The Parousia of I Thessalonians 4:16

(Based upon notes compiled by Brian Kocourek)

The Seventh Seal – Section VIII

And we can look towards Heaven and see the Son of man rising from His Throne to start towards the earth for the Rapture of His Church, and know that His precious feet won't touch this sinful earth at that time; for as Rebekah rode the camel and jumped off the camel, right between the house of Abraham, out in the field she met her bride. O God, and the Church will meet our Bride in the air (Thyatira Church Age 60-1208.)

There will never be a Jesus set a foot on this earth until the Church done raptured and gone. Now just bear that in mind, because there'll be false christs rise up. But Jesus will not be here on earth; 'cause the trumpet sounds, and He never comes, we meet Him in the air (the Church is already gone). And then when Jesus appears, it'll be the returning back. The Gentiles goes to meet Him in the air. Is that Scripture? See? They go to meet Him in the air, and then we go up. And Jesus is ... never puts His feet on the earth until the Church has been raptured and took Home and the Wedding Supper's over, then He returns back after the Jewish remnant. (Sardis Church Age - 60-1209.)

When the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be preached and proved and the God of Heaven in the form of His Pillar of Fire wave over the people and show that Jesus Christ is in the last session of His coming, giving them the last sign, and laugh at It and make fun of It, and call themselves church members, and then say they're not neurotics? Explain that. My time just keeps on going. But just ask if they're not neurotics. Sure, they're educated neurotics. That's exactly! (Is Your Life Worthy of the Gospel - 63-0630.2E.)

Revelation the 10th chapter and 1 to the 7th verse. Time runs out. The angel said, "Time will be no more," when that ... in the days of this great thing to happen. Everything runs out in this time—the end of this Seventh Seal.

Notice, it's the end of the church age. It's the end of the Seventh Seal. It's the end of the trumpets. It's the end of the vials, and even ends the ushering in of the Millennium—that's on the Seventh Seal.

It's just like firing a rocket into the air, and that rocket explodes here and it goes up, and then it explodes again.

Now, do you notice on the opening of this Seventh Seal, it's also in a threefold mystery. This one I have ... will speak and have spoke, that it is the mystery of the seven thunders. The seven thunders in Heaven will unfold this mystery. It'll be right at the coming of Christ, because Christ said no one knew when He would return (Seals 63-0324.2E.)

At the sounding of the Seventh Church Age, the last church age, all the loose ends that through these church ages have been probed at, will be wound up together. And when the Seals are broke and the mystery is revealed, down comes the Angel, the Messenger, Christ, setting His foot upon the land and upon the sea with a rainbow over His head. Now remember, this Seventh Angel is on earth at the time of this coming.

Just as John was giving his Message, the same time that Messiah come in the days—John knew he would see Him, because he was going to introduce Him.

Now, here's the angel on earth, and another Angel, mighty Messenger come down. See, this angel was an earthly angel messenger. But, here comes One down from Heaven—a rainbow, covenant, see? Only Christ, it could be—just exactly like it was in Revelation first chapter.

"When the Seventh Angel has begin to sound, then the mysteries should be finished and time for the Angel to appear. We're close, somewhere. That's right. (Seals - 63-0317.2E.)

There has to be eyes first to see, and then when that come, He opened the Seven Seals and revealed the evening Light, taking all the mysteries that's been hid down through these church ages and now revealed them as He promised to do in Revelation 10:1-7. Here we are today setting in the midst of the Word, and the Word being revealed to us by Jesus Christ. Then this is God's Word. (Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word - 65-0822.1M.)

The evening Light has come, God vindicating Himself.... How many seen it, the white wig upon Him, as we talked in Revelation 1?.... The Angels themselves was His wig. Amen.

What's happened upon Mount Sunset? God confirming His Word. That's what all this noise is about. Notice, it's God fulfilling His promised Word again, of Revelation 10:1 to 7, "And in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel's Message, the mystery of God should be finished." The hidden mystery of Revelation 10:1 to 7, the last message to the last church age. Fulfills exactly, in this age, St. Luke 17:30, "The day when the Son of man shall be revealed." (Attraction On the Mountain - 65-0725.2E.)

What did He do? He opened up the Seven Seals of the last message. Did you notice that? The Seven Seals which all the mysteries of the Seven Church Ages were sealed with Seven Seals. The reformers didn't have time to do it in their days. They didn't live long enough. But this blessed revelation of the Seven Seals is opened to us in this last days from a prophecy that went forth to Arizona. (Invisible Union - 65-1125.)

How can a denomination accept those Seven Seals when it is absolutely contrary. The serpent's seed and all those other things—the whole full Seven Mysteries is contrary to what they have been taught, because they took the old school from the Bible school. And the Seven Seals that God, when it was opened on the mountain ... God, let me die right now in this pulpit if that isn't the Truth.

The Word that fell on the day of Pentecost will not work this day. No sir, that was for Pentecost. This is for the Bride going Home of the Bride. (Invisible Union - 65-1125.)

There's man sitting right here in this building tonight was standing right there when it happened, and said the Seven Seals of the hidden mysteries of the entire Bible would be opened and fulfill Revelations 10, that in the Seventh Angel's Message these things should come to pass! This day this Scripture is fulfilled before our eyes! This day this Scripture is fulfilled.

Where are we in this great time we're standing, the great hour that we're living? All the visions has been fulfilled. "The entire Bible, as much as had been revealed to man through justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, the baptism in Jesus' Name, and all these things has been revealed, but there is secrets that's hid inside, because the Bible's sealed with Seven Seals. I must go there to find it."

That morning when those seven Angels come down and blasted the earth, and rocks flew every way, seven Angels stood there and said, "Return back to Jeffersonville from where you come from, for the Seven Seals of the Seven Mysteries will be opened."

Here we are today, we're understanding Serpent's Seed; in a few days, if God willing, we'll understand the correctness of Marriage and Divorce and all these things that God's opened, every Seal, the mysteries, since the foundation of the world, and we've enjoyed the Presence of His blessings. That is true. This day this Scripture...

Seven Seals has been opened, the whirlwinds to the west coast. Now, don't miss it like they did back yonder. (This Day This Scripture - 65-0219.)

We heard the Word say that, "In the days of the seventh angel." In the Church Age, He just said, "The seventh angel's Message would be the last Message." And then, oh, we find out over here in Revelations 10, "In the days of the Message of the seventh angel, the mysteries of God should be finished," the Seventh Seal would be pulled back. (Shalom - 64-0112.)

This is the complete revelation of Jesus Christ, and the Seven Seals had the mysteries hid of what it all was, and is supposed to open it in the last day, at the Laodicean age, at the end of time. Thanks be to God, that finishes the Message to the Church.

That Seventh Seal hasn't opened yet, you know; that's His coming.

Look! I want to say one more thing. Closely now, don't miss this. How striking! From the seventh angel's (messenger of the Seventh Seal) Message (and Revelations 10 was the Seventh Seal) (Feast of Trumpets - 64-0719.1M.)

But now as Revelation 10 is revealed, the mysteries of God is made manifest—known as the seven-sealed Book promised. Now let your faith in Him Who is the Word. Cause in Revelations 19 it says... (Unveiling of God - 64-0614.1M.)

And so, there He spoke to me and said, "The Seven Seals will be opened. The seven mysteries—seven-fold mystery of the Bible that's been closed up since the foundation of the world will be revealed." And we, yet a humble little group compared with all the world, we've enjoyed these blessings now, hearing those mysteries. (Rising of the Sun 65-0418.1M.)

Remember! The Quickening Power. Look what we've seen in this day. The Quickening Power has come to us to open the Seven Seals. What was that? The intelligence of a man? No, the Quickening Power of God. See? The Quickening Power of God foretold this would take place. See? But the Quickening Power of God made the world testify to It, it's the Truth. The Angel of the Lord, what I told you was around, that Pillar of Fire, Quickening Power, let the world testify that It's the Truth. And in that, they didn't know what It was, and we who just look this way... and It's our Lord up there. You see?

He is the One Who opened those Seals; He is those Seals. For the whole Word of God is Christ, and Christ is the Seals that was open. What is the opening of those Seals then? Revealing Christ. And the very seven Angels which represented the Seven Churches was all completed, and we couldn't even see It. They took the picture, not us. And there He is standing there, Supreme Judge, showing that He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. What identification!

Quickening Power did that to us. Quickening Power lets us see His coming. (Rising of the Sun - 65-0418.1M.)

He will not be on earth now, the Messiah will not be on earth until the Millennium sets in. See, see? Cause the Church, "we're caught up together to meet the Lord in the air." (Questions & Answers - 61-0112.)

Who's heard the Seven Seals ... And who would dare to say, that wasn't the inspired Word of God; when He foretold It here, and sent out yonder to Arizona, and brought It right back, even with science and everything else, and proved It so. This Book's already opened; (that's right), just waiting for the Seventh Seal to be identified with the coming of Christ. All right, He's on your hands. You got to do something with Him. Don't take Him off. (What Shall I Do With Jesus Called Christ? - 63-1124.1M.)

All the time knowing back there under healing and so forth like that, was just to catch the people's attention, knowing the Message would come. And here it is. And them Seven Seals opened, those mysteries and showing those things is what's happened. (Rapture - 65-1204.)

She has been given and revealed to Her the Seven Sealed mysteries of the Bible. (God of This Evil Age - 65-0801.1M.)

I left here, by a vision, to go yonder to Tucson, to see what the Lord wanted me to do. There He met me up there, as He told you here that He would do it, and the form of seven Angels, and said to return back and the Seven Seals was to be opened. That's just exactly what happened. (Ashamed - 65-0711.)

But you see, He sends the rain (back to our subject) on the just and the unjust. Jesus tells you here now in Matthew 24 it would be a sign at the end time. Now, if this sign is only to be known at the end time, then it'll have to be after the opening of those Seals. See? It's a sign of the end! That would be, when these things happens it'll be at the end time. And it'll be a sign, now, so the Elected will not be confused in these things. You see it? Then it's got to be revealed, exposed (Anointed Ones At the End Time - 65-0725.1M.)

Revelation 10 said, "In the days of the sounding of the seventh angel..." Anointed Ones At the End Time - 65-0725.1M.)

Notice the very day when this messenger, not when he starts on the... but when he begins to declare his Message. See? The First Pull, healing; Second Pull, prophesying; Third Pull, the opening of the Word, the mysteries revealed. Now there's no more higher order to reveal the Word than prophets. But the only way the prophet can be a-vindicated is by the Word. And remember the Third Pull was the opening of them Seven Seals to reveal the hidden Truth that's been sealed in the Word. Do you see it? It is then, in that day when this thing is to take place that Jannes and Jambres, the impersonators, will appear again, just like they did when Moses appeared with the original Word to say it; they appear to impersonate it. (Anointed Ones At the End Time - 65-0725.1M.)

God's great mystery of how ... It's a secret. He kept it a secret. Nobody knowed nothing about it; even the Angels didn't understand it. See? He didn't reveal it. That's the reason under our seventh mystery, when the Seventh Seal was opened, there was silence ... And that's the reason there was silence in Heaven for a space of a half hour. And Seven Thunders uttered their voices, and John was even forbidden to write it (see?)—the coming of the Lord. That's one thing He hasn't revealed yet, of how He will come, and when He will come. It's a good thing that He doesn't. No. He has showed or revealed it in every type that's in the Bible. Therefore, the entire Bible is the revelation of God's mystery in Christ. See? The entire Bible is an expression of one goal that God had, one purpose He wanted to achieve in the entire Bible, and all the acts of the believers in the Bible has been in type and expressing what God's great goal is. And now in this last day, He has revealed it and shows us. (Christ Is the Mystery - 63-0728.)

Remember the Seven Seals is finished, and when those seven revealed Truths—one of them, He wouldn't permit us to know. How many was here at the Seven Seals? All of you I guess. See? The Seventh Seal, He wouldn't permit it. He stood right there in the room and revealed every one of them, and if I ever preached anything in my life that was inspired, it was that. (Souls In Prison - 63-1110.1M.)

Every Seven Trumpet took place in that Sixth Seal. The seven is always a mystery. Watch that seven; that's the finish. That was the coming of the Lord. Then it wasn't revealed when that Seventh Trumpet sounded, or the Seventh Angel or ... Seal was opened, then there was silence in the Heaven: See? It wasn't give away, what would take place. But under the Sixth Seal, where these Trumpets opened, remember under there, we find out that the Lamb came forth, appeared on the scene. He had left the mercy seat. His work of redemption was finished.

When these Seven Seals was opened, that opened up the entire Bible. The Seven Seals, it was sealed with Seven Mysteries. And in these Seven Seals, held the entire mystery of it, and it was the Book of Redemption—New Testament. (Souls In Prison - 63-1110.1M.)

The evening time, He promised He'd reveal—open those Seven Seals and show what them churches had missed back there. Revelation 10, and Malachi 4, Luke 17:30, He said He would do it, so let's not mix it up. Let's keep it right like that. (Doing God A Service - 65-0718.1M.)

But that was a conception that they had before the fullness of the Word come into existence or the opening of the Seven Seals that's promised to us in this age. (Things That Are To Be - 65-1205.)

We find out that during that time I saw seven Angels in a form of a pyramid that swept down and picked me up. And I was brought east to open the Seven Seals for God. And if you haven't got them ... If Jesus tarries, and I... My great grandchildren, little Paul's children... That will still be the Eternal Truth of the living God! Now, that was to find out... That was sealed inside this mountain. That wasn't wrote. It had to be interpreted. And when I come back, the first Angel, on the first night, opened the Seal contrary to anything we ever heard in our life. And all the seven come out the same way. You know that. You were here present when it happened. (Standing In the Gap - 63-0623.1M.)

See, on the Sixth Seal, all Seven Trumpets sound right there on that Sixth Seal (see?), just before the Seventh Seal opens the coming of Christ. (Man That Can Turn On the Light - 63-1229.1M.)

Now notice, but at the opening of the Seven Seals, Revelations 10, the full Word is to be borned into manifestation again and vindicated by the Spirit of God in the full strength, as It was when It was here on earth, manifested in the same way, doing the same things that It did when It was here on earth. Amen! Hebrews 13:8 said Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. In St. Luke 17:30 Jesus said, "In the last days, as it was in the days of Sodom when the Son of man will be revealing Himself again, it'll be the same thing."

The world's in a Sodom condition, and the church has went into Sodom with it like Lot and his wife. And I say that there is a elected Church somewhere in this world that's pulled out and set aside from those things. And the manifestation of God has attracted it's attention. We're at the last days. (Seed Is Not Heir With the Shuck - 65-0218.)

God promised rabbits in the days of Luther. He promised other things in the days of others. But now He's promised us a full square meal, the full seven course menu, for all the Seven Seals are opened and everything is ready for the Word of God, for those who can receive ... (Seed Is Not Heir With the Shuck - 65-0218.)

The seven and last one of these Seals, when they're opened, it's found in Revelations the 10th chapter, there was a mighty Angel (which was Christ) came down and put one foot on the land and one on the sea, and raised up His hand and says, "The day is finished. Time is run out. It's all over. Time shall be no more." (Revelation Ch 5 #II - 61-0618.)

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