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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Abraham Lincoln said, “In this and like communities, public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed. Consequently, he who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions.”

What Americans know and don’t know is carefully controlled. Americans may be the most uninformed and misinformed people in the world, thanks to newspapers like the Post and Gazette.

Today, we are Communitarian people. We live, act, think, and believe according to community standards, which actually mean that we are truly and remarkably without opinion or options for opinion. Just as in closed and gated communities, we now live according to new law rule books assembled and published by our elected and appointed change agents. They do not govern of, for, or by the standards of the people. Dialectically, we now live according to their government of invention and intervention – the government that serves their collective powers of total collective wealth.

Today's god is mammon whose absolute is "the bottom line." The nation and the world apostate and amoral and neither hot nor cold Absolute.

-------------------------------------- 129 killed & 2,000 wounded in Paris

syo.* with metrojet a way for US & NATO to back out and save face??

Support secular Syria where people of diverse religions have lived in harmony with no problems prior to US/Israel/Qatar/Saudi, Turkey and NATO interference, and we should support Russia.

President Hollande had ordered by decree without debate or consultation with France’s National Assembly the enactment of a State of Emergency throughout France, coupled with the closing of France’s borders allegedly to prevent terrorists from coming in, and from terror suspects from leaving the country.

The measures also included procedures which enable the police to conduct arbitrary arrests and house searches without a warrant within the Paris metropolitan area opening up the development of a potential hate campaign directed against France’s Muslim population.

These drastic police state measures (including the repeal of habeas corpus) ordered by president Hollande were decided upon prior and in the absence of a police report. Initial reports confirmed the involvement of half a dozen terrorists. There was no evidence of a nationwide terror network.

But as we mentioned above, Hollande had no doubt been briefed by French intelligence which had, according to reports, “predicted” the possibility of a 9/11 style attack. (October 2 media reports).

France had been heralded in Paris Match, October 2, 2015 as the Number One Target of the Islamic State, “a terrorist army with unlimited potential…” The threat and diverse forms it can take suggest that our counter-terrorist abilities are no longer effective as they used to be” . . .

President Hollande assumed that jihadists were behind the attacks, but when he made his speech, there was no evidence from police sources to support his statements.

Moreover, with regard to the Bataclan Concert Hall where there were more than one thousand people at a Rock concert, the reports confirmed that there were four kamikaze terrorists, all of them were killed. As in the case of Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher Grocery Store terrorist attacks in January 2015, the terrorists were killed rather than arrested and indicted.

Was there an attempt on the part of the police to capture them alive?

Moreover, the media was held at bay, they were not allowed to report what was happening within the Concert Hall, they were prevented from talking to the witnesses underlying this tragic event.

Meanwhile a curfew was imposed.

President Obama made a declaration early in the evening (ET) largely sustaining the “war on terrorism” narrative:

THE PRESIDENT: Good evening, everybody. I just want to make a few brief comments about the attacks across Paris tonight. Once again, we’ve seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. This is an attack not just on Paris, it’s an attack not just on the people of France, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.

We stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of France need to respond. France is our oldest ally. The French people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States time and again. And we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

We’re going to do whatever it takes to work with the French people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice, and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people.

We don’t yet know all the details of what has happened. We have been in contact with French officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded. We have offered our full support to them. The situation is still unfolding.

This is a heartbreaking situation. And obviously those of us here in the United States know what it’s like. We’ve gone through these kinds of episodes ourselves. And whenever these kinds of attacks happened, we’ve always been able to count on the French people to stand with us. They have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner, and we intend to be there with them in that same fashion.

… (emphasis added)

Obama is committed to helping the French people, in going after the terrorists. France is a partner of Obama’s bombing campaign initiated in August-September 2014 which theoretically is directed against the ISIS.

Hollande is described by Obama as an “extraordinary counterterrorism partner”. In turn, Hollande referring to the Islamic State says “We know where [Syria, Iraq] it comes from, who these criminals are, who these terrorists are”.

The clash of civilizations is implicit in Obama’s statement: “this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share.”

Who is Behind the Terrorists?

What the French media in its coverage of these tragic events fails to mention is that both the US and France, not to mention Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel are covertly supporting various Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist formations in Syria and Iraq including al Nusrah and the Islamic State.

France is the victim of the Islamic State, but at the same time the US and its allies including France are “State sponsors” of the Islamic state which is an Al Qaeda affiliated entity.

Lest we forget, the US has supported Al Qaeda and its affiliated organizations for almost half a century since the heyday of the Soviet Afghan war. CIA training camps were set up in Pakistan. In the ten year period from 1982 to 1992, some 35,000 jihadists from 43 Islamic countries were recruited by the CIA to fight in the Afghan jihad. Since the Reagan Administration, Washington has supported the Islamic terror network.

In recent developments in the Middle East, the terrorists are recruited and trained by the Western military alliance. NATO and the Turkish High Command have been responsible for the recruitment of ISIS and Al Nusrah mercenaries from the outset of the Syrian insurgency in March 2011. According to Israeli intelligence sources, this initiative consisted in:

“a campaign to enlist thousands of Muslim volunteers in Middle East countries and the Muslim world to fight alongside the Syrian rebels. The Turkish army would house these volunteers, train them and secure their passage into Syria. (DEBKAfile, NATO to give rebels anti-tank weapons, August 14, 2011.)

There are Western Special Forces and Western intelligence operatives within the ranks of the ISIS. British Special Forces, and MI6 have been involved in training jihadist rebels in Syria.

The Islamic State (ISIS), the alleged architect of the Paris attacks, was originally an Al Qaeda affiliated entity created by US intelligence with the support of Britain’s MI6, Israel’s Mossad, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP), Ri’asat Al-Istikhbarat Al-’Amah.

The ISIS brigades were involved in the US-NATO supported insurgency in Syria directed against the government of Bashar al Assad. Since August-September 2014, they are the object of Osama’s fake counter-terrorism campaign. The evidence, however, amply confirms that ISIS is protected by the Western military alliance.

With regard to France, a Washington Post 2011 report entitled “France sent arms to Libyan rebels,” confirms the role of the French government in support of the Al Qaeda affiliated Libya Islamic fighting Group (LIFG).

French officials announced Wednesday that they had armed rebels in Libya, marking the first time a NATO country has said it was providing direct military aid to opponents [LIFG]…

According to Tony Cartalucci (Global Research: January 8, 2015)

While Hollande’s predecessor, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy would be the one to set foot in decimated Libya in the wake of NATO’s intervention there – which included in addition to French arms sent to terrorists, French planes providing these terrorists air cover as they carried out atrocities and genocide – Hollande would continue policies enacted under Sarkozy, both in Libya, and currently in Syria.

In early 2013, France joined its coalition partners in sending weapons to jihadist rebels in Syria including the Al Qaeda affiliated Al Nusra Front which France’s Le Monde identified as “moderate”:

The UK Foreign secretary William Hague, and his French counterpart Lauren Fabius, are leading an isolated charge within the EU to lift a supposed arms embargo to self-described ‘rebels’, hitherto destroying Syria for over two years. Several underlying factors need to be addressed before these diplomatic (some would say military) manoeuvres are put into context.

Firstly, the most obvious issue with allowing the UK and France to freely arm ‘rebels’ of their choosing inside Syria is that this policy is against all international law, and will, as proven already to be the case, continue to vastly exacerbate the growing death toll and displacement in Syria. As the head of arms control at Oxfam noted: “Transferring more weapons to Syria can only exacerbate a hellish scenario for civilians. If the UK and France are to live up to their own commitments – including those set out in the new arms trade treaty – they simply must not send weapons to Syria.”

In recent developments, the ISIS and Al Nusrah have joined hands. (Philip Greaves, Under the Disguise of The “Battle against Terrorism”: The U.S., Britain and France Support “Al Qaeda in Syria”, Global Research, May 28, 2013

The evidence amply confirms that while Russia is targeting ISIS strongholds in Syria, the Western military alliance is supporting the Islamic State terrorists.

**** The notion that the Paris attacks was an act of retribution and revenge directed against France is questionable and contradictory inasmuch as the evidence confirms that France has been channeling weapons to jihadist rebels in Syria including Al Nusrah and ISIS.

Concluding Remarks

On November 13, France was the victim of a carefully organized terrorist attack in different locations in the Paris metropolitan area, resulting in more than 140 deaths. The Islamic State was identified as the architect of this criminal undertaking.

What is intimated in the media reports of these tragic events is that the jihadists are attacking France.

**** But at same time, the countries which claim to be the victims of terrorism including France are involved through their intelligence services in supporting terrorist organizations in the Middle East. It’s called America’s “Global War on Terrorism”.

This contradiction has to be meaningfully addressed at the political level. The Global War on Terrorism is a lie which provides legitimacy to police state measures.

The state of emergency gives the police a green light to arrest on mere suspicion throughout France.

A telephone hotline is opened. Citizens are invited to call and report anything which they consider suspicious.

Civil rights have been suspended.

Arbitrary arrests are occurring in Paris without warrant.

The attacks could potentially contribute to a new wave of Islamophobia. ***


The rise of ISIS was revealed as early as 2007 in interviews conducted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh in his 9-page report “The Redirection.” The interviews revealed a plan to destabilize and overthrow the government of Syria through the use of sectarian extremists – more specifically, Al Qaeda – with arms and funds laundered through America’s oldest and stanchest regional ally, Saudi Arabia.

A more recent Department of Intelligence Agency (DIA) report drafted in 2012 (.pdf) admitted:

If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).

The DIA report enumerates precisely who these “supporting powers” are:

The West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support the opposition; while Russia, China, and Iran support the regime.

And to this day, by simply looking at any number of maps detailing territory held by various factions amid the Syrian conflict, it is clear that ISIS is not a “state” of any kind, but an ongoing invasion emanating from NATO-member Turkey’s territory, with its primary supply corridor crossing the Turkish-Syrian borderbetween the Syrian town of Ad Dana and the western bank of the Euphrates River, a supply corridor now increasingly shrinking.

**** The reality is that France knew the “Charlie Hebo” attackers, they knew beforehand those involved in the most recent Paris attack, and they likely know of more waiting for their own opportunity to strike. With this knowledge, they stood by and did nothing. What’s more, it appears that instead of keeping France safe, the French government has chosen to use this knowledge as a weapon in and of itself against the perception of its own people, to advance its geopolitical agenda abroad.

If the people of France want to strike hard at those responsible for repeated terrorist attacks within their borders, they can start with those who knew of the attacks and did nothing to stop them, who are also, coincidentally, the same people who helped give rise to ISIS and help perpetuate it to this very day.
Recently, European countries have begun to realize that Washington is simply conning them. After all, any product is, first and foremost, nothing but energy manifested in the form of a commodity. Taking its cue from America’s geopolitical ambitions, Europe is single-handedly reducing its own level of competitiveness. If we peel away the lofty slogans and declarations about “values” and just consider the dry economics of the matter, everything becomes clear: if the EU is cut off from its supply of cheap Russian energy, in addition to being cut off from the massive Russian market for its goods, Europe will not be able to survive in its present form.


America’s standard military solution won’t work in this situation. Russia is not Iraq, Libya, or Yugoslavia. Were the US to launch direct aggression against a country like Russia, that would be their last move ever. Therefore, the White House is trying to use radical militants from Muslim and European countries as cannon fodder. There was a time when that approach was more effective. In the mid-twentieth century, Wall Street & London’s City managed to drag Europe into a war against the Soviet Union using their protégé Hitler, whom they had literally brought to power in Germany. Today Ukraine and Syria are the theaters for America’s hot war against Russia, and the European Union is the theater for America’s economic war against Russia (it is noteworthy that while European entrepreneurs are suffering under the sanctions imposed on Russia, their American competitors are busy signing lucrative new deals with Moscow). ------------------------------------

The White House correspondent for French television network Canal+, Laura Haim, reported an interesting tidbit during a live report with MSNBC’s Brian Williams Friday evening.

Haim stated that Central Intelligence Agency director, John O. Brennan, recently met with his counterpart, French intelligence (DGSE) director Bernard Bajolet.

The French equivalent of MI6 and CIA is the Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure. See: CIA-GW Intelligence Conference: Panel on The Shared 21st Century International Mission –GW Center for Cyber and Homeland Security 29 Oct 2015 Panel on “The Shared 21st Century International Mission” featuring CIA Director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Director of the French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror.

Held as part of the 2nd Annual Ethos and Profession of Intelligence Conference, co-hosted by the Central Intelligence Agency and the George Washington University. Held on October 27, 2015.

Also, see: “Le Moyen-Orient d’avant ne reviendra pas” 28 octobre 2015 Le chef du renseignement extérieur français, Bernard Bajolet, a laissé entendre que des pays comme l’Irak ou la Syrie ne retrouveraient jamais leur ancienne physionomie. ”Le Moyen-Orient que nous avons connu est fini et je doute qu’il revienne”, a déclaré, en anglais, le directeur de la DGSE (Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure), dans une conférence mardi sur le renseignement à laquelle participait également le directeur de la CIA John Brennan. -------------------------------------

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Present Truth (II Peter 1:12)—and our individual standing in 'kairos' time in relation to 'chronos time' of God's program prophesied in His Holy Bible:

The Gentile dispensation and its end;

the sign in the sky (Psalm 19; Daniel 7:9; Matthew 24:3; Revelation 1:14; 10:1);

the prophet (Amos 3:7; Malachi 4:5-6; Revelation 10:7);

the earthquakes that will sink Los Angeles and demolish the Dome of the Rock (Zechariah 14:-5; Matthew 24:29-31; Revelation 6:12; 18:21-24);

the first resurrection of the sleepung saints, manifestation of the Sons of God and our translation (I Corinthians 15:42-55; I Thessalonians 4:15-17; Romans 8:19);

Satan cast down to earth to incarnate the Pope;

the "hot stage" of World War III;

Federation of world religions; Rome's covenant with the Jews (Danial 9:27; Revelation 17:12-18);

Daniel's Seventieth Week;

Papal deification, breach of covenant and enforcement of the mark of the beast in the midst of the week;

144,000 elect Israelites born-again in one day, their martyrdom; nuclear destruction of Vatican City State and the United States;

Armageddon and the consummation of Life;

the return of the glorified saints for the millennium.

A general outline of things that ate to be . . . but where are we in 'chronos' time and which of these issues concern our 'kairos' time?

We are going to lay a foundation in King David and work through to the present day and on to the Millennium where His antitype, the Son of David will rule over a thousand years of peace.

David already had 500 wives of his own plus "hand-me-downs" from King Saul yet he committed adultery with Bathsheba and God confronted him with Nathan the prophet. II Samuel 12:1-12. The illegitimate boy died and Bathsheba later bore Solomon.

(I Kings 11:1-10). Solomon was attracted to anything in a skirt—pagans and physical Serpent's Seed, yet he had 1,000 wives and concubines of his own. These women turned Solomon to adultery and to trinitarian idolatry despite God twice appearing to him with rebukes. I Kings 11:11-13 because of his trinitarian idolatry (verse 10) God told Solomon he would rend the kingdom from him in his first-born son Rehoboam, and give it to his servant.

I Chronicles 5:1-2, Joseph possessed the birthright (the two half-tribes Ephraim and Manasseh), while Judah possessed the Crown.

I Kings 11:26-28, Rehoboam foolishly made Jeroboam, the son of Solomon's servant Nebat, ruler over the House of Joseph.

I Kings 11:29-36 . Ahijah the prophet prophesies the division of the kingdom . . Verse 40, so when Solomon learned of this prophecy he determined to kill Jeroboam who fled to exile in Egypt until Solomon's death when Rehoboam succeeded to the throne.

(I Kings 12:3-16). And when Jeroboam learned of Solmon's death returned as leader of Joseph and pledged the allegiance of all Israel if Rehoboam would lighten the burdens Solomon had placed upon the people. Rehoboam first sought counsel of the elders, then of the young men whose foolish advice he accepted and the ten tribes seceded. Then Jeroboam was made king over the Northern Kingdom.

In (Living Bible) I Kings 13:1-11 shows the fate of idolaters—Jeroboam had introduced idolatry into Israel. I Kings 13:12-34 shows the punishment of even God's elect in reasoning the THUS SAITH THE LORD of God's unchanging Word (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8) as in the recent lie that God ordained women to preach because there were no men available women preachers when God gave the Gifts of the fivefold ministry to men alone, and NO Christian woman would ever try to handle God's Word in public (Genesis 2:21; 3:13, 16; Ephesians 4:8; I Timothy 2:11-15), and a second illustration of reasoning against God's revealed Word was in the matter of bastards born of incest or adultery, or miscegenation—natural or spiritual hybreeding (Genesis 1:11; Deuteronomy 23:1-4; Revelation 22:17-19). (Exodus 13:13), you can redeem an ass but you cannot redeem a mule. The mule is a hybrid and has "no seed" in him that can be quickened to breed himself back to a horse or an ass, he is a type of those who take refuge in the church rather than in the Blood of Christ.

Now here is the lesson for those of us who take the Word of the Lord lightly and continue in our disobedience, which is iniquity! Our aim is to serve the Lord according to His Word and not to reason against it to suit our selves, serve our ego, or to please men. I Kings 13 shows the judgment on Rome and her harlot daughter churches for rejecting the end-time Message, thereby crucifying to themselves the Son of God afresh and putting Him to an open shame by rejecting the revelation of the Seven Seals; for applauding multiculturalism, which is accursed of God, and ordaining women and homosexuals (Genesis 1:11, 24-28; 6:1-4; 18 – 19; Matthew 24:37; Luke 17:28-30; II Thessalonians 2:10-12; Hebrews 6:6; Revelation 22:10-19).

II Kings 22:1 – 23:37, Judah's King Josiah was a zealous reformer who repaired the Temple, in the course of which Hilkiah the high priest discovered a very old scroll of the Law. When the king heard what was written he tore his clothes in deepest despair "because our fathers did not listen to to the Words of this Book, to do according to all that is written therein concerning us." So they went to Sister Hulda, the prophetess, and she gave them THUS SAITH THE LORD, prophesying Jerusalem's destruction.

In II Kings 23 Josiah assembled all the inhabitants of Jerusalem and Judah to the Temple to make them acquainted with the Law, to lead them to repent, and so to avert as far as possible the threatened punishment. Then he and the people made a solemn promise to do everything the Book commanded. The conclusion of the covenant was followed by removing from the Temple all of the vessels and images made for the worship of Baal, Asherah and the whole host of heaven, They were then burned in the terraces of the Kidron and their ashes transported to Bethel. Josiah executed the priests whom the kings had appointed to burn incense to Baal, to the sun and the moon, to the signs of the Zodiac and all the host of heaven in the shrines throughout Judah and in Jerusalem. He brought the shameful image of Asherah from the Temple snd burnt it at the Brook Kidron, beat it to dust then cast it on the graves of the common people. Then he demolished the house of the male cult prostitutes in the vicinity of the Temple, where women wove hangings for the idol.

Now Josiah discovers that he is fulfilling the prophecy of Ahijah (I Kings 13:1-11). II Kings 23:15-18.

Now we go back in time to (Living Bible) I Kings 14:1-15. Because of the sin of Jeroboam, Ahijah prophesied Israel's dissolution and dispersion. His prophecy came to pass 230 years thence under Assyria's King Shalmaneser and his son, King Sennacherib II Kings 17:1-7; 18:9, 13, 23. "The Lord removed Israel out of His sight, as He had said by all His servants the Prophets. So was Israel carried away out of their own land to Assyria unto this day".

Israel, the Northern Kingdom, is dissolved so we turn our attention to the Southern Kingdom. II Kings 17:19; 18:13, "Also Judah kept not the commandments of the Lord their God, but walked in the statutes of Israel which they made . . . In the fourteenth year of King Hezekiah [of Judah], Sennacherib King of Assyria came up against all the fenced cities of Judah, and took them."

Moving forward in time to 606BC, "which was the first year of Nebuchadnezzar," the prophet Jeremiah, declared that despite repeated admonitions from the Lord the Judahites declined to abide in the Land of the Covenant and followed and worshipped pagan gods, the work of their hands. Jeremiah 25:8-17, "Because you have not obeyed My Words, I will send for all the families of the north, says the Lord, and for Nebuchadrezzar, king of Babylon, My servant, and will bring them against this land and its inhabitants, and against all these nations round about; I will utterly destroy them and make them an abomination, a hissing, and an everlasting reproach. Moreover I will take from them the voice of mirth and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the sound of the millstones, and the light of the lamp. This whole land shall become a desolate wasteland; and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years. Then after seventy years are completed, I will punish the king of Babylon and that nation, the land of the Chaldeans, for their iniquity, says the Lord, making the land a perpetual waste."

The Old Testament is a shadow and type of the New Testament and God does not change His Word or His ways. So if God would not allow the apostate nominal Israelites to escape punishment, Christendom, too, will reap what it has sown. Speaking of his apocalypse Brother Branham said, "The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 322:3). In another place he said that in the second half of Daniel's Seventieth Week, "about a third of the earth was blowed up at that time" (The Ten Virgins, p. 446:113)".

Then in "A True Sign that's Overlooked" (p. 6:27) he said, "And now, as we see the evil hours approaching, all the wrath of God built up into the skies. And it's most any time that there could be something happen to this nation that's forsaken Thee, that there would be one great explosion that would take the nation completely off of the map of the world—with threats behind it of an ungodly country that's anxious to do so. And knowing that instead of drawing nigh unto God, they seem to get further away. Knowing that the Book of the Revelation and all down through the Scriptures has predicted this day, then let us take warning, Lord, and not be slothful and be laying sleepy as it was. May we rise and shake ourselves".

"And I will bring upon that land all the Words which I have pronounced against it, everything written in this Book, which Jeremiah [and William Branham] prophesied against all the nations. For many nations and great kings shall them slaves too; and I will recompense them according to their deeds, and according to the works of their hands."

"For thus saith the Lord, the God of Israel to me; Take from My hand this cup of the wine of wrath, and make all the nations to whom I send you drink it. They shall drink and stagger, and be crazed, because of the sword that I will send among them. Then took I the cup at the Lord's hand, and made all the nations to drink, unto whom the Lord had sent me".

The denominatioal world today does not agree with Brother Branham's Message any more than the denominations of Jeremiah's day would receive his THUS SAITH THE Lord.

Jeremiah 29:10, "Thus says the Lord, as soon as the seventy years are completed for Babylon I will visit you, and fulfill My promise to you, in returning you to this place".

Can you tell me why God would restore the Judahites to Jerusalem and Judah when the ten tribes and a remnant of Judahites remain in lonely exile?

Daniel was among the first of the Judahites, the creme of the population, exiled to Babylon. And in the second year of Nebuchadnezzar's reign, which was also the second year of Daniel's captivity, the King had a dream that so alarmed him that he was unable to sleep. To make matters worse he was unable to recall the dream so he summonsed the magicians, and the astrologers, and the sorcerers and the wise Chaldeans and demanded to know his dream.

Daniel 2.

Shocking, Little-Known Facts about Debt

November 11, 2015 — Global debt has soared to $199 trillion dollars. The debt to GDP ratio for the entire world is 286%. In other words, global debt is almost 3 times the size of the world economy.

The former US comptroller general [Dave Walker] says the real US debt is closer to about $65 trillion than the oft-cited figure of $18 trillion . . . But former Senior Economist for the President’s Council of Economic Advisers and current Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff says that – when unfunded liabilities are taken into account – the fiscal gap for the US is actually 3 times higher . . . $205 trillion.

Many states are also deeply in the red . . . For example: Illinois faces a $9 billion dollar annual deficit and $159 billion in IOUs . . .

Private Debt is Also Exploding. Goldman Sachs notes that US corporate debt has doubled since 2008.

Corporate debt in emerging markets has exploded. For example, it’s gone absolutely ballistic in China . . . The International Monetary Fund (IMF) . . . said corporate debts in emerging markets ballooned to $18 trillion (£12 trillion) last year, from $4 trillion in 2004 as companies gorged themselves on cheap debt . . . the Bank for International Settlements – warned in 2008 that bailing out the big banks would create sovereign debt crises, transferring the banks’ problems to their host nations. That’s exactly what’s happened . . .

In essence, the elite financial players are manipulating the game so that they get the stimulus . . . and the little guy gets the austerity. Indeed, the IMF is recommending “financial repression” of the average person, to plug the giant debt holes created by the bank bailouts.

That’s the opposite of using debt in order to help the main street economy and the average citizen. Top economists say that Iceland did it right . . . and everyone else is doing it wrong . . . Even the IMF points to Iceland as a model for debt write-offs as a way out of its economic slump.

Postscript: Debt-forgiveness was historically considered the cornerstone of both religion and liberty. Full story:

Comment: CA gold & Rome

Full story:


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Selective Empathy: Terrorist attacks Rock Paris, Public Response to Tragedy is Typically Disproportionate

15 November, 2015 — In light of the Paris terror attack that killed at least 126, I have some observations to share regarding the social media response to such a tragedy. First, I want to share this particular story to help make a point: New evidence emerges showing the US deliberately attacked the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan.

. . . the Associated Press published a report providing further confirmation that the facility was targeted and bombed by US military personnel with full knowledge that it was a functioning hospital. The attack lasted for an hour, destroying the building and killing 30 people, including at least 13 MSF staff members and 10 patients . . . Last year, more than 22,000 patients received care at the hospital and more than 5,900 surgeries were performed . . ."

When an attack like this happens in the West, everyone is so, so sad - yet when hundreds of homes are leveled in Gaza, or elsewhere in the Middle East, there is relative silence! We should be equally upset about all of this senseless killing orchestrated by psychopaths in the highest echelons of society, not just what our TVs tell us we should be upset about . . . in Lebanon . . . 41 people were killed in 2 suicide bombings on November 12, the day before the Paris attacks. Full story:


November 14, 2013 —

Full story:


French Security left blind during Paris Attacks

November 15, 2015 — I have received a report from European security that there was a massive cyber attack on French systems 48 hours prior to and during the Paris attacks.

Amongst other things, the attack took down the French mobile data network and blinded police surveillance. The attack was not a straightforward DDOS attack but a sophisticated attack that targeted a weakness in infrastructure hardware.

Such an attack is beyond the capability of most organizations and requires capability that is unlikely to be in ISIL’s arsenal. An attack on this scale is difficult to pull off without authorities getting wind of it. The coordination required suggests state involvement.

It is common for people with no experience in government to believe that false flag attacks are not possible, because they think the entire government would have to be involved and not everyone would go along with it. Someone would talk. However, if the report I have received is correct, hardly anyone has to be involved, and security forces are simply disabled.

Remember the reports that during 9/11, a simulation of the actual events that were occuring was being conducted, thus confusing responsible parties about the reality . . . Full story:


Full story:


Over 30% of Americans would refuse to hide Jews from Nazis

September 29, 2015 — A recent poll conducted by a research firm has found that 31% of Americans (are now openly willing to admit) they would refuse to hide Jews from Nazis! Why is this significant? Because #1 – it proves my point that the LARGE majority (not 31%) generally dislike and don’t trust Jews… And #2 – in reality, the number is probably at least 2x that amount as most are still hesitant to express how they “truly” feel. And why am I posting this? Because enough information is out there already, it’s easily accessible, and it’s about dam time we take it to the next level. Violence? No. The course now is: Practical (local) activism, attracting and recruiting the right people, and approaching everything we do from a position of “power and discipline.” Action folks… Get out there and set that example! . . . Full story:


High-level American sources admitted that the Turkish government – a fellow NATO country – carried out the chemical weapons attacks blamed on the Syrian government; and high-ranking Turkish government admitted on tape plans to carry out attacks and blame it on the Syrian government. (50) The Ukrainian security chief admits that the sniper attacks which started the Ukrainian coup were carried out in order to frame others. Ukrainian officials admit that the Ukrainian snipers fired on both sides, to create maximum chaos. False Flags: 57 Years Ago: U.S. and Britain Approved Use of Islamic Extremists to Topple Syrian Government Full story:


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