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Christian greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When a neighbour's son asked, "Mum, Santa Claus isn't really true, is he?" she told him the truth. Later when she slipped-up in her role as the Tooth Fairy, leaving money and the tooth, he said, "You're also the Tooth Fairy, aren't you Mum?"

Always speak the truth. It was a calculating mind that formulated the mendacity we unthinkingly feed trusting little minds that one day will learn we have lied to them. If parents lie about Santa and the Tooth Fairy, it is reasonable for maturing children to ask, "What other falsehoods have I been taught to believe? Is God a lie? No one has ever seen Him. Is Jesus Christ, the virgin birth and the resurrection a fiction?"

After thirty-three years I learned that my Sunday school, church, schools, family and friends were all deceived, and had transmitted their deception to me and to society. Their Trinity of gods and Apostle's Creed (so-called); my Christening, my baptism in the Titles Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and my confirmation, were all unscriptural.

We should speak the truth and eliminate needless confusion, because few care to think and "prove all things," preferring the lazy alternative of trusting the words of men (Matthew 5:37).

Fifteen years after my new birth I began to see that our national and world history, like so much of medical science, is also a lie. I discovered that all major political parties, and Communism world-wide, are controlled by the Money Power, that the Claimed holocaust of six million Jews in World War II is as much a lie as was the claimed holocaust of six million Jews in World War I; that most "Jews", being unrelated to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by blood, are themselves a lie, and that they follow neither Moses nor the Prophets but the Talmud which nullifies them all (Matthew 15:6).

The Message of God's Prophet, William Branham, penetrates this web of lies so meticulously woven behind the scenes by Satan and his children, and shows quite clearly how most people in Message circles are also Spiritually blind, believing and teaching for doctrines the ingrained preconceptions of man-made myths, having unthinkingly identified with the 'politically correct' popular consensus of the god of this evil age.

Last week I received a Newsletter from one of the publishers of Brother Branham's sermons. We praise the Lord for his testimony that not one Believer in New York City was reported lost or harmed in the 'terrorist attack' of September 11. But his flag-waving, mum and apple pie, 'my country right or wrong' statement was not appropriate and quoted the Prophet out of context with the Message:

"What my nation is, I am. What it stands for, I stand for it. To be a loyal American, I'll be ready to die for it, fight for it, stand for it, do anything there is. I'm part of it. You can't pick on it without picking on me. When you say something against it, you say it against me, for I am an American" (William Branham, Spiritual Amnesia, p. 11:81) . . . our nation was shocked by the catastrophic terrorist attack on New York city and Washington, DC, that took the lives of thousands of our fellow Americans. . ."

Such emotive platitudes although well-meaning, appeal to the brainwashed, unthinking majority. They are as deceptive as Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, particularly to those who believe the Message but are without a revelation, since they discourage all dissenting thought although it be absolute truth.

Brother Branham said, "I don't even pray for America any more". He explained how her last chance for national revival was in 1957 and now judgment is in store. He warned of earthquakes, germ warfare, a Russian invasion and nuclear annihilation. And typing America with Israel, said God raised her from nothing, but when she prospered, she suffered amnesia and forgot about Him (William Branham, Spiritual Amnesia, p. 6:47-48).

Be not deceived, and be not a deceiver. "The catastrophic terrorist attack . . . that took the lives of thousands of our fellow Americans. . ." was planned and executed by "our fellow Americans" -- the 'terrorists' and traitors who pull the strings of government in America and the world with a view to accelerating the New World Order they have advertised on the US one dollar bill since 1933.

Christians are not ignorant of these things. The mystery of God is finished. Satan is exposed. Our duty is to witness, not hide these revelations (Revelation 10:11). This Special Report which will be approved by the Establishment and the foolish virgin may well enable many Message churches to integrate with the World Council of Churches' pantheon of religions, and preach into the tribulation in an organization of legally tolerated religious cults under a Pontifex Maximus. It will achieve little else. This was the essence of Roman law and of the Roman Empire as a legal institution which managed incongruent forms of religion by assembling them under one roof in the Pantheon.

Israel's enemies are being vilified and weakened by creating prejudice and hatred against Islam among the unthinking, brainwashed pawns of the non-Semitic, anti-Semitic self-styled "Jews" in preparation for World War III. Many such people sit in Message churches. This 'terrorist attack' was masterminded by the powerful non-Islamic forces of the City of London and Wall Street (whose greedy minions let the cat out of the bag by speculating on the World Trade Center attack against insurance and air companies, and bought State bonds, gaining 20% profit in one week). This bold step is producing hatred and division to disguise their plot for monetary and economic collapse, and is creating a pretext for the best politicians their money could buy to suspend the US Constitution.

One of Islam's many failings is that their people depart on pain of death. This is not acceptable to those wanting to introduce a totalitarian one world government. Like Pontifex Maximus they require all people to be putty in their hands with NO loyalties, spiritual, psychological, educational, or otherwise . . . not so much as a thought that is not sanctioned by them

For this reason Muslims and Muslim states are "in for it" from the rest of the world that is in the hands of the International "Jews". This is also why genuine Christians and the foolish virgin are "in for it". The teachings of the Old and New Testaments represent what they consider 'hate crimes' for which 'truth' is no defence. Denying the existence of fact and truth, they form an objective assessment as to the 'intent' of their accused.

Again we welcome guest contributor Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance who presents American Dissident Voices radio program whence this article was copied. Although we do not agree on all points and he does not follow the prophetic Message of Brother Branham, his understanding of truth and righteousness is more acute in some respects than many within Message circles who suffer amnesia regarding the revealed Word of God when it seems more comfortable to please our national leaders who are murderers, and traitors to their own people against oaths taken in the Name of the Lord.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible. . . Brother Anthony

Bush Lied About bin Laden

Washington (AP) September 24, 2001 -- "A solemn President Bush returned the American flag to full staff Sunday as the United States promised to lay out evidence making Osama bin Laden's guilt in the terrorist attacks `very obvious to the world.'"

. . . Instead of making Osama bin Laden's guilt in the terrorist attacks 'very obvious,' the world has . . . become convinced that conclusive evidence proving Osama bin Laden's guilt does not exist, and that President George W. Bush has lied . . .

Events . . . prove that President George W. Bush is doing everything in his power to make it forever impossible to know the truth about Osama bin Laden. . .
Full story:

Pope Calls World Religions to Peace Summit

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) November 18, 2001 -- Pope John Paul Sunday called a meeting of leaders of all the world's religions in January to pray for peace and to work to overcome armed conflict at what he said was an historic moment for humanity. . .

He said it was particularly important for Muslims and Christians to show the world "that religions must never be allowed to become a cause of conflict, hate and violence." Full story:

The Holy Alliance

Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery (November 17, 2001) -- At the reception desk of the War-Against-Terror Coalition, there lies an application form for new partners. After stating his name, country and function (king / president / emir / dictator / tyrant), the applicant is invited to answer the question: "Do you have local opponents that you wish to have branded as terrorists and dealt with accordingly?"

Nearly all the applicants so far have answered this question with great enthusiasm. Vladimir Putin designated the Chechnyian rebels, Spain mentioned the Basque ETA, Turkey the Kurds, India the Kashmiris, just to mention a few on a long list. In short, every potentate, big and small, pointed a finger at the people he oppresses, hoping that the United States will help rid him of their war of liberation. "Send in the big bombers," they beg, "and blow these miserable terrorist bandits sky-high!"

All this might remind students of the history of events nearly 200 years ago. After the downfall of Napoleon, the tyrant who promoted liberty throughout Europe, the rulers of the continent decided to set up an insurmountable wall to any further aspirations of national and social liberation. "All this nonsense about democracy, freedom, equality and constitutions has to stop once and for all," they told each other.

And so in 1815 the Czar of all the Russians, the Emperor of Austria and the King of Prussia signed an agreement, which they called the Holy Alliance, to institute the rule of God in Europe. Abusing the name of the mild and vaguely socialist rabbi from Nazareth, they created in reality an international mafia of the Iron Fist. Wherever an oppressed people dared to raise its head in rebellion, all the rulers of Europe would band together, one for all and all for one, to help their threatened colleague. The Russians, for example, sent troops to squash the Hungarian and Italian rebellions against Austria; the secret services of all cooperated against the socialists and anarchists. . .

Under the umbrella of the War Against Terror, a new Holy Alliance is in the making. George W. Bush is now the supreme judge who decides who is a terrorist and who is not, as once a mayor of Vienna decided who is a Jew. . . Full story:

Origins of the Russian-US Anti-Taliban Alliance

A brief report from Jane's Intelligence Digest on March 15 stated that India had joined an anti-Taliban alliance that included Russia and the United States. On June 26 India and Iran "facilitated" US-Russian plans for "limited military action" against the Taliban.

Comment: This explains why the formation of the Russian-U.S. alliance has taken place so smoothly during the last weeks, despite protests on both sides that such an alliance was unlikely. It also explains why a spectacular public event such as the 'terrorist attacks' on the WTC and Pentagon was deemed necessary by the strategists on both sides of this alliance to justify it to the legislatures of both nations.
Full story:

Terrorist Acts in US followed Unsuccessful Negotiations with Kabul

(Comment: But WHO was behind these terrorist acts, and who stood to gain by implicating the innocent? Clearly they were NOT connected with the Taliban government in Kabul).

November 15, 2001 -- "Only a month before the terror attack the American government had active contacts with the Taliban. America wishes to get hold of Kazakhstan's rich oil reserves and it hoped to build an oil pipeline for that via Afghanistan, which is a neighbouring country to the republic of Kazakhstan. The failure of negotiations is directly connected with the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon."

These words are taken from the book 'Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth', written by two French authors. It says that America's largest oil corporations -- which were closely linked with Bush's government, were very active in the republic of Kazakhstan. But the oil pipelines are controlled by Russians there. That is why the corporations had an eye on Afghanistan. Negotiations with the Taliban actually started in February, when George W. Bush took over as president. The Talibs were ready to conduct negotiations to deliver Bin Laden and in return asked for diplomatic recognition of their regime.

The negotiations were intensified in April. Most often, they were held in Berlin and lasted till August 2 and the Americans were hoping to keep the Taliban as the ruling movement in Afghanistan.

However, the atmosphere was getting worse during the negotiations. The Americans did not get Bin Laden, because they did not realise, to what extent Laden was connected with the Taliban. A UN spokesman, who was involved in those negotiations, was conducting other negotiations simultaneously with the former Afghani king. The Taliban perceived it as the conspiracy against them.

According to the authors of the book, the Americans made very serious mistakes. They threatened the Taliban with violence, although at the same time they did not seem to be determined to apply serious measures against Bin Laden. They were well-aware of the fact that Bin Laden was connected with the Saudi royal house and the American interests in Saudi Arabia were more important to them. That is why nothing happened.
Full story:

Mujahideen Take Up Taliban Fight

KARACHI, November 16, 2001 -- With the dramatic political and military changes in Afghanistan over the past few days it is becoming evident that a new war is beginning in which Afghanistan will be divided among Pastun and non-Pastun warlords, with the Taliban fighting a guerrilla war against the latter, and against any foreign troops that might join them.

This scenario sees the emergence of the warlords and jihadis of the Afghan resistance movement against the Soviets in the 1980s as a new and powerful force against the United States and its allies and the non-Pastun Northern Alliance.
Full story: Asia Times

British Troops Face the Reality that Is Afghanistan

LONDON, November 16, 2001 -- The move by Blair to send thousands of British troops to Afghanistan to help establish stability, displays a lack of military history that verges on the irresponsible. . .

In the present conflict, despite continuing reports of the collapse of the Taliban, (many in instances where local chiefs have decided to be pragmatic and survive) the situation remains, as they say in military circles, "fluid". . .

And Saudi exile Osama bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar could have moved to any of dozens of tunnel complexes in the area. The myriad "caves" that have been alluded to in the hunt for bin Laden are not the cold and dark natural edifices that one would immediately imagine. During the guerrilla war the mujahideen waged against the Soviet invaders in the 1980s, the elite SAS deployed personnel in secret to train and supervise the construction of several complexes of tunnels near Kandahar, and also in some of the more remote areas of the country where commanders could take refuge to avoid the incessant air pursuit of the Soviets. The tunnels had sound ventilation systems, good protection from even the largest of bombs, excellent storage and accommodation facilities, as well as communication links. It is most probable to assume that the Taliban have used the caves and tunnels and built others in new places.

Given the ever-changing network of tribal loyalties, and indeed the survival of various warlords, the prospects of a broad spectrum government do not look good. As one commentator said, "They hate one another with an intensity that is hard to believe . . . the only thing they hate more are outsiders trying to run their lives and their country . . . Full story: Asia Times

West Nile Virus

After a second winter of dormancy, the West Nile Virus reappeared for the 2001 season: hundreds of dead crows found this summer -- from Canada to Florida, Maryland to Wisconsin -- have tested positive for the virus. Full story:

Smallpox Scare: Preparing for Patient Zero

November 16, 2001 -- Concern is growing privately within the government and among health officials that Osama bin Laden or the terrorist states that support him may have obtained a weaponized version of the smallpox virus.
Full story: Insight Magazine

The Value of Truth and Righteousness

Last Saturday George Bush addressed the United Nations General Assembly, urging all of the member nations to join the United States in bringing pressure to bear against all countries that sponsor terrorism or harbour terrorists. He did it in his standard mock-serious way, barely suppressing a smirk. Everyone applauded, including the representative of a country that from its founding until the present day has sponsored terrorism. That country, of course, is Israel.

The prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, is a war criminal, a mass murderer, with the blood of thousands of women and children on his hands. He is being sought now for trial by the same Hague Tribunal that succeeded in extraditing former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic for trial on charges of crimes against humanity in Kosovo, the same Hague Tribunal that already has tried and sentenced soldiers who raped and murdered in Bosnia and in Rwanda.

In 1982, during Israel's invasion of Lebanon, Ariel Sharon was Israel's defense minister. After the bloody terror-bombing of civilian neighborhoods in Beirut that killed thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians -- terror bombing carried out by Jews flying military aircraft supplied to Israel by the United States -- Sharon arranged for the evacuation of Palestinian fighters from Lebanon.

Palestinian women, children, and old people were left behind in refugee camps, with their safety guaranteed by the United States. On the night of September 16, 1982, Sharon sent murder squads into two Palestinian refugee camps, Sabra and Chatila, in West Beirut to kill the unarmed Palestinian civilians in the camps. With Israeli tanks and troops surrounding the camps to prevent any of the Palestinians from escaping, Sharon's murder squads shot, knifed, and bludgeoned Palestinian civilians all that night and the next day and the following night, while the Israelis around the camps listened gleefully to the shots and screams coming from inside. Then Sharon sent in bulldozers to scoop out mass burial pits and cover up the corpses of more than 2,000 Palestinian women and children.

Many Palestinians remained unburied, however, and Red Cross workers found whole families in their homes with their throats cut and other families who had been lined up and machine-gunned, from small children to elderly grandparents. One infant had been stomped to death by a man wearing spiked boots.

This was Ariel Sharon's work, but only a part of his work. He is a man who believes the teaching of the Talmud that only Jews are human beings, and that all who are not Jews were put on this earth only to serve the Jews, and that anyone who opposes the Jews deserves to be killed, and he has acted in accord with this belief all his life. There are a dozen major atrocities for which he could be tried by the Hague Tribunal, but the one with which he is charged now is the mass murder he implemented, as Israel's defense minister, in West Beirut in September 1982. And the U.S. government, which clamored for Slobodan Milosevic to be turned over to the Hague Tribunal for trial, pretends that it knows nothing about Sharon's genocidal crimes against humanity.

In the 1950s Israel's Mossad, the equivalent of the CIA in the United States, sent hundreds of letter bombs to German scientists working in Egypt and Syria, killing a number of them.

In 1967, during Israel's war against Egypt, the Israeli army carried out a number of mass executions of Egyptian prisoners of war in the Sinai, forcing them to dig ditches, then lining them up and shooting them. Dozens of eyewitnesses to these mass executions have reported what they saw, but the world's politicians and media bosses pretend not to know. Also in 1967 Israel attacked the U.S. Navy ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, attempting to sink it and kill its crew and then blame the sinking on the Egyptians.

Israeli agents have carried out assassinations and other terrorist operations around the world. One of the most colorful of these operations -- and one of the few that received major media coverage -- was the attempt to murder a prominent Muslim cleric in Jordan in 1997. Two Israeli agents sprayed poison in the ear of Khaled Meshal as they walked past him on a sidewalk in Amman. Fortunately, Meshal's bodyguards were able to catch the two Jews as they ran away, and so the assassination attempt was publicized.

Israel has stolen nuclear materials and nuclear weapons technology from the United States to build an illegal nuclear arsenal. Israel also is known to have developed an arsenal of biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

None of these Israeli activities is secret. Those I've mentioned are just a few of the ones that were found out and publicized. Not publicized very much, of course. In fact, they all were dropped from the news pretty quickly. Still, everyone attending Mr. Bush's speech at the United Nations last Saturday knew about them. And yet, no one stood up and booed. No one walked out in protest. Bush's speech was covered by all of the major newspapers and television networks in the world, but no reporter for any news medium operating in the West commented on his hypocrisy. No one mentioned Israel's terrorism. Everyone knew, but everyone played along.

These people weren't lemmings. Lemmings really don't know any better. Lemmings are essentially moral creatures; in fact they are compulsively moral. To lemmings it is essential to feel and think and act the way they believe they are expected to feel and think and act. That's morality. Most groups of lemmings believe that it is bad to lie, to deceive, to be hypocritical. If during George Bush's speech at the United Nations a substantial part of the audience had walked out in disgust, and at the end the remaining delegates had stood up and booed him loudly, and if the media commentators then had remarked with scorn to their television audiences that Bush is a hypocrite who talks about stopping state-sponsored terrorism while continuing to finance Israeli terrorism, the lemmings would have booed him too.

But Bush's lies and hypocrisy were ignored by the media and by the other delegates. Instead of booing, they applauded him. And so the lemmings applauded him too. It was all an act for the benefit of the lemmings. Nearly all politics these days, nearly every speech or public appearance by a politician or a government official, is an act of showmanship. What is said has relatively little relationship to what the politician actually is thinking.

Certainly, last Saturday George Bush wasn't really thinking about waging war on countries that sponsor terrorism or harbor terrorists. He was thinking first and foremost about the importance of pleasing the Jewish media with his speech. He may have been keeping his fingers crossed and hoping that no Arab delegate would jump up during his speech and shout at him, "What about Israel? You say that we should wage war on states that sponsor terrorism. Israel engages in state-sponsored terrorism more than Afghanistan and all the other countries in the Middle East combined. When will you send your B-52s to carpet-bomb Tel Aviv and Jerusalem?" And at the end he must have marvelled to himself how smoothly the act went and how easy it is to deceive the public.

Crookedness of this sort has been going on for a long time. There are only two things that make this latest crookedness noteworthy. First, it is being used to justify yet another war that is not in the interests of the American people. It is being used to justify dropping cluster bombs on villagers whom we have no good reason to kill. And second, it is a lot more obviously crooked than usual. Osama bin Laden caught the Bush government and the media by surprise, [although it is highly UNLIKELY he was involved in the September 11 attacks], and they didn't have time to refine and polish their lies. All they could do was pretend that they had no idea why he would attack the United States and then claim that it must be because he hates our freedom. They didn't have time to put up their usual smokescreen of obfuscation. They simply launched their denunciations of terrorism and terrorists and of governments that tolerate terrorism and hoped that no one would say anything about Israel or Ariel Sharon or Israel's policies of assassination and torture.

Because the crookedness is more obvious now than usual, more perceptive people than usual are noticing it and saying something about it, and that's good. But these perceptive few who are unhappy enough about the crookedness to speak out have little or no voice in the mass media, and so the lemmings remain oblivious to the realities of the situation. That's the wonderful thing about democracy: you don't have to try to fool all of the people; all you have to do is fool most of the people all of the time, and that's pretty easy to do when you control the mass media. You can just ignore the few who refuse to go along with the act, and the great majority of the voters will never notice.

So why do I care that the system is crooked? Why should you care? Why not just pretend not to notice the crookedness and go along with it, like everyone else? Pretend to be a lemming, but stay alert to possibilities for profiting from the fact that, unlike the lemmings, you really are secretly aware of who's who and what's what. That's what the big shots do. That's what the people do who care only about themselves and don't give a damn what happens to their country or their race or the civilization built by their race, as long as they personally are able to turn a profit from events. That's what George Bush does. He pretends to care about all sorts of things. He pretends to be outraged by terrorism, but he shakes Ariel Sharon's hand and gives him a big hug whenever Sharon shows up in Washington. He pretends not to be aware of Sharon's record as a mass murderer, a war criminal, a terrorist, a man who sends out teams of assassins and orders the Israeli police to torture prisoners.

A lot of people think and behave the way George Bush does. A lot of people believe that's the only smart way to be. We're living in a society in which a great many people are completely alienated, completely disconnected from any sense of responsibility to race or nation or to anyone but themselves: amoral people, people willing to do anything they believe is personally advantageous, people for whom every public expression is simply an act. And because there are so many people like that, including virtually everyone in the government and in the media, America is very, very sick.

I'll go further: individuals who think and behave that way are sick. George Bush is a very sick man. Anyone who consciously and deliberately betrays his own race or his own nation, anyone who commits treason, is a defective person, a sick person. And George Bush, by consciously following a policy he knows is not in the interests of America but only serves Israel's interests, a policy he knows is responsible for the September 11 attack against America, a policy he continues to follow despite that knowledge, is a traitor. That's George Bush I'm talking about, the President of the United States. He may look stupid, but he knows what he's doing. George Bush believes he's a smart guy, a guy who knows which side his bread is buttered on, a guy who can get away with anything as long as the Jewish media will back him up. And so far he has been getting away with it. In a democracy, hypocrisy works; lying works. As long as you have the mass media on your side you can get away with anything, because the majority of the voters never will figure it out.

What has been happening in Mazar-i-Sharif and Kabul and other northern cities in Afghanistan this week is a good example. The big act put on by George Bush and his British counterpart Tony Blair and all of their media supporters since the campaign to destabilize Afghanistan began last month -- the big act was that the Taliban is a bunch of tyrannical fanatics who brutalize women, sponsor terrorism, and do lots of other bad things, and the Northern Alliance, which was supplied with weapons and money by the U.S. government while we bombed the Taliban to smithereens, is a bunch of Sunday school teachers and Boy Scouts. The United States will deliver Afghanistan into the hands of the Northern Alliance, and then everything will be rosy and peaceful and democratic. The people who had been tyrannized by the Taliban will be free and happy under the Northern Alliance. The Americans will be the good guys, who have made this wonderful improvement possible.

Well, of course, it hasn't worked out that way. As soon as the Northern Alliance took over each city it began rounding up people it didn't like, people who belonged to the wrong tribe, for example, and raping and killing them. There have been dozens of mass executions and mass rapes by the Northern Alliance troops this week. There are a lot of people they don't like. And the ones who just get raped or shot are the lucky ones. Eyes are being gouged out, breasts are being cut off, prisoners are being castrated and impaled and skinned alive or burned to death. That's the way things are done in the Middle East. When the British tried to pacify the country in the 19th century, the rule was never to let yourself be taken alive. If you were wounded and left behind, you always saved your last cartridge for yourself. Rudyard Kipling wrote about that:

"When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,
"And the women come out to cut up what remains,
"Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
"An' go to your Gawd like a soldier."

The Russians learned the same lesson, to their sorrow, just a little over a decade ago. And the military people around George Bush certainly were aware of the experiences of the British and the Russians. The Taliban indeed may be a rough and brutal bunch, but no more rough and brutal than the people paid and armed by the U.S. government. When the Taliban was in charge at least there was peace and stability. There were no massacres or gang rapes. The U.S. government, with its bombing campaign and its mercenary troops in the Northern Alliance, has succeeded in destabilizing large portions of Afghanistan, and the rapes and mutilations and mass executions have started.

But the lemmings won't hear enough about that for it to sink in. George Bush will continue lying and smirking and pretending that the Northern Alliance are the good guys, and America is bringing freedom and democracy and happiness to Afghanistan. What the United States actually is trying to do is set up a government a little more corrupt than that of the Taliban: a government that we can control with bribes and threats and that will not be a danger to Israel. That's the whole purpose of our war against Afghanistan.

It's the same sort of crookedness that we saw in connection with the Second World War. The pretext that the British government used for declaring war against Germany in 1939 was the safeguarding of Poland's freedom. When the Roosevelt government in the United States finally was able to use the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as an excuse for jumping into the war against Germany, the act by the media and the politicians here was that Americans were being the good guys and would bomb the Germans to smithereens in order to protect American freedom and the freedom of Europe. And the people to whom we shipped military supplies so they could help us were the Soviets under good old Uncle Joe Stalin, that kind and fatherly fellow who also was being threatened by the wicked Germans.

Of course, what we did, after carpet-bombing German cities and killing enough Germans to make them surrender, was turn Poland and the Baltic states and half the rest of Europe over to communist rule for half a century. It had never been the intention of either the British government or the U.S. government to free anybody. We knew what sort of people the communists were. We knew that they had butchered the cream of the Polish nation in the Katyn forest and elsewhere -- 25,000 Polish military officers and professors and physicians and engineers and writers -- but our government and media people pretended that it was the Germans who had done it and that we were "liberating" Europe from the Germans and protecting American freedom, which never was threatened by the Germans.

It was all an act. The aim was not to safeguard anybody's freedom; it was to destroy Germany because the Germans had gotten the Jews off their backs and out of their country. We made war against Germany in order to make Europe safe for the Jews and for no other reason. We are making war against Afghanistan now in order to make the Middle East safe for the Jews, and for no other reason. Everything else is an act to keep the public fooled. And the public will be fooled: just as they never figured out what World War Two was all about, they won't figure out what the war against Afghanistan is all about. They may hear rumors about the massacres being carried out now by the Northern Alliance, but the television people won't spell it out for them, won't show them gory pictures of the piles of corpses, and so the public won't get it.

So again, why should you care? Why not just go along with the act, the way the big shots do?

That's a hard question to answer, in this sense: If you're like George Bush or any of the other big shots who think they're being smart by going along with the act and collaborating with the Jews against their own people -- if you think that's the smart way to behave -- then you won't understand my answer, no matter how carefully I explain it. If you're a person who already is totally alienated -- if you're an amoral person who already is completely disconnected from your race and its traditions and values and you think of yourself solely as an individual scrambling to get an advantage over other individuals by any means that will work -- you won't understand my answer.

But if you still have some sense of being a part of something larger and more permanent than yourself -- if you still have a sense of racial identity, a sense of kinship with a larger family of fellow Europeans, of fellow White men and women with whom you share traditions and values and a way of looking at the world -- if you value the civilization your ancestors built over the last 5,000 years, if you think of it as your civilization -- then my answer is superfluous. You already know the answer. You already understand why you must not collaborate with creatures who secretly sneer at your values, who are contemptuous of the traditions and history of your people, who have been working for thousands of years to corrupt your civilization, and who are determined to annihilate your race. You already understand why men who do collaborate with these creatures must not be permitted to make laws and set policies governing your people. You understand that instead of being applauded and looked at with respect, they should be hanged as traitors and as a warning to others who might be tempted also to betray our people. You already understand that truthfulness and righteousness are their own reward. (American Dissident Voices Broadcast of November 17, 2001). nl199.htm

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