Bible Believers' Newsletter #164

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We greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and appreciate your fellowship.

In this Newsletter we will consider the two Babylons described in Revelation 18. The first is the Roman Catholic church empire presently based in Vatican City State but soon to hold court in Jerusalem. Judaeo-Communism will one day blast Rome from the face of the earth. The second Babylon is the self-styled "Jew's" Empire of the City of London. Their financial capital is Wall Street, New York, while their propaganda base is Hollywood. Wall Street will collapse with the U.S. dollar when God sinks Hollywood and Los Angeles beneath the Pacific at the close of the Gentile dispensation. Eventually, Judaeo-Communism will blast North America from the face of the earth.

I believe both Babylons are controlled by the same hidden hand portrayed in Benjamin Disraeli's novel, 'Coningsby'. And unbeknownst to themselves, whilst they vie for world hegemony, the hidden hand is playing them as thesis and antithesis, against the center, with a pre-planned synthesis that calls for their mutual destruction.

Whatever you do, personally confirm everything presented in this Newsletter with your own Bible. The Lord will bless you as you receive His Word.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony.

Arab Holocaust Museum Enrages Israelis

RAMALLAH (L.A. Times) March 16, 2001 -- Some visitors to the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center come to see the tan hiking boots once worn by Mohammed Durra, the slain 12-year-old whose picture -- showing him cowering beside his father -- has become one of the most incendiary images of the 5 1/2-month-old intifada.

Others admire the roughly carved slingshot 15-year-old Fares Odeh used to fling stones at Israeli tanks -- until he took a fatal bullet in the neck. Or the unfinished embroidery that Rahma Hindi, 54, was working on before she was killed by an Israeli missile.

The footwear, slingshot and stitchery are part of an unusual exhibit of photographs and treasured items belonging to the first 100 of almost 500 people killed by Israelis in the ongoing Palestinian uprising against rule by the Jewish state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Full story:

Holocaust Survivors Sue US For $40 Billion

(AFP) March 29, 2001 -- A group of Holocaust survivors filed a lawsuit seeking $40 billion in damages from the United States for not bombing the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II, according to the French news agency Agence France-Presse. The survivors contended that the failure to bomb the camp contributed to the genocide of millions of Jews.

(Comment: One of the best documentary assessments of Auschwitz is at John Ball's website . Under "Allied Government Policies Re Auschwitz" (click on Aus.bombing +no bomb +pin-point +reasons). Based on careful assessment of aerial reconnaissance in 1943-1944 "Allied military leaders concluded the mass murder rumours could not be confirmed and were therefore dismissed as some of the many wartime atrocity stories being circulated by Soviet and Allied media. As a result, Allied leaders did not order the bombing of Auschwitz cremation building and guard's quarters, or of any other camp. . . the investigation had top priority, had military leaders felt that even one inmate a day was being murdered by guards at Auschwitz, or other camps, it is almost certain that precision bombing of guard's quarters, cremation buildings, or other facilities, would have been ordered."

"The fact that no camps were bombed, proves that the Allied military investigation could not confirm, and therefore dismissed,the mass murder rumours."

EU Economy Overhauls US

(AFP) February 8, 2001 -- Some time in January, 2001, the ascending line of growth of the European Union's economy crossed the descending line of US recession, and, for the first time in post-World War II history, the US was pushed into second place on the world economy scales.

The Two Babylons - Part I

II Thessalonians 2:1-3, "Regarding the 'parousia' Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto Him, don't be disturbed by pretended revelations or rumours, or letters as if from us implying that the day of Christ has arrived. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except the apostasy comes first, and that man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition."

Since the last saint predestinated to the Church Ages was born-again in 1963, Christ's mediation for PART-Word was done away by the opening of the Seven Seals, and all denominations became apostate. The revelation of the Seven Seals brought Christ back to earth in WORD form and also revealed that the Pope of Rome is the man of sin who will be incarnate by Satan when the day of the Lord commences at the close of the Gentile dispensation (I Corinthians 13:10; Revelation 10:1-7).

Satan not merely has sin and falls into destruction: sin and destruction proceed from him as their source (Revelation 16:13-16). Under the Fourth Seal, he rides to perdition on his sickly, pale-colored horse, and death and hell follow with him (Revelation 6:8). According to Revelation 19:20 the last Pope, together with his followers, will be cast into the lake of Fire.

We are approaching the climax of world history and the definitive confrontation between God and Satan. For six thousand years, Satan has been building his kingdom by the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye, and the pride of life -- women, money, and popularity. When the Seventh Trumpet sounds and the Seventh Vial is poured out to purify the air to receive us, Satan will be cast from the heavens, and incarnate in the man of sin with authority over all kindreds and tongues and nations in the New World Order, will make war and overcome the 144,000 Hebrew saints, along with the different classes of the saved (Revelation 13:7).

For six thousand years, God has also been creating His kingdom. It has no roads, ports or public works, no administrative center like Jerusalem or Rome, no buildings, plant or equipment, farms, mines or factories, not even a postal address or telephone number. It publishes no annual statement of accounts and has no budget; it possesses no material wealth yet it owns all things. The throne of His kingdom has been established in men's hearts by grace through their faith in His revealed Word.

Following some major battles with the Enemy since the Great Flood, God decided to build His kingdom methodically, "line upon line", starting with the faith of one man, Abram. Abraham begat Isaac and so-forth, and God revealed Himself directly by His prophets to Abraham's blood-line whose lives should henceforth be a Light to the Gentiles, revealing Him to all of the families in Adam's race.

Satan quickly brought the battle to Abraham's seed, and within a few generations he overcame and drew them into his kingdom of Darkness. But God was longsuffering, "sending Israel prophets, and wise men, and scribes: some of whom they killed and crucified; others they scourged in their synagogues, and persecuted from city to city" (Matthew 23:33). He fed them with manna in the wilderness but their sin was so great He let them perish. He sent plagues and famine, led them into slavery and captivity, allowing them to commit genocide by miscegenation with the Serpent's seed, now called 'multiculturalism'. Eventually He sent Messiah Whom they also killed.

God destroyed the Northern kingdom of Israel and dispersed a small number of her citizens, and when Judah excelled her sister in sinfulness He exiled them to Babylon for seventy years, burned their temple, destroyed Jerusalem and began the Gentile domination of that city and the Hebrew people that will continue unto the consummation.

Daniel and Jesus prophesied that during the times of the Gentiles, Jerusalem and the Hebrews would be ruled by the four world empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Imperial and Papal Rome (Daniel 2; Luke 21:24; Revelation 17-19). In Babylonian captivity the Judahites multiplied their iniquity by commencing what would become the Talmud, introducing the synagogue and rabbis in place of the temple and priesthood, intermarrying with the Serpent's seed captive with them, and adopting pagan Babylonian customs. When Messiah came, Judea was ruled by an Edomite king and like the Pharisees who controlled their apostate religion, her population were largely Edomites (Matthew 23:35). As physical Serpent's seed, they were not redeemable.

When Israel rejected their Messiah, God turned to the Gentiles to take from them a people for His Name, a Bride. Satan then took the battle to Abraham's Spiritual seed and within a few generations he had organized the Universal false church of Rome with the same ungodly Babylonian spirit evident in present-day Judaism.

The history of the past two thousand years records the overt and covert rivalry for world hegemony between Babylonian Judaism and Babylonian Roman Catholicism, confirming the prophecies of Daniel and Jesus. Both of these imposters are controlled by Lucifer and their strength is the lie -- psychological deception and fear of the unknown they feign assuage by secret knowledge -- false religion opposed to God and His prophets, and the exclusivity of a 'master race' or 'apostolic succession'. Neither protagonist has ever been considered a nation of substance. Their citizens fester off-shore as parasitical secret states within the host nation. There the national organs of Judaism and Romanism pay little or no tax and produce nothing of spiritual or material benefit but pollute the minds of their host whose infrastructure they use and abuse for their destructive ends. Their power is the mark of the beast -- doubt and uncertainty bolstered by human reasoning against the faith.

Through the Council of Thirteen (signified by the 13 layers of masonry portrayed on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, a Masonic symbol), I believe Lucifer's earthly leaders control the self-styled 'Jews', as well as the Vatican, through which they control the Roman Catholic church. And through Rockefeller's National Council of Churches (whose membership includes Anton La Vey's Church of Satan) and his World Council of Churches, they will control Rome's (once) Protestant daughter churches. Whereas the self-styled Jewish usurers, the rabbis of Babylonian Judaism, and the non-Semitic anti-Semitic self-styled 'Jews' in general persecute the Hebrew descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Babylonian Roman Catholic false church persecutes Christians and Christianity.

The money power is controlled by the self-styled 'Jews' who created and control freemasonry, the Jesuits and Communism. The British Empire was the Jew's empire. Its successors, the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States, remain 'Jewish' colonies. Russia, Eastern Europe and Judaeo-Communist lands are all satellites of Judaism. Rome still holds Europe and the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies, and influences every nation through Papal Nunciatures, churches, schools, universities and hospitals. Since Rome's citizens comprise every race, Catholics control productive industries, whereas the 'Jews', who represent mainly one race whose characteristic is to live off the labor of others, operate the non-productive, destructive and enslaving fraudulent Babylonian fractional reserve banking system which now controls the Boards of industry and is destroying future productive capacity and wealth creation by bleeding its Gentile capital base and halting technological development thereby advancing toward their goal of world depopulation and slavery to which end they scribble media and entertainments that hypnotise and thereby manipulate social attitudes.

C.H. Douglas wrote, "A persistent policy -- and in this context 'persistent' means going back centuries -- derives from a deep-seated philosophy" and in this case Douglas came to the reluctant conclusion, after close consideration of facts and less tangible evidence, "that there is a fundamental relationship between the troubles which afflict Europe and what is known as the Jewish problem . . . "

"That Jewry as a whole has a permanent policy which aims at establishing the individual Jew as a member of a 'chosen', superior, dominant and ruling class in every country and over the whole world, is the charge, and it appears to be established by a consideration of the part played by Jews in both general and economic history, so far as I am familiar with it. In short, the Jew has the policy of his philosophy . . ."

"The point that I am concerned to make is that it is sheer insanity not to recognise that the world is always at war and must always be at war just so long as there is an attempt to impose a 'system' on any people or person, and that an international attempt of this nature which is being actively pursued by Jewry means that the first and primary enemy is within the gates of every nation . . ."

"I believe it has only to be pointed out to be admitted, however, that the sphere, in which the Jewish race operates so largely as very nearly to control it, is that sphere which in the Middle Ages was regarded as the sphere of Black Magic, but which we now term 'suggestion' or 'the psychology of the unconscious', and imagine that thereby we are saying something modern and scientific."

"The outstanding instance of this is the hypnotism which has been exercised over the whole world by the financial system, so that almost without exception people have come to believe that bits of paper are more important than fields of grain, and figures in a book are a measure of the solid worth of a human individual and the only passport to a tolerable existence. But the hypnotism of finance, while perhaps the most important exhibit of black magic or the misuse of suggestion, is by no means alone, either in the medieval or the modern world. In the former, Jews obtained control over chivalry by the hypnotic propaganda associated with the Crusades, and the money-lending transactions which were required to make the Crusades possible . . . In the modern world, high-pressure salesmanship, fantastic advertising, the portrayal upon the moving picture of a type of society which, fortunately, does not exist to any extent outside Hollywood, the filthy 'crooning' of Bowery melodies by the British Broadcasting Corporation, are all instances of the almost diabolical faculty for destroying a 'just relationship between the mind and things'. The conspiracy in the Jewish-controlled press to misrepresent world economic problems as primarily concerned with the provision of employment, the continuous misdirection of the Labour Party (now a War Party), the use of every opportunity to filch away individual initiative and centralize it in practically anonymous and international financial institutions supported by a propaganda which distorts and perverts any information the general population may acquire, are simply modern 'black magic'. In the face of a world which by these methods and policies has been brought to a condition rightly described as Insanity Fair, we are so bemused that we imagine that still more 'Government' (delegated power) will save us, and that anyone can manage our business better than we can manage it for ourselves. Every civilization in history has perished of this cause -- that ' leaders' and institutions have been allowed to assume powers for the exercise of which they could not be brought to account, and which we have no justification for resigning, while at the same time functional indiscipline has been advocated and practiced". (That was 1939 -- before TV zimunism.htm).

Daniel and Jesus prophesied Papal Rome will rule the New World Order, but that Judaeo-Communism will ultimately destroy the false church (Revelation 17; 18:1-20). I believe Rome has come increasingly under the heel of the self-styled 'Jews' through the influence of their bankers, the Rothschilds, through the Jesuits, Judaeo-Masonry and Judaeo-Communism. In order that we may better understand past history and Bible prophecy for the immediate future, let us peer behind the scenes to see how these two Babylons co-operate and also conspire to undermine one another in order to advance their own objectives -- blind to the reality that each is controlled by the same hidden hand and void of the Spirit of God.

"In the pontificate of Pope Pius XII, Cardinal Guiseppe Siri (1906-1989) had been a prodigy, becoming bishop in 1944 and cardinal in 1953. He was said to have been Pius' designated successor, and fought a rude battle with Angelo Roncalli (later Pope John XXIII) in the 1958 conclave. Various traditionally hostile groups such as the World Jewish Congress and B'nai Brith (the Masonic lodge for Jews) carried on a covert campaign for Roncalli."

"In the case of the Conclaves of John XXIII (1958) and of Paul VI (1963), there were communications (with the exterior). It is thus known that there were several ballots during which, in the first [Conclave], a conservative bloc was actually successful in electing Siri on the fourth ballot of the first day of the conclave, October 26, 1958."

"Overwhelmingly convinced of the 'plan of God' by the unified vote of the electors, Cardinal Siri accepted office, announced his desire to be known as Pope Gregory XVII, and began to prepare to receive the first obeisances of the cardinals. Then, a shrill storm of protest was heard from the reformers, who jumped to their feet to intimidate the new Pope with the threat that they would immediately establish an international schismatic church, were he to emerge from the conclave as pope. Badly shaken, Siri is supposed to have replied: "if you do not want me, then elect someone else" This statement was taken as his abdication. He capitulated to the conclave mutineers who, having just promoted his unanimous, canonical election, brutally shoved him aside within five minutes, so as to proceed with a second, invalid election of the Masonic agent Angelo Roncalli, two days later."

"Hoping to avoid a global, bloody persecution of the Church at any price, Siri did not foresee that he had expedited an alternative and far more terrible spiritual persecution of the Church, which would take the form of the dreaded, heretical Second Vatican Council, convened by antipope John XXIII and ratified by antipope Paul VI. This had been the enemy's principal goal all along, in order to give the appearance that the errors of the French Revolution were finally to be 'consecrated' from the pinnacle of power within the Church's visible structures. This step was absolutely necessary to the 'powers of Darkness', so that they could place Masonic agents upon the Chair of Peter. Thus the Catholic Church's ancient enemies had pulled off a 'coup d'etat' inside the headquarters of the Church's government with Siri reduced to a helpless bystander."

After Siri's fourth ballot majority vote the aged Cardinal Tedeschini was elected (according to the 1976 letter of Peter Scortesco; and Corriere della Sera Newspaper, Milan, 27 October 1958). The Masonic masterminds of the 1958 Conclave had no intention of conducting a fair election with Tedeschini publicly emerging as a 'transitional' pope. But his candidacy would be useful to them if it could be sold to the conservatives as a more practical substitute to any attempt to elect Siri a second time. The evidence suggests that the scheme worked. When the old cardinal was elected, his acceptance of the office was instantly quashed, thus demonstrating to the conservative block the reformers' ability to obstruct any candidate they opposed by whatever means available. (It is reasonable to presume that this was accomplished by threats of violence, secretively delivered to Tedeschini and some of his electors, as such a method would later be used against Siri in 1963)."

"Once Tedeschini was sidelined, the Pacellian alliance was routed, and the conclave, which continued its search for a 'transitional' pope, was manoeuvred toward a 'compromise' with Roncalli. By the end of the third day of balloting, the elderly cardinals were exhausted and confused and some were perhaps even frightened, such that a sufficient number had finally capitulated, giving Roncalli the necessary majority."

Cardinal Siri did not like Pope John XXIII who initiated the Second Vatican Council. He once said that 'it will take the Church fifty years to recover from his pontificate.' He did not like Pope Paul VI, who completed the Second Vatican Council, an event described by Siri as 'the greatest disaster in recent ecclesiastical history' and by 'recent' he meant in the last five hundred years. He termed Vatican II 'the greatest mistake in history' (Runaway Church, Seabury, 1975. p. 10).

During his Nunciature in Turkey, Angelo Roncalli was admitted 'into the sect of the Temple' receiving the name 'Brother John' -- (Pier Carpi, Prophesies of John XXIII, p. 52). 'I know Cardinal Roncalli very well. He was a Deist and a Rationalist whose strength did not lie in the ability to believe in miracles and to venerate the sacred', wrote high ranking Freemason, Carl Jakob Burckhardt, in Journal De Geneve (quoted by Carpi). 'The direction of our action: Continuation of the Work of John XXIII and all those who have followed him on the way to the Templar universalisme' (Resurgence de Temple, p. 149 -- a book edited by the Templars themselves in 1975).

During his Nunciature in Paris, 'Cardinal Roncalli attended in civilian clothes the Great Lodge where he again met the Jesuit Riquet [who attracted notice since the Second World War as a result of his campaigns in favor of Jewish and Masonic circles with which he has direct contacts, having lectured at the Volnay de Laval Lodge at the invitation of its Worshipful Master, Marius Lepage, who was at the forefront of moves to obtain from the Vatican a reappraisal of the church's traditional attitude towards Freemasonry and the cancellation of the condemnations pronounced against it]. Riquet's adviser was Maurice Bredet, author of 'Mystic and Magic,' who boasted that he had prophesied the Tiara to Cardinal Roncalli' (The Hidden, But Victorious Way Of The Free-Masonry, Rev. Fr. Henri Mouraux).

In 1958, reflecting the bravado of Jewish boastfulness, Roncalli took the name John XXIII, the same name adopted by the antipope Baldasar Cosa, who usurped the papal office. Traditionally one never takes the name of an antipope.

When Nuncio to France he appointed a 33 Degree Freemason and close friend, the Baron Yves Marsaudon, head of the French Branch of the Knights of Malta, causing a major scandal for the Pacelli papacy. (Paul I. Murphy and R. Rene Arlington, La Popessa, 1983, pp. 332-333). As Yves Marsaudon would later gloat: 'If there are still some remnants of thought, reminiscent of the Inquisition, they will be drowned in a rising flood of ecumenism and liberalism. One of the most tangible consequences will be the lowering of spiritual barriers that divide the world. With all our hearts we wish for the success of John XXIII's Revolution' (Yves Marsaudon, L'oecumenisme vu par un Franc Macon de Tradition, 1964, Paris, p. 26).

"The dedication and preface for Marsaudon's book was written by Charles Riandley, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of France (Scottish Rite). Riandley wrote: 'To the memory of Angelo Roncalli, . . Pope under the Name of John XXIII, Who Has Deigned to Give Us His Benediction, His Understanding and His Protection, . . [and] To His August Continuer, His Holiness Pope Paul VI.' Riandley confidently predicted how the policies of Roncalli and Montini would advance the Masonic agenda: 'We are convinced of the narrowness of the spiritual, cultural, scientific, social and economic structures which up to our own time, have hindered the actions and the thoughts of man. . . But these structures have already been shattered in part. Some pontifical decisions have contributed to this. We feel sure that they will be all destroyed eventually. . . True, not everything is to be rejected; but what cannot be saved will not be saved unless it is renovated'" (L'oecumenisme vu par un Franc Macon de Tradition, Yves Marsaudon, 1964, Paris, p. 15-16).

"When elevated to the College of Cardinals Roncalli insisted upon receiving the red hat from the notoriously anti-clerical Vincent Auriol, President of the Masonic 'Fourth Republic' of France, kneeling before him to have the red hat placed upon his head."

"At social functions in Paris Roncalli was frequently seen fraternising with the Soviet Ambassador, M. Bogomolov, even though the Soviet Union had resumed its pre-war policy of brutal extermination of Catholics in Russia. He was also a good friend of Edouard Herriot, Secretary of the anti-Catholic Radical Socialists (of France)" (Rev. Francis X. Murphy, C.S.S.R., John XXIII Comes To The Vatican, 1959, p. 139).

The Holy Office had kept a file on Roncalli since 1925, wherein it stated, 'suspected of Modernism'. In 1925, Roncalli, who was known for his unorthodox teachings, was abruptly removed from his professorship at the Lateran Seminary in mid-semester and shipped off to Bulgaria, thus beginning his diplomatic career. Of particular concern to the Holy Office had been his continuing close association with the defrocked priest, Ernesto Buonaiuti, who was excommunicated for heresy in 1926 (Lawrence Elliott, I Will Be Called John, 1973, pp. 90-92). Following Roncalli's election he summoned the conclavists back to the Sistine Chapel for an unusual overnight post-election session, politely threatening excommunication for noncompliance. His principle use of the assemblage was to renew stern warnings against any breach of conclave secrecy (lest some suspicious details might leak out, exposing the irregular events to the public).

One of the first acts of Pope John XXIII (whose Vatican II refused to condemn Communism) was to undo some of the fanatical policies of Pius XII, such as the myth of Fatima, a Jesuit deception begun 'coincidentally' in 1917, the year of the Bolshevik revolution and exploited by Washington and the Vatican to give their anti-Russian and anti-Bolshevik crusade a religious fervour (and to proselytise a devastated post-war Russia. According to Bishop Martin Sheen, director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 'Our Lady's appearances at Fatima marked the turning point in the history of 347,000,000 Moslems, the most difficult of all religious people to convert to 'Christianity'. The Moslems occupied Portugal for centuries and have left their mark. After the death of his daughter Fatimah, Muhammed wrote of her that she "is the most holy of all women in Paradise, next to Mary".'Sheen pointed out that 'the pilgrim statues of Our Lady of Fatima were enthusiastically received by Muslims in Africa, India, and elsewhere, and that many Muslims are now coming into the church' (The Woman Shall Conquer, Sharkey, Prow Books, p. 164). Reinforcing this polemic was Pius' new dogma of the bodily assumption of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Fatima) into heaven, November 1, 1950).

Rothschild brought the Jewish Pacelli (Black Nobility) banking family to Rome in the second half of the nineteenth century (Mary Ball Martinez, The Undermining of the Catholic Church). Eugenio Pacelli, the supposedly pro-American Pius XII was a classic double agent, never letting the left hand know what the right hand was doing. (The story of Rabbi Zolli, "The Nazarine", has been blacked out by the Establishment who seek to tar Pius XII with a Nazi stigma. As Chief Rabbi of Rome during World War II, Zolli was able to judge Pius XII's actions under Nazi occupation first hand. So impressed was this rabbi with the pope's rescue effort on behalf of Italy's Jewish population, that Rabbi Zolli converted to Catholicism in 1945 and changed his name from Israel to Eugenio in honor of the pope). Pius XII masterminded the Second Vatican Council of Popes John XXIII and Paul VI which committed Catholicism to work for ecumenism ('Christian' unity and a dialogue with all religions) saying, 'I would like to see the world become a light brown color'. He had been at the hub of a conspiracy to launch an American-sponsored 'atomic preventative war' against Judaeo-Communist Russia, which according to his hallucinations regarding the Fatima hoax was calculated to erupt in about 1960. The first concrete move of the Vatican-US conspirators had been the secretly planned Hungarian revolt of 1955-57, which had been intended as a means of justifying US intervention against Russia. The Soviets shocked the world by sending in tanks to quell the rebellion. Deprived by the death of Pius XII of the support of the Catholic world, America was left resentful, hostile and vindictive.

Roncalli revived relations with the Soviet Union and received Khrushchev's son-in-law and his wife, as John Paul II would receive Gorbachev, in 1963. They received the personal blessing of John XXIII. On this occasion, John XXIII was awarded the Soviet Balzen Peace Prize, as his decisive undoing of the intrigues and nuclear war fantasies brought about by Pius' zig-zagging sun 'miracles' undoubtedly put to rest plans for a 'preventative atomic war' planned by powerful zealots in the USA headed by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, Cardinal Francis Spellman, ("a very active homosexual" -- Curt Gentry, J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets, p. 347), Senator (later President) John Kennedy and Catholic elements of the military-industrial complex.

John XXII made Giovanni Baptiste Montini a cardinal, something Pope Pius XII refused to do after it was found that Montini had been secretly communicating with Stalin during World War II. Making Montini a Cardinal positioned him to become Pope Paul VI which was apparently the game-plan all along, as suggested by LIFE Magazine's promotion of Montini for Pope in 1956 when he was still only a bishop.

"In the second [Conclave of 1963], Cardinal Siri was again elected. . . . [with] only one more vote than Montini, [he] had the imprudence to ask that his election be again voted, so that he could reign with a more important majority. And it was then [during the noon recess following the second scrutiny] that Cardinal Tisserant went out to telephone, and when he returned, Cardinals Lienart, Konig, Dopfner and Tarancon [changed their ballots and then] voted for Paul VI [in the scrutinies which followed]. And it was known that these four had relations with the Freemasons. Therefore, one can affirm, without mistake, that Paul VI was elected from that sect" (Introibo Newsletter No. 61, July-August-September, 1988, Association Noel Pinot, Angers, France, p. 3). As will be seen in the quotes concerning the 1963 Conclave, those with whom Tisserant communicated were the B'nai B'rith.

There is mounting evidence, some of which can be gleaned from the book, "The Unelected Pope, Giuseppe Siri, Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church" (1993), by Benny Lai, that Siri was being prepared by what he thought was training for the papacy (when he was first contacted in Genoa in the mid-1950s by Soviet diplomats, to be an intermediary between them and Pius XII), but which was in reality a process of intimidation and entrapment in order to set him up to be elected Pope at a future conclave, only to be forced to relinquish the public exercise of his office, by the threat of a monstrous, bloody persecution of the faithful in Eastern Europe, and by the threat of schism by the French hierarchy who, from the start of the conclave, promoted his candidature to the other cardinals in order to carry out their devilish plan. They also threatened the setting off of a hydrogen bomb to destroy the Vatican and its officials. Under the cover of conclave secrecy the blackmail was delivered to the barely elected and stunned, new Pope by France's Cardinal Tisserant, who controlled the block of six French Cardinals, and promoted a unanimous vote for Siri to get him elected, only to announce immediately that he was 'annulling' Monsignor Siri's election, supposedly to prevent the assassination of the Iron Curtain Bishops which he declared would occur as a reprisal by the Soviets against the Church, for electing an anti-Communist Pope. That such an occurrence actually happened was verified by former Vatican official, Father Jean-Marie Char-Roux on 14 July 1993, in London, England. Tisserant was an agent of the B'nai B'rith, the Talmudic master-lodge of the Masonic and Marxist world powers. Before the end of his life, Siri began to acknowledge and lament openly, his inability to fulfill the duties of his office as Pope, during the ordeal of his 30 year-long exile.

On pages 607 to 609 of his book, "The Keys Of This Blood", Malachi Martin, perennial insider and eye-witness to the 1963 Conclave, admits that Siri was elected Pope (again) in 1963, but that his election was 'set aside' because of an outside 'communication' (interference) by an 'internationally based organization', regarding a 'grave matter of [Vatican] state security'. He tried to justify outside interference of the conclave if it is conducted 'by authorized persons' or if 'the very existence of the Vatican City-State or its members or dependents were at stake'.

As Malachi Martin admitted to journalist Benjamin Kaufman, he had been brought into the Vatican by the Jewish Cardinal Bea to dig up dirt on prelates targeted for blackmail. Martin boasted that he had been "shaking long-closeted skeletons in the faces of cardinals who didn't quite want to do what Cardinal Bea and the pope wanted at the Council. . . 'I saw cardinals sweating in front of me'. Martin recalled. . . It was heady, having that power, 'and I began to enjoy it.'" (Cincinnati Enquirer, 22 December 1973).

"At his coronation as Pope Paul VI, several American newspapers accused him of being a member of B'nai B'rith Masonic Lodge of the 'Jew's' Anti Defamation League -- accompanied by a photograph as proof" (Rev. Fr. Henri Mouraux, The Hidden, but Victorious Way of the Free-Masonry).

Pope Paul VI was known in his seminary days as a notorious homosexual, who wormed his way to high office in the Vatican. In 1954 Pope Pius XII banished him from Rome without the red hat after learning that Montini had betrayed into the hands of Stalin the secret identities of the clandestine Bishops in Russia, causing their arrest and execution. Known as 'the Red Pope', he was greeted on the balcony after his 'election' with cries of 'il Papa Montinovsky'.

30 Days magazine reported in its November 3, 1993 edition, the election of Cardinal Montini to the Chair of Peter as Paul VI was engineered by a large group of Masonic and Modernist cardinals meeting in the home of a leading Freemason, Umberto Ortolani, just prior to the conclave.

Just days before his death Paul VI made a prominent Roman Freemason, Umberto Ortolani, a 'Gentleman of His Holiness' a much coveted title reserved for the patrician elite amongst Catholics. It was a sign that John XXIII did not repent of his Masonic affiliations, even on his death bed ("A John XXIII Update", an article in 30-Days Magazine, November 2, 1994).

Carlos Vazquez Rangel, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Masons of Mexico, in a 1993 interview with the political weekly 'Processo' stated: "On the same day, in Paris the profane Angelo Roncalli (Pope John XXIII) and the profane Giovanni Montini (Pope Paul VI) were initiated into the august mysteries of the Brotherhood. Thus it was that much that was achieved at the Council (Vatican II) was based on Masonic principles."

In his 1964 book, "L'oecumenisme vu par un Franc Macon de Tradition" (Ecumenism As Seen By A French Freemason), Yves Marsaudon stated: 'The sense of universalism that is rampant in Rome these days is very close to our purpose for existence. Thus we are unable to ignore the Second Vatican Council and its consequences . . . With all our hearts we support the Revolution of John XXIII . . . This courageous concept of the Freedom of Thought that lies at the core of our Freemasonic lodges, has spread in a truly magnificent manner right under the Dome of St. Peter's.'

Elsewhere he writes: 'Born in our Masonic Lodges, freedom of expression has now spread beautifully over the Dome of St. Peter's . . . This is the Revolution of Paul VI. It is clear that Paul VI, not content merely to follow the policy of his predecessor, does in fact intend to go much further. . .'

If one studies Paul VI, one immediately comes across his drive to work, which was that of a workaholic. He was also decisive in his instructions and rule over the government of the Church. This stands in direct contradiction to his public persona as the 'suffering pontiff' who was prevented by others from saving the Church. This public image can only be a part of the divide and conquer program which has been vigorously pursued by John Paul II. In it the 'Pope' vigorously states orthodox things to mollify good Catholics, but then goes ahead with heretical and unorthodox statements and actions (Gary Giuffre's Newsletters -- in French).

When Marxist Pope Paul VI learned how the US cardinals were mobilized against his pontificate which had become the target of CIA-funded black propaganda, he elevated left-wing prelates to higher office. Most of these 'progressive cardinals' came from the Third World, where Liberation Theology flourished. The CIA, US State Department, and National Security Council and US clerical mafia of the likes of Cardinal Cody sponsored a plot to have Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Poland elected as Paul's successor. But their plot was foiled when the other cardinals became suspicious of US interference.

Jean Guitton, a distinguished French writer as well as the great friend and confidant of Pope Paul VI, recently described His "intention with regard to the liturgy . . . (which) was to reform the Catholic liturgy in such a way that it should almost coincide with the Protestant liturgy . . . beyond the Council of Trent, (and) closer to the Protestant Lord's Supper . . . (making) less room for all that some would call 'magic,' (namely) . . . transubstantial consecration, and for all that is of the Catholic Faith; . . . there was with Paul VI an ecumenical intention to remove . . . what was too Catholic, in the traditional sense, in the Mass, and, I repeat, to get the Catholic Mass closer to the Calvinist mass" (Broadcast December 19, 1993 by Radio-Courtoisie, Paris).

At the time of Vatican II Brother Branham said, ". . . the only thing in the diocese that stops Catholicism and Protestantism from uniting is the order of communion." (William Branham, The Stature of A Perfect Man, 50:374).

Paul VI wore the Ephod of a Jewish High Priest with, and often without, his pectoral cross. And according to the Jesuit Father Joaquin Saenz y. Arriaga, doctor of Theology, Church History, and Canon Law, Montini was of Jewish origin as noted in the prestigious Blue Book of prominent families in Italy.

He put Cardinal Gregory Baum of St. Louis, Missouri, a Jewish 'convert' in charge of textbooks worldwide. Baum has made sure that all textbooks used by Catholic children have been gutted of any negative references to anything Jewish, replacing them with glowing accolades.

Closing Vatican II he sought to bind all the Faithful to its decrees and then proceeded to introduce a new mass, new sacraments including a new rite of ordination, and new religious books in the schools.

Gary Giuffre wrote,'Our readers will remember that in our June 1994 Newsletter (Nuclear Horizons -- in French) we published a sensational statement by the Grand Master of the Italian Grand Orient Order of Freemasons to the effect that Pope John XXIII had been initiated into the Freemasons when he was Nuncio in Paris in the late forties. We pointed out, that if this statement were true, Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII) could not possibly have been validly elected to the Supreme Pontificate. He would have been intrinsically ineligible by reason of his automatic excommunication under Canon Law (No. 2335). And not being a Catholic, it was not possible for him to be head of the Catholic Church.'

According to Jewish sources (Dagobert Runes, The War Against the Jew), just prior to his death, Roncalli was preparing to make a Prayer of Reparation to the 'Jews', which denies the Church and applauds the 'Jews', a mandate for all Catholics. It states:

'We admit that over hundreds of years our eyes were blinded, so as not to see the Beauty of Thy Chosen People and not to recognize the features of our firstborn brother. We admit that the sign of Cain is upon our forehead. For centuries Abel was lying in blood and tears while we had forgotten Thy love. Forgive us, O Lord, the curse we unjustly spoke out over the people of Israel. Forgive us, that in their flesh we crucified You the second time! We did not know what we were doing.'

Do you begin to understand what Britain's 'Jewish' Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli meant in his novel Coningsby when he wrote: "So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes". nl164.htm

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