"THE MOUSE THAT ROARED" was put together to meet some of the requirements of the INDEPENDENCE/SOVEREIGNTY MOVEMENT. There is clear evidence that not only is the $8 Billion Deficit a HOAX, but that the whole taxation instrument, apart from controlling people, is merely something to waste taxpayers money and time. The purpose—to screw down the economy. 12,000 small and medium businesses are presently being persecuted by ATO.

There were several phone calls on the days that "The Mouse that roared" was being finalized. One was on the Bretton Woods Agreement. And the other on what the Independence/Sovereignty movement is proposing to do about the fact that the national economy is being held down by corrupt Canberra.

This morning we have started to make inquiries about DOCUMENTATION regarding the wrecking of the Bretton Woods Gold Standard Agreement. The motivation for it (the wrecking) is pretty well described in the SUBMISSION we prepared for Professor Penington's PDAC (Premier's Drug Advisory Council). On pages 20 to 25 is a good account of how the gold standard was wrecked. "Floating" currencies being a precondition for creating financial chaos in which to hide criminal operations. There should be some good references on the mechanics of the break up, in 1971, of this relatively stable monetary system. The strategy for the break up it seems, was set in motion around 1966, when technological development was threatening the control of the world by the "international financial community" aka the global mafia. The technique of gradualism is noticeable in retrospect. At the time it was all happening we were asleep.

Then there is sufficient evidence to suggest that "the international financial community" directs significant funding towards the generation of a whole series of "conspiracy theories" which will discredit those who fall into the trap of disseminating them. This is a hazard we have to deal with on a daily basis. The problem we are facing in the "movement" is of people who carry on about the Jews, the "Micks" (Catholics), the Masons, "Khazar Zionists" etc. "being behind ii all". This is another INSTRUMENT FOR PEOPLE CONTROL. Not unlike the "Political Party System". Get the People into opposing camps, make them fight over non-issues so much, that they will forget the basics, or so that when they do remember the basics they will be regarded by the electorate as a range of "crazies", from "nutty fruitloops" to "racist right/left wing extremists".


There are at least three major instruments by which the "financial oligarchy" transfers funds from economies in order to prevent them from becoming independent of international financial control.

1. Controlling the increases (new issues) of the MONEY SUPPLY,

2. Currency and Commodities Speculation,

3. Transfer pricing and transfer of profits by borrowing from subsidiaries in low tax countries.

All these instruments are in fact methods of transfer of funds. (Sir Leon Brittan was adamant at Beijing in May "no national credit finance arrangements!").

1. The expression "CREDIT CREATION" sounds very much like a term produced to cause confusion, rather than to explain anything. The mystery of "credit" coupled with that of "creation" is too much for the ordinary mind 'hooked on' the media. The idea of "national dividend" is also confusing to these people. So it seems, we'll have to stick to the plain description of MONEY SUPPLY INCREASES (of new Money) of $30 Billion per year on average, according to RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia).

Keep It Simple! Stupid! How many times has that been thrown at us? Give us a dollar for every time and we'll be able to afford the standard of office equipment we would love to become accustomed to.

Banks are allowed to set interest rates on lending this New Money out, without regard to the fact that the NEW MONEY does not belong to them, but to the nation—the people of Australia.

This New Money could be brought into circulation by providing $30 Billion of infrastructural development each year. In which case the new money would be brought into circulation as a 'credit to the nation'. But where the banks are allowed to lend the New Money out, the New Money is brought into circulation as a DEBT (Debit) to the banks. This is patent fraud, and at anything higher than 1/2% it is suicidal for the nation! A $30 Billion per year FRAUD!

2. Currency and commodity contracts are traded (aka gambled) without ever involving the actual transfer in either currency or commodities. The yields are colossal to the winners, and particularly for 'INSIDERS' like (the visible) Goldsmith and Soros, who are the 'front', drawing attention away from what goes on quietly behind closed doors, (like setting the price of gold). At least 98% of all transactions in currency and commodities are of this kind. Only 2% of transactions actually are concerned with the transfer of funds and commodities. Thus 98% or the transactions are "derivative". While a 0.1% to 0.4% transaction levy would not affect the trade in goods and services, currencies and commodities, such a levy would provide control over the kinds of speculation being perpetrated, and bring revenue of some $40 Billion per year.

Remember that we ordinary citizens pay 15% sales tax on many essentials, 150 times greater than the levy proposed on speculative transactions. It would provide ample funds to control destructive and criminal action which occurs in this 'trade', and at present is a vehicle for economic sabotage on a grand scale. At present national currencies and economies are without protection. Annually some $40 Trillion is 'turned over' on Australian financial markets. 0.1% of $40 Trillion = $40 Billion.


3. If companies exporting profits or 'borrowing' from overseas subsidiaries were efficiently scrutinized by the ATO (Australian Tax Office), it could collect $50 Billion (at 25% company tax). Figures from John Cummings show these transactions to be in the region of $200 Billion annually. Instead ATO prefers to tackle 12,000 small and medium enterprises (SME's), the employers, the job-givers! Collecting perhaps $120 million if they are lucky enough, if by then the SMEs haven't been bankrupted by the ATO's actions. The $50 Billion Mega Tax Dodging Supranational are exempt from scrutiny! The ATO is merely getting rid of the competition for the Transnational cartels!

There are trusting souls who will shake their heads in disbelief at the enormity of the sum of $120 Billion of foregone revenue, which would be so simple to collect removing the need to bother JOHN CITIZEN with the annual tax forms. But when these trusting souls are shown, as per RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) records, the $30 Billion of New Money which the Government allows to be brought into circulation as a DEBT instead of producing it as a CREDIT TO THE NATION in the form of "hard" infrastructure, water, sewerage, energy production, roads, HIGH SPEED RAIL, schools, hospitals.... they can see that indeed the Canberra Administration and the Political Parties, which support this administration, are deeply corrupt. "In for the $30 Billion Bank Fraud, and not for the $90 Billion tax exemptions?" rather than "In for the penny, in for the pound."

Some of the 'trusting Souls' will say that if we don't pay this "DANEGELD" to the "international financial community" then they'll pull the rug from under the Australian currency. This is of course nonsense.

1. Mexico, dutifully did as it was told by the IMF, but when the Mexicans refused to privatise their OIL, the peso was devalued, and Chiapas' Zapatistas were brought into operation under the control of a Sorbonne graduate, "sub-commander Marcos". Where such terrorist activities come from?

Something of this kind is no doubt being planned for Australia, should it revolt against the World Government. We also have our "indigenous people". There are some differences. Australia is heavily armed (10,000,000 privately owned firearms) and its assets are $20 Trillion, its resources potential is astronomic. Too many Western Nations have too many investments here for the Indonesians to dare to attack Australia, even if given the 'nod' and the 'prod' by the "international financial community" to proceed with an invasion. This is in essence, what happened to Saddam after being encouraged by Glasspie, and a $4Billion payment from 'Kissinger' Associates. Indonesia is forging ahead with National High Technology Development (something we should be doing); nuclear power, heavy industry, ship, vehicle, and aeroplane manufacture, are just a few on the list. The dominant Javanese elite has a good grasp as to what happened (& why) to. Saddam. It is not likely this Indonesian elite will walk into the trap of landing troops on the Australian emptiness to serve as targets in another high tech "turkey-shoot". (In spite of some arrogant quips some jokey colonel in the Indonesian army might have made. Most likely he was well aware of how this would upset the nervous "orang blanda" (white man)). The Indonesians are also well aware that North West Cape, Nurrungar, and Pine Gap high technology could blast the poor blighters out of the sky and out of the water before landing. The installations are a mystery to Australians as well as the Asians. The Indonesians and the Chinese both, have problems keeping their nations together. They are nations composed of different ethnic populations. This, and demands for "democracy", are being exploited by the internationalist so as to break up the nation states.

What the Javanese understand very well, is that 'doing it militarily' would lead to devastation of their infrastructure and productive capacity, as happened to Iraq. The gradualism of overtaking Australia economically, like China is doing presently vis a vis Japan, is far less risky. Already China is the second largest world economy. There is the clear example of Iraq, somewhat more vague but still significant are the destabilization of Nigeria, Sudan and Iran. The "New World Order" of George Bush, Maggy Thatcher/John Major, and Francois Mitterand tried to "blast Iraq back into the Stone Age!"

What we can agree upon is that we should not allow ourselves to be disarmed by the Canberra traitors, so that we become such a tempting bait that a change of regime in Indonesia, might tempt our neighbour to precipitate an event such as occurred in Kuwait. For example the type of regime the 'international playgirl' Megawati Sukarnoputra would install. A fee of $4 Billion seems to the going rate for invasions of that kind, together with 'assurances' of safe conduct for the genocidalists by the "international financial community", as appears to have been extended to the perpetrators of the Yugoslavian holocaust.

We should also consider that if in Canberra, London, and Wall Street at present there reside genocidal maniacs operating their agendas upon us, such creatures may well also exist in Jakarta and Baghdad. abortion (140,000), euthanasia?, healthcare cut deaths (10,000), media?

Bill Clinton has been put into an 'invidious position' of 'having to' attack Iraq. The Kurds by sheer "global coincidence" chose a crucial period of Clinton's campaign to threaten attacks on the oil pipeline Iraq has constructed to pump oil to Turkey. "What the heck, as long as Bill gets re-elected, so what if a few thousand Iraqis get blown apart". The "international financial community" in the "City" and its subsidiaries must be rocking with laughter. They are actually plugging up Iraqi oil production again! (No, the Indonesians do not want that!)

This stone will kill at least two birds if not three, or more. Up go the OIL & GAS prices, and stock (oh, what a 'killing' on the exchanges!). The Arabs will end up hating the Yanks, not the Brits, the Dutch, the French, the Germans. Least of all the 'City' wallahs, who are busily laundering some $600 Billion of the $800 Billion Narco-dollars, and supporting "Islamic Fundamentalist Groups" with head offices in London!

And when Clinton needs to be got rid of, it will most likely be blamed on the Arabs. Rudyard Kipling in "KIM" called it the "GREAT GAME" of geopolitics.

Please let us have your thoughts on "THE MOUSE THAT ROARED".


IOS (Investors Overseas Services) was an outfit designed to cause a monetary crisis. If you see the account of what took place the funds were not even lost, just transferred. Remember Tricontinental which brought down the Bank of Victoria? The Bank should have never been allowed to branch out into speculative activity, but "vigilance is the price of liberty!" and note, the pattern is repeated over and over and over. A Modus Operandi.

Yet there was no need for the Victorian State Bank to fold over Tricontinental. Victorians could have backed it, with political clout as well as with State Banking Finance. Here is hoping Graeme Campbell has the determination and what it takes to do it.

It is actually unfair to expect so much from one person, it really is up to us to educate each other. This is why it is so important to stick to the BASICS and to ignore the fanciful, as much as we are capable of seeing through it.

How much money can be transferred as "losses" on such volumes of "trading"? How many Narco-dollars can be laundered in the frenetic movement of funds to the tune of $40 Trillion per year in Australia?

    $40,000,000,000,000 financial turnover per year
              4,000,000 households in Australia
     Equals $10,000,000 financial turnover, per family, per year!
      If there were 400 days in a year that would make:
                $25,000 financial turnover, per family, per day
We are dealing with something very odd, aren't we? Something that ought to be looked at very carefully, it shouldn't be ignored!

The longer we ignore this 'trade' in 'virtual finance' the more certain we can be that John Cummins and Clyde Cameron are onto something extremely serious indeed. i.e. something catastrophic for Australia!

(Education=National Security. Education cuts = National Peril).

Direct all enquiries to: Perspective, PO BOX 9 DELEGATE NSW Australia 2633. PH/FX: (61)-064-580-256 wandjl02.htm

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