Chapter 1.


If your nurse gives you a fatal injection by mistake, the best of intentions in the world does not help. About the only difference honest intent makes is that the nurse may be terribly upset.

The United Nations organization shows itself clearly as the Field H.Q. for the socialist One World Government movement that is working to undermine and take over the Christian-based democratic nations. Therefore anyone or any organization giving support to the U.N. or its activities, is aiding the 'con job' on the people of Australia and the 'free' world. They aid promotion of a confidence trick aimed to delude people that the U.N. is acting in the interests of the world's people.

It is irrelevant that these supporters of the U.N. may be dedicated patriots in other ways, they nevertheless aid the injection of poison into the heart of our culture. It matters not that they may have the best of intentions or that they may do marvelous work in relation to some social issue. No good work for the patient outweighs the finality of aiding the patient's death.

Our Confusion Helps the Enemy.

It seems difficult today to know who is friend and who is enemy. So few people know anything of the enemy, how he operates or what his objectives are, that many, with the best of intent, aid their own destruction.

Example: a group that shall be nameless had good connections and adopted, in many ways, a strong freedom-fighting image. In their publication, they omplained "Human Rights Commission Attacks Human Rights" and protested against an attack on our common law system.

Very patriotic, but their constitution, under "AIMS" Part (b), states:

".. widen knowledge understanding of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and draw public attention to breaches of them."

NOTE: "and draw public attention to breaches of them."

This book (among others) has exposed that it is the United Nations organization, through its agencies, that directs the attack on our constitution and common law system. You have seen these covenants and declarations, when signed and ratified by democratic governments, lead to the establishment of laws, and these laws tend to bypass common law and set up law by inquisition. Yet the Freedom Coalition, in its constitution, supports the very United Nations interference which they themselves complain about!

What future can there be for common law and democracy if those claiming to protect it at the same time promote Human Rights and other U.N. inspired legislation designed to replace common law? If we want to protect what they rightly called "the greatest legal system ever devised", then we must expose the United Nations as the representative of the ONLY power in the world attacking our system.

The Australian Constitution, if allowed to operate, supports free enterprise and the common law which is the best guarantee of civil justice yet devised; a proven system far superior to the socialist form of human rights to which we are being forced into subservience by our political parties.

A symbol adopted by Fabian Socialism (an upper level socialist clique) is of a wolf in sheep's clothing, that truly reveals the attitude and methods of socialism, a philosophy which sees deception as basic to its own nature. It has not the courage to openly debate its intellectual position but prefers deliberate disguise and trickery. Beware!

The Enemy Neutralize Our Laws and Our Activists.

As our political parties do not obey our constitution we may wonder why they are so eager to set up an alternative system which—even in its best intent—could not defend the rights and privileges we now enjoy. If they are going to continue making the law suit themselves why do they need alter the constitution?

Could the need be that what they have in mind is so outrageous as to make them feel unsafe unless they have clear new laws to back them up? We have seen some of the laws introduced and proposed, we have also seen how they are used to destroy democracy. The above interpretation of motives is fully justified.

To be realistic we have also to assume that many of our right wing organizations are infiltrated (even set up) by double agents. We tend too easily to assume that if a group is active an and forceful in defence of an issue it is honestly so. But there is hardly need for me to give you a list of our institutions (from political parties to religions) that have been subverted, or the groups (peace and environment) which reveal themselves as tools of socialism. So it is unrealistic to imagine that our clever and careful enemy has not bothered about one of his potentially dangerous problems—his activist opposition.

The way to neutralize activist opposition is to present it with leadership that is brilliantly active on the emotional level but is (shall we say) 'a little careless' on fundamentals. The rank and file are kept busy and happily believe they are doing a good job, but are gradually led into mistaken identity and confusion about objectives.

The followers of these 'moles' are never given a grounding in fundamentals or told the true issues at stake. As they never learn what is going on they can be deceived to help, rather than hinder, the social manipulation.

It makes us feel good if we win a fight over an issue, but while we are busy battling with issues the enemy continues to brainwash the children, to mentally condition the public and to disarm the nation. They can keep creating issues for as long as they need keep us distracted.

This is not to say that we can, or should, ignore issues. In fact we can use issues to give us permanent advantages irrespective of whether we win or lose on the day. All we have to do, whenever a group comes together and upset about an issue, is to give those people a written, rational explanation of what is behind all these issues now cropping up. Our people then have information they can use, not just in the present but for all time, to aid in exposing manipulation.

We must also keep alert to the fact that organizations, whose leaders are not prepared to give their followers information that will expose the manipulators, act to protect the manipulators.

It is not too difficult to sort the sheep from the wolves. If you ask a sheep to warn its friends about a wolf ambush it will quickly run to do so (sheep scare easily). But if the 'sheep' you speak to is really a 'wolf' in sheep's clothes, then it will ridicule the idea of ambush and try to discredit you.

Only by logic do we discover that subversion extends into patriotic movements as a simple and most effective tactic by the manipulators to neutralize opposition.

Not a Time for Pussy Footing.

Time is short; we can no longer afford to pussy-foot about. We have to KNOW who our friends are, and are entitled to put the question firmly on notice:

"Are you going to support a return to free democracy or defend the U.N. takeover for socialist 'One World' dictatorship?"

Those for free democracy will show it by working to expose the role of the U.N. It is no longer good enough to take up an issue and ignore the cause.

If our conservative/right-wing organizations are unable to distinguish the sheep from the wolves in sheep's clothing .. then it is urgent something be done about it. If we are to defend our freedom we can no longer tolerate the 'moles' who neutralize the power of concerned and Christian people. We are entitled to ask any organization to which we belong, or may think of joining, these questions:

Q1. Do you support a return to constitutional government as represented by the Australian Constitution and the free enterprise and common law system that this constitution defends? Or, on the other hand, do you support the party-political moves to make Australia subservient to the communist controlled United Nations organization; law by administration; and freedom as defined by a socialist bureaucracy?

Q2. Are you prepared to distance yourself from organizations of confused loyalty and take steps to give your members a greater understanding of fundamentals?

What We Can Do.

An informed public is the only real defence against subversion.

Once we understand enemy objectives then, and only then, can we work against them.

Our urgent work is: Spread the Message!

Start an action group! 1, 2, or 3 people! Start!

Whenever people congregate to talk seriously about something there is a chance to challenge them to look behind the party-political talk. There is a chance to explain that if we become part of the U.N. socialist One World Government we will not long retain our freedom to enjoy sports and beer.

Whenever you meet anyone complaining about some aspect of government say:

"What good is complaining? Why don't we do something about it?"

"What can I do?" Answer: Join an organization that has proven expertise ie., The Constitutional Heritage Protection Society.

The written message is the best way to introduce this subject to people who read, but a good tape may be better for others. Person-to-person talk is poor because the uninvolved need a lot of information before they can make intelligent comment. Mostly people will not listen long enough to understand what you are talking about.

Above all we must not allow ourselves to be restricted to merely passing information between friends - useful work must involve the wider community.

Many sensible people are at a loss and frustrated by lack of information; they have never been given any chance to know a logical explanation for what is happening.

To succeed we must deliver the information to the more intelligent of that 90% of our people who do not even suspect it exists. Do not forget media people, politicians, church people and educators.

If wanting to offer material to an acquaintance or stranger without mentioning your name at least include a note of recommendation and some excuse for anonymity such as that you do not wish to impose any feeling of prejudgment or personal obligation.

Do not offer a great bundle of assorted material first off; much better to offer one book which relates to the subject of the other person's concern.

Enemy behaviour makes clear that he knows very well just how much his power depends on maintaining secrecy and avoiding public debate! It should, by now, be painfully obvious to all activists that our only chance to expose the enemy is to force that public debate our enemy fears. In a later chapter you will see that you have in your hands a powerful weapon—use it! avoid24.htm

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