Understanding Life

A thought expressed is a Word. So God's Word is His will. We obey God's will in our lives only when we fulfill His Word. And without faith it is impossible to please God. So faith is a clear understanding of the revealed Word of God. It's knowing what He means. It's the mind of Christ in you. And when we understand His thoughts, that's our assurance of eternal Life and glory.

Gaining understanding of life is an asset of real value, worthy of human effort and sacrifice.

Understanding is to we humans as its hard shell is to an oyster; a long neck to a giraffe; high speed to an antelope; or cunning to a fox. True understanding is our only protection when we can't run from danger; our only hope of a meal when food's beyond our reach; our only safety when we can't fight. It is, in truth, our main means of community survival, and the only asset we can accumulate in life that cannot be easily lost or taken from us.

Christians may forget, but they cannot lose faith. "Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin (or unbelieve God's Word); for His faith (or understanding) remains in him and he cannot unbelieve or sin, because he's born of God" (I John 3:9).

Without true understanding of life we have little control of our lives or future. To just react blindly - to act, protest or praise without understanding - is to be no more than leaves blown in the wind, what Paul called "sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal". The bliss of ignorance is the bliss of stupidity. Understanding of what is outside of ourselves separates the human from the animal.

In our recent study of The Convention on the Rights of the Child, we learned how those who set up and control the UN are employing the religion called "Humanism" to convince the ungodly that they are not human at all but a pile of minerals that took form through chance mutation. These people are dumbing-down the masses whom they consider human cattle, and by cleverly taking from them what little understanding they have, persuade them to believe they are no more than animals.

Without understanding of life we are no better than animals and behave worse. A buyer at life's auctions, who doesn't understand values; a cook who doesn't understand flavours; a musician without rhythm.

Understanding brings wisdom to knowledge and is of greater value than money or possessions, because these can be easily gained with understanding, and easily lost without it.

It is often said that "life was not meant to be easy", if that saying is to have any useful value it must be understood.

In fact, life was meant to be easy. Life becomes 'not easy' when we lack understanding of it. Without some basic understanding of life we become controlled by negatives such as greed, selfishness, feelings, pride, prejudice, and influences which can be beneficial only so long as they are controlled by understanding. When we do not understand these influences, they cause us to behave without human restraint.

Without understanding, behavior is mindless; we create pain and trauma for ourselves and others. So, to have logical meaning, the phrase "life was not meant to be easy "has to be understood in the sense of "easy" being the easiness of irresponsible behavior. It is very appealing to the adolescent mind to want to live without responsibility. Life was not meant to be that kind of easy.

When people understand and take responsibility for their actions, life will not only be easy but also satisfying. Knowledge without understanding can be a very dangerous thing.

However, to achieve the good life, we have to care enough about life to put truth ahead of ego, pleasure, pride, prejudice, etc., and, in conscience, search for, and help each other regain, social understanding.

(Interview: Jonathan Gray "Sodom and Gomorrah").

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