Bible Believers' Newsletter #210

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Christian greetings once again in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This week we shall be studying the "rapture" of the Church to show that the rapture is not the translation.

The New World Order is devouring Constitutional safeguards. In Australia the Parliament of the State of Queensland has replaced its Constitution without recourse to citizens while in the State of New South Wales the Constitutional right to trial by Jury has been removed for Civil cases except in matters of defamation. Word has it that the Canadian "Crown" was privatised in October, 1996. Under a Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) they are restructuring the country -- presumably with the objective of selling services at a profit without taxation relief. I wonder, does Edgar Bronfman hold a franchise? 24 courthouses in British Columbia have already been closed. Sounds like a bank takeover. Rothschilds, perhaps?

Meanwhile, that President George Bush has as good as scrapped the US Constitution even mother Barbaraa would not dispute.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything I write should be confirmed personally in your own Bible. . . Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony

Evidence of Mossad Treachery in the WTC?

New York (NYT) September 22, 2001 -- There were, in fact, only three Israelis who had been confirmed as dead: two on the planes and another who had been visiting the towers on business and who was identified and buried.

(Comment: "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail" -- Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, February 27, 1994). Full story:

CIA Complicit on September 11?

Vancouver, January 19, 2002 -- Michael Springmann worked for the US government for 20 years with the foreign service and consulate. He just went public with the story of his involvement in a large scale CIA operation that brought hundreds of people from the Middle East to the US, issued them passports and trained them to be terrorists. Springmann says that the CIA is working closely with bin Laden and his operatives in Jeddah and has been since 1987. The most haunting implication from this interview is that all of the terrorist acts of late were planned and paid for by the CIA with US taxpayers money so that the US could legitimately bomb the hell out of Afghanistan -- not to "get the Taliban" as the official party line states, but to erase all of the evidence of the US's secret operations in Afghanistan left over from its 10 year war with the Soviet Union in that country.

Based on the new information from Mr. Springmann, it is likely that most of those 600+ people who were "rounded up" within days of the September 11 attacks were actually in the US because the CIA brought them there. It lends credence to the idea that the CIA was also behind the anthrax letters, and that is why there was weapons-grade anthrax and why the perpetrator will never be caught.
Full story:

The Truths They Never Tell Us

Behind the jargon about 'failed states' and 'humanitarian interventions' lie thousands of dead.

Britain (John Pilger) November 26, 2001 -- Polite society's bombers may not have to wait long for round two. The US vice-president, Dick Cheney, warned last week that America could take action against '40 to 50 countries'. Somalia, allegedly a 'haven' for al-Qaeda, joins Iraq at the top of a list of potential targets. Cheered by having replaced Afghanistan's bad terrorists with America's good terrorists, the US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, has asked the Pentagon to 'think the unthinkable', having rejected its 'post-Afghanistan options' as 'not radical enough'.

An American attack on Somalia, wrote the Guardian's man at the Foreign Office, 'would offer an opportunity to settle an old score: 18 US soldiers were brutally killed there in 1993 . . .' He neglected to mention that the US Marines left between 7,000 and 10,000 Somali dead, according to the CIA. Eighteen American lives are worthy of score-settling; thousands of Somali lives are not.

Somalia will provide an ideal practice run for the final destruction of Iraq. However, as the Wall Street Journal reports, Iraq presents a 'dilemma', because 'few targets remain'. 'We're down to the last outhouse,' said a US official, referring to the almost daily bombing of Iraq that is not news. . . That the US is the only state on record to have been condemned by the World Court for international terrorism and has vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling on governments to observe international law is unmentionable . . .

The ascendancy of Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, and associates Richard Perle and Elliot Abrams means that much of the world is now threatened openly by a geopolitical fascism, which has been developing since 1945 and has accelerated since 11 September.

(Comment: This bloody-minded attitude shows just who rules the United States and is orchestrating World War III. Read this whole article which is testimony to US apostasy). Full story: New Statesman

Pushing for World War III

Lest we forget, Bush's foreign policy is deliberately calculated to foment more terror attacks on America and on Americans at home and abroad. American foreign policy under Bush is virtually 100% vintage Likud policy brewed in Jerusalem, with all of the lumbering, Neanderthal war-without-end implications. War, terror, and cycles of reprisal and counter-terror are the fuel that feeds the Leviathan state, whether in the Socialist Israeli entity, or in the post-Constitutional American empire in which we witness the emergence of a hybrid, Stalinist-Monopoly Capitalism system of governance.
Full story:   Congressman Ron Paul

The UCC Connection

In 1963 Brother Branham said: "We are now paying our debts on taxes that'll be paid forty years from today. That's how far we are behind. Why, we are completely busted. That's all. What's the matter? The gold's all housed up, and the Jews hold the bond. (i.e. the 'Jew's' Fed holds a lien over all US land, all private property and every citizen is surety for debt on their unconstitutional Federal Reserve dollar). It's going to be Rome".

"Now, watch. We know who owns the big department stores, but Rome has the greatest part of the wealth of the world. The rest of it the Jews have" (William Branham, The Revelation of the Seven Seals, p. 165:5)

In a three to four hour address delivered in 1990, Howard Freeman explains how Americans are virtually chattel slaves to the Rothschilds who also control the Vatican. By political intrigues, international law and usury they own every US citizen and all of his possessions. Fabian H. G. Wells delivered the principles at the Pugwash Conference in the 1950's, and the 1963 "Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility or Desirability for Peace" endorsed this plan along with provision for Rothschild's third world war between the Political Zionists and Islam, drafted as a military blueprint in 1871 along with World Wars I and II by Albert Pike. This war is becoming a reality following US attacks on New York and Washington.

All citizens of the Empire of the City of London are all in dire straits. Daniel 9:27 and Revelation 13 and 17 describe the end play. I commend Howard Freeman's address to every Christian seeking understanding Full story:

Chilean Fears Sovereignty if UN Document Ratified

New York, January 25, 2002 -- Chilean Senate is poised to vote against ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women whose committee tries to force governments to liberalize their abortion laws.

Jorge Reyes, a constitutional lawyer working for the senate, told the Friday Fax that a broad-based "civil, political, and religious movement" opposes ratification of the Optional Protocol because it would undermine Chile's national sovereignty. The Cardinal of Santiago, Francisco Javier Errazuriz, likened the document to a form of "cultural colonialism." Full story: Friday Fax Volume 5, Number 5

Israeli Reservists Refuse Territories Duty;
Combat Veterans Renounce 'Humiliating' Palestinians

Jerusalem, January 28, 2002 -- More than 60 Israeli army reservists, half of them officers and all of them combat veterans, have publicly refused to continue serving in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on the grounds that Israel's occupation forces there are abusing and humiliating Palestinians. . . American, European and Israeli human rights groups have criticized the Israeli army for using excessive force against unarmed Palestinian demonstrators, for opening fire on civilians who posed no apparent threat and for failing to investigate such cases.

Ami Ayalon, for four years the director of Shin Bet, the Israeli version of the FBI said: "Israeli society, top to bottom, is sinking into confusion. . . People mask this reality with swaggering slogans: 'We will vanquish terrorism!' There are today more Palestinian terrorists than a year ago and there will be even more tomorrow. . .

"I favor unconditional withdrawal from the territories -- preferably in the context of an agreement, but not necessarily." Full story:

Day of Prayer for World Peace

Assisi, Rome, January 25/26, 2002 -- They came to Assisi from the Vatican in a "peace train" consisting of seven cars: one for the Pope, one for the cardinals and bishops, one for the Orthodox, one for the Jews and Muslims, one for the Protestant 'ecclesial' communities, one for the Buddhists, the Tenrikyoists, the Shintoists, the Counficianists and the Jainists, and, bringing up the rear, a caboose filled with Hindus, Zoroastrians and Sikhs. . .

The Event included two concocted liturgies: one for "Christians" in the lower basilica, and the other for the polyglot assembly as a whole, which was conducted in two parts, one before and one after all the religions had conducted their assorted prayers and rituals in the Convent rooms. These two liturgies comprised a veritable orgy of novelty. There the Pope sat, regarding the great manifestation of the Day of Prayer for World Peace: a table full of little burning oil lamps, perched on a spindly tripod, recalling the immortal words of John Lennon and Yoko Ono: "All we are saaaying, is give peace a chance." Full story:

The Rapture is a Revelation, NOT the Translation

The Holy Bible sets forth God's purpose and plan for its realization. His purpose is to manifest the Attributes of His own magnificence in the glorified flesh of His family. This was to be achieved by revealing His will to man, the trustee, ruler and keeper of Earth, placing him on the basis of free moral agency to choose or refuse to express His will and thereby display His glory, with the certainty of reward or punishment.

The word 'god' means 'any object of worship,' and true worship is the sacrifice of one's senses to express the Divine will (Romans 12:1-2). Being just, the omniscient God is obligated to reveal His fundamental requirements to every man every where in such a way that He can communicate a deeper understanding to His elect, that tiny minority foreknown as desiring to walk in true agreement with Him.

"And God said, 'Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for festivals, and for days, and years: and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth': and it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: He made the stars also" (Genesis 1:14-16).

All nature is governed by the cycles of these heavenly bodies but these signs also have a spiritual connotation. Night and day type Spiritual Light and Darkness, good and evil. Primitive religion became throughout a contemplation of the invisible deity through these universal symbolic signs. The religious symbolic degenerated into the irreligious mythical and the glory of God passed away in the form of transitory signs: It became identified with them as men utterly lost the consciousness of the difference.

Fixed seasons later determined Israel's appointed times of meeting with God, and since the Gentile dispensation is the antitype of the last six days of their feast or festival of Unleavened Bread and feast of Pentecost, Brother Branham could state: "Jesus did NOT say no man could know the year, month or week in which His coming was to be completed" (William Branham, An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, 322:4).

The rainbow was a heavenly sign from God to Noah and his sons. The Pillar of Cloud was a heavenly sign followed by Israel in their exodus from Egypt, and was the sign of Christ's parousia Coming for us when It appeared above Arizona on February 28, 1963 (Matthew 24:3; Acts 1:9-11; Revelation 1:7).

Referring to this phenomenon, Brother Branham said, "Matthew 24, mentions signs in the heavens concerning this last day just before Jesus comes. I wonder if you noticed such a sign recently fulfilled as to portray the very truth we have been discussing. That truth is that Jesus has been steadily pushed aside until in the last age He is pushed outside the church. Recall that in the first age it was almost a full orbed church of truth. Yet there was a little error called "the deeds of the Nicolaitanes" that kept the circle from being full. Then in the next age more darkness crept in until the ball of light glowed less, and darkness covered more of the circle. In the third age it was eclipsed still more, and in the fourth age which was the Dark Ages, the light had all but gone."

"Now think on this. The church shines in the reflected light of Christ. He is the SUN. The church is the MOON. Thus this orb of light is the moon. It had decreased from almost a full moon in the first age, to a sliver in the fourth age. But in the fifth age it began to grow. In the sixth it took a great step of growth forward. In part of the seventh age it was still growing, when suddenly it stopped short, and waned to almost a nothingness, so that instead of light it was the blackness of apostasy, and at the end of the age it had ceased to shine for darkness had taken over. Christ was now outside the church."

"Here is the sign in the sky. The last eclipse of the moon was a total eclipse. It waned to a total darkness in seven stages. In the seventh stage, the total darkness came as the Pope of Rome (Paul the Sixth) went to Palestine to make a holy tour of Jerusalem. He was the first pope to ever go to Jerusalem. The pope is named Paul the Sixth. Paul was the first messenger and this man goes by that name. Notice it is the sixth, or the number of man. This is more than a coincidence. And when he went to Jerusalem, the moon or the church went into total darkness. This is it. This is the end. This generation shall not pass away. Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly!" (William Branham, An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 357:1).

This eclipse occurred on December 30, 1963 and Pope Paul VI visited the Holy Land between January 4-6, 1964. (See Newsletter #059   The Woman Clothed in the Sun). Brother Branham said the generation that saw the opening of the Seven Seals, the visit of the pope to Jerusalem, and Christ's 'parousia' shall not pass away until all be fulfilled. Even as the generation Jesus warned in Matthew 24:3-31 saw the resurrection of Jesus and the Old Testament saints we'll see the resurrection of the sleeping Church and the translation of the living Bride And as they saw the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, this generation shall not pass before the Dome of the Rock is destroyed.

The STARS are the angels to the seven Church Ages, reflecting Sun-Light through the night of the Son's absence. After this Light has been rejected by the Gentiles, scripture promises another eclipse of the Sun and Moon, causing a darkening of the former and a reddening of the latter, just before the great and dreadful Day of the Lord. Joel 2:31, Acts 2:20, and Revelation 6:12 confirm these words.

God hides in simplicity and reveals Himself in humility so "the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err therein" (Isaiah 35:8). His first Bible was nature and is written in the stars. His mathematical signature is displayed in every tree and plant, yet the wise and prudent peeking through the myopic reasoning of theologians, miss Him in every age.

Romans 1:18-21, "The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God has shown it to them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools".

God gave His first son His Word to live by but the first Adam fell when he listened to his already fallen wife rather that obey God's Word, thereby subjecting all nature to death. But he established a type for Christ, the obedient last Adam. He would die to redeem His fallen wife who was born in sin, and to restore nature to its original perfection under the care and dominion of obedient men.

The Bible foretells the story of redemption. This first couple (who are redeemed) type Christ and His redeemed Bride who are symbolized in God's second Bible, the Great Pyramid, and will rule a redeemed Earth. In His third Bible, which is the Book we read today, God has also veiled Himself in symbols and reveals and sets forth His purpose in the simplicity of signs, shadows and types.

The natural always types the Spiritual as Paul explained in Galatians 3 where he expounds God's Covenant with Abraham and His Seed. Abraham's natural seed was Isaac through whom the Old Testament traces the Promise to Jacob, Judah, David and Jesus Messiah, his Spiritual Seed Who was murdered by his natural joint heirs. Jesus was proven to be Abraham's Royal Seed, Israel's King-Redeemer, the heir to all Adam lost, and Husband of the Gentile Bride, in that God raised Him from the dead. And since the day of Pentecost He has seen the increase of Abraham's Spiritual Seed.

Israel is Abraham's seed through the natural increase of the pure bloodline of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. However "All Israel is NOT Israel." Since Pentecost, the true Church is the Seed of Abraham -- Spiritual Israel -- joint heirs with his King Jesus through the baptism of the Holy Ghost which is the new birth. However only a tiny percentage of a fraction of the church is born-again. And as Israel allowed his ministers to blind him with man-made theology and traditions, nominally Christian ministers are today blinding the Gentiles. However as God will not restore spiritual sight to the elect Israelites until after the Wedding they miss the Marriage, and Israel will remain God's servant nation under Christ and His Gentile Bride.

In the Septuagint, the Greek word 'ekklesia' meaning 'the called out ones,' refers solely to the children of natural Israel. In the New Testament where it is translated "church" in our English Bibles, it refers to the children of Spiritual Israel who are joint heirs and share the birthright of the last Adam, Abraham's Royal Seed.

Let us now consider some Bible types: Enoch who was translated without death was the firstborn out of the seventh generation from the first Adam. (Had Cain been Adam's son, Enoch would have been the eighth -- Jude 14). His birthright types our election and new birth while his life shows how all who are called out from the seventh or Laodicean generation from the last Adam, and born-again, will come in to the unity of the faith and be translated like Enoch.

Hebrews 11:5-6, "By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God. But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him".

The mysteries of the seven thunders are the revelations contained in the Seven Seals restoring the heart of the end-time Bride to the apostolic faith, finishing the mystery of God, and bringing us into the unity of the faith with the testimony of Enoch, "that we please God." The Holy Spirit waved in the many-membered Body of Christ in the manifestation of the Sons of God, and accepted, will signify His acceptance of the elect Church of all Ages. Our maturity in unity with the Voice of the Archangel will call the dead from their graves as God in Christ summoned Lazarus back to life. After a brief and powerful demonstration of the Spirit our hunted and persecuted little group will be translated without death like Enoch, our Old Testament type.

The Bible was sealed from the foundation of the world unto the time of the end when Christ tore open the Seven Seals in the days of the Voice of the seventh angel, and the mystery of God was finished (Daniel 12:4, 9; Revelation 10:4-7). This seventh angel is the one man to whom Jesus revealed the Book of Revelation (Revelation 1:1).

Since John wrote the Book we know he represents the end-time Bride throughout as Ezekiel represented all of Judah, and later all of the Northern Kingdom (Ezekiel 4). We know this is so because the Bible was sealed until the close of the Laodicean or Pentecostal Church Age and the seventh angel's Message can only be perfectly received by the end-time Bride. So how could John write this prophecy 2,000 years before Jesus opened and revealed the Book to the prophet-messenger to Laodicea? When John was caught up in the Spirit, he saw and heard the seventh angel expounding these mysteries in a series of visions as Jesus revealed them to him between 1963 and 1965, and John recorded them as symbols in the Book of Revelation.

In Revelation chapter one John announces that his commission is to record the visions he is seeing on the Isle of Patmos so that they may be read and understood by the elect in each succeeding Church Age. The first vision signifies the Bride of all Ages drawn out from the nominal church and assures the end-time Bride that Christ's hand, which holds "the keys of hell and death," is upon us as it was upon John. It was upon the Bride of no previous age because they had only PART-Word,and He was the impartial Mediator between God and men. Now only the pure Word, "that which is perfect," will be translated.

This shows us that it is the Message of the seventh angel that is the faith key, the fullness of the Word. It is Christ Himself Who unlocks the kingdom or new birth to the end-time Bride, bringing us to pre-eminence by "the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him: the eyes of our understanding being enlightened; that we may know what is the hope of His calling, and what is the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of His mighty power which He wrought in Christ when He raised Him from the dead" (Ephesians 1:17-20). This Message holds the resurrection faith that worked in Jesus. It personally assures us of our victory over the grave and is preparing us for the manifestation of the Sons of God which will call the resurrection of the Church Age saints.

Do you see the revelation? The end-time Bride receives the keys that unlock hell and death that have bound every man since Adam. We will turn those keys, and like Enoch be translated without death. "We shall be changed. For this corruptible shall put on incorruption, and this mortal shall put on immortality".

Chapters two and three describe seven separate Messages veiled in symbols that will be disclosed only to the angel of each Age who will unfold them to the elect of his Age. Their revelation of his Message will produce their new birth. Finally, the end-time Bride receives the revelation of all seven baptisms with the Holy Ghost for she receives the fullness of the Word they saw only in part (I Corinthians 13:10). It was on account of their ignorance of these mysteries that Christ interceded from Pentecost until the last saint predestinated to Laodicea was born-again early in 1963. His Mediatorial Office as Son of God was then fulfilled. Now as King of Kings and Judge He is in the Office of Son of Man.

After Revelation 3:22 the Laodicean Age was complete, and John, typing the end-time Bride entered the "rapture," being caught up in the Spirit into the Lord's day which is still future. John's feet were rooted on the Isle of Patmos (Revelation 4:1-2) as the feet of each saint in the rapture today are planted firmly on earth. The "rapture" is a Spiritual quickening and not a physical or geographic change. The "rapture" is a revelation, it is NOT the translation. It won't raise the saintliest one inch above Earth.

God's Word is correct. The rapture is a threefold PROCESS of coming into the unity of the faith by answering the "shout" of the Message of William Branham, the Prophet of Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7. It is the "midnight cry" of Matthew 25:6 calling the Bride to wake from her slumber and make herself ready for the Wedding Supper, come out from Rome and all other PART-Word systems and dress herself in the righteousness of the Message (Revelation 18:4; 19:7-9). This Message IS Christ for It is the fullness of "the Word spoken by the mouth of ALL God's holy prophets since the world began"  (Acts 3:23; I Corinthians 13:10; Revelation 10:7).

The second stage of this process is the "Voice of the Chief Angel" over the seven whom He held in His hand (Revelation 1:16, 20). The Archangel is Christ, also symbolized as the reservoir of oil on the golden Menorah that feeds the seven lamps (or Church Ages) with the Spirit for their Age by the Messages of the seven stars or angels in His care and under pre-eminence. As the "shout" was the Message that called the end-time Bride from the world and unlocked the Kingdom of heaven (Matthew 16:19), the still, small Voice brings her to maturity in the unity of the faith by placing the seventh angel's Message from Genesis to Revelation for a double portion of the Spirit that will unlock the chains of death and the grave so like Enoch and Elijah She may physically enter His Presence without death (I Timothy 2:15; Revelation 1:18).

Under pre-eminence to that Voice she will speak and God will do what she says for the mind of the Spirit which is the will of God is in Her (Romans 8:27).

The third and final stage of this process is Israel's seventh "Trump" which signals the close of the Gentile dispensation, calls the resurrection of the Church Age saints and the manifestation of the Sons of God to build faith in the Bride for translation grace, and summons 144,000 elect Israelites to their feast of Trumpets.

I pray every one that reads this teaching sees clearly that God has not failed to fulfill His Word, and has revealed His intentions through a prophet in our generation as Jesus promised, and that the "rapture" which we all misunderstood and some disbelieved has been in process now for almost forty years since the revelation of the Seven Seals in 1963. And that's almost a generation.

The mystery of Revelation 1:18 shows that we now live in the raptured age where there will be no physical death for the end-time Bride because she is foreordained to manifest the Sons of God and change into her glorified body like Enoch our type.

God has always foreshadowed things to come by familiar patterns and types of things that are or have been so those with the Holy Spirit can prove and will not fail to discern the true revelation of His Word. Let us examine more further scriptures that foreshadow the "rapture" and translation of the end-time Bride.

No Bible believer would doubt that Joseph was a perfect type of Jesus Christ. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers and sold for twenty pieces of silver; Jesus was betrayed by His brother in the Church and sold for thirty pieces of silver. Joseph was cast into prison with two men, a butler and a baker; one was saved and the other was lost. Jesus was imprisoned on a cross between two men, one was saved, and the other was lost.

Everything Joseph did prospered. When he was imprisoned, the gaol prospered. When he was exalted to pharaoh's right hand, no man could come to pharaoh but through him, and Egypt prospered. When he traveled, messengers ran ahead sounding a trumpet and shouting, "Bow the knee, Joseph is coming". Wherever Jesus was and whatever He did prospered. And when he returns glorified in the Millennium the deserts will blossom and peace will prosper. Since Jesus is exalted to the right hand of God, no man can come to the Father but through the Son. When He journeyed, messengers ran ahead sounding the Gospel trumpet and shouting the Message of the hour. The elect bowed the knee and were born-again,

Joseph was a prophet to whom God spoke in visions and interpreted dreams. Jesus was a Prophet to whom God spoke in visions and interpreted dreams. Because of this both men were hated of their brethren, but they were loved of their fathers.

Surely no believer would suggest these are all coincidences!

After Joseph was rejected by his brethren he lived among Gentiles, and married a Gentile bride who bore his children. (Which exposes the biologically impossible lie of self-styled "Jews" that the birthright follows the mother. They argue thus only because they know Cain was not Adam's son). And Joseph stored up food for a time of world-wide famine. Jesus has lived with we Gentiles since His rejected by His brethren. He married a Gentile Bride who bore His children, and laid up Food for a world-wide Spiritual famine (Isaiah 11:10; 54:1-10; Malachi 1:11; Amos 8:11; Acts 3:23; Revelation 10:7).

On hearing that there was food in Egypt, Joseph's brethren came to buy. He provided abundantly for them without money and without price. But they didn't recognize their brother who spoke in another tongue, and through an interpreter. Hearing Spiritual Food may be had in abundance without money and without price, Jesus' brethren today are subscribing to Bible Believers' Newsletter, visiting our Church Website and other places which have the PRESENT Truth. They can't recognize Him yet because He is speaking in a tongue that can be understood only by the interpretation of the Holy Spirit. But they sense Something Real yet unknown in the synagogue or Talmud.

Joseph's brethren felt a strange conviction in the presence of this Egyptian who knew their names and everything about them And, not realizing that Joseph could understand their speech they reproached oneanother for bringing the blood of their own Brother upon them over all these years. O, how Jesus' blood brothers will reproach themselves when they recognize His 'parousia' and know that His Blood has been upon their heads for 2,000 years?

Joseph would not introduce himself to his brethren until Benjamin who was born of his own mother during his absence was presented. Then he dismissed everyone so that his own wife and children were in the palace when he made himself known to his brothers. And Jesus will not introduce Himself to His natural brethren until Benjamin, who types the 144,000 born in His absence, is present. 144,000 elect Israelites, 12,000 from each Tribe will all be born of the pure Adamic bloodline of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not the nondescript mixed bloodlines of the Sephardim and Ashkenazim. Not one Serpent among them, and in the faith. They'll be very hard to find in Israel (Malachi 3:3).

When Jesus reveals Himself to his natural brethren, His wife and offspring, the Bride of all Ages, will be hidden in the Palace where they have been resurrected and translated for the bema (or reward) judgment, and the Wedding Supper of the Lamb in the Sky (Psalm 27:4-6).

Christ can hardly refrain from revealing Himself to Israel today. So hurry up little Bride! He's already gathered the tares in Rome's Ecumenical Council and Rockefeller's World Council of Churches ready for the burning and He's waiting for the last Elect Gentile to catch the revelation. Then He'll take His Church Home and reveal Himself to Israel. O, how they'll reproach themselves for their unbelief. Zechariah 12 says that by revelation, "They shall consider He Whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn . . ."

Is this type a coincidence? Surely it shows us that the Bride is translated before the tribulation which is typed in the Bible by "Jacob's trouble"? Surely this shows that British Israel theory is a poison bait set by the self-styled non-Semitic anti-Semitic "Jews" to steal eternal Life from we Gentiles who are potentially Abraham's seed. The Babylonian Talmud says: "Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth." These five points guide the lives of the Canaanites today who call themselves by another name.

When God crossed Jacob's hands the blessing crossed from the elder to the younger of Joseph's children showing in type how the blessing of Abraham would pass through the Cross from Abraham's natural seed, Israel, to Spiritual Israel, the (primarily) Gentile Church. So the first will be last and the last will be first.

There are just so many examples that could be mentioned. Jesus calls the wise and the foolish virgin out from the false church system before the Gentile dispensation ends and the tribulation begins. Enoch who was translated types the wise, but before one drop of rain could fall, Noah and his family were safely in the ark. Abraham also types the wise and separated group, but before fire could strike Sodom, Lot and his family were out of there. These two families type the foolish virgin or "saved" who will suffer the tribulation. Jesus said that the days of Noah and Lot are a type of what is happening today. There will be a translation and a tribulation.

In Matthew 16:28 Jesus said, "Some of you standing right here now will not taste of death, till you see the Son of man coming in His kingdom". Then He took Peter, James and John apart to the top of a high mountain. (These three witnesses type the 144,000 signified on Mount Zion with Jesus, having caught the revelation before their martyrdom -- Revelation 14:1-5). There in a vision, God showed them a preview of the ushering in of the Millennium, or the order of the physical return of the Son of Man glorified. And His precious feet won't touch this Earth until all life is destroyed (Malachi 4:1-3).

First they saw Moses representing the resurrected PART-Word Bride, then Elijah typing the end-time Bride who will be translated like he was by a clear revelation of the fullness of the Word through the Message of our end-time Elijah. Next they saw Jesus, the Light of the world glorified, "His face shining as the Sun". New Jerusalem will have no need of the sun or the moon. And those in that City will not scan the planets for prognostication for we shall have Light and fellowship with the Word made flesh.

The faith revealed by these two witnesses in Israel's feast of Trumpets will distinguish the true Church from the false. This revelation of their Queen with Jesus their King will quicken the 144,000 Israelites to newness of Life. Then they will be martyred by Satan incarnate in his false church ruling the New World Order and persecuting all those whose names are written in the Book of Life.

There is a difference between natural Israel whose elect are God's servant nation, and Gentile Spiritual Israel, the true Church, Christ's Bride and Israel's Queen. There is a "rapture." It is not the translation but a threefold PROCESS that began in 1963 at the opening of the Seven Seals and culminates in the first resurrection and translation. The "rapture" is NOW. For all who miss the "rapture" there will be a great tribulation: they'll "be cast into outer darkness where there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth" as taught in Matthew 25:30. There the elect Israelites, the foolish virgin and other classes of the "saved" will be purged, and this earth will be purged for the great Millennium. nl210.htm

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Brother Anthony Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister. He has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations in various countries. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to minister in your church.
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