Bible Believers' Newsletter 329

"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
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Once again it is our privilege to welcome you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this issue we will review some aspects of Christ's Mediation, the revelation of the Seven Seals and the ministry of William Branham at this important junction in time preparatory to the end of the Gentile dispensation and our translation.

upside down US FlagIn his most recent essay, "Why We Need Martial Law," our friend John Kaminski writes, "America has become a nation of monstrously perverted mass murderers. And if you are an American and are not condemning it, you are complicit in it. You're supporting needless mass murder, you pig!"

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith (not "pigs"), and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ,
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Elite Bankers now pulling Plug on US Economy & Currency!

June 15, 2004 (Senator Jim Ferguson) — I have warned for a long time that the Federal Reserve is planning to destroy the US economy by: printing the US dollar in exponentially riskier quantities until it blows off the charts and crashes, and by easing credit and rates until the average individual and corporate debt loads are so enormous that the resulting massive distortions in the economy suddenly bring on an economic heart attack, leaving no possibility of a short or even medium-term recovery. That day is here!

There is nothing more important in your life right now than the exceedingly dire economic crisis unfolding as I write, and the state of your soul!

In other words, if your spiritual house is not in order, the building financial collapse will be so horrible that you will not be able to emotionally or mentally endure it, and I am addressing the healthy and strong here.
Full story:

Rogue Bush Backers prepare Super 9/11?

Intelligence patterns monitored here now point conclusively to the grave threat of an imminent new round of . . . terror attacks in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and possibly other nations. These attacks could include nuclear detonations, radiological dirty bombs, poison gas and other chemical weapons, or biological agents . . . The goal of these operations would be to produce a worldwide shock several orders of magnitude greater than the original 9/11, with a view to stopping the collapse of the Bush administration, the Wall Street-centered financial structures, and the US-UK strategic position generally. The attacks would be attributed by US/UK intelligence to controlled patsy terrorist groups who would be linked by the media to countries like Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, thus setting these states up for attack. The organizers of the attacks would in reality be substantially the same secret command cell in the United States which set up the 9/11 events . . . Full story:

Judges being Secretly Trained

June 2, 2004 — The Anti-Government Movement Handbook is a training manual for judges and court staff against pro se litigants, published in 1999 by the National Center for the State Courts (NCSC) in Williamsburg, Virginia. This book, along with Dealing With Common Law Courts: A Model Curriculum for Judges and Court Staff, published in 1997 by NCSC, was developed from an Institute for Course Management (ICM) course on dealing with common law courts, held in Scottsdale, Arizona, February 5-7, 1997.

The curriculum and manuals for this course were prepared with a grant from the State Justice Institute: Award No. SJI-96-02B-B-159, "The Rise of Common Law Courts in the United States: An Examination of the Movement, the Potential Impact on the Judiciary, and How the States Could Respond." The State Justice Institute (SJI) is a non-profit, 501C(3) corporation that was started in 1986 and funded by Congress to develop courses and training manuals for state courts and judicial training organizations.

This course and training manuals were developed by a group of 27 judges, court clerks, court administrators, and prosecutors in Arizona who examined the history and procedures of the Common Law Court Movement (CLC) and created the training curriculum and responses that courts, judges, and court administrators can use when dealing with common law courts in their own jurisdictions. My contact at the conference said that one of its goals was to identify ways the courts can make preemptive strikes against the the CLC movement. Full story:

American Taxpayers donate Oil to Iraq!

If you told most American taxpayers they were funding a fleet of more than 4,000 road tankers to constantly truck oil into one of the oil-richest countries on earth, they would think you were mad. Could it possibly be true that more than 1,500 American military families have lost fathers or husbands or sons in Iraq, just for the privilege of seeing their tax dollars used to provide Iraqis with heavily subsidized imported oil? Sadly it is true, and since the illegal invasion during March 2003, Iraq has not been "exporting two million barrels of oil per day to America", as Wall Street and the establishment media would have you believe. Full story: joevialls

Use of Dogs to scare Prisoners was Authorized

June 11, 2004 — US intelligence personnel ordered military dog handlers at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq to use unmuzzled dogs to frighten and intimidate detainees during interrogations late last year, a plan approved by the highest-ranking military intelligence officer at the facility, according to sworn statements the handlers provided to military investigators. Full story:

Advertising damages Mental Health

In a study, the Munich psychoanalyst Franz Strunz showed that Sigmund Freud erred when he analyzed the dreams of children. Freud's thesis was that infants in their dreams are free from the intimidations of parents and society. In their dreams, they live an absolutely free and happy life.

In his investigations, Strunz demonstrated that dreadful monsters, crimes and catastrophes bristled in the dreams of his analyzed children. Most of the analyzed children were paralyzed by the dangers about which they dreamt at night.

The development of television was the only difference between the children analyzed by Freud and Strunz. Freud could not foresee the influence of television, media and advertising.

The media has changed more than the dreams of children. A basic understanding of reception is necessary here. How does perception function?

Language consciousness first develops at age 4. Until then, the little child only saw the world in pictures. Language and logic are incomprehensible to the child for a long time. Thus the child understands what he sees on television before speaking. He understands the pictures in magazines and advertising billboards like illiterates . . .

Children who test crack at age 7 rob their schoolmates at 8 and try to rape their younger sisters at 9, are only testing out what they have seen in the media. The power of media pictures educates them long before parents and society can make clear linguistically/verbally what is wrong and right. This phenomenon only concerns our generations that became great for the first time in history with these virtual pictures. The logical understanding that "what is in the box" is virtual like "what is in the newspaper" comes late to all of us.

One of the best-known advertising ideologues, Jacques Sequeles from the Euro-RSCG agency formulated: "Advertising conquers everything and has become the schoolmaster of our children. They only sit for hours with their teachers but enthusiastically watch the television for a thousand hours. They sit glued or spellbound to our spots. Thus advertising becomes the schoolmaster for life."

The power of pictures in visual communication is unbroken in adulthood. The power of virtual pictures is stronger than logical arguments. Even if you feel elevated above this, the tirade of advertising pictures is still drilled into you.

For that reason, all advertising works with pictures. Successful brands are word-pictures. Everyone knows the Coca Cola logo and the attitude toward life drummed into our heads by countless advertising spots and print campaigns. Everyone knows the Marlboro logo and identifies the logo with freedom and adventure, cowboy-romanticism and austere manliness. With an advertising budget of over 500 million DM (German marks), Telecom managed to convince thousands of fools to buy their worthless shares in a few days. . .

Santa Claus is another, rather harmless example. Why does he wear this red coat? Why does he wear these boots and the red-white pointed cap? Because an American graphic designer drew him this way for Coca Cola many decades ago. Because Coca Cola consistently penetrated this image by spending billions over decades. Red and white as the colors of Coca Cola was a milestone in the history of marketing.

"There are no distinctions any more between the mechanisms of advertising, television and other media. They function everywhere in the same way with the same trick. Gradually the editorial part was confused with advertising.
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Comment: Television also acts as a drug, and dulls the brain. Brother Branham said Christians should not have a television set in the house? (William Branham, God's Provided Place of Worship, p. 24:190).

Meteorite as Big as a House 'hits NSW Coast'

June 17, 2004 — Police say a driver travelling south along the Hume Highway near Menangle reported an object the size of a house falling from the sky shortly after 9pm. Workers at the Sydney Airport Tower have also confirmed seeing a meteorite fall, according to police. Full story:

The Seventh Angel and the Mystery of God

In Matthew 24:36 we discover there were many things Jesus did not know when He was on earth. They were known "only by the Father." John 8:28, "After My crucifixion, you will realize that I am He for whom you seek, and that I do nothing of My own accord: but speak exactly as My Father has taught Me" (John 15:15; 16:26).

After Jesus' ascension, the Father revealed these hidden things to Him as we learn from the Book of Revelation, and Jesus revealed them by His angel to His prophet John through a series of visions over a period of two years.

Revelation 1:1-3, "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him, to show His servants things which must shortly come to pass. And He sent and signified it through His angel to His servant John: who recorded the Word of God, and the testimony of Jesus Christ, and all things that he saw in the visions. Blessed is he who reads this prophecy aloud in the assemblies, and they who hear and keep the things which are written: for the time for their fulfillment is at hand."

The Book of Revelation is a prophecy whose secret meaning is hidden beneath Old Testament symbols. Many of the visions seen by John had been previewed by Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel at different stages of their fulfillment. For instance, when Daniel saw the placing of the twenty-four thrones they were empty as the twelve New Testament elders had not been redeemed (Daniel 7:9). Jesus told Peter and His disciples, "You're the ones" (Matthew 19:27-28). Sixty-five years later, when John saw the vision, all twenty four elders were seated (Revelation 4:4).

The Lord Jesus spoke with John by personal inspiration from AD95-96 while he recorded the revelation communicated by His "angel" or messenger in symbols. Throughout this time John was physically imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos while spiritually his soul was caught up into a channel of revelation wherein a succession of visions over two years foretold the workings of Christ and Antichrist as they built their respective kingdoms from Pentecost to the Day of the Lord. It is most important to our understanding of the Book of Revelation that we realize that these mysteries were not revealed to John by the Lord Jesus direct but through the ministry of His "angel."

Digressing just for a moment, I wish to comment briefly on the kingdom of Darkness, because I know there some of you who may be confused if I do not explain that it is a church. We tend to think of Satan's kingdom as comprising the atheist, the absolute unbeliever, wicked criminal types, heathens and communists. Generally speaking this is correct, but these folk have either consciously taken the decision to reject the Laws of God and moral society, or never had the opportunity to receive Christ (which is a different matter again). Satan already has his own children in the sons of Cain. His plan is to destroy Adam's race who are potentially Christ's children, by deceit, "the lie" of II Thessalonians 2:7-13. Satan seeks worship due only to the Son of God, Antichrist is religious, he is an impersonator—so close to absolute Truth he would almost deceive the very elect, but of course that's impossible.

Satan is building up a false church system that has a form of godliness but denies the power thereof—having replaced revelation with the wisdom of creed and dogma. That's the mark of the beast. He's as subtle today as he was when he incarnated the Serpent in Eden to seduce the first Adam's wife. He's an impersonator of Christianity. His ministers don't deny the Bible, they preach It. Almost 99% of it. But one word off is the kingdom of Satan and death today as it was in the Garden of Eden when he persuaded Eve to receive his intellectual reasoning in the stead of God's Word.

"I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan" (Revelation 2:9). If Satan was behind the Jews who were hailing the early Christians into court, then the Jews are not of God's religion but the Devil's. Their gathering is also of the synagogue of Satan. And if the Roman Catholic church killed the multitudes of believers in the Dark Ages, yes and in all Ages, then they are of the devil and belong to Satan also. And so do her daughter churches. Oh they protested once and ran away from mother Rome, but now they are all going back home again.

And if you think this is shocking, just wait until the prophecy of Revelation 13 is fulfilled. It is strikingly true that the United States of America is in that chapter. In this image that is mentioned in this chapter will be found all the wickedness of the beast that was before it. As the beast rose at the Nicene Council, so the image will come out of the World Council of Churches with all ungodly and satanic power to vent the anger of the Devil upon the true vine of God. It will be a repeat performance of all diabolical cunning and cruelty.

"God loves you so much, Eve. He loves all the Baptists and the Catholics, the Presbyterians and Assemblies of God so much. You won't surely die, just because you each preach a different gospel." That's a lie brethren. That's the hiss of the serpent, the hiss of the Ecumenical Movement, World Council of Churches and the Charismatic Renewal (so-called). Be careful! Jesus said, "Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." Paul said Christians "should all speak the same thing," and that in the end time God would gather the saints in "the unity of the faith" Jesus said would be restored by the prophet of Malachi 4.

The kingdom of Satan is religious. It is the world with God's Name on it. Never forget that and remember Christ's enemies are always those in His own household of supposed faith. It is the church that is apostate in the end-time. This apostate church, not communism, will martyr the tribulation saints. God has allowed Communism to rise to destroy the false church (Revelation 18) as He allowed Nebuchadnezzar to rise up and destroy the chosen people (so-called) of that day when they went into idolatry. Communism is not dead, watch its Easter revival. Russia will soon attack and invade the USA. That's not my thought, but THUS SAITH THE LORD by the "angel" who spoke with John in Revelation 13.

Daniel was told to "shut up the words and seal the Book to the time of the end" (Daniel 12:4). Although in Revelation 1:19, the Lord told John, "Write the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter," in Revelation 10:4 when John was about to write, he was commanded, like Daniel, "Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered and write them not".

Paul described the condition of society and the church in the time of the end, (II Timothy 3-4), so did Jesus (Luke 17:20-37). Sodomy, incontinence, unruly children, seductive clergy spirits, domineering female spirits, divorce, apostasy in the church, a spirit of communism among the people and throughout the church; great advances in science, massive construction projects, independence among the tribes and kindreds, intermarriage between the East and the West, and a vindicated prophet to the Church. "But in the days of the Voice of the Seventh Angel . . . the mystery of God should be finished, as He spoke by His servants the prophets" (Revelation 10:7). So the "time of the end" is when Christ has completed His Mediatorial ministry and Revelation chapters 4 and 5 are fulfilled. Then He claims the Book, tears open the Seven Seals and reveals them to the "angel" of the Laodicean Church Age (Revelation 3:14; 10:7).

Through the centuries many godly men have probed at this Book of Revelation and though some of them have uncovered truths, without exception the interpretations of every one of them included error. When God told Daniel, "the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end," He meant what He said. If the Devil, who is the sum of intellectual wisdom could not work It out, theologians certainly won't outwit God. Revelation 1:3 tells us this is a "prophecy," and since THUS SAITH THE LORD comes only to a prophet (Genesis 40:8; II Peter 1:20-21), God must send us a vindicated prophet.

Other than the Lord Jesus, there was only one (1) man to whom the mysteries of the Book of Revelation were revealed: the "angel" of Revelation 1:1. This "angel" is the prophet-messenger to the Seventh Church Age. This messenger does two things. One: according to Malachi 4 he will restore the hearts of the children to the apostolic faith. Two: he will reveal the mysteries of the seven thunders of Revelation 10 which are the revelations contained in the Seven Seals. It will be these divinely revealed 'mystery truths' that literally turn the hearts of the children to their Pentecostal fathers.

In his visions, John saw the prophet God promised to send to the Church before the end of the Gentile dispensation (Amos 3:6-8). His Message would call the elect out of the world into the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the sons of God and the translation. John saw him preach the mystery of how Christ redeemed the saints of each New Testament dispensation as Christ revealed it to him while he delivered the revelation of the Seven Seals to His people in Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA between 17th and 24th March 1963. (These sermons are available on cassette and also in transcripts in many languages).

When John began to write down the mystery he saw and heard in the vision of Revelation 10, Jesus forbade him, saying, "Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not . . . but in the days of the Voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished as He has declared to His servants the prophets" (Revelation 10:4, 7).

This was also what Jesus told His disciples in Acts 1:6-7 when they asked, "Will you at this time establish the Millennium, or restore the kingdom to Israel?" And He said, "It is not for you to know times or seasons" (of the dispensations within the antitype of the Pentecostal feast), for at that time it would have been unprofitable for the infant Church to know they would have a two thousand year delay while He called for His elect. Such knowledge would have quenched their zeal! Today the church doesn't even believe in the seven Ages yet their Bible schools all teach the Pentecostal Feast types the Gentile dispensation. Those Ages have all passed, and they know it not. Unbelief has magnified as knowledge has increased.

After seeing this preview of all the future history of man's day, the Day of the Lord, Millennium, White Throne Judgment, and even the new heavens and new earth, John was so overcome he actually tried to worship this angel. But he said, "See you do it not: for I am your fellowservant—a sinner saved by grace—and of your brethren the prophets, and of them who keep the sayings of this Book: worship God" (Revelation 22:8-9).

This "angel" or messenger who "signified" all these things to John was the man we know as our Brother William Marrion Branham (1909-1965). He was the only man to whom the Lord Jesus revealed these things. It was Brother Branham John saw and heard when his soul was caught up in the Spirit to 1963, for it was then that the Lord Jesus showed them to His "angel."

Many in Christian circles cannot contemplate John the Divine prostrating himself before a sinner saved by grace. Perhaps they would forgive his mistake were this a supernatural being, but the worship of all angels is forbidden, we know that (Colossians 2:18). Spirits never die, and God never changes. John's Gospel speaks of John the Baptist, the Elijah of Malachi 3, the last "angel" to Israel before Messiah. On his confirmation, messengers sent from the Pharisee denomination were prepared to worship John as Messiah! So perhaps it is not strange in our day that well-meaning but misguided men should make a similar misjudgment in their willingness to worship the Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6 as Jesus foretold in Revelation 22:8-9 where John represents the end-time Bride of Christ.

God has always veiled Himself behind skin. In Genesis 18 God veiled Himself behind the sinless flesh of a created Man and proved by the Messianic sign—discerning the thoughts and intents of Abraham and Sarah's hearts—He was the Word (Hebrews 4:12). That was not Jesus Christ: he was begotten of a virgin 2,000 years later. This was the Father of the Son whom Abraham worshipped in flesh and called Elohim. The same Person Who veiled Himself behind badger skins in the Tabernacle of Witness.

At the end of the Old Testament the Gospels tell how the Word was made (sinless) flesh and virgin born. This was Jesus Christ, "the beginning of the creation of God." The Old Testament declared Messiah would be Emmanuel—not a second or third person but God with us. When Jesus was baptized in the Jordan, Elohim came to His temple (Malachi 3:1; John 1:29-34) and identified Himself by the same sign; that's how the believers knew Jesus was their Messiah (John 1:42,45-50; 4:16-26; Hebrews 4:12).

That's how Jesus Christ identified Himself to the Hebrews and Samaritans yesterday, at the end of their dispensation. Did you know He promised to reveal Himself to the Gentiles at the end of our dispensation by the same sign? God is no respecter of persons. In Luke 17:30 Jesus says, "As it was in the days of Lot, so shall it be in the day when the Son of man, (not Son of God or son of Smith, but Son of Adam), is revealed".

"As it was in the days of Lot," the world IS in a Sodom condition, not only is homosexuality rampant, it is open and considered acceptable behavior within certain non-Christian sectors of society today (Genesis 18). Our Gentile civilization will also be destroyed by fire and hailstones from heaven like the Gentile cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. And God has sent us two angels—Billy Graham and Oral Roberts—to preach a salvation Message to save those who, like Lot, will come out of modern Sodom be purged during the tribulation.

The third Angel, God Himself, did not minister to those in Sodom but remained with Abraham and Sarah, His elect and separated Church. And in these last days Elohim has again veiled His Fulness behind human flesh, revealing Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, round and around the world by the same Messianic sign (Hebrews 4:12). This time, by virtue of Calvary and the new birth, veiled behind the flesh of His humble prophet William Branham, a sinner saved by grace.

Round the world God revealed Jesus through the veil of His servant. Not in some hidden place but before single congregations of hundreds of thousands. Many, many times the dead were raised, sight was restored to the blind, the deaf heard, and the Gospel was preached without compromise. You can read of this ministry in any Bible Book Shop. And although most accounts are by his critics, if you read between the lines, there is not one instance where God failed to vindicate His servant. In one such account published in New Wine Magazine Rev. Ern Baxter, Brother Branham's campaign manager in the early years wrote:

"He was received gladly by the common people because of the MANIFESTATION OF GOD in his ministry. But to most ministers he was an enigma from the very beginning. First of all, he was theologically, as well as academically, illiterate. When he would speak, his English grammar was bad, and his theology worse. A lot of ministers gnashed their teeth and wrung their hands when he preached. One of the reasons I joined him was to try to articulate and provide an apologetic for his ministry. . . Branham never once made a mistake with the word of knowledge in all the years I was with him. That covers, in my case, thousands of instances".

Sounds Scriptural, doesn't it? Brother Baxter just didn't understand it was the ministers' man-made theology that was wrong, and that's why Christ was a Mediator in those days. The Bible and God's prophet are correct—that's why God called His children out from every denomination through the latter ministry of His prophet. Instead of Bible faith, Rev. Baxter's yardstick was denominational learning.

Jesus told His disciples they would die cruel deaths (John 16:2; 21:18). But a false doctrine begun as a rumour said that John would live to see the second Coming. And this was before Jesus had ascended. If you were not aware of that, read John 21:15-25. Now the doctrine was untrue, but that did not make John a false prophet.

The Roman Catholic church claims to be Peter's disciples, although they have never observed the water baptism he commanded as the Christian's first-work let alone his other teachings. But does that make Peter a false prophet? And because millions who claim to follow Jesus and Paul but preach error, does that diminish their ministries? If you visit the churches that follow William Branham's Message you will find most of the Brethren are scholars who clearly see the Scriptural vindication of his prophetic ministry, but without faith some have created their own quite original doctrines. This should not detract from Brother Branham. There are those who actually believe he was Jesus Christ. When He found people baptizing in his name, he quit the ministry until they repented of their error. He had no wish to become an Antichrist. Those who prove all things by God's Word will not be dismayed by the mistakes of others.

Perhaps we can understand how a people not well-grounded in the faith might be confused by one whose ministry raised the dead, healed the sick, and displayed the Messianic sign. Far better to be one of these sincere though misguided souls than a self-righteous sinner so blind he rejects a ministry as thoroughly approved of God by many great signs among us. Of course these men were wrong, but Scripture foretold that some, overwhelmed by the supernatural accompanying his ministry, would mistake William Branham for the Lord Jesus Christ. This error and the prophet's rebuke had to come to pass, not only as a stumbling stone to self-righteous skeptics but to fulfill prophecy (Matthew 11:25-27; Revelation 22:6-9).

God sometimes uses one man to symbolize many men. In the Revelation, John types the end-time Bride who will not see death, not the Pentecostal and Church Age saints, just the end-time Bride.

In Ezekiel 4 the prophet represented in turn the ten tribes of Israel, then the two tribes of Judah. In Ezekiel 37, there were two sticks; one represented the whole House of Israel, the other the whole House of Judah. And in Matthew 17 the Lord took three witnesses up on the mountain where in a vision they previewed the second Coming of Jesus preceded by Moses and Elijah. Peter, James, and John represented the 144,000 elect Israelites, Moses the resurrected New Testament saints, and Elijah the translated Bride of the end-time. God used the Hebrew menorah or seven-branched lampstand to represent the Seven Church Ages, each one lamp representing thousands of saints who would be baptized into the body of Christ in that Age. It's not so strange that one man can represent or symbolize many men, is it?

John represented or symbolized the end-time Bride, called out of Laodicea into the Light God is revealing now, what Peter termed "the present Truth." In Revelation 1 we see the Bride caught up in the Spirit by the revelation of the seventh angel's Message into the time of the first resurrection. In the flesh her members are living at the end of the Day of Grace, but their souls are transported by faith into the Day of the Lord yet future, to the time after the Seventh Trump has sounded and the Gentile dispensation is ended; plagues are about to fall, followed by the Millennium and White Throne Judgment.

Looking back into the past, in Revelation 1:12-20 the Bride sees a symbol of the fulfillment of I Corinthians 15:20-28. When John turned to see the Voice that spoke with him, the Voice and the Person are one and the same, he beheld "one like the Son of man" which was the Voice transformed into the glorified Bride drawn out from all Ages with sin and death are under her feet. Through the Spiritual marriage union she is one with her Husband, and bears His Name, Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus is "the Word" (John 1:1-3), the great Voice had the same urgency of appeal as Israel's trumpet for it is the Gospel Trumpet sounding forth the Word of prophecy to make us aware of and prepared for what is coming upon the earth. That Voice once sounded forth God's Word in the Garden of Eden and upon Mount Sinai and was also heard in the excellent glory upon the Mount of Transfiguration. This time it is sounding to the seven Church Ages with a complete and final revelation of Jesus Christ. This certain sound produces "one like the Son of man".

As further proof that this vision is set after the Seven Church Ages, we see Christ's Office is no longer Son of God and Mediator but Son of man and Judge; He has come to judge the nations, (the heathens, or sinners). The golden girdle is no longer around His waist where the priest must wear it as he ministers to God in the Holiest Place, but around His shoulders, for He is not now priest, but Judge. His service has been rendered. The priesthood is over. The days of the prophecy are finished. He stands girt as the Judge. Now John 5:22 has come to pass, "For the Father judges no man, but has committed all judgment unto the Son. . . Know you not that the saints shall judge the world?"

When He comes the books will be opened. That is when even the lukewarm church and the five foolish virgin will appear. He will separate the sheep from the goats. This is a picture of the judgment for the "sound of many waters" is the voices of the multitudes of witnesses who by the Holy Spirit through the Ages have testified to Christ and preached His Gospel. It will be the voice of every man rising up against the sinner who would not take warning. All of them were the voice of Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost down through the Ages (John 17:20). Daniel 7:9-14 describes the same vision of the Lord coming in clouds as the Judge opening the books and judging out of them.

I wish to mention one more observation before we return to our subject. Did you notice Jesus identified in the churches of all Ages calls Himself, "Alpha and Omega, the first and the last." He is the Word once delivered to the apostolic saints at the beginning and the same Word restored to the Bride at the end—"that which is perfect"—not the PART-Word of the Seven Church Ages that were in between. That's why He was a Mediator. Don't forget that.

So the "angel" revealed the mystery of the Seven Church Ages to the end time Bride, placing the history of Christ and Antichrist in the context of Scripture so the Bride will have a clear understanding of her position in the Body and what Jesus is doing now. If we can see which of the promises and prophecies are already fulfilled, we can read what remains to be fulfilled and recognize our day and its Message and identify our position in the Body. Jesus promised the Spirit of Truth would guide us into all Truth and reveal what God is going to do in our day?

We read in Revelation 4:1 that after the Seven Church Ages are over, the Bride is still on earth and the door of Grace remains open for us. Representing the Bride, John is again caught up in the Spirit of revelation to see things which come to pass immediately after the Church Ages have ended. The Mercy Seat has become a Judgment Seat. Where once the blood restrained, there sits an angry God, and the seven portions of the Spirit which baptized the Church Age saints into the Body, here represented by Seven lamps of fire, have left the earth. Intercession has ended, all seven lampstands have been lit and the elect Church is finished. The Bride Age saints were fully redeemed at Calvary: once they recognize who they are and come into the Body, the first Resurrection will commence. Out from the throne proceed symbols of judgment: "lightnings and thunderings and voices".

In Revelation 5 the elders call for a Kinsman Redeemer. The Bride weeps in desperation because if no man comes forward all is lost. One of the elders says, "Weep not: behold the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Son of David has overcome." Looking around expecting to see the King, we see instead a bleeding bloody Lamb which had lain on the sacrifice altar as a memorial for 2,000 years. He could not fully redeem all the elect at Calvary because the vast majority was predestinated to the Church Ages where faith was in part so He had to intercede for their ignorance until the last one is washed in the Blood and baptized into the Kingdom. That took place in 1963.

Boldly Jesus advanced to the Throne, He claimed the Book of Life which is the Title Deed to the dominion Adam had forfeited, and sat down. Now He is King of kings and Judge. Revelation 5:7 is Ephesians 4:30. The day the Book was claimed and revealed by the worthy Heir was the Day of our Redemption and "time" or delay was no more (Revelation 10:6) because the Church Age saints are redeemed, mediation is over, and as the end-time Bride were fully redeemed in Christ on Calvary, when Christ took the Book in 1963, that was the Day of our Redemption.

In Revelation 10:1-6 "Another mighty Angel came down from heaven, clothed with a cloud and the rainbow sign of the Covenant was upon His head . . . and He had in His hand a little Book open . . ." the same Book which was closed in Revelation 5. This, fellow Bible Believers and Brethren, was (past tense) the second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This transpired in 1963. It was a symbol just as Zechariah 14:3-4 is a symbol. The second Coming is not Jesus of Nazareth or any other man; it is Jesus Christ the WORD. He came in WORD Form through the mouth of His prophet. His "Angel" comes to His Bride.

As John the Baptist foreran the first Coming of the Lord, Brother Branham's Message foreran and introduced His second Coming. The "angel" to the Seventh Church Age introduced Christ, the Fullness of the Word, by finishing the mystery of God.

In Revelation 5 Christ took the Book, tore open the Seven Seals and descended in Revelation 10 in the Office of Son of Man, with the Book open. He revealed the mysteries to His prophet who preached them as they were inspired to Him, thus finishing the mystery of God. Christ is the mystery of God revealed;, the second Coming was through the mouth of His prophet. In Revelation 10:8, the Voice speaks to "me," John, the end-time Bride, saying, "Go take the little Book which is open in the hand of the Angel Who has judged Rome, the beast of the sea, and the beast from the earth"—USA and the Protestants".

Did the Voice direct us to Brother Branham? No! His work is finished! His job was to restore the "Alpha" faith which was the original Seed Word from the beginning. His commission was to "finish the mystery of God" which brought Jesus Christ the fullness of the Word for "Omega" faith at the end. There were only seven "angels" to the Church, William Branham was the last. "That which is perfect," the fullness of the Spirit on the fullness of the Word, is Emmanuel: "God with us" again. Now Brother Branham must decrease so this mighty Angel Who came down from heaven may increase. This was why God took Brother Branham as in earlier days he had taken John the Baptist.

The Voice tells the Bride to go and "take" the Book. It does not say "ask," for it is our right, our new birthright by virtue of faith in Christ. Can you see how God has used John as a symbol to represent all of the members of Christ's end-time Bride?

No more earthly angels. In obedience the Bride takes her revelation direct from the hand of Christ, the mighty Angel Who came down from heaven, and "eats it up" or becomes one with the Word as symbolized by unleavened bread and wine we take at the Lord's Supper. As we become one flesh in natural union, we become Word of His Word and Spirit of His Spirit in our invisible marriage union with Christ. Oh what sweet stimulation of revelation! How our hearts burn within us as He opens up the Scriptures. It was great whilst we were receiving it, but once He had opened our eyes that Word demanded obedience and the Life of Christ on display, that was bitter; it meant separation from the world and rejection by worldly church friends who have a form of godliness without faith. The Lord commanded, "My Bride, you must share this prophesy concerning many peoples and nations, and tongues, and kings".

And in Revelation 22:10-21, the "angel" of the seventh Church Age says to the Bride, "Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this Book, for the time is at hand:" intercession is over, I am no longer a Mediator, the Full Word is revealed and restored to bring My Bride to perfect faith for the manifestation of the sons of God and the translation. "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still . . . Blessed are they that wash their robes, that they may have right to the Tree of Life, and may enter the City . . . And the Spirit and the Bride say the same thing, because they are in perfect agreement as Jesus prayed in Gethsemane. Every man that hears the revelation of the Seventh Angel and adds to the prophecy shall not be in the Bride but go through the tribulation, and whosoever diminishes ought therefrom will be lost" (Revelation 10:8-11; 19:7-9; 22:10-21).

God promised He would restore the faith. As the Word comes only to a prophet the "angel" at the end of Laodicea had to be a prophet. Peter said in Acts 3:23, that the soul who refuses the Message of this "angel" will not be restored, and according to Revelation 22:10-21, cannot be in the economy of God.

The Trumpet Voice of Luther's Message sired the Bride of Sardis. Wesley's Message quickened the Philadelphia Age Bride and faith in the Pentecostal Message conceived the Laodicean saints. There is no way into the Body of Christ, no possibility of being born-again, outside faith in the present Truth. The "rapture" is a process of coming into oneness with God (the Word) by faith or a clear understanding in the revelation that came by the prophet or seventh "angel," a sinner saved by Grace.

Remember Revelation 10:8-11, take your faith from Christ and prophesy again through the fax, modem, mail, and the spoken word. Most importantly, let the evidence of Christ be seen living in you. nl329.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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