"One of the leading principles of the mystics was the sacredness and secrecy of self-knowledge and the true knowledge of the gods. This wisdom was, they thought, unfit for, perhaps even dangerous to, the ordinary human mind; or in any case liable to perversion and misuse, and loss of virtue if revealed to the vulgar and unpurified spirits. Hence they favoured the existence of an outer worship effective but imperfect for the profane."

The above quotation from Indian Philosophy by Radhakrishnan is also featured in our related work How to Avoid the LOOMING CATASTROPHE. It is repeated here because the situation it implies is one of which we should all make ourselves very conscious.

A careful study of what is happening in the education of this generation, and the social environment built up over the last fifty years or so, shows clearly that the present generation of children is being taken one giant leap backwards in partial fulfillment of a program that has been in operation for more than a century.

Over much of the last fifty years we have been subject to a well thought out conditioning process to get us to the stage where many will accept (unknowingly or uncaringly) what they are now doing to children.

It is not just a matter of encouraging the use of drugs. It is not just a matter of encouraging immoral and self-frustrating sexual attitudes. It is not just a matter of brainwashing children to despise parental and national authority. It is not just a matter of economic subversion. It is all of these and more than these; it is a war against all that is human in humanity.

We can, in fact, say very little about the religious philosophy of the power elite who are conducting this war. The religious philosophy that they indoctrinate into others is certainly not what they believe themselves. Nevertheless, by making scientific deductions we can reach certain conclusions.

They do believe that a God exists but do not believe this God is all powerful; they believe that they can live in evil and evade the natural consequences. Ancient writings tell us that these people who rebelled against God were 'watchers' or 'caretakers' whose duty was to watch over the development of earth; they did not have all knowledge.

Good is that which is supportive of life, evil is that which is destructive of life. The manipulators cannot profit from winning this war; if they succeed in destroying what is good they destroy what they need for their own survival.

The religious philosophy of 'new world' education is therefore an abortion of rationality. They cannot teach all that they know because that would give others the knowledge to resist them, so what they teach is a variety of partial truths in such a way as to satisfy the ignorant and maintain the power of the 'gods'.

It appears that in ancient times this system accumulated great power, a power first broken by what is called 'The Flood'. It was broken again with the introduction of Christianity. This power elite now intends to repossess the earth and that is why they conduct this merciless war against all that is good in our culture.

Knowing that they want the earth for their own pleasure and that the great majority of the population is a danger to them, is all we really need to know. Of more importance right now is that we understand how they go about this destruction.

Language the 'Tool Kit' of the Mind:

It could be that the degeneration of language is just as significant as physical and moral destruction.

Without the destruction of language the imposition of other forms of degeneracy would be far less effective.

There is evidence that mankind at one time had a larger and possibly more efficient brain than now. Dolphins also are known to have a brain similar in size and complexity to that of mankind. The problem for dolphins and ancient mankind is that, without a toolkit of the words required to understand concepts such as radio, flight, microwaves, etc., no invention can take place, nor can any advanced understanding of the nature of the creation be achieved. The mind without words is like a computer without a program. The ability of the brain is set free by expanding and giving substance to mental concepts which are made possible by the permanence of the written word. The written word makes possible the more complex artifact.

The ability to expand language is not a matter of intelligence alone. No matter how intelligent the dolphin, its ability to accumulate language is limited by its inability to produce writing. Writing is our most advanced form of communicating.

Modern philosophy is closely allied with word knowledge and meaningful word construction; an ability largely confined to man. By their form the dolphin and like creatures lack ability to produce complex language because they cannot produce 'hard copy' for reference. The word in the form of a sound represents a very primitive language that is restricted to the efficiency of memory.

Today in Australian schools, as in schools throughout European Christian culture, teachers scorn grammar and composition skills. This downgrading of written language has already had sufficient time to ensure that many young teachers are now generally incapable of teaching a competent level of language skills. Parents are at a loss to understand why this should be so. They think, surely if there were something seriously wrong with teaching methods, such methods would not be allowed.

We cannot begin to understand what is wrong in education and in so many other areas of social life, until we begin to understand that the welfare and existence of a massive population is no longer beneficial in a world that a pagan elite plans to have for its own exclusive use. Until we face and accept this situation we can do nothing to save ourselves.

If an establishment understands the power of language, then it is at liberty to decide at what level the people under its control will live. If the common people are restricted to the spoken language and concepts of the fifth century B.C., then they will accept the lifestyle and religion of that age.

Here again we see the pop-cult/education duo working in voodoo harmony. Remember the language in which the songs are expressed, the disrespect for words and grammar? No form of advanced technology could be accomplished without the most advanced form of communication we have - the written word.

To gain life-and-death power over the general population the elitists have to destroy the general competence in reading and writing.

We hear many complaints today from employers that the standards of reading and writing are, in many cases, too low to allow useful employment of the young school leaver.

We are aware, if only from the information collected in this small book, of the many ways in which children are encouraged to concentrate their minds and energies on primitive communication languages such as signs (TV pictures), scents and sounds. A 'squeaks and grunts' culture. The end design of those who manipulate is not the creation of a desensitized slave mass but the creation of a situation where the mass will be incapable of understanding or resisting genocide. There is no such option as 'better red than dead'.

Today the competent use of written language is being rapidly eroded. People have been forced, by seduction of lifestyle, to spend almost all free time in clubs and hotels, or watching sports or TV. Without the written word the faults of memory limit the complexity of our concepts.

Once we understand the importance of the written word we can appreciate why the impact of television and the subversion of basic education will be so devastating to this generation and its ability to design programs of self defense.

We, the parents and citizens, have been nonplused by the more obvious deprivations of children and the resulting physical and mental deformities inflicted upon them. We have been blinded to the disintegration of culture and the significance of the re-emergence of ancient religious philosophies which are promoted through sincere people.

These concepts would not and could not reappear if it were not that the degeneration of our language abilities creates a need of concepts appropriate to that reduced ability.

Cultural takeover requires a new religion (or old revived) but first the existing religion must be discredited. The loss of influence of Christian religion reflects the success of this program; most of the people who truly appreciate Christianity have turned aside from organized religion.

It is no mean project to destroy a large and successful culture. It is not something that some newly formed sect or group of fanatics could achieve. It is not something that could result from chance, or be achieved without a very considerable knowledge of human nature.

Nor is it something that could be achieved in complete secrecy; it needs a lot of willing stooges who must have some 'convincing but imperfect' religious fanaticism for motivation.

Let it be repeated: the illness of our culture is not a result of chance decay, incompetence, or of simple conspiracy; it is part of the destructive process of a war waged by a powerful and long-established elite.

The Mind Benders:

In The Child Seducers by John Steinbacher is a chapter called The Mind Benders. Here we are told of workshops set up for 'Sensitivity Training' and the results of these experiments at 'change agentry' are used to indoctrinate influential people who then set up other workshops and so expand the area of indoctrination throughout the U.S.A. and the world.

One such program begins with an organization called the National Training Labs (NTL) which was backed by the National Education Association (we see again that these programs are supported by our governments). The first workshop sponsored by this crew was to help industrial administrators and church executives. It was held in 1955.

In 1958 it accommodated educational administrators and key executives in volunteer organizations. In 1960, young social scientists. NTL programs have been operating continuously ever since. By 1970 several hundred change agents were employed in universities and training centres and people from all social strata and profession were involved. Satellite centres are spreading all over the U.S.A. and internationally.

You may not recognize that this kind of operation, which is sold to the general public as one or other form of personal development, is a modern revival of the old religious concept, "an outer worship effective but imperfect for the profane".

As we have seen, Eastern cult religions now proliferate and are the revised remains of an ancient system of self development as a purpose of life.

Please do not misunderstand; this is not saying that personal development, both in the physical and spiritual areas, is foolish. But when self development becomes an end in itself - a religion - then it closes off, rather than expands, development. If you then add to this a philosophy of 'karma' which says that suffering is a result of bad living in past lives, then this "effective but imperfect" religion locks the population into a circle of continual misery from which there is no escape and for which each individual, very conveniently, blames himself. You can see the advantage to 'authorities' in having the 'profane' blame themselves for suffering. It allows those in control to escape blame for the misery they create.

The program being used against us is a complete program based on long experience. The facade reveals no intellectual vacuum. Every blank space left by the indoctrination is carefully attended so that all obvious religious or emotional needs are met.

'Meaningful communication', the indoctrinated believe, can only be achieved between those who have suffered the hypnotic influence of the program. The normal becomes, to this exalted being, sub-normal.

This gives indoctrination by sensitivity training an effective self- protective device. By impressing on the trainee that he is no longer on the same wavelength as the outside world (true enough) and that others can't possibly understand unless they also have been in a group (not quite so true), the zombied trainee is effectively cut off from the challenges of worldly reality. He has no use for seriously discussing anything with people who are 'incapable of understanding', nor will he take any notice of anything the outer world tries to communicate.

So although it is quite true to say that those who have never been blind cannot understand exactly what blindness means to a person, it is NOT true that those not blinded are not able to see a situation more clearly than the blind.

The trainee really learns to give two meanings to the same basic language, but may find the conversion of shades of meaning difficult and become reluctant to engage in even simple levels of communication on serious subjects.

Sensitivity training is a very sophisticated form of brainwashing far removed from the crude military forms we assume to be the ultimate. The great advantage sensitivity training enjoys is that it is not forced on people and children. Whatever form sensitivity training may take, the victim accepts it eagerly as a means of self-improvement.

It may not be long before those mentally chained to their State controlled 'new enlightenment', are encouraged to search out those not likewise restricted. The 'sick' people they find will be brought in for forcible restraint if they refuse the program.

The key to the success of such programs depends on the fact that the base animal nature of mankind continually wants to be let out of its cage: a cage devised by the humane nature of the spiritual being who normally has the control option.

If the adult individual can be enticed to publicly expose his inner self (or if children can be made insecure with values clarification games, or overwhelmed by manipulated sound, etc.), then the victim is brought to a situation of low resistance which, like hypnosis, allows information to be fed unimpeded into the brain.

If, in this state, the victim is convinced that the primitive subconscious emotions and desires are the 'real' self, then the animal in us escapes restraint and is unwilling to return to the cage.

The program works because of this underlying truth. We either restrain our animal instincts or we reject our human instincts. As Jesus said, "He who is not with me is against me." On the physical, subconscious side, we have a primitive nature subject to primitive law, on the spiritual side we have intelligence to make a vast range of choices that have no visible end.

'Sensitivity Training':

As we have seen, these sensitivity devices can be incorporated into any subject. It may take longer to have effect in a school situation than in a specialist class; it may not be so complete in the local school but the road begins, and neither parent nor child will be aware that sensitivity techniques are for the purpose of entering a false philosophy into the subconscious.

From gymnastics to nature study, students may be easily enticed to participate in 'body awareness' and 'values clarification' type exercises. There have been reports in Australia, and these are supported by findings in America, that students have been encouraged to embrace and feel each other in darkened rooms and to report on the sensations experienced. These experiments may go to the extent of doing the exercise naked.

The humanists and change agents say that they are building a new social structure in which education is irrelevant; that in the new world it is 'sensitivity' and 'feeling' that need development, not intellect. Can you imagine fourteen and sixteen-year-olds not finding this an attractive inducement? Not theirs to reason why they will not need their intellect in the new social structure. Not theirs to reason if they themselves will be needed in the new social structure.

If children are told to ignore the values and advice of parents and community, and to 'turn-on' with drugs, are the educators trying to advance the welfare of the students? If not, who can possibly benefit?

Who can possibly benefit? If you doubt what this book explains, ask yourself that question over and over until you have an intelligent answer. You will be well rewarded if you can find an answer that explains the evidence better than the answer given here; or as expanded on in How to Avoid the LOOMING CATASTROPHE.

Sex education is most certainly harmful when imposed on those too immature to either need or appreciate it. It is particularly harmful when taught in a crude fashion and without moral substance. Those who push sex education are very specific that all moral input must be avoided and use the most crude material available. They believe it is immoral to be moral. They pose as being violently against religious education but teach pagan religion.

This does not mean that, right now, you are likely to find in the local school an official class on black magic and the casting of spells, but you will find the mental attitudes that lead to pupil interest in these activities, and you will find school-encouraged games such as Dungeons & Dragons which serve that purpose.

Nor are you likely, right now, to find a class dancing naked around a phallic symbol. But you will find the input of attitudes to make that a logical development; and don't forget, this deceit begins in kindergarten.

If we carefully investigate what is going on in the classroom or, if we take careful note of the world we live in and the direction of development over the last 20 years, we can see for ourselves the nature of this development and work out for ourselves the inevitable conclusion.

We may change, as the change agents have changed, but the change will not save us, it will destroy us; once under their domination we no longer have a place in 'their' world.

The Child Seducers:

The Child Seducers was first published in 1970 and we may assume that the incidents described would have occurred mainly within the previous five year period. It is generally accepted that Australia is about ten years behind the U.S.A. in most developments and it appears that the program in Australia may have been modified in order to try to avoid some of the confrontation generated in America. The wreckers have gained from their experience in the U.S.A. but we also can gain from that same experience.

If we take careful note, we may well gain much more than have our enemies.

As soon as we open The Child Seducers we begin to find interesting confirmation of our own local observations. Quotes from the author's note:

"Sex instruction is only one small part of a massive bulldozer operation to convert America's public school system into a series of behavioral science clinics ..." and:

"For a new alien strain has crept into our culture - humanism, a religion that denies the very existence of all the eternal varieties." and:

"Family life and sex instruction courses are, by and large, written and designed by humanists, a small, fanatical band of extremists ..."

While from the foreword by Mary Royer, M.S.:

"Parents are faced with the problem of trying to protect their children against vast educational experiments ... wherein carefully indoctrinated puppeteers are completely mesmerizing the youth ... these poseurs do not identify their program as hypnotism - rather their functions are completely disguised as 'developing good interpersonal relations ...'"

She goes on to name terms and concepts now becoming so familiar in Australia: terms such as 'family life sex education'; 'sensitivity training'; 'teaching immorality in disguise as social awareness'.

Such revelations seem incredible! After all, who would believe that thousands of school teachers would consider they had the right to take the children of the community and indoctrinate them into a radical concept of life which is not only in opposition to the parents, the family, the nation, and the cultural foundations of the greatest civilization known, but will also (at best) leave the community defenseless against the crippling pain and suffering that results from a completely selfish materialism?

A last quote from Mary Royer. After mentioning that "trainers have learned that it is all too easy to manipulate a child by denigrating parents" she goes on:

"An ongoing study of child-parent identification has revealed fairly serious, to severe, maladjustment in 92% of those children not making the proper identification with his or her parent(s)."

Mary Royer received her B.A. from the University of Portland. The publisher's note takes up two full pages with her achievements.

The Child Seducers contains numerous statements by qualified people as well as many case histories of what was, and still is, happening in American schools. It is interesting to compare our experiences with the battles that parents are having to save their children from the change agents in the education system of the U.S.A. Example (page 25):

"The teachers," said Anchell [Dr. Melvin Anchell] "are seducing the young and causing psycho-sexual trauma from which the young will never recover."

On page 74 it is reported that an organization of doctors published a booklet entitled, The Medical Case Against Sex Education. But the constantly interesting thing is that evidence itself has no effect on those who impose the programming treatment that turns educators into unreasoning religious fanatics - people who consider they have not only a right but an unchallengeable duty to inflict their dreams on the nation's children.

Incredible as it may seem, these people have a religious conviction that the world's ills are caused by personal integrity, individual morality and self responsibility (Yes, that is a serious statement, that is the attitude of the 'change agents'). To cure these disabilities they feel justified in using hypnotism, shock treatment, group therapies such as psycho-drama or values clarification, chemicals, or any effective means of achieving personality change that may be available.

Quotes from a dedicated humanist Bertrand Russell, writing in his book, The Impact of Science on Society:

"Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rightly confined to the governing class and the populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. ..."

".. education would aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable ... of thinking or acting otherwise than their schoolmasters would have wished. ..."

Also: "... diet, injections and injunctions ... will produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable."

There is also the suggestion that criticism will become psychologically impossible and people will believe they are happy because the government will tell them that they are. What he does not say is that once in this state there will remain no purpose for keeping them alive and also no obstacle in the way of their destruction. To the owners of a 'One World Government' the artificially deformed incompetents will have negative value.

To date very few people have thought through to a logical conclusion the meaning of this attack on our culture. If a few have, then they have certainly been given no publicity. Steinbacher himself gives no indication of going beyond exposure of what is actually happening and the immediate causes. He may appreciate that the input of primitive religion has the specific purpose of replacing existing Christian religion and that this is part of a dismantling of all understanding of the working principles of modern culture, but he, like almost everyone else, stops there.

It is important we face the question: What is the urgent purpose of this takeover?

The New Religion:

So the brave 'new world' religion is, we find, no more scientific than a hodgepodge of ancient pagan religions dressed up as 'self development' and promoting self worship, nature worship, sex worship, devil worship, voodoo, it doesn't matter just so long as it is anti-Christian.

A wide choice is offered because it has no specific end-purpose other than cultural enslavement as a prelude to mass genocide.

Were the purpose creative then the religion indoctrinated would be specific to the work planned. In this case confusion is the goal for, as reported in The Marxist Minstrels:

"We have mixed young people, music, sex, drugs, revolt and treason all together. What other combination would be as effective? ... What we need is a generation of bizarre, unbalanced, irrational people, angry, obsessed with sex, irreligious, infantile and crazy - people who burn their draft cards, who take marijuana and LSD, who are not afraid to say obscenities on television...."

Need it be repeated: those who subvert our children do not want viable people. They are not concerned to make our population part of their culture. The only value any of us can have to them is as stooges to mislead our own people; once power is completely in their hands neither the stooge nor the general population has value.

A deceitfully imposed 'World Government' is a concept that has needs different from expanding influence. One cannot ignore that the 'International Elite' have long had access to all the influence and prosperity they could enjoy; 'One World Government' is not, for them, an imperative for wealth.

On page 93 of The Child Seducers we see the beginning of an item called Parallax which consists of two columns side by side, one is headed:

1939 National Socialist (NAZI) Sex Education Experiment. The other is headed:

1969 Anaheim High School District (AUHSD) Sex Education Experiment.

It would be very difficult indeed to believe that these two programs were not copied as one from the other. There is no significant difference other than the names of people and places.

We must keep reminding ourselves that once de-education is complete the great mass of the world's people will be unable to use the skills of modern science to useful purpose; or to defend themselves; or even to understand when these skills are used against them ... is AIDS a biological weapon? The chances are that it is, but how many, even today, have even thought of that possibility?

The radicals, the change agents, the politicians, the industrialists; these people should all consider what on-going value they themselves will have if 'One World Government' is achieved.

The Battle Rages!

In our companion book, How to Avoid the LOOMING CATASTROPHE, the influence of the United Nations and its subsidiary, UNESCO, are revealed. In 1946 the U.N. Charter was ratified by the United States and Steinbacher also recognizes this connection. He says (p 145):

"Sex education and other aberrations stem from the UNESCO Declaration of the Rights of the Child, a shocking document that has received little if any publicity." and:

"The U.N. has had total control of your children and all education in this country ... but most Americans don't know it."

Parents must begin to take notice! Even though few may understand the full significance when Steinbacher says:

".. weird gods and strange rites of occultism have permeated deep into the very bloodstream of American life."

It is all part of a jig-saw that we can put together with what is happening in Australian and American schools. It is all essential information for those who would understand and oppose the takeover in our own country.

Let's make sure that takeover does not succeed without a fight!

Many valiant people have already taken up the fight for the future of their children and the inspiration of their efforts should not go unnoticed. Here are a few small references to people who have taken up the battle in the U.S.A. Knowing of their strength may help us feel less lonely.

A Citizen's Committee of California, started by Jim Townsend, ".. played major roles in some of the biggest political battles ever fought in the State of California."

Eleanor Howe was not very concerned about politics but when one of her twins came home and told of the questions being asked in sex class, she got mad and decided to do something about it if it took all year. In fact it took more than two years "of titanic struggle" before she got some satisfaction.

Jan Pippenger is described as a stunning blond who seemed to have everything. Everything included a son who was another young man subjected to his school's new sex classes. Jan stands before the Citizens Committee; quote: "She says about four words and the board president politely tells her to shut up and sit down. Pretty soon he isn't so polite. ... When they try to shut her up, that's when they make their first mistake, because she keeps right on talking in that little voice, naming names and reading things out of textbooks that would make a stevedore turn red. ... She had her facts and always came well prepared."

Mrs. Mary Kangas was another to get caught in the web of the manipulators:

"The head of curriculum .. informed the committee that the Portland sex program was entirely local in nature ... drawn up by local teachers and consultants.

"Mrs. Kangas got out a copy of the '3M Company SHES concept number six' and read it aloud.

"It exactly matched, word for word, large portions of the Portland curriculum."

And on and so on! In Australia, as in other parts of the world, the same battle is being fought. If you want your rights back mums and dads, well, you are going to have to stand up and fight. The price of liberty, as it has truly been said, is eternal vigilance.

Late Item from New York:

Le Geros, 23 years old and the son of a United Nations official, shocked a city well used to violent crime when admitting to the murder of a fashion student after a night of 'sado-masochistic sex'. The shocking part was that, after the killing, Le Geros cut open the chest, removed the heart and drank the blood.

This item was reported by the Australian media in early September '85. Just another of the many examples of the effectiveness of seditious influences. The lesson that some should learn is that the children of stooges are neither immune nor protected.

It is reported that there are 2 million missing children on police files in the U.S.A. many of whom were too young to run away. It is believed that at least some of these were used in satanic sacrifice rites.

In the battle between good and evil there is only one choice - you fight or you fail. aonc08.html

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