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We greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and appreciate your fellowship.

In recent issues we have been featuring some of the thoughts guest contributor Kerry Spencer-Salt has expressed in his Newsletter, The National Watchman. Kerry demonstrated how the enemy of God and man, through his world-wide control of media, education and banking and institutions such as the United Nations, has brainwashed and altered the mental perceptions of the humanity to the extent that they are his mind slaves. And as Jesus said, "know it not".

This week we have taken the essence of his articles to Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, exposing Satan's plans, his children and those of Adam's race he has duped to cause the world to worship him once he is cast down to earth. We hone in upon his initial strategy in the garden of Eden which reached its climax at the great Flood and has repeated in our day. I refer to miscegenation between the Serpent's seed and the seed of Adam, better known today as "multiculturalism".

This newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

God bless you as you prove all things in God's unchanging Word and obey what It says do . . . Anthony Grigor-Scott

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Western democracy is finished. Controlled by aliens.
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Class Action Lawsuit Against WACO KILLERS!

The United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire The People vs.William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Janet Reno, et alia A Writ of Complaint by a Class Action. Full story:

'Multiculturalism' -- Accursed of God

"The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation" (Numbers 14:18).

It might be said that the future of the children is bound in the character of the parents for we take the nature of our parents and must be born-again and grow to maturity as we release ourselves from the world and the things of the world into the liberty of Christ, receiving the nature of our new Parent of heaven. We call this the Token or evidence of the Life of Christ in us. However having the Token is not sufficient. Hearers of the Word must also be doers, so the Token must be on display to witness, "Jesus lives in me".

Out of the virtues and the vices of the family come the virtues and the vices of nations. The germs for the future development and direction of the human race were prefigured in Noah's three sons, and also in Canaan, Ham's illegitimate son by Noah's wife (Genesis 9:18-27; Leviticus 18:8). The post-diluvian world has descended from Noah's three sons, and the the son of the wife he brought with him through the Flood.

Every Bible name has a prophetic meaning signifying the destiny and nature of a person, nation or place. When Noah cursed Canaan, he named him, but he was not expressing personal feelings arising from Ham's incest with his Serpent's-seed wife as evidenced by the fact that Ham was not personally cursed, except inasmuch as his future was bound up in the future of Canaan, his first-born. Noah was prophesying under the anointing regarding an unborn child conceived just hours before. Whilst the future of Ham's offspring in the righteous line by Ham's own wife he left undecided, without curse and without blessing, although the want of blessing was a significant omen.

God had already cursed and placed enmity between the Serpent's seed and the seed of Adam. And the enmity is still there as demonstrated by the international bankers and their tribe who would rule over Adam's race. But God has already announced ultimate victory to the seed of the last Adam and the utter annihilation of Cain's race (Genesis 3:15; 4:11-16). Noah knew that Canaan would inherit and perpetuate that curse so he prophesied that he should be "a servant of servants": the lowest of the low. 'Canaan' means, to bend the knee, the servile or humiliated, brought down low, or vanquished (like Cain). God instructed Moses that when the children of Israel found Canaan's people in the Promised Land He would deliver them into their hands and they must utterly destroy them all (Deuteronomy 7).

Brother Branham said, "Civilization came by Cain" (Invisible Union of the Bride and Christ, p. 22; Genesis 4:16-24), and identified the Canaanites with Cain through Ham (Angel of the Covenant, #54-0301; Conduct Order and Doctrine, 944:106-108).

The more abject race of Canaan, were the pioneers of the world's Civilization, advancing rapidly in agriculture and the arts, organizing governments admirable for their order though despotic in form, digging canals and lakes to fertilize the desert; everywhere turning the arid earth into a luxuriant garden, whilst the early Gomerites (Japheth) and those who followed them in their wilderness march to the extreme west of Europe, were regressing from iron to copper, from copper to stone, from the implements of Lamech, and of the ark and tower builders, to the rude flint axes and bone knives that some have regarded as remains of prehistoric men.

(The sinister purpose behind the myth of the evolution of man is to disguise the cursed origins of the race who hatched and spread this contagion, who are not God's expressed thoughts or from Adam's loins, and therefore not redeemable. The evolution of species as a theory contradicts God's inerrant Word and denies God Himself in order to hide the true genealogy of its chief propagators, a hybrid species through Lucifer's deception of Eve which caused the Fall and the conception of their forefather Cain by the Serpent.

This, is why they trace their genealogy through the matriarchal line to Eve, and not to their father, the Serpent (Talmud, tractate Sotah 3b). They know their original father was the most subtil of the beasts of the field, and their race bear his mark to this day. On the other hand, Adam's race, whether through Shem, Ham or Japheth, always trace their lineage through the male.

Although they trace their lineage through their mother, they still take their father's name showing the hypocrisy of this system and increasing the deception because they intermingle with the Adam's race under good English names such as Jones or Brown, or good German, Russian, Polish, Dutch or French names.

Like Cain, they fear that once they are identified "everyone that finds them will slay them" as God instructed Moses and the children of Israel! What better disguise than to impersonate the Israelites (Genesis 4:13)?

The original sin hybrid God's Word by perverting His command and mated the Serpent with the Woman. By miscegenation, Satan sought to pollute and breed out Adam's race, supplanting Michael, Who became Jesus Christ. Through miscegenation between the races of Cain and Adam, Satan almost achieved his objective in the days of Noah (Genesis 6:4). But God destroyed almost his all of his seed by the Flood. And Jesus said Satan would repeat his strategy in the days of His "parousia" Coming as Son of man (Matthew 24:37). This wickedness which caused the Fall and brought universal destruction by the Flood is now promoted by Cain's seed through their United Nations and their control of media, entertainment, education and information world-wide. It is deceptively called 'multiculturalism' and presented as the universal panacea for the very diseases it spawns: from poverty, to intolerance, race hatred, envy, malice, and war.

God declared this race the most humble of servants, the lowest of the low, serving the Semitic and Japhetic people, I believe Danby's Mishna (?) gives 'excrement' as a synonym. Today they tout themselves as master race chosen of God, and denigrate Adam's race born of Shem, Ham and Japheth as "Goyim" or heathens who are less than man. (Talmud, Tractate Yebamoth 98a says, among other abominable things, "All Gentile children are animals". Minor Tractate Soferim 15, Rule 10 quotes a saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog -- "Even the best of the Gentiles should all be killed". Much more lurid unscriptural filth, racist hatred, and religious bigotry is found in the the 63 books that comprise the Talmud, "the legal code which forms the basis of Jewish religious law", the "textbook used in the training of rabbis"). Notice they always accuse others with their own crimes such as bigotry, racial hatred, hate speech, crimes against humanity, abuse of human rights, sexual sins, blasphemies and so-on).

The curse upon Canaan clearly did not apply to Ham. But because of his great sin, Ham's legitimate heirs do not have the blessing common to Shem and Japheth for which reason there is no history of them being signally used in the Spiritual leadership of God's people.

Of the four Gentile world empires, the first, Babylon, was Hamitic whilst the remainder were Japhetic. As his actions imply, "Ham" means, hot or passionate. It cannot be said of the lordly Hamitic descendants of Cush, Mizraim, and Nimrod that they were servants to Shem. Instead of having ever been servant to Shem, either in a political or commercial sense, Mizraim held the Israelites in bondage for 430 years; Cush, the Ethiopians and the Lubims (or Libyans), conquered them (II Chronicles 12:3; 16:8); the nation Nimrod founded sacked their cities and brought their land under tribute. And instead of being servants to Japheth, the descendants of Ham were founding empires, building immense and populous cities, whilst the sons of Japheth, with the exception of the Greeks, were roaming the dense wilds of Middle and Northern Europe, or traipsing the steppes of Central Asia, sinking ever lower and lower into barbarism, as each wave of migration was driven farther on by those that followed.

The Hamites settled Egypt, or followed the Euphrates, building the pyramids, the immense structures of Thebes, the palaces of Babylon and Nineveh, whilst the wretched wanderers of the wild woods and marshes were building rude huts on piles, over lakes and fens, to protect themselves from the wild beasts, or herding in caves with the animals whose bones are now found mingling with their own. Such was the progress of Japheth until they met that primitive Light, which had been preserved, especially in the Semites, and had never gone wholly out in the Hamitic and Greek lines.

"Blessed be Jehovah, God of Shem" was the highest mode of saying, blessed be Shem himself, the people whose God is Jehovah (Genesis 9:26). Luther remarked, "This is a most abundant blessing, which finally reaches its highest point in the promised Seed". Shem means renown, name, or fame, because Jehovah was his God and he once observed the true faith and became famous for the blessings God bestowed upon him.

How small, how secluded, how unrecognised Shem's earthly position at that time! Nothing short of prophetic insight could discover what then lay concealed from all the learning and wisdom of the age, -- the divine Name and the divine Presence, unfigured on Egyptian monuments, unknown in Athenian temples (Acts 17:23), but dwelling in the sequestered tents of Shem.

The Semite family alone preserved the pure monotheism as against the Eastern pantheism (which they have since adopted as their own in Talmud and Cabbala), and the Western polytheism lying on each side of it. Even the Arabians and the Syrians kept the holy Name. But this chosen branch had the Shekinah, the visible, divine Presence, the temple, the promise, and the type of the Messiah.

There is, finally, the presence and dwelling of the Messiah with the spiritual Israel such as Peter and Paul and the original Church who kept walking in the Light as God continued to unfold It, passing It to Japheth who has taken it to Ham and Shem and carries it to down to this day when the visible, divine Presence has reappeared in the Shekinah.

"God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall become Japheth's servant" (Genesis 9:27).

Japheth means, God gives enlargement to one who spreads abroad. His name is a metaphor, meaning literally, to make room, to give space for outspreading which is equivalent to the bestowment of happiness and prosperity. (Unconscious of the prophetic echo, Hitler's call was for 'lebensraum', or living space).

The blessing of Shem denotes the highest concentration of blessing whilst that of Japheth denotes the biggest expansion in cultural, scientific, humanitarian and intellectual achievement and civilized (geographic) dominion, once he receives the blessing Shem rejected. We must consider Japheth's blessings not as the mighty Medo-Persian, Greek, Roman, or even British empires, colonisation and other natural accomplishments, but that he was chosen to carry the Gospel to Ham and Shem. These natural, material blessings merely accompany Japheth's Spiritual enlargement as he brought Light to the nations, enlarging the Kingdom of God.

In the heart of the prophecy Japheth has already taken up his abode in the tents of Shem, as Noah speaks, while on the contrary, Shem himself, intermarried with the Edomite "Jews", has been given up to a long-lasting alienation from God.

With the exception of Paul, all seven Church Age messengers were Japhetic. It was largely through Japheth that God chose to build the Kingdom. Ham was not chosen to produce great leaders because, by his folly, he forfeited his blessing.

But I want you to notice that God concludes Japheth in apostacy as Shem ended the dispensation of the Law (Romans 11:18-32). Soon God will return to Shem to fulfill Daniel's Seventieth Week. In the first half He will reconfirm His covenant to an election of 144,000 Semites, NOT "Jews" who are primarily non-Semitic. (See Encyclopaedias Judaica and Britannica). Since we are at the end of the Gentile dispensation, the Holy Spirit Who bound the kings of the East and their hordes at the Euphrates, the eastern most extent of the Roman Catholic Empire, has dried up. "The way of the kings of the East" has been prepared by apostacy or pulpit delinquency (Revelation 16:13).

"As it was in the days of Noah", miscegenation is being forced upon the sons of Adam by the United Nations. If Satan was behind this evil in the garden of Eden, and in the days of Noah, Satan is behind "multiculturalism" today which in reality is multi-racialism or miscegenation. Mark well the ones who serve him.

I prepared the preceding Scripture study to show Lucifer's motive behind miscegenation in the world today, to expose the hidden hand directing his plans, the dupes ignorantly "fronting" for them from among the descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth in Adam's lineage, and the Serpent's seed people of his own God-forsaken, God forsaking hybrid species.

These are matters we need not only to know but to understand from the Bible. God said, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge . . ." (Hosea 4:6). Paul said, "I would not have you ignorant, Brethren . . . But if a man chooses to be ignorant, let him be ignorant" (Romans 1:13; I Corinthians 14:38).

In 1957 Brother Branham said, "America doesn't want the Gospel (You know that); we just might as well admit that. This Anglo-Saxon people is finished; that's all. There's no more Gospel that America will receive. Oh, you get a few stragglings now and then; but just as the Gospel, it's over. And you can't even preach to them, can't talk to them. They won't believe nothing. See? They just got their own hardheaded ideas, and they're set, and the next thing for this nation is judgment. She's going to have it too. It may be through depression; it may be through an atomic bomb; it may be through a great plague, a disease or something; but she's ready. It's a-coming; thousands times thousands will fall" (Hebrews, p. 87.4).

Clearly if we are at the end of the Gentile dispensation then we are at the end of Grace to the children of Ham and Japheth and all but an elect 144,000 Semites of the blood of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We are bordering the end of peace, of civilization and the start of the age of destruction. Japheth whom God has used to spread the Gospel to the nations has reached his "use-by date". The enemy of God and man has him marked for destruction in the miscegenation of Adam's race, particularly the white race, with the coloured races, and especially the race of Cain (Matthew 24:37; Genesis 6:1-4).

The New World Order (NWO) is neither new nor is it a recent development. It has been the goal of religious orders and secret societies since before the Christian era. It was Satan's objective in the garden of Eden. Cush and Nimrod sought to establish it at the tower of Babel. Satan offered it to Jesus if He would worship him, and will grant your part in the NWO if you will worship him once he is cast out of heaven and become incarnate in the Pope of Rome (II Thessalonians 2:3-4; Revelation 13:4-18).

Before he was compromised by the Zionists, Winston Churchill said, "From the days of Spatracus-Weishaupt, to those of Karl Marx (Mordecai), to those of Trotsky (Bronstein) . . . this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development and envious malevolence, and impossible equality has been steadily growing. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century, and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become the undisputed masters of that enormous empire" (Sunday Illustrated Herald, London, February 8, 1920). (Did you notice that Sir Winston Churchill and the other three men all belong to the same tribe)?

So we see the once Christian West is marked for destruction along with all flesh because of apostacy in the church. Once the church is apostate, grace has been spurned it is unbecoming to God that He should not destroy the world once He has redeemed the 144,000 elect Israelites after the Gentile dispensation. He will step aside, as He did in the days of Noah, and let man destroy himself and his domain (II Thessalonians 2:4;6-7; Revelation 7:1-2; 11:18).

The day of God's vengeance is at hand. And although we should stand for righteousness, it is folly demonstrating an absence of the Spirit to anticipate or plan for revival or reformation in the church or politics. This ceased in 1963 with the opening of the Seventh Seal when God declared on oath "that there should be time no longer", or no further delay in the issuing-in of the kingdom (Revelation 10:1-6). The world systems terminated when the actual revelation of the Seals began to be understood by the Bride around 1977. That was when she separated from the Pentecostal believers and organized religion, realising that the churches are a cage of incurable sin and as such, there can be no hopes for mankind in politics.

Having "come out of Babylon", "the Bride is now making herself ready" for the manifestation of the Sons of God and her translation to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb in the Sky followed by the eternal Land of the Millennium, anticipating the destruction of all life on earth.

I did plan to publish part three of The National Watchman, Kerry Spencer-Salt's four-part series showing how the demon, walking in places devoid of the Holy Spirit, and finding no rest, has returned to the churches whence his exile. And finding them likewise empty, but sanctified, materially rich and in need of nothing, brought seven other spirits more wicked than himself. So the last state of the (once) Christian West is worse that the first (Matthew 12:43-45).

Kerry demonstrated how Satan has used the hidden hand behind world events and national politics which, finding Christendom without the Vision of Christ, has inspired them, like so many Don Quixote's, to dream the impossible dream of his New World Order. His Hollywood dream factory incited them to fight the windmills of their mind. Mythical windmills like 'global warming', 'indigenous land rights', 'sustainable agriculture', animal rights', 'anti-nuclear' and 'disarmament' windmills, 'integration of incompatible races, cultures and religions for "peace"', and other impossible dreams, all devised and managed by the hidden hand to produce a New World Order out of the chaos of universal hatred and murder in the third major revolution under their control and which will be global.

God placed every man on the same basis as Adam and Eve to freely make their own choice whether to serve Him, or do "their own thing". Satan has trained man not to exercise his free moral agency, indeed he has persuaded him not to think at all, just to "feel" and to "follow", trusting his agencies to take care of all thinking from the cradle to the grave. His most famous agency is the Roman Catholic church although Judaeo-Communism has "centralized" thinking for most societies world-wide.

Nominal Christians will believe anything presented by a so-called "authority" without provable evidence to substantiate the claims. Take for example the Trinity denominational churches present as the Word of God, a doctrine found in no Bible. Yet Christ's Church is built upon the faith of the apostles and prophets. People are actually placing their eternal destiny in the hands of the unregenerate ministers dispensing this poison, instead of resting in the everlasting arms of Jesus Christ, the Word because they will not "think" and prove all things. The Trinity was instituted at the First Nicea Council of AD325 and may be traced to ancient paganism.

Ninety years ago much of the world received the "Jew's" Communism. Twenty years later they swallowed their Fascist bait on the other hook. Forty year ago they began to fall for their "sting" of a holocaust of six million "Jews" in World War II, forgetting that an identical lie of a holocaust of six million "Jews" in World War I had been rejected by a wiser generation. One week ago, the European Union celebrated the inaugural "Holocaust Day". People do not think.

Imagine Japheth, the leader of this world, so mentally retarded and morally corrupt as to celebrate such blatant dishonesty? Brother Branham said, "The world is going insane". And the celebration of "Holocaust Day" is proof positive the descendants of Japheth, Ham, and Shem's line through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob participating in this hoax have either lost their ability to think and reason or lack the character and courage to expose this lie. The Semitic Arabs know this is a lie.

Shame on the descendants of Ham who celebrated the real genocides in Rwanda, the Sudan and Somalia with the false holocaust of six-million "Jews" in World War II. Had they "thought" they would have disowned this scam, knowing the "Jew's" City of London was behind these slaughters, as they were the instigators and financiers of World War II. Victims of their ongoing ten-year holocaust in Iraq where citizens are dying of cancer owing to the use of depleted uranium ammunition and malnutrition, were not remembered, nor were the citizens of Serbia who are victims of the same nuclear weapons.

Another example is the make-belief that the Aborigine is the original inhabitant of Australian and has lived here for 60,000 years -- even before God formed man! Aborigine legend has it that they came to Australia by canoe. Whence this new understanding? Anthropologists say they arrived from India and Sri Lanka in relatively recent times, eating the inhabitants. Egyptian and Lybian artefacts like the famous Bradshaw rock art pre-date the Aborigine by at least 20,000 years. And their "Dreamtime" of 50,000 years is a fraud of British anthropologists from the City of London (The New Citizen, Vol. 4, No. 11-12, 1999).

These NWO dreams are dishonest hoaxes, a promise of something for nothing. Satan's Eden and the broad way of Roman Catholicism wherein man swaps reality and the certain reward for righteousness and honest work, for managed "dreaming" which is mind control with the objective of world depopulation and slavery. When you gamble, remember the game is rigged so the bank always wins. And we know who own the banks.

With the balance of this Newsletter I will quote references from Brother Kerry and other sources pertaining to the destruction of the Anglo-Saxon white races which have had God's blessing for almost two thousand years and are the intellectual brother of Shem (religious) and Ham (practical), whom Cain manipulated, sold into slavery,and treats with contempt.

Here is a comment from the presenter of American Dissident Voices Broadcast, Dr. William Pierce. I disagree with his understanding of God's Word, but see what you think of this:

The Cainite propaganda coming from our television receivers will become more and more blatant, promoting multiculturalism, miscegenation, and White guilt and self-hatred ever more stridently. Our young women, in a mindless scramble to be fashionable and imitate what they see on their TV screens, will jerk, gyrate, and rap to an MTV beat with their Negro lovers. Our young men, increasingly soft and unmanly, will watch passively and largely without comprehension and then will turn back to their video games. The White working class and middle class will plunge even more deeply into credit-based consumerism and will hardly notice what the younger generation is doing, as long as the present economic prosperity, based on the technological innovations of fewer and fewer creative members of our race, holds out. The politicians will enact legislation making it a penal offence to speak out against the process of decay or the people behind it.

When the economy does take a major downturn, the half of the population which receives a monthly check of one sort or another from the government will be kept in line with promises of an enhanced dole, and the politicized police agencies, armed with new "speech crime" and "hate crime" laws, will be poised to pounce instantly on anyone else who tries to rock the boat.

We are rapidly being driven into extinction while the Jew oversees the process and becomes fatter than ever. What happened to change our fitness relative to that of Cain? How did our society change from one with a proud and masterful spirit, a masculine spirit, to one with a feminine, submissive spirit? How did we lose our aristocratic pride in being independent and self- sufficient and learn instead the servile ways of the democrat, looking to the government to protect us and provide for us in return for our taxes and our votes? What happened to our tribal consciousness, to our pride of race? (Full story: request ADV1-27-01: Racial Fitness & Survival ).

Author Richard Hoskins published an article about Hate Legislation -- designed to prevent victim protest -- as legitimate protests are smeared as "hate":

Parade Magazine, on April 20, 1992, carried a story by Elie Wiesel (pronounced the way it looks), native of Transylvania, internationally known Nazi-hunting, Nobel Peace Prize winning, Boston University Professor of Humanities. The subject was "passion", and the article was illustrated with a picture of German skinheads, whose faces were said to be contorted with "passion". They appeared to be protesting something. But what? Germany -- 5000 Casualties A Day Germany is in the throes of a crime wave -- a massive crime wave. The figure repeated time and again by natives and visitors is that one in ten Germans became a victim last year of either murder, rape, robbery, or assault. Germans tell me that MOST of the crime is committed by alien immigrants. They are identified as Turks and North African Moslems.

The media will not put a figure on the number of victims but, instead, they tell the Germans that while things might be a trifle bad -- the immigrants have it worse -- that half the crime they commit -- they commit against themselves. Somehow, immigrants becoming victims of immigrant-crime are supposed to make the Germans feel guilty. They are blamed for having a country where people can be assaulted. While made to feel guilty, they are also made to feel grateful that while things are bad -- they would be much worse if the entire weight of immigrant crime were directed exclusively against them.

Take a hand calculator and you will quickly get an idea of what "one person in ten is a victim" really means. One in ten is the figure most frequently mentioned by people I consider knowledgeable.

There are about 80,000,000 Germans in re-united Germany. The one in ten who are victimized represent 10%. Ten percent of 80,000,000 generates 8,000,000 victims. That's a lot of victims -- especially when compared with pre-war Germany which had almost no crime. There are 7 million immigrants -- mostly Turks and north African Muslims, many of whom are Black. These, combined with other races already ensconced in Germany, constitute perhaps as many as 10 million. Perhaps more.

If only half the crime is committed by them -- instead of MOST as is charged -- they are responsible for committing 4 million crimes. And, if half of the 4 million is directed against their own people (if the media can be believed), this would make them responsible for the other 2 million crimes committed against Germans. For the benefit of this article, the Germans themselves also theoretically commit 4 million crimes. This figure is highly suspect. My informants state that it is far more likely that the foreigners commit 6 million or more crimes instead of just 2 million crimes used as statistics for this article.

Almost every time a Turk or a Black is beaten, or a foreign shelter is attacked by irate Germans, that incident is media-labelled in a front page extravaganza -- "Outbreak of Neo-Nazi Hate!" "Hate!" "Hate!"

The German story is Europe's story. There are three hundred million people living in Europe -- some 200 million of whom are Westerners. Using the same methodology -- 10% or 20 million Westerners fall victim to criminal attacks a year. Half of the crimes, or 10 million, are committed by the strangers and half of the 10 million are committed against Westerners. Thus, the White Christian population of Europe suffers about 14,000 attacks daily at the hands of the stranger within.

America's Victims -- 12,000 Daily.

American newspapers and TV endlessly run clips of the regrettable incident where four White policemen beat a Black.

To do this the media has to step over hundreds and thousands of bodies of White men, women and children to find a flyspeck on an iceberg. Whites are virtually ignored to concentrate on an incident in which a Black is a victim.

It is media policy to conceal the criminal's race. But, in spite of their "paper curtain" -- certain information still manages to slip through.

Truth At Last, #353, P.O. Box 1211, Marietta, Georgia 30061 $15/yr, carried Pat Buchanan's answer to the media's charge of White "Hate crimes". They reported Buchanan on May 7th as saying:

  • Blacks commit 8 times more assaults than do Whites
  • Blacks commit 9 times more rapes than Whites
  • Blacks commit 14 times more murders
  • Blacks commit 19 times more armed robberies
  • Black neighborhoods are 35 times more violent than White communities.
  • There were 629,000 interracial attacks committed in 1985. Some 9 out of every 10 attacks were committed by Blacks against Whites.

[ED: The actual figure is many, many times this "official" figure. Most crime is underreported and un-reported -- unless it is violent or involves a great deal of money. Rape is seldom reported because the media tries to print the victim's name -- to discourage reporting. Vandalism and petty theft is so commonplace as to not be newsworthy, and reporting seldom produces those guilty. The daily beatings and robbery practiced against White children in the public schools cannot be reported because there is no way to protect against retaliation.]

Blacks make up 12% of the population. Still, Blacks make up 46% of the nation's prison population. Nearly 1/4 of all Negroes ages 20 to 29 are either in prison, on probation or on parole, which compares to 10% for Hispanics and 6% for Whites. Most interracial crime is overwhelmingly committed by Blacks against Whites.

These figures in themselves present a different picture from that the media would have us believe, and, Buchanan merely touched on Hispanic crime while leaving out Oriental and Indian crime entirely. If total "stranger-crime" were honestly reported, we might be dumbfounded to discover that as much as 85%-90% of all crime in the United States is committed by strangers, and much of it (if not most) is committed against Whites. (see The Color of Crime).

About 250,000,000 people live in the U.S. Some 180 million are Westerners. A one in ten victim rate produces 18 million crimes against them yearly. If strangers commit only half, this is 9,000,000. If half of them are committed against Whites it results in about 12,000 crimes committed against Whites by strangers each and every day.

South Africa, Australia and New Zealand -- 1,700 Each Day.

Nelson Mandela continues front page. His wife has been accused of killing a Black. We are told of the suffering of that Black's family. That is front page. Blacks kill Blacks -- 20 at a time, that is front page. What is not front page is the media-encouraged assault on Whites. This same media policy is true in Australia and New Zealand.

In these three nations reside some 25,000,000 of our people. Australians are being victimized by Orientals and Blacks, New Zealanders by Maoris and Orientals, and South Africans by Blacks and Indians. The same methodology produces 625 thousand Westerners in these countries falling victim to crimes committed by strangers -- about 1,700 per day -- every day. The media exudes sympathy and support for the aliens who are responsible for the crimes, and conceals their race to protect them from public reaction caused by their crimes.

Our Tribute -- 30-Thousand A Day!

Europe furnishes the infidels 5 million victims. America and Canada together furnish another five, and Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa more than a half-million: total -- almost 11 million yearly . . . that each day about 30 thousand of our people fall victim to the strangers in our midst, and this may understate the true figure several times. This is the tribute the West pays for tolerating media censorship.

The media refuse to recognize this Western suffering. They abuse those who protest the spilling of their own blood. They call them "bigots" and "racist". They smear anyone who dares protest his injury and hurt. It is almost usual for a mugging victim to find the editor has trashed his letter of protest. It was not "politically correct". Full story:

We are near a global watershed -- a time when white people will not be in the majority in the developed world, Britain included. Anthony Browne wrote a special report, Race in Britain for The London Observer:

It was news and no news; the most significant milestone in one of the most profound changes to affect the US in the past century, and yet a non-event. Last week the US Census Bureau issued figures showing that non-Hispanic whites made up 49.8 per cent of the population of California.

Anglo-Saxon whites are already a minority in Hawaii and the District of Columbia. Now they are an ethnic minority in the country's most populous state, the one most usually identified with the American dream.

Where California goes, the rest of America is predicted to follow. At present 72 per cent of the US population is non-Hispanic whites; the US Census Bureau predicts they will become a minority between 2055 and 2060.

The shifting sands of the US reflect wider -- and highly controversial -- changes elsewhere in the world. It is an area in which few demographers dare to tread for fear of being accused of racism. 'You cannot quote me -- a word out of place and I get crapped on from a very great height,' said one academic. 'Whatever you say you are deemed racist'.

The past millennium was more than anything the era of the whites. Just 500 years ago, few had ventured outside their European homeland. Then, with several acts of genocide clearing the way, they settled in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and, to a lesser extent, southern Africa.

But now, around the world, whites are falling as a proportion of population. The United Nations collects and produces a vast array of statistics on population, but produces none relating to race or ethnic origin. Indeed few countries collect their own figures on ethnicity -- in Europe, only the UK and the Netherlands do.

The global center of gravity is changing. In 1900 Europe had a quarter of the world's population, and three times that of Africa; by 2050 Europe is predicted to have just 7 per cent of the world population, and a third that of Africa. The ageing and declining populations of predominantly white nations have prompted forecasts of -- and calls for -- more immigration from the young and growing populations of developing nations to make up the shortfall.

One demographer, who didn't want to be named for fear of being called racist, said: 'It's a matter of pure arithmetic that, if nothing else happens, non-Europeans will become a majority and whites a minority in the UK. That would probably be the first time an indigenous population has voluntarily become a minority in its historic homeland.'

  • In the United Kingdom, the number of people from ethnic minorities has risen from a few tens of thousands in 1950 to more than 3 million now.
  • In Italy, the birth rate is so low that, without immigration, the population is predicted to decline by 16 million by 2050.
  • The United States government predicts that non-Hispanic whites will become a minority in the country by 2055.
  • The United Nations predicts that 98 per cent of world population growth until 2025 will be in developing nations.
  • The population of Europe is expected to drop from 25 per cent of the world total in 1900 to 7 per cent in the next 50 years.

Today the great world wide megatrend is the destruction of the white race and its removal (Anthony Browne, Race in Britain, The London Observer, September 3, 2000 ).

Kerry Spencer-Salt asked, "Are you saying that the aborigines (Mick Dodson) were wrong to describe the aboriginal missegregation as genocide. If not why is it wrong to call a planned white miscegenation genocide? Do you apply different standards to different races?

If you received the message of the 'White Australian Holocaust' with discomfort you will be comforted by this message which brings you another reality. You will not die out alone, there will be other nations with you. Unfortunately, they too are all white.

The New 'Black Britain'

As with the Asianisation of Australia, the international white genocide, is not disputed by academics or politicians. It is merely a matter of detailing the compelling statistics, reciting the words of the Reality Planners or opening your eyes to the new races predominating on your streets and asking, 'Who owns the street'?

The only matter in debate is why this is happening: white genocide is remarkably well advanced in all white dominated countries, i.e. the Western world. In England British National Party chairman Nick Griffin said recently:

I don't think there's any doubt that within this century, white people will be a minority in every country in the world.

Nick Griffin should know. In the traditional home of the Anglo- Saxon, Britain's first city with non-white majority population is as close as 10 years away. (Weekend Australian 9-10/12/2000).

The London Guardian (03/09/2000) reported: "At the moment ethnic minorities are about 40 per cent in London. The demographics show that white people in London will become a minority by 2010, . . . We could have a majority black Britain by the turn of the century."

The same will occur in Australia; in the great Southern Continent the "non-white majority population" of our cities will be Asian. What Singapore's the Prime Minister called "the white trash of Asia".

In France

Across the Channel the genocide mechanism, miscegenation, is more openly and virulently employed than it is in Australia. On August 2, 2000, France's Minister for the Interior, Jean-Pierre Chevenement, announced that Europe 'should accept' up to 75 million new immigrants over the next half-century. Drawing authority from a meeting of EU ministers in Marseilles on July 28 he stated that Europe's destiny was to become "a racially hybrid society".

This of course means that white supremacy in Europe is a thing of the past. You see, in the 'International Dream' you can declare a racist policy and it goes unnoticed. And so long as the racism involves destruction of the white race, it is entirely acceptable; it is politically correct. Naturally one does not hear any problems relating to black supremacy in South Africa where it is to be admired and enforced by the United Nations.

Under the new policy, traditional Europe must become an area of "cross-fertilization" ("metissage"). But of course a reason must be created to hide the blatant racism of the United Nations' propagated message. Full story: French Minister: Europe 'Should Accept' Up to 75 Million New Immigrants, Truth in Media ).

Brother Branham said, "The seed of the righteous is about run out. Talk to people about these things; talk to people about going back to the Bible way; talk to the people about miracles; talk to the people about that; their church don't believe it; so they're bastard children to God" (Serpent's Seed 32:340).

The Church is apostate, so there is no hope for this world which has become an affront to God's holiness and He will allow it to be destroyed. You see, Satan knew that by miscegenation he could destroy Adam's race, the kingdom Michael was to inherit, and hybreed his a kingdom of his own. Through United Nation's decrees backed by church and state, Satan is fast destroying Adam's race. Once hybrid with the Serpent's seed, it can not breed itself back onto the Book of Life. So there is no future for this world. Don't flog the dead horse of politics or hybrid religion. There is NO life there to revive. Get into Christ, and you'll get out of here. Soon. nl156.htm

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Brother Anthony Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister. He has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in various countries. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to minister in your church.

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