Chapter 11.

The vital question today is not whether there will be life after death, but whether there was life before death. Marshall McLuhan.

Secrets of Deceit

We cannot be sure that we have discovered all the important social secrets; as a matter of chance we may expect something to be missed or overlooked. Nevertheless those secrets discovered are sufficient to give us our freedom, and the chance to experience life before death if we take the trouble to understand.

The number one secret of the elite is the means whereby they are able to manipulate entire civilizations by use of confidence trickery based on The Law of Rational Response.

In this chapter we consider (among other things) why you have not reacted to learning the secret of the ages.

The Law of Rational Response, because of its implications, has been the age-old secret of the elitists. The secrets next introduced are those specifically working to control our present civilization.

First in importance is the secret of the evolution myth. You will find explained in Part 2 why evolution is a scientific hoax. The elitists had to install and perpetuate this hoax in world education to provide the base for construction of false, but convincing, ideology and religion. Evolution theory provides the foundation for the logic of the socialist/humanist philosophy (including its trendy libertine cousins). Without belief in chance evolution, leftist philosophy would not be acceptable in the academic world or to intelligent people.

Without evolution, communism could be promoted only among a 'rat-bag fringe' and the teachings of humanism would be regarded in the same light as 'flat earth' theory.

Why do the elitists need to promote communism?

To entice the 'common' people into accepting World Government.

Why do the elitists need World Government?

To establish unchallengeable ownership of planet Earth.


It is important to understand that the secret of evolution, along with other social secrets, could not be kept by teaching alone. It needs also to be protected by a ban or censorship of certain truths.

The form of censorship used is not the same crude form that people know and hear about; crude censorship is little more than a mask for the real thing. Information does not have to be totally banned to be effectively censored; in many cases total banning will only draw attention to what is crudely hidden. A much more effective censorship can be imposed if based on knowledge of the threshold of awareness. In this event things are not totally hidden but simply 'played down', ignored, ridiculed, or damned with faint praise.

Having experienced this ban, and observed the experience of others, I know that it exists and is effective. Top people in communications know which subjects are banned. They may not know why, but accept a plausible explanation.

It works like this: any person lucky enough to uncover banned information needs publicity to announce that discovery. It is not too difficult for someone in communications to downgrade, or totally ignore, a story.

Ordinary news stories may be treated according to their popular appeal while subjects marked for promotion gain far more exposure than they, in justice, warrant. On the other hand subjects marked for demotion get scornful treatment.

Understanding Threshold of Awareness makes censorship in the wider social arena easy. When media holds a matter of importance below the threshold of awareness this results in the general disinterest that alert or involved people refer to as 'public apathy'.

Example: In 1975, at the Australian National University, two researchers, F.E. & M. Emery, made the claim that TV viewing turned people into zombies. They based this claim on experiments in which brainwave measuring equipment was used to measure the activity of the various areas of the brain before, during and after, watching television. They reported that the part of the brain which makes critical assessment and sorting, 'shuts down' during viewing and may not re-activate for some hours after viewing finishes.

The professors were interviewed on a popular morning A.B.C radio show; you may remember it.

Now that report, especially if taken in conjunction with other reports of the harm being done children by TV, should have resulted in headlines and wide discussionóbut didn't. In a rationally free society it should have been enough to spark concerned government actionóbut wasn't. It should have been enough to fill the rubbish dumps with TVs or at least have caused concerned parents to take SOME actionóbut no murmur of concern was heard. Why?

Because the truth about TV is one of the banned subjects, the story was played down. After the initial revelation nothing was heard. Compare this with the heart transplant, or more appropriately, environmental promotion. Television does more harm to more people than all the dams ever built or likely to be built.

To rise above the public 'threshold of awareness' information is headlined and played UP with discussion and drama.

To reduce public awareness people are enticed to concentrate on unimportant matters by massive promotion of trivia (sport, entertainment, etc.) and probably also by the introduction of mild, mind dulling medication, into the water supply in the guise of some other purpose; ie: fluoridation for fighting tooth decay.

That is also why The Plug in Drug, by Marie Winn, (Bantam); Media Sexploitation by W. B. Key, (Signet); The People Shapers by Vance Packard, (Futura), and numerous other revealing books CAN be published. If publication (especially by academics or well known people) was prevented, it could lead to exposive questioning. But publishing, without effective publicity, leaves us without an appreciation of the importance of a matter, while also leaving us without complaint that something is being hidden.

Few read an unpublicized story. If those who do read it feel some concern then they are faced with a massive non-reaction by their community. So what can they do except conclude that the story must be over dramatized or that they are reacting foolishly. Through education to peer-group conformity we lack the self assurance to act on our own judgment.

We Listen and Listen but Never Learn.

So now you know why the most dangerous secret ever kept by one group of people from another can be TOLD without being REVEALED. We have been drugged and programmed by media and education to trust our peer group; we rely on massive community acceptance as a substitute for use of, and confidence in, our own intelligence.

Can the hidden secrets be revealed? Can people be alerted when the means of lifting information above the threshold of awareness is controlled? We can make it happen if we, as individuals, try.

So far in this chapter, four of the secrets that keep us enslaved have been mentioned.

1. The 'age old' secret of people control: Rational Response.

2. The 'present age' secret of the philosophic base: Chance Evolution Myth.

3. The 'modern secret of mind dulling and conditioning: Television.

4. The 'ageless' secret of censorship: The Threshold of Awareness.

The Secret of Economic Order.

This is another important 'present age' secret. The economic order of the world is artificially contrived to help with the enslavement of people. This secret hides the fact that money lent is not representative of real wealth. Any country can create its own credit for its own legitimate needs.

The unmentioned part the money hoax plays in the enslavement of man is the use of 'loans' as a way of levying a secret tax on every person, in every country that obtains credit from the international bankers.

The billions unnecessarily borrowed generate huge interest repayments, in fact a tax paid out of the national income. As mentioned we now pay about 50% of export income in interest. These colossal sums, collected each year with the aid and connivance of governments, help maintain the power of manipulation.

It takes money to foment wars, revolutions, and terrorism. It takes money to support Universities and tempt them into following the chosen line (Tax-free foundations were established in the U.S.A. to allow the huge funding of universities and establish the theory of chance evolution as the dominate theory of creation in world education. Even Peace marchers and Greenies need money and may find it difficult to fund their operations without help.

In a free economy we could now be enjoying a better standard of living while having a work obligation of no more than ten years per lifetime.

A person who had great influence in alerting the public to the money hoax was C.H. Douglas, who promoted a Christian concept of Social Credit. Despite censorship he gained a wide (though not decisive) following.

Unnecessary encouragement of imports and exports is also used by the advocates of socialist One World Government to force nations into excessive borrowing, mutual dependence and wasteful expense.

The third of the 'present age' secrets is that socialism is not a viable human social concept, but belongs in fact, and is only legitimate in, the world of insects.

'Modern Day' Secrets Include:

* The unmentionable truth about nuclear energy: Not the villain made out.

* The unmentionable truth about multi-culturalism: To create division.

* The unmentionable truth about the peace movement: National disarmament to allow population disposal without war.

* The unmentionable truth about social engineering in education: To break down Christian social structure.

* The unmentionable truth about sex, drugs, and death education: Basic training for Satanic orgies and rituals.

* The unmentionable truth about the United Nations Organization: A surreptitious influence leading national governments to betray their people into dictatorial World Government.

* The unmentionable truth about communism: A device of enslavement created and supported by capitalism.

The Way Back.

Mind multiplies mind and enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm. If a few caring people have not succumbed to the mind dulling effects of social engineering then we can gain a spreading influence.

The elite do not, as some may think, support right wing or left wing exclusively. Once you understand that the philosophy they promote is contrived and based on myth of their own making, then you will know that they use fanatics and causes to gain their own ends. A few lead, the majority follow.

Through their philosophy of deceit the need to work in shadows and darkness, to destroy them we must expose them to the light of reason.

The way back to reality is to destroy our [present] perception of it, to do violence to our conventional habits of thinking, and, by an act of imagination and heart, reverse the ordinary workings of the intellect. Henry Bergson. avoid11.htm

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