Chapter 3.

Fellow Australians!

We Australians share in the most amazing culture ever known.

This culture has produced the greatest prosperity for the most people and has huge potential for improvement in human justice and dignity. All this is largely due to the free enterprise of industrialists, engineers, farmers, workers, and the generous Christian work ethic.

The really sad thing about the fantastic dance of death now begun is that enterprising people have not been prepared to defend their creation, their way of life, or their physical survival.

For years it has seemed that the great silent majority has been too apathetic, too mind dulled or too smug, to care. Are people—especially industrious people—so generous in trust and so involved in doing their best to produce what the community demands, that they have no concept at all of what is going on in the world around them?

Are we so confused by the hate of miseducated zealots that we fear to make the effort to find the truth?

Are we, in fact, such suckers for geniality that we aid those who scornfully dismember us rather than demand to see their credentials?

Are we so selfish that we refuse to spend any of our time and wealth on safeguarding our future?

Why do we, the intelligent hard-working people who discover all the wonderful opportunities, allow mindless fanatics to destroy us?

Whether you are in small or big business; whether you are a farmer or a contractor; whether you are worker or manager, there is today only one investment of time or money that can give a profit in your future.

What investment?

Investment in defence of Constitutional Christian Democratic Government!


Because if we lose constitutional protection we lose our remaining freedom and no other investment (whether in family or in material wealth) will survive.

Is that a possibility?

As shown here it is more than a possibility; in law it is already near fact!

The evidence, as we have seen, fits perfectly to support the theorem I call The Law of Rational Response and also to confirm the thesis of mind enslavement. So far as the proposition on treason is concerned, it is difficult indeed to find any, in any way credible, alternative explanation.

How Can We Be Sure of Manipulation?

When nature is seen to behave unnaturally we know that some unseen force is acting. If we can formulate a theory which completely and properly explains the strange behaviour and there is no other suitable explanation available, then this would normally be considered a scientific theory.

The irrational nature of world and social events is only properly explained by the influence of a manipulative Secret Empire.

The hidden power is obviously intelligent, but the corruption generated by power exerts a great emotional influence that has apparently blinded those involved to the fact that in the nature of things there is a truth which cannot be manipulated, and which must eventually triumph.


Parliamentarians and authorities are hereby challenged to show why they should not be charged as war criminals for aiding and contributing to the deaths of those millions of people killed (along with those multi-millions caused extreme and needless suffering) as a result of the ideological wars of this century. Wars that could at anytime have been avoided by exposing the false nature of the base supporting these ideologies.

We are told that ignorance of the law is no excuse; should leaders be excused ignorance of laws of cultural responsibility? People cannot claim innocence on account of their own interpretation of a written word but must bear responsibility for proper conduct in accord with ageless human moral law.

It is shown that the theory of evolution, taught as being the true nature of creation, is not a scientific theory but a religious concoction. The only fitting explanation for this deception and the incredible death toll and misery it has caused, is that it was employed to do exactly what it is doing.

In this book it has been explained why we are educated to accept a culturally influential theory which is, by all evidence, false. It has been shown how this theory, together with its dependent ideologies, could be maintained in the system by people whose purpose is to enslave, corrupt and control the human race.

We have learned what the manipulators stand to gain.

It is shown that an elite may achieve this control because intelligence is rational.

Where is there anywhere left room for doubt?

Are Our Leaders Really Guilty of Treason?

Very few are worth enough to our enemy to be able to buy safety by betrayal, but many are most certainly naive enough as to accept a promise on those lines.

If our leaders wish to demonstrate that they are not guilty of partnership in treason and the incredible misery resulting from the cover-up of socially important facts, then all they have to do is allow the evidence and logical consequences of world events to be revealed, in meaningful way, to the public.

They will show evidence of their innocence by taking up the challenge to let the people be the judge. They will show their guilt by trying to further suppress the truth.

To be guilty is to be incredibly foolish; their lives are worth no more than ours; their value to the enemy will be even less than ours once their usefulness ends.

The challenge I make is possible because there is a basic question that is open to scientific evidence and human logic.

I do not call anyone traitor; by the above test they will reveal themselves. For the safety of all we must challenge politicians, media magnates and academics to bring these matters into full and meaningful public view.

These are not careless or off-the-cuff thoughts and I am prepared to back my words with what people understand best—cash.

The $10,000 CHALLENGE:

Belief in chance evolution is not a matter of stupidity or pride! Academics may go to extremes to defend their reputations but this alone will not keep the truth from us.

It is also not a matter of lacking scientific proof or logical evidence. Do not be misled by claims that neither creation nor evolution can be proved absolutely. Such claims only highlight the deceit, for in fact ideas can not only be proved by evidence but equally they can be disproved.

To those people in positions of influence who (by refusing to encourage full and open discussion) censor subjects which should be getting the widest possible publicity, I, Alan Gourley, make this challenge:

If government and mass media are willing to allow the meaningful display of the matters presented in this small book, and are able to show to the public that the commonly taught theory of chance evolution is a legitimately based scientific theory, sound, and a most logical conclusion, when viewed in relation to known scientific fact and evidence, I will give the sum of $10,000 to a charity of government choice.

I would not make that challenge were I not fully satisfied that the answer is beyond doubt and that the theory of creation by chance evolution CAN NOT be shown as being a rational theory based on available scientific evidence even though it is taught and promoted in education as the ONLY logical conclusion that can be assumed from known fact and evidence.

The main points made in this book are logically conclusive and I am confident that the discerning reader, having studied my presentation, will see that it holds together without contrived logic or distortion of known fact or evidence.

As the money involved is irrelevant in relation to the importance of the question and serves only to highlight the challenge, I would expect that if there should, after full disclosure, be any doubt remaining, then the matter be decided by public referendum.

Not Just the Leaders.

If some feel that I place my life at risk then they should realize that the risk would not be less if I did not take this action. It may seem dangerous to trust oneself to a small lifeboat on a stormy ocean but it is less so than to remain on a sinking ship. If what I reveal becomes widely known, my untimely death, even if it appears accidental, would confirm in the public mind that I have told the truth and this more than anything would stir people to action on their own behalf.

Nevertheless it is your life rather than mine that is at risk. My work is mostly done and my life mostly lived, but you, who have your family and their future to consider, have much to lose. That is why I must emphasize it is YOUR future rather than mine that is at risk and it is your survival that depends entirely on the truth becoming widely known.

The challenge therefore is not just to authorities but also to you. You must see, fellow citizens, that your future is as much up to you as is up to the establishment. You are the jury in your own trial. If you allow these questions to be dismissed without answers then you willingly accept sentence for the crimes of our enemies. avoid26.htm

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