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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Please welcome guest contributor Counselor Roy Masters, who at 80 continues to broadcast the longest-running counseling show in talk radio history, his internationally syndicated daily radio program Advice Line. Roy grew up in pre-WWII England, and addresses the question of "Marriage, Democracy and Dictatorship in America" (and, I might add, much of the world). "As it was in the days of Noah" (Matthew 24:37; Genesis 6:1-13), and "As it was in the days of Lot" (Luke 17:28-30; II Peter 3:912; Genesis 18), he has observed that "In an attempt to establish democracy and displace America's Republic, Democrats are called to "strengthen their democracy" by inviting the rebel of every race and color and creed to cross open borders, to change by mingling our language and culture in an attempt to overwhelm our Republic." They are succeeding and even the atheists and heathens are fulfilling prophecy "and know it not".

Space Shuttle with graffitiFamous Russian writer Edward Vladimirovich Topol announced on October 10, "the US is approaching end of the world," which is true and Scriptural. "Only prayers of the faithful can save the world." This is untrue, the United States rejected her last opportunity for national revival in 1956/7, the jubilee of the Azusa Street revival that initiated the Laodicean Church Age (1906-1963); the world system is at its end. Roy Masters says, "To free yourself from the state where neither rebellion nor conformity helps, you must learn to deal properly, without resentment, to pressures of any kind. Be still and know. . ." His website is Foundation of Human Understanding.

Roy's article explains how the nations that once espoused Jesus Christ and Christian principles have adopted a humanistic perversion of 'compassion' induced by the spirit of Laodicea (Revelation 3:17-20). Without faith—a clear understanding of the revealed Word for the hour—they have been mesmerized by psychology. God's unchanging Word is the Absolute and compassion is doing the will of God.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

Iran, Israel Key to Australia's UN Win

Israel/Australia flag

October 19, 2012 — The backing of unlikely bed fellows Iran and Israel was key to Australia’s stunning victory in the Security Council campaign. But the emphatic win was delivered mostly thanks to the support of African nations who overwhelming swung their votes behind Australia. . . Australia's stint on the Security Council will begin on January 1 and will last for two years. . .
Full story:

Comment: The world will rue the day. Bet on war. Australia has already shown its hand against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran. Like the United States, Australia is colonial puppet of the City of London.

Another Obama Executive Order allows Seizure of Americans' Bank Accounts

October 12, 2012 — The latest executive order (EO) emanating from the White House October 9 now claims the power to freeze all bank accounts and stop any related financial transactions that a "sanctioned person" may own or try to perform—all in the name of "Iran Sanctions."

Titled an "Executive Order from the President regarding Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions . . ." the order says that if an individual is declared by the president, the secretary of state, or the secretary of the treasury to be a "sanctioned person," he (or she) will be unable to obtain access to his accounts, will be unable to process any loans (or make them), or move them to any other financial institution inside or outside the United States. In other words, his financial resources will have successfully been completely frozen. The EO expands its authority by making him unable to use any third party such as "a partnership, association, trust, joint venture, corporation, subgroup or other organization" that might wish to help him or allow him to obtain access to his funds. . . Full story:

Comment: A perfect setup for 'the squeeze,' and eventually "so no man can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast, or the number of his name" (Revelation 13:17).

Towards a Western Retreat from Syria

October 9, 2012 — The war against Syria was decided by the Bush Administration on September 15, 2001 during a meeting at Camp David, as confirmed notably by General Wesley Clark. After having suffered several setbacks, NATO action had to be canceled due to the vetoes of Russia and China. A "Plan B" then emerged, involving the use of mercenaries and covert action once deploying uniformed soldiers had become impossible. Given that the FSA has not scored a single victory against the Syrian Army, there have been multiple predictions that the conflict will become interminable and will progressively undermine the states of the region, including Israel. In this context, Washington signed onto the Geneva Accord, under the auspices of Kofi Annan.

Subsequently, the war camp torpedoed this agreement by organizing leaks to the press concerning the West's secret involvement in the conflict, leaks that led to Kofi Annan's immediate resignation. It also played its two trump cards with the attacks on July 18 and September 26 and lost them both. As a result, Lakhdar Brahimi, Annan's successor, has been called on to resuscitate and implement the Geneva Accord.

In the interim, Russia did not remain idle: it obtained the creation of a Syrian Ministry of National Reconciliation; supervised and protected the meeting in Damascus of national opposition parties; organized contacts between the US and Syrian general staff; and prepared the deployment of a peace force. The first two measures scarcely registered in the Western press while the last two were flatly ignored.

Nevertheless, as revealed by Sergei Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russia addressed the fears of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff concerning Syrian chemical weapons. . . Ultimately, it gave credible guarantees to the Pentagon that the continuation in power of so determined a leader as Bashar el-Assad is a more manageable situation, for Israel as well, than allowing the chaos in Syria to spread further.

Above all, Vladimir Putin accelerated the projects of the CSTO, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the anti-NATO defense alliance that unites Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, Tadjikstan and Russia itself. The foreign ministers of the CSTO adopted a shared position on Syria and a logistical plan was drawn up for an eventual deployment of 50,000 men. An agreement was signed between the CSTO and the UN Peacekeeping Department that these "blue chapkas" would be used in the zones of conflict under a UN Security Council mandate. Joint drills between the two are to take place from 8 to 17 October in Kazakhstan under the label of "Inviolable Fraternity" to complete the coordination between these two intergovernmental organizations. The Red Cross and the IOM will also participate.

No official decision will be taken in the US during the presidential campaign. Once that ends, peace might become conceivable. Full story:

Syria, Turkey, Israel and the Greater Middle East Energy War

October 11, 2012 — On October 3, 2012 the Turkish military launched repeated mortar shellings inside Syrian territory. . . conveniently, to establish a ten-kilometer wide no-man's land "buffer zone" inside Syria, was in response to the alleged killing by Syrian armed forces of several Turkish civilians along the border.

There is widespread speculation that the one Syrian mortar that killed five Turkish civilians well might have been fired by Turkish-backed opposition forces intent on giving Turkey a pretext to move militarily . . . a 'false flag' operation . . . According to one report since 2006 under the government of Islamist Sunni Prime Minister [Donmeh Jew] Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his pro-Brotherhood AKP party, Turkey has become a new center for the Global Muslim Brotherhood. A well-informed Istanbul source relates the report that before the last Turkish elections, Erdogan's AKP received a "donation" of $10 billion from the [Jewish] Saudi monarchy, the heart of world jihadist Salafism under the strict fundamentalist cloak of Wahabism. Since the 1950's when the CIA brought leading members in exile of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to Saudi Arabia there has been a fusion between the Saudi brand of Wahabism and the aggressive jihadist fundamentalism of the Brotherhood.

The Turkish response to the single Syrian mortar shell, which was met with an immediate Syrian apology for the incident, borders on a full-scale war between two nations which until last year were historically, culturally, economically and even in religious terms, closest of allies. That war danger is ever more serious. Turkey is a full member of NATO whose charter explicitly states, an attack against one NATO state is an attack against all. The fact that nuclear-armed Russia and China both have made defense of the Syrian Bashar al-Assad regime a strategic priority puts the specter of a World War closer than most of us would like to imagine. Full story:

Comment: A dissenting view on the economic viability of additional pipelines owing to a glut of gas

Clinton sends Lackey to House Committee to cover Her Involvement in Benghazi Attack

October 11, 2012 — When Stevens requested that the State Department provide more security for him in Libya, he was denied. Since Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, is ultimately responsible for providing diplomatic security, she would have had to refuse that request. . .

The state-sponsored 14 minute trailer was brought to the attention of the Committee as the reason behind the attack in Benghazi, according to an anonymous member of the intelligence community. Sam Bacile, a.k.a. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, was an FBI informant and alleged director/writer/producer of the anti-Muslim film. Bacile, an Israeli citizen turned patsy for the US government participated in the manufacturing of a trailer that has been used to facilitate instigated tension in the Islamic world. . .

Also curious is that the US government was subcontracting Libyan militias for security to be used in protecting ambassadors like Stevens on missions. Some of these militia members are directly tied to Salafis, Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist factions covertly used by the US government in times of manufactured dissent or in the implementation of a false flag—as is being evidenced in Benghazi as facts are analyzed. . .

In reality, Stevens was working with the CIA in monitoring operations in Libya where known terrorist groups aligned with the US covertly were being watched and intelligence gathered for future use. Stevens, also a special representative for the National Transitional Council (NTC), the US-supported terrorist faction in Libya, was secretly collecting information on them to be used in conjunction CIA intelligence possibly to blackmail the faction into submission to defending US interests.

Stevens was involved in arms deals with the NTC who supports the Salafi extremist movement in Saudi Arabia as well as selling weaponry to the Muslim Brotherhood. Ironically, these factions sent their men to murder Stevens at the gated-villa in Benghazi after Clinton reduced security and told the Libyan forces to stand down. Since this attack, Clinton has been working hard to cover her tracks and involvement in creating the perfect scenario that would facilitate the attack which occurred. . . Full story:

Comment: Correction. Stevens was assassinated by Gaddafi loyalists precisely as Col. Gaddafi was murdered. Is the Pentagon readying military strikes in Libya in retaliation for the September attack on the US compound in Benghazi?

European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize

Eiffel Tower Nobel Peace Prize decoration

October 13, 2012 — The European Union has won the Nobel Peace Prize for its historic role in uniting the continent in an award that plays down the eurozone's debt crisis. . . The decision by the five-member panel, led by Council of Europe secretary general Thorbjoern Jagland, was unanimous. The EU has been key in transforming Europe "from a continent of wars to a continent of peace," Mr Jagland said in announcing the award in Oslo.Full story:

Comment: The caption on the image states: The EU has been key in transforming Europe "from a continent of wars to a continent of peace." The world is insane, first war criminal Jewish POTUS is awarded the ignoble Nobel Peace Prize, and now the EU whose members have exported wars worldwide. Nigel Farage proffers wry congratulations. More dissident voices. It should also be noted that as the EU is not a person this award is in violation of Alfred Nobel's Will.

The Globalization of NATO (or Rise of the Rome & Her US Image)

nato flag

October 09, 2012 — The world is enveloped in a blanket of perpetual conflict. Invasions, occupation, illicit sanctions, and regime change have become currencies and orders of the day. One organization—the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)—is repeatedly, and very controversially, involved in some form or another in many of these conflicts led by the US and its allies. NATO spawned from the Cold War. Its existence was justified by Washington and Western Bloc politicians as a guarantor against any Soviet and Eastern Bloc invasion of Western Europe, but all along the Alliance served to cement Washington's influence in Europe and continue what was actually America's post-World War II occupation of the European continent. In 1991 the raison d'ętre of the Soviet threat ended with the collapse of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. Nevertheless NATO remains and continues to alarmingly expand eastward, antagonizing Russia and its ex-Soviet allies. China and Iran are also increasingly monitoring NATO's moves as it comes into more frequent contact with them.

Yugoslavia was a turning point for the Atlantic Alliance and its mandate. The organization moved from the guise of a defensive posture into an offensive pose under the pretexts of humanitarianism. Starting from Yugoslavia, NATO began its journey towards becoming a global military force. From its wars in the Balkans, it began to broaden its international area of operations outside of the Euro-Atlantic zone into the Caucasus, Central Asia, East Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Indian Ocean. It has virtually turned the Mediterranean Sea into a NATO lake with the NATO Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, while it seeks to do the same to the Black Sea and gain a strategic foothold in the Caspian Sea region. The Gulf Security Initiative between NATO and the Gulf Cooperation Council seeks to also dominate the Persian Gulf and to hem in Iran. Israel has become a de facto member of the military organization. At the same time, NATO vessels sail the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. These warships are deployed off the coasts of Somalia, Djibouti, and Yemen as part of NATO's objectives to create a naval cordon of the seas controlling important strategic waterways and maritime transit routes.

The Atlantic Alliance's ultimate aim is to fix and fasten the American Empire. NATO has clearly played an important role in complementing the US strategy for dominating Eurasia. This includes the encirclement of Russia, China, Iran, and their allies with a military ring subservient to Washington. The global missile shield project, the militarization of Japan, the insurgencies in Libya and Syria, the threats against Iran, and the formation of a NATO-like military alliance in the Asia-Pacific region are components of this colossal geopolitical project. NATO's globalization, however, is bringing together a new series of Eurasian counter-alliances with global linkages that stretch as far as Latin America. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have been formed by Russia, China, and their allies as shields against the US and NATO and as a means to challenge them. As the globalization of NATO unfolds the risks of nuclear war become more and more serious with the Atlantic Alliance headed towards a collision course with Russia, China, and Iran that could ignite World War III. Full story:

Comment: Do you not see that the United States is the "image unto the beast" of Imperial Rome?

Scientist warns of Fuji Eruption Chaos

October 13, 2012 — A Japanese scientist has warned Mount Fuji is due for a "big-scale explosive eruption" that could affect millions of people and cause billions of dollars worth of damage. Last month a study found the magma chamber under the mountain has come under immense pressure, which could even trigger a volcanic eruption. It said the added pressure could have been caused by last year's earthquake, which was followed a few days later by another large tremor directly underneath Fuji. Professor Toshitsugu Fujii, the head of Japan's volcanic eruption prediction panel, says an eruption could cause chaos and carnage all the way to Tokyo. Full story:

Comment: Brother Branham said, "If we go to Japan, we'll be just the same thing; she's ready to rock to pieces right now. And there's no way you can stop it, because they have neglected to do exactly what God told them to do. Instead of preach of Gospel, they have built buildings, and had fine scholarships, and educations. They've used their own ideas to educate people to it" (An Uncertain Sound, #61-0415E; Revelation 6:14; 16:20). And in his spiritual dreams Joe Brandt said, "I could see Japan . . . it started to go into the sea.

Millions to participate in Earthquake Drill Next Week

October 11, 2012 — On October 18, 2012 at 10:18 a.m. EDT, more than one million people across five states and the District of Columbia are scheduled to take part in the first ever Great SouthEast ShakeOut. The ShakeOut is a regional earthquake drill in which participants simultaneously practice the recommended action during an earthquake. This action is known as "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" . . .

The states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia are encouraging their schools, businesses, organizations, government agencies, communities, and households to participate in this historic event. . . Collectively, there are more than 10.5 million people worldwide who are expected to participate in the ShakeOut drills, which makes this the largest safety drill ever held. Interested citizens, schools, communities, businesses, etc. are encouraged to visit to pledge their participation in the drill. On the website, many resources are available for participants to use to plan their drills including drill manuals, videos, audio drill broadcasts, earthquake scenarios, and more. . . Full story:

Comment: Looks as if someone, in addition to "Someone," is planning earthquakes for the Pavlovians. FEMA is an unconstitutional government organization designed to establish and enforce martial law established by presidential executive fiat during the Kennedy administration. The Great SouthEast ShakeOut is a cover to advance the political agenda of the current regime.

Leading World Bank Demographer: Vaccination Campaigns Part of Population Reduction Policy

October 4, 2012 — On October 2nd a retired demographer at the World Bank admitted that vaccination campaigns are an integral part of the World Bank’s population policies. John F. May, the Bank’s leading demographer from 1992 to 2012, told the French web journal Sens Public (and in turn transcribed by the think-tank May works for) that vaccination campaigns, especially in so-called "high-fertility countries," are means to achieve population reduction in those countries. May: "The means used to implement population policies are "policy levers" or targeted actions such as vaccination campaigns or family planning to change certain key variables. . ."

May continues to explain that the World Bank is taking up the lead role in achieving general population reduction. . . The World Health Organization, the World Bank, The UN environmental department, the UN Population Fund, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all the other arms of the creature we call the scientific dictatorship are closing in on all of humanity with mass-scale vaccination programmes and genetically engineered food . . . it was the Rockefeller Foundation that funded and developed vaccines designed to reduce your fertility, and intended to distribute these vaccines on a mass-scale. . . As usually is the case, once the pretext is sold to the unsuspecting, the eugenicists move in to "reduce fertility." Global government, in other words, to facilitate global scientific dictatorship. Full story:

Comment: It's taken 300 years of social manipulation to bring culture to "scientific dictatorship." We 'think' we are not controlled because 'misinformation' does not alter our ability to think, it only alters what we think and what we think about—it alters our perception of reality.

Bertrand Russell wrote: "it may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody [children] of anything, if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment. This subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship."

"Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rightly confined to the governing class and the populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated . . . education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they will be incapable . . . of thinking or acting otherwise than their schoolmasters would have wished" (The Impact of Science on Society).

Marriage, Democracy and Dictatorship in America
By © 2012 Roy Masters - All Rights Reserved

"Democracy passes into despotism" — Plato

We were all born sovereign with the potential of beginning the world all over again. In 1776 a nation rose to protect the rights of the sovereign citizens from the lawless mob, by establishing a democratic republic. The kind of citizen upon which America was built is the smallest most precious member, the noble citizen core cell.

In the 1960s America began to be dismantled, and as a misguided, polite society we forgot to defend our language, culture and borders. We became a "compassionate" democracy and made everyone special and morally equivalent even to demand rights, those strange appetites and lawless behaviors. With such people elevated to our noble values of citizenship, our people allowed themselves and their children to become demoralized and dumbed down by our seeking their acceptance. And so without the checks and balances of moral versus immoral behavior, the rabble multiplied and began voting in their kind into a democratic government that would be destined to become a divided country leading to dictatorship and civil war.

In the Hearts of Men

For thousands of years, a desperate struggle for power has raged on in most homes, resulting in one partner or the other rising as a despotic dictator. One form of despotism is the willful female, with a wimpy victim husband and a terrified brood of demoralized, psychotic or violently rebellious children. Such a left-leaning female dictatorship spawns the equivalent; a right-leaning male, violently seeking to retrieve his lost role as the authorized head of the home, but always in the wrong way. Right wing could become the dangerously collective disenfranchised males attempting to restore order from the chaos caused by the permissiveness of female-centered homes and their socialist benefactors.

In the United States we have recently seen Democrats playing the role of willful spoiling females, with limp-wristed Republicans playing husbands, struggling and failing in the game of sexual politics, in much the same way most fail in their miserable home lives. Meanwhile, the people have become like traumatized children watching their parents fight over them and becoming polarized in their allegiances to the extreme left- and right-leaning factions as represented by mom and dad.

In most countries, this kind of relationship leads to incurable civil wars, where the winner invariably becomes the new dictator. Therefore the cure lies not in politics, but in the hearts of men. Civil War is the macrocosm in which faulty marital relationships are the microcosm.

Whenever the moral center collapses, the fringe left and the fringe right move in to fill the void, coming together in mortal conflict where innocence cannot survive. Had the United States of America, a sovereign culture, not stood its ground on the principle of freedom for everyone, we would have allowed World War II to plunge the entire world into a permanent darkness, only to end up including ourselves into the forever darkness of misery. Alas, we have retreated from such grace.

The invisible hand of social engineering has succeeded in collapsing the male center of responsibility and hence the family. Women have cunningly been taught to disenfranchise their husbands as fathers, replacing them with boyfriends and the "security" of government fathers. We are unwittingly falling into the time-honored trap, going the way of all nations before us as they dance to the tune of the Pied Piper of sexual politics. Yet there is hope: in these last hours we can still fulfill our founding fathers’ dream by understanding the universal vulnerability of women and the male weakness for them.

The Undeclared War of Masculine and Feminine Politics

Every emotional or excessively willful woman, married to a weak or equally unprincipled ambitious man, exists in a war zone, struggling like a battling dinosaur, with the biggest meanest sinner always ruling the lesser; a family of living hell. The loser filled with anxiety surrenders power to the hate object monster. Because a bigger beast is also less than a person, the tyrant likewise feels pangs for what he or she has become. Man and woman so joined live under the compulsion to destroy one another and pass the legacy of misery on to their children.

So it is with the two American political parties who war with never a peaceful solution in sight. Wherever someone rules with might masquerading as "right," there is endless struggle for power with inevitable tragedy and desolation.

In the battle of the sexes, masculine and feminine becomes left- and right-wing politics. Where both parties set aside their selfish ambitions and yield to what is right in their hearts, recognizing the inborn sense of common sense good, true peace and prosperity is never far off. This inborn order on Earth as it is in heaven, is the reverse of the order on Earth as it is in hell. Government over woman over children over man is the kingdom of hell. God in Christ, over man over woman, over children and them all loving the noble order of godly men as head of the household—that alone is the ideation of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

In the broken man-woman relationships there is an undeclared war where the lie of love causes either party to wake up only to find they are losing a war they didn't know they were fighting. The injured party rarely suspects any subversive motives until covert war is over, then off comes the gloves and the smiling "loving mask,” and this is where open, violent rebellion of the victim begins.

In a like fashion, the two political parties are bound together in an unholy matrimony, with America's treasures going to the socially-engineered left, the most deceitful party. An alien has entered into what could be a noble nation under God—and like in a bad marriage the usurped body politic has been alienating and dividing the people and stealing our freedoms waiting for a doomsday moment to strike. Just like the tyrant in every inherently programmed home, so rises a dictatorship in every adulterous nation made up of bad marriages.

The Rise of the Mob System

Bullies are not born that way; they come from loveless homes, traumatized from their original innocence. Demoralized children, having the transplanted seed of that terrorist/victim inside them, are fatally weak before the strong and strong before the weak. Neither one is capable of dealing with ever present stress due to the terror of their past. This is what unconsciously empowers tyrants to revel in a glorious rush provided by the servility of a chain gang of victims; strong before the weak and weak before the strong with everybody a coward before their own bully. America has become a dog-eat-dog country with the biggest bully of all pulling the strings at top of the political heap of sinful, mesmerized people all slouching towards Sodom and Gomorrah.

Bullies intimidate and thus harvest the innocent essence of others, redeeming a false sense of worth by doing unto others and helplessly trying to retrieve from others the innocence someone originally took from the bully. All desolate souls, deprived of God's loving validation, become nothing more than a chain gang of servants of hell on earth.

Dictatorships are built on the chain of desolate souls, offering themselves up, one into another as living sacrifices to the upside down political authority on top. All are like this—in transition and transformation and fulfilling the glory of their devil "God," whom they have mistaken for the real God.

The desolate soul has no choice but to be consumed by the dog-eat-dog system and then spit out as a replica of the thing it hates. Those who sit atop the pyramid feed on the failure of humanity. Life force is passed up the chain of command and wicked authority passed down the chain of command. Here we find even children infecting children so that the littlest have no choice but to take out their frustration by pulling wings from butterflies or bullying their baby brothers and sisters. There is little escape from such a system, because the voices of dissent are too few and powerless before the multitudes of the mad body politic.

Standing Firm Against the Mob System

Do you see now how important it is for every person to discover redemption—something inner that will return them to sovereign freedom that is America? You can no longer afford to yield before a bully husband, a bully wife, a bully child, and the bully boss or business partner. And to do this, the first lesson you need to learn is how to never be humiliated or intimidated whereby you fall to resentment. Resentment represents the spiritual weakness that translates into the bully-coward system from which there is no hope of redemption.

In religious parlance, resentment is the handmaiden of ego, or pride. Puffing up in the resentful pride of judgment, your soul is separated from the power of good through which evil might be overcome. Bullies crave control usually because of mysterious loss of selfhood that may be traced to their own childhood traumas, and hence loss of sovereignty. Like it or not bullies replicate the identity of their tormentor and rule exponentially over a disproportionate number of victims.

The schoolteacher in a chain of command may have an innocent face towards you, as if the problem lies with your child, but the actual cause of the problem is the face he or she exhibits toward the child.

This is true with the socialist government, where social problems are created so that helpless victims are further demoralized by being subsidized by a continuum of bureaucratic passive-aggression. The problems caused by the two-faced, passive-aggressive sorts are Legion—with the tendency to create demoralized people who are compelled to cry out for the cure to the very authorities that created the unnecessary problem in the first place. Thus do such bureaucracies create permanent job security for themselves (while you lose your job) while creating mass dependence welfare. The highest ambition of any bully is to become the government of bullies.

The Moral Decline

The demoralization of every country and society marked for destruction usually begins by the seduction that is manipulative and seductively feminine by nature. 20th century Russian psychiatrists pioneering in the destruction of family have successfully utilized this approach in their quest for world domination. They succeeded in improving upon the ancient enmity between men and women, from which arise all the horrors that have been and ever will be.

The duality of mankind's nature, especially the arrogant proclivity to rule and worship, has been multiplying itself through the generations from a common root origin—the metaphor being the serpent in the garden of Paradise lost. All men seem to inherit vulnerability to the seductive feminine essence through an unbroken lineage. And so through transference, our subjectivity to serve those who make us fail will continue to pass down to demoralizing governments. Before that can happen, we need to more perfectly understand what our collective weakness is, and for each one of us to face our personal demons.

The present (left-wing) domination of any culture marked for destruction begins with intimidation and sexual liberation, with its bottomless pit of freedom from responsibility. It all begins with what fools call freedom and what John Milton calls license. "None can love freedom heartily but good men," he said, "the rest love not freedom, but license." Thus, by way of sexual promiscuity and the hypocritical stench that rises from the pit of common iniquities, people unconsciously abandon the sovereign law of their hearts and descend into slavery. And thus it comes to pass that all hell on earth happens this way. Plato predicted this when he said, "Democracy passes into despotism."

For the devil has sworn in his rotten heart that he will multiply misery and suffering to the end that men will destroy each other and leave no one left to inherit the kingdom of God.

Tainted Love

You see, don't you, that man's inherent first need is sympathy for the inherent flawed self. It is called ego in psychology or pride in religious parlance. The love of a mother and wife, which in the untainted state would nurture husband and child in a wholesome way, tends to nurture their weakness instead. That is why the politics of liberalism with its phony compassion are guilefully feminine and create dependencies rather than freedoms. On the other hand, true love teaches a man to catch a fish—instead of feeding him fish and keeping him dependent, as the enslavers will. Likewise, it is tainted love that the egos of wrong men crave, having been perverted to need it, to the mutual detriment and downfall of themselves and their loved ones.

Just as a man will often leave his decent wife for a woman who meets those secret, lawless and unfulfilled ego needs, so does the compromised populace betray their countrymen by exchanging freedom for such compassionate offerings as the various socialist welfare entitlement programs provide. Such security is rarely seen for what it really is—a reverse order of life, with the malevolent spirit first providing and then presiding over a nation of wretched souls. America has become the welfare state of mothers and government fathers, leaving the country dangerously divided between those who are still free and loyal to the founding fathers’ values and those who are not. Understanding the pure nature of marriage would change everything back to what it was when we were a republic—one nation under God.

Can anyone question the power of a beautiful woman to deceive and seduce a man from his potential root of reason? Can anyone question the self-evident fact that all too many men are notoriously weak for the reassuring candy of lying love? Even Samson with all his strength could not see through the subtle treachery of Delilah, nor could he resist her voluptuous, overpowering pleasures—and his fall had devastating consequences.

Since the Dawn of Man, all that is bad or good culture tends to be nurtured and passed on through the female. All noble, successful cultures revolve around the properly nurturing mothers and respectful noble fathers. Mutations for all living things arise from a strictly environmental source. However, in the demoralized void of personal power there lurks a malevolent presence compelling men to revel in the false security offered by despots, first in their sexual relationships and then in booze, drugs and politics. If what has been said here is true, then what is needed are truly noble men to restore the balance of order at home and in politics. One cannot exist without the other.

The Political Breakdown

Dictatorship can usually be identified as extreme fascist-left or fascist-pseudo-religious-right wing. However, regardless of the party name or affiliation a chain of command comprised of passive aggressive individuals forms the base of every kind of dictatorial power. All passive-aggressive bullies are insecure petty dictators in their own realms of business and home lives. Family tyrants identify with any rising political party and will elect them for the license to legitimize their perverse gratification. All tyrannical governments that represent any political system are made up of passive-aggressive, power-hungry manipulators—yes, of both sexes.

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin legitimized street thugs and criminals gathered from the prisons to intimidate and then to enforce what then became the law of the lawless. The limitless power of dictatorship, derived by playing to the mob, unleashes evil instincts with unimaginable horrors. All governments of the extreme left or right can rise to power as well—by staffing their agencies with criminals, perverts and degenerates with strange appetites to ensure the populace remains under conditioned reflex responses that keep them submissive to authoritarian rule in a mindless way. And it all begins with a government granting rights to intimidating fringe groups who slowly but surely get their way much like in broken family situations.

As a dictator, one man alone cannot possibly carry out the mass murder and mayhem inherent in such a system, all of which is necessary to create an environment of fear. The horror of despotism requires a chain of command of willing executioners, an army of like-minded clones that are rewarded for their cruelty and incompetence. In every culture there exists that conscienceless class of ambitious, power-hungry people who will unwittingly elect away their own (and others) freedoms, to form a government of the unrighteous, by the unrighteous, and for the unrighteous.

Unfortunately, the mob rises to rule where a democratic republic becomes democracy and where all men are thought to be equal when of course they are not. The laws of the heart ought to be the laws on the books, but as you can see such laws are offensive to compromised perverts of socialism whose sole aim is to bring our country down through such lawlessness as has been described.

Exploiting the confusion of what it means to be equal, virtuous or not, come socialist engineers—and the rest is history. Briefly, when you give rights to the wrong people the wrong people will take away the right rights, and the right people's rights.

Communists shroud their "democracy" with different disguises from time to time. Presently, it's the Green or environmental party causing us to forget that we are a democratic republic—an entirely different creature.

In an attempt to establish democracy and displace our Republic, Democrats called to "strengthen their democracy," by inviting the rebel of every race and color and creed to cross open borders, to change by mingling our language and culture, in an attempt to overwhelm our Republic, and they are succeeding. The goal of communism was to be achieved not by bullets, but by ballots, not by illegal, but by legal means, not by a few wicked powerful persons—but the consensus vote of a majority whose minds have been manipulated by the media.

James Madison wrote:

"In a pure democracy there is nothing to check the enforcements to sacrifice the weak party . . .
Hence, it is that such democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence in contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security in all rights of property, and having in general been as short in their lives, as they have been violent in their deaths."

Rome, once a magnificent Republic, declined into a democracy with the inevitable irreversible plunge into despotism that we are seeing in our country today. [The United States is the image to the beast of Imperial Rome and the (once) Protestant churches are the image to the beast of Papal Rome].

Comment: Brother Branham said, "This stuff has to happen; all because of a politician that you people elected with your crooked machines [JFK, Clinton, Bush II and Obama, too] . . . this fellow we got up here that knows not Joseph [Christ], freedom [Christianity], pulling for those colored votes, and [them] . . . selling out their birthrights to such a thing as that to lead them into a death trap . . . you'll see it after . . . I'm gone. That's exactly what's going to happen. . .

Starts a revolutionary, both white and colored will fight again and die like flies . . . Ahab [POTUS], who married a woman, politics, trying to get friends with another nation and married one of their daughters, Jezebel [Judaeo-Roman church], and brought her among the people of God—same thing that we're doing . . . And she become a ruler. Make Ahab say this and make Ahab say that—same thing you're doing now. The showdown come, they wanted to unite both churches together as they're trying to do now. And to Ahab and even to Jehoshaphat, the organization man said, "Yes, that'll be fine. Your people are my people. We're all Christians. We're all believers. Let's get together."

But when he got down to the showdown, he said, "Don't you think we ought to go to prayer about this? We ought to consult the Lord"?

"Yes," said Ahab. So he said, "I'll tell you what. Let's find a prophet of the Lord." But you see Ahab had a system that he thought was of the Lord. He said, "I got four hundred of them, schooled and trained, and they claim to be Hebrew prophets," [like ministerial groups in the circle of this Message: return ministry, thunders, eighth messenger, eighth day, two souls, deity doctrine, parousia, Seventh Seal unknown, philo-Zionism, etc., God wants to send His fivefold ministry to break the 'third pull' to those lost in the circle of the Message because our Jezebel group can't bring them into Christ].

And they brought them out and asked them a question concerning the outcome of the battle. And everyone of them got together and united just like the ecumenical council does today, and they come up with the question: "Go up, the Lord is with you, for that land truly belongs to us, and push the Syrians out of there . . ." (The Third Exodus, p.22-28; II Chronicles 18). Ahab was slain and the Hebrews were defeated.

"They never knew their sign . . . the fire and wrath and judgment of God of fire blazes of brimstones was kindling in the skies. They couldn't see it. The messengers could. Lot knew it too . . . Wrath is kindling; atomic bombs are hanging. Everything's at the end. It's the same now. . . You know, people can go right on preaching the Gospel like they always did: what they call the Gospel. It could be over" (Souls that are in Prison Now, p. 46:325-334).

"You can't go to a church and preach, 'less you have a fellowship card or some identification . . . persons like ourselves, we're going to be cut out of all that altogether. . . It's tightening; and then when that time comes, and the press comes to a place to where you're pressed out, then watch the 'third pull' then. It'll be absolutely to the total lost, but it will be for the Bride and the church. Now, we're closer than it seems to be" (Look Away to Jesus, p. 7:48-50).

Receive the 'third pull' NOW, God wants to pour the baptism with the Holy Spirit into "your vessels with your lamps" by the revelation of His end-time Message (Matthew 25:4). nl758.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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