The Parousia of I Thessalonians 4:16

(Based upon notes compiled by Brian Kocourek)

Presence – Section IV

The stripes of Jesus Christ healed you, and the Presence of Jesus Christ verifies the fact that He's living today, ever able to keep every promise that He made. (What Is the Attraction - 65-0725.2E.)

But this is Spirit that comes upon the promised Word for this age, and brings forth and manifests, (not two tables of stone) but the Presence of the living God. (Unveiling of God - 64-0614.1M.)

All these years I've hid it in my heart, veiling Christ, same Pillar of Fire interpreting the Word, as promised. We're in the last days, just the Coming of the Lord. (Unveiling of God - 64-0614.1M.)

And we believe that there is to be a Church in these last days, that will receive both former and latter rain. It'll be scattered throughout the world, in this Laodicean Age. It'll be a Church that's called back to the original faith in God. It'll be a Church that'll have Jesus Christ walking in it, manifesting Himself; the shout of the King will be in it. (Hybrid Religion - 60-1113.)

You believe He's here, the invisible King? Things invisible are made manifest by the visible. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, only the corporal body. Now, if this is His Spirit that preached this through me, He will do the works that He did when He was here.

Five hundred walking into the river yonder, the first day the Angel of the Lord appeared visible to vindicate, like He did on Mount Sinai, that I've met Him ... Here He comes descending, that same Pillar of Fire that you see the picture there, descending down right down here at the river. That same Pillar of Fire is here with us. Are you aware of it? If you'll without one doubt believe that He's in the midst of the building, I believe He will prove Himself to you. (Future Home - 64-0802.)

Now the hidden mysteries of Christ was fully revealed in the Seven Seals. (Feast of Trumpets - 64-0719.1M.)

We find in the Scripture of Malachi 4, that there's to be an anointing come down, and to restore again that original faith ... Why was He to appear in this last days? If you go back (and you tape listeners) to the Bride Tree and bring up where Christ was that Tree that was in the Garden of Eden. He said It'll appear in the last days is to bring the people back to the Word, so that the Bride will know Her Husband, know Her Mate, the revealed Word.

The Holy Spirit's been bound by these denominational rivers for almost two thousand years, but is to be loosed in the evening time by the evening time Message: the Holy Spirit back in the Church again, Christ, Himself, revealed in human flesh in the evening time. He said; He promised it.

The seventh angel messenger say, "Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world." Not behold my Methodist, my Baptist, my Pentecostal; but the Word, the Son of God, the Lamb of God, that takes away the sin of the world; for no other foundations is there.

Let the great Holy Spirit, Lord (which I know there is, and revealing the thoughts, standing here on the platform) ... They know all about it; I pray that You'll heal them, Lord. (Future Home - 64-0802.)

Now, after almost two thousand years, He's visited their camp again according to His promised Word that He'd do in the last days. He's visit the camp again. He's visit the camp to manifest this Word today, just like He visit back in that day, and He did in Moses' day. (Going Beyond the Camp - 64-0719.2E.)

The Seventh Seal brings Him back to earth (Souls in Prison - 63-1110M.)

Come now to the Lord Jesus all who want to loose their guilty stains ... Christ is here! Come forward now while He is here.

That is God speaking. Find your way to this altar, you who are indifferent—shame on you! When the Holy Spirit will come and do the things He is doing right in the midst of you—and you sit here like you're frozen to death!

Get out of your seats and get to the altar. Repent or perish! I don't know why I am saying this, but something is saying to me to say it. I am giving you a warning, this may be your last one too! Repent! I don't care what church you belong to—if you're not repented and the love of God is not in your hearts, you're sinners and on your road to hell! That is "Thus Saith the Lord."

The same God Who discerns the spirits here and tells them their condition, is speaking right now. I speak in the Jesus Christ's Name. Fly to the altar, get to your repentance quickly before God turns the page over on you, and you're doomed forever! That is "Thus Saith the Holy Spirit" that is in the midst of us now! (The Eleventh Commandment.)

Oh, if they could forget the illiterate messengers, and remember: It's not the messenger, It's the Message! He's come down again with us in a form of a Pillar of Light. And He moves with His same miracles and signs: nothing out of the Bible, staying right with the Bible...(Hebrews Ch2 #2 - 57-0825.2E.)

Never before, since the early church age, was the Pillar of Fire ever among the people. Never before, since the early church age, did they ever see the things that we are seeing today. And this was only made possible when God sent the Seven Seals and give us a sign by It, and sent seven Angels down out of Heaven; and come to bring back that scattered Word in them denominations, and tie it back into the Word of God again, to bring down His Holy Spirit. (Uniting Time and Sign - 63- 0818.)

And today He's standing among us in the Person of the Holy Ghost, manifesting Hisself more and more, coming into His Church, making Himself known; because Him and the Bride, and the Groom, will be the Same, making Hisself known. And one day you'll see that the One that you feeled in your heart and see His identification, will become personalized before you. Then you and He are One. You've united by the Word, and the Word was in the beginning will go back to the beginning which is God. "And that day you'll know that I'm in the Father, the Father in Me, I in you, and you in Me." Hallelujah! We're here! (Doing God A Service - 65-0718.1M.)

Jesus Christ was the Person, Man, God. Hallelujah! He was the manifestation of God. He was God in a body form to reflect the Word of God for that age, to make that age see God's promise for that age. (Indictment - 63-0707.)

You know, in the old time when they used to make gold before they had the smelter to burn it out, they used to beat the gold out, beat the sludge out, the iron and copper and stuff out, and just keep beating, and turn it over, and beating it—the Indians do that now. Beating gold; and they beat it. You know how they could tell all the iron was out of it, and all the dirt and stuff, and the dross was out of it? When the one that was beating could see his own reflection like a mirror in it. It was clean and clear enough 'till it reflected the beater.

That's the way God does. He takes the gold that He has found in the earth, and He beats it by the Holy Spirit, turned it over, and over, and over, and beating it until He can see His reflection. And that's what we're supposed to do—reflect the Son of God. And now we're supposed to do His work. He said, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also;" You're beginning to reflect the works of Christ. But so many of us try to do the works of Christ before the reflection of Christ is in us. Now there's the trouble. We find the scrap heaps of ministers, of Christians, piled along the road. It is because they didn't go into it right. (Stature of a Perfect Man - 62-1014.1M.)

She said, if I can only touch His garment, see, and when that genuine faith in God became a positive thing to her, what did it release? It released His power to heal her.

It touched Him in such a way He turned around and told her what was wrong with her and said, "Your faith has saved you." What did? Faith. Others standing there might be sicker than she but you see she recognized His presence. She knowed that was her opportunity. If we could only do that tonight, people. If we could realize that He's appearing to us in these meetings for one purpose and that's to release our desires that we have in Him to us. But we've got to recognize His presence. And now, how do you recognize His presence is when the promised Word for this age is made manifest. Not the promised word of Moses' age, or any other age, it's the promise of the Word for this age. (Unrecognized Presence - 64-0618.)

Just think, your glorified body is right here at the Tabernacle now, the Presence of the Holy Spirit which is your glorified condition. You're glorified in Christ right now! "Those who He justified, He glorified." And your own glorified body is standing near you right now, in Christ Jesus, to give to you a strength like a charge going into a battery. The Holy Spirit is in you. It's to charge your body to give you new strength, to heal you from the sickness that you've got, to make you well. (Questions & Answers - 54-0103.1M.)

Divine healing is a minor in the Gospel, and you can never major on a minor. Anyone knows that. But it's a bait that's used to get people to believe in the supernatural Presence of God—the supernatural is present; and then by that, if they can recognize His Presence, then they are healed, see, by faith believing it. (Birth Pains - 65-0124.)

He said, "I come from God and return to God"—in order to return in the form of the Holy Ghost. And here He is with us today.

This church is going through a birth pain. Won't you make your choice now in His Presence? This is the Word of God made manifest, just as It was when Jesus come on the earth; it's Jesus Christ again among you, proven.

May the Pillar of Fire and the Pillar of Cloud move into the people today and sober them, Lord, to the realization of the Presence of the Living and mighty God. (Birth Pains - 65-0124.)

I'm the Lord that raised up Christ from the grave. I'm the One that sent the Holy Ghost; I'm the One that give the promise. Brother Branham has nothing to do in this. He's surrendered his life to Me; I'm using his spirit; I'm talking through his lips; that's Me, I'm the Lord come down! (Looking to the Unseen - 59-0410.)

Working for this one purpose, for you to recognize the Presence of Jesus Christ. See? If He is present, then, why, everything is settled. He made the Word. He is here to confirm It. He proves that He will confirm It. "He is just the same yesterday, today, and forever." We see Him do it last night, infallibly; we see Him, night after night, and day after day, and year after year. Never one time has He predicted anything, regardless of what it was, when it would happen, out of the thousands of times, of what was perfectly on the dot, on time, and right. (Presence of God Unrecognized - 64-0618.)

That Angel of the Lord that you see on the picture, the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel, that was made flesh and dwelt among us, come from God and went to God, returns back in the last days to perform, work, finish up the Kingdom, is right here within six inches of where I'm standing. Now remember that. (Let Us See God - 59-1129.)

He wants to borrow my body to prove that He's the resurrected Christ. I'm so happy to loan it to Him, give it to Him, anything He can get out of it. I'm not the Healer; He's the Healer. I can't see visions; He's the One Who speaks. It's just my body He's using. (True Easter Seal - 61-0402.)

Do you believe the same Angel of God that came to Abraham in mercy, who knew the secrets of the thoughts of Sarah, the same One Who stood on earth and knew the secrets of the thoughts of the mind, don't you believe that He's here now, the same God just before the world burns again in its destruction. Don't you believe that He's here? Then let's expect Him. Let's believe Him.

Just think, the very Lord Jesus that was back there in the days of the apostles is right here now. And it's just winding up the end of the Gentiles. A great move is going amongst the supernatural believers, 'cause we believe that God is here. (Questions & Answers - 54-0103.1M.)

As long as you love the world or the things of the world then the love of God's not in you yet. See? But as long as you're above that, then you know you have your inheritance. See, you, you're on your road to your full redemption and now, that will not come, you see, until we have first ... first we must see Jesus. And when He comes we'll have a body like His body and we'll be made like Him. (Revelation Ch5 #1 - 61-0611.)

I know you're standing right here, at the platform, that glorious (presence?) so close, though in another world or another dimension, standing here. We see Your presence and power of Your Spirit moving among our flesh, Lord. (Presuming, 62-0408.)

This is my ministry, to declare that HE IS HERE. (From That Time, 62-0713.)

Then it is germitized; so the Holy Spirit waters it until it is grown and serves its purpose. They do only His will. (Amen! I'll believe that.) No one can persuade them different. They have THUS SAITH THE LORD, or they keep still. Then they will do the works of God. For it is Himself in them, continuing His Word to fulfill as He did complete in His day. All things—when He was here, He did not complete all when He was here, for it was not time yet. (Spoken Word Is the Original Seed - 62-0318.2E.)

Now, we have already seen and are witnessing the appearing of the Lord. Now remember, appearing and coming is two different words, to appear and then to come. Now is the appearing, He's already appeared in these last days. Right here with us in the last few years. Now, it's a sign of His Coming. (End Time Evangelism - 62-0603.)

We are and believe that we are in the presence of Jesus Christ but it's your attitude that brings the results. The mechanics is here and so is the dynamics; if you can just get started, God will do the rest. (Proving His Word - 65-0426.)

When you see God come from the Heaven, stand before groups of man, and stand there, declare Himself just as He ever did ... And that's the Truth, and this Bible open. See? We're here! (The Rapture - 65-1204.)

When the Holy Spirit has revealed to you the Word Itself, and you see the Word made plain, vindicated; then the Spirit of God come and get into that age for the Word for that age and make it manifested. You can see the Presence of God vindicating and making the great drama that's foretold here in this Bible to act itself out. (Three Kinds of Believers - 63-1124.2E.)

And this Message of the hour that we're now enjoying—the Presence of God, the latter day, the evening time when the lights are shining, and the things is being opened up, and the Word vindicated and proved to be the Truth; both prophesied, comes to pass, all through scientific and everything proved that It is Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and forever; and a man walk out on that? He's an unbeliever. He's beyond hope.

And today, the very God that spoke of this age is on the scene doing exactly what He said He would do, and they're too blind to see it! (Three Kinds of Believers - 63-1124.2E.)

That same Pillar of Fire is here with us. Are you aware of it? He Has made some us for one thing and some another. If you'll without one doubt believe that He's in the midst of the building, I believe He will prove Himself to you. (Future Home - 64-0802.)

That's the identification of the Eternal King's Presence. Do you believe you're in His Presence?

You're feeding on His Word. And if you can have a time like this, here, just by His expressed attributes, what will it be when we come into His Presence?

And He's here to prove Himself, He's here. Now, it's based upon your faith. Believe, only believe. (Future Home - 64-0802.)

Now you can see what's happened just in the last few minutes, see, it's just I'm staggering, see, it's just everything's becoming blind to me. See, It's discerning. See, It's the Holy Spirit, it's not me. It's the Word promised for this day! It's never been since the days of the apostles, it never has been. (God Is His Own Interpreter - 64-0205.)

Malachi 4, said that Jesus Christ would come down and impersonate Himself in human flesh like He did at Sodom. (Spiritual Food in Due Season - 65-0718.2E.)

Dear Jesus, we are recognizing Your Presence. (Spiritual Food in Due Season - 65-0718.2E.)

The last trumpet like the last seal will be the coming of the Lord. (Ashamed - 65-0711.)

This ministry will end soon, and the expected Son will appear, Himself. (Total Separation From Unbelief - 64-0121.)

A man cannot sin until first he casts aside God's Word! He can't even sin (that's disbelieve) until first he gets rid of the Word of God, the Presence of God; he cannot sin. (Greatest Battle Ever Fought - 62-0311.)

The entire Holy Spirit visits the Church making God in human flesh as He did before Sodom, (Desperation - 63-0901.2E.)

The Token, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, is among us. We should reverence that.

Those great mysteries hidden in the Bible, opened up to us on a new field that we never knowed before, and perfectly blends in to the coming of the Lord Jesus. (Desperation - 63-0901.2E.)

My ministry is to witness the evidence of Jesus Christ raised from the dead. (Tower of Babel - 58-0129.)

Same Holy Spirit that saved the Lutherans, that sanctified the Methodist, that baptized the Pentecostals, is now setting in order the coming of the Lord Jesus. When it'll be so powerful, that Body will come into this group of Church that'll draw the rest of them from the grave! There'll be a resurrection! (What the Holy Ghost Was Given For 59-1217.)

We're at the end time... now the Holy Ghost by the restoration of Its very Person being in here, forming signs and wonders like He did at the beginning. (What the Holy Ghost Was Given For - 59-1217.)

The third pull has now been vindicated, and I am sure you all know what it is. Now remember, there will never be any impersonation of that, because it can't be. It cannot be. Now, it is in existence, and I am warned of this that soon, right at this time now, it has just happened, so it could identify its presence among you. See? But it will not be used in a great way, until this council begins to tighten up. (Looking Away to Jesus - 63-1229.2E.)

Now, we know that Christ is here. See? Maybe you don't see Him with your eyes. See? Maybe you don't, but through vision, I tell you, He's here. (Souls in Prison Now - 63-1110.1M.)

Now going in to the very headstone and presence of the angels of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, so present doing exactly the same works He did on earth, which brings forth the church and the Christ to unite together. Just exactly what He promised. (Mary's Unbelief - 60-0310.)

And that time may be this coming week that the Holy Spirit will come and bring Christ Jesus. (Looking Away to Jesus - 63-1229.2E.)

The Holy Ghost is the indwelling Presence of Christ's power, in the Spirit. (Evening Messenger - 63-0116.)

We believe that You are present. We believe that You'll honor Your Word. We believe You'll honor the efforts of the Word. Now send these blessings upon these people as they're waiting for Your Presence to visit them here at the altar. (Evening Messenger - 63-0116.)

And now Jesus, the Son of God, has come into this remnant, to pull the people for the capstone, to bring back the Son of God, to complete the thing for the Coming of the Lord. (Elijah and the Meal Offering - 60-0310.2E.)

Now, the Word Itself comes back in the form of the Holy Spirit, into us, and It's Word in you. God in you. (Perseverance - 62-0218.)

We find that, in the Presence of God, man recognize themselves to be sinners. We may feel pretty good when we're out different places, and feel like that we're pretty good people, but when we ever come into the Presence of God, then we see how little we are. (In His Presence - 62-0909.2E.)

When that Sound, of the Coming of the Lord, blasts; (Uncertain Sound - 60-1218.)

Sounding forth of the Coming of the Lord Jesus. Prepare for the battle! What battle? The Coming of the Lord! (Uncertain Sound - 60-1218.)

Now notice all these signs and wonders vindicating His presence.

Your great august presence that's with us now. Any man that's sensitive to the Spirit can tell that You're here, this great feeling of sacredness. (Going Beyond the Camp - 64-0719.2E.)

His physical being was raised up to the Throne of God, where the Spirit was on the Throne; now Christ is on the Throne, Jesus. "A little while and the world seeth Me no more, yet ye shall see Me, for I'll be with you to the end of the world, even in you." The Throne of God, of Christ, is erected into your heart; and He's setting on God's Throne, but in the Millennium He sets on His Own Throne. (Trying to do God a Service - 65-1127.1M.)

And when the True, genuine vindication of the Scripture of this last day Message and you see the presence of Jesus Christ, that you had heard what He done in His life, and hearing the Scriptures say, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever;" and just before the Sodom condition is fired over with the wrath of God, see Jesus return amongst His people, formed in human flesh, and doing the same thing He done.

We believe His Word, emphatically. We believe that the Word was made flesh. And we believe the Word is made flesh by the vindication of His Presence now to confirm His Word. (I Have Heard But Now I See - 65-1127.2E.)

In this age now you've got to accept (like they did in that age) the Person of Christ which is the Word!

We've turned a corner! We're looking towards Heaven, watching for the coming; the Cap on the Pyramid, as we would say, His coming back! The Church must be resurrected soon. (Leadership - 65-1207.)

So now and each night the Holy Spirit is trying to get to you the Presence of His Being here. Not the presence of a man. (Elijah and the Meal Offering - 60-0310.2E.)

This is the hour to where the Holy Spirit has come down in the form of a Light like He was at the beginning, a Pillar of Fire, and has manifested Himself, doing the very same things that He did when He was here on earth. (Questions and Answers on the Holy Ghost - 59-1219.)

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost made a way for the Holy Ghost Itself to come right down in perfection, back to the Word again to manifest Itself (Masterpiece - 64-0705.)

But this is introducing the Headstone, the last day, the Bride Tree. (Man That Can Turn on the Light - 63-1229.1M.)

He is here. Don't fear! Turn on the Lights, His promised Word, It lives.

Jesus the Son of God, Who promised the Word for this day, is right here with us.

And today He is with us. We have It; we know He's with us, the same Pillar of Fire, doing the same things that He did when He was here on earth to fulfill His Word. (Man That Can Turn on the Light 63-1229.1M.)

Word Bride heading up in the Person of the Word of God made manifest in this evil age that we're living. (God of This Evil Age - 65-0801.1M.)

As soon as this great one that'll come in the last days will finish his ministry, the Messiah will show Himself. (True Sign That's Overlooked - 61-1112.)

We're at the head now. This is Christ. Not the arms' time back in Luther; no, this is the Head time. Christ, the Headstone, comes to the Body. (Future Home - 64-0802.)

The twelfth chapter of Revelations, which lays between the coming of the Lord and the ending of the trumpets.

Jesus said it would repeat again when He would be revealed in the last days, the Headstone coming into the Body, to redeem, coming to take His Own. (Future Home - 64-0802.)

I believe we're at the Coming of the Son of God right now. We believe that You're just as much Jesus Christ tonight, here, as You ever was. And You're only looking for eyes, arms, legs, mouth, souls, bodies, that You can use to manifest Yourself.

Where's He at tonight? Sitting on the right hand of the Majesty, His body; the Holy Spirit is here in the building, to make Him known. (God is His Own Interpreter - 64-0205.)

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