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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are pleased you could join us in fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Android PhoneWe have not become Judaeo-Roman Catholics although our main article this week Eric van de Beek's interview with 79-year-old Flemish priest Daniel Maes of the Norbertine Abbey of the Flemish village Postel who has lived in Syria since 2010. This interview is important because it reveals any dictator is not President al-Assad but colonies of City of London such as the US and NATO. Eric van de Beek studied journalism at Windesheim University in Zwolle, and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. For years he worked as a journalist for the leading Dutch weekly Elsevier. Now he writes mainly for Holland's only geopolitical magazine, Novini.

This week we bring you up to date with a roundup of important current affairs.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Hillary Emails reveal NATO killed Gaddafi to stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

June 13, 2017 — One of the 3,000 Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department on New Year's Eve (where real news is sent to die quietly) has revealed evidence that NATO's plot to overthrow Gaddafi was fuelled by first their desire to quash the gold-backed African currency, and second the Libyan oil reserves. The email in question was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by her unofficial adviser Sydney Blumenthal titled "France's client and Qaddafi's gold." From Foreign Policy Journal . . .

Most astounding is the lengthy section delineating the huge threat that Gaddafi's gold and silver reserves, estimated at "143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver," posed to the French franc (CFA) circulating as a prime African currency. Full story:

Nigeria: Replacement of Christian Education in Secondary Schools with Islamic Studies

June 16, 2017 — The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) last Wednesday stormed the Presidential Villa, Abuja, and vehemently protested the elimination of Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) in the new education curriculum being introduced in secondary schools. Leading a delegation to the acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, CAN Chairman, Dr. Samson Ayokunle, said whereas CRK, according to the new curriculum, would no longer exist as a subject in schools but rather as themes in civic education, Islamic/Arabic Studies/French subjects on the other hand, have been introduced in the new curriculum.

He said with the new arrangement, a pupil would have to study either of Islamic Arabic Studies or French, pointing out that the end result is that a Christian student will be left with no option than to settle for Islamic Arabic Studies since French teachers are more or less non-existent in secondary schools . . . Full story:

Comment: The 'squeeze' is coming to Nigeria: men without understanding are forcing the Judaeo-Roman-Islamic trinity of gods on Christian children with the option of studying Islam or French in a former British Colony. These men are sacrificing the nation on the altar of ignorance. One objective of World War III is bringing political Islam into controlled conflict with political Zionism to exhaust and neuter both in the interest of NWO.

How BAE sold Cyber-Surveillance Tools to Arab States

June 15, 2017 — A year-long investigation by BBC Arabic and a Danish newspaper has uncovered evidence that the UK defence giant BAE Systems has made large-scale sales across the Middle East of sophisticated surveillance technology [Evident], including to many repressive governments. These sales have also included decryption software which could be used against the UK and its allies . . . Full story:

Roundup on the Image unto the Beast

US has signed up to and assumed leadership of the Saudi-UAE-Egyptian-Bahraini alliance against Qatar, accusing it of funding terrorism as if their hands were clean . . . steps taken to blockade and suffocate scapegoat Qatar economically had prior American approval. This amounts to a conditional American declaration of war.

US explodes white phosphorous over Iraq and SyriaThe US-led Coalition used white phosphorus-loaded ammunitions in heavily populated cities of Iraq and Syria (see image, left). The US and Israel lead a campaign of intimidation against the UN to forcibly rehabilitate Israel's international standing. President Duterte delegated decision-making to his military generals in the fight against ISIS in Philippines. With their close relationship with the US military they invited US military assistance with the knowledge of Duterte who has engaged in historic positive bilateral relations with both China and Russia. There remains a danger that the United States could co-opt forces still loyal to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and use them as 'moderate rebels' who fight ISIS on behalf of their own local interests as well as America's wider geo-political interests which are keen not to let Philippines slip out of the American orbit and into the Chinese sphere of influence.

Venezuela has the largest known oil reserves in the world and the fourth largest deposits of gas; the US is importing 60% of its energy from the Middle East (40-45 days) . . . shipments from Venezuela to the refineries in Texas takes only 4-5 days. This is the main reason why Venezuela is in the White House's crosshairs. Exodus 20:17: "Thou shalt not covet . . . anything that is thy neighbour's."

All 'Islamic Terrorism' perpetrated by Fundamentalist Sunnis, except against Israel

May 10, 2017 — outside Israel, all of the Islamic terrorism is perpetrated by fundamentalist Sunni groups, such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their regional affiliate organizations, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba in India.

The countries that the US government rails against and imposes economic sanctions against are the non-sponsors of radical Islamic terrorism (except in Israel), and are themselves the chief victims of it, such as Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Those countries' governments, and Shia populations, are purely victims of Islamic terrorism (sometimes beheaded for being so), not perpetrators of it (except, occasionally, against Israel—but, even there, they don't have any monopoly, whereas Islamic terrorism against countries other than Israel is virtually, if not entirely, a Sunni fundamentalist monopoly). . . I have looked into the perpetrators of 54 of these incidents that struck me as having been especially publicized in the US, and that thus might reasonably be expected to have formed the American public's general impression of Islamic terrorism, if the US is a democracy (the public US would be informed by an honest press), but I excluded all incidents that were against Israel, because if the US is a democracy, then the US public wouldn't be focused on any single foreign country's experience with Islamic terrorism, but would instead be concerned mainly about the national (US, and then secondarily the global international, problem—no one foreign country. Every one of the perpetrators, so far as I was able to determine from the news-reports, has been fundamentalist Sunni (affiliated with, or else inspired by, known fundamentalist Sunni terrorist organizations). In none of the 54 instances was any connection at all indicated to the Shiite terrorist organization, Hezbollah, which group focuses solely against Israel, nor connected to any other Shia organization.

Here are those 54 incidents (and for the basic details about each one, see that Wikipedia list of all 479 attacks), all of which would reasonably be referred to by the phrase (if used by an American) "radical Islamic terrorism" . . . The conclusion that I draw from those 54 instances is that US President Trump is himself strongly allied with the chief international funders of what he calls "radical Islamic terrorism." For example, when ISIS on June 7th did deadly gun and suicide-bomb attacks against Iran's parliament in Tehran, Trump immediately responded by blaming Iran's government for that Full story:

Comment: So the perpetrator of these attacks appears to be US/NATO/Saudi Arabia/GCC states. Armed violence targeting Tehran was the stated goal of US Policymakers. The recent terrorist attacks in Tehran are the literal manifestation of US foreign policy. The creation of a proxy force with which to fight Iran and establishing a safe haven for it beyond Iran's borders have been long-stated US policy.

Saudi Arabia and the Doctrine of Global Islamist Terror

William Branham

June 3, 2017 — Britain's specific relationship with the [Dönmeh Jew]-ruling House of Saud has been a long-lasting one. In the early part of the 20th century, the resurgent Saudi emirate was used by the British as a means of weakening Ottoman power in the Arabian Peninsula despite [Jew] Winston Churchill's misgivings about Ibn Saud's followers being "bloodthirsty" and "intolerant." The logic that Saudi Arabia is a worthy ally because of its oil wealth and geo-strategic position is one which underpins its relations with Britain. This also applies to the United States. The assessment by British policymakers in 1947 of Saudi oil as "a vital prize for any power interested in world influence or domination" captures the essence of America's ties with the Saudi kingdom. The relationship between both nations, one self-avowedly democratic and republican and the other an absolute monarchy, steeped in medieval-era feudalism, is one which is riddled with contradiction and hypocrisy.

At its heart is the supply of Saudi oil which President Franklin Roosevelt explained would be the determining factor in shaping the alliance. It is one which is predicated on a series of Faustian-like bargains. In 1971, with the aim of propping up the faltering dollar after taking the United States off the gold standard, President Richard Nixon negotiated a deal whereby the United States would guarantee to militarily protect the Saudis in return for the Saudis guaranteeing the sale of the oil they produce in US dollars. The aim of this pact is to assure the survivability of the US dollar as the world's dominant reserve currency.

The relationship has evolved to encompass collusion in the arming and training of jihadi militias pursuant to each country's hegemonic objectives: for the Americans global economic and military dominance and for the Saudis, dominance in the Arab and Muslim world.

The question of terrorism has at various junctures served to complicate Saudi relations with both America and Britain. For instance, in 2016, the Saudis threatened to dump billions of United States assets in retribution if a bill by American lawmakers holding Saudi Arabia responsible for the September 11th terror attacks was passed. It stemmed from the revelation that 28 pages had been redacted from a report on the atrocity.

In the case of Britain, a long-term supplier of arms and who like the Americans have played a key part in training the National Guard, the issue arose when the Saudis threatened to withdraw from security cooperation with British intelligence agencies over a decision by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) to commence an investigation into allegations of bribery involving members of the Saudi royal family and government officials in an arms deal between BAE Systems and the Saudi government.

After pressure from the highest levels of the government of Tony Blair, the investigation was discontinued. A subsequent judicial review by the highest court in Britain accepted the argument by the government that the threat issued by the Saudis, which the British government claimed would have led to an increased threat of terrorism in Britain was a relevant consideration to be taken into account by the head of the SFO in making the decision to abort the investigation.

Court papers revealed that the rulers of Saudi Arabia had threatened to make it easier to attack London unless the inquiry was stopped. Secret files described how investigators were told that Britain would be faced with "another 7/7" and the loss of "British lives on British streets" if the investigation was not discontinued. The threats to withhold information related to potential suicide bombers and terrorists were claimed to have been made by Prince Bandar, when head of the Saudi National Security Council, on a visit to London in December of 2006 . . .

It is clear that the "shared interests and values" claimed by Donald Trump on his recent visit to Saudi Arabia to be at the basis of the partnership between the Americans and the Saudis are not predicated on what could be termed universal moral and ethical standards of behaviour. It is a partnership which is primarily based on the determined acquisition of power and domination which has been guided by an ends justifies the means ethos . . . Full story:

Comment: A plan for world conquest dated August 15, 1871 revealed that three future world wars would prepare the world for the New World Order, as simple as it has proved effective. Brother Branham also taught this. Clearly Britain and America are apostate nations.

London, Manchester, Paris et al – State Sponsored Terror, Again and Again?

June 6, 2017 — And again, as in previous terror attacks, the alleged three perpetrators are conveniently shot dead by police. Dead men can't talk. The same pattern, all over again. In Manchester, in London, Paris, Nice, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Orlando, San Bernardino—and wherever terror strikes, the alleged culprits are killed. And they usually leave conveniently an ID behind. Dead terrorists can't testify. They can't be asked to corroborate the stories of the police and authorities. These stories become truth without questioning.

By the way, has anybody ever seen these dead terrorists? Anybody, I mean, other than the police? Somebody neutral, trust-worthy?—Or are these dead terrorists perhaps invented to hide the real perpetrators behind these awful crimes on society?—Horrific crimes on a government's own people, with only one purpose—continue and step up wars by military, financial and propaganda aggression throughout the world, to achieve what Washington's bible, the PNAC (Plan for a New American Century), proclaims as ultimate goal: Full Spectrum Dominance? . .
Full story:

Comment: ISIS was 'allegedly' behind the London Bridge Attacks, Who is behind ISIS? What the British media in chorus fails to mention is that both ISIS and Al Qaeda are creations of US intelligence, recruited, trained and financed by the US and its allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and Jordan.

The Islamic State (ISIS) was originally an Al Qaeda affiliated entity created by US intelligence with the support of Britain's MI6, Israel's Mossad, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi Arabia's General Intelligence Presidency (GIP).

The origins of Al Qaeda date back to the Soviet-Afghan war. The Koranic schools in Afghanistan used to train Al Qaeda recruits were financed by the CIA, using textbooks published by the University of Nebraska. That's where the "evil ideology of Islamist extremism" referred to by PM May originated: The "Global War on Terrorism" is a lie, "Islamic terrorism" is a product of US foreign policy claiming to spread "Western civilization": (

You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make You Free

Scripture informs us, and we must understand that Satan has the world in bondage—principally to the BIG LIES of political ideologies such as Judaeo-Communism, Judaeo-Capitalism, demagogy, theocracy, democracy, political Zionism, Political Islam, etc., and religious or academic indoctrination (II Corinthians 4:4; Revelation 12:9).

The strongest form of bondage is not the physical restraint of iron bars, chains and manacles, it is spiritual whereby the iron bars, chains and manacles hold you in bondage to the five senses of your mind. Brainwashing manipulates your clean, innocent mind, imprinting Hollywood filth and perversion via television, false history, government lies, social inhibitions and religious fables from the cradle to the grave.

Christ is building His "little flock," a Church so small numerically it is not acknowledged by the world church system and will not be missed when it is translated in the convulsion of nature unprecedented since men were upon earth (Revelation 16:18). If at that time you are still imprisoned by your own mind, unable to release old habits, you will enter the great tribulation. Our City of Refuge is "the heavenly Jerusalem" in Jesus Christ.

Revelation 10:6 instructs us that when Christ opened the Seven Seals He swore "that there should be [(Gk.) chronos] time [or delay for mediation] no longer." Mediation for "that which was in part" ceased once "the mystery of God was finished," and since we now have the perfect interpretation of the Word with divine vindication He is in the prophetic office Son of man and Judge (John 5:25-27).

My advice is that you find a Church whose pastor is preaching the fullness of the revelation from God's Holy Bible, not simply quoting the words of His Prophet. Sit under his ministry, prove everything he teaches in your own Bible and feed your soul upon a clear understanding of the unchanging written Word; "stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us FREE, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage" (Galatians 5:1).

I am setting you an ESSENTIAL lesson, one which will smash the prison bars, break the chains and loose the manacles from your mind, setting you FREE from what Paul called "Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth" (Titus 1:14). This lesson includes a number of brief videos and requires a few hours of reading; if you study the Newsletters and Christian resources on our Church Website you will be familiar with some of this material, but please persevere so that you can clean your mind of the dirty brainwashing that has been imposed on you by the world. Full story: Holocaust Deprogramming Course

Comment: Very soon the modern state of faux Israel will be utterly defeated as Israel's prophets foretold in Isaiah 6:9-13; 13:6-16; Joel 2:2; Zechariah 14:1-2; Revelation 16:19, etc. The Gentile dispensation will be over, the BIG LIES of international Jewry will no longer be upheld by laws wherein the accused is presumed guilty and truth is no defence. A mass exodus of non-Semitic, anti-Semitic self-styled Israeli Jews will then allow the blood Israelite children of Jacob to return to the Land of their Covenant for redemption.

Terror in Britain: what did the Prime Minister Know?

City of London

May 31, 2017 — The unsayable in Britain's general election campaign is this. The causes of the Manchester atrocity, in which 22 mostly young people were murdered by a jihadist, are being suppressed to protect the secrets of British foreign policy. Critical questions—such as why the security service MI5 maintained terrorist "assets" in Manchester and why the government did not warn the public of the threat in their midst—remain unanswered, deflected by the promise of an internal "review." The alleged suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, was part of an extremist group, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, that thrived in Manchester and was cultivated and used by MI5 for more than 20 years [like Man Haron Monis, Lindt Cafe siege, ASIO - Ed.].

Col. GadaffiCol. GadaffiThe LIFG is proscribed by Britain as a terrorist organisation which seeks a "hardline Islamic state" in Libya and "is part of the wider global Islamist extremist movement, as inspired by al-Qaida" [i.e. Jew-controlled USA] . . . To the Americans and British, Gadaffi's true crime was his iconoclastic independence and his plan to abandon the petrodollar, a pillar of American imperial power. He had audaciously planned to underwrite a common African currency backed by gold, establish an all-Africa bank and promote economic union among poor countries with prized resources. Whether or not this would have happened, the very notion was intolerable to the US as it prepared to "enter" Africa and bribe African governments with military "partnerships" . . . [First image shows Col. Gadaffi surrounded by his trusted advisors, Generals Suleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi, Abdel Fatah Yunis and Ahmed Gaddafi Dam-ad who sold out Libya to NATO and Qatar. The Second image shows how Jewish POTUS Obama celebrated Purim in 2011, leading an alliance of anti-Christ crusaders from behind, firing 'humanitarian' assistance upon hospitals, homes, schools, power plants, ports and infrastructure in Libya—"Change you can believe in"—relieving Libyans of the burden of oil resources, excellent FREE education, healthcare and housing—unknown in "the land of the FREE"—provided by the prosperous civilization developed under 42 years of Gaddafi's rule.

In 1991 Jewish POTUS George I celebrated Purim by having 150,000 fleeing surrendered conscript Iraqi soldiers slaughtered with fuel air bombs and buried by US Military bulldozers in mass, unmarked desert graves, many of them still alive. And in 2003 Jewish POTUS George II issued a 48-hour deadline for President Saddam Hussein and his family to leave Iraq during the celebration of Purim, the rabbinic festival of revenge on the Gentiles.

In 2016 Purim was celebrated by the terror attacks in Brussels . . . by the governments of the West to create the conditions whereby formerly freedom-loving people will beg for a police state]. In the current election campaign, the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has made a guarded reference to a "war on terror that has failed." As he knows, it was never a war on terror but a war of conquest and subjugation. Palestine. Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya. Syria. Iran is said to be next. Before there is another Manchester, who will have the courage to say that? Full story:

Comment: It is difficult not to infer that the terrorist attacks in London and in Manchester were timed to influence the UK election on Thursday. the 'Hidden Hand' knows that by striking now they can increase fear and anger among the British population—intensifying anti-Muslim rhetoric, justifying harsher 'security' responses, shifting political support towards the right, radicalising disillusioned Muslim youth as pawns in their game.

Keeping Secrets: Theresa May, Manchester and the Corporate Media

May 31, 2017 — Back in 2011, my BSNews co-editor, Mike Raddie, reported to Metropolitan Police that suspected British citizens were providing funding and support for the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). Two weeks later, after no response from The Met, Mike contacted them again to be told that his report had been logged, but that the content was redacted. This was 'unprecedented' the officer told him.

A significant observation was made by political blogger, John Hilley, this week regarding the facts which have come to light surrounding MI6/MI5 collusion with Manchester-based Libyan and British-Libyan Jihadists in order to topple Gaddafi under Theresa May's watch as Home Secretary. Hilley wrote: 'Proper reporting of this story should be enough to bring down Theresa May'.

Think about that for a moment. We are now days away from one of the most important elections for decades, with Jeremy Corbyn rapidly closing the poll gap between himself and May, and the BBC, ITV News, Sky News and Channel 4 News are choosing not to tell the British voting public that the Tory leader oversaw, and (necessarily) approved, the withdrawing of terrorist control orders for known Jihadists in Manchester that they might travel freely between that city and Libya and so aid the UK government's effort to overthrow Gaddafi. They are choosing not to inform voters, at this most crucial time, that Theresa May knew, 'a thriving community of listed terrorists exists…in the midst of the British public, without any intervention by the UK government, security or intelligence agencies' (Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer Report, May 24th) . . . Full story:

'Without Putin, Syria would have ceased to Exist'

By Fr Daniel Maes and Eric van de Beek Copyright © Russia Insider, 2017

According to the Flemish Father Daniel Maes, who has lived in Syria since 2010, the coverage of the Syrian war is based on lies. President Bashar al-Assad is not the problem, but our own politicians, who support ISIS and Al Nusra, in order to topple the Syrian government. "The real terrorist leaders are in the West and Saudi Arabia".

The 79-year-old Father Daniel Maes is back in his native country Belgium. He stays in the Norbertine Abbey of the Flemish village Postel, which he left for Syria in 2010, when the country was not yet at war. In Qara he experienced precarious moments, when the village of 25,000 souls was overrun by a rebel army of approximately 60,000 men. He is on holiday now in Belgium to recuperate after he became ill in Syria ('I thought: I'm finished'), and could not tolerate the local cuisine anymore. But also to tell people in the West the "real story" about Syria, since they don't hear it from the mainstream media. In mid-June he returns, his suitcases filled with relief supplies for the needy Syrian population.

I met Father Maes last week in Antwerp. This week he will return to his monastery in Syria.

You live in a monastery dating to the sixth century AD, in a country far from home. How did you get there?

I arrived in Qara at the invitation of Mother superior, Sister Agnes-Mariam. She is quite a character. For years, she has roamed the world as a hippie. And she has the gift to modernise monk life while keeping its authenticity. In the Mar Yakub monastery I found what I had been looking for all my life: charismatic enthusiasm, ecumenical openness, missionary work and care for the poor. The monastery was a ruin when Mother Agnes-Mariam stumbled upon it, and since the year 2000 it was beautifully restored under her leadership. I came as a tourist, and I would have left as a tourist, but Agnes-Mariam asked me if I wanted to organise a propedeutical year, a preparation for priesthood training, the very first Catholic seminar of all Syria and so I stayed.

What was your impression of Syria before the war broke out?

It was a beautiful country. As I expected, it lacked political freedom. But above all I was pleasantly surprised. I very much enjoyed the Eastern hospitality, and I experienced a peaceful and orderly society that I had never experienced before in my own country or elsewhere. Stealing and insolence were virtually non-existent. The many different religious and ethnic groups lived in harmony with one another.

The country had no government debt and there were no homeless people. On the contrary, over two million refugees from neighbouring countries, such as Iraq, were taken care of and being treated in the same way as native Syrians.

Moreover, daily life was very cheap, such as food. Schools, universities and hospitals were free even for us as foreigners. I spoke to a French surgeon who said the hospitals in Syria were better than those in France.

How did the conflict in Syria begin? The prevailing opinion in the West is that the first protests in Homs started peacefully, and that things escalated because the government reacted violently.

President al-AssadThat's complete nonsense. I have seen with my own eyes how this so-called popular uprising arose in Qara. On a Friday evening in November 2011, on my way to the vicarage, where I was invited, I saw a group of about fifteen young people at the central mosque. They shouted Assad was a dictator, and that he had to leave. And I saw other youngsters who took pictures of it. They made such a noise; it gave me the chills. I reported it to the vicar, but he already knew. He said, "For some time now men have been coming from outside Syria, to make noise, and they invite our young people to take pictures and videos. If they deliver these to Al Jazeera, they receive money".

This was around the time when the violence started in Homs?

It must have been around that time. The Dutch father Frans van der Lugt, who lived in Homs and who was later killed there, had also seen and reported in his letters that it was not the police that started shooting, but the terrorists hiding themselves between the demonstrators.

The Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders has declared Assad should be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague for war crimes.

Koenders is just like the other so called European leaders. He is a little boy standing there like an emperor, while not being aware he has no clothes on him. Anyone with half a brain can see that he is a puppet of the Americans, telling him exactly what to say and not to say.

He who serves the interests of foreign powers and destroys the lives of people of other nations is a terrorist leader, unworthy of the name of a statesman.

Assad did nothing wrong?

See the poison gas attack in Ghouta, near Damascus, in 2013, for which Assad immediately was accused of. Is it so hard to understand the terrorists were behind this?

One year before the poison gas attack, Obama said, "The use of chemical weapons is a red line." At that very moment every journalist should have thought: "Doesn't that sound like President Bush, who said: "Within 48 hours, the weapons of mass destruction of Iraq must come to surface".

But they let themselves be fooled again.

An international committee of inquiry was sent to Damascus, accompanied by media from all over the world, and just after they arrived, there was this huge poison gas attack, practically under their noses. Some timing, isn't it? In Ghouta, of all places, an uninhabited region, where people had fled a long time ago. And within two hours pictures popped up of rooms with dying children. Pictures of Hollywood quality. Some proved to have been taken long before, others two hours after the attack. And nowhere a mourning mother to be seen.

Nevertheless there were mourning mothers, and fathers. But they did not live in Ghouta. They lived 200 kilometers away, in villages around Latakia. They recognised their children in the pictures. Two weeks before the poison gas attack, their villages had been attacked by terrorists, who had kidnapped their children. So, these children in the pictures were in fact kidnapped children from Latakia, who were killed to pull a media stunt. How is it possible that there are so many stupid journalists who did not see through that? This has all been well documented in the report of Mother Agnes-Mariam.

You think there are no war crimes committed by the Syrian authorities at all? In February, Amnesty International released a report on mass executions in a prison near Damascus.

If you, as a journalist, want to know what is really going on in Syria, you must come to Syria and find out for yourself instead of reading Amnesty-reports. And I ask you: How can a president who commits so many war crimes against his own people keep himself from being killed for such a long time stay in a country crowded with terrorists who want to finish him off? And why is it you see so many people in Syria with Assad's picture on their car's rear window?

Assad's face painted in a car parked at a destroyed area in Syria (Source: Business Insider) The Christians, Shiites, Druzes and Alawites perhaps. But also the Sunnis?

Absolutely. The vast majority of the Sunnis are behind Assad. And if you come to Tartus, where many Sunnis live, you will see not only pictures of Assad, but also of Putin.

For the Amnesty report on the Saydnaya prison, dozens of witnesses have been interviewed.

That's false. The latest story is that Assad has cremated thousands of people in that prison. This cannot be true. This prison is so small, they could never have done this in such a short period of time.

Amnesty has said that they cannot confirm the US story of cremations.

But they haven't refuted it either. And meanwhile, the media have repeated this ridiculous claim so often that the public has started to believe it's the truth.

How do you see the role of journalism? How is it possible their view on Syria is so different from yours?

For that you have to read this book of the German journalist Udo Ulfkotte, Bought Journalists, that he wrote from his own experience. If you go against the dominant narrative, and don't follow the script, you will inevitably collide with the Powers That Be. They will put you out of business.

In a way I can understand these journalists. They often have a family they need to take care of.

But it's beyond me how an organization like Pax Christi supports the assassination of Syrian Christians. Acting in the name of church communities, they promote these so-called "moderate rebels". By doing so they have totally turned themselves against the Christians in Syria, the bishops and patriarchs there.

I have seen a presentation of a so-called Middle East expert of Pax Christi. At the end of her lecture, she showed her sources. Those were: Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera.

Why do you think so many countries want to get rid of Assad?

In 2009, Qatar asked Bashar al-Assad to permit running a pipeline through Syria to the Mediterranean. Assad said, "We are not going to do that because we are already working on such a pipeline with Russia and Iran."

Then the war began. Not in 2011.

We must not forget: Homs is an important location for the passage of the pipeline. It's no coincidence that the violence started right there, and that Qatar's TV station Al Jazeera was on top of it.

And the other countries? Why do they treat Assad with such hostility?

For the West, it is unacceptable that Syria is still one of the few countries with a central bank that is truly independent and that the country had no state debt and thus did not need to be 'saved'.

And the Turks. They just want to revive the Ottoman empire. It's scandalous what they did in Aleppo. The city of Aleppo was the industrial heart of Syria. The Turks dismantled all of the factories in a few days and took them to Turkey.

Israel is also a very important motor behind the conflict. The Zionists want a pure Jewish state from the Nile to the Euphrates. They want to chop up Syria into a group of small, weak states, fighting each other. Likewise the old Roman motto: Divide et empera. Divide and rule.

The Israelis are bombarding Syria, they treat injured terrorists and they deliver weapons.

I think Zionism is as bad for Judaism as ISIS is for Islam. But let's not say that out loud, for many Protestants might take you for the devil.

The Israelis say they took part in the conflict because of the presence of Hezbollah's militias.

That's true. But Hezbollah is one of the greatest resistance movements there is. I spoke to young men of Hezbollah, and they say, "We started our organization when the Zionists came chasing and killing our families. And we therefore help those who are suppressed in the same way."

Israel sees Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

It is partly thanks to Hezbollah that so many Christians and other Syrians are still alive. They came to our rescue in our darkest hours. And the same goes for the Syrian army and the Russians. If Putin hadn't come in 2015, Syria certainly would have ceased to exist.

It is said that the Russians came to Syria to keep it in their sphere of influence.

President PutinThere certainly will be some self-interest involved. But Putin is a true Christian, wanting to defend Christianity. And he also wants a multipolar world order, in which no country dominates the rest. It annoys Putin that the Americans do not play by international rules. They overthrew the Ukrainian government, and then had the nerve to say that the Russians responded so aggressively. Syria is a sovereign country. That is what Putin emphasises. He also says: 'We are not there for the protection of Assad, but for the protection of the Syrian statehood.' Russia doesn't want another failed state, like Iraq and Libya. And let's not forget: The Russian military is the only foreign army in Syria with the consent of the Syrian government. What are other countries doing there? The Americans? The French? The Saudis? They have no right to be there. They are working on the destruction of Syria.

The Western governments say they are fighting ISIS. But you doubt that?

Do you remember these Hollywood-like images of ISIS entering Syria? An endless column of brand new Toyotas [made in the USA to US military specs – Ed]. They were moving across the desert like sitting ducks. Wouldn't it have been a piece of cake to have blown them off the face of the earth had the West really wanted? But that did not happen. Why not? And how did they get the Toyotas? Who gave those to them?

The thing we hear time and again is that ISIS accidentally gets weapons that are meant for the nonexistent moderates, and that by mistake the Syrian government troops bombarded. Here and there the US and its allies kill some ISIS warriors, but these are more exceptions.

Christians are a minority in Syria. How do they see the violence of ISIS, Al Nusra and other groups? As a problem of Islam?

First of all, they regard these terrorist groups as a political tool of the West, to disrupt Syria and bring regime change. And not only the Christians, the Muslims in Syria are of the same opinion. They are ashamed of ISIS and Al Nusra. They say, "That is not Islam."

How do you see violence in Islam?

Islam is ambiguous. The Qur'an contains very beautiful verses about peace. But in the Qur'an it is also said that the unbelievers, the non-Muslims, must be killed. The Bible and the Torah are not free of violence either.

That's so. But the imperfections of the Old Testament have evolved in the New Testament. And of the Qur'an, you could say, it's the Old Testament without the spirit of the New Testament.

Jesus said, "I'm not coming to bring peace but the sword."

If you kill or injure someone with the sword, then throughout the Christianity nobody will say, "That man is following the gospel." But if a Muslim blows itself up in a large group of people, then there are Muslims who will say, "I should actually do that too, but I don't have the courage."

But your experiences with Muslims in Syria are predominantly positive?

I have always been treated with the same hospitality by Muslims as Christians. Syria is a secular state. Syrians regard themselves in the first place as Syrians, and secondly as Christians, Sunni, Grape, Alawite or Shiite. It's clearly visible in the Syrian government. There you see ministers of various religions. Everyone can be himself. The harmonious cooperation of populations has always been characteristic of Syria. They see themselves as one family. I even met a colonel from the Syrian army, a Sunni, who asked me if I wanted to bless him before he left for Aleppo. How do Christians in Syria think about the support of Western governments to jihadi groups?

They suffer from the fact that their fellow-Christians in the West forsake them. They simply do not understand.

Perhaps there are Christians in Syria who welcome the fact that the West supports armed groups?

I do not know such people but if you're looking for them, maybe you'll find them. There are always exceptions to the rule but the average Syrian opposes any Western support to any armed group.

Are you in contact with any politicians in the European Union?

I spoke to Herman van Rompuy, in 2012, when he was President of the European Council. I was under the impression that he barely knew where Syria was. All he knew from Syria was based on reports describing the country as the most terrible dictatorship in the world. That meeting really disappointed me. When I told him that in my experience Assad was supported by a wide majority of the population, also by the Sunni, he looked at me as if I committed a sacrilege. It seemed to me he was mainly concerned with the question: "How not to step on those 28 pairs of toes in the European Council."

I have read that in the Netherlands, the Christian parties voted in favour of a proposal to stop supporting the Free Syrian Army, but Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom voted against it. Do you understand that? Is that because they are Zionists? If you are against radical Islam, why are you voting for supporting Islamic terrorists in Syria?

Many Syrians have fled to Lebanon and to areas in Syria under the control of the Syrian state. What distinguishes these refugees from those who flee to the West?

Everyone who had the opportunity to flee to areas controlled by the government's army did so, except those who did not see any future in Syria.

Young men leaving Syria for Europe are being criticised. Europeans ask themselves: Why aren't they fighting for their country, and protecting their mothers, sisters and other family members?

It is an organised disruption. Those young men have been lured to Europe because Europe has to be Islamicized.

Can any young man join the Syrian Army? Is there a service obligation?

Yes, The only way to escape the army is to hide or to flee the country. On the other hand, many older men have volunteered.

The West leads a boycott against Syria. How do the Syrians manage to keep themselves alive?

A lot of aid is brought into the country through charity. But, to my surprise, just before my departure from Syria, I saw medications that were made in Aleppo. So despite all the devastation there, they managed to re-start.

In a previous interview, you expressed the hope that President Donald Trump would make changes to US policy. Are you still so hopeful about him?

Trump said during his election campaign what any sane person would have said in his place: "We must stop delivering weapons to fighting groups in Syria because we do not know who they are. Let's stop intervening in sovereign countries. And let's fight terrorism with Russia".

That was hopeful. But in the meantime he has come under attack of the Deep State, the real rulers in the country. He fired those missiles at that military airport in Syria, probably under pressure from the Deep State. Nevertheless, he informed the Syrians, so little damage has been done. Most aircrafts were already taken away and half of the missiles did not even arrive. The next day the airport was operational again.

You are on holiday in Belgium. Are you going back to Syria with a restful heart? You've been through troublesome times.

In 2013, Qara was taken by a huge army of tens of thousands terrorists. They walked through the streets shooting. We then hid ourselves in the basement of the monastery. After a week, the area was cleared by the Syrian Army. They were only 200 men! They pushed the terrorists back to Lebanon, one group after another. That was because the terrorists did not form a unity. They fought each other. Yet, there is no human explanation for why the terrorists did not take the monastery when they arrived.

You were not afraid at that time?

Most of us had no fear even at the moments we thought: 'We're finished.' We also did not have time to worry, because there were children, women and handicapped we had to take care of. There was even a child born while we were in hiding. Everyone was very worried about each other. The children had to be kept busy. We played games, we prayed and sang. After a few days, we had no more water, only milk and at the end of the week it started to snow. That was the beginning of the end of the siege. nl978.htm

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