The Source of Intellectual and Artistic Wealth

Balaam was a vindicated prophet. He wanted to curse Israel, but he could only speak in God's Name, the Words inspired by God. When God said, "Israel shall dwell alone, and will not be counted among the nations", Balaam told Balak the Moabite king, "If you get them to participate in some multiculturalism, God will curse Israel".

One doesn't have to be a prophet to know that God is a separator. He sends His prophets with the Word, to cut His people out from the world, and chop off the love of worldly things. Jesus said, "I haven't come to make peace on earth, but division: henceforth there'll be five in one house divided. The father divided against the son, and the mother against the daughter; and the mother in law against her daughter in law" (Luke 12:51-53).

So Balak invited Israel to a party. He said, "We Moabites are your blood brothers, and we worship the same God". And they were, and they did. "Let's all sit down and have a little fellowship. We'll make a modern UN".

God had told Israel to be a separated people. When they mixed with Moab, they sinned. God never did forgive that evil. Look at Israel today. Their own encyclopedias and most eminent scholars declare over 95% of them are Gentile stock with no relationship whatsoever to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or any Semitic people by blood. And as they follow the Talmud, no connection with the Abrahamic covenant, or any of God's prophets by faith.

Israel withstood God when they experimented with multiculturalism. And Moab was Israel's blood brother. So if multiculturalism cursed Israel, won't it curse Christendom? God's law of reproduction says everything must bring forth of its own kind. God hates hybreeding. That's why Baptists can only bring forth Baptists, Buddhists only make more Buddhists, and Christians bring forth Christ every time.

Interdenominationalism is evil. So is multiculturalism, and so is multi-racialism. There was never racial mixing in Australia until the crooked two-party political system shattered our democracy, by a bipartisan vote to destroy the wisdom of the fathers in order to serve their modern, foreign Balaam.

You cannot serve the Australian citizens and mammon. They chose to become the servants of mammon whilst they were elected and paid to be the servants of Her Majesty's citizens of Australia.

Having acquired an understanding of the inherent variability of the races of man, it takes no deep thought to see that the modern trend toward inter-racial procreation can only be both destructive and improper. As historically, the great bulk of our intellectual and artistic wealth has emanated from relatively homogeneous Indo-European populations, so the tremendous creative challenges that confront us today can only be successfully addressed by relatively homogeneous Indo-European populations, into the future, (as brief as that future is).

Far from being a manifestation of "social Darwinism", as the left insists, Maintaining the world's traditional racial equilibrium can only be beneficial for all of humanity. Beneficial, assuming we all desire to promote creative excellence, which when embraced universally, assists mankind collectively.

Paradoxically it's socialists who, whilst besotted with Darwinian theory, (principally due to its utility in debasing Christianity), are loath to follow through to its logical conclusions in a social or racial context. It's an unfortunate fact that the Indo-European branch of humanity already constitutes a small and diminishing proportion of the total humanity.

Powerful vested interests, are attempting to hasten the process of European racial and cultural decay, so as to enable their numbers - themselves remaining racially alike - to consolidate their power over an increasingly cosmopolitan and multicultural, read "hybrid" population. Water and oil can not mix.

The purveyors of this process of European cultural and religious destruction are predominantly atheistic Jews and their apologists, who've almost completely monopolized dissemination of information, in the masterfully managed mass media. These cultural imperialists have constructed a spectrum of "permissible" thought, not unlike the "goodthink" in Orwell's odious world of "1984", which right-thinking people are expected to adhere to, with admonishment, or even criminal punishment for transgressors.

Evidently respect for our European racial, cultural and religious origins lies outside the "politically correct" orbit of admissible thought. This is perhaps the most insidious manifestation of our society's ever-intensifying submission to the intellectual bonds of a harmful, external constraint.

This situation has manifested because the (once Christian) Western world has forsaken her God and His Christ. Like Israel, Christians are to be a separated people, separated to God and His Word, not numbered with the nations or the denominations. We're forbidden to walk with non-Christians - individuals or nations. Amos said, "How can two walk together, except they're agreed in the common faith?" Paul said, "To be carnal-minded is enmity with God" and "Those who can't see God in Christians are lost".

We've swallowed Thomas Jefferson's well-intentioned but absurd lie that "all men are created equal". The Bible says that the majority of men descend not from God's creation, but from Eve's adultery with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Sons of Cain have no descent from the first Adam, no kinship with the last Adam, and therefore, no Redeemer. All men are not created equal.

Clearly most men are not God's creation, and can not be equal with the sons of Adam, for whom Jesus Christ died.

God destroyed the world by Flood because of intermarriage between the kindred of Adam and Cain. His children are serpent's seed and therefore not redeemable. Jesus said the sin of Noah's day would repeat in the days of His parousia. Australia is at the vanguard of this wickedness.

We think we're so smart, we boast that we're the "clever country". We're so clever we abort Adam's unborn babies, and intermarry with serpent's seed as Jesus foretold. What man considers "wisdom", God considers folly.

Had we held faith and obedience in God's Word we'd be a prosperous nation. We'd be the head, and not the tail. Instead we're bankrupt - the national estate our children should inherit, is mortgaged to the international bankers who hate Christ and everything Christian civilization has accomplished.

As God blinded the Sodomites in the days of Lot, so they could not find the door, He's blinded the apostate citizens of our once Christian Western world so they can't see the solution to their problems is separation from non-Christians, not amalgamation. They don't see that God's placed enmity between Cain's descendants and the descendants of Adam. That enmity is still there.

Likewise, we should separate from non-Christian people. Those not born of God are spiritually serpent's seed. In other words, their seed is a hybrid of wisdom mixed with God's Word, making His Word of no effect to them. Didn't Jesus say that those who add to God's Word will be cast into the Tribulation, and those who take from It will be blotted from the Book of Life ... if ever they were on It.

These enemies of God are impersonators, and not whom they claim to be, at some time they've been kicked out of almost every Christian country. Today, they're the tail that wags the apostate Christian dog. They consider us "human animals". But those who've rejected Messiah and God's Word, are far lower than animals. Like Pavlov's dog, we're brainwashed. When these Christ-rejecting people whistle we jump, ask "How high", and say "Sir" when we ask. The world's going insane because it's rejected God and His Word.

The Western world's mainstream media and entertainment industries expound the virtues of multiculturalism and miscegenation. They delight in once proudly Christian societies abandoning their moral underpinnings for the comfort of an artificial reality promoted by incorrigible reprobates. The architects of this mischief recognize that secure, healthy, free nations and races are an impenetrable barrier to their unbridled lust for unrestrained power and wealth. They seek to enslave or annihilate, by contrived mutually destructive conflict, planned economic disaster, historical misrepresentation, and unsound but deliberate social policy, all nations and races - especially the Indo-European race.

This system of organized crime has become a de facto quasi- clandestine "supergovernment", possessing near complete hegemony over the world's banking system, and immense influence over the world's mass media and most of the world's ostensibly legitimate governments. Such as Australia's ostensibly legitimate government. The supposed guarantors of global order, the UN, are complicit in this process, being but a mechanism through which the imposition of one world government is facilitated.

Were we trying to devise a solution to this intractable problem, we'd need to identify exactly what we're trying to preserve, and to draw a contrast between contemporary Western society, which is largely empty and superficial, and traditional European Christian culture, which is of inestimable profundity and importance.

Modern Western civilization which means democracy, party politics, material comfort and mob radicalism; is shallow and ephemeral. Traditional European Culture is aristocratic, reflective, profound and musical; it's not taken in by trite optimism. Western freedom, so exulted by Jews and secular humanists, is an external freedom; true freedom is that of the Spirit. It's the new birth.

Once we were enslaved by sin. Jesus set us free. Hence in addition to attempting to regain sovereignty of religious, economic and political institutions, we'd promote the emancipation of the Indo-European mind from the pestiferous concepts that obscure our understanding of God and His Truth.

This cleansing would require the availability of real information to citizens, not "politically correct" supergovernment sanctioned anti-knowledge. The secret of ensuring the security and fertility of our people and culture, and thus of all mankind, lies in the beneficial cultivation of the character of the young. This requires apathy to be replaced by concerned awareness; hedonism and the allure of instant gratification by a refined austerity; and self-centered vanity by a brave national solidarity.

Our whole civilization has been white-anted. Our morals, our race, our history, our business and political institutions and our beliefs have been perverted to corruption. We've lost our identity as a Christian civilization, as a race, and as a nation. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Instead of remaining a separated people, we opened the gates and the goats came in.

France and Italy are covertly Communist, Europe is reduced to a position "to be taken over by telephone" and Britain is fragmented into a nation of tribes from around the globe, living on welfare. America is called "the prostitute of the nations". Their dollar will fail following the earthquake that sinks Los Angeles. This earthquake will signal the end of the Gentile dispensation, and the end of Christian civilization.

Do you recall what Daniel and Jesus foretold concerning the NWO? They said Rome will rule until the consummation. But Rome will not rule alone. She'll make an agreement with the international bankers. After three and a half years, when prosperity is restored and she has the wealth of the world in her hands, Rome will break her agreement.

When Jacob was returning to the Promised Land, he tried to bribe Esau. Esau was a type of we Gentiles after the close of our dispensation. He'd come to a place of no more repentance. His name had been removed from the Book of Life. But he was wealthy. Jacob could not buy him off, and had to make an agreement. Now Israel's returning; he'll have to make an agreement with the Gentiles. And with his historical enemy, Rome.

There is no reprieve for our once Christian, Western world. We're at the end of time. The Bible was sealed with Seven Seals until the end time. Those Seven Seals were revealed in 1963 and Jesus is no longer a Mediator.

Soon the Gentile dispensation will be over. Christ will return to Israel through the ministry of two prophets. After the earthquake, Rome will rule the NWO, refinancing the currency through the Jews. After she breaks her agreement, Armageddon sets in. Then all life is destroyed, and Jesus with the glorified saints of all Ages will return to step out on the ashes of the wicked for a thousand years of peace.

Our youth generally lack a sense of philosophical inquiry. They're not encouraged to empiric thought and personal understanding, but to observe and learn as spectators, what's often fiction, or the errors of others; especially in medicine, economics, history and religion. Rarely does it seem that in their discourse or thought, young people, even momentarily penetrate the frivolous events of our egotistical, materialistic lives, to search for true meaning. This lamentable feature of contemporary society has become much more pronounced in this era of American cultural imperialism. (Even if that culture originated from Eastern Europe).

The barrage of politically correct propaganda that assails us, has its greatest impact on those who are in the earliest stages of constructing the ideological framework most will uphold throughout life. Far from exercising their duty as moral and intellectual guardians, most older people are likewise beguiled by the lies and slander of the ruinous concepts which have so firmly taken root in the collective consciousness of most liberal democracies.

The world manipulators' malignant efforts at social engineering have been largely triumphant. The whole swindle of decadent, sickening art and "entertainment" should be swept away until a new standard of righteousness has been attained. Incessant portrayals of violence, sexual perversity and blasphemy from "Hollywood" and its local equivalents, pour forth to psychologically inoculate our young. This leaves us with no doubt that there are people in the world who are hell-bent on destroying our race and culture. None of this happens by chance. Roosevelt said, "If something happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way".

The reason why so many relinquish rights to which they're fully entitled is because they're too indolent or demure to exercise their legitimate powers. For to exercise power requires effort and demands fortitude. The qualities which conceal these faults are called "patience" and "temperance". The required alteration of thinking will prove an extremely burdensome task, given the scale of the established opposition, who, using the new information technologies, will eventually build an unassailable infrastructure of information disclosure.

We live in the "information age" which is principally the result of the proliferation of sophisticated communications technology, such as the Internet. This information revolution appears, at first glance, to be a positive development in that theoretically, such a network should assist in the intellectual progression of mankind. However, this communications infrastructure is fettered by the political and ideological constraints of the various powers that be, and political interference is unavoidable.

For six years our church has had a presence in cyberspace, so I'm familiar with the devious attempts at censorship and control of the information flow, and been maliciously libeled on national TV, radio and in local and national press by those seeking censorship, to empower them to promote their own perversions. Eventually this mafia will gain such control, as they have on our entertainment, publishing and news media, and instead of becoming "information rich", as is popularly stated, those connected will become easy targets for mass indoctrination by those possessing the means for dominion.

Don't have an "ostrich mentality". Educate yourself to see through such ruinous doctrines of materialism, hedonism, globalization, multiculturalism and unjustified tolerance of evil. With knowledge free from the taint of political correctness, the average man will come to regard these notions as anathema.

Don't pretend there's any chance of permanent social reform. Don't put your trust in man or material wealth. Seek the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, which is the new birth, and all of your necessities will be met.

Covet not this world's vain riches, that so rapidly decay. Seek to gain the heavenly treasures, they will never fade away. Search the Gospel to recognize your day and its Message. The only part of God's Word we can fulfill is what Jesus is doing now. He can only do It through you. radio076.htm

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