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"Have you caught the true revelation of the Oneness of the Godhead and have you since been rebaptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in obedience to our Lord's command".
Should Christians observe a seventh day Sabbath, or worship on Sunday?
Ministers and friends tell me all three persons of the Godhead were present at the baptism of Jesus
Is glossalalia or speaking with other tongues the evidence of the baptism with the Holy Ghost?
Is the Church built upon Saint Peter or Jesus of Nazareth?
How can I live above sin?
Does it matter how I am baptized?
How do I receive the Holy Spirit?
Should my baby be baptized and are babies which die without baptism lost?
I have been attending a church which is legalist forbidding sisters to preach, cut their hair or wear shorts and slacks but I believe there is neither male nor female, we are all one in Jesus
Why don't Christians keep the Ten Commandments?
Is it wrong for women to work?
Why did Saint Peter baptize in the Name of Jesus Christ when Jesus said in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?
Why is it so hard to live the Christian life?
Aren't bishop and pastor the same office?
My boyfriend is not a Christian, he comes to church but has no interest or understanding of the Word
Should Christians tithe their income or was this only an O.T. Law?
Is ecumenism God's will? If Jesus prayed we might be one, why is it some churches are slow to unite?
Is Communism the antichrist?
I read we should expect a prophet to the church before the rapture, doesn't the Bible say John the Baptist was the last prophet?
Why are Christians forbidden to eat blood?
I draw you attention to Matthew and the Cannanite woman who called for Jesus to save her. Jesus did not reply. When his disciples asked about it, He said, "I was sent only to the Jews." When she repeated her call, He said, "It is not fair to throw the Childrens bread to dogs"
What is the situation regarding ordination of women by the C of E
The one thing that always scared the male dominated priesthood is that women can bring forth life into the world. Women had a sacred place in society. Time for a step back in time but foward in equality and justice
I am certain that if Christians threw out the commercial junk and got back to reality, the next generation of Christians would be better off for it
I reckon denominations are the work of Satan. Surely it's not the wish of God that his people quibble over small matters. Those who divide need their heads read. Look at the trouble that division of religion has caused world-wide. I reckon we must analyse or faith RIGOUROUSLY
Was the Flood of Noah's day a universal or purely a local flood?
I'm looking for information on the origin of the Star of David.

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