~ May 15, 1998 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~ Flounder ~ Fluke ~ And ~ Flatfish !! ~~~~

( A Cyn~Mel~Sue Adventure Story From " Capt. Willie's Fishin Daze " )

" Can you search out the deep things of God? Can you find the limits of the Almighty ? They are highter than heaven -- what can you do ? Deeper than Sheol -- what can you know ? Their measure is longer than the earth and broader than the sea." - Job 12: 7-9

Today the Capt. was thrilled to have as guest his oldest daughter, Melanie Lynn Wilson. ( now 20.75 years old) The Capt. and crew with loaded ship and boat dog Brittany headed for Sea Isle City, NJ. At 4:10 am EST. The Capt. and beloved daughter prayed a pre-fishing prayer, picked up a cup of coffee and looked forward to this special day on the water. En-route to their destination, the daughter (AKA Blondi) informed the Capt. that she had every intention of outfishing him. The Capt. smiled and admired her aggressive fishing state of mind. Blondi however, though a top notch crabber, had never gone flounder fishing. She had fished lakes and ponds with her dad, but this was her first flounder adventure.

On the way to Ludlum's Bay the Capt. began to discuss how flounder was caught. The anchor is never used, the boat is constantly on the move, drifting and/or trolling. The flatfish lay on the bottom and sides of the intra-coastal water way channel and you have to attract them. The Capt. explained how to use the special order tap dancer rigs he had. The daughter had much to learn, and the Capt. hoped she would catch a fish or 2 for supper. The daughter again promised to outfish Capt. Dad.

The crew arrived at Sea Isle City, NJ on the Atlantic Ocean and unloaded the back bay vessel. The ships engine was warmed up, but not the crew. There was no wind, all was still, and the sun had not yet arrived, it was very chilly. The Cyn Mel Sue, once under the Sea Isle Bridge, opened up to full throttle and cut through the glass smooth waters to the happy fishing grounds.

The tide was out and the water was moving very slowly in. The Capt. again reviewed the catching procedures to Blondi and helped her bait the hooks, 1 with a minnow, and the other with some fresh herring. Brittany the boat dog was ordered overboard for a swim for trying to snatch and eat some raw herring fish right from the Captains hand when he was baiting his hook, that dog is a food and bait thief! She didn't even care as she swam to a meadow, chased a few sea birds, then swam back.

Blondi dropped her line in the water and began to fish as the boat drifted. The Capt. then began to bait his line, when a call for a net man came from the guest. Blondi had boated a flounder 3 minutes into this adventure, and the Capt. still had not fished. The Capt. moved the vessel to his favorite area, fished about 20 minutes, then the crew came back to the spot Blondi caught her first flounder. Blondi brought in a nice 17" keeper, score - the Blondi-2, Capt. - 0. Blondi then caught a throwback, and the bragging started. The Capt. began a battle with his pole, this was not a flounder, the fish on line zig-zagged back and forth in a furious attempt to escape, the Capt. reeled it in calling for Blond to net this critter. " Put your pole in the pole holder and use 2 hands to net this monster " the Capt. shouted. " No Dad, I am not gonna stop fishing ! " Said Blondi as she calmly used one hand to gracefully sweep the fish from the water with the net, and continue fishing with the other hand.

" HMMMMM, your good with that net " said the Capt. as he checked out the nice weakfish he had just caught. Melanie then brought in a 16" flounder that was big and fat, and then caught a throwback, " No wonder you're out-fishing me girl, I am too busy netting your fish and handing you fresh bait ! " whined the Capt. Blondi laughed and informed the Capt. she would indeed out-fish him, whatever it took, and to please be a little quicker with the net. She then brought in a couple more throwbacks.

Now the crew began to hit a herd of flattys. Back and forth the Capt. and daughter brought in fish after fish. The limit on flounder this season is 8 keepers each, and they must be at least 15 " long. The crew even threw back a few of the 15" fish so they could keep the biggest of the fish. A great fishing moment occurred when Blondi battled hard, her feet braced against the side of the boat, and pushing back in her fighting chair she had a big one on line. Her pole was bent down and the fish was kicking, the star drag clicked in and the fish started to get tired, Blondi reeled and reeled. The fish was finally aboard. It was a very fat and heavy 20 " flatty. " The biggest fish of the day ! " shouted the blond. Just then the Capt. hit a fighter, Melanie netted it, and it was also 20 ". The fish were measured and checked again, and both monsters were the same exact size. The Capt. and daughter had just caught identical twins!

The hot fishing continued. Another great moment occurred when the Capt. informed Blondi he was snagged on something at the bottom. He had to shift the boat to the other side of the snag as he did not want to loose a rig. The boat was moved and the Capt. tried to free his line. Suddenly the snag came to life. The pole doubled up and began kicking hard. The Capt. with feet on the sides of the boat, and leaning well back in his fighting chair began to reel and reel. The line was screaming as the star drag began to click in. The fight was on, and the fish pulled the back of the boat sideways and backwards. This monster was coming in under protest! After a fierce fight, the mighty fish began to tire. Melanie netted this big fluke, and the Cyn Mel Sue had her biggest fish of the year on board. The flounder was not quite 21," but was very - very thick and fat. The Capt. had never caught a flounder that fought this hard.

Though chilly, the weather had been pleasant as the wind stayed away. The fish were coming in so fast, the crew did not notice the temp drop. Then winds began to come in off the Atlantic, the gang was cold. The official catch count stood at Blondi-13 the Capt. -12 . Keepers brought home 14. Biggest fish caught - Capt. Most fish - Blondi. Most Keepers - Blondi. Smallest fish - Blondi. Time on the water today 4.5 hrs.

The ship had fished the area and saw only a couple of boats earlier, but as other boats saw the action on the Cyn Mel Sue, they began to fish near her and ask questions about bait, etc. The crew tried hard not to hold up the fish real high when unhooking them. ( Its not easy to unhook a flounder when holding it above your head) The waves were getting high and the place was full of boats when the crew left. Sweet Melanie Lynn, the always hungry boat mutt, and proud Capt. Daddy made a great fishing team!

Once at home base the fish were fileted out and distributed to friends (several Capt. Willie readers) and family. Do you think this is just a fish story? Well, the crew has pictures of these great eating sea critters with the fishermen. If you would like to see a picture e-mail Williecrab@AOL.COM

This was a day daughter and daddy will always remember.

Capt. Willie, the Creek Explorer into the 21'rst century !!

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