Part 2.


"What has destroyed liberty and the rights of man in every government which has ever existed under the sun? The generalizing and concentrating all cares and powers into one body." Thomas Jefferson (1816).


Evidence galore there certainly is and, if the evidence of events is not yet enough, then let us look more closely. The main item of contention is:

Treason and Enslavement

These matters are basic to the complaints being investigated.

Treason: The simple definition of treason is betrayal of one's own country to an alien authority.

Chambers's Dictionary:

"betraying of the government or an attempt to overthrow it: treachery: disloyalty."

There seems to be clear evidence of conspiracy on the part of the main Australian political parties to overthrow constitutional government and place our nation under the control of an alien power, namely international socialism as administered through the United Nations organization.

Note this short quote from Article 2, paragraph (f), of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Australia is a party to this convention, and our Sex Discrimination laws are a result. By this arrangement we agree to:

"take all appropriate measures, including legislation, to modify or abolish existing laws, regulations, customs and practices which constitute discrimination against women."

As we have seen, almost any crazy concept can be claimed as discrimination. That agreement is only one of hundreds which overrule our laws, customs and practices, to make our nation subservient to alien philosophy. These agreements must be recognized as being the reason for the Australia Act which has the effect of cutting us off from our constitutional roots. By such agreements our constitutional government has already been largely overthrown without either public consent or understanding. Not only that, but common law (whereby a person is innocent until proven guilty) is generally by-passed by laws brought in to support these changes.

As mentioned, under Australia's Constitution, Parliament is NOT the government. M.P's are elected to represent, not to direct, the people.

Common law and democracy are both superseded by agreements that make Australians subservient to alien authority, this especially so when the changes demanded can be classified under the U.N's own definition of genocide.

If it is not treasonable for political parties to conspire to commit acts clearly in excess of legal duties and, as a result, to place our national laws and customs under alien control (while at the same time keeping secret from the understanding of the general public the full implications of what they are doing) then we no longer have a democratic system.

It's A Sham Democracy.

We now live in a sham democracy! Already laws have been put in place that take away our freedom even though these laws are not yet fully enforcedówe have to get used to the bars before the doors are closed.

We have little time to act. Please note the following:

1. We have lost control of government. There are no exact dates for creeping subversion but when the political parties between themselves agreed to a 'multicultural' policy (they admit agreeing to a common policy on this and other controversial issues without seeking public approval), when they did this (irrespective of possible good intent) they also ended any semblance of democracy in Australia. Once political parties dictate to the public then, from that time on, we do not have government by the people for the people. Our political parties have continued this constitutionally illegal course by conspiring to discourage discussion and criticism of this or other acts that make Australia subservient to socialist world government.

2. We have lost control of our constitution. We are never told our constitutional rights and responsibilities. In a democracy these rights and responsibilities should be explained as part of primary schooling. How many people today know we have freedoms protected by the Magna Carta or what benefits they offer?

How many people know that we elect parliamentary representatives to do only one thing, to freely advise the Queen (or her representative, the Governor General) of our will in the governing of the country?

How many know that the political party in power has no legal right to make law based on party policy unless that is also the expressed will of the people. Party policy (as elected) can never be the expressed will of the people because pre-election policy is always a 'package deal'.

Genuine democracy gives the people of the community the right to decide individual items of policy. Constitutionally we cannot elect a party to govern us, we have to elect an individual representative who, by law, must obey his electors. Many Ministers of recent years would have to be dismissed from Parliament if our legal constitution was observed. They admit of trying to frustrate the WILL of the people so as to impose on us, THEIR will.

One of the latest attacks against our Constitution was instituted for the 1984 Federal Elections. The ballot paper for the Senate offered the alternative of voting for a political party rather than an individual candidate. However the Constitution states; Chapter 1, Paragraph 7:

"The Senate shall be composed of Senators for each State, directly chosen by the people of the State .."

If people can be enticed to accept that it is sufficient to vote for a party rather than 'directly choose' their Senator, then the parties will adopt this also for the House of Representatives. As elections will then be to elect parties it would seem illogical to have the names of individuals on the ballot paper. Why should an elected party not choose its representatives will?

Having gone that far, then the Parliament itself would seem an anachronism or outdated institution. Surely the part in power can deliver its decisions direct from the party headquarters. Once individuals are eliminated from the process of political representation, and the possibility (however slight) that they may vote against the party is removed, parliamentary debate becomes irrelevant.

So we see that the change from "directly chosen" to "party chosen" is no insignificant step, but did any politician give any elector an inkling of this? Have no doubt that our constitutional rights, responsibilities and protections are being surreptitiously hidden and removed.

We (under the Constitution) have a duty to keep our M.P. informed as to OUR WILL on matters that concern us.

How can we go about making our will known?

One way is by personal letter. Here is an example of a suitable form of text; of course you add formalities, address and date:

Dear Sir,

I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on matters coming before Parliament, or that should come before Parliament.

IT IS MY WILL that you take immediate action to rescind all legislation making our laws subservient to the United Nations organization.

Yours faithfully,(Sign. Print your name below.)

You may observe that (constitutionally) you have no need to explain your case or argue with your political representative. His only function is to carry out the WILL of the electorate. If the above is the majority of opinion expressed to your member, then his duty is to try to implement it.

Do you realize our governments have, almost certainly, been conducting themselves ILLEGALLY for years and could probably be charged with various offenses if legality could be enforced? That, no doubt, add urgency to the actions of foolish politicians to change the constitution and make Australia a socialist republic.

(NOTE: The above constitutional observations are based on Arthur Chresby's writings and speeches on the Australian Constitution. Arthur Chresby is known as a Research Analyst in Constitutional Law and was for a time Member for Griffith in the House of Representatives. On this subject he is held in high regard as a leading analyst. His widely known observations have not been challenged.)

3. We have lost control of education. Social engineering is now installed from kindergarten through to university.

4. We have lost control of free speech. Meaning the news media.

It is NOT an Ideological War.

Few people realize that if Christian nations become part of a socialist 'world empire' it will then be possible for any nation to be 'put down' without raising, among the remainder, suspicion that this genocide was deliberate.

It is now practicable for any person to be killed without evidence of murder. This danger is the price of ignorance, sloth and trust. People who think they can escape by accepting a commission from the enemy, by surrender or by running away, are like sailors who climb the mast to escape the sinking ship. There is only one way to safety and that is to save the ship.

Because we are too lazy to think for ourselves we like to believe what the manipulators tell us; we believe we are caught up in a war of ideologies and have a choice between communism and capitalism. This is a nonsense! If it were true, then why would our governments be signing secretive deals with a socialist One World Government agency (the United Nations)? Why would the capitalist bankers be lending far more than is prudent to bad risk socialist and Third World nations? What reason can there be for stronger nations to strengthen their sworn enemies?

The restructuring of world culture is about population control. Ideology is only a tool to manipulate.

What can we do? To do nothing is suicide. We should realize that whoever is behind the manipulation, their power is entirely in their ability to manipulate. If people have the WILL to resist and the WILL to learn, then the elitists become no more than a small sect and their money no more than paper with numbers written on it.

Do not imagine it is necessary to produce the elitists in order to prove treason and enslavement. Treason amounts to the betrayal of national powers to an alien authority. The United Nations organization is, in terms of our sovereign democratic constitution, an alien authority, and the betrayal of national sovereignty is treason.

Treason and enslavement remain treason and enslavement just as murder remains murder. We do not have to produce the criminal. avoid13.htm

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