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ISSN 1442-8660

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we especially welcome our new subscribers.

We live in an age in which "men are lovers of their own selves . . . and having turned away their ears from the truth, have been turned to fables. The cover story of the different editions of Newsweek magazine confirms the hypocrisy of the media barons who deceive the mothers of their host nation into sending their sons to die in imperial ventures.

At a retirement banquet in his honour, Managing Editor of the New York Times, John Swinton declared: "If any one of you dared to write the truth he would soon find himself on the street looking for a new job. The major function of a New York journalist is to destroy the truth, to lie openly, to crawl at the feet of Mammon and sell his race and his country for his dally bread. We are the tools and puppets of rich men who stay behind the scenes; we are jumping jacks. They pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our resources, our very lives, belong to other men. We are spiritual prostitutes."

Professor Arthur Butz (head of the Engineering faculty at North-Western University, USA, and author of Hoax of the 20th Century, a devastating exposť, of the Zionist Holocaust fraud, put the position rather more concisely: "The media is exposed as constituting a lie machine of vaster extent than many of the more independently-minded have perceived."

The (once) Christian West lectures the third world, "I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing." But God says: "You know not that you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" (Revelation 3:17).

A Study in History by British historian Arnold Toynbee, published in twelve volumes from 1934-1961, divided world history into 26 civilizations, and traced their rise, decline, and fall. He concluded that "the one hope for the survival of Western civilization lies in a rebirth of the Christian spirit".

William Branham said, "God bless America, it's a Christian country." It's a million miles from being a Christian country. I don't even pray for it. How can I pray for it, and it won't repent under the mighty powers of God demonstrated before it, and denying, and closing the doors to it, and walking away? I commit it to God. And she's going further away, and now she's going to sink. Just watch what happens" (Trying to do God a Service, p. 23:136).

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ,
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Iran says US, Israel ordered September 11 Attacks

Teheran, September 6, 2006 – The events of September 11 were ordered by US [officials] and Mossad so that they could carry out their strategy of preemption and warmongering and unipolarisation in order to dominate the Middle East, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi told military commanders on Tuesday. His comments were reported by the state-run news agency ISNA . . .

The US's neo-conservative strategy was to dominate the vast energy resources of the Persian Gulf in order to be able to control Europe, China and India, and drive the world to a unipolar state. Therefore, it planned to change undesirable regimes such as those of Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and Afghanistan. Full story:

Comment: To say nothing of the ongoing not-so-public merger of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

US Government's Usage of Atomic Bombs – Domestic – WTC

September 25, 2006 – Declassified August 1958: "Mere fact that the US has developed atomic munitions suitable for use in demolition work." Declassified January 1967, "The fact that we are interested in and are continuing studies on a weapon for minimizing the emerging flux of neutrons and internal induced activity." Declassified March 1976, "The fact of weapon laboratory interest in Minimum Residual Radiation (MRR) devices. The fact of successful development of MRR devices."

The factual evidence indicates that our government is using and has used 3rd or possibly 4th generation hydrogen bombs domestically and internationally. The evidence for international usage is not quite as strong as the domestic usage, but when domestic usage is considered, the international usage seems inescapable. The process of exclusion based on the known facts leaves only one viable option for the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings—a relatively pure hydrogen bomb. . . Full story:

Egypt to begin Nuclear Programme

September 25, 2006 – Egypt has said it will re-launch its nuclear energy programme after a 20-year freeze as it announced plans to build a nuclear power station on the Mediterranean coast.

The government's supreme council for energy met on Sunday for the first time in 18 years to discuss alternative energy options. . . Full story:

Comment: The 'Global 2000 Report to the President' and 'Global Future: A Time to Act' are to be correctly understood as political statements of intent—intent on the part of such policy centers as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and International Monetary Fund, to pursue policies that will produce depopulation by restricting scientific and technological development, technology transfer to the developing countries and food production. The restraint of nuclear energy generation has waylaid industrial development, employment prospects, prosperity and improved living standards in underdeveloped nations in the third world and maintained their political and economic dependence upon the City of London.

US Threatened to Bomb Pakistan

Washington, September 22, 2006 – Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said the US threatened to bomb his country back to the Stone Age if he did not assist the administration's war on terrorism. The threat was delivered after the attacks of September 11, 2001, by then deputy secretary of State Richard L. Armitage to Musharraf's intelligence director, the Pakistani leader told CBS' "60 Minutes" for Sunday's broadcast. Musharraf said the intelligence chief quoted Armitage as saying, "Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age." It was insulting, Musharraf said. "I think it was a very rude remark."

. . . Armitage said he delivered a tough message to Pakistan, saying the Muslim nation was either "with us or against us," CNN reported. But he said he didn't know how his message had been recounted so differently to Musharraf.
Full story:

An All-Out Assault on Your Privacy

The federal government has quietly begun using an incredibly intrusive new census form called "The American Community Survey." Up to 1 million households a year will receive this form. This new "census" form is 24-pages long, and demands that you lay bare every detail of your life, including how much you earn, what your home is worth, details of your health, when you leave for work, previous addresses, pregnancies, monies received from government, and on and on.

I say demand because you can be fined up to $1,000 for each of the 72 questions you don't answer or which you answer "incorrectly." However, so far no one has been fined for not answering, nor are they likely to be if public resistance is strong. The ways the government could use this information to harm you are mind-boggling. For instance, any financial discrepancy with IRS or Social Security records could result in your criminal prosecution. Knowing when you leave for work could enable police, acting under the Patriot Act, to secretly enter your home.

The American Community Survey also demands that you to report on the activities of relatives, employers and roommates. Joseph Stalin could hardly ask for more surveillance powers. You can download the survey at
Full story:

Comment: Feeling paranoid? They do know where you live and the "squeeze" is coming to a house just like yours. Soon.

Google developing Eavesdropping Software

September 3, 2006 – Google says that its fingerprinting technology makes it impossible for the company (or anyone else) to eavesdrop on other sounds in the room, such as personal conversations, because the conversion to a fingerprint is made on the PC, and a fingerprint can't be reversed, as it's only an identity. But we should think that "spyware" might take on an extra meaning if someone less scrupulous decided on a similar piece of software.

The Google program converts sound into graphs, weeds out background noise, and reduces the graphs to key features that can then be translated into just four bytes of information, so that the fingerprints for an entire year of television programming would add up to no more than a few gigabytes . . . Google said it has signed a multi-year agreement with online auction giant eBay, to provide text-based advertising outside the US. Full story:

Digital cable TV boxes, such as Scientific Atlantic, have had secret in-built microphones inside them since their inception in the late 1990's and these originally dormant devices were planned to be activated when the invasive advertising revolution arrived—2006 marks that date. Full story:

Comment: Australian telephone handsets are active even when the 'phone is on-hook.

Big Brother is shouting at You

September 17, 2006 – Big Brother is not only watching you—now he's barking orders too. Britain's first 'talking' CCTV cameras have arrived, publicly berating bad behaviour and shaming offenders into acting more responsibly.

The system allows control room operators who spot any anti-social acts—from dropping litter to late-night brawls—to send out a verbal warning: 'We are watching you'. . . Full story:

Georgia House of Representatives – 1995/1996 Sessions

HB 1274 – Death penalty; guillotine provisions:

To amend Article 2 of Chapter 10 of Title 17 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to the death penalty generally, so as to provide a statement of legislative policy; to provide for death by guillotine; to provide for applicability; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

The General Assembly finds that while prisoners condemned to death may wish to donate one or more of their organs for transplant, any such desire is thwarted by the fact that electrocution makes all such organs unsuitable for transplant. The intent of the General Assembly in enacting this legislation is to provide for a method of execution which is compatible with the donation of organs by a condemned prisoner . . .

All persons who have been convicted of a capital offense and have had imposed upon them a sentence of death shall, at the election of the condemned, suffer such punishment either by electrocution or by guillotine. If the condemned fails to make an election by the thirtieth day preceding the date scheduled for execution, punishment shall be by electrocution. Full story: Comment: It'$ the bottom line, Bubba! A single cadaver can generate $200,000.

Exposing a Black Nobility Modus Operandum

August 19, 2006 – This is an interesting article; however were not both the Jesuits and the Roman Catholic church instituted by apostate Jews? Judaism and Roman Catholicism are both children of Babylon (Revelation 17-18)?

Under the section "trinity in Unity," in his book, The Two Babylons or Papal Worship proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife, (page 12) Alexander Hislop wrote, "We have only to bring the ancient Babylonian Mysteries to bear on the whole system of Rome, and then it will be seen how immensely the one has borrowed from the other. . . All who have paid the least attention to the literature of Greece, Egypt, Phoenicia, or Rome are aware of the place which the "Mysteries" occupied in these countries, and that, whatever circumstantial diversities there might be, in all essential respects these "Mysteries" in the different countries were the same. . . From Zonaras we find that the concurrent testimony of the ancient authors he had consulted was to this effect; for, speaking of arithmetic and astronomy, he says: "It is said that these came from the Chaldees to the Egyptians, and thence to the Greeks." If the Egyptians and Greeks derived their arithmetic and astronomy from Chaldea, seeing these in Chaldea were sacred sciences, and monopolised by the priests, that is sufficient evidence that they must have derived their religion from the same quarter. . ."

Isaiah informs us it was worship of the Babylonian trinity that caused the Lord to destroy the Northern Kingdom of Israel and disperse those people unto this day. Hosea and Jeremiah foretold God would bring the captivity of Judah for the same reason.

Rome was chiefly the enemy of the descendants of Israel, not of the Jews. It was the Jesuits who first experimented with Communism; Judaeo-Communism will destroy Rome once she has accomplished her purpose. Full story:

Things That Are to Be

Some of Brother Branham's thoughts interspersed with Scripture have been obscure to many of us, but since he was a vindicated prophet we laid them to one side trusting that in His good time the Lord will reveal their mystery to us. Consider this medley of quotes:

"The Bible said there'd be great things like that happen in the skies, such as they call flying saucers and sputniks, and how that the sea would be roar in great tidal waves, never before in the history of time is now happening. Men's heart failing, heart trouble. . . Lord. You said, "Men," not women."

"Perplex of times, distress between nations, how that the tremendous day would be, how the carriages would rage in the broad ways and shine like torches the big headlights in the broad ways. How that men would be heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than of God, false accusers, incontinent, and despisers of those that are good, having a form of godliness and denying the power thereof; from such, turn away . . ."

"Russia's so far ahead of us in science . . . And as that news commentator said the other night, it's not Russia doing that, neither is it our scientist; it's the Germans is what's done it. In the war we took some and they took some."

"What would happen if they'd send those sputniks up with those missiles, and say, "Surrender, or become a pile of dust in five minutes"? Of course, our government, to save life, would surrender. That's the only thing they could do. . ."

And in 1977 America did surrender.

Following the Battle of the Harvest Moon the crew of Cosmos 954 bombarded the American Moon Base in Copernicus Crater with neutron radiation, killing the British, Canadian and American astronauts. Immediately on the evening of September 27, 1977, Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko delivered an ultimatum to the White House. The United States surrendered to Russia via the SALT II Treaty. Because of Russia's invasion of Afghanistan it was never ratified by the United States Senate, but its terms were nonetheless honored by both sides.

The following month six more Russian Cosmos Interceptors were orbited, shooting down America's Spy Satellites in an epidemic of fireballs in the sky, especially over Russia, and on October 18, 1977 they shot down America's 85-ton SKYLAB Space Station over the United States, creating a mammoth fireball that was witnessed over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. Nine days later NASA began the cover-up about Skylab. Meanwhile the Soviet Union was on full military alert and the United States was surrounded by almost the entire Russian submarine fleet in attack positions.

Now you know why to this day the US military does nothing when Russian submarines are reported in US coastal waters.

Cloud of Macts 1:9-11Do you recall Dr. James MacDonald, Senior Physicist with the Institute of Atmospheric Studies at the University of Arizona? He published numerous papers on the Cloud prophesied in Matthew 24:3, Acts 1:9-11 and Revelation 1:7 that manifest "the sign of Christ's ['parousia'] Coming, and of the [imminent] end of the seven Church Ages" on February 28, 1963. Dr. MacDonald also investigated flying saucer sightings and found the government was concealing information. His reports and investigations to scientific associations leave no doubt as to scientific reality of what we call UFOs.

Way back in 1972 Colonel Raymond Sleeper, US Air Force (ret.), wrote an article for the American Security Council entitled "USSR-First in Space Power." It was published on March 6, 1972 in their WASHINGTON REPORT No. WR-72-4. In his article, Colonel Sleeper describes how Russia's space bomb satellite had already demonstrated its ability to blow up an enemy satellite in space—a concept superseded by the operational fleet of Cosmos Particle Beam Interceptors. He also describes other facets of the widening lead in Soviet military use of space, and says: "They already have the capability to launch a major military space force to bludgeon the United States to accommodation on a particular request or demand." Illustrating how it could work, he begins with the words: "Assume for the sake of an example that the impasse continues in the negotiations between the United States and the USSR for the limitation of strategic weapons (that is, SALT) and that the Soviet-sponsored European Security Conference is convened to reduce 'tensions' on the continent." Pointing out the vulnerable status of Europe relative to the Warsaw Pact forces, he continues: "The USSR launches several orbital satellites. It tells the world they are orbital bombers. United States space detection systems verify the satellites' presence. The Soviets assert that the satellites are able to destroy any target in Europe or the United States, but that their real purpose is to insure a peaceful Europe." With the West confronted with a dilemma over these satellites, Colonel Sleeper continues: "Then to climax their ploy, the Soviets detonate a nuclear explosion over the eastern Atlantic Ocean 50 or 100 miles out in space. All of Europe would be suitably impressed, and would accept what, in view of this demonstration of Soviet military power, now seem very reasonable proposals for 'peaceful coexistence' between the nations of eastern and western Europe. The United States, powerless, would be excluded."

Brother Branham warned of this nineteen years beforehand in his 1958 sermon, "Handwriting on the Wall." Now almost fifty years later we are still unable to match Soviet military technology employed to give them victory in the Battle of the Harvest Moon. The mingled population of once homogenous Western Christian nations is a Frankenstein powderkeg created to explode when the 'hidden hand' is ready; blind to our military impotence, our Spiritual, economic and moral bankruptcy. Once Christian civilizations have yielded diligence to sensual lusts, surrendering administrative stewardship to aliens who promptly squandered their good by deceiving and insulting our erstwhile friends. They persuaded us to commit genocide by miscegenation and expatriate our productive economy as Esau sold his birthright and destroyed his heritage. We are living on past reputation, but as I learned in Management School, one can delegate responsibility, but one cannot delegate accountability, and God will hold us accountable "as it was in the days of Noah".

This fifth column leading our political marionettes formed the unnecessary, superfluous Department of Homeland Security in the States and facsimiles in other colonies of "the City" to track countless points of vulnerability. Trains and trucks, buses and subways, chemical plants and factories, airports and ports, skyscrapers and bridges, tunnels and dams—like the war on the abstract noun "terrorism" the list of potential targets is endless. But the list of potential terrorists is infinitesimally small and there hasn't been a single advanced terrorist plot uncovered in the United States since 9/11, and none dare call it treason. . . According to several top counterterrorism officials, the number of serious terrorist plots against the United States in the past five years is zero.

Like the faithless Israelites who rejected Abraham's promise at Kadesh, declaring giants greater than the Word of God, our apostate once Christian nations fear unseen giants behind the war on an abstract noun, and forsaking Christ for fables, tremble before the lying propaganda of the best politicians money can buy. Brother Branham used to preach, "the world is going insane." The world has gone insane. Like Don Quixote it is fighting the windmills of delusion.

In December 1966, Dr. Bryan Monahan wrote: It is a remarkable fact of our time that there has come into existence what might be called "the profession of Sovietology." This is a pseudo-science staffed by practitioners, some of them professors, who make their living by 'interpreting' Soviet Russian (and Communist Chinese) intentions. They quote each other and agree or disagree, and even by this have built up a massive 'literature.' But in the main their raw material is the slogans carefully devised in the Kremlin and elsewhere to keep our eyes off the ball.

(The "elsewhere" is not only London and New York but particular circles in every nation under heaven for Communism is the spirit of Laodicea that has conquered the whole world and whose objective is to replace the Spiritual with the material and humanistic; faith with "scientific" reasoning. We say: "I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing." But Jesus said: "You know not that you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" (Revelation 3:17). We have been put to sleep, communised and defeated by Khrushchev's "peace offensive," and know it not).

Thirty-six years have passed since Dimitri Manuilsky, a one-time Russian delegate to the UN, spoke of "launching the most spectacular peace movement on record". The object of this was to be to "put the bourgeoisie to sleep," so that the final take-over of the entire world by the Communists would succeed through the element of surprise.

This "peace offensive" was launched by Khrushchev in 1956, but passed largely unnoticed because of the dramatic diversion provided by de-Stalinisation. The vital importance of Khrushchev's speech at the Twentieth Party Congress was that it inaugurated the strategy of "peaceful co-existence" as the means of achieving world-wide Communist dictatorship—an objective which clearly could not be gained by a conventional military confrontation.

Peaceful coexistence has given the Sovietologists endless material for speculation. But it also led to doubts among rank and file Party members as to the Kremlin's ultimate intentions, and in consequence there has been a great deal of Party literature explaining that peaceful coexistence is simply the final strategy of conquest, the outcome of which will be the triumph of communism throughout the entire world."

(God has allowed Communism to rise up in judgment against the apostate church as He allowed Nebuchadnezzar to rise up and judge apostate Judah).

The American Bar Association commissioned Richard V. Allen to make a comprehensive study of official Communist Party pronouncements on and explanations to Communists of the true strategic significance of peaceful coexistence. The cumulative research by Mr. Allen and his assistants involved the analysis of more than three thousand articles, books and other documents of Communist origin.

The result is a book, Peace or Peaceful Coexistence? which ought to be compulsory reading for all those engaged in the formulation of national policy. It contains one hundred and seventy-five quotations from Communist sources, and these put entirely outside the realm of speculation what Communist intentions are. The Communists mean business, and their business is to subjugate the population of the entire world to perpetual world government by a self-selected and self-perpetuating elite.

In the light of these revelations, any co-operation with Communist Russia or Communist China or their satellites amounts to criminal negligence of the interests of non-Communist nations. Trade with the Communists is betrayal; and that is why Mr. Allen's book should be compulsory reading, so that it could not be said: "Lord forgive them; they know not what they do" (Bryan Monahan, The Moving Storm, p. 43-44).

The "self-selected and self-perpetuating elite" are the international banksters who also control the capitalist West. They took over Russia in 1917 and through tax-exempt foundations the taxes of ordinary Christian men and women helped fund and build-up Communism. Following Stalin's death, Russian loyalists regained power from the Khazar Bolsheviks who emigrated to the West where the banksters elevated them to positions of power and influence. Hence our productive economy is now in the hands of foreigners: we have exchanged our hard assets for fiat money as Esau sold his birthright for soup. I Timothy 6:9-10, "Those who are eager to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful cravings that plunge men into destruction and ruin. For the love of money is the root of all evils. In striving for it, some have wandered away from the faith, and pierced themselves with many sorrows."

Money is an inconsequential factor in the Millennium end-game to the powers-that-be who hold the world in bondage by unrepayable debt. Worthless fiat currencies are a useful but dispensable tool, nothing more. Their Central Bankers can print as much as they require: this inflation seamlessly transfers your wealth into their pocket. They will be the piper foreclosing and demanding his pound of flesh when currencies and economies fail. Then the physical wealth of nations and individuals will be theirs.

Let us consider Joel 2:28-32, which from the Hebrew perspective speaks of the restoration of the Kingdom of God or Church to Israel by the new birth of the 144,000 elect (Acts 1:6). Following the Seventh Trumpet their teaching rain will be delivered from the lips of two Hebrew prophets anointed by the Spirit that endued Moses and Elijah as outlined in verses 15-27 (Newsletter 368). This is the day of the Lord, the time of Jacob's trouble in Daniel's Seventieth Week (Isaiah 2:2; Ezekiel 38:16; Hosea 3:5). "And it shall come to pass afterward"—after Israel's invasion by and deliverance from the northern army for which the nations are now preparing (Ezekiel 38-39), and three and a half years after the Bride has been translated, their two witnesses will be martyred then "all Israel will be saved"—all 144,000 of them (Isaiah 66:8; Romans 11:26).

Having heretofore stated the outward blessings, Joel now raises their minds to the expectation of extraordinary spiritual blessings, which constitute the true restoration of God's people (Isaiah 44:3) already fulfilled in earnest upon Christ's Bride of elect Israelites and Gentiles regenerated over the two thousand years long Pentecostal Feast (Acts 2:17), hereafter poured out under the latter or harvest rain of the fullness of the Word at the restoration of Israel (Isaiah 54:13; Jeremiah 31:9, 34; Ezekiel 39:29; Zechariah 12:10). "I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh—sinner and saint, and every seed will bring forth of its own kind: the wicked will do wickedly and none of the wicked shall understand; but those who are taught of the Lord shall understand" (Daniel 12:10).

"God makes His sun to rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust" (Matthew 5:45; 13:30; 24:24). "But that which bears thorns and briers is rejected, and close to being cursing; whose end is to be burned" (Hebrews 6:8). And "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against him" (Isaiah, 59:19-21) as when the earthquake sinks Los Angeles (Revelation 12:15-16; 11:19; 16:18).

"And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy—or declare the revelation of God's Word, a fulfilment of the wish of Moses (Numbers 11:29), which is the ministry of Christ's end-time Bride who is represented by John the Divine throughout the Book of Revelation (Revelation 10:8-14)—your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions"  (Numbers 12:6).

"Even upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out My Spirit." The new birth knows no social distinction: we all receive equal eternal Life whether bond or free, male or female, black or blue, rich or poor, Israelite or Gentile. By becoming the Lord's servants, slaves are His freemen and every one a king-priest (I Corinthians 7:22; Galatians 3:28; Colossians 3:11; Philemon 1:16; Revelation 1:6). Only as we become the Lord's servants are we spiritually free, and partakers of the same Spirit (Romans 8:11; I Corinthians 12:13). "And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come." These cataclysms of nature are prognostications of political upheavals in the ruling powers of the world as the pope of Rome, incarnate of Lucifer, establishes the totalitarian world government foretold in Daniel 2; Matthew 4:8-9, and Revelation 17. "And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord—that is, confess, depend upon and worship Messiah in His divine attributes now being revealed to Israel—these and none else will be completely delivered from the destruction that is to come upon the world—for deliverance will be found only in mount Zion and in Jerusalem (where Messiah first appeared), as the Lord has said, and in the 144,000 remnant [or escaped ones] whom the Lord shall call" from the lands of their dispersal (Isaiah 11:11-12) to the seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles, which types the Millennium.

Following the Seventh Trump, the Lord will be dealing solely with Israel as a nation; hence His covenant is of no effect outside the borders of the Promised Land.

Brother Branham said, "We're in a dangerous time. Remember, the Scripture says when these things begin to happen, time is no more; she's fading away. When we see the manifestation: earthquakes—see them thousand killed the other day? Earthquakes in divers places; said, fearful sights in the skies—pillars of fire like, floating around like flying saucers. They don't know what it is. See? They don't have any idea."

"Did you notice the Angels that come down and investigated Sodom before Sodom was destroyed? You remember that? There was a bunch of them come down: three of them. One of them stayed with Abraham. You remember that? They were Lights from heaven that came down in the investigating judgment. Look where they're all found. Around the Pentagon and things they find them. That's the world judgment, Sodom. And there's One represented, will be represented amongst the Church—would be Christ Himself a-vindicating Himself. See? Sights in heavens above and signs in the earth below. Certainly. Identified . . ." [in His saints. Joel 2:30; Zechariah 14:4; Matthew 24:29; Acts 2:19; Revelation 6:12; the unrecognized Sign of Christ's parousia to Israel in a time of earthquake, eclipse, volcanoes and tsunamis; the first resurrection and manifestation of the Sons of God and the "mystic lights" of the saints appearing to us for our translation].

"Oh, the Devil's howling about this. The manifested truth of the promise of the Word in Her alone. . . They don't have the answer. When Jesus come, why didn't those Pharisees . . . ? He said, "If I cast out devils by the finger of God, who do you cast them out by?" He stood alone, and His Church stands alone. She's not hooked with nothing. But He was identified by God, being the body that God dwelled in, and the Church is identified by His Body doing the same thing. She is His Body, the manifested Truth of His promised Word for the last days. And She and She alone stands by it. That's why the Devil is howling, these great organizations set up something to close her up. They'll never do it. She'll be taken up, not closed up" (Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed, p. 80:604-611).

"And Father, bless these ministers who are here this morning, Gospel preachers. O God may they go out today with this Message on their hearts and saying, 'I see now the end time, the posted signs, and I know we're at the junction, and that's what all this is about. I wondered why my heart been so stirred for these last few years.' Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord. May they see it. May their eyes be opened, they look around here and say, 'Yes, here it is. I see all these evil things are signs. They're supernatural signs from the enemy. Why, he's doing great wonders. He's doing great things, insomuch as to make fire fall from heaven [the first atomic bombs, Revelation 13:13 – Ed]. Yes, they're having satellites all around the earth, and they're natural things, the enemy bringing fire signs and everything else. The false moons and false suns and all the other things" [the Fatima hoax – Ed].

"But God, you said there'd be signs up there, too, that they wouldn't understand. And we're living to see it. I'm so thankful, Lord, so thankful for Christ. And I pray that You will, by Your humble servant, as penitence with tears on my cheeks, God, I give my life to Thee afresh today. And will You help me, dear God, to stay humble and keep around me humble men that will serve you, dear God, and will do the work of God until, Jesus, You let death set me free from this tabernacle of humiliations. And then, Father, I want to be with You" (Junction of Time, #56-0115).

Let us turn now to Dr. Peter Beter: "I gave the locations of seven Russian fission-fusion-fission superbombs that had been planted in deep undersea trenches around the Philippines. As I explained then, the Philippines sit like a keystone in the long arc of geological faults that ring the Pacific—the so-called Ring of Fire. A major earthquake erupting in the Philippines could work its way around the Pacific rim and ultimately devastate America's west coast—and that's exactly what is planned!"

"Since I made that tape, I've also reported the planting of lower-yield undersea weapons around the Pacific and elsewhere by the Soviet Union. Many of these have been detonated, and during the past year strong earthquakes have been very frequent along the Pacific Rim—everywhere except the Philippines. What the Soviet Union has been doing, my friends, is to release tensions in the earth's crust everywhere except around the Philippines, where the stresses are building to tremendous levels. When the time is ripe, according to Russian stress-monitoring instruments in that area, the bombs around the Philippines will be set off. Soviet scientists anticipate that earthquakes and tidal waves of unprecedented proportions will be triggered as a result and that, as one result, America's west coast will be laid waste. For further details of the plan, I suggest you listen again to Audioletter No. 24."

"A few days ago a volcano in the Philippines began erupting, indicating that the stresses in that area are building up; and in the past few days the Russians have triggered strong earthquakes in the 6.5 Richter range in quick succession near Taiwan, Japan, and the Aleutians. My friends, the first major disaster in the secret geophysical war now underway lies just around the corner".

Brother Branham in 1965 ". . . prophesying, "Los Angeles will be in the bottom of the sea." And I come home and went to Africa. And while I was in Africa, they had an earthquake. . . Since that earthquake, there is a two or three-inch crack that come in the earth, starting in Alaska, goes around through the Aleutian Islands, comes out about a hundred and fifty or two hundred miles in the sea, comes back up at San Diego; takes in California, or Los Angeles, and comes out again just below the northern part of California there, a little place called San Jose . . ." (Ashamed, p. 9:52).

A prudent Brother wrote: "You will wonder where Dr. Beter got his information, including information not even our highest intelligence services knew. Most are not ready for the answer to that question, but for those who are ready, the answer is revealed on page 204 of "Missing the Lifeboat?" Phoenix Journal #86, and page 29 of "Ascension or Never-Never Land?" Phoenix Journal #98 (p.24-31 on Cosmospheres and more). I Thessalonians 5:21, "Prove all things, hold fast that which is good".

Brother Branham taught that the Great Flood was caused by man mishandling atomic power. In view of this and having regard to the disclosures in Dr. Beter's Audioletters, it seems the eruption of the Pacific Ring of Fire and the earthquake that sinks Los Angeles will be intentionally precipitated by man: Russia or the United States. "The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 322:3).

Joel prophesied, "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord come." Brother Branham prophesied the end of the Gentile dispensation will be marked by massive earthquakes and an eruption of the Pacific Ring of Fire. "Earthquakes in divers places; the moon is spurting out red blood, or red volcanic all over it, covering it," as Jesus said watch for that sign in the last days; "sea a roaring, men's hearts failing for fear, and perplexed of time, distress between the nations" (The Presence of God Unrecognized, p. 16:113; The Second Coming of the Lord, p. 9:48).

The motto of the Mossad, "By Way of Deception Thou shalt make War," is the modus operandi of the different isms of the City of London—Communism, Capitalism, Zionism and Nazism. As FDR said, "If something happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way"—whether it was world war or an earthquake. By 'whatever it takes' to accomplish their objectives, men deceive themselves, their families and friends.

Sir John Glubb spent thirty-six years living among the Arabs. From 1939 to 1956 he was in command of the Arab Legion, the little army of the State of Trans-Jordan. By reason of this, he knew at first hand and with military percipience the realities—military, strategic and political—of the Israeli war on the Arabs with its typical Communist atrocities and propaganda. He writes of all this in his book A Soldier With the Arabs (Hodder and Stoughton: London, 1957).

As early as 1939 the late C. H. Douglas recognised that the creation of the State of Israel was one of the real as opposed to the ostensible aims of the Second World War, and that this aim was a strategic objective of what we now recognise as the International Communist Conspiracy. Glubb Pasha, as Sir John is more widely known, recalls that within hours of the ending of the British mandate in Palestine, the US and Russia recognised the State of Israel, and that during the UN 'truce' in the Israeli-Arab war "an aerial ferry was working constantly between Czecho-Slovakia and Israel, bringing in more arms from behind the Iron Curtain." When Israel's victory was assured, Russia consoled the Arabs with (unfortunately well-based) propaganda that their defeat was due to England and the USA, who under the UN truce embargoed arms supplies to the Arabs. (They followed a similar stratagem against Iraq – Ed).

This lucrative strategy was repeated with swift precision in the Israeli-Arab war of June, 1967. The USSR egged the Arabs on to certain defeat, and then supported the UN cease-fire. Under the guise of replacing Arab losses, the USSR moved in fresh military equipment, and technicians. It is reported that the Arabs are given instruction in Russian.

In the light of all this, what Sir John had to say concerning the effect of the first Israeli-Arab war is particularly instructive: "In former times, when armies moved overseas, they did so accompanied by their weapons and administrative requirements. Today, the transport of personnel and the transport of material are widely different problems. The men of whole armies can be flown over seas and continents in a matter of days, if not hours. But the material which they need has never before been so difficult to move. The problem of transporting tanks, guns, vehicles and heavy ammunition is immense. Not only so, but the maintenance of these weapons in the field requires an extensive organisation of workshops and stores. If, therefore, either side can pre-position its material in peace-time, in the theatre of possible operations, so that only the personnel need be flown out, then that army will be the first in action when the war begins."

[Over the past 11 years the US has transferred to Taiwan about 400 M60A3 tanks, 150 F-16 A/B warplanes, 8 destroyers, 6 frigates, 50 AH-1 attack helicopters/OH-58 attack/search helicopters, 52 assault amphibious full-tracked landing vehicles, 28 M109A5 self-propelled howitzers . . . There was no exact account of the missiles the US has sold to Taiwan, but the most important include 120 AIM-120 AMRAAM, 500 Sparrows and an unspecified number of Standards. . . Harpoon and Maverick missiles as well as three HARMs, which are used to destroy anti-missile systems. CNA said that in recent years, Taiwan has deployed advanced US radar, command, communication and electronics' warfare systems, but these were not required to be reported to UNCAR, and the US has not mentioned the Patriot anti-missile system it has sold to Taipei (US getting ready for war;

Meanwhile the murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005 spooked the withdrawal of Syrian troops and was a major factor in the timing and planning of the July 2006 IDF attacks on Lebanon. The underlying objective of this war was the militarization of Lebanon, including the stationing of foreign troops, as a precondition for carrying out the next phase of a broader military agenda foretold in Ezekiel 38-39. Troops and war materials are being amassed in Iraq in preparation for the invasion of Iran (

The BBC has obtained evidence that Israelis have been giving military training to Kurds in northern Iraq (].

The USSR and its 'satellites,' the State of Israel, and the USA Administration—not the citizens of the USA—are all aspects of the International Communist Conspiracy. The strategic problem of the Conspiracy is to confront the citizens of the USA with a situation where it would be evidently impracticable for the USA to oppose militarily action by the USSR firstly in the Middle and Far East, and then in Europe.

In short, no alternative but nuclear war by push-button. Following the crash of the US hydrogen bomb-armed aircraft in Greenland, the rest of these strategic bombers have been grounded. It is said that they can be airborne in fifteen minutes but airborne where? If the continuous flights were originally deemed essential for the security of Europe—the nuclear 'umbrella'—has the necessity vanished?

Politics is the art of the possible. But what we are witnessing is the narrowing of alternative possibilities to vanishing point. In the 1920's, reform of the defective financial system could have saved Christian civilization. That possibility has been eliminated in the existing context. In the 1950's Britain, by consolidating the English-speaking Commonwealth to an economically viable unit might have disrupted the Conspiracy's strategy. But Britain is now disarmed and thus deprived of any power of independent initiative. Nuclear war by the USA . . .? March 23, 1968 (The Moving Storm p. 89-90).

Headline stories read: Spy Agencies say Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat. "The American invasion and occupation of Iraq has helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism, according to portions of the highly classified National Intelligence Estimate." And: Big Jump found in Anti-Muslim Incidents. "Complaints involving anti-Muslim discrimination, harassment and violence jumped over 30 percent in 2005 compared to 2004, according to a new report here Monday by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation's largest Muslim organization. A total of 1,972 such incidents were reported in 2005. That was the highest number since CAIR began reporting anti-Muslim incidents in 1995".

This is not news to the 'hidden hand,' but the outworking of a very old plan of things that are to be (Ezekiel 38-39; Daniel 11:40-45). nl442.htm

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