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"And verily I do suppose that in the braines and the hertes of children, whiche be membres spirituall, whiles they be tender, and the little slippes of reason begynne in them to bud, ther may happe by evil custome some pestiferous dewe of vice to perse the saide membres, and infecte and corrupt the softe and tender buddes." Sir Thomas Elyot (1571)

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First published 1986 2,000 copies Re-print 1987 5,000 copies by Constitutional Heritage Protection Society P.O. Box Q381, SYDNEY 2000, AUSTRALIA.

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First I must acknowledge that looking into the situation of children in the 1980s reveals the depths of depravity of which mankind is capable. Unpleasant though such investigation may be, it is essential to our survival.

The proof of the danger of ignorance is born out by the fact that parents willingly push their children into a cesspit environment in such an innocence as to trustingly expect that, in a few years, these same children will emerge clean, healthy and unscarred.

Aiding me in this work, which I admit is mainly an assembly of the work of others (my work is to put the pieces together so as to reveal the truth more clearly) are a greater number of persons than can be either known or named. To those we can only say, "Thank you".

Among those working closely in the cause of exposing the plight of children today I would like to thank:

Jackie Butler, Queensland Co-ordinator of Women Who Want to be Women, and chairman of the Council for a Free Australia which produces the publication Wake Up (P.O. Box 169, Cleveland, 4163).

Jean Wallis, author of The Disaster Road and also involved with the publication of Probe (P.O. Box 241, Engadine, 2233).

The Concerned Parents Association of Australia, who are responsible for the production of the publication Alert (P.O. Box 1041, Geelong, 3220).

Mr. & Mrs. Sonnemann, who are responsible for the Australian Federation for Decency journal (P.O. Box 106, Canterbury, 3126).

Mrs. H.S. Joyner, editor of Stop Press, the voice of the STOP and CARE organization (P.O. Box 162, Margate, 4019).

Robert Karolis and Janet Wood for their personal involvement and assistance. Christopher Steele for editing assistance. Frank Salter for general proof reading.

This by no means exhausts the list of those ever ready to read and assist with the work in progress.


To the children of the world - that they may at last achieve freedom from the ideological despots who, with the support of their puppets, seek a continual enslavement of the mind.


I know that many readers will not want to believe this book because what it says about the conditioning of people through social environment and education, is true. We are conditioned to reject certain truths.

We are conditioned to believe in myth and fairy-tale no less than the people of past civilizations and once we believe a false principle we are cut off from the truth. Equally with other generations, in other times and places, we become angry and petulant when it is exposed that our comfortable ideas are dangerous to our survival; like children deprived of our lollies we cry and childishly object.

Be in no doubt that as author of this book I have also experienced the irritation of having to revise comfortable ideas and give up favoured ideas. One would like the comfort of believing that the conventional is the healthy reality but, like those who read this book, I have known 'deep down' that to survive, we have to live within the reality of which we are part.

So I have spent much more time investigating this reality than those who have studied a subject at university or have been apprenticed to a trade.

My faith is in truth. My life's work is offered without benefit of payment because what is at stake is beyond payment. If you have any evidence, fact, logic or reasoning, to seriously dispute what is written in this book please let me know. Through my devotion to truth I am always looking for correction.





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Recommended Reading.


Readers, this is your author speaking.

I wish, like the airline pilots who use a similar opening, that I could assure you that you would have a happy flight of reading fantasy. I wish I could assure you of your safety or that you would be soon enjoying your holiday. Unfortunately no, I cannot give you any such reassurances.

Let me tell you something of myself. I am a realist, I do not delude myself about reality. My life, many people would see as a successful adventure. Certainly there have been hard times; times when I wondered where my next meal was coming from and also occasions when I have had to do things I don't like to do - such as writing books. But then, without some problems, life might become rather boring.

A bit of the adventure: I have been hunting alone in the wilds of Australia where any accident or mistake would have left me to die in misery with little chance of ever being found until long after it mattered. I have been opal mining at Lightning Ridge where I crawled alone through old mining areas. I say mining areas; these are not normally shafts as you see in movies of mining. Some are huge caverns of excavation, others literally acres of flat excavation with no more than crawling space between the hard sandstone floor and the crumbling sandstone roof where any disturbance could result in a crushing fall or entombment.

My chosen sport was motor racing, some may think that risky; I have written "How to Avoid the LOOMING CATASTROPHE" which some may think a dangerous social challenge. In other words I am not easily upset by social or physical stress.

These items are mentioned only because I want to say to you that never in my life have I felt such apprehension, such frustration, such 'let me get the hell out of here' as I have felt since I began to take a close look into the world of children today.

This feeling of unease does not come from an awareness of personal danger in what I do, although that may exist (people have been crucified for revealing truth) but no, the apprehension comes from seeing so clearly the imminent nature of the threat to humanity.

I am not referring only to education, yet in that area alone, if parents really understood what was happening in the schools, most would stand at their doors to face whoever may come and say, "Only over my dead body will you get my children to your school".

The frustrating part comes from the fact that I know that I cannot tell more than a small part of the story here, and probably that not nearly so expertly as it needs be told. One hundred examples cannot produce the conviction of one thousand examples, but if this book is to be readable to the many who do not read very much these days, then it has to be short and to the point. Even so, and despite that, I can promise that there will be more than enough evidence to awaken those who care.

The fact is that the United Nations organization is orchestrating a world-wide sickness and I can tell you that the purpose of this operation is to warp the human view of reality in order that one power- body may gain ownership of the entire world. This book explains how the attack is directed through children.

"Who wins the youth wins the future of America" said Earl Bowder, speaking before the 9th national convention of the Communist Party in 1936. He was repeating an idea said to have originated with Joe Stalin. The future of America, as we surely must realize, means the future of the entire European Christian culture.

The enemies of our culture have been planning and working for many years (long before 1936) for the destruction of our culture and people. They have not been particularly secretive about this (it is merely not widely publicized). It is well documented that they aim to subdue us by gaining control of the education systems and institutions of our countries. They truthfully say that if they can condition the minds of the youth of a nation for just one generation, then that nation will belong to them.

As part of this conditioning they deride and ridicule feelings of patriotism and loyalty to national interest, and to parental authority. They neutralize the Christian and moral influences of family life to create an unhealthy lifestyle and to inculcate the principles of Marxist socialism in a disguise of democratic development.

If, in the cause of this endeavour, children are led to destroy body and mind with drugs; to kill themselves in motor accidents; to commit suicide - if their bodies are wrecked - if their minds become warped by fantasies and delusions so as to make them incapable of appreciating the human reality, then, that is not failure, that is success.

To more effectively use these weapons of war the United Nations authority known as UNESCO was created.

Parents and citizens should make themselves fully aware that the assault on childhood is in no way innocent. It is not part of any legitimate alternative concept of education that has evidence of scientific research or intelligent reason for support (the opposite in fact applies) nor is this assault confined to education. It is not a scientific plan for healthy human development but is part of a scientific war of subversion being waged by enemies of our people for the prize of world domination in the guise of 'One World Government'. It is (as they see it) a matter of survival of the fittest.

The prize is world ownership by an elite. The virtue of this path to this elite is that it will allow the elimination of surplus population without risk of modern warfare and thereby give safe access to undisputed ownership of the entire earth.

You may well wonder why our governments and authorities neither publicize these plans nor take any steps to prevent them being carried out.

The reason this program could be brought to its present stage of success can be no other than that influential leaders have persuaded us, and sold us out, in the gullible expectation that they will be granted partnership in the supreme elite. These are the "useful idiots" mentioned in communist literature. How this has been arranged is the subject of another book. A large area of education and media is already captured by those who would destroy the health and viability of an entire generation.

Do not for an instant be deluded that those with real power in our world do not know what they are doing. The idea that control of a nation could be gained through manipulation has been known for centuries, as also has the fact that the destruction of morality leads to the destruction of the nation.

It is an ancient wisdom that the common people should be given a religion 'convincing but imperfect'. Today this is arranged by teaching, and by media promoting, the idea of creation by chance evolution. Disproof of this, you may be surprised to hear, has nothing to do with religious theory but is secular scientific fact admitted by the top authorities.

There is no doubt at all that what is happening is happening because it is planned. There is no doubt that we are being deceived about known fact. There is no doubt that the destructive effects of immoral behaviour are known; in fact have been tested and proven in this century. Our problems are not caused by chance events. Drugs and pornography are not promoted among children only as a result of the greed of common criminals. Laws are not changed to go easy on criminals as a means of controlling crime.

Other books will be recommended that will provide background and help you confirm what is outlined here. The essentials revealed in this book should enable involved parents, and those who care enough to become involved, to appreciate the situation of the child in today's education and social environment. The more extreme examples are used so as to help make the nature of the enemy plan more easily visible but do not be misled into thinking that the more startling elements are the greatest danger.

No, extremes are too obvious! The extremes cannot be reached in one jump! The real damage is done by those who work more quietly and create less controversy; by those who lay the groundwork and warp young minds to accept the extremes that can become universal later; by pleasant young teachers in your own child's school; by exciting musicians; by popular media personalities; by trendy politicians. aonc01.htm

Alan Gourley

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