Native Title Over Water Resources

The High Court decided that on the basis of race certain native horn Australians should have "native Title" to Australian resources. The High Court thus discriminated against a section of Australian natives on the basis of race.

While discrimination on the basis of race is a crime against humanity, the High Court ignored the contravention of human rights on the basis that a certain class of natives had 'special' 'native rights' due to their particular 'association' with the land.

This tenuous argument has now given rise to a claim over the water of the River Murray, in the name of aborigines associated with the river.

Instead of the case being argued in the High Court in a pursuit of Justice, the representatives of the aborigines are funded by Government to make this claim, whereas the shire councils affected have been deemed to be "asset rich". The only way the approximate $1Million cost of defending the claim can be funded is by reducing services to rate payers. Justice takes off the blindfold!

It is clear that neither rate payers or aborigines are going to better off. Their administrators and the legal profession on the other hand will collect something in the order of $2Million. And Government through its actions, has underscored the division in communities along racial lines.

Since no other purpose appears to be served by this Government funded action, it is difficult to ignore that the agenda is indeed to heighten racial tensions.


Diversions such as these hide the administration's incompetence (or sabotage) in managing one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Its disdain for the productive economy (farming, industry, small and medium enterprise) is palpable. It favours destructive financial adventures under the guise of economic 'rationalism'. The administration is presently involved in the process of exchanging economically strategic, physical, public assets for paper, whilst the 'insiders' of the 'international financial community' are divesting themselves of paper in favor of as many strategic physical assets as can be exchanged for financial paper. In the mean time International Monetary Fund chief, Michel Camdessus pronounced that "the next international crisis will be BANKING".

All the while the exploitation of the condition of aborigines continues. There is nothing to stop us from being a productive, wealthy, and happy nation (and this includes all Australians), except for three decades of inept (obstructive) Government. The present one shows every inclination to continue on this ruinous course! wandjl03.htm

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