The Sixth Seal

And  there  was  so many that's wrote in that  group  of  questionnaires
last--or  questions  last night, was more or less not as much  as  ques-
tions,  it was wanting to have a healing service anyhow--wanted to  stay
an  extra  day to have a healing service on a Monday.  So I  would...  I
actually  could do it if that would be the will of the people that  they
would  do that.  You can think it over and let me know, but if you  just
want  to stay and have--pray for the sick, because I've  designated  all
this  time completely to these Seals and just kept myself away  for  the
Seals. So you can think it over and pray over it, and then let me know.

And  I  will, if the Lord willing, I can... My next  appointment  is  at
Albuquerque, New Mexico, and that'll be a few days yet, and I have to go
home  for some business on making another convention ready  in  Arizona.
And  so then if it be the will of the Lord, you pray over it and I  will
do the same, and then we will know more about it a little later.

And I just detect now--you see you go to talking about sickness there it
comes,  see. See this lady sitting right here, if something  don't  help
her, she ain't going to stay here but a little bit. So then, see we just
pray that God will... That's what you're here for.  Come way away...  so
see,  the  Holy  Spirit knows just everything; see, but  I've  tried  to
designate this time for these Seals because we set it for that, you see.
But if there's a...

How many is sick, (is here anyhow that come to be prayed for) let's  see
your hands--all around everywhere.  Oh my!   Well, how many would  think
that  that  would be right, the will of the Lord to stay and  have  a...
take Monday night just pray for the sick, have a healing service  Monday
night?  Would you like to do that? Could you do it?  Well, Lord willing,
we will do it then.  See.  We will have prayer service for the sick Wed-
nesday, or Sunday night, or Monday night and pray for the sick.

Now,  I hope that don't interrupt that group that I'm going  back  with,
(going back to Arizona) Brother Norman.  Is he here anywhere?  Does that
interrupt your program, Brother Norman, or anything?   Brother Fred  and
the  rest of you, is that all right?  Okay.   All right, then  the  Lord
willing, Monday night we pray for the sick. Just one night set aside for
that altogether, just praying for the sick. Now, won't be anymore of the
Seals.   The Lord just open these Seals, and then we pray for  the  sick
Monday night.

Now...  Oh I've been really enjoying this tremendously, of  serving  the
Lord under these... Have you enjoyed this?  Now, we are... now, speaking
from  the Fifth Seal... or the Sixth Seal, rather, and that  takes  down
now from the 12th verse of the 6th chapter down to the 17th.   It's  one
of the long Seals, that quite a bit of things happen here.

And  now  the--tell  a little review of last night--kind of  back  up  a
little each time.  And say, I want to say something too. I found in that
box four or five very important things to me.  I was told that... And  I
certainly want to apologize (is the tapes on?) I want to apologize to my
minister brethren and to you people here.

They  say  the  other night when I was speaking  of  Elijah,  that  hour
of--when  they was... he thought he was the only one was going to be  in
the  Rapture,  or he--only one going to be saved; I said  seven  hundred
instead of seven thousand. Is that right?  Well, I'm sure sorry of that,
folks. I knowed better than that.  It was just simply a mumble of speech
because I knowed it was seven thousand.   I just didn't say it right.  I
thank you and that means...

I'm  glad that you are watching what I say, and see then,  because  it's
seven thousand.  I got two or three notes on it. It said, "Brother Bran-
ham, I believe you were mistaken"; It said, "Wasn't there seven thousand
instead of seven hundred?"

I  thought,  "Surely  I  didn't say seven hundred."  See.  And  then  I,
Billy...  And then first thing you know, I picked up another note and it
said,  "Brother  Branham, I believe you said seven  hundred."   And  one
person said, "Brother Branham, was that a spiritual vision that  there's
just  going  to be a type and you're typing it with the seven...  ?"  It
puts people on edge when you go to thinking these things, see, and  it's
enough to. It puts me on the edge.

Something happened today when this Seal was revealed, that I had to walk
completely  out in the yard, just walk around--out in the yard a  little
while.  That's right.   It just simply almost took my breath right  away
from me.  See?  So it's, tension--oh my!  See.  And another thing,  see,
you're  laying right on to what I say, and God is going to hold  me  re-
sponsible for what I tell you. See?  And so I must absolutely be as sure
as all sure can be sure, see, of these things because this is a  tremen-
dous time that we're living in.

I was thinking about the healing service for Monday night. That wouldn't
interfere with you, Brother Neville?   Precious Brother Neville--I  tell
you... they just made one. I think that--lost the pattern.  He certainly
has been a real chum and friend to me, I tell you.

The Tabernacle now built and got the Sunday school rooms and  everything
ready  and  in order here.  And some of you people that's  around  here,
right  in  Jeffersonville, want to come to the church, you  got  a  nice
place and a place to come--Sunday school rooms, fine teacher and Brother
Neville here for the adult class, and a real pastor. I don't say that to
put  a bouquet to him, but I'd rather give him a little rose now than  a
whole wreath after he's gone. And Brother Neville--I've knowed him since
I  was just a boy, and I--he hasn't changed one bit.   He's still  Orman
Neville, just like he always was.

I remember visiting...  Even he had grace enough to ask me to his pulpit
when  he was a Methodist preacher down here in the city.   And we had  a
nice  congregation  down there in Clarksville.   I guess  that's  called
Howard Park... Harrison Avenue Methodist Church. I think that's where he
must have found you, down there, Sister Neville. Down there, because she
was a Methodist.

I come back up and I said to the church here, I said "That's one of  the
nicest  man, and one of these days I'm going to baptize him in the  Name
of the Lord Jesus." It happened. Here he is, and now he's my chum, right
along my side and such an honorable, respectable man.  He's always stood
by me just like... just as close as he could stand.  Whatever I say,  he
just lays right with me and hangs right along.   Even when he first come
in,  he didn't understand the Message then, but he believed it,  and  he
stayed right with it.  That's honor, that's respect.   To a brother like
that, I can't say enough for him, and now the Lord bless him.

All  right now, a little review of last evening in the breaking  of  the
Fifth Seal.   We won't go all the way back tonight, just back far enough
to get the Fifth Seal.

Now,  we find out that there was the antichrist that rode on, and  wound
himself up from three powers, all went into one power and rode the  pale
horse,  Death, into a bottomless pit into perdition where it come  from.
And  then we find out when the Scriptures says when the enemy  comes  in
like a flood, the Spirit of God raises up a standard against it.  And we
seen it perfectly vindicated in the Word last night.

For  there  was four beasts that answered to the four  times  that  this
rider  rode, and he rode a different horse each time--a white horse  and
then a red horse and a black horse and then a pale horse.   And we found
out  those  colors and what they were and what they did;  then  take  it
right  back  into the ages of the churches and exactly  that's  what  it
done, just perfectly.

Therefore, you see, when the Word of God blends together, that means  It
is correct.  You see, I believe anything that hooks with the Word of God
is always amen! See.

Now, like a person said they had a vision, and said, that it was...  Oh,
they know the Lord give it because it come with great power.   Well, the
vision might be all right, but if it isn't with the Word and contrary to
the Word, it isn't right.

Now  they may be present, some Mormon brethren or sisters, and they  may
be  some get these tapes, now, and I don't want to say that...  Some  of
the  finest  people I... you would want to meet would be in  the  Mormon
people--very fine type of people; and then their prophet, Joseph  Smith,
that  the  Methodist people killed here in Illinois,  on  their  journey
over... and so then that fine man.  And the vision, I don't doubt at all
but  what  he had the vision.  I believe he was a sincere man,  but  the
vision he had was contrary to the Scripture; therefore, they had to have
a Mormon Bible to make it. This is It here, to me.   This is--I tell you
this is the Word; that's it.

One time a minister came here from a foreign country, and he--and I seen
him  out with... or riding around in a car with, (which is not), with  a
lady.   And they come to a meeting.   And I found out they drove two  or
three  days  (just he and she in the meeting), to come  to  the  meeting
together; and the woman had been married three or four different  times.
And this minister walked up in the hotel lobby where I was and run  over
and shook hands with me, and I shook his hand, raised up and was talking
to him.

I asked him; I said, "When you are free, could I speak to you in my room
just a moment?"

He  said, "Certainly, Brother Branham."  I took him to the room,  and  I
said to the minister; I said, "Reverend, sir, you're a stranger in  this
land," I said, "but this lady has quite a name."   I said, "You come all
the way from Such-and-such a place down to this Such-and-such a place?"
Said, "Yes, sir."

And I said, "Aren't you afraid that that will kind of...  I'm not doubt-
ing  you, but don't you think that will reflect on your reputation as  a
minister?   Don't you think we should put a little better  example  than

And he said, "Oh, this lady is a saint."   I said, "I don't doubt that,"
but I said, "but brother the thing of it is that everybody looks at  her
is not a saint. That looks at what you're doing." And I said, "I believe
you  better be careful.   That's just one brother to another."   And  he
said... I said, "The lady has been married four or five times now."

And he said, "Yes, I know that."  Said, "You know..." I said, "You don't
teach that in your church at home, do you brother?"

Said, "No, but" said, "you know, I had a vision of it, Brother Branham."

I said, "Well, that's fine." I said...

He  said, "Do you mind?" Said, "I believe I could straighten you  out  a
little bit on your teaching about that."

And I said, "All right." And he--I said, "I'd be glad to know it, sir."

He  said,  "Well,"  said, "you know, in this vision," he  said,  "I  was

And I said, "Yeah." (I seen then it was a dream.)

And  he said, "My wife," said, "she had been living with  another  man,"
and said, "and running around on me."   And said, "Then she come to  me,
and  she said to me, `Oh, Darling, forgive me; forgive me.'  Said,  `I'm
sorry I did it.  I will be true from now on.'"  Said, "Of course I loved
her so much I just forgive her, said, `All right.'"   And said,  "Then,"
and  said,  "Do you know what?   Then I got the interpretation  of  this
vision." Said, "That was the woman."  Said, "Sure she's been married and
so  forth  and all these times," and said, "it's all right  for  her  to
marry because the Lord loved her so much she can marry as many times  as
she wants to."...?...

I said, "Your vision was mighty sweet, but it's way off the beaten  path
here." I said, "That's wrong, you see. You shouldn't do that.

So that's... See...  But when you see Scripture dovetailing with  Scrip-
ture,  making  it a constant continuity where they  come  together,  the
Scriptures,  where  this one leaves off here, this other one  over  here
comes and dovetails in and draws the whole picture out.   Like putting a
crossword puzzle together like. You find the piece that fits in. There's
nothing  else  can fit it; then you're getting the picture  fixed.   And
there's  only One can do that; that's the Lamb, and so we're looking  to

But we find that when these... this rider...  He was one rider that rode
these  horses, and then we chased him right down, seen what he done  and
everything,  and found out back in the church ages that is exactly  what
he  did.  Then  when he went out on a certain  beast  and  does  certain
things, we find out that there was one sent to combat what he did.

There  was one sent for the first age, a lion.   That was the  Word,  of
course--Christ.   Next was the ox, during the time of the Dark Age, when
the  church had organized and had accepted dogmas instead of  the  Word.
And remember the whole thing is based on two things; one an  antichrist,
the other one a Christ.

It's still the same thing today. There is no halfway Christian.  There's
no drunk-sober man, no black-white birds, no, no!--no sinner-saint.  No,
you're  either a sinner or a saint.  See?   There's just no  in-between.
You're either born again or you're not born again.  You're either filled
with  the  Holy  Spirit or you're not filled with the  Holy  Spirit.  No
matter  how many sensations you had, if you ain't filled with  the  Holy
Spirit, you're not filled with It.   And if you had been filled with It,
your life shows It.  Goes right up to it see. Nobody has to tell anybody
about it; they see it; see, cause it's a seal.

Now, we find those beast, how they rode each time.   One sent out on his
ministry  in  political powers, uniting religious powers  and  political
powers together. We find out God sent out His power to combat it.  We go
right  back and see what the church age was and look back, and there  it
was just exactly that way.

Then  we  find out another age come along, and the enemy  sent  out  the
antichrist  under the name of religion, under the Name of Christ,  under
the  name  of the church.   Yes, sir!--went out under the  name  of  the
church.  "That was the real Church," she said.  See?  Anti-Christ is not
Russia.   Anti-Christ is not that.   Anti-Christ is so close  like  real
Christianity  'til the Bible said it would fool everything  that  wasn't

The  Bible said that in the last days, everything that wasn't  predesti-
nated--the  elected... says the elect... Anybody take that word and  run
it  back  in your margin, you see what it means. It says the  elected  -
predestinated. See.  It'll fool everyone of them whose names were not on
the Lambs Book of Life from the foundation of the world.

When the Lamb was slain, the names were put on the Book.  He's  standing
in  the Holy Place tonight in Glory as an Intercessor, making  interces-
sions for everyone of those souls whose name is on that Book. And nobody
knows that name but Him.   He's the One that's got the Book in His hand.
And He knows when that last one comes in, then His intercessing days  is
over.   He comes forth then to claim what He has interceded  for.   He's
doing the Kinsman Redeemer work now and comes forth to receive His own.

Oh my!  That ought to set every Christian to searching himself and hold-
ing his hands before God and saying, "Cleanse me, oh, Lord; look into my
life  and let me see where my bad part is, let me get it out of the  way
right  quick."  For if the righteous be scarcely saved, where  will  the
sinner and the ungodly appear? It's checking-up time.

And  if you would place it, and want to give this Word... (Now  I  don't
want  you to ask me question on this, because you get me plumb  over  on
another... I mean in writing your questions.  I think the questions done
in  anyhow.)   This is the time of the  investigation  judgment.  That's
right.  (Now,  we will get that on the trumpets when we  come  to  that,
whenever the Lord provides, or the vials.)  And we will find out on that
investigating judgment, when that--just before the woes went forth,  and
we  see that that is true.   And the three angels that struck the  earth
crying, you know, "Woe, woe, woe, unto the inhabitants of the earth."

And  we're living in a terrific time.   The time that... You see,  these
things  that we're in now, that we're studying right now, is  after  the
Church  is done gone.   These things are the tribulation period.  And  I
think  it ought to be truly settled in every believer's heart that  this
Church  never takes the tribulation period. You cannot put nowhere,  the
Church in tribulation. You put the church there, but not the Bride.  The
Bride has gone on, because see, She has not one sin--not a thing against
Her.   The  grace of God has covered Her over, and the bleach  has  took
every sin so far away, there's not even ever a remembrance of it.  Not a
thing but purity--perfect in the presence of God.   Oh, it ought to make
the Bride get down on Her knees and cry out to God.

I  think of a little story, if I'm not taking too much of your time  now
in this preliminary.  I do this for a purpose, to feel--until I feel the
Spirit just right to start.  This is a sacred thing. See, who knows them
things there?  Nobody but God, and they are not supposed to be revealed,
and  proved by the Bible that they would not be revealed 'til this  day.
That's exactly right.  See?  They was guessed at, but now we're supposed
to get it exactly the Truth--vindicated Truth. See.

Notice now, it was a little girl in the west that how she'd fell in love
with a--a man had fell in love with her.  As a buyer of the cattle, come
out there for the Armour Company, and they had a great... The boss  come
one day (the boss's son from Chicago), and of course, they put them on a
regular "western frontier."  The girls there, they dressed up.  Each one
was  going to get this boy for sure, you know, 'cause that was the  main
man's  boy.  So they dressed in their western frontier and...  (They  do
that out west).

They  just  got through one of those episodes, and  Brother  Maguire  (I
think  he's  here  now), they caught him downtown  without  his  western
clothes  on and throwed him in the jail and put him in a Kangaroo  Court
and made him pay for it and then made him go buy a western outfit. And I
seen the rest of them walking around with guns, about that long, hanging
on  them.  They just go native out there.   They are trying to  live  in
something in the back gone days--bygone. See.

And then in Kentucky, you're trying to live in a bygone days of the east
here.  Get back in Renfro Valley and things.  You like to go back to the
old days.  There's something causing that, but when it comes back to  go
back  to a Gospel in the original, you don't want to do that.  You  want
something modern. See...?... See, you're--there's a...

And what makes a man do wrong?   What makes him drink and carry on or  a
woman do wrong?--is because she is trying to... There's something in her
thirsting--something in him thirsting. And they're trying to quench that
Holy  thirst  with  the things of the world when God ought  to  be  that
quench. He made you that way to thirst. That's the reason you thirst for
something.  God made you that way so you would turn that Holy thirst  to
Him. See?  But when you try to quench that thirst... How dare anybody to
do that! You have no right to do that: to try to quench that Holy thirst
that  you  thirst  for something.  And then--and you turn  it  into  the
world--try to satisfy it with the world.  You can't do it.  There's only
one thing that will fill that up, and that's God.  And He made you  that

So  this  young girls put on a regular western "carry-on" for  this  boy
when he come out.   And each one of them was sure they was going to  get
this boy.

There was a little cousin there on the ranch, and she was an orphan. And
so  she just done all the work for these because they had to have  their
fingernails fixed, you know, and they couldn't wash the dishes for their
hands and things; and she done all the real hard work.

And then finally, when the boy came, they went out and got him in an old
western style... the buckboard, and they come in shooting their guns and
carrying on, you know, and acting up.

That  night  they had a great big dance out there, on  an  old-fashioned
dance,  and all the ranchers around about coming in with  their  dancing
and  so forth.   And the first thing you know, why, this went  on,  this
jubilee, for two or three days.

Then,  one night this boy stepped out of the place just to  rest  awhile
from  the dance, and got away from these girls, and he happened to  look
going down towards the corral.   There went a little girl kind of ragged
looking, and she had a dish pan full of water.  She had washed the dish-
es.  And he thought, "I never seen her before.   I wonder where she come
from?"  So  he just puts it in his way to go around by the side  of  the
bunkhouse  and  go down there and come back side of the corral  and  met

She was bare-footed.  She stopped.  She held her head down. She had seen
who it was, and she was very shy.  She knew this great person.  And  she
was just a cousin to these other girls.   The father was foreman on this
big Armour outfit, so they... She kept looking down.  She was ashamed of
being bare-footed.

He  said, "What's your name?"  She told him.   Said, "Why ain't you  out
there to the--where the rest of them is?" She kind of made excuses.

And so the next night he watched for her again.  Finally, he was sitting
out there, and they all got to carrying on and everything, he sat on the
corral fence and watched for her to come throw the dishwater out. And he
watched her, and he said to her, he said, "You know my real purpose  for
being here?"

She said, "No, sir, I don't."

He said, "My purpose of being here is hunting a wife."  He said, "I find
a character in you that they don't have." (I was thinking of the Church,
you see.) Said, "Will you marry me?"

She said, "Me? Me?  I can't think of such a thing. Me?"  See, that's the
main boss's son.  He owned all the companies and ranches throughout  the
country, and everything, you see.

Said, "Yes, I couldn't find one in Chicago. I want a real wife. I want a
wife  with character.  And the things that I'm looking for, I see it  in
you." Said, "Will you marry me?"

And she said, "Well..." (It startled her.) She said, "Yes."

And he said, "Well," (told her he would be back).   Said, "Now, you just
make  yourself ready, and a year from today I will be back, and  I  will
get you, and I will take you away from here. You won't have to work like
this  no more.   I will take you, and I will go to Chicago, and  I  will
build you a home like you've never seen."

She said, "I don't--never had a home, I'm an orphan."

He said, "I will build you a home--a real one"; said, "I will be back."

He  kept  in  track with her through the time of the  year.  She  worked
everything that she could do to save enough money at her dollar a day or
whatever  she had with her board to buy her wedding dress--perfect  type
of the Church.  She got her garments ready. You know, when she displayed
this  wedding garment, her cousins said, "Why, you poor silly  kid.  You
mean to think that a man like that would have anything to do with you?"

She  said,  "But he promised me."   She said, "He  promised";  said,  "I
believe his word."

"Oh, he was just making a fool out of you."  Said, "If he'd of got some-
body he would got one of the them."

Said, "But he promised me. I'm looking for him." (I am, too.)

So it kept getting later and later.  The day finally arrived.  A certain
hour he was to be there; so she dressed in her garment.   And she hadn't
even heard from him, but she knowed he would be there. So she dressed up
in  her wedding clothes and got things ready.   So then they really  did
laugh,  there,  'cause  the main boss had been up  to  the  foreman,  or
to--and none of the girls had heard nothing about it. So it was just all
a mysterious thing to them.

That is, too; sure it is. But this girl just based it all upon the basis
of his word that he would be back for her.  So they got to laughing, and
put their hands around one another and dancing around there, said, "Ahhh
ahhh,"  (laughing,  you know, like that) and said,  "Poor  little  silly

She just stood there--not a bit of blush.   She was holding her  flowers
and her wedding garment all fixed.   She was struggling, you know.  (His
Bride  has  made Herself ready) She kept holding her  flowers,  waiting.
They said, "Now, I told you it was wrong. See, he ain't coming."

Said, "I got five more minutes." Said, "He will be here."

Oh, they just laughed.   And just about the time the old clock ticked up
to  five minutes, they heard the horses a-galloping, sand rolling  under
the wheels. The old buckboard stopped.

She jumped from between them and out the door, and he jumped out of  the
carriage,  and she fell into his arms, and he said, "It's all over  now,
Honey"; left her little old cousins (denominations) sitting there  look-
ing, and went to Chicago to her home.

I know of another great promise like that, too: "I've gone to prepare  a
place for you; coming back to receive you."  They might be saying we are
crazy,  but brother, to me right now and these Seals breaking like  this
under this supernatural thing, I can almost hear the sound as that clock
of time ticks away into eternity there.

I  can  almost see that Angel standing there and saying at the  last  of
that Seventh Angel's Message, "Time shall be no more." That little loyal
Bride  will  fly away into the arms of Jesus one of these days  when  He
takes Her to Father's House.  Let's think of these things as we go along

Notice  the ministry of the Lion, the Word, the Ox, the laboring  sacri-
fice,  the  cunningness of the reformers; then the Eagle Age  coming  in
that is to reveal and pick up these things and show them.

Now, we find out in last night's service, also, the great mystery opened
with  this Seal, which was absolutely contrary to my former  understand-
ing--just presuming that it was right.

I  always allowed them souls under the altar to be the  early  Christian
martyrs, but we found out last night, when the Lord God broke that  Seal
for us, it absolutely is impossible.  It wasn't them.  They were gone on
to Glory, plumb on the other side. And there they was...

We  found  out that they were Jews that would come up  during  the  time
where... from the calling out of the 144,000, which we get into  tonight
and  tomorrow  and between the Sixth and Seventh Seal,  the  144,000  is
called.  And  then  we find, out that they were martyrs  that  had  been
killed, and yet had not been... had white robes on, but their names  had
been  on the Lamb's Book of Life, and they were given white robes,  each
one of them.

And we took that, and there's nothing in the world, I don't believe, but
that  bunch  of the Jews that's went through a  pre-tribulation  period.
When  during the time of this last wars, they were... they're got to  be
hated by everybody. And Eichman killed millions of them in Germany, (you
just  heard  the trial) millions of innocent people  slain.  Jews,  just
because they were Jews, no other reason.

The  Bible said here that they was slain for their testimony  of  God...
for the Word of God and the testimony they held.   Now, we find out that
the  Bride was the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.  These
had no testimony of Jesus Christ.

And we find out that the Bible says that all of Israel, the predestinat-
ed Israel, will be saved.  (Romans 11) Now, we know that.   And there we
seen them souls...

Now  look  how close. Why couldn't this be  before?--because  it  hadn't
happened before.  Now you can see it. You see? See the great Holy Spirit
seeing  those things coming down through the ages and times, and now  it
is  being  revealed, and then you look there and see that's  the  Truth.
There's where it's at.

Now  it  was the martyrs in the tribulation of the  pre-tribulations  of
Eichman.  Now,  they only type the martyrs of the 144,000,  which  we're
entering  into between the Sixth and Seventh Seal, see; and the  Seventh
Seal  is just one thing, that's all--and it was silence in Heaven for  a
space of a half hour.  And now only God can reveal that.  It's not  even
symbolized nowhere. (That's tomorrow night. Pray for me.)

Now, we notice now as we go into the Sixth Seal... Now, may the Heavenly
Father help us as we settle down now to this Sixth Seal.   Now, the 12th
verse of the 6th chapter.

And  I  beheld when he... opened the sixth seal, and, lo,  there  was  a
great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the
moon became as blood;

And the stars of heaven fell unto... earth, even as a fig tree cast  her
untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

And  the  heaven departed as a scroll when it is  rolled  together;  and
every mountain and (every) island were moved out of their places.

And the kings of the earth, and the great man, and the rich man, and the
chief captains, and the mighty man, and every bond, and every free  man,
hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

You notice there?  Look at them mighty man.  See?   What have they done?
They  had received the wine of the wrath of the fornication of the  har-
lot. See. That's exactly the same class that drank of her wine. See.

And  said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us  from  the
face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

What  an introduction to... See the riders now--the riders,  beast,  and
the answering beast has ceased.  Then we've taken up. We see the martyrs
under the Throne.   Now, this... from the time...  These martyrs are the
true  Orthodox  Jews that died in Christian  faith...  religious  faith,
because they could not be Christians.

Remember,  God blinded their eye.  And they're going to be blind  for  a
long time until the Gentile Church is taken out of the way.  Because God
doesn't  deal with them two people at the same time, because  it's  very
contrary to His Word.

Remember,  He deals with Israel as a nation always.  It's the nation  of
Israel. The Gentiles as individuals--people taken from the Gentile.  And
it  had  to... The Gentile had to be made up of all the  people  of  the
world,  so now and then there is a Jew comes into that, see.  Just  like
Arabian and Irish and Indian and what-more.   It's all the people of the
world make up this bouquet Bride. See.

But now when it comes to dealing then with Israel, in this last part  of
the  seventy  weeks, He deals with them as a nation.  The  Gentiles  are
finished.   The hour is soon arriving, (and maybe yet this  very  night)
that God will completely turn from the Gentiles altogether. Exactly!  He
said so! "They shall tread down the walls of Jerusalem until the Gentile
dispensation be finished."  The times are over. Yes, sir! And then, "Let
him that is filthy, stay filthy. Let him that's righteous be righteous."

There's  no  more Blood on the seat of the... in the sanctuary  at  all.
There's no more Blood on the altar.  The sacrifice has been removed; and
there's  nothing  but  smoke and lightning and judgment  in  there.  And
that's just exactly what's poured out here tonight!

The Lamb's done left the--His mediatorial work. The mediatorial work has
been finished from over on the Throne, and the sacrifice, as we've typed
Him perfectly--the Kinsman Redeemer, the bloody Lamb that come forth the
Lamb  that  had been slain, (a bloody One, been  killed,  bruised)--come
forth and took the Book out of His hand. That's the--day's are finished.
Now, He's coming to claim what He has redeemed!  Amen!  That just  sends
something through me!

We find out now, John said, "I beheld when He had opened the Sixth Seal,
there  was a great earthquake."  Then all nature was  interrupted.  See?
God's  been  doing great things, like healing the sick and  opening  the
eyes  of  the  blind and doing great works, but we find  out  here  that
nature took a tumble. Yes, all nature.

Look what taken place--the earthquake, the sun went black, and the  moon
wouldn't give its light, and the stars shook and fell, and; why,  every-
thing  happened  (see?) right at the time of the opening of  this  Sixth
Seal. That's when it takes place: right immediately after the announcing
of those martyrs. See. The martyrs had been finished.

Now, you see we are right close into that hour now.  It could be at  any
time,  see, because the Church is just about ready to take  its  flight.
But  remember, when these things happen, the Bride won't be here.   Just
remember,  the Bride is gone.   She don't have to go through any of  it!
This  is a time of tribulation of purification of the church.  It's  put
upon her for her to go through it.    Not the Bride; He takes His sweet-
heart out of the way. Yes, sir!  She... done redeemed Her. See it's kind
of...  That's His Own selection, His Own choice, like any man takes  his

Now, the earthquake... let us compare Scriptures now. I want... Have you
got pencil and paper with you? I want you to do something for me. If you
want  to write, write this because it's... unless you are going to  take
the tape.

Now  read, I want you to read with me as you do.  Compare Scriptures  of
this  great event that we will see that this great secret or  a  mystery
that was under the Sixth Seal of the Book of Redemption.

Now  remember, these are hidden mysteries.  And the Sixth Seal is  alto-
gether  is one great big book--just six scrolls rolled together; and  it
unwinds  the whole Book of Redemption.  That's how the whole  earth  was

That's the reason John wept, because if no one could get that  Book--all
creation, everything was gone.   She'd just simply turned back to  atoms
and  molecules  and  so  forth  and  cosmic  light,  and  not  even   be
creation--person,  nothing  else because Adam lost the  rights  of  that
Book.  He forfeited it when he listened to his wife, and she listened to
Satan's reasoning instead of the Word of God. See?

It was forfeited. Then it couldn't go back into the dirty hands of Satan
who tempted her out of the way, so therefore, it went back to its origi-
nal  Owner like any abstract deed would do, see--goes right back to  its
original  Owner, and that was God the Creator Who made it, and He  holds

And  there's a price, and that is redemption.  There was some price  for
redemption  and  there was nobody could do it.  So He said...  Made  His
laws--His Own laws of a Kinsman Redeemer; then they could find nobody.

Every  man  was born of sex--born after sexual desire.  He  was  in  the
original sin: Satan and Eve, so he could not do it.  There is nothing in
him,  no holy pope, priest, doctor of divinity, or whoever he might  be;
he was nobody worthy. And he couldn't be an Angel because it had to be a
kinsman. He had to be a man. Then God Himself become a Kinsman by taking
on human flesh through the virgin birth, and He shed His Blood.

That wasn't the blood of a Jew; it wasn't the blood of a Gentile. It was
the Blood of God.  The Bible says we are saved through the Blood of God.
The child takes the father's blood. We know it. Anything in the male sex
produces the hemoglobin. So we find out like the hen laying the egg--she
can  lay an egg, but if the rooster, the mate, hasn't been with her,  it
won't  hatch.  It's not fertile.   The woman is only an  incubator  that
carries  the egg, but the egg come... the germ comes from the male,  and
in this case, the male was God Himself!

That's  how  I say how up is down and big is little.  God was  so  great
until He become... even formed Himself in such a teeny thing to a little
teeny germ into the womb of a virgin.  And around there He developed the
cells and the blood, and was born and raised on earth and from that kind
of a start--unadulterated, no sex desire to it at all.

And then He gave that Blood because He become a kinsfolks to us, and  He
was the Kinsman Redeemer!  And He shed that Blood freely. He didn't have
to. He give it freely to redeem.  Then He goes upon the altar of God and
waits there, while God holds the Book of Redemption in His hand, and the
bloody Lamb stands on the altar of sacrifice.  There's the Lamb to  make
redemption, making intercession.

Then,  how dare anybody to say that Mary or Joseph or any  other  mortal
could  be  an intercessor!   You cannot intercess unless  there's  Blood
there! Yes, there is one Mediator between God and man, and that's Christ
Jesus.  That's what the Scriptures says.  There He stands and until  the
last  soul has been redeemed, and then He comes forth to claim  what  He
has redeemed.

Oh, what a great Father He is.  Now, remember... Now, I've always taught
"that  in the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be  estab-
lished," and the Scripture...

Just  like, you can't take one Scripture and prove nothing unless  there
is something else goes with it.  See?  See, I can take one Scripture and
say,  "Judas went and hung himself," and take another one and say,  "You
go do the same."  See?  But you see, it won't blend in with the rest  of

And  I  thought  under this Sixth Seal, when the Holy  Spirit  broke  it
forth, then I seen what it was, then I thought it would be a good  thing
to give the class a little something different tonight; see, because  it
might be tiring you just listen to me talking all the time. So I thought
that we would do something different.

Now notice. This great event was sealed under the Book of mystery of the
redemption. Now, the Lamb has it in His hand and is going to break it.

Now, let's look to Matthew the 24th chapter, the Lamb Himself  speaking.
Now, anyone knows that Christ is the Author of the whole Book as far  as
that  is  concerned, but this is His speech here or His  sermon  to  the
people, (all right) to the Jews.

Now,  I want you to hold your Book like this: Matthew 24 and  Revelation
6,  like this, and let's compare something here just a little  bit.   So
watch this now, and you can find out just how it is.  See, what the Lamb
here is showing exactly in symbol what He said over here in  Word--doing
exactly. So that makes it right. That's all there is to it.  Here's one;
He's talking of it, and here's where it happens. See?  It's just perfect

Now, let's look at the 24th chapter of St. Matthew and Revelation 6  and
compare  the  24th chapter of Matthew.  We all know that  that  was  the
chapter  that  every scholar, every person goes to, to  talk  about  the
tribulation  period.  It comes out of the 24th chapter of  Matthew.  And
now, let's...

If  that  is so... Now... we--for we know that this Sixth  Seal  is  the
judgment  Seal.  It's  the judgment Seal--exactly what it  is.  Now,  I,
see...  we've  had  the antichrist ride, seen the  Church  go--now  it's
finished, goes up. Then we see the martyrs of them Jews back there under
the  altar.   Now, here is the breaking forth of the judgment  upon  the
people who are out of this tribulation judgment--will come forth 144,000
redeemed Jews. I will prove to you they are Jews and not Gentiles.  They
have nothing to do with the Bride, not a thing. The Bride... We done see
the Bride is gone.   You can't place that anywhere else--don't come back
again until the 19th chapter of the Book of the Acts.

Now  notice,  for the Sixth Seal is the judgment Seal of the  Word.  Now
here,  let's start out now and let's read St. Matthew the 24th  chapter.
Now,  I'd  just like to give you something here I've just looked  up  to
find.  Now, St. Matthew from 1 to 3, well, is where we are going to read

And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came
to him for to shew him the building of the temple.

And He said unto them, See ye not all these things?   verily I say  unto
you,  There shall not be one--be left here one stone upon another,  that
shall not be thrown down. (Now, And... third verse.)

privately, saying, Tell us, when these things shall be?... what shall be
the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

Now  let's  stop there.  These three verses--it took place  actually  on
Tuesday afternoon, April the 4, A.D. 30.   And the first two verses took
place  on  the afternoon of April the 4, A.D. 30, and  the  third  verse
taken place on Tuesday evening of the same day. See.

They  come to the temple, and they asked Him these things:  "What  about
this  and  what  about  this?  Look  at  this  great  temple;  isn't  it

He said, "There won't be one stone left on another one."

Then He went upon the mountain and sat down, see, (that there He  starts
it's in the afternoon), and then when they did, they asked Him up there,
said, "We want to know about some things."

Now  notice, here is three questions are asked by the Jews,  His  disci-
ples.  Three questions are asked. And watch: (What) First,  "When  shall
these things be?" (when there won't be one stone left upon another one).
"What  shall be the sign of Thy coming?" (second question) "and  of  the
end of the world?" See it?

There's three questions, and there's where many man make their  mistake.
They apply these things here to some age then, when you see He's answer-
ing three questions. Watch now how beautiful it is.

Third  verse, see--now, last phrase there of the third verse, "And  what
shall  be..." First they called Him to Mount of Olives  here  privately.
"...  Tell us, when shall these things be?" (question number  one)  "...
what shall be the sign of thy coming?" (question number two) "... and of
the  end of the world?" (question number three).   See, there  is  three
different questions asked.

Now,  I want you to turn over and watch how Jesus here tells them  about
these things.  Oh, it's so beautiful!   It just makes me... I get  to...
What was that word we used the other night?--the stimulation from  reve-

Notice,  now let's turn now to the First Seal of the Seals of this  Book
and  compare  this  First  Seal  with  this  first  question  and   each
question--compare  it  right down and see if it don't run hand  in  hand
just  like we've done in all these others opening up to the church  ages
and everything exactly the same. There's the Seal perfectly opened then.

Notice  now,  we are going to read, first for the... "Then  He  answered
them..."  And then He's going to start to answering now, and we want  to
compare it with the Seals.  Now watch, the First Seal is Revelation 6:1-
2; now we read 6:1-2.

And I saw... the Lamb when He had opened one of the seals, and I  heard,
as  it were the noise of a thunder, one of the four beasts saying,  Come
and see.

And  I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a  bow;
and  a  crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering,  and  to

Who  did we find this fellow was?--antichrist. Matthew 24 now.  [Matthew
24: 4-5]

And  Jesus  answered and said unto them, Take heed that no  man  deceive

For  many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall  deceive

See it?--antichrist.  There's your Seal.  See? He has spoke it here, and
here they open the Seal, and here He was--just perfect.  Now, the Second
Seal: Matthew 24:6, Revelation 6:3 and 4. Now watch. (Matthew 24:6) Now,
let me see what it says.

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not  trou-
bled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

All right. Let's take the Second Seal (Revelation 6:3-2); watch what  He
says now.

And  when  he had opened the second seal, and I heard the  second  beast
say, Come... see.

And there went forth another horse that was red: and power was given  to
him  that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and...  they  should
kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

Perfectly--just exactly. Oh, I like to make the Scripture answer Itself,
don't you?   The Holy Spirit wrote It all, but He is able to reveal  it.
Now, let's notice the Third Seal. Now, this is famine. Now, Matthew 24:7
and 8. Let's get 7 and 8. Matthew...

And  nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:  and
there  shall  be  famines,...  pestilences,...  earthquakes,  in  divers
places.All these things are the beginning of sorrows.

See, you're coming right on up now. Now, Revelation 6. Now we are  going
to open the Third Seal. It's found in Revelation 6:5 and 6.

And  when  he had opened the third seal, I beheld the third  beast  say,
Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him
had a pair of balances in his hand.

And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts saying, A measure of
(penny) wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and
see thou hurt not the oil and... wine.

Famine, see?  Exactly the same Seal!--same thing Jesus said.  All right,
Fourth Seal--pestilence and death.  Notice, Matthew 24, we will read the
8th verse; 7th and 8th, I believe it is on this Fourth Seal, I got here.
All right. Now... What did I read back here? Did I read something wrong?
Yeah, I've had that marked. Yeah, there we are now. Now we're going.

Now, let's start here at the 7th on this the Fourth seal, and on the 6th
and 7th and 8th on the other one, on the Revelation. Now, let's see, the
7th and 8th of Matthew 24. All right, now.

And  nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:  and
there  shall  be  famines,...  pestilences,...  earthquakes,  in  divers

All these things are the beginning of sorrow.

Now  the  Fourth Seal, as we read it over here was...  The  Fourth  Seal
was... begin 7th and 8th on this other now.

And  when he had opened the fourth seal, and lo, the fourth beast  said,
Come and see.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse:...

Now wait, I got this wrote down wrong.   Now just a minute 7 and 8,  now
let's see, Matthew 24:7 and 8, now let's see.  We will get that.  That's
the third opening, isn't it?--Matthew 24:7 and 8.  I'm sorry.  Now, that
opens up the rain... or the famine, opens up the famine.

All  right, now the pestilences and death... Yes, sir, now we are  going
to it; 7 and 8--now, that would be the Fourth Seal.   Let's see where we
get the Fourth Seal.   "And when he had opened the fourth seal..."  Yes,
it's the pale horse rider, Death, see?

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and (he) his name that sat on him
was called Death, and Hell followed... him. And power was given unto him
over  the  four  parts of the earth, to kill with the  sword,  and  with
hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Now see, that was death! Now, the Fifth Seal--Matthew 24:9-13. Let's see
if I got this right now again, see.

And  then  shall  they deliver you up to be afflicted,  and  shall  kill
you:... (there you are!)... and ye shall be hated of all nations for  my
name's sake.And (when) then... many shall betray--be offended, and shall
betray one another, and shall hate one another.

And many false prophets shall rise, and... deceive many.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

But he that... endureth to the end, the same shall be saved.

Now,  we are on the Fifth Seal now, and that was last night.  See?  They
would deliver you up--betray one another and so forth.  Now, watch  here
on the Sixth Seal, (6:9 to 11).  Now, let's get that one: Revelation 6:9
to 11.

And  when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the  souls
of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which
they held:

And  they  cried with a loud voice, saying, How long,...  Lord,  holy...
true, dost thou... judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on  the
earth? (Now)

And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said  unto
them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow-
servants  also  and their brethren,... should be killed  as  they  were,
should be fulfilled.

Now you see, under the Fifth Seal we find here martyrdom.  And under the
24:9 over here (we) to 13, we find also that it was martyr--"they  shall
deliver  you  up and kill you" and so forth--see, the  same  Seal  being

Now,  in the Sixth Seal is the one we are coming to now.  Matthew  24:29
and 30--24 and let's get 29 and 30.  Here we are.   Now, we are going to
get also Revelation 6:12-17. That's exactly what we just read.

Now, listen at this.  Now, it's what Jesus said in Matthew 29--24:29 and

Immediately  after the tribulation of those days... (what...  when  this
tribulation  of this... amateur tribulation--they've went through  here,
see.)...  the  sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall  not  give  her
light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of... heaven
shall be shaken:

And  then  shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven:  and  then
shall (be) all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son
of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

Now, read over here in Revelation now, the Sixth Seal the one we are  on
right now.

And...  behold when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there  was  a
great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth (see?) of  hair,
and the moon became as blood;

And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree  casteth
her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

And the heaven departed as a scroll as it is rolled together; and  every
mountain and (every) island... moved out of their place.

And the kings of the earth, and the great man, and the rich man, and the
chief  captains, and the mighty man, and every bondman, and  every  free
man, hid themselves in the dens... in the rocks of the mountain;

And said unto the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from  the
face of him that sits upon the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

For the great day of his wrath is come;... who shall be able to stand?

It's  perfectly.  Turn right back over--see what Jesus said here now  in
Matthew 24:29. Listen: (after this Eichman case and so forth)

Immediately  after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be  dark-
ened,...  the  moon shall not give her light,... stars shall  fall  from
heaven,... the powers of... heaven shall be shaken: (now watch)

And  then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven:  (and  they
shall  see) and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn,  and  they
shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with great power
and... glory.

And...  send forth his angels (and so forth) with a... sound of a  trum-
pet, and... shall gather them together... the four winds,...?...

See, just exactly comparing what Jesus said in Matthew 24, and what  the
Revelator  here opened up in the Sixth Seal, is just exactly--and  Jesus
was speaking of the tribulation period. See?

First  they asked when these things would be, when the temple  would  be
taken away. He answered that.   Next thing they asked: when they were to
come  time--there come the martyr age; and when this would be, when  the
antichrist  would  arise, and when the antichrist would  take  away  the

Daniel--how we could go back and pick up Daniel there, when he said that
this prince that would come... You readers know that. And what should he
do? He would take away the daily sacrifice and what all would take place
during the time.

Jesus, even speaking of it here, underlined it.  Said, "When you see the
abomination that maketh desolation spoken by the prophet, Daniel, stand-
ing in the Holy Place..." What is that?  The mosque of Omar stood in the
place of the temple when they burned it down.  Said, "Let them that's in
the mountains, let them that's on the house top don't come down to  take
things out of the house.   Or him that's in the field, return back,  for
there will be a time of trouble."  You see?   And all these things would
take  place--moved  them  on down now and vindicated it,  back  to  this
opening of the Sixth Seal.

Now, I want you to notice, Jesus... (now, about tomorrow night on  this)
Jesus omitted the teaching of the Seventh Seal. It's not here. Watch, He
goes right on with parables now, after that.  And John omitted the  Sev-
enth  Seals--the Seven last... the Seventh Seal.   That's going to be  a
great thing.  It's not even written, see--omitted the Seventh Seal, both
of them did.  And the Revelator, when... God just said there was... John
said, "... there was just silence in heaven..." Jesus never said a  word
about it.

Now  notice, now, back to the 12th verse.  Notice, no beast--that's  the
12th  verse  starting off on our Seal to see it  opened.  No  beast-like
living  creatures was represented here either, like it was on the  Fifth
Seal. Why? This happened the other side of the Gospel age, in the tribu-
lation period.

This Sixth Seal is the tribulation period. That's what takes place.  The
Bride has gone! See? There's no living creature, nothing there to say...
It's just... Now, God is not dealing with the Church no more.  It's been
gone.  He's dealing with Israel.  This is the other side.  This is  when
Israel receives the Message of the Kingdom by the two prophets of  Reve-
lation 11.

Remember, Israel is a nation--God's servant nation.   And when Israel is
brought  in, it'll be a national affair.   Israel, the kingdom  age,  is
where David... the Son of David sits on the throne.

That's the reason that woman cried, "Thou Son of David."   And David  is
the...  Son of David, God swore by him, to David that He would raise  up
his  son that would take his throne--it would be an everlasting  throne.
See? It would have no end. Solomon give it in a type in the temple.  And
Jesus just told them here, that's--there won't be a rock left on one  of
them but He's trying to tell them here what?--He's coming back.

"When are you coming back?"

"These things will take place before I come back." And here they are!

Now we're at the time of the tribulation.  Remember, when the kingdom is
set upon the earth...  Now, this may be a little shocking, and if  there
is  a  question, and you still ask me, if you want to put  the  question
up--that's because I've just hit it, if you didn't--if you don't already
know it.   In the time of the Millennium, it's Israel that is a  nation.
The twelve tribes is a nation, but the Bride is in the Palace.   She's a
Queen now.   She's married.   And all of the earth shall come into  this
city, Jerusalem, and shall bring the glory of it in there. And the gates
will  not  be shut by night because there won't be any night.  See.  The
gates will always be opened; and the kings of the earth, (Revelation 22)
bring  their honor and glory into this city, but the Bride is  in  there
with the Lamb.

Oh my!  Do you see that?  In there--not the Bride, isn't going to be out
here laboring in the vineyard. No, sir! She's the Bride! She's the Queen
to  the King. It's the others that labor out there--the nation, not  the
Bride. Amen.

All  right,  notice these messengers now... these  messengers  of  (the)
Revelation 12, these two prophets, they are going to preach, "The  king-
dom  is  at  hand!"  See?  The kingdom of Heaven is to be  set  up.  The
time--last three and one-half years of Daniel's seventieth week promised
to the Jews, His people.

Remember now, that to prove that, that this is Daniel's last part of the
seventieth  week...  I got a question on that for  tomorrow.  See.  Now,
seventy weeks was promised, which was seven years.   And in the midst of
the  seven weeks, the Messiah was to be cut off to be made a  sacrifice.
He  would prophesy three and one-half years, and then be cut off  for  a
sacrifice for the people, and there is still a determination that  three
and one-half years is still determined for Israel.

Then  when Messiah was cut off, the Jew was blinded so he  couldn't  see
that  was Messiah.  And then when Messiah was cut off, then  the  Gospel
and  grace age come to the Gentile. And they come down, and  God  pulled
one from here and there and here and there, and put them away under  the
messengers,  and here and there and here and there, put them away  under
the  messengers; and He sent forth the first messenger, and he  preached
and  the trumpet sounded (as we pick it up after awhile); and  then  the
trumpet was declaring war.

Trumpet always denotes war. The messenger, the angel, come on earth--the
messenger  of the hour--like Luther's, like any of the  messengers  that
we've talked of.  What does he do?   He arrives, and a Seal opened,  re-
vealed; a trumpet sounds, war declared, and away they go.   And then the
messenger  dies. He seals away this group, they're put in, and a  plague
falls upon those who rejected it!  See?  And then it goes on, then  they
organize, get another organization. (We've just come through it.)

Then here they come out with another power, see--another power,  another
age of the church, another ministry. Then when he does that, along comes
God with His ministry, when the antichrist comes with his.  See, anti is
against. They run side by side.

I want you to notice a little something.   Just about the time that Cain
come on earth, Abel came on earth.   I want you to notice just about the
time that Christ came on earth, Judas came on earth. About the time that
Christ went off of earth, Judas went off the earth.  Just about the time
that the Holy Spirit fell, the anti-Christ spirit fell.   Just about the
time  the  Holy Ghost is revealing Himself here in the  last  days,  the
anti-Christ is showing his colors, coming up through these politics  and
things;  and just about time the antichrist moves hisself fully  on  the
scene,  God  moves Hisself fully on to redeem us--just runs  just  right
together, and they are both side by side.

Cain  and Abel, the crow and the dove on the ark, Judas and  Jesus,  and
just on down. You can take it just...

Here was Moab and Israel, both of them.  Moab was not a heathen  nation.
No, sir!  They offered the same sacrifice that Israel was offering. They
prayed to the same God. Exactly! Moab was... one of Lot's daughters that
slept  with her father and had a child, and that child was  called  Moab
and from him sprang the Moab race, the country of Moab.   And when  they
seen Israel, their redeemed brother, come...

They were fundamentalists.  They were a big denomination.  Israel had no
denomination; she just dwelt in tents and wherever you go; but Moab  had
the dignitaries, kings, and so forth.   And they had Balaam up there,  a
false prophet. And they had all this, then they come down there to curse
their little brother that was on the road to the Promised Land, going to
his promise.

And he went and asked them, "Can I pass through your land?   If my  cows
drink water, I will pay for it.  If they lick up grass, we will pay  for

He  said,  "No, you're not holding no revival like  that  around  here."
That's right. "You're not holding anything like that around here."

And then watch what he done. He come right back in the Jezebel form, and
come  down through that false prophet and caused the children of God  to
err, and married Moabite women into Israel and caused adultery.  And  he
did  the same thing in that same age on the journey on the road  to  the
Promised Land we are on.

What  did he do?   The false prophet come right around and  married  and
called into the Protestant church and caused denominations--just exactly
what they did back there. But little old Israel moved right on the same.
She railed in the wilderness for a long time, and all them old  fighters
had to die off, but she went right on into the Promised Land. Yes. Watch
them all in arm just before they crossed the Jordan. I like that. Now we
are getting down to that age right now, here now.

Notice now, we find out that the time last... I said three and  one-half
years  of  Daniel's seventy weeks. Let me explain that a  little  closer
now, because I see somebody here that's always watched that, and I  want
to  try to make myself clear--a teacher. Notice, when the seventy  weeks
come in... When Daniel seen the vision of the time coming and the ending
up of the Jews... but he said there was determined seventy weeks (that's
seven  years), in the midst of it, while the Messiah would be here,  and
would be cut off for a sacrifice.

Now, that's exactly what taken place.   Then God dealt with the Gentiles
'til He took out a people for His Name. As soon as the Gentile church is
taken out, He taken up the Church. And when He did, the sleeping virgin,
the church itself--the Bride went up, and the church itself was put into
outer darkness, where there's weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth,
and the same time the tribulation falls upon that people.

And while the tribulation is falling, in there comes these two  prophets
of Revelation 11 to preach the Gospel to them.   And they preach a thou-
sand, one hundred and three score days. See?  Well, that's exactly, with
thirty  days in the month, like the real calendar has, is exactly  three
and one-half years. That's Daniel's seventieth... part--last part of the
seventieth week.

See, God hasn't deal with Israel in here.  No, sir!  A brother asked  me
not long ago, "Should I go to..."  A brother here in the church, a  pre-
cious, dear brother said, "I want to go to Israel.  I believe there's an

Someone  said to me, "Brother Branham, you ought to go to  Israel  right
now.  They see it."  See, you can't do it.   I stood right there, and  I
thought...  Them  Jews  said, "If I--Well, if this be  Jesus...  be  the
Messiah,"  said,  "let me see Him do the sign of the  prophet.  We  will
believe our prophets"--(because that's what they're supposed to be).

"What a setup," I thought.  "Here I go."  When I got right there,  right
close  to  it... right... I was... well, I was at Cairo, and  I  had  my
ticket  in my hand for Israel.   And I said, "I will go see if they  ask
that, if they can see a sign of a prophet; we will see if they'll accept

Lewi  Pethrus  of the Stockholm Church sent them a million  Bibles,  and
those Jews coming in there--you've seen the picture; I've got it on  the
reel right back here now: Three Minutes To Midnight.  And them Jews come
in from all over the world, everywhere, begin gathering in over there.

After  England had went in there during the time of General  Allenby  in
the decline of the worlds war, in second Volume I think it is, and  they
surrendered--the Turks surrendered.   Then they give it back to  Israel,
and she's been growing as a nation. Now she is a perfect nation--her own
money, currency, flag, army, and everything else. See.

And  these Jews coming back to the homeland, they were...  First  thing,
when they went down in Iran and down in there to get them, they asked...
they  said they wanted to take them back to Israel, give  them  there...
take them back to their land, Palestine, where they were supposed to be.
And  remember, as long as Israel is out of that land, she's out  of  the
will of God. Like Abraham, who it was give to. And when... They wouldn't
get on that plane.  They didn't never seen anything like that. There was
an old rabbi stepped down there and said, "Our Prophet told us that when
Israel  went home, it would be on the wings of an eagle."--on the  plane
away home.

There she is now, building, the fig tree restoring.  Amen!  The old  six
point Star of David flying.

                      "The Gentile days numbered,
                      With horrors encumbered..."

The tribulation period right at hand, standing right here, and the Seals
being  opened, the Church ready to take Her flight in the air,  and  the
tribulation set in.  Then God comes down and pulls 144,000 out of there.
Amen! There...

Oh, it's perfect! You see where the Seals bring it out now, see--open it
up. Now, this is the last three and one-half years to the people.  Also,
if you notice it's the time that God will call that 144,000 Jews in this
last three and one-half years.

See, He hasn't dealt with them at all. They haven't had a prophet.  They
won't believe nothing else but a prophet. You can't fool them.  So, they
are  going to hear a prophet, yes, sir; and that's all.   God told  them
that in the beginning, and they stay right with it.

He said, "The Lord your God shall raise up a prophet among you like me."
Moses said that.  Said, "Him shall you hear.  And ever who will not hear
that  prophet will be cut off from the people."  That's right.  And  you
see,  their  eyes had to be blinded or they would have  recognized  Him.
Instead  of that being blinded, they were--that let Satan get  on  them,
and they say, "He's a fortune teller--Beelzebub.   Let his blood be upon
us;  we know there's nothing to him."  See?   And the poor  people  were

That's the reason the Eichman's group and all that group was slain  back
there.  Had a right to come in--their own Father had to blind their eyes
so He could take us.   That's the most pathetic thing in the  Scriptures
nearly.   Just think of there, the Jews were calling the blood of  their
own Father--their own God hanging there, bleeding!

Look,  "There they crucified him," the Bible said.   That's four of  the
greatest  words... Look.   There, Jerusalem, the most holy city  in  the
world.   They, the most holy people in the world.  Crucified,  the  most
brutal death in the world. Him, the most important Person in the world.

Why?  The religious people--the greatest religion in the world--the only
true  religion in the world was standing there crucifying the  very  God
that  their Bible said would come.   Why didn't they see it?  The  Bible
tells us that God blinded them so they couldn't see it. They...

He said, "Which one of you can accuse Me of sin?"  In other words, "If I
hadn't  done exactly what's predicted for Me to do, then you  tell  Me."
Sin  is unbelief.  He done exactly what God told Him, but they  couldn't
see it.

Now,  when you talk to people, it's just like pouring water on a  duck's
back.  Do you see what I mean?  It's a pitiful thing.  When you see this
nation  and  people the way they do, so starch, they,  religion...  But,
don't  the  Holy Spirit tell us that they will  be  heady,  high-minded,
lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, trucebreakers, false  accus-
ers,  incontinent, and despisers of those that are good.   "They have  a
form of godliness but would deny the power of the Gospel."   Said, "From
such turn away from them."

Here we are these denominationals twist it up.   They take all the glory
and  power, place it back with the apostles and the rest of it  over  in
the Millennium.

It's just like a man, as I have said before, a man is always giving  God
praise  for  what He has done, looking forward to what He will  do,  and
ignoring  what He is doing right now.  Exactly.   Man is still the  same

There were them Jews standing there saying, "Glory to God."  Why, as the
6th chapter of St. John said, "Our Fathers eat manna in the wilderness."
And Jesus said, "They are everyone dead."

They  drank  water from the rock in the wilderness and they...  then  He
said, "I am that Rock." That's right. Amen. He said, "But I am the Bread
of  Life  that come from God out of Heaven--that Tree  of  Life,  wasn't
eaten back yonder.   If a man eats this bread he shall not die.  I  will
raise him up again at the last days." That's right.

The very Messiah standing there speaking the very words of their  heart,
and things like that--showing that He was Messiah, just what Messiah was
supposed to do.   And them standing there with their hands behind  them,
and, "Nah, it can't be.  No, no. He didn't come in the right trend. See,
he  come out of Bethlehem, and he's nothing but an  illegitimate  child,
and that's the devil working on him. We know he's mad.  He's crazy, he's
got a devil."

See, their eyes were actually blinded to that.  Now, but they're looking
for  the prophet; and they're going to receive it--going to receive  two
of them. That's right.

Now, notice again.  Now, also when these Jews... I will give you another
little  symbol so you can realize that it's Jews over here now  on  this
side of the Rapture.  Watch what takes place.  It's also symbolized, (we
won't take time to do it because we run out here)...  Also symbolized in
the--in what was called Jacob's trouble.

Now look, these Jews here has... Notice!  Oh, it's a--I'm going to  take
just a little bit time here.  It makes me nervous when it starts getting
around like that, you see.

Notice. I want you to see it. And, I--and just... Well, God will show it
to you, I am sure. Look! Jacob had the birthright. Is that right? But he
sure was a little shyster with it. See? He went down and he deceived his
daddy;  he  deceived his brother; he done everything,  but  yet  legally
right down, he had it; because Esau had sold out.

But then, when he goes down there to work for his father-in-law, he  put
those  poplar  sticks in the water to make those  pregnated  cattle  and
things bring forth speckled calves, and you know everything he done like
that, just to gain money.

Now watch.  Now, he was ousted from his people.  Now, it's a type of the
Jew now. He's a money snatcher. I don't care how he gets it, he will get
it.   He will skin you alive to get it.  You know that.   He's a  little
shyster, that's all.   Boy, don't deal with him.  He will get you,  boy.
Yes, sir! Why?  He's got to be that.  That's the kind of a spirit that's

Just exactly like them reformers could not understand this Word, because
that  was the spirit of the man sent to them.   It's the Eagle Age  that
gets the Word and the revelation.   All that understands that, raise  up
your hands, so I... That's good. That's fine. See, that's good.

Now,  see,  if  you can get back here under these Seals,  if  they  ever
get...  when they are opened, you can see exactly what God  is  a-doing,
what He has done, what He is going to do. Here it is exactly, and that's
the reason man acts that way because that's the spirit that's  predicted
for  that  age to be on them.  They couldn't do  nothing  else.  Nothing

John, Paul, and them--that Lion spirit there L-I-O-N standing there, the
Word  Itself.  Paul stood right with that Word and said, "I  know  this,
that there will be false brethren rise up among you. Go around and  what
they'll  make--denominations  and everything else among  you.  And  what
they'll  do, they'll go on to the last days and horrible time." Why?  He
was  a prophet.   There stood that Word in Him, how it would end up  way
over there.

Said, "false man among yourselves will rise up and speaking things,  and
draw away brethren who are disciples. That's exactly the antichrist." It
did just exactly that.

Notice,  after it went in the Dark Age of the tribulation, what was  it?
There was nothing they could do.   Rome owned the--he had the  religious
power and he had the political power.  Wasn't nothing they could do, but
just labor and stay alive and give theirselves for sacrifice.  It was an
ox.  That's all they could do.  That's the kind of spirit they had.  The
Spirit of God--the Ox.

Then  here come the reformers, the head of a man,  shrewd,  wise--Martin
Luther,  John  Wesley, and so forth; Calvin, Finney, Knox, the  rest  of
them. Here they come forth, and when they did, they were reformers. They
come  forth reforming--bringing the people out.   And turned right  back
around exactly like they did back there and married right straight  back
into her again on the denominational system.  That's exactly.  The Bible
said  so.   She  was a whore, and then she had  harlot  daughters.  Just

And  God said, "I give her space to repent and she didn't do it, so  I'm
going  to take her and her offsprings--cast them over there  where  they
belong."   That's exactly.  And that's... God said that down under  this
Seal--under the Seal. Now, there she was. We find out that He does that,
and He will do it.  And they're everyone headed that way. But the... all
that's got their names on the Book of Life, God will call--they'll  hear
it.  "My sheep hear My voice," Jesus said.   Only thing we got to do  is
make a sheep call. Goats don't know it!

Notice. But you see the sheep call. "My sheep hear My voice." Why?  What
is a voice?  I want to tell you what a voice is. A voice is a  spiritual

He said to Moses, "If they won't hear the voice of the first sign,  they
will hear the voice of the second sign. My sheep hear My voice."

When  these  things are supposed to be taking place in  the  last  days,
sheep of God recognize that. See. They recognize it. "My sheep know Me";
(See?) "stranger they won't follow."   They won't follow them strangers.
It's got to be a-vindicated sign of the day, and they see it.

Now notice. Now, Jacob, as he come up now, the first thing you know,  he
got  a longing to go where?--back to the homeland.   Oh, that's  exactly
what Israel done!  That's Israel. Jacob is Israel.  He just had his name
changed, you know. See? And he's got out there, and he got all the money
he  had and he could get--took it any way he could, from his  kinsfolks,
or anybody else.  So, cheating and stealing, lying--any way he could get
it, he got it. See? He did.

And  then when he starts back to home, he got to get a homesick  feeling
in  his heart.  But as he started back, on his road going back,  he  met
God. Then his name was changed. See? But in this time he was so wearied,
because  he  was afraid Esau was coming after him. See.  And  watch  the
money--the  money proposition.   Just like the Jew will try making  this
covenant with Rome, see, and their money proposition.

Notice it.   Then Esau didn't need his money; neither does Rome--she got
the wealth of the world in her hands, see?   But it didn't work.  But we
find out now that Israel in that time of trouble, when he was Jacob,  he
wrestled with the... got a hold of something that was real.

There was a man come down.  Jacob got his arms around him, and he stayed
there. And the fellow said, "I must be going now. It's coming daylight."

Oh, that breaking of the day! See. "It's fixing to become day."

But  Jacob  said, "I'm not going to leave you. You just  can't  go.  I'm
going to stay right with you. I want things changed here."  That's  that
144,000, that money scheming bunch and things like that.   When they see
the  true genuine thing to get a hold of, there stands Moses, and  there
stands  Elijah.  Amen!  They'll wrestle with God until  144,000  of  the
tribes of Israel are called out right there.

That's just before the tribulation period. See? Oh, how wonderful!  Also
Jacob's  trouble.  Here  is when the 144,000 is called  out.  They,  the
preachers,  them two prophets, they preach like John the  Baptist,  "The
Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Repent Israel!"  Repent what?  Repent from
your sins, your unbelief, and turn back to God.

Now, let us remember something here.  These great happenings, to nature,
has happened before.  In this 12th verse here, see?   The sun became  as
black as sackcloth of hair. Now, compare this... Now remember, that does
not happen in the Gentiles. It's Israel!

Let  me show you.  Now, remember, I said it's calling out  the  144,000.
See? This time now it's when he's... tribulation which is to do it.  And
this is telling what happens in this tribulation.

Now, let's turn to Exodus 10:21-23, and watch here, when Exodus is when,
of course, Israel was coming out--going to be taken out. Exodus the 10th
chapter  and the 21st-23rd verse.   I'm so excited and shouting  when  I
write  these  notes down that sometimes I might get them mixed  up.  All
right, Exodus 10:21-23. All right, here we go--21 and 23.

And  the LORD said unto Moses, Stretch forth thine hand towards  heaven,
that  there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, even darkness  which
may be felt.And Moses stretched forth his hand towards heaven; and there
came a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days: (See?) Now...

They  saw  not one another, neither rose any from his  place  for  three
days: but... the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.

Notice,  just  exactly  like... Now, come over here: "...  and  the  sun
became as black as sackcloth..." See?   Same thing--these happenings  of
nature. What was it? What, when nature happens like this, has been?--God
calling Israel.   About to deliver Israel there, (all right) bring  them
out  of their enemy's hand, which was Egypt at that time.  Now  here  He
is,  bringing  them out of the Roman hands, where they  had  made  their

Same thing happens.  That's the plague.  The time that this plague  will
call, plague this group of Gentiles. If we had time, I could show what's
going to happen to that Gentile church.  The Bible said that the dragon,
Satan, was wrought (that angry) with the woman (the Jew, Israel), and he
spurted  water from his mouth (thickness and multitudes of people)  that
went  to make war with the remnant of the woman's seed. (Revelation  13)
Now, see there? We have that.  And that's when Israel sends her, I mean,
Rome sends her army after the remnant, the remnant of the woman's seed.

Now watch. The first time they're in His hands, when He's delivered them
out, the sun turned to sack--black as sackcloth. Now, this is the second
time, the end of the tribulation period.

Now, in Daniel 12, if we had time, we could read it.  In Daniel the 12th
verse,  12th  chapter,  rather; Daniel said, "Everyone  that  was  found
written in the Book will be delivered."

Now  remember, Daniel is now speaking of this period,  when  these--this
thing  is supposed to happen, when Israel is to be delivered,  when  the
end  of the seventieth week...  And that's when they are supposed to  be
delivered. Now, let's get to Daniel 12 here just a minute.

And  at that time Michael shall stand up, the great prince  which  stood
for the children of thy people:... (see, that's Jews)... and there shall
be a... trouble, such... never was since there was a nation even to that
same  time:... (Now, compare that exactly what Jesus  said--Matthew  24.
There  shall  be a time of trouble that's never been since  they  was  a
nation.  Look at the Sixth Seal. See? The same thing, a time of trouble.
Notice.)... since there was a nation even to the same time: and at  that
time  thy people... (now, in this last part of the seventh year)...  thy
people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in  the
book.  (The predestinated, you see, that's written in the Lamb's Book of
Life shall be delivered at that time.)

And  many of those that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake,  and
some  to everlasting life, and some to (everlasting) shame  and...  con-
tempt. (Now)

And then shall the wise... shine as the brightness of the firmament; and
they  that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the stars for  ever
and ever.

That,  and when He had told Daniel to shut up the Book, for He would  be
resting  in His lot 'til that time.   Now, see, it don't make  any  dif-
ference whether you live or die; you come forth anyhow. See? Dying isn't
nothing to a Christian. He don't die anyhow. See?

Now,  Daniel  12 says that everyone that was found written in  the  Book
would be delivered. Here God is about to deliver His second son, Israel,
after the tribulation. See, the second time Israel... Israel is His son,
you know that. Israel is God's son. So He's going to deliver him here in
the tribulation period just exactly the way He did down in Egypt.

Now, let's stop here again and get something else, to where He--bringing
them  to home.  Now, watch here these two prophets.  Look  what  they're
going to do now--just like Moses and them did down there. "And there was
given me a reed, and.." (The 3rd verse of the 11th chapter.) [Revelation

And I will give power unto my two witnesses, that they shall prophesy  a
thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

These  are the two olive trees,... (you remember that Zerubbabel and  so
forth  and  would rebuild the temple)... and the two  candlesticks  that
stand before the God of the earth.

(you  remember,  out  of the mouth of Christ  come  the  sword--Word)...
devour  their  enemy: and if any man shall hurt them, he  must  in  this
manner be killed.

Now,  we  know the fire in the 19th chapter, of the  coming  of  Christ,
proceeded  a  Sword  from  His  mouth,  which  was  the  Word.  Is  that
right?--the  Word.  Oh, if you'll get this material now  for  that  Seal
tomorrow night. See.  The Word is the thing that God slays His enemy by.

Now, look here. When these prophets are prophesying, their, they--if any
man  mistreats  them, harms them, fire proceeds from their  mouth,  Holy
Ghost Fire--the Word. The Word is God. Word is Fire. Word is the Spirit.
See? "Proceeds from the mouth."

Look at Moses.  Let's see what come from his mouth. Israel got to... the
way they were doing there, and the... I mean Egypt.  They were mistreat-
ing  these Jews. Moses... they wouldn't let them go;  Pharaoh  wouldn't.
God put the words in Moses' mouth.   See, it's God's thoughts going into
Moses' heart; he goes over now to express it, then it becomes the  Word.
Stretched  his  hand forth, said, "Let there be flies!"  and  here  come
flies.   Look here, "And if any man hurts them, fire proceedeth  out  of
their mouth and devour their enemy." See?  There it is.  They can  speak
what they want to, and there it happens. Amen! And if any man hurt them,
they must in this manner be killed.

Brother, God rides on the scene here.  They have power to shut the heav-
ens that it rain not in the days of their prophecy--Elijah! He knows how
to do it, he's done it before! Amen! Moses knows how to do it. He's done
it before. That's the reason they was kept back. Now... Amen!

I could say something awful good right here, but I guess I will hold  it
until tomorrow night. See? All right.  And have power over the waters to
turn  them to blood and to smite the earth with plagues as oft  as  they
will. What is it?  What can bring these things but the Word? They can do
nature anyway they want to.

Here it is.  They're the one who brings on this Sixth Seal. They uncover
and  open it up.  It's the power of God--to interrupt nature.  See,  the
Sixth Seal, is completely an interruption of nature.

Do you get it now? There's your Seal. Who does it? It's the prophets the
other side of the Rapture.  With the power of God, the Word of God, they
just  condemn  nature.  They can send earthquakes, turn  the  moon  into
blood, the sun can go down or anything at their command. Amen!

There you are.  There you are, see. See how the Seals opened down  there
in the church age? how it showed the martyrs?   And now here's these two
prophets  standing  here with the Word of God to do anything  to  nature
they  want to, and they shake the earth. And shows exactly who does  it.
It's  Moses and Elijah, because there's their  ministry  re-impersonated
again--both man. Oh my!  Do you see it now? See what the Sixth Seal  is?
It's those prophets.

Now  notice.  Don't  let  it  choke you,  but  watch  what  opened  that
Seal--prophets. See? Amen!  There you are. Oh, we're living in the Eagle
Day here!  And it's among us now! They opened that Sixth Seal. They have
power to do it! Amen! There's your Sixth Seal coming open. See?

Now,  we drop back, back here and Jesus spoke it would take  place:  way
back  yonder  in the Old Testament, back in Ezekiel.   Back in  the  old
prophets,  they spoke it would take place.   And here the  Sixth  Seal's
opened, and they say, "Well, that's a mysterious thing.   What did  it?"
Here's  the secret of it--the prophets, because the Bible said so  here.
They  can  open it anytime they... They can do anything to  nature  they
want to.   And they do the same thing they did do, because they know how
it's done. Amen! Glory!

When I seen that, I just raised out of the chair and started walking  up
and down the floor. I thought, "Lord, how I thank You, Heavenly Father."
There it is. That's it. They opened that Sixth Seal. Amen!

Watch them.  If any man hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth  -
the Word.  Holy Ghost come upon the apostles, you see.   Fire  proceeded
out of their mouth.

Now,  notice over in Revelation 19, we see the same thing, and  a  great
Sword proceed from His mouth--Word. See it?  Christ coming, and He slays
enemies with It. Is that right? Now He's on His road. Watch Him now. All

These  have power to shut the heaven that it rained not in the  days  of
their  prophecy.  Boy, that's interrupting nature!   Now, how  long  did
this  man, Elijah, close the heavens for? [Congregation  replies:  three
and  one-half  years--Ed.] There you are, exactly!  How  longs  Daniel's
seventieth, last part of the seventy weeks? [Congregation replies: three
and one-half years--Ed.] There you are, exactly!

What  did Moses do?  He turned the waters into blood, he done all  these
kinds  of miracles, just exactly what's predicted here under this  Sixth
Seal.  And  here they are in Revelation 11, doing the very  same  thing!
Amen!   There's  three different places in the  Scriptures  right  there
blending the thing right together. That's the opening of the Sixth Seal.
Right there it is. Amen! Glory!

Now notice.   These have power to shut the heavens in the days of  their
prophecy  that it won't rain; and power over the waters to turn them  to
blood, to smite the earth with plagues as oft as they will. Oh my! There
you are. Turn right over here to the plagues, see.  All nature is inter-
rupted  in this Sixth Plague, or... Sixth Seal--opened.  That's  exactly
what happened.

Now look.  See, here God is about to deliver His son, Israel, after  the
same  manner of the tribulation that He did down there.   He sent  Moses
down there and delivered Israel.  Is that right?  And he done these very
same things.

He  sent Elijah to Ahab, and seven thousand come out. Is that right?  He
sends them right back over here again in the time of the tribulation and
calls out the 144,000. Now see, you notice, between Revela... or between
the 6th chapter, or the 6th plague, Seal (Pardon me)--the Sixth Seal and
the  Seventh  Seal,  the 7th chapter of  Revelation  mathematically  set
together right.

Just  like America is number thirteen--thirteen states it started  with,
thirteen stars in the flag, thirteen colonies, thirteen  stripes--every-
thing, thirteen, thirteen, and appears right here in the 13th chapter of
Revelation. That's right. She's thirteen and a woman.

Now,  when He was about to deliver His only begotten Son, which was  His
only begotten. Jacob is His son, but this is His only begotten Son.

Matthew 27, let's see what He did there.  Matthew the 27th chapter.  Now
remember,  His Son had been beaten, and had been troubled, and they  had
made fun of Him, and He was now hanging on the cross at three o'clock on
Good Friday afternoon--just about to take place.   Matthew, 27th chapter
of Matthew and the 45th verse, I believe it is.

Now  from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land until  the
ninth hour.

Now, notice just exactly what He did back here now in this. See.  [Reve-
lation 6:12]

And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal,... lo, there was a great
earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the  moon
became as blood;

Blackness, darkness; Egypt--blackness, darkness. God delivering Jesus at
the  cross, just before He brought Him up from the resurrection.  First,
darkness--sun  went  down in the middle of the day, and  stars  wouldn't
shine.  Two days from then, He was going to raise Him up with  a  mighty
triumph.   After  the  sun,  and moon,  and  stars,  and  everything  in
Egypt--all these taken place, He delivered Israel to the Promised Land.

Here  it is in the tribulation period, and here stands them prophets  to
who has the control of the Word that God gives them. They can only speak
as God gives them the Word.

Now,  they are not gods.  They're, temporarily... , amateurly they  are,
because Jesus said they were.  Said, "You call them gods who the Word of
God came."

Well,  look.  That's the one that God brings the Word to.  And  when  he
speak it, it happens.  That's all. And here he is with a commission from
God to smite the earth whatever he wants to.  Oh my!   Stop the heavens,
and he does. What's the matter?  He's fixing to take the 144,000 out for
redemption, out of the Book of Redemption.  And that's under the Seal of
redemption, in the Sixth Seal.  That's it, my dear friends.  That's that
Sixth Seal--been so mysterious.

Let's  just take... We got ten more minutes.   Let's just take a  little
bit. I got two or three pages.  Well, I got... You can just see. I think
it's about... on that one, I think I had about fifteen pages yet left  I
could get to.

Oh, there's so much on that.   My, you can just keep going from place to
place, but I'm afraid I will confuse you when I scatter too much of  it.
And I'm not... I can't hold it together like I should.

In Isaiah, let's take this.   Isaiah, the prophet, seen this Sixth  Seal
open and spoke of it.   That's whether it's important or not, see. Well,
the  whole thing--whole plan of redemption lays under  these  Seals--the
whole Book.

Now remember, we seen Jesus saw it.  Is that right? See?  Jesus saw  it.
And  now we find others that saw it.  We find it typed out in Jacob.  We
find it typed out in Egypt. We see it typed out at the cross.

Now, let's go back to Isaiah.   I've got a whole lot more prophets wrote
down here, too. Let's just... I like this of Isaiah.  Let's go back here
to Isaiah, the 13th chapter of Isaiah. I like...

Isaiah is a complete Bible in itself, you know. Did you know that?  See?
Isaiah  starts  out with creation, in the middle of the book  he  brings
John,  and at the end he brings the Millennium.   And there's  sixty-six
books in the Bible, and sixty-six chapters in Isaiah.   It's a  complete
encyclopedia itself.

Notice, 13th chapter now, of Isaiah. Let's begin here at the 6th verse.

Howl ye; for the day of the LORD is at hand; it shall come as a destruc-
tion from the Almighty.

Watch  this  Sixth Seal opening up here now--plumb back here  713  years
before  Christ  come.  He's been 2,000 years; that'd be  about  7--about
2,700 years ago Isaiah seen this Seal hanging there. All right.

Therefore shall all hands be faint, and every man's heart shall melt:

What did Jesus say, "And because iniquity shall abound the love of  many
shall wax... , and man's heart will be failing for fear"; sea a-roaring,
see? Man's heart will faint.

And they shall be afraid: pangs of sorrow shall take hold of them;  they
shall be in pain as a woman that travaileth: they shall be amazed one at
another; their faces shall be... (ashamed)

Notice of it here. Oh, their faces, ashamed.  We got to get to that just
a minute. We will hold that, see.

Behold,  the  day of the LORD cometh, cruel both with wrath  and  fierce
anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners there-
of out of it. (The Lamb--that's all of it. See? Notice.)

For  the stars of heaven and the constellations there of shall not  give
their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the  moon
shall not cause her light to shine.

And  I will punish the world for their evil, and the (iniquity)  wicked-
ness of their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy (I can't say  it,
see)  of  the proud to cease, and will lay low the  haughtiness  of  the

See there, just exactly.  Isaiah saw the same thing that Jesus spoke of,
that the Seventh Seal reveals, when He's cleansing the land with  tribu-
lations.  That's the tribulation period--this Sixth Seal.  Yes, he was a
prophet, and the Word of God was made known to him.  That's 2,700  years

Truly,  I'd  want to say this: The whole world as Isaiah  here...  as  a
woman travaileth, all creation is travailing.  What's all this  groaning
and  travailing  about?--like  a woman that's to be  mother,  the  earth
itself--nature?   Why, this city here...  Let's take our own city,  when
beer  joints and prostitution and filth and scum--like any  other  city.
Why,  I believe God would be better off looking at it the way He had  it
thousand years ago. When the Ohio traveled down, they had no back waters
and floods.  They had no sin in the valley.  The buffalo roamed  through
here,  and the old Cherokee hunted him and made a decent  living.  There
was no trouble at all.  But man come in, and there's where sin comes in.
When  man  begin to multiply upon the face of the earth,  then  sin  and
violence set in. That's right--always man. Why, I think it's a disgrace.

I  was standing the other day in my home country there now  in  Arizona,
and  I  read when I was a kid about Geronimo and Cochise and  those  old
Apaches, because I preached to them up there.   Fine people--and some of
the finest people you want to meet are those Apache Indians.  And then I
went  over  there to Tombstone, where they have all the old  relics  and
things  from the war.   And I looked at... They always... You know  they
always  classed  Geronimo  as a renegade.  To me he  was  a  red-blooded
American.  Absolutely!   He was only fighting for his rights like anyone
would do.  He wanted not that pollution in his land, and look what it is
now--turning his children, his daughters into prostitutes and everything
else and white man coming there. The white man is a rascal!

The Indian was a conservative; he was a conservationist. He would go out
and kill a buffalo, the whole tribe eat everything that was left of  it.
They  used the hide for clothes and tents and everything else.  And  the
white man comes and shoot it for a target. Why, it's such a disgrace!

I read an article in the paper where in Africa, that great place full of
wild  game,  they got these guys, Arthur Godfrey and  them,  going  over
there shooting these elephants and things out of helicopters and  things
like that.   A picture of an old female elephant trying to die, and  the
tears--like  pulling down her face and two big males trying to hold  her
up to keep... Why, it's a sin! That's not sport!!

When  I  was standing out on the field out yonder, in where I  hunt  and
things  like that, and see where them white hunters come out  there  and
shoot  them  deer and cut a hindquarters off of it  and  sometimes  kill
eight  or ten little does and leave them laying there, and  their  fawns
running around trying to find their mammy --and you mean that's  sports-
manship? That's cruel pure murder in my book!

I hope Canada never gets any roads in it as long as I live, to keep them
renegade  Americans  out of there.  That's right.  They're  the  poorest
sports I ever seen in my life.  Now, not all of them.  There's some real
genuine  man,  but then there's one out of a thousand you  find.   Shoot
anything  they  can  see, anyway they want to,  that's  right--that's  a
murderer. That's right. He's heartless. He will shoot out of season.

While  I was up there in Alaska there, I was up there with one  of  them
guides.   He said, "I picked up... I'd go out there now and  find  whole
herds  of them great big elk... or not elk, but moose laying there  with
fifty caliber machine gun bullets through their horns where these Ameri-
can pilots out there in Alaska machine gunned them out of that  plane--a
herd of moose. That's pure murder!!

They  knowed  enough  if  they kill the  buffalo,  they  could  get  the
Indian--he'd  starve to death.   That's the reason that Cochise  had  to
surrender--all  of his princes and all the rest of them,  his  children,
and all of his people were starving to death.   They went out there with
big--great  big loads of them, Buffalo Bill and them plainsmen had  shot
off  all them buffaloes--forty, fifty in an afternoon.   They know  when
they ridded that, they got rid of the Indian. Oh my, it's a stain on the
flag the way they treated them Indian. There you are.  But remember, the
Bible  said, "The hour is come that God will destroy them that  destroys
the earth." And the whole world... !

Look at them valleys. I was standing up there the other day looking down
on the valley at Phoenix.  Went up on South Mountain, the wife and I was
setting  up  there and looked out at Phoenix, and I  said,  "Isn't  that

She said, "Awful? What do you mean?"

I  said, "The sin.   How much adultery and drinking and cursing and  the
Lord's  Name  used  in vain in that valley there, of  about  140,000  or
150,000 people, maybe 200,000 people, in that valley?" And I said, "Five
hundred years ago or a thousand, there wasn't nothing but cactus, mesqu-
ite  and the old coyotes running up and down the sand river  there,  the
washes."  And I said, "That's the way God made it, but man come in--what
did he do?  He saturated the ground with filth.  The streets are full of
gall;  the sewers and the rivers are polluted with filth."  They  could-
n't...  Oh boy, you better not drink of some of that water.   You'd  get
anything. See.

Look at it.  Not only here, but the world over.   The thing is polluted,
and  the world, the nature.  God have mercy!  The whole world's  in  its
birth pains. The world is trying; she's travailing, Isaiah said.  What's
the  matter?      She's in--trying to bring forth a new  world  for  the
Millennium where all the sin is purged out, trying to birth a new  world
for a new people that won't sin and pollute her.  That's right.    She's
in travail.

That's  the  reason the--we're in travail--Christ, to  bring  forth  the
Bride.  Everything is travailing, and groaning.  See, there's  something
fixing to happen. And this sixth plague lets her go!

Brother,  the earthquake burst open and the stars shake, volcanics  will
come forth, and the earth will renew itself.  New lava will break  forth
from the center of the earth, and she will crumble all around and around
and around when she spins out in yonder.

And  I tell you one morning when Jesus and His Bride comes back  to  the
earth,  there'll  be  a Paradise of God there that... Oh  my!  Them  old
warriors  in the battle walk down through there with their  friends  and
loved ones; the anthems will fill the air, of an angelic host.  "Oh,  it
was well done, my good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of  the
Lord  that's been prepared for you like you should have had back  yonder
before Eve started the ball to rolling in sin." Amen!

Yes,  Sixth Seal is going to do something.  Yes, sir!  Truly  the  whole
world is groaning and paining for the Millennium Age.

Now, the one now is so soaked up with filth. As I preached here not long
ago--I  believe,  preached in the Tabernacle, The World  Falling  Apart.
That's exactly.  Look what's falling apart in the world.  Everything  is
falling of it. Certainly it is. It's got to fall apart. Yes, sir.  Look,
its  frame.   Let me show you the reason the world's got to do  it.  The
frame  of this world: the iron and the brass and the materials  of  this
earth  has  been pulled out of it--its framework for  war  and  industry
until it's just about ready...

Well, we never had an earthquake until the other day over--in this  part
of  the  country, just the other day here, you see--St. Louis  and  down
through there.  She's getting so thin.  They've pulled everything out of
it. See?

Its politics are so polluted there's hardly an honest, among  them--see,
its systems. Its morals is so low--they just don't have any. That's all.
See? Sure. Its religion is cankered. Yes, sir.

It's  time for the Sixth Seal, pretty soon, to be opening up,  and  when
she does, oh my--the end!  The Bride has done gone forth.  She's done...
The Queen has done went to take her place.   She's being married now  to
the King, while this was going on.   And Israel's remnant is sealed  and
ready to go, and then nature lets go. Oh, what a time!

Notice, the last verse of the Sixth Seal opened.  Those who had  laughed
at the preaching of the Word--of the vindicated Word of the Living  God.
When  them prophets that stood there and performed miracles, closed  the
sun,  and  everything else, and all down through the  age,  see...  They
cried  for the rocks and the mountains to hide them, see--to  hide  them
from  the Word that they had laughed at, because they seen  Him  coming.
"Hide us from the wrath of the Lamb"--He is the Word, see.

They  had  laughed  at the Word, and here the Word  was  incarnate;  and
they'd made fun of It, laughed at them, made fun of them, and the incar-
nate Word had dropped forth.  Why didn't they repent? They couldn't--too
far then.  So they know that the punishment... They hear it. They've sat
in meetings like this and knowed about it, and they know that the things
that those prophets had predicted was looking them right in the face.

The  thing that they had rejected, they had spurned mercy for  the  last
time. And when you spurn mercy, there's nothing left but judgment.  When
you spurn mercy--just think of it.

And there they was.  They had no place to go, no retreat.  And the Bible
said here, "They called for the--cried to the rocks and the mountains to
fall  on  us,  and hide us from the face of the--and the  wrath  of  the
Lamb."  They'd tried to repent, but the Lamb had come to claim His  Own.
See.   And they cried to the rocks and the mountains--prayed, but  their
prayers were too late.

My  brother,  sister, the goodness and mercies of God  extended  to  the
people.   While  Israel was blinded for this--for here  just  about  two
thousand  years--to give us a chance to repent.   Have you  turned  that
mercy down? Have you rejected that... Who are you anyhow?  Where did you
come  from, and where are you going?  You could not ask the doctor.  You
could  not ask anybody in the world, and there's no book you could  read
that  could tell you who you are, where you come from and what  you  are
going but this Book.

Now  you know without... you have the Blood of the Lamb to act  in  your
place, you see where you are headed for. So if God did that for you, the
least  thing  we could do would be accept what He done.  That's  all  He
asked us to do. And on the basis of this...

If I go any farther, I will have to come right into that  plague--that's
tomorrow night's service, and I can't do it. Can't go any farther. I got
it marked down here, cross--stop here, see. So then, I got to wait until

Now,  let us bow our heads just a moment.   If you haven't, my  precious
friends--haven't  accepted  the  love  of this  God,  that  I'm  talking
about...   If  you have... (Listen to this close now.)  If  you  haven't
accepted  His  love  and mercy, you'll have to stand  His  judgment  and

Now,  you, tonight, are in the same place that Adam and Eve was  in  the
Garden of Eden.   You have a right; you are a free moral agent.  You can
go  to the Tree of Life, or you can take the plan of the  judgment.  But
today,  while  you're sensible, in your right mind, and  you're  healthy
enough to rise and accept it, why don't you do that if you haven't  done

Is there them people in here that hasn't, as yet, did that?   If that be
so, would you just raise up your hand, say, "Pray for me, Brother  Bran-
ham. I now want to do it. I don't want this to come."

Now remember, friends... (God bless you. That's good.)   I have... These
are not my ideas of this; I--this is not what I have been thinking. This
is altogether from me. So help me, the Holy Spirit knows it.

And you wait, if the Lord willing, tomorrow night, I want to show you  a
mystery  that's  been going all the time right here in this  meeting.  I
doubt  very  much whether you've ever seen it or not, see,  what's  took
place.  It's been something that's laid right here before you, and  I've
watched each night for it to rise--for somebody to say, "I see it." See.
Don't  turn it away, please.   I ask you if you're not a  Christian,  if
you're not under the Blood, if you're not borned again, filled with  the
Holy Spirit, if you've never made a public confession of Jesus Christ by
being baptized in His Name to witness His death, burial and resurrection
that you have accepted, the water is ready.  They're waiting.  Robes are
furnished  in here, and everything is ready.   Christ stands ready  with
outstretched arms to receive you.

In one hour from now, that mercy might not be extended to you. You might
turn  it  away for the last time, you'll never touch your  heart  again.
While you can, while you can, why don't you do it? Now while...

I know the regular customary way is bring people up to the altar.  We do
that, and that's perfectly all right. At this time we're such crowded in
here,  right around the altar, 'til I couldn't do that, but I'd like  to
say  this:  In the apostolic day, they say, "As many  as  believed  were
baptized." Just if you can really down in your heart...

Here's all it is. It isn't emotion, though emotion accompanies it.  Just
like what I said: Smoking and drinking isn't sin, it's the attribute  of
sin. It shows you don't believe. See? But when you truly believe in your
heart, and you know that... on the basis of where you are sitting  there
you  accept it with all your heart, something is going to happen,  right
there. It's going to happen. Then you can stand as a witness to it, that
something happened.

Then  walk to the water and say, "I want to show to the congregation,  I
want  to  prove, I want to make my testimony stand that I will  take  my
place with the Bride. I stand here now to be baptized."

I know that there's many women in the world tonight, fine women, but I'm
awful lonesome to see one.  There's one of them that's my wife. She goes
home with me.   She wasn't my wife to begin with, but how she become  my
wife--she took my name.

He's coming.   There's a lot of women--churches--in the world, but  He's
coming for His wife.  She's called by His Name.  Them that are in Christ
will God bring with Him.  How do we get into it?  "By one Spirit, we are
all baptized into one body."

Now while we pray, you pray, too--inside or out. There's great groups of
people  in the rooms, outside standing around, out in the  streets,  but
now while you are...  We can't call you up here to this altar, but  your
heart--make  it the altar.  And right in your heart say, "Lord Jesus,  I
believe this. I've stood out here in this night air. I've been smothered
up  in  this little room, I'm sitting in here amongst  these  people.  I
don't want to be... I can't miss; I can't afford it."

Everything,  as I told you last night, and so help me, the Lord knows  I
tell Truth. "I lie not," as Paul said. That vision or whatever it was, I
stood  there, looked and handled those people that's gone on.   Just  as
real as I'm standing right here.

Don't miss it, my poor brother, sister; don't do it. I know you've heard
preaching,  you've  heard this, that, and stories--all  that,  but  just
listen from me.  This is... I know it's the Truth!  See.  You just...  I
can't make it any clearer.  See.  Don't miss it!  It's all yours.   Now,
let's pray.

Lord Jesus, here before me is a box of handkerchiefs that represents the
sick  people.  And as I pray over them, laying hands upon them,  as  the
Bible  said, "They took from the body of Paul handkerchiefs and  aprons,
unclean  spirits  went  out of the people," and great  signs  were  done
because  they seen Paul, that they knowed the Spirit of God was in  him.
They  know  that he was a strange man, that the things  that  he  talked
about, about the Word...

He'd go take the old Hebrew Word, of the Hebrew church, and bring it  to
life, and place it in Christ.  They knowed God was in the man. Then they
seen God working strange and mighty works by him, foretelling things and
it would happen that way, and they know that he was God's servant.

Lord,  I pray that You'll honor these people for their respects  of  the
Word,  and heal them for Jesus' sake.   Out here in the audience,  Lord,
there's  sitting,  people just like it was who listened to  the  Apostle
Peter at the Day of Pentecost, how he went back in the Word and got  the
Word,  and he said, "Joel said in the last days these things  will  take
place, and this is that."   And the three thousand believed it and  were

And,  Father,  today we stand here by Your grace, and it's  not  because
that it's a special people, but it's because... just like the day of the
Lion, or the Ox, or the Man, it's the Eagle time.  It's the anointing of
the hour--it's the time that we're living in.   It's the working of  the
Holy  Spirit  for  this  particular time to  prove  that  Jesus  is  not
dead--the  things that He said that He would do just before the  evening
lights went out.

And here we have been seeing Him do that right down along the road.   We
seen it come down in the scientific research and had His picture  taken,
the  great Pillar of Fire, Who led the children of Israel, Who met  Paul
on the road... And we know this same Pillar of Fire that led Moses  down
there  in the wilderness--by that same Pillar of Fire he  wrote  several
books of the Bible, for he was anointed with the Word.

This  same Pillar of Fire coming upon Paul on the road  to  Damascus--he
wrote  many books of the Bible, called the Word of God.  And now,  Lord,
that  same Pillar of Fire, by the evidence of the proof of the Word  and
by scientific research, we see It here, revealing the Word of the Lord.

God, let the people be quickly awakened, Lord, quickly!   Those who have
their  names  put on the Book of Life, when this  flashes  across  their
path,  may  they see, like the little ill-famed woman at the  well  that
day. She recognized quickly, and she knew it was the Scripture.

And  now, Father, I pray that all that will receive You at this time  in
their hearts will settle it forever at this hour that they are  finished
with  sin, that will arise and make preparations now for public  confes-
sion of baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of  their
sins,  to  show that they believe that God has forgiven them,  and  they
take on the Name of Jesus Christ.

Then,  Father,  pour down the Holy Spirit of Oil upon  them,  that  they
might  be  placed into the service of the Lord God, that they  might  be
workers in this last evil day. For we realize we have just a short time,
and the Church might go at any time.

The Lamb might at any time leave the sanctuary up there or the Throne of
sacrifice,  come forth from the Throne of God where the sacrifice  laid,
and then it's over. There's no more hopes for the world; she's finished.
Then she goes into frustrations of great spasms of earthquakes and great
shakings like it was at the resurrection.

And as Christ rose from the grave, when the saints rise, the same  thing
will take place.   Lord, it could be at any minute.   We're watching for
that glad day to arrive. Take Your children under Your arm, Father, now.
Draw  Your little lambs to Your bosom.   Grant it, and feed them on  the
Word until they are in strength for service.

We commit them to You now, Lord.  Answer this prayer.  You said, Father,
over in Mark the 11 chapter, "When you pray, stand praying, believe that
you  receive what you ask for and you shall have it."   And with all  my
heart  to Him that's been revealing these things down through the  years
and these Seals here in this last week, I believe You, Lord God, that it
is  the  hour,  close now, closer than we are really  thinking  of  Your

Please let my prayer be answered. And may every called child of God that
is in hearing distance of here or either the tapes shall strike, may  at
that time I claim them for the Kingdom of God, upon the basis of knowing
this is the Word that's being revealed.   Let the evening lights  shine,
Father. I commit them to You in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Now, all inside or outside that believes and has never made your  public
confession  that you're finished with sin, and you want the  mercies  of
God  and  you've accepted them in Jesus Christ, the pool...  They'll  be
ready  to baptize anybody who wants to be baptized, (today or  tomorrow,
right now) whenever it may be.

Did you enjoy the Sixth Seal?   You see where it's opened at now?   Have
you believed it?  It said, "Who has believed our report, and to whom has
the arm of the Lord been revealed?"  Believe the report, then the arm of
the Lord is revealed--the arm--the Word of God is revealed.

The  Lord  willing now, tomorrow morning, I will try my best  to  answer
those questions.   I will spend probably the rest of the night, and,  or
most  of it, in prayer over them.   I'm getting about from one to  three
hours a night--I never got to bed last night until going on one, and  at
three o'clock I was in study. See, I'm going to have to answer for this.
That's  right.   We're too close for anything, any foolishness,  or  any
presuming or halfway...?... I got to see it first.   And then when I see
it, it's got to be in the Word, too.   And so far, by the grace of  God,
they perfectly... I've took it from all the way through, you know  that,
and it's just blended right together.

It's got to be, "THUS SAITH THE LORD," because it's not only as I say it
from, me knowing it myself, but the Word of the Lord is "THUS SAITH  THE
LORD."   And here is the Word taking what He has give to me and blending
it  together and showing you, so you know yourself it's "THUS SAITH  THE
LORD." See?

Here's the Word says so, and then the revelation that He gives me, which
is contrary to what any of us has ever thought; why, contrary to what  I
thought, because I never went into it like that.    But now, we find  it
slides right together, and what is it?  It's "THUS SAITH THE LORD." See,
exactly.   It's been a place opened up, holding there to this hour,  and
then the Lord comes and pushes it right in like that.  So you see, there
it is. It's the Lord. Oh, I love Him. I love Him with all my heart.

Now  remember,  you, we couldn't get to the altar  (several  held  their
hands  up), now see, it's an individual affair with you.  It's  whatever
you  want  to  do. See. The hour is so close at hand, you  ought  to  be
pressing as hard as you could--not have to be pulled.  See.  Just press-
ing,  trying to get in.  "Lord, don't let me out.   Don't leave me  out,
Lord. The doors are closing. If I can just get in..." See?

God  will close the door one day.   He did in the day of Noah, and  they
beat on the door.   Is that right?  Now remember, the Bible said that in
the seventh watch--that right?   Some fellows sleep in the first  watch,
second,  third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh; but in the seventh  watch
there  come forth a proclamation--a cry: "The Bridegroom cometh; go  out
to meet Him."

The sleeping virgins said, "Say, I'd like to have some of that oil now."

The  Bride  said, "I just got enough for myself--just  got  enough.  You
want, you go pray it up."

Don't you see the sleeping virgins now?  Look at the Episcopalian, Pres-
byterian,  Lutheran, and everything trying to... and the trouble  of  it
is, instead of trying to get the Holy Ghost, they're trying to speak  in
tongues. And lot of them speak in tongues and is ashamed to come to this
church  to be prayed for--wants me to come to their house and  pray  for
them.  You call that the Holy Ghost?  That's speaking in tongues without
the Holy Ghost.

Now,  I believe the Holy Ghost speaks in tongues.   You know  I  believe
that, see, but there's a counterfeit to it, too. Yes, sir! The fruits of
the Spirit what proves what it is. The fruits of a tree proves what kind
of a tree it is--not the bark, the fruit.

Now notice. Then when she come, that last hour, and there when they come
in then, they went and said, "Well, I believe I've got it now. I believe
I got it. Yeah, we're getting it."

I better not say this, see, because it might cause a confusion.   When I
said  the other day, the Rapture, how it would come...  Now, if you  say
you'll take it, all right. Watch. All right, that's up to you.  When the
sleeping virgin, see, that thought she was prayed up to come back... the
Bride was done gone.

It  went and she didn't know it--like a thief in the night.   Then  they
began  to bang on the door, and what happened? What taken  place?   They
were cast into the tribulation period.   The Bible said, "There will  be
weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth." Is that right?

When it's going to be, brother, sister?  I don't know.  But, I--me... it
may be just me here, now see.  This is my thought.  See?  I believe it's
so close, I'm... Each day I want... I'm just trying to walk as soft as I
can...?... When...  You know, when--there was something happened  today,
and  I seen something come up.  I just... I couldn't get my breath  any-
more, see.   There He was, standing there and that little Light standing
right there, and here it was. I know it's the Truth.

I thought, "God, I couldn't say that. I can't say it.  I can't."  I just
walked  out of the room, went out, walked up and down.  I thought,  "My,
what  can I do?"   And I have to go fishing or something and I...  Lord,
You... I can't tell you! See? So...

We  have  a good time, don't we?  Praise the Lord! Amen.    We're  in  a
tremendous time, see, for my heart is overflowed with happiness and joy!
But  when  I think of this world and the thousands that  I  know  that's
lost--black shadows--then your heart just bleeds. What can you do?  What
can you... ?

You  just feel the Holy Spirit crying out in your heart.   Like it  must
have  been  in our Lord when He looked over Jerusalem, His  Own  people,
said,  "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft would I have hovered you as a  hen
would her brood, but you would not."

You just feel the Holy Spirit say, "How often I would have gathered you,
see, but you would not."

We're  right  here at something, friends.   Whatever it is,  God  knows.
Nobody, nobody knows when it's going to happen. That's a secret.  Nobody
knows when it's going to happen, but Jesus told us, "When you see  these
things..." (all these things).  Just like...?... it went, comparing with
the Sixth Seal to what He said in Matthew 24. Now remember what He said.
"When  you  see these things come to--begin to come to  pass,  then  the
time's at the door."

Watch  the  very  next verse--the 30th and 31st verses  as  it  went  on
down--32nd, 33rd verses. He said, "And He shall send forth His angels to
the four corners of the heavens, the four winds, to gather His elected."
Is that right? Said, "Now learn..."

Now  remember, He stopped right there.   He never went ahead after  that
Sixth Seal. He never said anything about the Seventh. He said the First,
Second,  Third,  Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth, but He  stopped  there--never
mentioned anything about...

Watch the next thing He said, "Now learn a parable." See? Then He starts
on parables.  He said, "These things will be." He's answering them three
questions: "What will be the--these signs, and what will be the sign  of
Your  coming, what will be the sign of the end of the world?"   And  the
sixth  one  there was the end of the world.    And the sounding  of  the
Seventh  Angel raised up the hands and swore by Him that  lives  forever
and ever that time shall be no more.

The earth is giving birth to a new one. It's over, and here we are right
here at the door.  Oh, I tremble!  And what must I do, Lord?   What else
can  I do?  See.   And then, just think of seeing that place  and  those
precious people.

I  stood there looking at myself, and I thought, "Oh, God, what...  They
can't miss this.  I ought to push them--I ought to just reached down  in
the audience and got them and pushed." You can't do that! You... "And no
man can come except My Father draws him." But here's one consolation  we
have--"All the Father has given Me will come." But the rest of them that
those organizations depending on them like that, see?   And "He deceived
all  that  lived  upon... dwelled upon the earth whose  names  were  not
written  in that Lamb's Book of Life, slain from the foundation  of  the

So  you  see, it's a sad thing, the only thing you can do is  just  stay
right  with the Word, watch just whatever He says do and then  do  that.
See.  Whatever He says do, do that, and you look out there and say,  "Oh
my!"  They do this and then... Oh, it's just... You don't realize what a

Now, I want to say this, I suppose the tapes are off. Lot of people say,
"Brother  Branham,  with  a ministry of that type..." I  have  to  watch
because people just take them tapes and just try to pick them to pieces,
you know. So when they say, "Brother Branham, wish we had a ministry..."
You  don't know what you are saying.   Honest, you don't know what  goes
with it, brothers, sisters.  Oh my, and the responsibility, when you got
people that hangs to what you say.

Remember,  if you tell them wrong, God will require their blood at  your
hands. Then you think of that. It's a terrific thing; so be lovely. Love
Jesus  with all your heart. Just...?... be simple.   Don't never try  to
figure out anything; just be simple before God, because the more you try
to  figure it out, the farther you get away from Him, see.  Just  simply
believe Him.

Say, "Now, when will He come?  If He comes today, all right. If He comes
twenty years from now, it's still all right.   I'm going to go just  the
way I'm going now--following Him. Lord, if You can use me anywhere, here
I  am, Lord.   If it's a hundred years from today, if my  great,  great,
great,  great grandchildren still live to see Him coming, Lord, I  don't
know when it's going to be, but let me just walk right today, just  with
You. See.  I won't... because I will rise at that day just the same as I
took a little nap somewhere."

Coming  down  there, that glorious Palace yonder, that  Kingdom  of  God
there,  where  all  the old will be young, where  the  white  robes  are
already on, the man and women has changed in the beauty, the very art of
a handsome man and a lovely woman--standing there in all the beauty  and
stature  of a young woman and a young man standing there and  never  can
get  old,  never can be sinful, never can be anything  of  jealousy,  or
hatred or anything. Oh my!

I think the tapes is off now, and I just got about three or four minutes
and I want to talk to you. Is that all right?

Now this is just personal, see.  Because tomorrow--that's going to be so
tremendous, I think I had just better say it now, see, what I'm going to
say. My! This is just for us now. I was just... You know I've got a wife
that I love, and that's Meda.   And I would not of even have married her
because  of my love for my first wife.   And yet as much as I cared  for
her, I wouldn't have married her if it hadn't been God told me to do it.

And  you know the story of it, how she went to pray and how I  did,  and
then He told me exactly what to do, and go marry her and set the time to
do it.  She's a lovely woman, and she's praying for me tonight.   And so
now it's eight o'clock at home, she's probably praying now.

Now notice. One day she said to me; she said, "Bill," she said, "I  just
want to ask you a question about Heaven."

I said, "All right, Meda, what is it?"

She said, "You know I love you."  And I said, "Yeah." It was right after
this happened up here.

She said, "You know that Hope loved you, too."

And I said, "Yeah."

And  she said, "Now," she said, "I don't think I would be jealous,"  she
said,  "but Hope was."  And she said, "Now when we get to Heaven...  and
you said you seen her there."

I said, "She was there; I seen her. I seen her twice there. She's there,
she's waiting for me to come; so is Sharon. I seen her just the same I'm
looking at you. I seen her there." And I said,...

She said, "Well, now when we get over there," said, "which one is  going
to be your wife?"

And I said, "Both of you. There won't be any; see, yet both of you  will

She said, "I can't understand."

And  I said, "Now Honey, sit down, let me explain something to  you."  I
said,  "Now, I know you love me, and you know how I love you,  with  re-
spects and honor.  Now for instance, what if I dressed up, went downtown
and  some little prostitute--real pretty, and--come and throw  her  arms
around  me  and  say, "Oh, Brother Branham, I sure  love  you."  Started
putting her arms around me and hugging me. What would you think?"

She said, "I don't think I would like that very well."

And I said, "I want to ask you something.  Do you... Who do you love the
best, if it had to be a showdown--me or the Lord Jesus?"  (Now, this  is
family talking)

And she said, "The Lord Jesus." Said, "Yes, Bill, as much as I love you,
before I would give Him up, I'd give you up."

I said, "Thank you, Honey.  I'm glad to hear you say that now."  I said,
"Now,  what if that same little woman would come to Jesus and throw  her
arms  around Him, say, `Jesus, I love You'; what would you  think  about

She said, "I'd enjoy that."

See, it changes from phileo to agapao. See. It's a higher love. See? And
there's no such thing as husband and wife as to raise children--it's all

The  female and male sex, the glands are all... They are all  the  same.
See. There's none of it no more, see.  There's no sex glands at all--no,
not at all.  See?   You're just... Just think of yourself without a  sex

The reason they were put in us is to re-populate the earth, you see. But
there, there won't be any there.  There won't be neither male nor female
glands--it's  gone.  But the stature of the art of God  will  be  there.
That's  exactly  right.  But  we will be truly  genuine.  No  phileo  at
all--all agapao. See.

Therefore,  a  wife  would be no more than just  some  lovely  something
that's yours and she... you belong to each other.  There's no such thing
as husband... No, there's not even...

See,  the  phileo part is not even there at all.   See, there  can't  be
anything like a jealousy.  Nothing to be jealous about.   There ain't no
such  a thing there.   You never know such a thing as that, see--just  a
lovely young man and young women to live.

And then after that, she said, "I see it now, Bill."

I said, "Yes."

I  want to tell you a little thing happened.   This was a dream,  I  was
asleep.   And now I've never told this publicly before.   I told it to a
couple of people but never publicly before as I know of.

I  dreamed about a month after that that I was standing one day,  and  I
was  watching the great time that... Not the judgment now.  I don't  be-
lieve  the  church  ever comes to the... I mean the Bride  goes  to  the
judgment. But I was there when the crowns was being given out. See.

And the great big Throne set up here, and Jesus and the recording  angel
and  all was standing there.   And there was a stair-steps--like  coming
down this way of white ivory (run down in a circle and made a  panoramic
like this and went out), so that all this great host standing out  there
could see what was happening.

And I was standing back over to--way back to one side.   And I was  just
standing there, never an idea I had to walk them steps.   I was standing
there, and I would see a recording angel would call a certain name,  and
I know--recognized that name. I looked and way back out there, here come
the brother walking, or the sister, walk up here like that, the  record-
ing angel standing there by the side of Christ--just a dream now--and  I
was watching, and their names was on there.  It was found in the Book of
Life;  He'd look out over them and say, "It was well done, my  good  and
faithful servant. Now enter in."

I looked back where they was going, there was a new world and the  joys.
And  said,  "Enter into the joys of the Lord that's  been  for...  yours
since the foundation of the world." See.

And oh, I thought, "They go through there and meet one another and  just
rejoicing and going over mountains and great big places." And I thought,
"Oh,  isn't  that wonderful! Glory! Hallelujah!" (just  jumping  up  and

Then I would hear another name called, I would say, "Oh, I know him.   I
know him.  I... There he goes. There... Watch him right up...

"Enter into the joys of the Lord, my good and..."

"Oh," I said, "praise God! Praise God!"

Just  think,  just like they would say, "Orman Neville," see.  And  then
"--that's  old Brother Neville, "there he is," and here he come  out  of
the  crowd, goes up.   I hear Him say, "Enter into the joys of the  Lord
that's  been prepared for you since before the foundation of the  world.
Enter  in."  And old Brother Neville just change and just start back  in
there just screaming and hollering. Boy, I just shout and say, "Glory to
God!" Standing over here by myself, having a wonderful time, watching my
brethren go in.

And a recording angel stood and said, "William Branham."

I never thought I'd have to walk that.  So then I was scared.  I though,
"Oh my, will I have to do that?"   So I went walking down there and just
everybody patting me on the... saying, "Hi, Brother Branham." "God bless
you,  Brother  Branham," patting me as I go along through  a  great  big
crowd of people. And all of them reaching over and patting me like that.
"God bless you, brother." "God bless you, brother."

I was going, I said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you," like coming  out
of  a  meeting or something; you know, and I was going to have  to  walk
these great big ivory steps.

And  I  started walking up through there and just as I  made  the  first
step, I stopped and I thought... I looked at His face, and I thought, "I
want to get a good look at Him this way," and I stopped.  I had my hands
like this, I felt something slip in my arm here.  It was somebody else's
arm.   I looked around, and there stood Hope, those big black  eyes  and
that  dark hair hanging down her back--white robe on, looking up  at  me
like that.

I  said, "Hope!" I felt something hit this arm, looked around and  there
was Meda--that dark eyes looking up, and that black hair hanging down, a
white robe on.  And I said, "Meda!" And they looked at one another,  you
know, like that.  They... I got them in my arms and here we went walking

I woke... Oh!  I woke up and I got up and sat down in a chair and cried,
you know.  I thought, "Oh God, I hope that comes like that."  Both asso-
ciated  with me in life and bringing children and things like that,  and
here  we  are walking into the new world, oh my,  where  perfection  and
everything. No nothing...

Why, it's going to be a wonderful thing.  Don't miss it; don't miss  it!
By the grace of God, do all you can do, and then it will be up to God to
take care of the rest of it. Then:

                      "I love Him, I love Him,
                      Because He first loved me,
                      And purchased my salvation
                      On Calvary's tree."

Let's sing it again with all of our heart now.  Lift up our arms to God:

                      "I love Him, I love Him,
                      Because He first loved me,
                      And purchased my salvation
                      On Calvary's tree.

[Brother  Branham leaves the platform and goes out into the audience  to
pray for a woman in a wheel chair--Ed.]

                      I love Him, I love Him,
                      Because He first loved me,
                      And purchased my salvation
                      On Calvary's tree."

All  right now.   She wasn't expected to live through the  meeting.  And
that's  right, there she is with both hands up in the air praising  God.
That's the reason I was lingering here a long time.   I tell you what  I
was doing. I was talking about Meda and them.  And I was watching to see
what...  I kept noticing that Light circling back and forth and went and
hung over her. I thought, "That's it." Oh, isn't He wonderful.

                      "I love Him, I love Him,
                      Because He first loved me,
                      And purchased my salvation
                      On Calvary's tree."

Now,  with  our hearts: [Brother Branham hums "I  love  Him"--Ed.]  Just
think of His goodness and mercy.

Amen!  Now, you see how much better it is? Amen! Just think, He made you
well. The grace of God has appeared to you. Oh, glory to God! All right,
your pastor. seals008.htm