Chapter 2.


To expose the sabotage of our society we have to become much more professional and disciplined in our efforts. Rabble action is not good enough.

We cannot expect to get intelligent response, or action, from the general public if the general public does not understand the problem.

If we want people to face the foe then we have to explain the situation.

At present we have a multitude of organizations flopping about like headless chooks. Most have no idea WHO is using the axe—HOW or WHY. We must make every effort to provide information packages that are clear and credible.

The message we have to get out is the message of WHY we are being betrayed, HOW betrayal is possible, WHO will benefit, and what will happen to us if a socialist World Government is established.

I doubt if any concept of conspiracy becomes meaningful to people until they begin to see WHO can benefit and HOW. We can only get this message to the public by our own efforts to contact people. Unless we service the general population we will achieve nothing.

As with most things the road to success is work and persistence. We have to try to contact, or send literature to, people we know to be responsible. No need to know people personally to send them a free book with a note of recommendation. It's a matter of working, person to person, to spread the word.

It cannot be too strongly emphasized that we can no longer be sure of any meaningful freedom of speech for any fixed time in the future. Every 'right' they give brings with it pressure to restrain critical comment—you are called 'racist' it you criticize race legislation; sexist if you criticize sex legislation. If the proposed Human Rights Commission Bill becomes law so many 'rights' will become legally protected that it may become impossible to critically comment on policy directed to suppression of human rights; you may be charged with anti-social behaviour if you do.

However, as we have seen, law is not now the main restraining influence holding back socialist style repression, it is the speed at which the population can be conditioned to accept enforcement of repressive laws. Unfortunately conditioning remains unrecognized and is unopposed in our community.

Fools and Their Morals are Soon Parted.

People motivated by greed or arrogance are used by those who subvert our society. Many are bought with pretended admittance to the elite circle and promise of power but will not be wanted in the 'new order' when their usefulness in betrayal ends. They will find, when that time comes, that the 'inner' circle they think themselves in, is really an outer circle—the serpent sheds its skin. Neither the U.N. delegate nor the common parliamentarian know much about the role they play.

Fools and troublemakers are an irritation to any culture and only our Christian democracies encourage these people in their social destruction. But let us not confuse the troublemakers with the many good and very sincere people who are misled; these are the people we need most to reach.

We Are At War.

It is not entirely a secret war, and I doubt it could be called an undeclared war. For fellow travelers the enemy has made plain his general plan. Our leaders, it seems, have not taken the enemy declarations seriously. Either that or they sold out early to the enemy. They will have to answer for themselves and they surely have much to answer for.

There are two ways to look at political events; one is that everything happens by accident, the other is that everything is planned. Of course neither is perfectly correct but the evidence is that almost all important events are planned. It is mathematically impossible for numerous events to fit together by chance, as if planned. We were fooled by the chance evolution deception so let us not be misled that chance can construct complex social situations. Socialist literature described how democratic culture would be destroyed and those ideas are in full agreement with what is actually happening.

Whatever our leaders do or say we have to face the fact that our culture is under attack. The enemy has planned his manoeuvres, his attacks and ambushes. He has infiltrated, sabotaged. He has raped our education, pillaged our economy, and has had, to our shame, no national opposition. The war is almost over. The enemy walks quite openly (if not obviously) in our streets, and is dividing up the spoils (commandeered by ruinous taxation to pay interest on his imposed debt).

So let us at last realize that we have a living enemy; an organized enemy; a thinking enemy. A ruthless enemy whose philosophy knows no mercy. An enemy who stands to gain only one real benefit from our subjugation—our demise.

While he wages his psychological war he truthfully claims to want peace. What he means by this is that he wants to exterminate his opposition without that violence that might endanger himself.

We have to organize. We have to arm. We have to manoeuvre.

We have to cease being a rabble army and become a real army.

What is our most powerful weapon in this new kind of warfare?

It is TRUTH!

What is our most effective ammunition? The ammunition is WORDS.

What are our manoeuvres? They are manoeuvres to expose untruths that are critical to the enemy's defence.

What can we attack? The enemy has one great fortress supported only by myth. It is surrounded by a lot of strong points and entanglements. That fortress is his imposed philosophy. It is this philosophy that gives him influence; it is this philosophy that gives him the power of conviction that has made his opponents turn to water and has caused them to see their own faith as rotting garbage.

It is this philosophy that has drawn him converts like ants to the honey pot because it seems to offer the lazy and the dreamers something for nothing. We would have no weapon, there would be nothing deserving attack, if the enemy philosophy were a philosophy of truth, but as we see it is a philosophy of deceit designed by slave traders.

How can we attack? We can continue attacking enemy strongpoints as our few but valiant activists have been doing for years, and we can continue to lose became while our small forces are occupied with strongpoints his agents are poisoning our education and sabotaging our economy. We can continue to do what we have been doing and we can slowly lose all hope. On the other hand we can avoid the enemy strong points, and seek out his weaknesses.

That seemingly impregnable fortress which he has ended with lies, evasions and diversion, is built on a foundation of myths and deceptions; grains of sand that will not hold together if the plastic veneer that contains them is ruptured. Once the foundations go, the entire fortress crumbles.

What kind of an army do we want? For this kind of war we need an army of tough minds rather than an army of tough bodies.

Soldiers will have noticed how the composition of armies has changed over the years. In olden days an army was virtually self contained, it might often live off its conquests. As we have become more industrialized and later more scientific, the actual fighting force has become smaller and smaller in relation to a logistic support more and more massive.

The present conflict will not be decided by nuclear weapons too dangerous to use. This is a conflict between morality and immorality, truth and lies, honesty and deceit. In this war we need few front line troops but a large, emotive, logistic support to distribute the ammunition.

No one who is of sound mind and healthy enough to take care of himself is too old. All can do something to help spread the message and defend the truth.

The name of our game: Reach the People.

If every reader could recruit two more we would soon have effective support. During the distribution of preliminary papers many readers introduced two or more new readers. Most people know, or know of, someone who is a potential supporter and a direct approach—sending and recommending literature—is effective. But with the general public it is not easy to bridge the gap created by generations of planned miseducation. Most people are entirely unaware of what is going on behind the scenes and at first find the truth quite incredible.

Our plan is easier, it does not rely entirely on gaining new supporters or instant conviction. If enough people are exposed to the truth in a form that is clearly understandable, then the enemy is forced to try to explain his actions. But if he tries to explain he exposes himself. If he refuses to explain he also exposes himself.

To do this we must be thorough and use all avenues open to us. If you know of one or two people who will come to your home for a tape evening, a good tape is another great starting point to alert people to the way our culture is being subverted. Tapes such as those by Geoff McDonald, John Grover, and Arthur Chresby may be useful starters.

If you know a person who is interested in life's oddities, my trilogy of books, Even Gods Err is intended as a way of introducing the innocent but inquisitive reader to the world we live in. The bottom line remains the written explanation.

Enemy Weak Points.

The enemy does not have all the cards. He cannot produce results without revealing, to a careful observer, his intent. He cannot logically deny that if socialist World Government plans succeed, (and much of the world) will be returned to a nature reserve. Already separate aboriginal nations are being set up by an establishment claiming itself violently anti-apartheid.

At this critical time there are many points at which the enemy is vulnerable: 'Land rights'—a matter well explained by Geoff McDonald and his Victorian assistants—The Constitution; Censorship; Education; Pedophilia and Moral Subversion; The United Nations connection; Enslavement and Treason.

The enemy can be discredited in the public eye where his defences are weakest. Exposure of moral subversion could give us a significant victory discrediting all U.N. sponsored legislation and lead to a re-awakened Australia. But no victory will be decisive unless the enemy is forced into the open.

Quietly Persist.

1) Help reach the public—distribute literature.

2) Back valid campaigns.

3) Ask organizations to help expose the enemy.

To support a campaign people do not have to give up the organizations they now support. Indeed, it is important that people belong to organizations involved with social issues, within these organizations the truth can be effectively spread.

What those who enslave us did with lies we can do with truth. Actionists need just to be there and willing to do the occasional little job which may seem unimportant but is essential to the process of sowing seed for thought.

To put pressure on the establishment we have only to expose enough sensible people to the truth. Each of us know best the people in our own area. We know best who may benefit from clearly expressed literature. No large organization can have this local knowledge and perform this task as effectively as small cells of local people. PEOPLE have POWER! avoid25.htm

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