The Fourth Seal

Good evening. We bow our heads now just a moment for prayer.

Our gracious and Heavenly Father, we are approaching Thee again  tonight
now  in the Name of the Lord Jesus to give Thee thanks for another  day.
And we are asking now for Your blessings on the service tonight. Let the
Holy Spirit come and give us the interpretation of these things that  we
are so diligently seeking.

Oh,  God,  may it be so precious that we can all fellowship  around  the
Word in such a way that when we leave, we will be able to say, "Did  not
our hearts burn within us as He talked to us along the way."

We thank You for what He has been to us and trusting that He will remain
with us as we journey on, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

So  happy  to be back in the house of the Lord tonight, in  the  service
again.  And we are glad... I'm so happy that... I just thought this  one
wouldn't  come, but it finally did.  And so I'm so thankful, that  being
the  last of those four horse riders, which I think is one of  the  main
Messages to the Church at this time...

I don't know what the other one is. I'm just taking it day by day.  Just
as He reveals it, I'm trying to give it back as He gives it to me.

Are  you  enjoying the blessings?  Have you noticed how  it  just...  in
collaboration  with them church ages to type just exactly--fits in  just
perfectly with them. That's how, to me, it shows that It's the same Holy
Spirit that give the church ages--same Holy Spirit then is giving  this,
you  see, because it's blended together--all one big act of God  showing
Himself in different ways.

You notice, when He showed Himself to Daniel in the vision, there'd be a
representation of one thing, like a goat in this place or maybe a  tree,
and the next place it would be a statue, and things He did... making  it
the same thing all the time. Just be sure that we don't miss it.

Now, I was certainly thrilled just a few moments ago talking to a little
lady  sitting here about eighty-five years old, and she...  Not  long...
Just  before I left to go out west, why, there was a little girl  up  in
Ohio that was, I think so, that was dying with the last stage of  leuke-
mia.  Now, leukemia is cancer in the blood stream.  And oh,  the  little
thing  was, you know, in such an awful condition that there was no  more
hope for her at all.  They were feeding her by the veins--the operation.
And  so they was a real poor family.  And they... Mrs. Kidd,  here,  and
Brother  Kidd, they told them about the Lord answering prayer  so  much,
and they got together, I think, and hired someone and brought the little
girl down.

And  she  was  a very pretty little girl about oh, six  or  seven  years
old--nine  years.  And she was back there in the room, and when we  went
before  the Lord, the Holy Spirit gave a word to her.  And they have  to
take  her and have to take her in and feed her, you know, that way,  and
when  she left, she was crying for a hamburger, and so, taking her  food
by mouth.  And they gave her the hamburger and just went  ahead  feeding
her natural.

In a short time--a few days, they taken her back to the doctor, and  the
doctor just simply couldn't understand.  He said like it wasn't even the
same girl.  He said, "Why, there's not even one trace of leukemia  about
it nowhere--nowhere at all."  So... and she was dying.  They'd done give
her up--just feeding her through her veins.  She had done turned yellow,
(you  know how they get) and so then... and now she's at school  playing
with the other children, just as happy as can be.

It  reminds me of another case of that.  One day I had just  come  home;
there  was a... If I'm not mistaken, they were either  Episcopalians  or
Presbyterian people that had brought a little girl from Kansas, and  the
doctors  had  give her up with leukemia, and they gave her,  I  believe,
four days to live.

She  had  gotten so bad so they said it just... Spend  those  four  days
coming over here through the snowdrifts and things across the country to
have her prayed for.  And the grandfather, a very fine looking,  elderly
man with grayed hair... And they had her already two days down here in a
little  motel out here (I guess it isn't standing there now), this  side
of Silver Creek. And so, I went down that night to pray for her.

It was early in the morning. I'd come in that night from out of town and
went down. The elderly father--grandfather was walking in the floor, and
the mother trying to take care of the child.  And while I knelt to pray,
the Holy Spirit revealed to me a secret that was between the mother  and
the  father--something they done.  I called them to side and asked  them
about it. They started crying, said, "That's right."

Then  I looked back, and I seen the little girl skipping a  rope,  going
playing.  And  now, the little child... In about three weeks  time  they
sent  me a picture of the little girl back in school, skipping  a  rope,
and had no leukemia at all.

Now those testimonies are absolutely bona fide truths, see; so, our  God
is so real. Just serve Him and believe Him, and I know He's real.

Now, I'm trying my best now, and while something in among us is  working
its way through... Now we're going to try tonight, by the grace of  God,
to  take this Fourth Seal and see what the Holy Spirit will have to  say
to us in it.

Now I'm going to read Revelation the 6th chapter and beginning with  the
7th  verse (7th and 8th); there's always two verses.  The first  is  the
announcement, and the second verse is what he saw.

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the  fourth
beast say, Come and see.

And  I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on  him...
that  set... was Death, and Hell followed... him.  And power  was  given
unto them over the four parts of the earth, to kill with the sword,  and
with hunger, and with death, and with... beasts of the earth.

Now, the Lord help us now to understand this. It's a mystery.

Now, just a little preview to back up, as we did the church  ages--these
riders and these breaking of these Seal.  Now, so we just get it in  our
mind--talk  a  little until we feel that it's the  appropriate  time  to

Now  we have noticed now that the breaking of the Seal, it's the  sealed
Book of Redemption.  And then the Book is rolled up like a  scroll--like
the  old  way was.  It wasn't a book of this type because this  is  just
recently come in--these kind of books in the last, oh, I guess a hundred
and fifty years or something, two hundred.  And then they'd roll it  up,
then leave the end loose.  As I told you how it was done, and the Scrip-
tures,  where to find it--in Jeremiah and so forth.  Then the  next  was
rolled around and the end left loose like that, and each one was a Seal,
and  it  was a Seven-sealed Book. And it was a... no  one...  when  they
was... It was a Seven-sealed Book of Redemption. Pardon me.

And then no one in Heaven or in earth or beneath the earth was worthy to
open it or even to look upon it.  And John wept because he could find no
man, because if that Book was not taken out of the hand of the  original
Owner, where it had been lost by Adam and Eve, and went back after  they
forfeited their rights of the Word, the promises, their inheritance...

They... Remember, they controlled the earth.  He was an amateur god, for
he was a son of God, and a son of God is an amateur god.  Now that ain't
contrary to the Scripture.  I know that sounds strange, but Jesus  said,
"If you call them who the Word of God came to..." And what does the Word
of God come to?--the prophet. "If you call them who the Word of God come
to gods, how can you condemn Me when I say I am the Son of God?" See?

Now, they were gods.  And man, if you become born in the family of  your
family  name, you are a son and part of your father.  And then when  sin
came in, we found out the man crossed the chasm and brought up bulls and
goats--covered, but did not remit, until the real bleach came that could
take the stain of sin and break it completely to pieces and send it back
upon its original perverter--that was Satan.

When  it got back to Satan, he waits his time of  eternal  annihilation.
Now, that shows what we believe.  We believe that he will absolutely  be
done completely away and annihilated.

I  believe that sin will be broke up, and when it's confessed  upon  the
basis of the Blood of Jesus Christ, (it's like dropping a drop of  black
ink  in a bunch of Clorox bleach) it just breaks it into  the  chemicals
and sends it plumb back to where it come from.

And that's the way the Blood of Jesus Christ does.  Then that sets a man
across the chasm again as a son of God.  Then he becomes a... Why,  even
he's  a creative power of God that's in him, and at least  whenever  God
can command it to be done, it will be done, and we get back.

That when Moses, under the blood of bulls... and when he met that Light,
the  Pillar of Fire in that Burning Bush, and he stood down there  on  a
commission God had give him, and he was a prophet; and when the Word  of
the Lord came to him, he spoke and even things created by the Word.

Now,  if  it'll do that under that, the blood of bulls, what  about  the
Blood  of Jesus?  Not covered, but remitted it altogether; you stand  in
the  presence  of God as a redeemed son.  Now, see?  The church  is  far
beyond its standard of living. And I think too many times we are probing
instead of really coming out and facing the issue.  I've got something I
want to say, and I will at the time.

And now notice, that there is something wrong somewhere in the churches.
And I think it's the denominational systems that's twisted the  people's
minds and so forth until they don't know how to do it. That's right. But
we are promised that it would be revealed.

And now these Seven Seals that this Book is sealed with, and those Seven
Seals... Now... and then after these Seven Seals are completed, we  find
in  Revelation  10  there was seven mysterious thunders  that  John  was
commissioned to write but then forbidden to write those. And at the time
of  those thunders, we find Christ, or the Angel come down with a  rain-
bow,  and put His feet on the land and sea and swore that time  had  run
out at that time.

And  then we find out that in the revealing of the Seals that  the  Lamb
had  left His mediatorial work as an Intercessor and had come forth  now
to claim His rights. All that He had redeemed by His death.

And then no one could open the Book; no one understood It. It was a Book
of  Redemption, and God, the Father, Spirit, had It in His hand  because
Christ  was at the Throne as a Mediator--the only  Mediator.  Therefore,
there  could  be no saint, no Mary, no Joseph, no nothing else  on  that
altar  because it was blood, and only the Blood of Jesus could make  the
atonement.  So  nothing  else could be standing as  a  mediator.  That's
right. There was nothing else.

So  all this idea of interceding with Jude for politics and  interceding
with  St. Cecilia for something else, that's nonsense.  That's not...  I
don't say them people are not honest and sincere. I don't say you're not
sincere  in you doing it if you do, but you're wrong.  You're  sincerely
wrong. And anything...

You say, "Well, this angel appeared to St. Boniface and said this, that,
and the other and they should say this."

I don't doubt that a bit in my mind but what somebody seen the vision. I
don't doubt what Joseph Smith saw the vision, but it wasn't according to
the  rest of the Word.  So therefore, to me it's wrong.  It has to  come
with the rest of the Word.

That's  the  way the church ages and Seals and all the rest of  it.  And
when anybody thinks that he has those seven thunders,  if it don't  com-
pare  with the rest of the Word, there's something wrong.  It's  got  to
come "THUS SAITH THE LORD," for this is the Book--this is the revelation
of Jesus Christ in its entirety.

Now, I believe then that the Lamb came forth.  They didn't know...  John
was weeping. He couldn't find nobody in Heaven, in earth because all was
other side of the chasm (see?)--sin.

There was no man; and an angel, of course he'd be worthy, but after  all
it  had to be a kinsman.  It had to be a human being, and there  was  no
such  a thing because every man had been born by sex.  Have to take  Him
one  born without it, so God Himself took that in the virgin  birth  and
become Emmanuel, His Blood was for--the One that was worthy.  Then  when
He crossed this chasm Himself and paid the price and bridged the way for
the  rest of us, then He set down to be Mediator, and He's been  sitting
there. And the Book has actually been closed all that time.  It's there,
but it's still in symbols. They seen it.

John even saw it, the announcement when the first come forth.  He  said,
"A white horse went forth.  He had a rider on him.  He had a bow in  his
hand."  That's symbol.  That isn't revealed. No, it's just a symbol. And
as far as any man upon the earth, that's all he could say. That's right.

He might stumble and stagger--no doubt, hit somewhere here or there  and
after awhile...  But we find out then that in the Book of the Revelation
at  the  Seventh Angel's Message, the mysteries--all  the  mysteries  of
it--should  already  be revealed by that time,  (now  that's  Revelation
10:1-7)...  that it should be revealed according to that  time--at  that
time when He did.

Then  the seven thunders utter their strange voices, and John was  going
to write... John knew what it was, but he didn't write it because he was
forbidden to write it. That's absolutely and altogether a mystery.  It's
not  even in symbol or nothing.  We just know he--it  thundered;  that's

And  now in studying this... Now don't forget... Now Sunday  morning  we
omitted  the healing service because of having the answers to  the  peo-
ple's  questions.  Now  I want you to have a  question  on  these  Seven
Seals--if it's bothering you, something you don't understand. Let's have
it  on the Seven Seals, then I can tell by Saturday night  whether  it's
enough  to answer them or not, you see.  Then... now just  say...  well,
about  something  else,  or  "Should  I do this?"  or  "My...  I  had  a
dream"--them's all worthy things, now remember.  They are worthy things,
but  let's stay right with the Seven Seals--that's what we're right  on.
That's  what the meeting is designated to--the Seven Seals.  Let's  stay
right with that.

I got to go home; I got to have a few meetings out in the West.  I  will
be  back  again then in a little over a month or two or  something  like
that, and maybe the Lord will permit that we can have something else  on
that--maybe  a healing service or something then or whatever we--it  is.
Then we've got seven trumpets here to come forth yet, you see.  And them
all  comes in there, too--and the seven vials (see?) to be  poured  out,
so... and it'll all blend right in here, but it's all mysterious yet.

Now,  last night we find that the First Seal went forth, and  the  rider
and the Lord... So help me, I never knew it before; none of these things
have I ever knowed before. That's right.  And I just don't... just go up
there  and  take the Bible and sit down and sit there until...  When  it
goes to breaking forth like that, I just pick up my pen and start  writ-
ing and just stay there, maybe for hours, 'til It gets finished.

Then  I  go back, and I find out as I've seen where He  said  this...  I
thought, "Well, looks like I've seen that somewhere."  I get my  concor-
dance and go to looking back, (is there something like that) and here it
is right here.  And here it is over here again; here it is back here and
down here and over here.  Then I just tie it right in. I know that's God
as long as it's comparing Scripture with Scripture.  That's the way  you
have  to do.  Just like putting a building together--the stones have  to
fit stone by stone.

Now, last night we had the opening of the Third Seal.  First was a white
horse, and the next was a red horse, and then a black horse. And we find
out  that the riders were the same rider all the time, and that was  the
antichrist to start with.  He didn't have no crown, but he received  one
later  on.  And then we find out that then he was given a sword to  take
peace from the earth, and we find out that he did that.

Then he come in with the dogma of giving the church with money by weigh-
ing  a penny for this and two pennies for that, but he was forbidden  to
touch the oil and the wine, which was a little that was left.

And  then, we left off last night with the illustration of what the  oil
and wine was and what the effects that it had.  It might have sounded  a
little rude, but it's just exactly the Truth.

Now, we left off on...  Let's for just a few moments review of that now.
And  then... we left off on the power of the wine--what the  oil  repre-
sented Spirit.

(I  guess you all got it all down.  You'll find it on the tape,  if  you
didn't and where to find the Scriptures.) That... The oil always symbol-
izes  the  Holy Spirit, like the foolish virgins with no  oil  and  wise
virgins  with  oil, which is the Holy Spirit, and then on  back  in  the
prophets and so forth.

And now, of course I don't try to pull out every Scripture in there, and
there's things that you can't even speak about.  It would take too  much
time.  But  I try to place out here with Scriptures and  so  forth  just
enough to give the people so it'll let them know and see the picture  of

But if you sit down with one of them Seals... why, my, you could take  a
month's sermons every night right on that Seal and still not even  touch
it, see, on one of them.  That's how much there is to it.  If I just hit
the high spots of it, then you can see what it's all about.

Now, as oil symbolized the Holy Spirit... Then we find out that oil  and
wine is connected in worship, see--always connected in worship.  And the
wine,  I said, (which come to me) that the wine symbolizes that  it  was
the power of stimulation by revelation.  See?  That's when something has
been  revealed.  It  gives stimulation to the believer,  because  it  is
presented by revelation. (See?)  It is something that God has said--it's
a mystery.  You can't understand it.  See?  And after awhile, God  comes
down and reveals it and then vindicates it.

Remember,  if the Truth is revealed, the Truth is also  vindicated.  God
constantly... No matter how smart the person might be, how brilliant  he
might  be in his mind, if God don't back up what he is  saying,  there's
something wrong. That's right, because it's the Word.

Now  when  Moses went out there under the inspiration of God  and  said,
"Let  flies come"; flies come.  He said, "Let frogs come";  frogs  come.
See?  What if he said, "Let flies come," they didn't come?  See? Then he
didn't  speak the Word of the Lord; see, he only spoke... he  spoke  his
own word.

He  might  have thought there ought to be flies, but  there  didn't  any
flies come because God hadn't told him so.  And when God tells you  any-
thing and says, "You go do this, and I will be right with it for this is
My  Word,"  and He shows it in the Bible, then God stands  right  behind
that. And if it's not written in the Bible, God stands behind it anyhow,
if it's God's Word. See? And then if it's outside of that, it's revealed
to prophets.  We realize that all the mysteries of God is made known  to
prophets and them alone (Amos 3:7).

Now, the power of revelation brings stimulation to the believer, for the
power  of wine... natural wine is to stimulate.  See?  It's to  bring  a
person that's all slumped down to stimulation. See?

Well  then,  now there's a power of the revelation of  the  Word,  gives
stimulation  of  joy to the believer--stimulation of  satisfaction.  The
stimulation that it's vindicated; it's proved. It's called in the Scrip-
ture, as we want to refer to it, as new wine. We always refer to it like
that  as  "These are drunk on new wine," see, all  right,  or  spiritual
wine.  I think the best interpretation would be... would be on spiritual

As the natural wine reveals itself in stimulated power, so does the  new
wine as it reveals the Word of God which is Spirit.  That's the...  See?
The  Word Itself is Spirit.  Do you believe that?  Let's read it.  Let's
read.  St. John 6--let's just... then you don't say, "Well,  I--somebody
said that."   Let's see who said it, and then we will know whether  it's
Truth  or  not.  St. John the 6th chapter and I believe  it's  the  63rd
verse. All right. (I think it's it.) Yes.

It  is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profit nothing:  the  words
that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

The Word Itself is Spirit; it's Spirit in Word form.  And then, you see,
when It is quickened or brought to Life, the Spirit of the Word goes  to
work and acts. See?  Because that...  Now look here: a thought has to be
a thought before it can be a word. And then when a thought is presented,
it is a word.

Now, this is God's thought that He has placed in the Word, and then when
we receive it from Him, it becomes a Word.

God revealed to Moses what to do. Moses spoke it, and it happened.  See?

That's it,  when it's really comes from God.  Now, we find out  that  it
stimulates,  and  it gives joy, because it is God's Word,  and  the  new
wine...  the new wine stimulates when it reveals the Word; then,  brings
joy beyond measure sometimes (we went through that); that it brings such
joy 'til you get over-flooded.

Now, I know there is a lot of fanaticism and people carrying on.  I know
sometimes  they  do it when the music's jumping up and down  and  every-
thing.  And  I  know that goes, and I believe that too.  But  I've  seen
people  in the day when as long as the music is playing,  everybody  was
jumping  and  screaming,  but  when the  music  stopped,  they  stop.  I
believe... That's still all right, as far as I'm concerned.  You see  as
long as people lives right and... But now what... you start bringing the
Word.  Now, that's the thing that actually brings Life--is the Word--and
that brings the joy of stimulation of new wine.  And that's what it  was
on Pentecost when the Word was vindicated.

Now  look, now Jesus told them (Luke 24:49), "Behold I send the  promise
of  My  Father upon you, but you go up to Jerusalem and  wait  until..."
What was the promise of the Father?  Joel 2:28--why, we find out He  was
going  to  pour out the Spirit.  And Isaiah 28:19--how  there  would  be
stammering  lips and other tongues and all these things.  They  went  up
there, and as we went through it...

Maybe one said, "I believe we have waited long enough. Let's just accept
it  by faith."  That was good Baptist doctrine, but it didn't work  with
them  brothers.  So then, the first thing you know, it had to  become  a
reality, and they waited on their ministry for the Word to be  vindicat-
ed. And when you come to seek the Holy Spirit, you do the same.

Yes,  you  can accept it by faith; you have to accept Christ  by  faith,
that's exactly right.  And you accept the Holy Spirit by faith, but then
let the Holy Spirit come and give the circumcision as a witness that  He
has accepted your faith, you see. Then...

See,  Abraham believed God and it was imputed to him for  righteousness,
but God give him the sign of circumcision as a confirmation He'd accept-
ed his faith.  So that's the same thing we must do.  We must wait on the
Holy Spirit 'til it has done something. Not necessarily because we spoke
in  tongues,  not  because  we have danced,  or  we  got  emotional,  we
shouted--until  we  were changed! Until something actually  happened.  I
don't  care what form it comes in, just so it happened; that's the  main
thing. See?

And I believe in speaking in tongues and all these other things are  all
right, but that in itself won't work, and you know it won't work.  So it
doesn't do it. I've seen witches speak in tongues, seen wizards speak in
tongues and dance in the spirit. Sure. Lay a pencil down and it write in
unknown  tongues and somebody interpret it (that's right) and  tell  the
truth.  That's right.  Wrote just exactly what had happened, and it  was
just exactly that way.

See  them  throw dust on their head and cut themselves with  knives  and
cover it all over with the blood of a wildebeest or something and  sure,
see,  and  call  on the devil.  So you see, that  don't...  speaking  in
tongues doesn't do it.

"Though  I speak with tongue of men and angels and have not charity,  it
profit me nothing."  See?  Though I could do it.  See?  So those  things
doesn't mean that you have the Holy Spirit. But when He, the person, the
immortal Spirit of Christ becomes your personal Saviour and changes  you
and  throws  your views right straight into Calvary and  to  this  Word,
something has happened. Yes, sir.

Something  has happened!  No one will have to tell you about it,  you'll
know it when it happens. And... The new wine, when it brings revelation,
then it's revealed, and that's the way it was at Pentecost.  They knowed
that  there was supposed to be a Spirit poured out upon them,  and  they
waited  'til this happened.  And when the vindication of the  revelation
took place, then stimulation was on them.

They sure did. They steamed up too.  They... Right out into the streets,
where  they was afraid and had the doors shut, and they were out in  the
street, where they had been afraid of a group of people, a-preaching the
Gospel to them.  That's right. See?  Something had happened, because the
true Word of promise was vindicated. Now let's stop here a minute.

If  that brought such positive to them man that they nearly everyone  of
them  sealed  their testimony with their blood... No  matter  what  come
along,  as long as they lived they never got over it.  It stayed  there,
because  it  was  the true Word of promise  vindicated.  The  revelation
become  a-vindicated, and they died sealing their testimony  with  their
own blood.

Now, look at the promise of the last days. And here we see it vindicated
right  before  us--the present coming of the Holy Spirit and  the  works
that He was supposed to do, and we find it right among us.

Oh, we should... Oh my!  How can we hear?  Something takes place, I tell
you, friend.  When the real, true, sincere, predestinated believer, when
that Light strikes upon that seed, something burst forth to a new Life.

That  little  woman at the well, when those scholared priest  had  said,
"Well, that's the devil. He's a fortune teller.  He's just telling those
people their fortune, and he's a devil." But when that little woman with
that predestinated seed...

Now, you think that's not right, but Jesus said, "No man can come except
My  Father draws him, and all the Father has given Me, will  come."  And
the antichrist in the last days is going to be able...  That anti-Christ
spirit that we're studying in denominationalism, and proven that denomi-
nationalism is anti-Christ.

Now,  be  honest.  Any man could walk away from here  like  that,  he...
there's  something  wrong if he still believes that  the  denominational
system isn't anti-Christ. Why, it's absolutely proved from history, from
everything there is, plumb through God's Bible and everything else, it's
anti-Christ,  and  Rome is the head of it.  And  the  daughter  churches
follow right along, and both of them are cast into hell. That's right.

So  we  see this thing-antichrist, the spirit of it.  And  the day  that
we're living in, why, it should bring joy unspeakable and full of glory.
That  little ole' woman, as soon as that struck her, my, the seed  burst

Now,  remember the Bible says that in the last day that this  antichrist
would deceive the whole world.  There would only be a small number whose
names  were put on the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of  the
world.   And when that true vindication of the revealed Truth  of  God's
Word strikes that heart, he will strike the water... and out yonder with
the Holy Ghost, just as hard as he can and you can't stop him from doing
it because the new Life burst forth.

I was talking to a person not long ago. He was trying to discuss with me
and saying, "Aren't you ashamed to say that God created the heavens  and
earth in three days--in six days?"

I said, "That's what the Bible said."

Said, "Well, we've got evidence and can prove that the world is millions
of years old."

I  said, "That didn't have anything to do with it.  In Genesis  1:1,  it
said, `In the beginning God created heavens and earth' period.  Now  the
world  without  form and void."  And I said, "I believe every  seed  was
laying  right  there from some other civilization or something,  and  as
soon as the water lifted off and the light struck it, up come the  trees
and everything."

The same thing with the human being; it's a type.  When all the mist  is
moved away, and the revealed Truth to that real seed laying there  still
germitized, and the Light of the Gospel can strike it by true a-vindica-
tion  of the Word, it'll live--it's got Life in it.  Outside of that  it
can't live. It has got no Life in it.

Them names were put on the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation  of
the world--will come forth just as certain as anything. That's why Jesus
sits  right  there and waits with His mediatorial work until  that  last
seed. He will know exactly when to strike.

As  Dr.  Lee Vayle... (I guess he's still in the  meeting  somewhere;  I
haven't seen him for days. I don't believe I've seen him... He is here).
Well,  the  other day he sent me this slip about what Irenaeus  said.  I
picked  Irenaeus a long ways to be the angel of the age.  That He  said,
"When that last member of the Body has come in, in this last age, should
be--the  thing  would be revealed at that time"; and here  it  is,  just
exactly right. See? We are in the day.

All right, then Pentecostal had beyond joy.  They was really stimulated,
I  think,  it does anyone.  Let's just take just a  moment--let's  think
about  David.  He got all stimulated, too. He said,  "My  cup's  running
over."  I mean, he really had a great event in his life. What caused him
to do that?  When he was in the Spirit... (For he was a prophet. We know
he was.  The Bible said so--prophet, David).  Now, for he was a prophet,
and he was in the Spirit, and he seen the resurrection. If you'd like to
read it, it's in Psalms 16:8-11.   He said, "Moreover my flesh was  made
glad.  My...  I rest in hope because You'll not leave my soul  in  hell,
neither will You suffer Your holy one to see corruption."

I tell you, his cup got to running over!  Because he seen no matter what
it  was, oh, he seen the resurrection and he was really... and  his  cup
run over.

Again  David had another cup running over in II Samuel... (those  that's
got your pencils out) II Samuel 6:14.  There had been a dry spell.  They
had took the ark. The enemy had come in and got the ark of the Lord, and
they  took  it down and set it up before Dagon, and Dagon  fell  on  his
face, and took it to another city and plagues broke out.

It was the hottest thing they'd ever had on their hands down there,  and
they couldn't get rid of it because it was out of its place.  Now,  when
they put it on the ox cart and started back, and when David saw the  ark
coming, you know what he did?  He got so full and his cup got to running
over  with stimulation.  When he seen the Word being revealed back  into
Israel  again, he danced in the Spirit all around and around and  around
and around and around like that, yeah. His cup got to running over. See?
Why? He saw the Word returning.

I  think that would make anybody get a little stimulated when  they  see
after  all these years, and then the true Word, by the promise  that  it
would be, being brought forth and vindicated. What a time! What a time!

Now, let's read. I get all talking, I won't get to this, and I will have
you all here till 10:30.  I let you out early last night, so I ought  to
keep you a good long time tonight.  No, I was just teasing.  See, I'm...
we just want... just as the Lord will lead. Now.

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the  fourth
beast say, Come... see.

Now,  when  the  Lamb had opened the Fourth  Seal...  Let's  stop  there
now--the  Fourth Seal.  Now who opened it?--the Lamb.  Was anybody  else
worthy?--no one else could do it.  No.  The Lamb opened the Fourth Seal,
and  the  fourth beast, a living creature like an eagle, said  to  John,
"Come see what the fourth mystery of the plan of redemption has been hid
in this Book," (because the Lamb was opening it). In other words, that's
what he was saying.  There's a fourth mystery here.  I've showed you  in
symbol.   Now John, (I don't know whether you understood or not but)  he
wrote down what he saw.  But it was a mystery, so he wrote what he  saw.
The Lamb was breaking the Seal, and God still wasn't going to reveal it,
it was left for the last days, see.

Now,  we've  had  symbols, and we've probed at it, and  done  very  good
sometimes,  see; but we know it's moved right on.  But now, in the  last
days we can look back and see where it has been, and that is supposed to
be done that at the end of the church age just before the Rapture.

How  anyone  can get the Church going through the tribulation,  I  don't
know.   But... What's it got to go through the tribulation for, when  it
hasn't got a sin?  I mean--I don't mean the church; the church  will  go
through the tribulation. But I'm talking about the Bride.

The  Bride,  no,  hasn't got a sin against it at  all.  It's  done  been
bleached out, and there's not even a smell of it--nothing left.  They're
perfect  before God.  So what then tribulation to purify them,  but  the
others  do.  The  church does go through the tribulation,  but  not  the

Now,  we're just taking it in all kinds of symbols now like the  church,
Noah, that paralleled a type--went on out into sin. See? Now they did go
over, but Enoch went first.  That was the type of the saints that  would
go in the... before the tribulation period.

Now,  we  find out this Lamb opened the Seal.  Now, the first  beast  we
find... If you notice, the first beast we find was a... the first  beast
was  a  lion, a living creature (found that in the book  of  the  church
ages); and then the second beast, I believe, was the face of an ox or  a
calf;  and the third beast was the face of a man; but the  fourth  beast
was a face of an eagle.

Now,  that's exactly the way we've got them rotating just  exactly  like
that, and that's exactly the way they are even placed in the Book here.

And  then  there was a great teacher at one time  in  Florida  teaching,
saying  that  the Book of Acts was just merely a scaffold work  for  the
church. The church was found in the four Gospels. And we find vice versa
from that: that it's the four Gospels that guards the Book of Acts. It's
from  those four Gospels that the Book of Acts is written--the  acts  of
the Holy Spirit in the apostles. And we find over in the Book, that them
guards are sitting there watching east, north, west, and south. Remember
how  we  drawed it out here, how beautifully, perfectly  everything  hit
just to its spot?

Now,  I want you to notice... said, "Come and see."  John... Now I  want
you  to notice again before this...  Now, this here is the last  of  the
riders to reveal the working of the antichrist, (tomorrow night  strikes
the  souls  under the altar).  The next night, the judgments.  The  next
night, the going away of the end of the age--end of time of all  things,
see--when she's taken up.

Therefore, right in that Seventh Seal there pours out vials, and  every-
thing else are poured out. What they are, I don't know.

Notice:  but  now,  on this here, we find that this fellow  here  is  an
eagle--this  man that, this living creature that's... poured forth  here
now. In other words, there's four different ages of it. There was an age
of the lion.  And we find out, this being the fourth age... And he said,
"Come  and see the fourth mystery of the Book of Redemption that's  been
hidden in this Book. Come see."  And John went to see, and he saw a pale
horse and again the same rider upon this pale horse.  Now, he has a name
called Death.

Now  notice, none of the other riders... none of the other horses or  no
time that this rider ever rode they didn't have... that man had no name,
but now he is called Death.  Not mentioned...  He's revealed now what he
is--is death.  Well, how we could linger on that for a sermon!  And make
it real plain, but anything that's anti, that's against the real, has to
be  death because there's only two subjects--that's life and death.  And
that proves that the Holy Spirit's revelation at this... in this day  is
exactly the Truth. The anti--he's death because the Word (as we will see
later here) is Life. See? And this man is called Death.

Now, it was not mentioned of the other times of this rider. But since...
now it is mentioned that he's called Death.  But under the revelation of
the  Lion...  Now watch! I want to read this close so I  will  be  sure.
(Wrote down some place to stand here.)

Under... Not under the revelation of the lion age or the first age,  the
early  age, this wasn't revealed.  The next age was the age of  the  ox,
which is the Dark Age, the Middle Age.  It wasn't revealed as... what it
was.  Nor,  the man-like beast of wisdom,  representing  the  reformers,
Luther and Wesley and so forth--it wasn't revealed.

But in the eagle age, the last age, the prophetic age where there is  to
rise prophetic utterance, see, to whom the secrets always comes...

Now,  there's where we just... We're going to linger on there  a  little
while tonight so that you'll thoroughly understand.  Now, in most  times
you  realize  these... I'm just not speaking to this group  here.  These
tapes  go everywhere.  See?  And I must make it clear, because  somebody
just  get one tape, and then if you don't get the rest of them,  they're
all hung up, see.

God has promised this (see?) for this day, for the last ending up of all
these  different  things that's gone on and being mixed  up.  We  are...
We've had Elijah's garments; we've had Elijah's robes; oh, there's  been
people that...  John Alexander Dowie that's buried up there wrapped in a
robe;  he  said he was Elijah--and we've had all kinds  of  things  like
that. What is it anyhow? It's only to take away a Truth that IS going to
be presented.

They  had false christs before Jesus' time.  See?  They always do  that.
It's Satan running out a counterfeit to upset the minds and the faith of
the people before the thing actually happens. That's all.

Didn't Gamaliel say the same thing to the Jews that day?  Said,  "Wasn't
there a man raised up and professed to be this, and he took four hundred
out  in  the wilderness, they perished," and so  forth.  Said...  "Every
branch  that  My Heavenly Father hasn't planted,"  Jesus said,  "will be
rooted  up."   Gamaliel said, "Let them alone.  If they--If it be not of
God, won't it come to naught? But if it be of God, you be found fighting
against God." The man used wisdom. He was a teacher.

Now notice.  Now, to wind up all these mysteries, God has promised  that
there would be a genuine Elijah rise--some man anointed with that  Spir-
it, and it would reveal. He promised it in Malachi 4.

And  I got some notes and letters that says that isn't so, but I'd  like
to talk to that person. Why, you can't deny it. Any real good theologian
knows that to be the Truth, that they are looking for it. But it just be
the same way like they come by John, the forerunner of the first time of

Why  they  didn't  recognize him because there  was  such  great  things
prophesied of him.  Why he was to make all the high places come low, all
the low places go high, all the rough places go smooth; and, oh, he--all
the  prophets...  Isaiah, 712 years before his birth, and  Malachi,  400
years before he come on the scene--all those prophesied of him. And they
was  expecting some corridor of Heaven to be let down and  this  prophet
walk right out with his staff in his hand from God.

And what happened?--a man that couldn't even show a fellowship card,  he
couldn't  show  a credential--stayed out in the wilderness, not  even  a
common  school education.  We're told by historians that he left to  the
wilderness when he was nine years old, after the death of his father and
mother,  and  was raised out... His job was too important to  mess  with
some seminary. He had to announce the Messiah.

God  couldn't  use a man all stuffed full of theology.  He can't  do  it
because he will always drift right back, that's his line of learning. He
drifts back to that. So he goes to see something, he tries to drift back
to  what the teachers have said--be better if he'd kept away  from  them
things and just believe God.

And  we  find that they missed him.  Even the  apostles  standing  there
missed him.  Why, they said, "Why'd the Scripture say (the scribes) said
that Elias..."

He said, "Well, he has already come, and you didn't know him."

And that's where I pattern the resurrection... or the Rapture.  It'll go
and  they'll...  I  know that sounds strange, but maybe  you'll  know  a
little  more after tonight, if the Lord willing, just how it's going  to
be,  see.  It will be so secret nobody will know about it,  hardly.  The
world  will  just  think... just go right on like it  always  did,  see.
That's the way He always does it.

You know, I doubt whether one... one... I'd say one-ninetieth percent of
the  people on the earth ever knowed Jesus Christ was here when  He  was
here.  You know when Elijah prophesied, I doubt whether there was hardly
anybody  knowed that he was... They knowed there was a crank  up  there,
some old fanatic, but they hated him. Sure--what they called an oddball.

I  think  any born again Christian is kind of an oddball to  the  world,
because you've been changed.  You're from another world.  Your spirit is
from across the chasm, and this thing here is such a messed up thing. If
you are not different, there's something wrong. You are still too earth-
bound. You ought to be heavenly minded. Heaven lives by the Word.

Now, we notice that this great thing taken place.  Now, we believe  that
there is to be a coming of the true spirit of Elijah.  It's predicted it
would be, see.  And we must remember it'll be here in its own season and
time.   We  may be laying a foundation for it now.  And it won't  be  no

I  disagree  with a good friend of mine on that.  He says it will  be  a
group  of  people.  I want you to show me that by  Scripture.  God,  the
unchangeable God, never does change His plans. If He does, then He isn't
God (that's right),  because he's a mortal, and he knows just like I do,
and  he makes mistakes.  God has never changed His plan since  the  very
time in the Garden of Eden.  He made a plan for redemption, that was the

And  we've tried education; we've tried dictatorship; we've  tried  psy-
chology;  we've tried denominationalism--we've tried everything to  push
everybody  together, love everybody together and everything else.  There
is no other place of fellowship but under the Blood yet. The only ground
that God meets man.

God  always deals with one individual. Two man has got two ideas.  There
never  was  two major prophets on the earth prophesying the  same  time.
Look  back and see if there was.  No, sir!--too much scruppled up.  He's
got  to  get  one man completely surrendered and  use  that  person.  He
searches  for that person, but there will be one sometime--somebody  who
will listen to Him word by word.

I don't care what anybody else says, they'll never move from it.  That's
right. They'll wait on, "THUS SAITH THE LORD," and then--they won't move
until then. He will be properly a-vindicated. You'll... Now, the outside
world  will hate it, but the elected seed, the predestinated  seed--like
there was in the days of Jesus--when that Light flashes, that seed  will
come to Life like that.  They'll know it. It'll understand it. You won't
have to say a word about it.

She said, "Sir, I perceive that you are a prophet.  I know when  Messiah
comes, He's supposed to..."

He said, "I am He."

Boy, that was enough!  She didn't have to tarry all night and tarry  the
next night, she had it right then. She was on her road.  She was telling
them about it.

Now remember, now in the first age was a lion age.  That was the Lion of
the  tribe of Juda--Christ.   His own influence of life, taken that age.
That's the first beast, which means power that answered by human voice.

The next age was the ox age or the dark horse rider's age, see. Now, the
reason this first age was a white age, was that...  As I've always heard
people  say  that that first rider,  white,  was the power of the church
went  forth to conquer, and we find out he was given a crown, that  that
was it.   It was the church.  It was the church, but where did he go to?
He went to Rome. That's where he did. He got--received his crown.

Now, the second age was a red horse rider which was a dark age. And now,
the next age was the man age which was the black horse rider, and he was
the age of the reformers, see--the voice who spoke.

Now,  the black horse rider--that was the antichrist, but the  one  that
was  speaking  in  that  age was represented  as  man.  And  that's  the
wisdom--smart,  shrewd. See?  And they didn't get it, see.  They  didn't
call... They didn't name him, see. They just said it went forth.

But  now  when it comes forth, the eagle age; that's the  one  that  God
always  likens His prophets to eagles.  He calls Himself an  eagle.  The
eagle goes so high there ain't nothing else can touch him.

Not only is he up there, but he's built for that position.  When he gets
up there, he see where he's at.  Some people get up there and can't  see
where they're at, so don't do no good to get up there.  But if you...

You  let  a crow try to fly with an eagle, or a hawk, either  one;  he'd
disintegrate. He's got to be pressurized for where he goes.

That's the trouble today; some of us don't get pressurized.  We  explode
too quick, you see, when we're jumping; but we've got to be pressurized.
When  you get up there, have the keen sight of the eagle to  see  what's
coming and know what to do. Now, the eagle age revealed it. Now, we find
out  that eagle age was promised in Revelation 10:7 and in  Malachi  1:4
that  would  be in the last days, see.  That's right--that it  would  be
here. All right.

Notice.  Now, this fellow, we find out that he's riding on a pale horse.
Pale--oh my!  After...  Notice, after 68,000,000 Protestants, as we took
from Smucker's Glorious Reform of the martyrology of Rome, last night...
We  find  that  up to the fifteen hundred mark, (I believe  it  was,  or
eighteen, I don't remember exactly now) but there was 68,000,000 put  to
death to protest the first Roman church--Rome.

No wonder he could impersonate himself in the personified name of... and
called Death.  He sure was!  Now.  God only knows how many he caused  to
spiritually die by his anti--Bible Word teaching. This is the one he put
68,000,000 to the sword and killed, and probably literally billions died
spiritually on his false teaching.  No wonder he could take the name  of

See the rider?  The first place as an antichrist, he was death to  begin
with, but he was innocent then. Then he received a crown (a triple one),
and  when  he did, then he united... Satan united his church  and  state
because he was over both of them then.  Antichrist was Satan in the form
of a man.

And  then also, St. Matthew, I believe it is, the 4th chapter, tells  us
that  Satan took Jesus, our Lord, up and showed Him the kingdoms of  the
world, all of them, in a moment of time, and the glory of  them--offered
them to Him and he said they were his!

So,  you  see then, if he can unite his state and his  church  together,
then the red horse rider could ride sure enough. See? Truly!

Now,  then  we find out his mystery here in his church  and  state.  The
fourth stage of his ministry, he's called the Beast.  First he's  called
the  antichrist, (see?) then he's called false prophet, and he's  called
the Beast. Now, we find him here being called as the Beast.

Now,  I  want you to notice that's after the fourth horse, and  in  this
fourth horse, if you'll notice, all... The first one was white, and then
the next one was red, and the next one was black, and the fourth  one...
all  of these other three was represented in it because pale is red  and
white and  so mixed together.  See?   He... It's all mixed  in this  one
horse. See?  And there he become four, or actually the three in one, and
it was all mixed up in that one thing.

Now, I want you to notice the four of them.  Notice the off-mark of four
of the spiritual mathematics. God is three.  This is four.  He's in four
here. First, antichrist--white; second, false prophet--red; third, vicar
of  heavens  and  earth and purgatory--black;  fourth,  the  beast--pale
horse,  Satan  being kicked out of Heaven.  Do you want  to  read  that?
Revelation 12:13, Satan being kicked out of Heaven.

Then  in Revelation 13:1-8, he is incarnate in the person of the  Beast.
He's  first the antichrist, just a teaching called Nicolaitia;  then  he
becomes from that to a false prophet. If he's an antichrist--anti-Christ
is against.  Anything that's against God's Word is against God,  because
the Word is God.

"In  the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the  Word
was made flesh, Christ, and dwelt among us."  And now he is against  the
Word, so he would be anti-Christ, but a spirit cannot be crowned. That's
the reason he didn't receive a crown--just a bow with no arrows.

And then when he come to crowning time, then he become the false prophet
of  his anti-Christ teaching.  Get it?  Then he gets a sword because  he
unites  his  powers  together; then he don't have to  ask  nobody.  He's
governor  of  state; he's governor of heaven--receives a  triple  crown,
makes  himself  an idea called "purgatory,"  where if some of them  died
back there and he got some money and want to pay them out, he could pray
them  out of it because he's got the power to do so. He's a vicar.  Cer-
tainly he is. He takes the place of God on earth. If that ain't as plain
as anything...

We  find  it, pull it on down through the Bible and  count  his  numeral
numbers  and  everything else.  Here he is; put him right back  here  in
number four, not number three, number four, see.

Now let's turn... Revelation 12.  Let's just read this just a little bit
because we--we will have time to do it.  Let's read Revelation the  12th
chapter and the 13th verse.

And the same hour there was a great earthquake... (No I've got the wrong
place, the thirteenth)

And when the dragon saw that he was cast (out) into the earth, he perse-
cuted the woman which brought forth the man child.

Now  you see, he was cast out of the earth and becomes incarnate as  the
anti-Christ  spirit become incarnate into a man.  That man changes  from
one thing to another--from an anti-Christ spirit to a false prophet, and
then the beast comes into him.

Just exactly like the church grows.  His church went from anti-Christ to
false  prophet, and in the great age to come the Beast that is  to  rise
up... so the church comes the same way, through justification, sanctifi-
cation,  and  the  Baptism  of the Holy Ghost as  Christ  being  in  the
people--just exactly!  And he's got the anti-type of it over there, see,
the type of it, rather. There he is just exactly. That's him--kicked out
of Heaven.

Now, we find out in Revelation 13:1-8:

And  I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise  up...  (Now
here's twelve, where he was kicked out. Now, watch.)... saw a beast rise
up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his  horns
ten crowns, and upon his head the name of blasphemy.

And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet...  (Oh,
if  we just had time now,  we'd take the rest of the night right on them
symbols  there and show... bring it right straight to him again.  Any...
Most all of you know that from other lessons... ) were as the feet of  a
bear, and his mouth... the mouth of a lion: and the dragon give him  his
power,... seat, and... authority. (Incarnate Satan, see.)

And  I saw one of his heads as it... wounded to death;... (And on  down,
it goes beyond.  When you get the chance to read on down. No, let's just
read just a little bit.)

And  I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his  deadly
wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.  (You just
watch. Don't you never watch Communism.  It's nothing but a tool playing
in the hands of God to help you someday to get... revenge the blood,  as
we will get tomorrow night.)

And  they  worshipped the dragon... (Who was  the  dragon?--Satan.  That
right?--the  red  dragon.  All  right.)... which  gave  power  unto  the
beast:...  (where  he  get his power, see)... and  they  worshipped  the
beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war  with

And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things of blasphemy;
and power was given to him to continue forty and two months.

And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God,... (there you  are)...
to blaspheme his name,... (give him a title)... his tabernacle... (which
is  the  Holy  Spirit's dwelling place, to make it a place  in  Rome,  a
Vatican city--you can just go on down)... and them that dwell in heaven.
(blasphemed them by saying they were intercessors)

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, (and he did)  and
to  overcome  them: (he did--burned them to the stake, fed them  to  the
lions and killed them any way he could)... and power was given him  over
all kindreds,... tongues, and nations.  (It never did become that way in
Rome  until  pagan Rome was converted into papal Rome and  the  Catholic
power spread the world; made the universal Catholic church.)

And  all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose  names  were
not written in the book... ("touch not My oil and wine," see)... And all
that dwell upon the earth shall worship him,  whose names were not writ-
ten  in  the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation  of  the

If any man have an ear, let him hear.

He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that  killeth
with  the  sword must be killed with the sword.  Here  is  the  patience
and... faith of the saints.

Now, we had him coming last night with his great sword to kill.  We find
out  that  he gets killed with the sword, too--the sword  of  the  Word.
God's  Word--sharp,  two-edged sword, slays him, puts  him  right  down;
(wait  'til  them seven thunders utter their voices to  that  group  who
really can take the Word of God and hand it there!) it'll slice and cut.
They can close the heavens; they can shut this or do that, whatever they
want to.

He  will  be slayed by the Word that proceeds  through  His  mouth--it's
sharper  than a two-edged sword.  They could call for a hundred  billion
tons  of flies if they wanted to.  Amen!  Whatever they say is going  to
happen because it's the Word of God coming from the mouth of God. Amen.

God  always...  It's His Word, but He always uses man to  work  it.  God
could  call  for them flies down in Egypt, but He said,  "Moses,  that's
your job.  I will just tell you what to do, and you go do it."  He fully
done that. See? He could have chosen the sun to call them; He could have
caused  the  moon  to  call it or the wind to  call  it,  but  He  said,
"Moses..." He chose His man. All right.

Now, we find out here that this Satan, after being kicked out of Heaven,
incarnates  himself  in the Beast, and now he is  a  Beast.  Antichrist,
false  prophet,  and  now Beast and given the name of  Death,  and  hell
follows him--fully Satan on his throne. Oh my!  On the earth--he's Satan
representative on the earth; that, he now is head of the kingdoms of the
world,  the  very  same kingdoms that he offered to the  Lord  Jesus  in
Matthew 4, Satan now becomes a full king.

Now, this happens later on. He's false prophet now. He will become Beast
after awhile when he breaks his covenant there with the Jews.  You  know
how we... ? All right.

Notice now, he will be given a heart of a Beast at that time, and  Satan
will  incarnate himself because when the Church goes up,  Satan  is cast
out. See? It's done then. All of his accusing is done. See.

Now, as long... Look, as long as the Intercessor is still on the Throne,
Satan  can  stand there and accuse, because he is the  attorney  of  the
other side. He's the opponent of Christ. And Christ is... He is standing
there...  The opponent is standing there saying, "But wait,  Adam  fell.
Adam  done this.  I conquered him. I got his wife to believe a lie,  and
You said she'd be damned by it. I got it."

But  here's the Mediator standing there, (Amen!) the  Kinsman  Redeemer,
(Amen!) standing there with the Blood that can take the vilest  sinner's
heart and change it. A Mediator is on the Throne. Yes, sir!

Satan said, "But they are guilty."

Jesus said, "They're not."

That Clorox was invented or manufactured to take stain, take the  color-
ing  out  of ink or any other stain--they've got it. It'll break  it  up
'til you never will find it again. It goes back to gases and all the way
back to cosmic lights and it'll past molecules and everything else  'til
it  turns back to the original where it come from.  It's a  creation--it
had--a creation had to come from a Creator.  But all the chemicals  that
was manufactured and put together, they are broke up and that's just all
there,  there's  no more of it.  Even the very water  substance  it  is,
blends  with the Clorox which is ashes.  Amen!  Glory to God,  it's  all

That's  what  the Blood of Jesus Christ does to the true child  of  God.
When  he  confesses that sin and stands there justified  in  His  mercy,
goodness... Even it's so great 'til God said, "I can't even remember  it
anymore,  and he's absolutely My son."  "Verily, I say unto you, if  you
say to this mountain be moved and don't doubt in your heart but  believe
in  what  you said, it shall come to pass; you can have  that  what  you
said." You are a redeemed son. Amen! I know that's true.

I seen squirrels to appear yonder on six different times that I  knew...
not the one that would be sitting here.  Just as He can create squirrels
the same as He can create flies or frogs or anything else. He's God, the
Creator.  Right!  And when... no mortal being, but when that sin of that
mortal is confessed and dropped into that Clorox of the bleach of  Jesus
Christ,  that bleaches all sin.  He's purely unadulterated without  sin,
without fault.

He  that  is  born of God doth not commit sin, for he  cannot  sin.  The
bleach stands between him and God.   How could it ever get there when It
breaks it up and sends it right back to the one who perverted it.  Amen!
Whew, I feel religious. I tell you, I get stimulation now as this begins
to reveal.

Notice,  fully Satan on his throne, (Yes, sir!) offered it to  God,  of-
fered it to the Lord. Here he is sitting here with this beastly heart in
him.  Now, here is the person, the Beast, the incarnate devil.  He makes
his appearing here on earth under the false pretense.  Oh, my  goodness!
Under  the false pretense of the true Word, he associates  himself  with
the Word.

He  did  just  the same thing that his type did, which  was  Judas,  two
thousand years ago. What did he do? Judas came in as a believer, being a
devil from the beginning.  He was born the son of perdition.  He  pulled
nothing  over on Jesus, because He knowed him from the  very  beginning,
(Amen!) for He was the Word!

All right.  And remember, Judas took the place as treasurer and fell  by
money.  So does the church of this day.  The Catholic church (as we  no-
tice,  last night) charged them for novenas, charged them  for  prayers,
and charged them for everything.  It's almost same--fell the same  thing
to the daughters of the Catholic church, was the Protestants.  The whole
thing  is  wrapped up in money.  There is where Judas fell,  and  here's
where he fell, and there's where the Protestants fall.

Watch...  rides a pale horse as he appears on his ride, this last  ride.
He's on his last now. Now, that is not in our day. That will be on down.
It's  the Seal foretold.  Because see, the Church has done gone up  when
this happens.

When  Christ appears here on earth, as this fellow appears  and  becomes
completely,  completely the devil.  From antichrist all the way down  to
false prophet, then into the Beast, the devil himself.  And he's  riding
on  a pale horse, colored all up and mixed with all kinds of  colors  to
make him pale and deathly.

But  when  our Lord appears here on earth, He will be riding on  a  snow
white horse, and He will be completely, fully, the Emmanuel--the Word of
God incarnate in a man. See how much difference there is in them. That's
the difference of it.

Notice,  the antichrist is on a pale horse, mixed color.   A horse is  a
beast  that  represents a power. His power is all mixed up.  Why?   It's
politics;  it's national powers; it's religious powers; it's demon  pow-
ers;  it's all kinds of powers mixed together--a mixed pale  horse  was.
He's got all kinds of powers.

But when Jesus comes, it's on a one solid colored horse--the Word. Amen!
This  one  mixes  its  colors of red, white,  black.   Three  colors  in
one--represented  in one, and three powers represented in one:  a  white
horse, a black horse, red horse--and three crowns in one. See? Sure.

I seen the crown myself--stood that close and looked at it. Wouldn't let
me get to it on account of the glass. So there it was, a big lock on it,
sitting in a case--triple crown; so I know it's the truth.  So there  he
was--triple crown. Vicar of heaven, purgatory and earth.

Three powers united together, see--all mixed up in a color--pale.  Death
spoke in a whole thing. Political, and religious, and demon powers mixed
together.  Politics--he is the king of politics; Satan is. Smart.  Whew!
Sure, don't try to outwit him; just trust the Lord.

As  I've all--went through it before, all smart, educations, and  things
like that come from the wrong side.  You follow it through the Scripture
find out that's right.  Follow Cain's children and see what they become.
Then follow Seth's children, see what they were.

Not that I'm supporting ignorance, not at all, no, sir, but you take any
persons hardly of the Bible, very seldom... There's one named Paul  that
was a smart man, and he said that he had to forget everything he  knowed
in  order to know Christ.  He said, "I never come to you  with  enticing
words of wisdom of man, but I come to you in the power of the  resurrec-
tion of Christ."

That's right--power of the Holy Ghost.  Look at the others. Some of them
didn't  even know right or left hand, and all... Look down  through  the
age  of the prophets and where they come from and so forth.  See what  I
mean? See, it's a smart, intellectual, and wisdom; wisdom is exactly the
very thing that takes you away from God.

He had three powers or three jurisdictions: the earth, heaven and purga-
tory. He is himself a trinity. That's what he's made up of, and he rides
in a trinity. His power is in a trinity. His crown is in a trinity.  His
horse is in a trinity.  That what he is?--a trinity, a power of trinity,
a crown of trinity, a horse riding of trinity--that's of offices--a four
again. See, a four again.

All  right,  three stages of his ministry makes  him  one  person--Satan
incarnate--three stages of his ministry.  Antichrist, false prophet, and
beast--them three typing.  See, now there's three types, now, that makes
him  (God  makes  Himself known too, in water, blood,  spirit.  Makes  a
Christian a son of God by the Word of God, see.)--and these three powers
makes him a devil. See?  Oh, this here is water, blood, and spirit which
is of God.  And that's politics, religion and demon power mixed together
makes him the devil.

Christ's  first coming, a mortal.  He comes three times.  Christ  is  in
three. Watch how he comes, he's a four.

Watch Christ.  First coming, He come a mortal to bleed and die.  Is that
right?   That's His first coming.  The second coming is the Rapture.  We
meet  Him in the skies--immortal.  His third coming--He's the  incarnate
God. Amen! God Emmanuel to reign on earth. Right. Only three.

Fourth  stage of the rider... Watch.  The fourth stage of this rider  is
called Death. Death means eternal separation from God. That's what death
means: to be eternal separated from God.

Now,  if  we place this fellow out, class... if we have  showed  by  the
Bible  who that fellow is...  And we even took the hills, the place  and
everywhere just exactly in detail right on down.  And now he's called by
the eagle, Death. That's what He calls him.

Remember,  here... See, death is eternal separation.   Remember,  saints
don't die.  They sleep, not die. "He that heareth My words and believeth
on Him that sent Me has Eternal Life." That's right. Shall not come into
the  judgment--passed from death unto Life. "... I am the  resurrection,
and  life": said Jesus; "he that believeth in me, though he  were  dead,
yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall  never

Lazarus dead?  "He sleepeth." "Fear not, the girl's not dead, but sleep-
eth."  They laughed Him to scorn.  Is that right?  Oh, my!  See,  saints
don't die.  Separation from God is death, eternal death, and this fellow
is called Death. So keep away from him!

What  is he?--an organizational system, the first.  Number  one  church,
organized.  And  when he took the understanding of  Constantine  at  the
Nicaea Council... We brought them women, last night, and showed how that
Eve,  the first bride, before her husband ever got to her, she  fell  by
disbelieving  God's Word in Eden.  The spiritual Bride that was born  on
the  Day of Pentecost of Christ, before He could get to her,  what  hap-
pened?   She fell at Rome, What?--forfeited her virtue of the  Word  for
dogma. Amen!

Oh my!  I feel stimulation coming again to think that.  I don't mean  to
act crazy.  I don't mean that, but I just... You don't realize what that
does to me. I've been sitting in this for four days now...?... I have to
say something kinda get me feeling human again. All right.

Start talking like that and you see visions breaking all over the place.
That's right.  See, that's the reason I say something to get myself back
again--shake back again, see.

Did you ever notice when we have a discerning line? I will say something
will make people laugh; then I will say something make people cry;  then
I  will say something make them angry.  I've got something spotted  out,
and I will say something to see how it takes.  Then I see what kind of a
light  is  over  them,  what takes place.  I know  where  it's  at,  and
then--where  it's  calling or not.  If it isn't--sits there,  a  genuine
believer, all right.

You call them then, say, "You, So-and-so." And when you get down, Spirit
begins to anoint, then you begin to see that flashing coming everywhere,
see, like that around, around the room.  That's the reason I say someth-
ing--kind of start back again; start off new again, see. Ever since last
Sunday  I just sit right in a room, just praying, that's all, under  the
anointing; and I know this is right. You believe God? I know you do. You
just watch at the end of the week. See.

Now  death means eternal separation from God.  You remember now,  saints
don't  die.  Remember, his bride was given a pale horse... I mean,  this
rider  was  given a pale horse to go forth with, he's  given--this  pale
horse to go forth with.  And he rode this pale horse of death.  Now,  we
know what that was. We know what church that was.

And  remember...  and last night, she was not only a whore,  she  was  a
mother  of  harlots.  And we find out that what made her a whore  was  a
woman that is that type of a woman... (I'm just--it's a flat word to say
amongst  a  mixed audience, but the Bible says that, see).  So  then  we
realize  that that's a woman that lives untrue to her marriage vow.  And
you  see, she's supposed to be, says herself... calls herself the  Queen
of Heaven.  That would be the Bride of God, God is Christ.  And we  find
that she's comm

Fornication; and she's causing the kings to the earth to commit fornica-
tion,  and all the rich man, and great man; the whole earth  went  after
her.  See?   And then we find out that she produced some daughters,  and
they were harlots.

What  is a harlot but a whore?--the same thing: a  fornicator,  fornica-
tion, evil, adultery, committing...  What did they do?--organized, got a
system, taught the man-made systems--Pentecost and the whole bunch.

Now, don't let your conscience drop there in your pocket, Pentecost. Let
me tell you something. Let's look the thing right in the face. We're too
late down the road now to go to pulling punches.

Look here.   We are living in the Laodicean Church Age, and that was the
most  ridiculous church age of all the rest of them--a lukewarm and  the
only  one  that  Christ was on the outside trying to get  back  in,  and
that's the Pentecostal message going out. Said, "I'm rich." Boy, you was
poor first.  Now have you really got rich, see.  "... have need of noth-
ing," and oh what you was.

He  said,  "You are naked, miserable, blind, poor, wretched,  and  don't
even know it."

Now,  if a man was naked out there on the street and knowed it, why,  he
would try to help himself; but when he don't know it, and you can't tell
him  no different, then he's in a bad shape.  God have mercy  upon  him.
That's right.

Notice.  Oh my!  Now, remember, this antichrist, himself, being the man,
his bride, which is his church, was given a space to repent; and she did
not do it in that church age, Thyatira. You remember it? See.

Let's go back just a minute.  It won't hurt us to go back just a minute.
Let's  go  back--second  chapter just a minute.  We  will...  Just  read
it--the  second chapter of... Now, Thyatira.  Now watch this just  right
quick now.  My, we're just about closing time, and haven't got  started.

Notice, Thyatira. Now, it begins with the 18th verse of the 2nd chapter.
[Revelation 2:18-23.]

And  unto the angel (that's  the messenger) of  the  church  in Thyatira
write; These things saith the Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto  a
flames... , and his feet are like onto fine brass;

I  know thy works, and thy charity, and thy service, and  thy  faith,...
thy patience, and the works; and the last to be more than the first.

Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest
that woman Jezebel, (the wife of the false prophet which is supposed  to
be the genuine prophet of God--supposed.  Right, the genuine prophet and
his wife Jezebel. Now, Ahab was supposed to be a genuine Jew, but he was
a rascal, (you know that) because his wife just led him anyway he wanted
to.   We find out Jezebel takes her money and leads these the  way  they
want  to, too.) which calleth herself a prophetess, (get it?)  to  teach
and  to seduce my servants (See, that Jezebel teaching just corrupt  the
country.) to commit fornication,... to eat things sacrificed to idols.

And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.
(Watch this next verse.)

 ...  I  will cast her into a bed, (that's hell) and  them  that  commit
adultery  with  her, unto great tribulation, (that's  going  into  great
tribulation,  not  the Church now) except they repent  of  their  deeds.
(Now, watch out here.)

 ... I will kill her children (the harlots) with death;...

Spiritual death--do you believe it?  That's the Word.  "I will kill them
with death." And if they are killed, they are eternal separated.

All right, remember, he gave her a space to repent. Thyatira Age was the
dark  age.  The dark horse rider rode in that time, when all the  masses
and everything had to be paid for and the prayers and the novenas and so
forth.   Now see, his black horse then.  After he refused to  repent  in
Thyatira, (watch!) changes his riding from a black horse to a pale  one,
Death, for his last ministry.

Now,  I  might just give the individual a little shake here.  To  refuse
God, to refuse God's call--you'll do it the last time sometime. And just
like that church did, it's over.   God's patience will not always strive
with  man, see.  And when she refused it and refused to accept it,  then
she changed, and went--now she's got a name called "Death"--separation.

God said, "I will even take her children, the Protestants, and  everyone
of them I will kill with eternal separation."

There  you are.  Thyatira Age--the dark age.  Black horse now  turns  to
death for his last ministry.  See how the church ages blend in with  the
Seals  just perfect, then we know it's right.  The Holy Spirit makes  no
mistakes. He gave us a great a-vindication the last time when we got the
church ages done back there, you know.

See  the loving, long-suffering of God.  Before He passed judgment  upon
her, He gave her a place to repent!  And it's in the Name of the Lord  I
say this: He's give the Protestant church the same thing, and she  won't
do it! These Messages shook everywhere, and she won't do it! She's going
to have her own dogmas and creeds, I don't care how much you explain it.

As  I  said there in Chicago, the other day before more  ministers  than
there are people sitting here... And there they had me pinned off  about
the doctrine of Serpent Seed, and all this other thing.  I said,  "Some-
body  get  your Bible and come here and stand by me then."  Nobody  said

Tommy Hicks said, "I never heard that like that before, Brother Branham.
I  want  three hundred of those tapes.  I want to send them  to  all  my

There was about fifty or seventy-five said, "I'm coming down there to be
rebaptized." Did they come?--not a one of them. Why?  He give them space
to  repent!  He will cast your children to death, spiritual  death;  (we
will pick that up tomorrow night, the Lord willing, or Saturday night on
those plagues that passes over. You watch what takes place there).

Like  He give Egypt, He give Egypt place to repent.  What was that  last
plague?--was  death.  That's the last plague that's hit the  Pentecostal
church.  It's spiritual death; she's dead!   That's in the Name  of  the
Lord.  She's  spiritually dead!   He gave her place to repent,  and  she
rejected it; now she's dead. She will never rise again!

And  them people out there trying to bring in Episcopalians and  priests
and so forth, and calling them "Holy Father So-and-so."   Why they ought
to  be ashamed of themselves!  How blind can man get?  Don't  Jesus  say
when that sleeping virgin come to buy oil, she did not get it?

Everybody...  You  hear people say, "I got the Holy Ghost;  I  spoke  in
tongues."   But they don't want to come around a church like this.  "Oh,
you  know, I don't believe I want to go around a place like that";  then
say you got the Holy Ghost!--but you want your dignified way.  You  want
to stay in Babylon and still enjoy the blessings of Heaven.

You have to make your choice.  You can't stay out there in the world and
serve God at the same time.  Jesus said you couldn't serve God and  Mam-
mon.  So  if you won't expect... If you really get saved,  you'll  enjoy
meetings  where the Holy Spirit is vindicating Itself and  showing  that
the Word of God is so.

Someone  said, "The people make too much noise.  It makes  me  nervous."
You'll  be nervous if you'd get to Heaven.  Just think when all of  them
are there; then what about it?

Oh my, how the Lord wants to get the... is long-suffering like He was in
the  days of Noah.  He tried hard.  He suffered long for a  hundred  and
twenty years to get them to repent; they wouldn't do it.

In the days of Egypt, He sent plagues and everything else; they wouldn't
do it.  He sent John; they wouldn't return. He sent Jesus to die to save
the whole group that would hear the Word.

And now in the last days, He promised again that He would send a Message
to call it out and restore the original faith back to it... back to  the
Word, and they won't receive it. They're so dogmatic in their dogmas and
creeds  'til  they got a...  Oh, they think they have a... if  an  Angel
walked down...  But God don't do that.  He takes something ignorant  and
stupid,  something  that don't know hardly your ABC's or  anything,  and
then  He  takes that type of a person; because He could  take  something
that's  nothing and then work through it.  As long as  something  thinks
they're something, then they can do nothing with it. He always did that.
You have to become nothing to become somebody with God.

Oh my! And notice. Yet, He gave her a space to repent, but she didn't do
it.   He's  done it again, she won't do it.  Her rejection  away,  makes
her...  or... her rejection makes a perfect way for Satan to  come  into
her and be incarnate. Right!  Incarnate himself right in her because she
rejected the Word, and that's exactly the same thing that the Protestant
church  becomes a harlot... is because she rejects the vindicated  Truth
of the Word of God and that gives the devil a place to come right in and
incarnate  himself, and he will make an image unto the Beast  when  they
can consolidate together, right yonder now, and go on just exactly  what
he said. That's right. Amen!

If I had an education, I could bring it out. I haven't got no education.
I'm just expecting the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you. He will to those
who... That's right. He will do it.

Notice.  Look how... what she did here.   She rejected God's Message for
her to repent.   She started off an antichrist--and that's what she was.
She  become a false prophet, incarnate devil, and when she did with  her
false  teaching...  Then in all of that, God gave her space  to  repent,
tried to get her.

See  how long-suffering.  What a wonderful love.   There's no love  like
that.   Look at those even that spit in His face and things, He  forgave
them. That's God, see. Don't reject God's Message.Look, she was asked to
repent--go  back  to  where  she  fell from.  And  where  did  she  fall
from?--the Word.  Where did Eve fall from? --[congregation answers, "the
Word."--Ed.]   Where did the denomination fall from?--[Congregation  an-
swers, "the Word."-- Ed.]

There  you are.  No other way, just every time just comes right back  to
the  Word--right back to the Word, and they get into a system that  runs
them back away from the Word, runs them from the Word instead of to  the

Notice. Look, she was given a space to repent, go back.  Repent means to
go  back, turn back, about face--repent, go back.  And she was  given  a
space to go back to where that...

Now  remember,  she was the original pentecostal church  that  the  Holy
Ghost was poured upon on the day of Pentecost.  How many Bible  students
knows that?  Sure, she was.  See where she went from.  She fell from the
Word and accepted dogmas.  She... Instead of the Holy Ghost she wanted a
holy man: Doctor LL., Ph., Q.U.--then made him a pope.  Sure, but that's
what she wanted--somebody to do her praying, somebody she could pay  her
money out, and that's all she had to do. See?

Now, it's the same thing today. As long as they got a pew to sit in, pay
heavy on the collection plate--that's good enough.  They are a member of
that church.  Don't tell them nothing else about it.  They don't want to
know. That's her daughters.

Now,  where  did  she  fall  from?  --from  the  original  Word  of  the
apostolic... apostles and prophets.  That's where she fell from.  That's
where the Protestants fell from.

Repent! Go back! Turn back before it's too late, if it ain't already too
late!   One of these days that Lamb will leave His place, and then  it's
all over.  So is her daughters been asked now, before being judged  with
her, to return back.

Now,  the  last  Message they get is when this prophet  that  I've  been
speaking of, which I've been reading many books about it...  And I  know
that real good sensible, spiritual thinking man know that that's coming;
know  it's coming, but the trouble of it is, they keep saying, "We  need
it.   It's going to be."  And when it comes, then they'll be  so  humble
they'll probably miss it just like they did it...?...

People will write about it and everything and say, "Oh, yes. It needs to
be"; then let it be showed right before them, and they just go right on,
see. They've always done that.

Watch now.  The original Word, they--she has to repent to go back there.
So her daughters as they've asked to be forced, they will be judged  and
throwed  into the same bed and killed with her.  They've been  asked  to
turn  back to the original Word; go back to the apostolic doctrine,  but
they're  so  tied down with their creeds and things, they won't  do  it.
They only make fun of it.

Then what do they do?  They finally form up in the image unto the Beast,
another power,...?... and act to the Lamb's Bride like she did in  Reve-
lation 13:14. That's what they do--just persecute, just the same thing.

The churches makes just as fun of the true Bride of Christ as Rome  ever
did--just  exactly, acts to the real Lamb's Bride just exactly like  she
did in Revelation 13:14.

Now notice, we see by God's Word of promise, He will kill her  children,
the  denominations,  her daughters, with spiritual death.  (Now,  that's
Revelation 2:22.  Don't forget it) To kill is to put to death, and death
is eternal separation from the presence of God.  Think of that, friends.
Think of that!  Don't you trust in any man-made creeds.  Anything that's
contrary to the Word, you keep away from it.

Now, watch. Watch in the Bible here. It said his name was Hell... I mean
his name was Death, and hell followed after him.  Now, hell always  fol-
lows  death  in  the natural.  When a natural  man  dies,  hell  follows
him--that's  the  grave, hades, see; that's in the natural, but  in  the
spiritual, it's a lake of fire. See? All right.  It's eternal separation
where they're burned up and... Malachi 4 said, "It don't even leave  him
stubble or branch or nothing else." It's the way the world has of  puri-
fying itself again for the Millennium, see.

Have  you  noticed, the rider is a he and "he had in his  hand..."  Man,
false  prophet, but his bride is called the church, she,  Jezebel--Ahab,
Jezebel. Why, it's just as perfect as anything ain't it, see.  Daughters
is she, also, but never received one man headship.  Protestants do that.
But  still harlot in principle of their doctrine, denomination,  system.
That's just--that's what it says.

Notice.  What is this all coming to?  (Now, we've just got about twelve,
fourteen minutes here, I guess.)  Look what this is all coming to.  What
is it?  It's going right back the way it did. It started in Heaven; it's
coming to the end-time battle.

The first thing in Heaven was a battle.  Lucifer was kicked out and come
to  the  earth; then he polluted Eden.  Then he's  been  polluting  ever

And now, from the battle in Heaven, it's coming to the battle on  earth,
and it is to be finished at--on earth at the end-time in a battle called
Armageddon.  Anyone knows that. So there it started in  Heaven.  Holy...
so, they kicked them out. Michael and his angels over-throwed them--just
run out. And when they did, dropped right down in Eden, and here started
the battle down here.

God  had  His children all fortified up by His Word; and Eve  stuck  her
neck out, said, "I believe you're right,"...?... and there it went,  and
it's been ever since.  Then God come down and now He's got to... He come
down  to redeem those that would come down... As I said, "God is like  a
big contractor.  He lays out all His material on the earth, and then  He
builds His building."

Now  remember,  before there was a grain of seed on  the  earth,  before
there was a sun that ever struck the earth, your body was laying on  the
earth--because  you are the dust of the earth. You are. God is the  Con-

Now,  the way He was going to do it was reach down and get like  He  did
Adam,  a little bunch of calcium, potash and cosmic light, and,  "whew."
[Brother Branham makes blowing sound--Ed.] Say, "There's My other  son,"
see.  Then  He'd  bring up some more and:  "whew"  [blowing  sound--Ed.]
there's another one.

But what did Eve do?  She corrupted that way, and she brought it through
a sexual act; then death struck it!

Now,  what's  God doing?  He's got so many of those seeds  down  through
there  that's predestinated--so much that's predestinated, and  then  at
the  end-time,  He won't say, "Eve, come bear another child."  He  will,
"whew"  [blowing  sound--Ed.] call and I will answer.  That's  the..?...
When that last one is brought in, that settles it.

Now, the battle started in Heaven.  It will be finished on earth in  the
form of Armageddon. Now, let's watch and see it unfold. And maybe we can
unfold it. The Lord help us right now to do this now--watch it unfold.

The mysterious rider (watch what he does now) opposed, refused to repent
and  to go back to the original blood Word.  The Word became  blood  and
flesh; he refused to go back to It.  Is antichrist.  The true Word Bride
is the... He is opposed to the true Word Bride.  Takes his own bride (he
opposes  this true Bride), and he takes his own bride and brings her  to
him in a form of religion called creeds and dogmas. See?

And now, seeing the holy Bride, he is against her, but he forms his  own
bride  called anti-Christ by anti-Christ teaching, which is contrary  to
Christ;  (see  how shrewd he is) and now, instead of having a  unity  of
love  controlling worship under Blood, he's got a denomination.  Instead
of having the Word, he took creeds, dogmas, and so forth.

Like when the Protestants say the Apostles' Creed.  I want you to find a
word of it in the Bible.  Why, there's no Apostles' Creed in the  Bible.
As I said here not so long ago somewhere, "If the apostles had a  creed,
it's Acts 2:38."  That's exactly all I know they ever had.  That's  what
they called everybody to do.  When he found one of them that looked like
they  were Christians, he said, "Have you received the Holy Ghost  since
you believed?"

They said, "We know not whether there be..."

He said, "Then how was you baptized?"

Now,  being baptized into Jesus' Name or in the Name of our  Lord  Jesus
Christ rather, that's all right, but that's not all of it yet.  No, sir!
You could be baptized fifty times like that, and don't do a bit of  good
until  the  heart is changed by the Holy Spirit.   They all have  to  go

Notice, if Christ... The antichrist refuses the true Bride doctrine, and
therefore he takes his own bride now and builds her up under a creed  of
his  own--takes  his own bride and makes her a denomination.  She  gives
birth  to other denominations, as quoted in this  Holy  Scripture--gives
birth  to  daughters.  And she becomes just like  her  mother:  natural,
worldly, denominational, opposing the spiritual Bride--the Word.

They don't say they don't belong to church. You talk to a denominational
person, "Sure, I belong to church."

"Are you a Christian?"

"I belong to church."

That  don't  have one thing to do with it.  You don't belong  to...  You
might belong to what is called a church, see, belong to a church. That's
not  a church.  Them's not churches; them's lodges where people get  to-
gether  and... feed like, "birds of a feather..." but you are  only  one
Church; and that's the mystical Body of Christ. You don't join that; you
are born in it.  As I've always said, "I've been with the Branham family
fifty-three years and never did join it. I was born in it."

Now  notice, it's just typed beautifully (I got a Scripture  wrote  down
here, but I... we ain't got time to get to it.) as Esau and Jacob.  Now,
Esau  was a religious man; he didn't claim to be an unbeliever.  He  be-
lieved  in  the same God Jacob did, same God his daddy did, but  he  was
just a shyster, (excuse the expression) just... He was just no good.  He

Now,  as far as being morally, he was really a better moral  acting  man
than Jacob was.  But you see, he didn't think... "Oh, what's that birth-
right got to do with it?" and he sold his birthright to Jacob. See.

But Jacob, he didn't have big things like Esau did.  He didn't have  the
inheritance  he  did.  But there was one thing Jacob  wanted,  was  that
birthright; and he didn't care how he had to get it, he was going to get
it; and God had respect to him.

And then, that's the same thing today with the natural man--carnal mind,
worldly minded. "Well, I belong to the state church."  "I belong to this
church."  "I belong to that."  That don't have one thing to do with  it,
not a thing.

Watch. Gathers them now on his mixed colored horse.  He's gathering them
together on his mixed colored horse because he's got political power. If
you  don't believe he has, how did this president get in just  now?  How
did that ever slip up?   Come over here for freedom of religion, and you
bunch of Democrats that would sell your birthrights out to politics!   I
ain't  got...  Democrats... parties are... they are  both  rotten,  (I'm
talking about Christianity) but you sell your birthright to a Democratic
ticket to put something like that in. Shame on you!

Don't  you realize that this nation exactly is in a pattern  of  Israel?
What did Israel do?  She come over to a strange land and took the occup-
ants out and killed them off and went in and possessed the land.  That's
what we did. The Indians--that's the only true American there is, is our
Indian friends. And then what did they do?

Israel had a few great man. First thing you know... They had David; they
had  Solomon;  they had great man.  And finally they got a  renegade  up
there, Ahab, that married a Jezebel, an unbeliever.

Well, that's the same thing we did.  We had a Washington and a  Lincoln,
but  look what we've got now. And the very thing of it is, he's  married
and  soused down and dyed-in-the-wool to Jezebel.  He might be a  pretty
good sort of a fellow, but she's going to run the business.  You see  it
right now--the whole family is coming in.

What did the Holy Spirit tell me about thirty-five years ago--and all of
you  old-timers  know it--of seven things that would happen  before  the
end? This is the last--next to the last thing coming up. Everything else
hit just exactly on the dot to the wars and everything else, see.

And  now, she's right in the hands of a woman to rule the  nation--Jeze-
bel; see, but remember, in the days of Jezebel, someone really told them
their colors.

Oh my!  No holy blood of the Word at all.  And watch, from  corner--from
the four corners of the earth, they gather them.  Gathers them to  Arma-
geddon,  the Bible says.  I'm trying to think of the Scriptures.  I  got
them wrote down here.  I ain't calling them but just... where they  were
written down--see what they are.  Gathers them together to the great day
of the battle of the Lord God. Watch!

Now,  on this mixed colored, worldly, pale, sick horse... Just think  of
it!  You know that's a bad thing.  Now watch where he gathers them--from
the four corners of the earth.  They are gathering now for the showdown.
The  showdown will be at Armageddon according to the Word (see?) on  the
pale horse, riding on it with a death tacked--or the name tacked on him,
Death--the  antichrist.  Listen,  antichrist--first  denomination.  That
can't  be spirit.  With his Jezebel, a prostitute to the Word, with  her
daughter  with  her--Protestants gathering themselves  together  now  in

Did  you  hear the Baptist people speaking the other day over  here  you
know?  "Oh, we won't join up with them, but we will be friendly and kind
of  click with them.  We won't have to join their church, but..."  There
you  are, there you are, just exactly what the Word says--old harlot  in
the first place, see.

Now, here they are joining themselves together, coming to that  showdown
to  Armageddon and riding on a mixed colored horse... with one horse  of
white, one horse of red, one horse of black--the three different politi-
cal power, spiritual power controlled by demon power which is the  anti-
christ--mixing  that all together, you got a pale, sickly looking  thing
he's riding on. That's right. Now notice. Look what he's riding on. This
pale looking, grizzled colored horse, mixed with black, red, and  white,
coming  into the battle, gathering his subjects from every nation  under

Did not Daniel interpret the dream and seen that streak of iron  running
to every kingdom--of Rome? Here they come, gathering. Now, sit still for
the close just a minute and listen close. They're gathering in now to do
it,  bringing his subjects from the four corners of the earth, riding  a
pale, sickly, three colored mixed horse--same man.

Now,  in  Revelation  19, not only is he getting ready,  but  Christ  is
getting  ready  to meet him.  The battle is going to be hot  and  heavy.
Christ, in Revelation 19...  Christ is gathering His--not from the  four
corners  of the earth, because there's going to be a little  bitty  rem-
nant.  What's  He doing?  He's gathering them from the four  corners  of
Heaven,  (We  will get them souls under the altar  tomorrow  night,  and
you'll see whether it's right or not) four corners of Heaven on a  snow-
white horse.  He also has a name--not Death, but The Word of God,  Life.
Amen.  Got it wrote right on His thigh here: The Word of God. That's the
only Life because God is the only source of Eternal Life, there is--zoe.
Is that right?

And  He's got wrote, "Life," riding on a white horse, and here's  a  man
with three different powers mixed up, called Death, gathering his earth-
bound  delegates,  and  Christ is gathering  His  Heaven-born  subjects,

He's  got  Death wrote on him; Christ has got Life wrote on  Him.  Those
with  Him are on white horses, also, and they are called "chosen  before
the foundation of the world," (Amen!) and they are faithful to the Word.
Amen!  I  like that one.   Called, chosen before the foundation  of  the
world,  and then faithful to the Word by their choosing, all  stimulated
with new wine and oil just riding right along, coming down to meet  Him.
They know the thunders will issue the thing forth pretty soon, see.

Watch, how does He do?  So if He is the Word, and His Name is the  Word,
then the Word is Life! The antichrist--anything anti is against. So anti
is against the Christ, the Word, so it's got to be a creed or a  denomi-
nation which is against the Word.

Why,  I don't see how you are going to miss it.  Do you understand?  How
could you miss it?  I don't know how you are going to. That's true. Anti
is against.  Isn't that right?--take away from.  That's what he was.  He
was riding his mixed up horse.  We see it right here in the Word of God.
We see it right there in the seven church ages.  Here He brings it right
back in the Seals opening up and showing them things that went on in the
church ages.  Anti is against the Word.  See why creeds... why we're  so
against the creeds and denominations, because they are against the Word.

Here  we  see Life and Death coming to their final struggle.  The  white
horse  of true Life, the pale horse of mixed creed.  You see  the  thing
coming to a real showdown.

Now  I  want to say something here.  You might not believe this,  but  I
looked  it up to be sure.  There's only one original color, and that  is
white.  How many knows that?  There's only one original color.  Anything
else is mixed.

Christ is on a solid white unadulterated Word from the beginning.  Amen!
Every color would be white if some chemistry hadn't broke into it. Amen!
Glory!  Every church would be standing on the apostolic doctrine of  the
Word of God and God confirming it if he didn't have creeds and denomina-
tions mixed into it. There you are. Oh, Brother Evans, I feel good right
now! Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Only one original color--that's white. It never
mixed with denominations or creeds. No, sir!

And  remember,  His saints are clothed in white robes,  not  mixed  with
denominations  and  creeds.  Now,  we find  out  the  denominations  and
creeds...  Here's where you get your mixed color, but this is the origi-
nal color He's riding.  The original color is on His people, and they've
been  dipped in blood that cleansed that garment and sent it right  back
yonder, see. That's right.

Those that mixed turned pale and go to death.  It is a perversion to mix
colors with white. You pervert the original color. Is that right? If the
original color, only color is white, and you mix something with it,  you
pervert its real cause.  Amen!  Is that right?  And when... If He is the
white  horse,  and He is the Word, then to mix anything  with  that--any
kind of a creed, add one word to it, take one word away from it--it's to
pervert the whole thing. Oh my! Keep me with the Word, Lord.

Truth  and  error... Oh my!  No matter how good, that--Truth  and  error
cannot mix.  It cannot mix.  It's either "THUS SAITH THE LORD," or  it's
wrong.  No matter what "Holy Father" said it, St. Boniface or the  Arch-
bishop of Canterbury.  I don't know who said it, if it's contrary to the
Word, it's perversion. It won't mix.

Say, "Why, this fellow done..." I don't care what he done--how much holy
he is or anything like that; this is the only direct Truth that we have.
No  church, no creed has no Truth, if it's outside of this; and show  me
ONE  that's got it.  I want you to tell me.  I will turn a page  in  the
Bible and show you something. Just call the one.

You say, "Pentecostals."

Oh my! (I just caught that thought from somebody.) I had better leave it
alone right now, because I seen that started a sore spot right there.  I
didn't  want to hurt you, but I just wanted you to know I know what  you
were thinking about, see.

Those that mixed turned the anti to death, see... turns the death  color
when you mix any kind of anything with the original.  It is like  Christ
said about the mustard seed.  Yet it's the smallest of all seeds, but it
won't mix with nothing.  Mustard won't mix.  He's genuine mustard; so if
you just got that much of faith, just hold to it.

Notice,  Life  followed  rider on white horse Who was  the  Word,  Life,
vindicated by His resurrected saints that He had with Him.  Now, how  is
the battle going to go?  Jesus said, "He that believeth in Me though  he
were dead, yet shall he live." He said, "If you believe in Me though you
were  dead yet shall you live, and whosoever liveth and believeth in  Me
shall never die."   Again He said, "He that believeth in Me..."  He will
give him Eternal Life--rise him up at the last day.  That's His promised

Here comes Satan with all four corners of the earth with his Protestants
and with his Catholics and all together, marching right up to the battle
of Armageddon.  All right.  And here comes Jesus coming down from Heaven
with resurrected saints--vindicated Word.

As  I  said, "If God speaks and sends you, He backs up  what  you  say."
Notice,  if you're an ambassador from Heaven, all Heaven is behind  you.
Heaven is consisted of the Word.

Notice now, He's come with resurrected saints, vindicating that His Word
is true.  So Satan knows then the bottomless pit is ready for him,  see.
Oh  my!  While death rode the pale horse--mixed creed and  denominations
and followed him.  Oh my, the eternal separation from God!  That's where
he  rode them to--to eternal separation.   Christ rode His Church  right
into Glory in the resurrection.

Notice  verse  8 now--just for... the last part of verse 8  while  we're
closing, see, "Power was given unto them."  Who is them? See? All right.
Antichrist called Death; hell followed. Watch his four point scheme:

Antichrist,  white horse: kills by spirit--being  antichrist,  spiritual

Number  two--red horse: kills by sword, political power when church  and
state united.

Black horse: sold when he give out his doctrine--she did there with  her
fornications, and he weighed out the food by... Sold... what they'd give
for food for balance and the pennies and so forth.

Fourth, a pale horse: Eternal separation from God, (again four, see). Oh
my! Praise be to God.

Now  last,  here in closing... To those... Have you got...  ?  I'm  past
time.  But  will you give me about ten more minutes?  I've got  so  many
calls  today  about me speaking here.  There's been so  much  fanaticism
start   out  about  Elijah,  'til  that's  just...  it's   hammered   to
death...?...  May  God help me to help you to see what I'm  looking  at,
will you? Just try to see.

Now, here in closing, to those who don't believe that the last messenger
to  the church age is Elijah, the prophet, a man anointed in that  line.
After  death... Watch.  After death of this last church age... Now,  you
notice what happens, see.  After death, their dead bodies are  destroyed
by wild beasts.  You know that.  Now, that's true.  Like theirs had  the
type of Jezebel.

Now,  turn to Revelation 2:18 and 20.  I believe we got that just a  few
minutes ago, didn't we? Yeah, I believe we just got that. I had it wrote
down here for some... Yes, the time of moral decay.  That's what it was.
See how... Notice how Jezebel had come in... Now, Jezebel is the church-
es... this modern church--not Bride, now.  Jezebel in the Old  Testament
is  a type of the church today, according to the Word of God of  Revela-
tion 2:18-20.  "Thou sufferest that woman, Jezebel, who calls herself  a
prophet..." Is that right? Now, it's typed perfectly to Jezebel.

Now,  first...  We could just give you Scripture after  Scripture,  see,
that  the  last age is a prophetic Message to the church,  calling  them
back to the original Word.

Now, notice.  Is that right?  Malachi 4 said so, and  others--Revelation
10:7 and on down, see.  Jesus Himself predicted it down, down, down; "as
it was in the days of Lot" and so forth like that and on down.  It  just
keeps coming on down.

Jezebel  is  the type of the modern church today  because  Catholic  and
Protestants  are  joined together now.  There's no  getting  around  it.
They're both denominations, so it's just mother and sister, that's  all.
They  fuss  and argue with one another, but it's  the  same  thing--both
harlots.  Now, I'm not saying that myself. I'm quoting from "THUS  SAITH
THE LORD." All right.

Now  we  notice,  killed by a command of God,  was  Jezebel--was  killed
because  God had Jehu to go down there and have her throwed out  of  the
window  and  kill  Jezebel,  and  the  dogs  eat  her  flesh.  Is   that
right?--literal Jezebel.  Ahab, her king head--dogs licked his blood, as
the first Elijah predicted.

See where we're going, don't you?  Why?  The first Elijah was a rejected
man  by  the  churches.  And  Jezebel and Ahab  was  the  head  of  them
churches--church  and state, all together.  And Elijah  revealed  Ahab's
sins  to  him and commanded the whole church to turn back  to  the  true

If  that isn't exactly what the second Elijah is supposed to do when  he
comes  to  this church in this day--restore back the original  faith.  I
don't see how you're going to squeeze away from it. Right.  Turn back to
the true Word. That's right.

Now, if you want to see their bodies, let's turn over here to Revelation
19 after the Word slays them.  Now, the Word is going to kill them.  You
know  that.  All  right now, you just watch and see  what  happens  when
Christ coming, in Revelation 19, beginning with the 17th verse.

And  I saw an angel standing in the sun;... (Now that's  right  after...
Look above here. "And his vesture was dipped with blood, and he's called
King  of kings and Lord of lords."  In the 13th verse, He's  called  the
Word of God. See? Now, here He is King of kings and Lord of lords.)  And
I saw an angel... (Now watch. He goes forth.)

And  out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should  smite
the  nations:...  (out  of His mouth, like from God's  mouth  to  Moses'
mouth,  see)... and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and...  trea-
deth the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God.

And he hath on his vesture (a name)... on his thigh a name written, KING

And I saw an angel... (Now watch, now He comes forth smiting.  Who is He
smiting?--Jezebel  and  her Ahab, false prophet.)   And I saw  an  angel
standing  in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all  the
fowls  of  the air in the midst of heaven, Come  and  gather  yourselves
together to the supper of the great God;

He feeds them to the beasts and birds. Now, watch over here in the other
chapter here of the Book of Revelation.  And... (Just a minute.) "Killed
with  the  sword  and death and beast of the earth,"  see.  The  Jezebel
church,  her  actually body, is to be eaten by fowls and beasts  of  the
earth.   Just exactly like Ahab and Jezebel was in the natural,  so  are
they  to be in the spiritual form--the church.  Do you see what I  mean?
All right.

Elijah  was  the prophet in the days of Ahab and  Jezebel--natural.  And
He's  promised to do the same thing according to "THUS SAITH THE  LORD,"
in the Word to the Jezebel, spiritual. His Spirit form of ministry.

Watch.  Elijah,  though in his day properly and  profoundly  vindicated,
could not turn them back to the Word. Is that right? Though Elijah tried
with  everything; he did everything; he showed them signs  and  wonders;
and they laughed in his face. Same thing they'll do with this spiritual,
see. He could not turn them back to the Word.

Out  of the millions... Now listen, Church, close now you that is  going
to be confused on this.  Out of the millions in the world in the days of
Elijah,  when  Jezebel and Ahab was reigning in type  of  the  anti-type
today--out  of  the whole world, there was only seven hundred  saved  of
Elijah's preaching. Is that right? Exactly.

Look, Elijah never knew even one of them was that way. He thought he was
the only one saved, until God opened one of the Seals and showed him the
mystery of the Book, that He had seven hundred that never bowed down  to
them creeds that they had.  When God opened His Book to Elijah, He said,
"Now,  wait a minute, son; I got seven hundred that's tucked around  out
there.  Got their names on the Book since the foundation of  the  world.
They're Mine."

God opened the Seal.  That's the reason I think John was doing all  that
shouting the other night.  He must have seen his name on there, you see.
One day God opened...

Elijah,  he  had preached; he had done everything; he had  preached  his
heart out, he done everything he could, and still they just "hawed"  him
and  called him everything.  They said, "You're the cause of  all  this.
You're  a  spiritualist.  You're the one who makes all this  trouble  to
come. You're guilty," and everything like that.  They said everything to
him. Jezebel threatened to cut his head off and everything else.  That's
right. Everybody was against him.

And  then  he said, "Lord, after I've done all You told me to  do.  I've
stayed  exactly with Your Word.  When You told me anything, I was  fear-
less.  I walked right into the king's face and everything else and  told
them,  `THUS SAITH THE LORD,' and You haven't told me a thing, and  I've
not told them one thing but what happened.   And now here am I--the only
one  left out of the whole bunch.   I'm the only one left,  and  they're
trying to kill me."

God  said,  "I'm  going  to  open up one  of  the  Seals  and  show  you
something."  Said, "You know, I got seven hundred back there that  ain't
never  bowed  a knee or joined any of  them  creeds  yet--denominations.
There's seven hundred of them ready for the Rapture, see."  Oh!  He said
to His prophet (who He reveals His Word to, see, through the Scripture),
"I  have seven hundred prepared names yet out of this  generation--seven
hundred of them. They have not bowed their knee to any (if I'd say it in
this day) religious organizations and come `creeded' up in them."

You see what I mean? Then it simply has to be. It's just got to be.  And
it's according to the Word.   When the man arrives on the scene, he will
be a prophet just as certain as I'm standing in this pulpit; and he will
stay right with that Word.   He will not take down for nobody's creed or
nothing else. That's right.

He  will  be a woodsman type of a fellow like Elijah was and  like  John
came.  He will hate women--boy!--immoral women.  Boy, he will wave  them
on! Elijah did and so did John, see; and he will be right straight  with
that Word.  He will be against organizations. Organizations?  "Think not
to  say within yourselves, `We have Abraham to our fathers,' for  I  say
God is able of these stones to rise children to Abraham." Sure did.

Now,  there  you are, friends.  Here's the Fourth Seal opened,  and  the
riders of the four horses is revealed to the best of my knowledge.  Now,
this  is all that took place on earth.  Next Seal we see, is  in  Heaven
where souls are under the altar.

Now,  just in closing I want to say these couple... just a few words  to
you I got wrote down.  We have skipped about on these four Seals,  first
four  Seals.  Now  tomorrow night, we change the scene  from  the  earth
things going on...  He looks up here and sees the souls under the altar,
the sacrifice altar. The next night the judgment strikes. And the fourth
night...  the last night, Sunday night--I don't know what  these  others
mean,  I  just read them like you did--but there's silence  for  a  half
hour; but there's something took place.  I'm expecting Him to reveal it.
He will do it; I'm satisfied He will.

We had to go different places of the Scripture to Revelation 19 to  show
the coming of Christ will slay the antichrist.   That's the reason I had
to leave this, just take them two verses. I had to go to different parts
of  the Scripture to prove these things; so that's the reason I went  to
Revelation  19, to show the end of antichrist will be the slaying...  Of
Christ, when He comes, He will slay the antichrist.

To  Revelation  10 to show that the Seventh Angel's Message  will  be  a
person  in  this  last day, anointed of God for a  ministry,  just  like
Elijah the prophet had (as is predicted in Malachi 4) to reveal the true
Word of the original God in this generation--the original Word of God in
this generation. Like he did to the natural Jezebel, so will this man do
it to spiritual Jezebel, the denominational churches.

I had to go to the 7th chapter--the 10th chapter 1 to 7 verses to  prove
that  it was right, and over to Malachi and Amos and so forth  to  prove
that. Elijah was a prophet that prophesied and condemned Jezebel in that
particular  generation, and Elijah never died. He certainly didn't.   He
appeared  again  some  eight hundred years later by the  side  of  Jesus
Christ on Mount Transfiguration. He isn't dead.

Now,  we find out that his spirit is to anoint a man, according  to  the
promise  of  God, in the last days--promised to do the  same  in  spirit
Jezebel as it did in natural Jezebel in the last age.

That's  why I went to so much of the Bible to prove it, so it  won't  be
left a question in your mind.  If there is, you let me know.  Write me a
letter or a little note... and it so perfectly blends even to the beasts
destroying  their natural bodies in the last day, consuming them  as  he
did then.

To  the  best of my revelation that was give to me by God  and  foretold
that it would be done, this is the Truth of the four horse riders to the
best of my knowledge.

What do you think about Jesus?

                         "I love Him, I love Him
                         Because He first loved me
                         And purchased my salvation
                         On Calvary's tree."

Now  remember, with no (that's--go ahead...?... )--with no bad  feelings
towards  any people in any organization... because God has got  children
in the Catholic system; He's got children in the Methodist system;  He's
got  children in the Baptist system.  How many of those... all  of  them
different systems is represented here tonight, that come out of it  when
you seen Light?  Let's see your hand.

Now,  remember,  there's people out there just like you,  but  it's  the
system  that kills, see.  It's the antichrist spirit that  finally  gets
them to a place 'til they won't hear no Truth.

And remember, the other night when I went through the sealing--if a  man
heard  the jubilee call, and he refused to go free, he was taken to  the
post and an awl marked his ear.  Ear is where you hear; and faith cometh
by hearing.  Then if he hears it and refused to accept his freedom, then
he has to serve his denominational master the rest of his life. Amen.

Oh my! Isn't He wonderful?

                         "I love Him, I love Him" (Let's just raise our
                         hands now and worship Him)
                         "Because He first loved me (Glory!)
                         And purchased my salvation
                         On Calvary's tree."

Now, just bow your heads and let's worship Him now as we hum it.

Lord, how thankful we are. I'm so glad, Lord, so happy for You and  Your
people.  Oh  Lord,  You purchased our salvation on  Calvary.  We  gladly
accept it, Lord.  Now try us, Lord, by Your Spirit, and if there be  any
evil  among us, Lord, any unbelief of the Word, any person that's  here,
Father,  that would not punctuate every promise of God with  an  "Amen,"
may  the  Holy Spirit come down now, the white horse  rider,  while  His
Spirit, Spirit of Christ in the face of antichrist... and call His Own.

Call  them out, Lord.  May now they repent; come quickly to you  and  be
filled with the Oil and the wine and be changed from that denominational
robe  of...?... death unto a snow-white robe of Eternal Life, given  out
by the Bridegroom; and then they'll go to the Wedding Supper someday  in
the  vindicated  Word of the resurrection.  Grant it, Lord.  Search  the
hearts, while the people wait on You, through Jesus' Name.

Now,  just  search your heart, my brother, my sister, my  friends.  I've
been with you a long time. This is about thirty-three years. Have I ever
told you anything in the Name of the Lord but what come to pass?  Search
Christ now while you have a chance to. It may come pretty soon where you
can't  do it.  He may leave the seat anytime, of His intercession;  then
you  could cry with all your heart, you could stomp, you could speak  in
tongues, you could run up and down the floor, you could do anything  you
wanted  to and join every church in the world--there's nothing, no  more
Bleach for your sins. Then what do you--where are you then?

While  I  believe, with all my heart, the seat's still open.  I  believe
He's  still  on the Throne of God, but soon He's going to rise  now  and
come forth to claim what He has redeemed. He's doing the work of Kinsman
Redeemer  while Ruth is waiting.  But soon, you know... after Boaz  done
the  kinsman work, then he come and claimed his possession,  and  that's
exactly  what the Bible said He done.  He come forth and took the  Book;
then intercession is over. He's off the Throne. There's no more Blood on
the Mercy Seat, and then what is it?--judgment seat.

Don't  let  it be said some of these days. "I thought  the  Rapture  was
supposed to come," and hear the Voice say back, "It's in the past."  God
help you. Now, let's bow our head.

Brother  Neville,  come for dismissing or whatever you have to  do.  God
bless you 'til tomorrow night.

Thank God for His love. Let's bow our heads now for prayer.

Gracious  Heavenly  Father, the Almighty God, Who  brought  again  Jesus
Christ from the dead and has presented Him to us in this last day in the
power  of the Holy Spirit, we are grateful for these mighty  visitations
of the immortal God. And now, Father, we are facing another hour, a hour
which  might change the Eternal destination of many people.  And to  ap-
proach  this, Lord, we are insufficient because it is in the  Scriptures
that the Lamb took the Book and opened the Seals.

Oh, Lamb of God, come forward, we pray.  We call on You, Lord, the great
Redeemer. Come forth and show us Your plan of redemption that's been hid
through the years, breaking this Fifth Seal for us tonight, Father,  and
revealing  what's  beneath  that Seal for us, that we might  go  away  a
better Christian than we are now--might be better fit for the task  that
lays ahead. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Good evening, friends.  I deem this a grand privilege to be here tonight
on this great event.  I don't know anywhere that I could feel better  at
than to be on the work of the King.  And now, coming especially on these
lessons  where we're just waiting... If He would not reveal it to me,  I
could not give it to you.

I'm  not  trying to use any of my own thoughts or anything--just  as  He
will  give it.  That's right.  And I'm sure that if I don't use  my  own
thoughts and it comes in the way it has, and all through life it's never
been wrong; it won't be wrong this time.

Now, we're just gloriously and very, very thankful for what He has  done
for us--the great mysterious hand of the Living God.  What greater thing
could be, how much more a privileged people could we be than to have  in
our presence the King of kings, Lord of lords? seals006.htm