were different on each level. But on the top level they wanted their Secret Empire agents and allies inside the power structure of the Soviet Union to eventually take control of the Soviet Union. That was what they finally accomplished in the 1980s, when Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the USSR and introduced "Glasnost" and "Perestroika." At that time their top priority then changed to China.

"But in 1945 in Southeast Asia they were still intent on strengthening the position of their Secret Empire agents and allies inside the Soviet Union, relative to the other Soviet factions. They did this by handing victory after victory in the Cold War to their Secret Empire agents and allies inside the Soviet power structure, who were principally concentrated in the Soviet Secret Police, which was known as the KGB in the last decades of the Soviet Union. It is no accident that the KGB had responsibility for both internal security and foreign espionage, which in most countries are separate agencies. This allowed the Soviet KGB to exploit Soviet espionage to both enhance its status within the USSR by its success in getting vital Western technology and Military secrets, and also to be able to maintain communication with Secret Empire agents within Western Intelligence, who would give them those secrets. And by its control of the Soviet Secret Police the KGB was able to control the entire Soviet bureaucracy and thus also discourage KGB defectors to the West . . . or apprehend them. Any rumors of collaboration between the KGB and the Secret Empire could be intercepted and squelched by the Soviet Secret Police.

"And what did all this have to do with Southeast Asia?" asked Hal, with a hint of incredulity.

"It provided the opportunity for the Secret Empire agents in British Intelligence to hand their KGB associates another victory in a struggle most important to the Soviets: the Soviet struggle with China for leadership of the Third World, thus further strengthening the KGB, and especially the status of their clique of secret agents within the KGB. The Vietnamese, as well as the other peoples of Southeast Asia, had always feared their giant neighbor, China, and tried to avoid Chinese political and military intrusions into their internal affairs. Russia, being in conflict with China on the northern borders of China, seemed a logical ally. But the Soviets already had a reputation of interference in the internal affairs of their allies on ideological grounds, and of demanding total domination in return for military support. So it seemed safer to the Vietnamese to try to get an American alliance, because the Americans had never had territorial aspirations in mainland Asia . . . and they were known for their disinterested dedication to freedom, self-government and the self-determination of nations . . ." Craig looked from Hal to Jim and back again. Seeing only rapt interest, he continued. "So the Vietnamese nationalists wanted links with the Americans, and told the OSS agents in Vietnam that. But instead, Lord Mountbatten sent British troops from India uninvited, blasting their way into Vietnam after the Japs had left and as World War II was drawing to a close. They brushed aside the OSS men, threatening them as if they were the enemy. In the fighting, the commander of the OSS in Vietnam was killed and the OSS agents were forced to leave at the point of British guns, reluctantly forced to leave and abandon their many Vietnamese friends and allies. Vietnam was handed back to the French. The Vietnamese rose against their hated former French colonial masters, and continued to fight against them until they forced the French Foreign Legion to surrender at Dien Bien Phu. The French then decided to abandon Vietnam. But the Secret Empire persuaded the American government under Secret Empire insider Lyndon Johnson to step into the shoes of the defeated French and continue the futile struggle to suppress Asian nationalism in Vietnam. Later retired US General Douglas MacArthur in a private meeting at his home in Virginia persuaded President Kennedy to withdraw the US military advisors from Vietnam. But Kennedy was assassinated by the Secret Empire before he could expedite that decision. It was left to Richard Nixon to undo the disastrous US intervention policy by withdrawing US troops from Vietnam. But meanwhile the Soviets had acquired a foothold in Southeast Asia as the arms suppliers and military advisors of the Vietnamese. Soviet prestige in the Third World soared, as did also the prestige of the Secret Empire leaders of the KGB in the councils of the USSR." He looked at Hal and then at Jim for questions.

Hal spoke up. "This 'Secret Empire' also controlled the Soviet Union?"

"Only a small circle of former Trotsky adherents, a secret second level of the Trotsky organization within the Secret Police, who survived after the main Trotsky leaders were wiped out in the Stalinist purges of 1923-39. Their leader was Yuri Andropov, then the head of the KGB, a former protege of Jacob Rappaport, the master of the Gulag Archipelago, the pre-war slave labor camps. Mikhail Gorbachev was Andropov's right-hand man, who took over when Andropov was assassinated by Brezhnev's son-in-law. The KGB connection with the Secret Empire went back to Lenin and even before 1917, when the British Imperial Mission headed by Sir Alfred Milner came to revolutionary St. Petersburg. When Andropov succeeded Brezhnev as supreme ruler of the Soviet Union, the Secret Empire had triumphed."

Craig paused, looking from Hal to Jim. His nephew spoke up.

"All of the these goings-on inside Soviet Union are hard for Americans to understand and evaluate," he said. "What was the Secret Empire doing inside the United States? Did it have a lot of influence here?"

Craig Watson gave a short, dry laugh. "It is now based mainly in the United States, but it has no geographical home. It manipulated the US into World War II. Having already encouraged and maneuvered Hitler into war so as to ignite World War II . . . as earlier it had ignited World War I. It glories in wars, because nothing else generates profits for its wealthy insiders like war. But also after World War II organized the CIA so as to put its key agents in control, and used it to assassinate President Kennedy, and to "Watergate" Nixon . . . which amounted to a political assassination, or a "coup d'état" from above. It has generally controlled the American scene in matters it considers important."

"Whoa!" exclaimed Hal. "Please back up and explain. You say the Empire started both World Wars and maneuvered the US into both of them?"

"Essentially," nodded Craig. "All observers agreed that what brought the US into World War I was the sinking of the British luxury liner Lusitania, with many Americans aboard by a German submarine. The US press . . . largely Secret Empire controlled . . . raised such an indignant furor against "Hunnish brutality" over the Lusitania sinking that, American public opinion turned in favor slowly of US intervention. Investigations over the years since then have shown that the British Admiralty, then under the command of First Sea Lord Winston Churchill, had deliberately routed the Lusitania into a trap where they knew a German submarine was waiting, and had failed to warn the Lusitania. Also it was recently proven that the Lusitania was carrying munitions, as the Germans had claimed and the British had denied, which was what had caused the ship to sink so quickly in a calm sea only a few miles off the Irish coast, and which was what had caused the heavy loss of life."

"And World War II?" asked Hal.

"From at least November 1931 on, Hitler was encouraged towards making war by the British Establishment, including King Edward VIII and the "Cliveden Set" (and the British Prime Minister and the British Ambassador in Berlin). In November 1931 British intelligence invited Hitler's top policy advisor, Alfred Rosenberg, to London and introduced him to many leading Secret Empire figures, including Montagu Norman, the chairman of the Bank of England. From Norman's office, Rosenberg went directly to the Schroder Bank of London. Upon his return to Germany the German banks and industries for the first time began to contribute heavily to the Nazi Party. Baron Kurt von Schroder was one of the leading advocates of contributing to the Nazis, along with the German banker, Hjalmar Schacht, a close, lifelong friend of Montagu Norman of the Bank of England. It was this flood of big contributions into the coffers of the Nazi Party that financed Hitler's giant Brownshirt rallies and the fast expansion of Nazi Party membership."

"And the Cliveden set" . . . King Edward VIII . . ." encouraged Hal.

City of London crest"Yes," smiled Craig. "Cliveden was the palatial country manor house outside London where the Astors and other British nobility entertained Hitler's envoys and the German Ambassador, assuring them of British sympathy for Hitler's anti-Bolshevik plans and approving of his anti-Semitism. The Astors, top American Secret Empire leaders, had made their fortune in the Chinese Opium trade, just as had also William Delano, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's grandfather. As had also Robert Clive (known as "Clive of India") after whom "Cliveden" was named. The Chinese Opium trade was controlled by the Crown [of the City of London], as was India and the Chinese ports of Shanghai and Hong Kong. No one could get into the Chinese Opium trade without specific permission from the officials of the Crown. Only Secret Empire insiders allowed. King Edward VIII . . . after he had abdicated, but still before war broke out, had visited Hitler at Berchtesgaden together with Wally Warfield Simpson and chatted cordially with Hitler in perfect German. Both Prime Minister Chanberlain and British Ambassador in Berlin, Neville Henderson, were sympathetic with Hitler's territorial ambitions and his anti-Bolshevik objectives. Hitler felt he had a green light from Britain to go ahead with his aggressions against small countries in Central Europe, preparing the way for his attack on Russia. He was dismayed when Britain declared war over Danzig. He made peace overtures to Britain and even demobilized 30 German army divisions as a display of peaceful intentions. [More recently Iran, Nicaragua, Argentina, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Panama and Venezuela have suffered]. Lloyd George the former British Prime Minister during World War I, appealed to the British Government for peace negotiations with Germany in speeches at giant peace rallies and in the newspapers. But it was too late. Prime Minister Chamberlain, who had hesitated, vacillated and made concessions dealing with Hitler before Danzig, suddenly became an inflexible man of iron and would not. negotiate. World War II was underway . . . And Franklin D. Roosevelt had also contributed to encouraging Hitler to go to war, when he sent Texas Oilman William Rhodes Davis to Berlin, where Davis told Göring and Hitler that FDR sympathized with Germany and agreed that Danzig should be returned to Germany."

". . . But how could the Secret Empire have drawn America into the war, when it was the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor?" asked Hal Martin.

Craig smiled. "That is true. But after Japan, Germany and Italy signed the Tripartite Treaty of Mutual Assistance (known better as the Axis Pact) on September 28, 1940, the American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, continually threatened, tempted and challenged the Japanese to attack. For almost two years he kept the US Pacific Fleet bottled up at anchor, concentrated at Pearl Harbor against the urgent advice of the Pacific Fleet Commanders, a tempting sitting-duck target for the Japanese navy. Admiral Richardson, Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet, flew to Washington twice from Honolulu in late 1940 to insist, that the Pacific Fleet be dispersed into defensive positions around the Pacific before the Japanese attacked, as the Navy knew they were preparing to do. After his second trip he was suddenly relieved of command without explanation, and the fleet stayed bottled up at Pearl Harbor until it was attacked by the Japanese. FDR also had created some kind of provocation every time the Japanese war party and peace Party had confrontations over the issue of war or peace. He cut off war materials to Japan, persuaded the Dutch to cut off oil and rubber supplies to them and finally resorted to insults and demands that Japan withdraw from Manchuria, China and Southeast Asia, and quit the Axis Pact, or else . . . FDR knew that if he goaded Japan into attacking the US, that Hitler would have to declare war against the US under the terms of the Axis Tripartite Treaty, which was FDR's principal objective." He looked from Hal to Jim and back."

"Even weeks before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the Roosevelt administration leaked a policy paper declaring that in the event of US involvement in the war, priority the first would be the war against Germany in Europe. Japan would be polished off after that was taken care of. After Pearl Harbor the bulk of US war production and troop deployment went to Britain and then to North Africa. The deployment to North Africa was the result of the Allied decision to attack Hitler's "Fortress Europe," through North Africa and the "Soft Underbelly of Europe," rather than directly from England across the channel into France. This had resulted from the failure of a British attack on the north coast of France at a place called Dieppe, where the British put ashore two Canadian regiments and abandoned them. They surrendered after being surrounded by German troops. There never was any sensible explanation for the senseless sacrifice of these Canadian troops. But this was used by Churchill as proof that Hitler's claims were true . . . his repeated claim that his "West Wall" along the north coast of France was impregnable. So, argued Churchill, the only safe route of attack was through North Africa and the "Soft Underbelly of Europe."

"But in 1942 after Hitler withdrew General Erwin Rommel from command of the doomed Africa Corps and put him in command of the West Wall, Rommel confided to his diary that he was horrified to discover that there was no West Wall. Hitler had been bluffing. But then how was it that Churchill bought Hitler's bluff so easily? Did Churchill want to believe Hitler's bluff? . . . even to the point of sacrificing two Canadian divisions to make Hitler's bluff look good?

"The fact is that Churchill . . . and the Secret Empire . . . had a secret deal with Hitler which went back to the warm, friendly relations of the Cliveden days, which the Secret Empire intended to use to assure Hitler that he would not be attacked from the rear (on the coasts of Western Europe) . . . at least not seriously attacked . . . so that he could safely devote all his military strength to the invasion of Russia the whole point of all of this . . . including the "Cliveden" deception . . . was to get Hitler to attack the USSR . . . so as to destroy Germany once and for all. Hitler sent his most trusted lieutenant, Rudolph Hess, who parachuted into Scotland in early 1941, so as to be able to counsel the British on what Hitler would do, or would not do, under the agreement, as the war continued. During the Battle of France the British had retreated to Dunkirk (under the deal) rather than attacking Guderian's panzers on their flank, as they had promised the French they would do. In turn Hitler had agreed not to invade England. The Dieppe farce must have been part of the deal . . .

[Adolf Hitler, a gentleman, man of his word and a patriot, was putty in the hands of these non-Semitic Jewish deceivers and traitors to their own nations, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin (John 8:44)].

"But there were a couple of other little things Hitler did not know. He did not know about the Soviet build-up of their giant new war industry in the Urals, built in the '20s and '30s with the secret help and financing of western industrial corporations controlled by the Secret Empire, in collaboration with Jacob Rappaport's slave-labor empire. Nor did he know that FDR was increasing the pressure on the Japanese, pushing the Japanese into . . . apprehensively . . . accelerating their long-standing, fall-back plan to drive the Americans (and the colonial round-eyes) out of the Pacific basin by a massive, do-or-die surprise attack.

"During the summer of 1941 Hitler seemed victorious everywhere. All of Europe was his, and his armies were crossing the Caucasus into the Middle East, poised to take Cairo, and battering the gates of Moscow and Leningrad. Nothing could stop him . . . until winter came and his armies encountered Russia's two great military geniuses, General Mud and General Winter, who had humbled Napoleon's "Grand Armee" and, some hundred years earlier had destroyed the illustrious armies of Sweden's Charles XII. Hitler could not have imagined the disastrous turn of events which would take place for the Wehrmacht in Russia before the end of the year 1941 . . .

"As the tide began to turn in late 1941-42, the Secret Empire began to shift its priorities from defeating Hitler to strengthening its hand inside the Soviet Empire. This resulted in conflicts between British Intelligence and the American OSS in places such as Greece and Yugoslavia, Indochina and Azerbajan. "Wild Bill" Donovan, the founder of the OSS and a pronounced Anglophile, did not understand the Secret Empire game going on inside the Soviet Union, indeed he did not even know the Secret Empire existed . . . and probably would not have approved of it, if he had known. So "Wild Bill" had to go . . . and the OSS with him . . .

"But meanwhile the Secret Empire was having its way in North Africa, where the Free French (and General DeGaulle) were not even informed that the British-American allies were invading French Morocco and Algeria without them. (The Free French had been attacking Rommel's Africa Corps out of the south from out of the Sahara, from bases in French Equatorial Africa). The French, already disgusted with the British for having deserted them during the Battle of France, and then for having attacked the French garrison at Dakar, allowed the Americans to come ashore when the invasion became so botched up that it could easily have been sunk offshore. But instead, the French commanders, Admiral Darlan and General Giraud (former supreme commander of French forces during the Battle of France and later an escapee from a German prison hiding out with the underground) made a deal to let the Allies land in French North Africa, only to have the terms of the agreement quickly violated by the Anglo-Americans and Darlan assassinated. American General George Patton was brought in after the American defeat by the Africa Corps at Kasserine Pass, to save US forces in North Africa. He was dismayed to discover that the French army (700,000 strong) was being left out of the plans for invading Europe, and that the Allies intended to break their promise to the French to invade Southern France, and instead planned to go up the mountainous Italian peninsula which the Germans could easily defend with only a handful of divisions, instead of attacking into the broad open plains of southern France . . . which would be much more difficult to defend."

"Was this part of the secret deal between Hitler and the Secret Empire?" asked Hal.

"It appears so," said Craig. "When you look at the overall picture of the next two to three years, it seems the Anglo-American allies still wanted to go slow, to avoid any drastic death blow against Hitler's Europe."

But wasn't this going to end up favoring the Soviet Union? Wouldn't this hand Germany over to the Soviets?" Asked Hal.

"Yes," agreed Craig. ". . . which would serve two Secret Empire purposes: . . . it would destroy Germany for generations, by leaving it occupied by the Red Army for decades . . . and, the Secret Empire faction inside the KGB would be able to claim much of the credit for this great victory, for misleading and deceiving western leaders, which would bring them closer to the Secret Empire goal of controlling the Soviet Union."

"Why did the US Army, the top Generals, hold still for this?" exclaimed Jim. "You said Patton objected to invading through Italy, rather than France. Didn't. the other Army Generals listen to him and understand this?"

"In the late '30s and early '40s, while the attention of the American public was focused on Europe and on Hitler's theatrical power grabs, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt carried out a quiet "purge" of the leadership of the American Army. He jumped several junior officers and a General slated for retirement ahead of hundreds of senior and better-rated Generals. Eisenhower went from being a Lieutenant Colonel to a Major General in a matter of months, despite having a mediocre record and poor comments by former superiors. General George C. Marshall was jumped ahead of scores of better-rated Generals, although earlier he had failed in various field commands and was slated for early retirement. These poorly rated officers had been jumped ahead of even the army's best Generals, such as MacArthur and Patton. Now in '41-'42 Patton was serving under Eisenhower, who was then Supreme Allied Commander in London. And he was being harshly reined in and tongue-lashed by General William B. (Beetle) Smith, who had not even been an officer in the regular US Army before World War II, when he was suddenly elevated out of nowhere to be appointed the Supreme Allied Commander's right-hand man. "Beetle" Smith had a surprising and unexplained rapport with top British political Proconsuls overseeing Allied conduct of the Mediterranean war for the crown, such as "Billy" Ormsby Gore (Lord Harlech) and Harold MacMillan (later Prime Minister) both of whom came out of the Royal Establishment (the Secret Empire). So Patton was effectively boxed-in and isolated from any sympathetic professional officers."

"But do I remember correctly afterwards he became the commander in the conquest of Sicily, and even later . . . after Normandy . . . he commanded the American blitzkrieg across France?" asked Hal.

"Correct!" said Craig. "After which occurred the strangest event of his life, something which is still ignored and denied by the official histories. But it is a fact. It did happen."

"After Patton's Third Army broke out of Normandy and ran across France to Metz, two German Army Colonels came to see him in Metz. They said they had been sent by the Generals in charge of the Middle Rhine sector. They offered Patton a bridge over the Rhine, so his Third Army could run for Berlin, and receive its surrender before the Red Army got there. Patton accepted immediately. He radioed London that he was taking the Third Army across the Rhine and heading for Berlin. He asked that all US army units in France be routed towards Metz to cross the Rhine following the Third Army. He also asked for a parachute regiment to be dropped across the Rhine to protect the vital bridgehead from any Nazi fanatics, such as the SS, which might try to attack it and stop the Americans from crossing . . .

"Orders were issued from London in line with Patton's requests. But then suddenly only hours later new orders were issued, canceling those first orders and commanding all units in France to stay where they were, not to move east. Patton was ordered direct from Eisenhower's headquarters not to cross the Rhine. Patton raised holy hell on the radio protesting those insane orders. If this golden opportunity was not seized immediately, he insisted, it would be lost, and the war might drag on for many more months, many thousands more casualties being needlessly incurred . . .

"But then something even more bizarre happened. Orders were radioed from London to the Allied fuel and supply depots in Cherbourg, ordering them not to issue another round of ammunition to anyone, nor another gallon of gasoline, until further ordered. Patton was stopped, his fuel and ammo cut off. Even the Red Ball Express, the truck convoy which carried fuel, ammo and supplies from Cherbourg to the spearhead of the army in a continuous column of trucks, was ordered stopped. Patton raged furiously, but to no avail. Within a few days the German generals in charge of the Middle Rhine sector were relieved of command, and additional troops were moved up to guard the bridge. The chance to end the war in 1944 was lost."

"And that wasn't the end of it," said Craig. "Just days after that, Henry Morgenthau, the US Secretary of the Treasury, released a document to the press which was dubbed the "Morgenthau Plan," a proposal for deindustrializing Germany after the war, making it into an agricultural nation. Predictably the principal result of the Secretary of the Treasury's proclamation was to infuriate Hitler. He ordered a grand offensive against the American Armies in the West, set for early December 1944 . . . here the story gets even stranger . . . a week or two later the Swiss intercepted a radio message from a Soviet agent in Berlin to a Soviet spy in Bern (codenamed "Lucy"), telling all about Hitler's planned offensive in the west. Swiss Intelligence gave it to the US Intelligence Chief (OSS) in Bern, Allen Dulles. What happened to it then, no one knows . . . because when the big Wehrmacht offensive in the Ardennes broke in December (dubbed "the Bulge") the American army was surprised and thrown back in confusion with heavy losses. Except for the heroism of the American paratroopers at Bastogne, the German Army would have taken Antwerp. And the Allied offensive in the west was set back by months, while the Red Army in the east continued to roll towards Berlin. Even after the Allied armies crossed the Rhine in March, 1945, their orders sent them north and south and around in circles on wild goose chases . . . anywhere except east towards Berlin."

"And as a result, most of Germany was occupied by the Red Army . . ." Added Hal disquietedly.

"And in the confusion the British Army quietly carried out several major "fait accompli" unnoticed . . . in Indochina, and in Greece and in Yugoslavia. The death of Roosevelt threw the American government into confusion, leaving the British a free hand."

Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich"The Secret Empire started with a safe assumption: that the Soviet Union would not be able to satisfy the Russian people in the long run if it undertook a decades-long arms race with the West. Eventually the combination of an extremely low standard of living and a tyrannical Stalinist regime were bound to result in deep dissatisfaction within the Soviet populations. And the problem of the "Nationalities" could do nothing but lead to further internal political pressures . . . [This evil has now been generated in Europe and the whole of the (once) Christian world (prophesied by Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:37; Genesis 6:1-4) and announced by Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest on January 12, 1952. ". . . We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory . . ." (William Guy Carr, Pawns in the Game, p. 104-106). Theodore Herzl, Rabbi Reichorn (Rzeichorn), Dr. Oscar Levy, Bernard Lazare, Rabbi Stephen Wise and Maurice Samuel likewise echo this Talmud].

"But the Soviet Union and the Cold War served another basic Secret Empire purpose also: it created a bogey-man to threaten the West and justify huge American defense budgets, the creation of a powerful American Intelligence agency with unlimited powers and a huge, hidden budget and a National Security obsession which permitted hidden actions which would never have been approved by the voters. The OSS was disbanded in 1945, but the Secret Empire agents which had been inside the OSS were maintained and were introduced into the new CIA in 1947 as a team . . .

"When Eisenhower became President he nominated Allen Dulles as head of the CIA and his brother John Foster Dulles as Secretary of State . . . two stalwarts of the Secret Empire. With these two brothers in charge of the two principal agencies involved, the stage was set for the give-away of Cuba to Fidel Castro and the Soviet Union . . . and the principal elements for the Drug War against America were set in place . . .

"The framework of the Postwar world had been put in place by Al Hiss and a clique of young Ivy-league homosexuals [Luke 17:28-30; Genesis 18] recruited and brought ahead in the State Department by the homosexual Undersecretary of State, Sumner Welles, an old school and college friend of Franklin Delano Roosevelt since childhood. FDR, Hull and Wells worked together on this. All of these were Secret Empire insiders. When Senator Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon began investigating Hiss and others, looking for Communists in the State Department in the early 1950s, they did not realize that those people were not so much Communists as Secret Empire agents . . .

"Alger Hiss brought ahead his own protoge, Ralph Bunche, a Young black from Southern California, who had helped Hiss set up the United Nations, and who then served as the right-hand man to Trygve Lie, the first Secretary General of the United Nations. Trygve Lie appointed Bunche as #2 on the UN Peace Committees for Palestine to stop the fighting between the Zionist Jews (who were arriving in Palestine from Cyprus by the hundreds of thousands) and the local Palestinian Arabs. Bunche served under Count Bernadotte of the Swedish royal family, who was the UN Commissioner for Palestine. But Bernadotte was proposing a peace plan under which the Palestinians who had been driven from their homes would be returned, and the boundaries of Zionist and Palestinian-administrated territories would be returned to their pre-war positions. This was anathema to the Jews, who wanted all of Palestine . . .

"So Count Bernadotte was murdered by Stern gang terrorists on the road between the Lod airport and Jerusalem. Bernadotte had waited at Lod airport for Bunche to arrive, but finally the message came from Bunche that his plane had been delayed, and advised Bernadotte to continue on to Jerusalem without him. Bernadotte set out in his UN car, clearly marked with UN markings, and flying the UN flag. Part way he found the road blocked by a barricade manned by Stern gang terrorists with machine guns, who stopped his car and calmly blew the Count and his unarmed driver to pieces. Ralph Bunche took over and under UN authority declared a local cease-fire, after every Zionist offensive, preventing the Palestinians from counter attacking. The UN (under Bunche) overlooked every Zionist violation, including closing a blind eye to the tens of thousands of Jewish veterans of the US and British armies in World War II, who suddenly turned up fighting for the Zionist cause. . ."

"Where did all those hundreds of thousands of European Jews come from . . . that you mentioned a minute ago as swarming into Palestine from Cyprus?" asked Jim.

"Evidently they were the same Jews which had been rescued from Hitler's prison camps by the Jewish brigade of the British Army at the end of World War II in 1945," answered Craig.

"The British fleet conveyed them first to Crete and then to Cyprus. They had been assembled in Yugoslavia by the brigade, with the help of Tito's Jewish partisans, and then transported by ship to Crete."

"I never heard anything about that," said Hal.

"No," smiled Craig. "It wasn't picked up by the American press. But it was published in Israel in Hebrew in various small specialized publications. These articles generally quoted the first postwar commander of the Israeli National Police, General Shaul Namias, who during World War II had been a major in the British Army, serving in the British Army's Jewish brigade, which was made up of Palestinian Jews recruited in Palestine by the British Army, who later became the backbone of the Israeli Army. The oversight . . . or lack of interest . . . of the American press in this matter raises big questions about the integrity and loyalty of that vital American institution, the guardian of our freedoms."

"You mentioned something a minute ago about Eisenhower's appointees, the Dulles brothers, being involved in giving away Cuba to Castro and the Soviet Union", spoke up Hal. "Can you fill us in on that a little?"

"Sure", said Craig. "The Eisenhower administration set out to hand Cuba over to the Soviets as soon as it came to power. It moved two homosexuals in the State Department, Roy Rubottom and William Weiland, into position in charge of the Caribbean desk and the Cuban desk on the fourth floor of the State Department. They started singing the praises of Fidel Castro to all who came along, despite the fact that they knew what a murderous psychopath Castro was, having been in charge of the Colombian embassy in Bogota almost 10 years earlier when the Colombian Intelligence, presented to them personally its report on how Fidel Castro had murdered the President-elect of Colombia, which had precipitated the "Bogotazo," the staged uprising on April 9, 1949, which burned Bogota, the capital of Colombia, wrecked the Ninth Inter-American Conference (then about to start in Bogota, where American General George Marshall was to present a "Marshall Plan" for Latin America), precipitating the decades-long Civil War in Colombia between Liberals and Conservatives (called "La Violencia") which claimed many tens of thousands of lives and continued on into the Drug Wars of the 1980s-90s. Rubottom and Weiland nevertheless briefed new Ambassador (to Cuba) Earl Smith in the late 1950s in this vein, together with the help of New York Times star reporter, Herbert Matthews, praising Castro and damning President Batista black. But they were not operating alone on this pro-Castro campaign. The CIA had some of their ace Secret Empire operatives, including Howard Hunt, Jules Dubois and G. Gordon Liddy working also to bring Castro to power. And the US press was so enthusiastic in its Castro-worship that they even convinced American-educated Cubans, who should have known better. So it wasn't just a few confused individuals. It was a giant, coordinated conspiracy based inside the most powerful US government agencies and at the same time inside the press, media and political (both Democratic and Republican parties) establishment. Only the Secret Empire could have done that."

"Was this part of the Secret Empire strategy to bring their Secret Empire agents in the KGE ahead by letting them take credit for big intelligence victories against the West?" asked Hal.

"I believe so", said Craig, nodding.

"And was this connected to the Kennedy assassination? Wasn't that because of the Bay of pigs?" asked Jim.

"It is hard to be sure," said Craig, frowning in thought. "We can only guess at the Secret Empire motives and objectives. There were several reasons that the Secret Empire and its CIA agents could have wanted Kennedy killed . . . in addition to the Bay of pigs fiasco. But the involvement of the same Secret Empire organization inside the CIA in the assassination and also later in the Watergate frame-up shows Secret Empire purposes to have been involved in both. I am speaking of Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy again. Kennedy realized after the Bay of Pigs that the CIA had misinformed and misled him. So he set up his own intelligence system, put McCone in charge of the CIA and later had Schlesinger clean out many of the old Secret Empire boys of the core CIA organization. That infuriated the old Secret Empire boys. But they were even more upset with him when he decided to withdraw the US military advisors from Vietnam on the advice of retired General MacArthur. [That would have jeopardized the US military, CIA and banker's narcotics business]. And he was an obstacle to the Secret Empire bankers' plans for Panama. The Secret Empire had plenty of reasons to assassinate Kennedy."

"Why didn't Kennedy . . . or someone . . . just abolish the CIA?" asked Jim.

"During the Cold War anyone proposing that would have been accused of being a Soviet agent." smiled Craig. "And better than 98% of the CIA people were loyal Americans with no idea that there was any such thing as the Secret Empire. Apparently Kennedy didn't either. Even on the top level most CIA men were loyal American patriots, such as William Colby . . ."

He was fired by Gerald Ford, wasn't he?" asked Hal thoughtfully.

"Right," laughed Craig sourly. "Who replaced him as head of the CIA with long-time Secret Empire insider George Bush, who had been a Secret CIA agent ever since Wor1d War II. Just as the country was clamoring for reining in the CIA and uncovering its murderous misdeeds, Ford canned the reformer, Colby, who had helped Kennedy and Schlesinger to clean out the Secret Empire agents inside the CIA and later had tried to help Nixon do the same thing. And he put in Bush, a Secret Empire ringer to replace Colby. That was possibly the reason . . . one of the reasons . . . the Secret Empire "Watergated" Nixon. Another reason would have been as revenge for the scare Nixon and Senator Joe McCarthy gave the Secret Empire in the early 1950a with their Congressional investigations into Communists in the State Department (and elsewhere in the government) . . . and their successful prosecution of Alger Hiss. The existence of the Secret Empire could easily have been discovered in those days . . . and again in the late 70s when Colby was cooperating with the press and the Church Senate Committee was exposing CIA horrors right and left . . . and the House Special Committee for Investigating Assassinations was warming up other scandals. But the Ford administration . . . Bush and the Secret Empire Establishment . . . managed to stop the investigations and put the lid on the CIA scandals again. But each time such things happened . . . in Kennedy's time . . . at Watergate . . . and in Gerald Ford's time . . . you could identify the Secret Empire insiders as those who rushed in to help cover up the scandal . . . and those who made the JFK assassination and Watergate happen . . . such as Lyndon Johnson, Kissinger, Alexander Haig, Ford, Bush, Nelson Rockefeller, etc., etc. . . ."

"In the Republican Party, as well as the Democratic Party . . ." marveled Jim.

"Party affiliation doesn't mean a thing to the Secret Empire," said Craig. "They have their powerful insiders in every party . . . every organization . . . when the time comes for them to act, then they often show by their actions that they are Secret Empire insiders. But before that there is usually no way of telling. There are no written Secret Empire documents, no written organizational Charts . . . it is all done by insiders knowing who are other insiders . . . all done by personal contacts."

"So it is impossible to know beforehand what they are really up to . . ." mused Hal.

"Exactly," agreed Craig. "For example: who would have guessed that Eisenhower was being secretly scheduled to become President of the US in order to give away all our advantages from World War II to the Soviets?"

"Come on," drawled Hal incredulously. "I knew Eisenhower had always been a Democrat and many Republicans objected when their party picked him as their candidate . . . he just changed his party registration a few weeks before. But to say that he switched just to help the Soviets?? . . ."

"The Secret Empire policies change whenever they zero in on their longer-term objectives . . ." said Craig. "Eisenhower had been shot up to the top of the Military Establishment by the Secret Empire in order to impose the Secret Empire "go slow" policy on the US (and Allied) war in Europe, to let the Soviet Union take over most of Germany, in accord with the Secret Empire imperative for the total, final destruction of Germany as a world power. Then he was made President in order to give Cuba away to the Soviets . . . and to further bolster the Soviet leadership in other vital areas, such as Eastern Europe, at a time when Soviet policies were bankrupt and discredited there. He aborted CIA plans for other anti-Soviet uprisings in Eastern Europe in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolt, and let the Hungarian rebel leaders dangle in the wind. And he forced the Israeli, British and French to withdraw from their Suez invasion that same year, for which the Soviets took undeserved credit in the Third World, as well as inside the Soviet system itself, which greatly bolstered Soviet prestige, and reassured the wavering Soviet bureaucracies throughout their system. Starting Fidel Castro on the road to power in Cuba in 1956 by his landing in Oriente also set the stage for another Soviet triumph . . .

"None of that would have been possible if Eisenhower hadn't become President and put the Dulles brothers in key power positions. He also presided over the Secret Empire infiltration of the CIA and other US agencies . . .

"In retrospect we can see how that coincided with and complements Winston Churchill's switches in policy, which were also directed towards the same Secret Empire goals . . . all of which illustrates what you just said, Hal: that it is impossible to understand beforehand where Secret Empire policies and actions are headed . . . we can only understand after it is an accomplished fact. That is a giant handicap for those trying to oppose their policies and actions."

"Tell us about Winston Churchill's switches. . . " asked Hal.

"Well, as you know, Churchill and the Secret Empire took advantage of the chaos as the war was winding down to settle some exclusively Secret Empire accounts. They sent British troops into Greece to put Greek royal cousins of the British royal family back on the Greek throne . . . against the wishes of the Greek people. And under cover of this, they sent the Jewish brigade of the British army into Yugoslavia to rescue thousands of Jews from Hitler's prison camps, with the prior cooperation of German Military Intelligence (Gehlen organization) and the Soviet KGB (Secret Empire faction). This was coordinated by Allen Dulles' staff of the OSS in Bern. And in Vietnam British Viceroy Mountbatten sent in troops to seize Vietnam for the French, which served a double Secret Empire purpose. It ingratiated the British with the Old Guard French Establishment, which they used to influence French politics their way against the Free French. And it also served to eventually enhance the status of Secret Empire agents inside the KGB, because they knew that Vietnam would be nothing but a big headache for the French, and that the French would eventually lose it anyway, bringing the Soviets and the Chinese into conflict over Vietnam . . . Seizing control with British troops under Mountbatten gave the Secret Empire control of a key fluid situation. It is always control by their insiders that the Secret Empire is looking for."

"But Churchill's public role after the war was that of a pudgy Cassandra, warning darkly of the Soviet threat, and using such dramatic phrases as "the Iron Curtain" in speeches at US commencement exercises. Within only a few years the US was obsessed with the Soviet threat. But, then by the early 50s Churchill switched and was advising the US to seek rapport with the Soviet Union. That was also when Eisenhower began to make all those generous gifts to the Soviets. Why?" He looked back and forth at his two listeners. "What happened was that the Secret Empire had become aware of the internal weakness of the Soviet Union and of the increasing probability of an internal collapse, perhaps of rebellion breaking out amongst the captive nationalities and the Eastern Europeans and spreading to the Russian Soviet Republics. But their Secret Empire faction within the KGB was not yet in a position to take over the USSR. And Secret Empire also wanted the Red Army to continue to occupy East Germany until German self-identity was totally erased. [And it now IS]. So they decided to prop-up the confused Soviet system for a few more decades."

"Churchill seemed to have been a key Secret Empire player, in your account of these things . . ." remarked Hal.

"You bet," replied Craig. "In World War I he lured the Lusitania into a u-boat's periscope sights, and cooked up the disastrous Gallipoli campaign . . . notice that at Gallipoli thousands of Aussies lost their lives, just as Canadians were sacrificed in World War II at Dieppe, but, no English casualties. And he used Dieppe as an excuse to route the Allied invasion around through the Mediterranean . . ."

". . . but if you follow Churchill through World War II and the post war period, you see his hand involved in Secret Empire maneuvers time and time again. For example, during the secret mission to rescue the Jewish prison camp survivors at the end of World War II, Churchill personally supported Donald Maclean and Kim Philby, who proved later to have been top-level Secret Empire agents used for the most important, Secret Empire missions. This rescue mission was concealed under the larger British Army invasion of Greece in October 1945, but had been negotiated over earlier months by Maclean and Philby secretly dealing directly with Tito and his Yugoslav partisans. Both Maclean and Philby later deserted to the Soviet Union, having been Soviet spies all during the war. In Russia Philby became Andropov's right-hand man and constant companion, a role similar to that of Rudolph Hess as Hitler's secret deputy in England early in the war . . .

". . . But we see Churchill's hand intervening in Philby's and Maclean's games time and again. "Wild Bill" Donovan and his OSS people were upset time and again by Maclean's secret games with Tito in Yugoslavia, and Donovan complained constantly to British Intelligence about Maclean. Finally Donovan went all the way to the top, to Churchill himself. He was so upset that he told Churchill that if Maclean wasn't withdrawn from authority over Yugoslavian operations he (Donovan) would complain to Roosevelt, and offer his resignation. Churchill's response to this was to make Donald Maclean his personal deputy and put him under the protection of the Prime Minister's office with full authority. Later it was discovered that Philby had been responsible for betraying dozens, maybe hundreds, of OSS agents and secret operations to Tito's partisans, who shot all of them. Philby, Burgess and Maclean, all homosexuals, good friends at the top level of British society, had been Soviet spies (or Secret Empire agents) for decades. They were untouchable. Philby was sent to Washington after the war to help organize the CIA. He arrived with the most impressive credentials anybody in Washington had ever seen . . . with letters from the King and the Prime Minister and everybody else in England who counted. (I wonder what "Wild Bill" Donovan had to say). From his arrival until he left, Philby's constant companion and principal contact within the infant CIA was James Jesus Angleton, the controversial head of CIA counter-intelligence whose job it was to catch spies like Philby. Angelton kept the CIA in a dither for decades with his claims of unidentified "moles" deep inside the CIA organization, and his accusations against bonafide Soviet defectors: that they were double agents sent by the Soviets to mislead the CIA. Decades later William Colby would accuse Angleton of crippling the CIA.

Earlier Colby had tried to convince James Schlesinger, Kennedy's appointee as head of the CIA, whom Kennedy had assigned to clean house inside the CIA, that he should fire Angleton. But Angleton so confused Schlesinger with his intelligence hocus-pocus and stories of hidden Soviet "moles" inside the CIA, that Schlesinger ended up leaving Angleton on the job, and giving him extra help for finding those phantom "moles" . . . I wonder which side Schlesinger was really on."

"But the Secret Empire agents inside the CIA remained in place even into the second generation [Bush II, Obama]. In the mid-9Os another head of CIA counter intelligence, Aldrich Ames, was arrested for selling secret information to the Soviets and for having betrayed hundreds of CIA agents inside Russia to the KGB. Aldrich Ames' father had been a CIA agent, a good friend of James Jesus Angleton. Ames was in fact acting on instructions from the Secret Empire, to eliminate CIA sources of information about the KGB and its take-over of the Soviet Union in the 1980s and 90s. That is why he made no effort, to conceal his spending of money from Soviet spy payments. He did not expect that the Secret Empire would let him be caught nor prosecuted. Aldrich Ames had been named after the Aldrich banking family, relatives of his who were closely connected by marriage with the Rockefeller family. Winthrop Aldrich was a son-in-law of John D. Rockefeller and was the President of the Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank during World War II, when he and his Chase Manhattan Bank helped Hitler build his Nazi war machine and launch World War II. Winthrop Aldrich's father was the founder of the Federal Reserve, the mightiest stronghold of the Secret Empire. He was the one who summoned all the Secret Empire bankers to a secret meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia in 1911, where the plans for the Federal Reserve were hatched. Both families are powerful Secret Empire families, many of whom are homosexuals, a common characteristic of Secret Empire families."

"How we ever won the Cold War . . ." murmured Jim. ". . . with all those Secret Empire agents in control everywhere . . ."

"We didn't," answered his uncle. The Secret Empire did. They ended up with the loot. We just got to do the heavy work."

". . . and the atomic bomb?" asked Hal. "Do you know how the Soviets acquired it? There were so many conflicting stories about it. Some said the Rosenbergs didn't have access to enough atomic secrets."

"That's right", agreed Craig Watson. "They may have passed on some additional data the Soviets still needed. But the bulk of the atomic bomb secrets had already been delivered to the Soviets by the US government in 1943. A Lend-Lease expediter at Gore Field Air Force base at Great Falls, Montana, Major George R. Jordan, discovered planeloads of scientific plans, drawings, physics, samples of Uranium metal, ¾ ton of uranium oxide, delicate scientific instruments . . . tons of material . . . aboard American Planes en route to Russia starting in March of 1943. Major Jordan didn't know what it was, being as ignorant of atomic technology as most other Americans at that time. Also included were State Department files marked "From Sayre," "From Hiss" and "From Geiger" . . . names that meant nothing to him at that time. But in the process he also discovered that the shipments had been sent by orders of the White House itself, by Harry Hopkins, acting in the name of President Roosevelt. Major Jordan didn't understand what it was . . . the words mentioned in the documents being shipped, such as "uranium", "cyclotron", "proton", "deuteron", etc. . . . meant nothing to him at the time. But after the Soviets exploded their first atomic bomb in 1949, he realized that it had been the plans for the US atomic bomb. It was too late . . . as always the Secret Empire had made a "fait accompli" . . . and all that remained was to cover up and protect the reputations of those including President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. That is how the Soviets got the atomic bomb so quickly. If you are interested, you can read all-about it in Major Jordan's book: (Major George Racey Jordan, "From Major Jordan's Diaries," Harcourt Brace).

Hal shook his head, astounded. "But if there were so many editions printed, how come I never heard about all this?" he gasped.

"The Secret Empire controls not only publishing, but also distribution of books," smiled Craig. "When the Secret Empire puts out the word, union truckers refuse to deliver a certain book exposing the Secret Empire, or that part of the shipment simply disappears . . . "pilfered", "stolen", "mislaid." The book stores mislay it or lose it. Sometimes over nine-tenths of the printing run disappears, one way or the other."

Hal sat shaking his head. "This is hard to believe," he said. ". . . but who were these Secret Agents inside the State Department? We know "Hiss" must have been Alger Hiss. But who was "Sayre?"

"Hard to say for certain", said Craig. "But a good guess could be Francis Sayre, former High Commissioner for the Philippines, and son-in-1aw of Woodrow Wilson. Big Wheel in the State Department in 1942. When the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor, someone . . . or something . . . prevented General MacArthur from ordering the planes at Clark Field, north of Manila, to attack the Japanese air armada assembled on Formosa, which could have stopped the upcoming Japanese invasion of the Philippines. Without air support from Formosa, the Japanese might not have risked trying to send their troop ships across the Formosa Straits to the Philippines, especially with a strong American air force still at Clark Field. The air power at Clark Field had been the strongest card MacArthur had in his plans to defend the Philippines against Jap attack. But all day that Sunday, December 7, 1941, the US planes sat idle . . . and vulnerable . . . on Clark Field awaiting orders which never came. Then, late in the day, in came the Jap bombers from Formosa and destroyed every US warplane at Clark Field. Rumors later said that Eisenhower and Sayre had combined to stop MacArthur from ordering the planes at Clark Field into the air. Eisenhower, who had earlier been MacArthur's deputy in Manila, was back in Washington in December, 1941, in charge of all US Forces in the southwestern Pacific . . . MacArthur's superior officer" Sayre was High Commissioner in Manila, also over MacArthur. MacArthur, usually highly audible, has never explained how it happened that, the US warplanes sat all day on the tarmac at Clark Field the Japs had attacked Pearl Harbor in the morning. It was known he was itching to order them aloft at the first sign of a Japanese threat."

Hal stared at Craig Watson incredulously. "Why would Washington . . . or the Secret Empire . . . have intentionally sacrificed the Philippines to the Japanese?"

Craig smiled apologetically "I know I'm stretching your understanding of your comfortable world all out of shape. And I don't know for sure why the Secret Empire does any one particular thing. But this fits the grand Secret Empire pattern." He saw Hal shaking his head again. "You see, Hal, in both World War I and II the Secret Empire was following the old British Empire imperative of the "Balance of Power" . . . which in 1941 meant the final and total destruction of Germany . . . just as they had destroyed France during the Napoleonic period" . . . and Spain in the 16th century. Now in 194l they had arranged to help Hitler lead Germany into the vast military quagmire which is Russia. But to finish the job, they needed to bring the industrial and manpower might of the United States to bear against Germany. They had successfully lured Japan into attacking the United States. But Germany . . . the prime Secret Empire target in WWII . . . was not yet at war with the US. Conceivably Hitler might decide against keeping his commitment under the Tripartite Treaty . . . the "Axis Pact" . . . and might not declare war on the US, as the Axis Pact obliged him to do. The spectacle in Russia in December 1941 seemed to be one of a total German victory. Europe was Hitler's captive. Japan was now triumphant after completely surprising US forces at Pearl Harbor. But Hitler had always said that he would do anything to prevent the US from coming into the war against Germany, because only the US had the industrial power to defeat Germany. So on December 7, 1941, the Secret Empire was anxious that nothing should mar Hitler's picture of a complete Japanese victory . . . no setback which might give Hitler second thoughts . . . no hint that the American display of military weakness so carefully cultivated by the American press during the US Army maneuvers in Louisiana only the month before had really been a lure to encourage Hitler's contempt for existing US military capability. No setback to Japan's attack should be allowed to worry the Fuhrer. He must not smell a mouse . . . at least not until he had actually declared war on the United States. Then it would be too late. So it was important . . . from the Secret Empire viewpoint . . . that MacArthur not be allowed to smash the Japanese air armada assembled on airfields in Formosa . . . until Hitler had declared war on the United States. As it was . . . despite Hitler's victorious march across Europe . . . victories everywhere . . . despite his heady victories, Hitler still delayed four days before finally declaring war against the United States as he was obliged to do under the Tripartite Treaty."

Hal Martin sat looking at Craig Watson dumbfounded. At last he said, you should write this all up in a book."

Craig smiled and nodded. "Thank you. I already have. Would you like a copy?" Would you like a copy too? The foregoing is an excerpt from Craig Watson's Revised History of the 20th Century, entitled "The Secret Empire". nl1030.htm

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