Scenario for Disaster

It's Sunday, aren't you glad about that!

Oh, yes, I'm a happy boy. It's Sunday, the best day of the week, and its the eighth day, which many Christians honor in memory of Christ's resurrection. They meet for worship and to fellowship on His Word. Of course, there are only seven days in the week, so the eighth day speaks of eternity which is the restoration back to the first day, before Eve started the world rolling in sin.

Christians ought to be the happiest people in the world. Nothing can withstand them. Even old Age can't touch them in this day. For God's promised that the dead in Christ shall rise first. This will happen very soon. Jesus was certain that the generation which saw Israel restored to the Promised Land, will not die-out through old age before the millennium. And He takes the saints Home seven years before the Millennium.

Yes sir! Brother or Sister, I'm a happy boy!

One reason I feel so happy today is the revelation that I'm one of a chosen few.....very few. Jesus calls us the elected. And by our own choosing we follow Him.

But, Brother Anthony, how can you say you know you're one of god's elect? How do you know its not psychology, .... or pride?

I can speak with this assurance that by His grace I understand His Word for this day. I can understand the PRESENT Truth, and see it coming to pass in my life.

Jesus said that those who are His sheep will receive His Word, and will not follow a stranger.

But Brother Anthony, your teaching is so different to mainstream denominational doctrine.

Thanks for the compliment. Were I teaching denominational ideas, I'd have reason to doubt my salvation, let alone my Christianity, or new birth. If you read Matthew 25 and Revelation 18, you'll see that God's calling His people out from all denominational ideas. According to Daniel, Romans and Revelation, denominations become the antichrist in the end-time. Under Rome, the denominations will rule the coming NWO, and denominations will force the mark of the beast, killing all who refuse to accept the mark in the forehead, which signifies receiving their doctrine; or the mark in the hand, signifying obedience, or serving their program.

Certainly, I'm a very happy boy! And you'll be a happy boy or girl if you see these things that are preached so plainly every Sunday. Its not what the denominations believe, it's what the Bible says.

A life lived by the Word is the Word expressed. Christ in you. And that's the hope of Glory. Paul said, "Lest any man should beguile you with enticing words of philosophy or vain deceit, I pray you'll have the rich experience of knowing Christ, with real certainty and clear understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ (Colossians 2:2).

The mystery of God is not a trinity. That's the mystery of Satan. The mystery of God is to be accomplished in His threefold purpose. First, to manifest the fullness of Himself in one Man under pre-eminence. Jesus Christ did that. Second, to express the fullness of His character and nature in his many-membered Body, the Church. not a denomination. Thirdly, to restore the Kingdom to its right place before the Fall.

Don't follow the group, even if they are Christians. Become the friend of God. Search the Scriptures, to understand His Word, for you personally, at this particular time. Follow God and His Word alone. God will only deal with you as an individual. He deals with those in the group (we call the Church) on an individual basis. He never works through the collective body of organization. Personal faith from God, not group consensus.

We live in a world where everyone, from lowest to highest, plan with an assumption of continuous progress. Ten, fifty, a thousand years - civilization will continue. Jesus said it will end, before the generation that saw israel restored to Palestine dies-out.

Nothing lasts forever. Why are we being enticed to believe in a future that's physically impossible? A facade. what's the reality?

Something has to be done! And it can be done by honestly informed people, exercising self-discipline; or by a self-serving elitist dictatorship.

One way of effective population culling could be by creating world depression! Events appear to be moving in that direction. A crash of the over-priced US stock market at the right time, if combined with public manipulation and sabotage, could have catastrophic consequences.

Consider the following:

A) Much of the advanced world is caught up in a belief there's no future. Other than to get what you can, while you can.

B) Many people have grown up relying on government hand-outs.

C) The majority who don't share these ideas, are dissatisfied with government.

D) A high level of social division is encouraged by government policy, race, and culture. But most of all, by a mass media that seems dedicated to create as much division as possible.

That's the social position. let's look at material circumstances.

A) Modern cities are considered to have about one week's supply of food at any one time, and we may surmise that the average family would be able to manage for a further week with what's on hand.

B) Community reliance on electricity.

C) Community dependence upon oil products.

Add community mental and moral instability to the delicate balance of technological organization, and we see just how essential responsible social behavior has become to mass community.

We also see that civic disorder, combined with sabotage, could have consequences worse than a nuclear bomb. Social instability must delight, and well-suit, the dictatorial elite.

Consider this "scenario for disaster".

The year 2000 has arrived, and world government is consolidating its NWO.

Its probably essential they have the cashless society established, or the infrastructure in-place, so advanced nations can legislate, to make cash money illegal tender. Given present growth of credit card trading, this could happen as soon as the year 2000.

The Australian government is trading-down our wages and standard of living, so the international bankers can introduce a one-world currency. That's the thinking behind the so-called "level playing field". We're but pawns in the game of a dictatorial elite. We'll never again control the destiny of our once "lucky" country.

With a cashless society in place, to achieve world de-population, elitists need only give their servants the final briefing, before retiring to switzerland to pull the financial plug, and start the following progression of events:

1) Economic collapse, and economic panic.

2) Banks raise interest rates and tighten supply, as was done in the last great depression.

3) Governments drastically cut social security payments, and restrict access to your money.

4) They mobilize the army to suppress rioting. (This would create such anger, that sabotage of government installations and services becomes probable.)

5) Professional saboteurs, engaged by the elite, complete the job, by crippling power stations and oil refineries.

What can you do without electricity? credit cards will be useless; shops in darkness. Refrigeration stops. Where can you go without fuel? Modern farming will stop.

Frustration and fear would lead to murder; mayhem; starvation and disease throughout our cities. City people would try to go to the country, those successful would be those who are armed. country people would be forced to flee further inland, taking their food and fuel with them.

Yes it is hard to believe!

Most social disasters occur, because people don't believe they can happen. Were you to make a will in expectation of living another ten years, you'd be an optimist. You may confidently assume your "testimony" of little relevance in ten years time. If something like the above has not happened by then, new death duties, to help pay for social sedation, will leave little for inheritance.

It's been known for years the world's living beyond its resources; science can only more efficiently use assets now largely wasted. If drastic change is not made by man, it will be made by nature. Apart from natural consequences we have three possibilities:

1. Mass culling by a selfish elite.

2. Responsible control by an awakened people.

3. Unworldly intervention. Many seek it but will they have credits in heaven.

What can we do to protect ourselves - we can learn.

Faith - understanding of life and our world is our only defence. The general public will never know what is socially true - unless they choose, elect and thereby control their parliaments. They'll never know God and His Truth - unless they search the Scriptures, to recognize their day and its Message.

The Australian Constitution makes no allowance for the political party system. Individual members of Parliaments are elected to re-present your will. Political parties are controlled by thugs and foreign interests. Both major parties are controlled by the same people. And if a member does not toe the party line and represent party interests, he loses pre-selection. Or worse.

Likewise, God deals only with the individual. His Word makes no allowance for denominations. Each local congregation is sovereign under its own pastor. The only identification one congregation has with any other is through the common inspiration of the Spirit, bringing every Christian into the same mind and the same judgment, so they declare the same doctrine.

Denominations are controlled by religious thugs. And sometimes by criminals. All denominations are ultimately controlled by the same power, and it is not God. If a minister does not toe the line on their creed and tradition, he's kicked out and ostracized from the fellowship.

Soon they'll unite and force the mark of the Beast. That's their false doctrine. But Christ's Bride, the true Church, will be gone in the rapture.

My final advice is: "Make good use of your time. Already, "Time is no more". The time for ignorance of God and His Word ran out with the opening of the Seven Seals in 1963. "That which is perfect has come; denominational part-word is done away". Grace will soon be over: "he that's filthy will remain in that condition".

Oh, if you can recognize the present Truth, and see that part of God's Word living through you, you'll be a happy boy or girl. I'm Brother Anthony, traveling around Australia by satellite. And if you're born-again in this day, you're a "space cadet", learning to fly without a spaceship.

You're listening to Bible Believers' "school for space Cadets", on the Community Radio Network. Soon Christ's true Church will blast off in the rapture, into a different dimension, way beyond the stars.

All who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But we're happy boys and girls, knowing we're in the will of God.

Remember Jeremy Lee? He's a frequent guest on this program. Since 1967, he's lectured full-time against the coming NWO. We have a new brother in church, whose interest in God's Word was kindled by the Scriptures Jeremy quoted. They made sense.

A university graduate and professional cabbie, he was so impressed by Jeremy's message, he plays tapes to his passengers and sells 5-10 each night. So far, he's copied and sold over 500 cassettes.

It only takes a spark to get a fire going. When Greg catches the revelation of God's Word by His prophet to this day, what an ambassador he'll be for Christ.

It's interesting how the common people always hear Him gladly, but the wise and prudent, who study theology and attend denominational churches can't see His Word when It's manifest before their eyes.

Some Greeks asked, "Sirs, we would see Jesus". But when they were introduced, Jesus was too insignificant, too humble for their expectations, and they departed. God veils Himself in simplicity and reveals Himself in humility.

Its a stumblingstone to the unrighteous, religious majority. Jesus foretold the worldly church would be naked of the blood, blind to His faith, Spiritually bankrupt, wretched, miserable, and know it not!

God sent us a prophet called William Branham. Like Jesus, Brother Branham was a humble man. God had such pre-eminence He veiled the fullness of Himself behind this sinner saved by grace and revealed Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever by discerning the thoughts and intents of people's hearts, as it was in the days of Lot. This is the last sign Jesus promised before the end of the Gentile Dispensation.

His ministry restored the apostolic faith, finished the mystery of God, and is now calling His people, ... not everyone, but the wise and foolish virgin, ... out from man-made denominational teaching into the fullness of the Word for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation. radio074.htm

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