Chapter 12.

Know Thysself

I get the impression that 'The Seven Deadly Sins' are a subject not discussed very much in schools nowadays, nevertheless, these human weaknesses are just as much part of human failure today as ever was. Take a look at them: Pride; Wrath; Envy; Lust; Gluttony; Avarice; Sloth.

The promotion of lust in our education and media has to take the main responsibility for the outstanding success of the AIDS plague which, because our authorities have failed to admit this and take appropriate action, now has the potential (according to experts) to destroy the human race. On the other hand the promotion of avarice, envy and sloth is largely responsible for industrial strife and poverty.

However it is pride (or ego as it is best translated that will occupy our attention here.

It is often said of some individual or other that he is his own worst enemy. Let us generalize that: we are our own worst enemies. To earn our right to survive we, individually, need take a good hard look at ourselves.

One urgent problem is communication. Given perfect communication there would be quick revolution. But knowing communication is a problem does not get us very far. We all communicate. What is the problem with communication?

The Self That is 'God'.

The problem is self-worship. Every intelligent person has a 'god' which he creates in his own mind.

Every person, whether he be pagan humanist, pretend Christian or just everyday ignorant, has a 'god'. The humanist 'god' of blind chance is just as much a 'god' to the humanist as is the 'Intelligent Being' of the theist. Each has his 'ego idol' that he worships through his behaviour (the honest form of worship) and to which he, unthinkingly (even unknowingly), devotes his life.

People will deny that they are slaves to their beliefs, but just ask them to do something which goes against those consciously or unconsciously accepted beliefs ...!

We are slaves to implanted beliefs because we are too proud—egotistical—to admit we may be wrong. We suffer the seven deadly sins. Each person's behaviour is, in large part, a reflection of his ego idol.

People are very defensive of their ego; but proving that it is our ego we defend is the fact that we defend with blind faith. Impatient of challenge or change, we see any questioning of our innermost belief as a challenge (or insult) to our loyalty to our ego idol.

Normally what we worship is not truth but our DESIRE of what the truth should be, which is, in fact, our desire for our own infallibility rather than any desire to know what is factually true—a deadly difference.

Belief in the true God insists on no defence of a fixed image: NO IDOL.

We are ignorant, and learning demands a constant sacrifice of existing beliefs—meaning a constant sacrifice of ego self. When we are defensive of our ego we are afraid of information or knowledge that is a threat to our beliefs—our perfection. So we defend our desired perfection and in so doing reject that communication which would lead us to discover truth.

Were we to accept the laws of creation and know ourselves imperfect, then we could see that the better we understand life and the creation the more we control our life and the more REAL our life becomes. We should look eagerly for communication that will improve our relationship with truth.

To live in truth we must be happy to be reborn constantly. In seeking reality we need learn to see honestly the impurity of our beliefs and cleans them to develop our life.

If there is suppression then there is slavery. If we seek truth we have no need to suppress lies or become paranoid about defending our fixations.

We have been brainwashed over the years to believe that socialism is inevitable, but that is a lie. Truth is the only reality and in the end only the truth can survive; that is the inevitable.

Humanist infiltration of education and media allows promotion of their teaching that man is 'god'. This teaching is eagerly accepted by the adolescent and the ignorant because it gives brute nature a primitive freedom, the ego-idol becomes a fixation between man and truth—reason and evidence no longer communicate. We cannot communicate or unite on human issues because we no longer have human fundamentals.

Is there any way of overcoming this problem?

Today we get our most harmful fixations from our education.

Any organization which gains effective control of formal education can gain control of the child, the family, the nation, and therefore the entire civilization. Any such controlling organization can cause healthy, intelligent people to fight each other to the death in the stinking mud of Flanders or to build pyramids in Egypt. It can cause civilizations to advance or decline. It can cause brother to kill brother in the streets of your city.

While this situation lasts we are like fish in the ocean, we can have no concept of a reality that is outside our experience so how can we ever discover we are mentally enslaved?

When Jesus told his listeners He would free them, they said, "But we are not slaves". 2000 years later we still fail to appreciate that we are slaves because we do not learn of enslavement by control of belief.

We cannot understand our situation by looking at experience, we can only enter the secret garden through the passageway of logic. Logic is the key to situations outside our experience. That is why practical logic is made almost irrelevant in modern education but the first section of this book relies heavily on reason and logic rather than what we are told is evidence. We have to understand the rational reason for things before 'evidence' can be accessed for what it may be worth.

As Orwell's books demonstrate, mere description of fact is not now enough to convey intelligence to people mentally conditioned to peer-group loyalty. But if we can become aware of mental enslavement we can be free.

A possible way to do this is to know that, on the day of final judgment of the worth of our lives (whether in our own judgment or the judgment of final reward), we will gain no benefit, no credit at all, for faith and sincere service to beliefs that are not true.

Can we but see that dedication and faithful worship of our ego idol places our ego as a barrier between ourselves and reality—a barrier that comes between each individual and his own true self—then we may become free.

If a person can understand that all effort not based on what is true to life has no reality, then perhaps intelligent people will see the worth of living in truth.

Willing sacrifice of egocentric beliefs is an essential preliminary to recognizing and accepting, what is true to life. It is a necessary act of deference to God/Truth. A significant failure of the Christian religious denominations has been the failure to explain the gospel importance of sacrifice and the fact that sacrifice means sacrifice of our ego-defended fixations—our idols. One cannot follow the Christian path without this sacrifice.

Can we change?

There is no question of the fact that people can change. Will they? That is another matter. The rational mind may appreciate that if the belief is false, then all achieved on the basis of that belief is failure. The rational mind may accept that the life lived in false belief is wasted, but for pride to take that same step is a daunting challenge.

Much of our trouble begins with the fact that ego self-worship aborts communication and leads to worship of religion rather than God. And the great danger of this is that we worship our religion in trust that it is, and will remain, true to God. But our religion is controlled by people and if those people deviate or come under the influence of the anti-Christ then our worship goes wherever it is led.

Like putting in a tax return, you can give it to an accountant but if he submits the wrong figures it is you, not your accountant, who will suffer. On the day of final judgment of the worth of your life, what benefit will be gained from blaming authorities? Surely, if they are to take the blame for what we do wrong, then they will be entitled to the credit for what we do right?

We need accept that our one hope of achieving our true potential is to live in accord with what is true of life. When we, in our hearts, accept that, then we will be willing (and able) to make our lives our own.

The Ultimate Truth is a unity, people who realize that their only salvation is in truth tend naturally toward unity. But our humanist educators teach that each person is a 'god' and that there is no truth outside of oneself. The result, as is plain to see, is that each person is becoming a unit of conflict among conflicting units. Clearly a paradise without pleasure!

The Reality.

We are sitting ducks fattening ourselves on artificial food for the pleasure of those who feed us. We may close our eyes to reality but the chopper will arrive soon enough if we cannot awaken to what is going on.

If a person jumps from a high building and is killed people do not say that this is a punishment by God because the person committed the sin of jumping from a high building, but if a homosexual gets a disease from his abuse of nature people often say this is a punishment of God. However natural law is God's law and both situations are a matter of cause and effect.

Civilizations arise and pass away and, in the great majority of cases, one can be sure that the reason for their demise was that people did not see that transgression of natural laws would bring disaster. God does not have to punish for transgression of law.

We ignore the justice of natural punishment, we claim it often fails to distinguish between the culture and the individual, but this is rightly so, both are responsible and both must pay—is that not justice?

Life cannot exist without law. We hurt ourselves by transgression. If people understood the human situation they would not let human disasters happen. If we allow ourselves to be destroyed en-masse, it is by our own careless ignorance and blind faith in leaders who serve only their own ego.

Our enemies are not without our weakness. They learned a little about life and use it to take advantage. The beliefs they impose on us are lies. They can never face logical investigation. If challenged they can never prove the justice of their position—their position cannot be truthfully defended. They attack us with lies and they can only defend lies with more lies. That is why they teach our children that there is no truth and why a dozen different 'experts' will have a dozen different opinions.

If we allow ourselves to be misled and destroyed by lies who is to blame?

It is up to Those Who Gain Understanding to Try to Pass It On.

If knowledge of subversion cannot be spread our humanity will die. Too many people hold stubbornly to the belief that disaster cannot happen here. On the other hand some hold the stubborn belief that the future is ordained and resistance defies God.

But Jesus says that those who do not work for good work for evil and must suffer the fate of those they truly serve.

* * *

In Part 2, We have two other witnesses and we will look at some of the evidence in its more documented form. Nevertheless, damning and all as evidence presented here may be, it can only represent a very small part of the total. To present a reasonably complete review would require work a hundred times greater. Fortunately this small window should reveal enough. avoid12.htm

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