The NWO - Communism, Alive and Well

This-morning we'll speak further with archaeologist Jonathan Gray, and illustrate how the Old Testament shadows and types are for our instruction in this present day.

John Wesley taught that Christianity was more than agreeing with the Bible, and that the theories of the Book had to be practices in our individual lives by experientially living the Word. And Brother Branham said, "The Token is the Life of Christ in you. But the Token is not the Token unless It's on display." Christianity is no spectator sport, it's the real Thing and only available to participants.

People now tend to value fantasy more than reality, living in the imagination of their own mind. Rather than experientially living real life experiences, they surrender their minds to the media and entertainment industries to stimulate with establishment doctrines and shameful fantasies. Many are incapable of independent thought, culminating in a clear understanding. And of those who are, few bother to apply that understanding to change reality.

Many people have followed the exposure of cultural subversion with great concern for years, but without serious attempt at involved understanding. When we see life as a survival movie, it's not so obviously important that information be true or realistic. without involvement, each new claim, credible or incredible, is just part of another 'dramatic and exciting' episode.

When suddenly the world we accept as our own seems changed and violent, we are dismayed. "How can such things happen, we ask each other?" "We must change the law!" We don't see that law without understanding will not change our attitude to life.

Most crime isn't the result of failure of law or because criminals are not human, but because of lack of human understanding.

If we understood that truth is the important part of kindness we'd see the warning signs and understand the danger of dramatization. Too many of our citizens spend several hours daily, switched-off to reality, turned-on to a fantasy of dramatization.

The whole literature exposing the subversion of our culture is treated lightly, like the book "1984". This warning by George Orwell, (an accredited left activist who saw the light), was camouflaged as fiction. But, stripped of dramatization, the story foretold quite clearly what was to happen, i.e. that lies would be promoted as truth; hate would be disguised as love and war would be promoted as enforcing peace. History would be constantly re-written to suit the plans of the criminal establishment (big brother). Children (taught false values) would "dob-in" their parents for politically incorrect behavior and all would be continually spied on.

We now live in a world of human deprivation and ignorance because we could not be bothered to accept or study the basic logic of life. Rational behavior has been subverted to self-indulgence. common sense has become a most uncommon commodity.

The sham of world government in Australia has been exposed. With study we can understand why and how the crime is committed and how it could have been prevented. But few are prepared to accept that a human catastrophe is being deliberately created, and that 'our' government is involved.

All the information you'll ever need has already been collated and made readable; to keep documenting it only encourages continued 'serialization' and escapism by those who should be studying to responsibly understand the world in which we live.

(Interview: Jonathan Gray, "Applying Shadows and Types").

Here are some shadows and types that are coming to pass now. Mr. Gorbachev who was President of the USSR, has established a tax free foundation in the USA. When asked how the US State Department could authorize this tax free foundation whose objectives were for global socialism and to negotiate with Russia's Academy of Science to develop curriculum to restructure American Education, David Hamburg answered, "privately endowed foundations can operate in areas governments prefer to avoid." (Soviets in the Classroom, by Charlotte T. Iserbyt).

In September, 1995, the Gorbachev Foundation hosted a five-day "State of the World" Convention in San Francisco. Ex-President Gorbachev presided over most of the meetings.

"When questioned about his goals, the former head of the Communist Empire answered, 'What we see as our special role is to promote a value shift... the continuation of building a NWO order'."

"Again and again the Communist leader and his hand-picked "council of the wise", told the assembly of 1,000 guests, that a new set of inclusive universal values must replace the Judeo-Christian world view." The wisdom distilled by all faiths, must determine the values needed to guide the world into the 21st century"... (but it excludes Christianity) ...

"As in our new schools, all earth centered religions fit the global model, except belief in the Biblical God... Spiritual leaders who addressed the conference included The Editor of New Age, The Rajit Gandhi Foundation, Cambodian Buddhism... they left no doubt that Christianity was marked for decay... Apparently the time has come to put pretense aside and face the goal:a borderless planet. Nations and States were out.. The birth of the global village will force everyone to develop new perspectives. It raises new issues such as, how global government would compensate nations for reduction of their sovereign power; the process by which consensus will be arrived at; the re-writing of international agenda.. "But as in this conference, only the chosen elite would participate in the consensus-building process, outsiders will have no voice: dissenting voices would be ignored."

Michael Clark, writing in "Wake-UP Magazine" says, "The UN, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, The World Trade organization, and the European Union are supernational rather than international bodies. They've become very powerful... moving rapidly towards an open agenda of Global Federalist Control."

"The EU, through the treaty of Rome and tens of thousands of directives and regulations, is like a great octopus whose tentacles reach into every nook and cranny of the national life of it's member states... While the British people slept, blindly trusting their politicians, this Kingdom... has been shamelessly betrayed. What's happened is nothing short of treason."

"An unofficial "Islamic Parliament" has already been formed in Britain, and mosques and cultural centres opened throughout the land at the rate of one every month since 1980".

It seems reasonable therefore that Muslim countries should allow, even encourage, Christian missionaries to work in their own lands; that would be reasonable considering their freedom in Britain, and other Christian countries? Not so. In Saudi Arabia, any Muslim who converts to Christianity is subject to the death penalty, and Christian worship, literature and Bibles are strictly forbidden.

When American and British Forces came to the aid of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, to support them against the invasion of Iraq, they were not permitted to hold Christian services on Saudi land, and had to move out to sea in ships to hold religious services.

The Secretary General of Islamic Propagation has declared, "We're going to turn South Africa into a Muslim State, we have the money to do it, as Libya's Moammar Gaddafi is willing to provide the finances to do it".

The major moves in the world today are for One World Government and One World Religion. Should we be surprised?

The prophet Daniel foretold world history from the time of Babylon through the Medo Persian and Greek empires, and Roman rule down to the present day. Daniel spoke of a time when that rule would be a mixture of iron and clay which can't remain united. In Revelation 17, Jesus foretold how they will unite to rule the NWO, and divide again between east and west; and how the Communist East will blast the West off the face of the earth. Following which Daniel states: "In the days of those kings, God will set up a Kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will It be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end but will itself endure forever."

Satan knows he has but a little time, and is working flat out to establish his kingdom, this one world government, the NWO. He'll appear for a time to succeed, but his forces will utterly destroy themselves. Then Jesus Christ and the glorified saints of all Ages will step out upon the atomic ashes of the wicked, and true peace will be established forever (Living Light, #2, Vol 96). radio059.html

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