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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we always appreciate your company and thank you for joining us in fellowship.

Android PhoneToday's Newsletter features important current news from worldly sources which expose certain powerful identities in Satan's service bearing on our immediate future. The US Presidential election, the fraudulent COVID-19 hoax—in gesticulation from Genesis 3, most recently from at least 2006 according to publications by oligarchs and tax free foundations, UN, WEF, IMP, WB, WHO, CDC, NIH, and other parties behind this push to hasten Lucifer's one World Government whilst the US dollar, military and apostate world church system retains a voice, albeit on the strength of past reputation.

One of our readers asked, "In the very last two minutes of this video of a worldwide Chabad online virtual event, the Jewish singer announces that they are conquering nation after nation. What does he mean?" I replied, like the Muslims, they actually believe this fantasy. However, "flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither does corruption inherit incorruption." They do have practical control of the world via Vatican City State, the Judaeo-Roman Catholic Church; The City of London, global monetary, financial power and Communism, and by Washington D.C. City State, the military. Each of these city states is a sovereign nation in itself independent of Italy, England, and the United States of America. Yes, all nations of the world have been conquered by their sin.

The Prophet Malachi 4:1-3 spoke of the Kingdom of God and of these people when he said: "Behold, the day comes, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that comes shall burn them up, says the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch. But unto you who fear My Name [Lord Jesus Christ] shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings; and you shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. And you shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be [nuclear] ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, says the Lord of hosts".

A Sister wrote asking "why there is such tension in her community? The voice of the people is agitated and harsh, not sweet in spirit as it once was".

I replied, this is a spirit; Satan and his host are about to embrace the souls of all whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life, and capture most of the souls in the Book of Life. This should be obvious since we have witnessed the leaders of 193 nations obey the commands of Satan's servants, Gates, Soros, Biden, Fauci, Rockefeller, et al and begin to transform the world into a police state. It should be obvious people are becoming possessed by evil spirits serving evil and no longer have a mind of their own.

Australia's PM 'phoned Mr. Biden and congratulated him on his election as President: this is an affront to protocol, propaganda, willful deception—Mr. Trump will be President until noon on January 20, 2021, and new POTUS chosen by the Electoral College will not be announced until about December 14. Like the leaders of 193 other nations, Scott Morrison has locked down the Australian economy, spent hundreds of billions paying people NOT to go to work, and billions on a vaccine when Hydroxychloroquine purchased over the counter is proven effective against this man-made flu.

COVID-19 is a fraudulent decoy behind which the leaders of this world hide the deliberate destruction of the world economy bankrupting the straw man corporate entities that have replaced our real, physical countries. But the people of the world must recognize that these abstract corporate structures are NOT "too big to fail." Let them fail and take the banksters with them, and let us restore our nations and to the Devil claim with their corporate impostures.

The world's heads of state are unanimous in that each is controlled by an alien spirit opposed to the Lord God who placed everyone on free moral agency to determine his destiny. Satan is using the US image of the beast of Revelation 13:11-18 to divide the world between anti-Catholic Communist and once Communist nations marked for destruction like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, etc. But Jesus foretold in Daniel 2 and Revelation 17 how the NATO countries will ally with Russia and blast Vatican City State and the United States from the face of the earth.

Then "the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up . . . and there will be no more sea" (II Peter 3:10; Revelation 21:1).

God bless you, saints of God.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. We encourage you to share our Newsletter with friends, family and colleagues, and look forward to any comments or questions you may have. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Irrefutable President Trump Won 2020 Election in a Landslide

President Trump

November 13, 2020 — Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell: "Dominion's software was created to alter voting results in Venezuela for [?] President Hugo Chavez then shipped internationally to manipulate votes for [AGAINST] persons in other countries. It was funded by money from America, Cuba; China has a role in it also, so if you want to talk about foreign election interference we certainly have it now. We have sovereign statistical evidence, we have sovereign testimony from witnesses, including one who was personally in briefing when all of this was discussed and planned beginning with [?] Hugo Chavez and how it was designed there, and saw it happening in this country. As soon as the states shut down on election night and stopped counting, those were the states where the most egregious problems occurred. We also need to look at, and to collect evidence on the financial interest of some of the governors and secretaries of state who actually bought in to the Dominion system, surprisingly enough. Hunter Biden type graft to line their own pockets by getting a voting machine in that would either make sure their election was successful or they got money for their family from it.

Well that's straightforward, it may take [time] to go through and to produce that investigation and the results of it uh the December, the December are approaching for electors, and just as we saw in 2000 with Bush vs. Gore how critical or urgent does that make your investigation and discovery serious?

Well, for fraud this serious I think even if the states are stupid enough go ahead and certify the votes where we know they were operating and producing altered election results, then they will be set aside by the fraud. I mean hundreds of thousands of votes; President Trump won this election, its irrefutable and we are patriots, patriots are coming forward all day, every day, faster than with the testimony they are willing to give under oath about updated the we've got statistical evidence that shows hundreds of thousands of votes being just put in and replicated: massive criminal investigation and it's going to affect millions of voters and elections.

With these allegations, these charges, is the FBI [making] an investigation of these voting companies? At least two instances, three instances we know they're in foreign countries. Tell us where the Justice Department is in all of this?

Uh, I wish I knew I'm not on the inside, so I'm not privy to that information. I knew that even Democratic senators and congress people for years have reported problems with this system to the FBI and to the government, and nobody's done a blooming thing about it. The people in the election security part of Department of Homeland Security need to be fired yesterday; they're absolutely ridiculous. Chris Wray needs to be fired too because the only FBI interview of any witness was to intimidate him and try to get him to change his truthful testimony for hours by an anti-Trump FBI agent. They still have politics infecting the FBI instead of just following the law. We are on the precipice—this is essentially a new American Revolution and anybody who wants this country to remain free needs to step up right now. These are federal felonies. Altering a vote, or changing a ballot, is a federal felony. People need to come forward now and get on the right side of this issue and report the fraud they know existed in Dominion voting systems because that's what it was created to do. It was its sole original purpose; it has been used all over the world to defy the will of people who wanted freedom . . .
Full story:, plus

Comment: To quote Joe Biden, "We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American Politics" (October 24, 2020)

Chairman of Federal Election Commission declares Election Illegitimate due to Fraud

November 13, 2020 — Watch and see more captured video evidence why the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission and 73 million Americans don't just believe this election was rigged, they can see it being stolen in real time from Donald Trump . . . Full story:

Trump has Won by Default

November 11, 2020 — Trump has won by Default. The Biden-Harris nationwide election fraud scheme to steal the ballot state by state prohibits them from winning the race. Joe Biden has already proven himself permanently ineligible to hold any office in the US Federal Government by virtue of his admitted crimes and corruption. See: UNITED STATES CODE: Joe Biden is permanently disqualified from holding any public office in the US Federal Government.

Comment: November 11, 2020 — Russian Jewess Pennsylvania Secretary of State has skeletons in her closet.

November 11, 2020 — Dominion software deleted over 2.7 million votes nationwide, switched over 500,000 from Trump to Biden.

November 12, 2020 — Voting Machines at 18+ States Hacked in -2 mins. Footage from a DEFCON hacker conference in Las Vegas in 2018 shows Social Proof Security CEO Rachel Tobac demonstrating how to gain administrative access on a voting machine in less than two minutes, with no tools needed. Made by Premier Election Solutions reportedly acquired by Dominion Voting Systems in May 2010. Rachel Tobac tweeted in 2018 that the system is used in 18 states. Full story:

November 15, 2020 — Multiple reversals and proportional vote entries in Virginia on election night after 11 PM indicate election fraud occurred in this state too.
Full story:

November 16, 2020 — GOP Congressman Andy Biggs Requests 100% Audit of Maricopa County, Arizona Ballots. "Hundreds of voters in Maricopa County have signed affidavits alleging their ballots cast in the November 3 election may have been discounted." Full story:

November 16, 2020 — According to Massachusetts Senate candidate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and others, the voting machines used in the US in the current election and in prior elections have the ability to store votes not as integers but as fractions. This allows these machines to weigh votes for candidates and change elections based on this weighting. There is NO REASON why this feature should be included on a voting machine.

The same IMPOSSIBLE ballot ratio analysed in Kent County Michigan, matched the pattern in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.
Full story:

2020 election under Trump-declared 'National Emergency' Trap for unauthorized accessing of Election & Campaign Infrastructure

November 13, 2020 — The "Executive Order on "Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election." Canadian Crown Agent (City of London) Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company. And Scytl voting machine company (connected to George Soros, the Democrats, and according to TGP, (shareholder "Bill Gates")—also widely used in US elections—is located in Spain. Both represent "foreign interference" in US elections with data routed through servers in Germany. Scytl has (or had) Soros and Democrat party connections. (Deceased) Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Vulcan Capital has invested $40 million in Scytl. Tonight we learned from our source that Bill Gates also owns stock in Scytl. Due to such widespread fraud, the Chairman of the US Federal Election Commission Trey Trainor believes that the 2020 US Presidential Elections is illegitimate . . .
Full story:

Frankfurt used as Remote Hacking Base for the CIA: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks documents reveal CIA agents were given cover identities and diplomatic passports to enter Germany. The base was used to develop hacking tools as part of the CIA's massive digital arsenal. The release included 8,761 documents it claimed revealed details of "malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized 'zero day' exploits, malware remote control systems and associated documentation" . . . a top secret CIA unit used the German city of Frankfurt am Main as the starting point for numerous hacking attacks on Europe, China and the Middle East.

WikiLeaks reported that the group developed trojans and other malicious software in the American Consulate General Office, the largest US consulate in the world. The programs focused on targets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa . . . The Frankfurt hackers, part of the Center for Cyber Intelligence Europe, were said to be given diplomatic passports and a State Department identity. It instructed employees how to safely enter Germany. A WikiLeaks tweet published a section of the Frankfurt information.

The consulate was the focus of a German investigation into US intelligence capabilities following the 2013 revelation that NSA agents had tapped Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone.

German daily "Süddeutsche Zeitung" reported the building was known to be home to a vast network of intelligence personnel including CIA agents, NSA spies, military secret service personnel, Department of Homeland Security employees and Secret Service employees. It reported the Americans had also established a dense network of outposts and shell companies in Frankfurt . . .

According to WikiLeaks the documents revealed that the CIA could remotely activate certain Samsung smart televisions equipped with cameras and microphones to turn them into bugs . . . if the CIA had hacked a cell phone, it could then bypass encryption methods used by popular chat programs such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Signal and Confide. This prompted some concern at first online that all such messaging "Apps" were no longer effectively encrypted - but the exploit only applied to people whose phones are already compromised. According to the leaks, the CIA has undocumented exploits on popular Smartphone models . . . The documents also revealed that the CIA had the ability to conduct false flag attacks using malware stolen from other nations. According to WikiLeaks the trove showed that the CIA had lost control of its arsenal of hacking tools.

WikiLeaks said it was given the files by an anonymous source who wanted to shed public light on the hacking programs. The collection of documents vastly outnumbered the trove on the NSA released by Snowden. Full story:

Comment: It appears the CIA was using the same foreign data center to hack the US elections . . . and got caught. This is precisely why, as the Gateway Pundit reports, the CIA was kept completely out of the server raid operation that just took place in Germany. The raid was likely leveled against the CIA's own server farm that ran the remote Dominion hacking operation the night of the election!

Check The Bankrupt Spanish [Bill Gates, Jorge Soros, US Democrat-backed] Scytl voting machines were used in elections in New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, and many other countries.

Robert Steele's News in Connection with Election-Fraud

November 14, 2020 — many links of interest. Full story:

Trump should now Pardon Snowden & Assange

November 11, 2020 — Since even before Donald Trump won the 2016 election, it's been clear that the American deep state has opposed his presidency. And while Trump has deferred to the Pentagon and the CIA by maintaining their forever wars, foreign military empire, foreign interventionism, coups, and assassinations, it's also been clear that Trump hasn't been as obsequious to the national-security establishment as presidents are expected to be. The deep state will not be disappointed with Trump's departure and will be ecstatic with Joe Biden as president . . . Trump can send one parting shot at the national-security establishment and its acolytes as well as to the mainstream press, one that would be based on a pure sense of justice: Issue pardons for Edward Snowden and Julian Assange before Trump walks out the door, preferably now rather than later. . . . a powerful message to the national-security establishment: Telling the truth about your evil, immoral, and nefarious dark-side activities is not a crime in our country. It's a badge of honor . . . Full story:

Comment: Release the JFK files, Killery Klinton's emails, 9/11 truth, who won WWII, the Vince Foster Truth, the COVID-19 coup.

Biden: Americans must be vaccinated for Covid-19 in order to eat

November 13, 2020 — Luciana Borio, vice president of the CIA-funded In-Q-Tel group, co-wrote a paper for the Center for Health Security at the [Rockefeller's] Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health that outlines what she sees as the public's "role" in the Covid-19 vaccination agenda. In order for "minorities" and other "marginalized" people groups to feel "safe" getting vaccinated, Borio has proposed "bundling" other services together with it such as food security, rent assistance and free clinic services. To access these other services, in other words, Americans will be expected to also get jabbed for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) . . . Full story:

Comment: Now do you "feel safe".

2020 Consensus Statement of UK & International Medical & *Scientific Experts & Practitioners on Health Effects of Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR)

November 11, 2020 — Medical experts and practitioners from around the world have united once again to make clear their concerns regarding the health effects of escalating non-ionising radiation (NIR) . . . electromagnetic energy ranging from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves right the way up to Ultraviolet (UV). In particular, they are concerned about radiofrequency (RF) emissions from mobile phone networks, Wi-Fi, and the rollout of 5G . . . main risks associated with exposure . . . increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damage, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans . . . corroborated by ‘clear evidence' of carcinogenesis from animal studies. These include the two largest investigations ever undertaken globally, from the widely respected National Toxicology Program (USA) 2, 3 and Ramazzini Institute (Italy) . . .

"In my lifetime our exposure to radiofrequency radiation has increased by up to a billion billion times. There is no excuse any more for pretending this is not harmful—to us and to all life on the planet. Radiofrequency radiation is the new tobacco. Full story:

Who Chooses 'Official, Governmentally-Approved 'Health Experts'?

November 12, 2020 — You have to hand it to governmental health experts: All are uniformly "on message." Meanwhile, abundant medical expertise from around the world at odds with official messaging is rendered invisible. The Great Barrington Declaration, so critical of governmentally-imposed lockdown strategy (and associated policies, e.g., public masking, quarantine, etc.), has, since October 5, 2020, been signed (as I write) by more than 45,000 medical scientists and practitioners worldwide. But mainstream media figures, savvy to the perks of power, know better than to report this. It's worthy of note that the founders of the Declaration go to pains to declare their detachment from financial gain, perhaps to stand out against prominent governmental experts with ties to the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. here, here, here).

There are also America's Frontline Doctors, the many dissenting scientists being discovered by journalists (here, here, here, and just the other day still more here and here), and plenty of others too, trying to be recognized above the din of officialdom, only to be forced to the outer margins of the Internet, where only a small fraction of the public bothers to seek them out. Relatively speaking, it's lonely out there . . .

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the global authority to which the medical institutions of nations look for leadership. WHO opinion and policy informs the NIH, CDC, schools of public health and medical societies in the US and their counterparts in countries all over the world. Visualized as a pyramid, WHO is the apex. Information from there descends through national organizations, schools and institutions to regional and local authorities. Gates and the pharmaceutical industry weave strategy at the apex, with industrial and political players making their impacts all the way down to the base of the pyramid where one finds hordes of frightened, masked citizens . . .

Putting the pieces together, one recognizes a global medical bureaucracy from the WHO on down, in concert with schools of public health and the pharmaceutical industry, combined into a politically powerful triumvirate dedicated to goals most certainly linked to those of the World Economic Forum, with which Bloomberg School collaborates. The selection process within this triumvirate designates its experts for governmental and academic advancement, and for public display by mainstream media, this to the exclusion of dissenters. The apparatus for social control now being put into place is to involve an unimaginably profitable vaccine-based medical authority touted by certified "health experts" and governmental enforcers, all of whom will assure the public that they "have the science." There will be discovery of new pathogens threatening epidemic and pandemic waves, complete with spikes and hotspots. One foresees populations nurtured in fear, herded into groupthink and longing for salvation through vaccination.
Full story:

'Covid 'Pandemic': Destroying 'Lives. Engineered Economic Depression. Global 'Coup d'Etat'?

November 12, 2020 — Manipulation of the Estimates. The RT-PCR Tests are Misleading . . . This misuse of RT-PCR technique is used as a relentless and intentional strategy . . . violation of . . . constitutional rights . . . destruction of the economy . . . bankruptcy . . . degradation of living conditions . . . under pretext of pandemic based on number of positive RT-PCR tests, not on a real number of patients . . . Falsifying Death Certificates . . . on the instructions of the CDC.

Destroying civil society . . . Free Speech is suppressed . . . March 11, 2020: Engineered Economic Depression. Global Coup d'Etat? 'Economic Warfare' . . . Intelligence and 'the art of deception.' History of Economic 'Shock Treatment'. From Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) to 'Global Adjustment' (GA). . . .

The Great Reset is socially divisive, it's racist. It is a project of Global Capitalism. It constitutes a threat to the large majority of Americans workers as well as to small and medium sized enterprises.

With regard to Covid, Biden is firmly committed to the "Second Wave", i.e. maintaining the partial closing down of both the US economy and the global economy as a means to "combating the killer virus".

Joe Biden will push for the adoption of the WEF's "Great Reset" both nationally and internationally, with devastating economic and social consequences. The 2021 World Economic Forum (WEF) scheduled for summer 2021 will focus on the implementation of the "Great Reset".

A Joe Biden administration would actively pursue Big Money's totalitarian blueprint: The Great Reset. Unless there is significant protest and organized resistance, nationally and internationally, the Great Reset will be embedded in both domestic and US foreign policy agendas of the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration. It's what you call Imperialism with a "Human Face". Full story:

Canadian Govt. 'Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines' Response to COVID-19

November 15, 2020 — The Canadian government, on its official acquisition website ( is requesting bids for "Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines" as part of, "products and services in support of Canada's response to COVID-19." The listing number is 45045-190091/A, and it is found at this link. Full story:

Comment: French-speaking Canadians in the proposed Covid detainment camps will be vaccinated, English speakers will receive the 'final solution'.

Why Worry about Warming? Cold is the Killer

November 15, 2020 — Green alarmists are fanning a firestorm of fear about man-made global warming.

Earth always cycles between warmth and cold. Every recent warm period (Medieval Warming, Roman Warming etc) was a time of plenty for all life on Earth, whilst cold periods like the Little Ice Age saw crop failures, famine, migrations, invasions, disease and death.

Sea levels rise as ice sheets melt, and fall as they rebuild. Coastal dwellers and offshore coral reefs must always migrate landward or seaward, or north/south, following the climatic environment they prefer.

Warming/cooling phases are triggered by solar system cycles which are often accompanied by volcanism. These drivers are far more powerful than any human influences.

Oceans cover over 70% of Earth's surface and dominate our weather and climate. When the sun or the volcanic trenches and the rings-of-fire warm the oceans, two things happen. Firstly, water evaporates to form more clouds which shade, cool and rain on the Earth. Secondly, CO2 plant food is expelled into the atmosphere, like CO2 bubbles leaving a warming beer. This makes the oceans more alkaline.

With the additional moisture and CO2 plant food in the atmosphere, all plants benefit—forests expand, deserts shrink and grasslands, crops and marine plants flourish. All animals that live on plants or on grazing animals are also well fed. Soon farmers, graziers, foresters, fishermen, city dwellers and tax collectors welcome better times.

But climate is never still—changing climate and variable weather are normal conditions on Earth. For the last million years, Earth has basked in recurring short Warm Periods (about 12,000 years) followed by long brutal Frigid Periods (about 80,000 years).

Evidence from the Greenland Ice Cores shows that Earth's 1,000 year average temperature peaked about 7,500 years ago and has been trending down for over 3,000 years. There are always short term fluctuations but we are past the warming peak. We live now in the latter days of the Holocene Warm Period. There may be short bursts of warming, but the big trend is down. A frigid period lies ahead.

As cyclic solar heating declines, land cools quicker than the deep oceans. Moisture will still evaporate from the warm oceans and fall on the cooling land as rain and snow. Snow and ice will again advance over the northern grain belts. Continued evaporation soon triggers cooling of the oceans which then re-absorb atmospheric moisture and CO2.

Plants always suffer greatly in the developing cold, dry, CO2-starved atmosphere. And when plants suffer, animals and humans face hunger and famine [part of the dysgenic plan].

Industries and cities powered by coal, oil, gas and nuclear power are largely immune to changing climate. We are making a huge climate gamble by demonizing reliable hydro-carbons and nuclear power and rushing into intermittent, climate-dependent energy such as wind and solar propped up by "humungous batteries".

The Holocene Warming is almost over. After today's bountiful warmth comes the cold, dry, hungry phase of Earth's climate. Fruitful warmth is no threat. Bitter cold is the deadly menace. Full story: graphs

Natural News Global Reset Survival Guide

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Comment: God's way is "Up, up, and Away with the Token on display" by I Corinthians 15:50-58 and I Thessalonians 4:13-18. nl1133.htm

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